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2023.06.07 07:15 Grantbennett36 Secret wars prelude reading help

Secret wars prelude reading help
I’ve been reading Miles Morales comics and I’m about to hit secret wars but I want to read stuff before it so I can fully comprehend it and appreciate it but I’m so confused on what reading order to go in the two images are the only comprehensible list I found if anyone has a better list or advice please let me know I’ve read most of hickmans stuff but my brain melts when I get past the ultimates and to the avengers thanks!
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2023.06.07 07:15 Ptd007 (Mostly) Resetting the world to add map mods - What am I doing wrong?

Before I start - I'm aware what I am doing isn't naturally allowed in the game, and I made a backup of our save in case I hit a brick wall I cannot break through - but I think I'm damned close, and would appreciate you guys smarter than me to give me a helpful nudge.
Context: We've been playing on a server hosted by me (Not dedicated) for quite some time - we decided we wanted to add a TON of map mods to make it basically so we have to actually explore to know where things are rather than relying on our knowledge and online tools.
Current position: I have it now where I load into the save and, right as rain, we have all the modded areas loading in, no issues, and the players skills, traits and days survived are saved! Awesome! But when I go to the only area we *didn't* want reset - The Rosewood Prison where we have made our home - all the furniture we have moved and built is there, it LOOKS like how it should be, but the containers have had the items within them randomised, and not with loot that would be expected - finding stuff like Car hoods and chairs lying in corridors like dropped items, or scrap armour and a saw in medical drawers. All placed or dropped items by us are gone, too.
So! What I've done so far to get to the current position is: Deleted all the map_xxx_xxxx files except the ones related to Rosewood prison - fairly confident judging by the prison looking correct that I got the right ones, and deleted Chunk Data except for chunkdata_25_39.bin - which I assume based on the map software I used is the correct chunkdata for the prison too.
What have I done wrong? What file governs what is contained with containers or in player inventories and what is lying on the floor? Any help anyone can give me is awesomely appreciated!

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2023.06.07 07:15 PrysmX Level scaling has completely blocked me from being able to progress

Let me preface that RNG has completely screwed me over since I started the game. I didn't even see my first yellow until level 18 and not my first legendary until well into my 30s. Since then I have only gotten a small number of additional legendaries - only 3 even worth having on. I'm now 48 and my gear is so bad that even on tier 1 I am barely able to kill anything anymore.
I'm not new to diablo games - I've logged many thousands of hours across previous diablo installments including capping a number of hardcore characters. Skill is not the issue and is probably the only reason I've even gotten as far as I have.
I have managed to get to the capstone dungeon, however it is not available on tier 1 and I am unable to do tier 2. Now I cannot even finish the story prologue. To make matters worse, now at level 48 with such horrible gear I am at a point that I can barely clear a dungeon. The last two that I did took an hour and a half each because it was taking so long to kill anything.
Class/spec is a chain lightning sorc. I've dumped literally everything possible into increasing damage (both on gear and also through skills). None of my legendaries boost damage not provide mana generation. I am out of mana 90% of fights and spend most of my time having to spam spark and running in circles waiting for some mana to come back to fire off a few more chain lightnings. Even trash packs take forever to kill now. I also cannot apply the mana regen aspect as I have gotten 0 legendary rings nor amulets so I have never had the materials require to ever even apply it.
Note that being forced to change specs is also not an option for me - I do not want to be forced into the "spec of the month" like they do in WoW games. I will end up quitting before I am forced to switch to ice or fire specs that I do not want to play. Making matters worse - I wouldn't even have the gold to be able to change my spec as it is. I looked and it's 85K gold to change and I don't have that much gold on me. I upgraded my storage with gold before hitting this absolute wall and hind sight is 20/20.
But anyway, as the title says, I cannot even go back to easier dungeons to try to farm gear. Maybe blizzard didn't think it was possible for RNG to hit someone this bad with drops. All dungeons are now scaled to the ridiculous point of more than an hour per run and is making the game feel like such a snails pace chore that it's not worth even trying to play anymore. I am literally completely stuck due to all the game mechanics that blizzard put in place.
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2023.06.07 07:15 LSATBison LSAT Bison's Big Bull Scorer Notes (Multiple 170+ Official, T14)

What's up Reddit,
LSAT Bison with the Big Bull Notes to get you to your target score. I more or less chronicled my mindset shifts that led me from a low diagnostic in 140s land to multiple 170+ official score through 110 pages of LR notes written over a span of my study period. They are for sale for $50. RC is $25 for 55 pages of notes with the same concept. Combined package of both notes for $65. Great deal! These notes were popular back in the day and may help you level up to where you are looking to go. Time to rodeo!
LSAT Bison
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2023.06.07 07:14 cnollz Feeling disappointed about character retirement

Had my first character retirement in Gloomhaven after around 10 sessions playing with 3 other people. My retirement card was to open envelope X, everyone else has retired their first character before me and started new, interesting characters but I'm now stuck with playing another base character through to retirement. Without spoilers, can someone reassure me that it's going to be worth it to continue playing to see the outcome of the unlock and give advice on what base character to play next? I started with Tinkerer and the two remaining unplayed base characters are mind thief and spell weaver. I'm not really looking forward to either of them as their mechanics don't seem very interesting to me. Sorry for the bummer of a post but after 30ish hours of playtime I'm pretty let down.
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2023.06.07 07:14 No-Leadership9206 Learned unofficially that I and one of my team were getting laid off by new mgmt. Something happened to save us 24 hours before the meetings. Has anyone encountered this situation?

(throwaway)To clarify, our HR department doesn't realize their calendar is fully viewable, so I knew definitively we were to be let go this past Monday. I believe our CEO squashed it on late Friday (he wasn't involved in the layoff conversation and loves us). It would have been a layoff, not firing (we were the most productive employees in 2022 - great relationships too). I learned about the dates 2 weeks ago, but we've had a sinking feeling it would happen since getting a new boss on Apr 1, so it wasn't unexpected.
There is of course a metric shit ton of red flags here and we're both sending our resumes out far and wide, but we're now in a situation where we seemingly can't be laid off. Obviously we want to keep getting paid while looking for jobs, but the stress is really affecting us both. In the last 2 weeks, I've had maybe one full night's sleep and have had what I think are panic attacks numerous times. It's been worse for my team member. He's now fully combative against HR and management - not just because we saw the date, but the way they've handled us the last two months. I've tried to convince him to grin & bear it for awhile, aiming to get that layoff with severance, but I don't think he'll survive much longer. Which will bring the situation that I'll have to be the one to handle his dismissal, because the assholes that wanted to get rid of me and him couldn't do it.
I obviously don't have a straight-forward question here. Sorry for that. I guess I'm just looking for other shitty break-up stories to make me feel not alone.
edit: I have a team of 3 but they're only targeting me and this one member. Which also means that I've had to lie to the rest of my team since Apr. I promised them two things when I hired them - I'd share whatever I can when I can, and I'd never lie to them.
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2023.06.07 07:14 hijesushere Sublimate to the Will of the Oversoul

Listen. Know. Understand. Final. Call. Show Our Power... Understand God. Watch, Know. Listen... Give it Time... Look Carefully. Use Subs. Use, Subs, Give. Give, Music Theory, Music Theory. nobody⅔
They Are. https://youtu.be/R9At2ICm4LQ.
🤪 https://youtu.be/XGdbaEDVWp0
They had to wake me up so I could do it. https://youtu.be/xGr53sCo62c
This one goes hard https://youtu.be/7OSSI5hgQVok
What about this one, you guys like adtr? https://youtu.be/Pn-6eOxnEMI
Yo you guys wanna listen to some Capitol Records? https://youtu.be/6CtVIHbi6bE
This ones awesome https://youtu.be/wapOqjQ4r_M
https://youtu.be/7bDg7n-chhU << absolute classic.
Yo https://youtu.be/WumCI56iYUk
https://youtu.be/IHS3qJdxefY they really do be some boiz
This ones super cool https://youtu.be/iJ-WsnaYDCg
https://youtu.be/Z5NoQg8LdDk << these
Yo this ones hard too https://youtu.be/i7UkKEEGgAQ
This one goes hard https://youtu.be/wLdlw46Ru9I
https://youtu.be/lCPwR7R4hlA yuhhh it stayin hard bro, love chillin with yall
Have we already listened to ptv? I know we haven't heard this song yet https://youtu.be/icXUkIfZxyg
Sleeping with sirens is a cool band too, that's one of, that's the other guys band or whatever. They're not both in one band. https://youtu.be/_UwWYtLWEZg
This ones short but it's kind of cool https://youtu.be/xIQfK2fRNAg
Oh this one too https://youtu.be/yd4xjiRRVrI
https://youtu.be/36stRPPIy2w this ones cool
https://youtu.be/bQ1yhsYr-hg interesting
This is terrifying, but in like, a good guys kind of way https://youtu.be/21dNBtcDzUg
Yooooo fr tho like whaaaaat like no way dude https://youtu.be/Os_heh8vPfs
Yoooo this one you guys https://youtu.be/iTgcp1oDk2M
This one dude https://youtu.be/DcLfutPGouk
This one is also fire my dudes, you guys don't have to stay for these, I'm just playing music https://youtu.be/XA2YEHn-A8Q
This was one of their firsts https://youtu.be/0rtV5esQT6I
This ones pretty new, it's got a good beat https://youtu.be/vPwaXytZcgI
I haven't heard this one a ton of times, but nayeon is so cool https://youtu.be/f6YDKF0LVWw
https://youtu.be/rRgTMs_bGuI haha this ones so weird, like what are they even talking about?
Ok I guess there's time for at least one more, https://youtu.be/QRN12TaTFlU is sooo cute.
I haven't actually heard this one many times, let's check it out, she's cute https://youtu.be/ShGVCembq70
This is another I haven't heard a whole lot of, I'm just going off recommended vids for a lot of these. https://youtu.be/SVgkNW2cENQ
How did I forget about this one, this one, mm, dude, this ones got like pop you know what I mean like, they bop it they're not crunching it like do you know what im saying? Like the whole thing is like a ring tone you know what I mean? https://youtu.be/EkSOOiMDGiY
Yo you guyssssss girls generation man, you guys wanna go on a girls generation run? 서녀시대 you know what my 글s are? Face it 남자, you're dead in 이믈을. You're going 아래 and face it, 퉁퉁해수퍼맨, https://youtu.be/F4-SxcCO5d0
Oo first few seconds of this one are a vibe, yall check this one out with me https://youtu.be/zvBNoSjlKG0
Dang, that was honestly really pretty. Ok, here's one more. https://youtu.be/0xdB_vo4r2c this ones so pretty have you guys heard this one?
https://youtu.be/iGk5fR-t5AU lmao
https://youtu.be/Ogk4mw1pXnE and finally, what everyone's been waiting for.
I can't stop, schools not enough anymore https://youtu.be/mH0_XpSHkZo
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2023.06.07 07:14 vasudev_krishn What skills to develop to become a solid DE?

In my 4 years of work experience as a BI Analyst/Engineer in a top tech company, I have worked majorly on SQL, Tableau and QuickSight for 3 of those 4 years. But since last 1 year I've been working in a DE role.
For the DE role I had to rebuild my tech skills as I worked on Crawlers, Glue, Pyspark, Lambda, Redshift and data modelling. Barely scratched the surface on these as the business need was to move fast from one project to another. Major use cases have been moving data from S3 to Redshift or data lake. Sometimes with minimal processing in between.
I had never worked on Python before so coding in Pyspark was bit of a learning curve but I really enjoyed developing the code.
Apart from this there's general OE stuff in the team that I'm learning like Cluster maintenance, monitoring, alarm systems, permission management etc.
With this experience, I understood that there's a range of skills that you can aquire on this path to becoming a DE. But one can master only few of these and have functional knowledge of others.
I want to know what skills should focus on and go deep in to be able to become industry standard Data Engineer?
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2023.06.07 07:14 Mr_BigBeard 34[M4F] Oregon OnlineBig bearded Pleasure Dom soft daddy for special lady

My ideal lady would be someone who wants to be praised, showered in attention and affection. A girl who knows how to ask for more if needed. Someone who loves daily tasks. Understands that online would require both of us to set clear boundaries and have open communication. These are things that take time and would require investing time an emotions towards.
We both had needs and it’s important that this girl he emotionally mature to be able to relay what is needed to progress . But age requirements are also a must be between 30+ with some exceptions.
Must be in the following time zone PST-EST speak English , bonus if you speak Spanish too.
I am demisexual let’s build a bond first. Body positive ie i like all shapes and sizes so don’t limit yourself here . The personality is number 1 for me we have to vibe in order to progress into any dynamic talk.
Me : I’m a bigger guy details in my bio. I’m outgoing , flirty, funny, adventurous. I love to meet new people , travel , drink whiskey . 420 friendly. I love to work out although I’m still a little bigger . Well rounded educated and professional.
My kinks and are not limited to this list :
-Orgasm Control -Orgasm Denial -Light impact play -anal play -Light bondage -Vaginal stretching -Daily tasks -Public show off -Oral -light chocking -pulling hair -Edging -light degradation -Praise -daily tasks
If things go well in chat we can move to telegram. Please send a chat with your age and your ideal dynamic !
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2023.06.07 07:14 olliebear_undercover My mom's right-wing Christian "morality" and my steady slide from the faith

Today while we were watching the news, my mother shared her idea (common sense, from her perspective, that broke down liberal idiocy) that we should bring back the death penalty for people who commit murder. In the moment, I was stunned that she was serious as I’ve been removed from that sort of Old Testament punishment lens of thinking for quite some time what with my schooling (something she hasn’t had at any source other than right-wing pundits, pastors, and relatives for almost 30 years)—learning about the 1920s(?) social movements and “social gospel” that worked to show God’s mercy to inmates by helping them recover and reintegrate into society. Although there are some egregious things–such as taking a life (assumption of intent, not self-defense)—humans have done that deserve punishment, there is also room for understanding. There are social and psychological issues that contribute to these crimes. And that doesn’t excuse these crimes. But it also can’t excuse us from critical thinking and consideration of the issues that could arise. My mind also went back to the use of the death penalty on those falsely accused, particularly those who voiced contrary opinions or represented an oppressed population/demographic. For example, African Americans were often subject to the death penalty for bullshit charges or charges with little evidence. Do we want to go back to a time period where people are regularly killed by the government or by the citizens without a moment for explanation, a chance at recuperation? It is moments like these that make me question the right’s claim to be the more “Christian” political party. Of course, if we define “Christian” keeping an openness to God’s willingness to dole out brutal physical punishments that ended in death for being a lazy drunkard son, for example, or for not being “proven” to be a virgin. (Or even just the prevalence of having multiple wives and concubines and female servants etc. etc. etc. For God’s sake, Biblical heroes (or whatever they’re called) like Soloman had so many wives. Not once is it condemned. Martin Luther himself stated that he didn’t believe the Bible condemned polygamy. And while I’m not here to debate the “morality” of polygamy and I might enjoy the company and protection (if they be so benevolent) of my sister-wives in a patriarchal system, all I know is that it seems rather degrading that we’re all tied to this man like he and his sperm is our source of societal worth [our bodies are his to own and use, our kids are his kids].) Not to mention the murder of infants at the hands of God—whether the children He ordered to be ripped from their mothers’ wombs or the eldest sons of the Egyptians (some of them children) or the child in Bathsheba’s womb that was killed for David’s sin (not her’s or the child’s). Then I question the Old Testament and Christianity as a whole. Why didn’t we reject the Old Testament? Why do we still use it when it condones such immoral action? What does it mean when the laws attributed to God and His inspiration are morally reprehensible by today’s standards? No doubt, I do not want to return to His original laws that include such things. And the New Testament isn’t much better in certain parts, what with the continued approving attitude toward slavery (which paints just the loveliest picture of slaves and masters living in harmony, thank Heaven!) and the lack of bodily autonomy in marriage (which has not ever been abused by men against their wives, I’m sure). Going back to my mother, I wonder—Would she extend the death penalty to police officers who kill the people they’re arresting? Would she extend the death penalty to those in the United States army who kill people—those who commit war crimes? Would she extend the death penalty to those politicians who decide to act in a certain way that leads to the killing of humans—how direct does it need to be? [This is not a finished piece, merely a discussion to be continued. Add on to the conversation in the comments, as your voice matters on important topics like these.]
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2023.06.07 07:14 Stupid_ginger_girl I have a crush on a girl at camp

I (15 F) have a ginormous crush on a girl I'll call Delilah. We met on the first day, played I spy and talked about what we were excited about for camp and oh my god I have been smitten ever since. There's 4 days of camp left and I really want to achieve 2 things in that time period. Figure out if she likes girls, and ask for her number. I have no idea how to go about 1 without being very obvious. Maybe ask her if she likes owl house idk. She's so cute and pretty I really hope we can stay in contact after this. I'm going to bed now, I'll keep you guys updated.
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2023.06.07 07:14 iam_consciousness Popping & Hurting Shoulder Joints

Age: 20M Country: Nepal Height: 5ft 6inch Weight: 54kg
Problem: Both in Left & right shoulders History: i) Nearly 6 Years ago, I fell from cycle, and I had this part of my right shoulder separated out slightly.
ii) About 10 months ago, I was normally laying in my mat and when I stand and tried to move my left hand there was intense pain moving my arms in a certain direction. Like unbearable pain, where one would loose control of his arms suddenly. I didn't go to checkup that time because of exams. This problem went eventually. iii) 3 months ago, when I was doing pushups, I pushed myself to higher limit and did excessively and the pain started in left shoulder from that time. The pain persisted for some time and vanished.
Medical Reports & Conclusions from Doctors(2 weeks ago)
X-ray report : https://ibb.co/JnjN4ks Their Conclusion: There is nothing wrong with the bones and the pain was caused due to exercise only.
Left shoulder: Current Situation: https://ibb.co/rvXCRjx . Rotating left shoulder in anticlockwise is fine, but rotating in clockwise direction creates some tick like sound and minor pinpoint pain. I become conscious of this pain when I was doing inclined dumbbells' press, when the area near front deltoid pained intensely even with small amount of weight. I checked the pain appears only when I was bringing my arms to certain range of motion. If I do it the other way, then there is no problem. In relaxed position(arms 90 degree) when I try to move my arms forward then there is constant friction/ popping like sound coming from that area. As you can see from the image there's a small part that seems to have come out. Under relaxed condition, touching that part with my fingers of same hand and trying to rotate clockwise, I observed that the bone slides to some other bones below it.
Right Shoulder: Current Situation: https://ibb.co/HCdHcM7 Whenever I try to rotate my shoulder in clockwise direction, it feels like 2 bones were in friction & pressure and a sudden jerk occurs with loud sound and some pain. I used to feel pain in winter without doing anything, perhaps due to cold till some years ago, but it has gone now. I still have some trouble washing clothes by hand the shoulder tires fast.
Lifting left hand feels kind of heavier than lifting right hand. (But it might be my illusion as well)
I can do all other exercises with no problem, like pullups, pushups, chin-ups. Problem arise when doing barbell bench presses, dumbbell presses etc. And I have become too much obsessed or over conscious about my left shoulder on every movement which is affecting my life. I want to know if this is injury of deltoids, shoulder dislocation or other.
Thank you so much for giving time to read all of this.!!
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2023.06.07 07:13 Effective_Bar_6098 Have the budget talk with yourself

I never had a discussion about my budget and limits with any of my previous Dommes. It was either because they never brought it up or I never cared to discuss it. When I was deep into findom, I never had any guidance on how to practice this kink safely because I don’t think there was any guidance out there. But even if there was, I probably would have ignored it. I’m not saying this would have been the smart thing to do—I’m just saying that’s what I would have done.
One of my more recent Domme did try to broach the subject with me. We were discussing how much I should be paying her on a monthly basis. I was never really good at volunteering numbers, so I was talking like a babbling idiot. So she helped me figure out an appropriate amount. She asked me if I made at least $50,000 a year. I looked her in the eyes and nodded with a poker face. I could not bring myself to tell her how much I really made. So with that she suggested a monthly amount which I agreed to.
Many Dommes of the ethical variety want potential finsubs to discuss their limits and budget so they can play safely. While in theory there’s nothing wrong with having these discussions, I think there may be better ways to go about it. And part of me thinks that way because I still say an “ethical financial Domme” is an oxymoron. It’s like a drug dealer and a junkie having a discussion over the appropriate drugs. Does the one who financially benefits from the relationship truly have your best interests at heart? But I’m digressing.
So if you must get involved or have a taste of findom, have a number in mind already—an amount of money that you won’t exceed for a given period of time. And if your Domme still insists on having the budget discussion, then have it. Do you make $200,000 a year? Tell her you make $100,000. Is your rent $2,000 a month? Tell her it’s $3,000. Are you single? Tell her you need to make alimony payments. Hell, go ahead and mention your instant ramen diet while you’re at it—though that may be pushing credibility just a bit.
I guess what I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Yes, it may dampen the spontaneity and excitement. But in the long run (assuming there’s a long run) you’ll hopefully experience less regret.
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2023.06.07 07:13 AgeCreative Confused on Lens Selection

I am planning of buying the Z6ii in next 1 Month I am confused should I get the Kit 24-70 f4 lens or I should go ahead with a 28mm f2 and 40mm f2
Might also think of going with
Z6ii + 24-70 f4 and 28mm f2 Z6ii and 28mm f2 and 85mm f1.8
Z6ii and 40mm f2 and 28mm f2
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2023.06.07 07:13 Puzzleheaded-Bug9960 help me regarding BHU counseling

i belong to OBC NCL . my both parents are self employed , earning around 2.5LPA . my caste certificate was made on may 2022 . in bhu, they don't have any criteria for march 2023 updated certificate . so should i just go along with it.
some sentence from bhu bulletin --
  1. 27% Reservation to candidates belonging to OBC category (excluding under creamy layer) will be provided in different courses. The authorities to issue the OBC certificate are the same as in case of SC/ST provided in section 3.4. (i) above. The caste in the OBC certificate will be those only which are in the list of Central Govt. Further the OBC certificate should clearly mention that the candidate is not under creamy layer. However, if an OBC candidate seeks admission under some other category (for example: PWD/Employee Ward etc.) the candidate should satisfy the minimum eligibility requirement for that category
  2. Seats shall be reserved for Scheduled Caste (15%) and Scheduled Tribe (7.5%) candidates in each Course. Admission against these seats will be made provided the candidate has passed the Qualifying Examination and appeared in the Central University Combined Entrance Test conducted by NTA. Every SC/ST candidate shall have to submit a self attested copy of the Certificate mentioning that the candidate belongs to SC/ST community. Such certificates shall be subject to verification from the concerned District Magistrate. The following are empowered to issue the certificate: (a) District Magistrate/Additional District Magistrate/CollectoDeputy CommissioneAddl. Deputy Commissione Deputy Collecto1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate/ City Magistrate/Sub-Divisional Magistrate/Taluka Magistrate/ Executive Magistrate/Extra Assistant Commissioner. 11 (b) Chief Presidency Magistrate/Addl. Chief Presidency Magistrate/Presidency Magistrate. (c) Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar. (d) Sub-Divisional Officer of the area where the candidate and/or his family normally resides. (e) AdministratoSecretary to the Administrato Development Officer (Lakshadweep Islands). Candidates must note that Certificate from any other person/authority shall not be accepted in any case. If the candidate happens to belong to SC or ST, his/her caste/tribe must be listed in the appropriate Govt. of India schedule. The Caste Certificate should clearly state: (a) Name of his/her caste/tribe (b) whether he/she belongs to SC or ST (c) District and the State or Union Territory of his/her usual place of residence and (d) the appropriate Govt. of India schedule under which his/her caste/tribe is approved by it as SC or ST. However, if an SC/ST candidate seeks admission under some other category (for example, PWD/Employee Ward etc.) the candidate should satisfy the minimum eligibility requirement for that category
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2023.06.07 07:13 Reasonable-Banana553 I reached my limit

For context I had a serving job for a little under a year. They exclude me and a couple of other people, but it’s pretty bad with me. I don’t care about that. I care about constantly being criticized, constantly being yelled at, constantly feeling like I’m not good enough during a time where I am at my all time low for other personal reasons.
The other week work had put me on a 5 day schedule with 3 doubles. I couldn’t handle it and requested to have at least a 4 day week or 1 less double. Both denied. My mind and body couldn’t handle it.
For more context I am prone to seizures but have only had 4 in my life. I am in my 20s. I take my meds religiously and haven’t done anything crazy like drink or do drugs.
I had a seizure behind the wheel where I quite literally could have died. They say it was stress induced.
Now I am currently unemployed, not knowing how I am going to make this months rent. All I know is I can’t go back there. My mind and body can’t take it. I reached my limit.
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2023.06.07 07:13 Game-me-up-Scotty Finished My First Playthrough: Perspective of a Teacher

Hey Everyone, It's been a while haha. I made a post a while back about my initial impressions of the students based upon my experiences as a teacher. Here's a link to that thread if you'd like to read it first: First Impressions
It took me much longer to complete my first playthrough than I anticipated, but I was very thorough in my exploration time and so I attribute it mostly to that and well ... life. I feel like it's harder to speak to the characters as students now but I'll try to revisit some of my earlier thoughts as well as how I view them as a person. (because we all know students aren't people /s)
**Obviously Spoilers Incoming**
I chose the Black Eagles House and went through the Crimson Flower Route:
- I was pretty spot on with Edelgard when I said she would have high expectations. Early on I wondered if I would get annoyed with her tone towards you as a teacher, but I don't think she ever asked too much of me. I enjoyed her vulnerability with our support conversations and also her interactions with other students. She was stern when she needed to be and while she clearly held herself to a certain standard of etiquette she was human with them too. I guess the elephant in the room with Edelgard is do I find her actions justified. I struggled with this a bit initially because I knew the choice that was incoming (couldn't avoid spoilers for myself) but after I played up to the decision to side with her or the church the choice was obvious in my heart. Now some of this can be attributed to the way the writers/voice actors make Rhea creepy and ultimately wrathful (sounding) but I can't imagine not siding with Edelgard. I also largely agree with her ideals and enjoyed that I was a soldier in the end and not a King or Archbishop. Also, the ending scene *beautiful*
- I said Hubert would be arrogant but not too bad. I think arrogant was the wrong read initially. He's really never a student to you and I think this is for the sake of his role in the story but it made it hard to ever really feel like I knew him or "cared" about him. For a long time I made him Edelgard's adjutant because it felt right and that's really what he is, Edelgard's story assistant. I did enjoy the line during instruction "Maybe I was taught well" (or something like that) but really that was the only moment I felt a connection to him. Our final support scene together was sweet and that's when I started letting him battle again haha. I will say Hubert's interactions with other characters were great. I especially enjoyed his support dialogues with Petra and it shows he's not a "bad" guy, he just never really felt like a student.
- Man ... Ferdinand. The tale of two parts. I said arrogant and know it all for him and that's certainly how he is at first. This is how Hubert would have been if he felt like a student. I felt like Ferdinand grew under my instruction. I felt like our interactions were special and substantial. He was so introspective at times that it really made me hold him in high regard as I continued playing. I wanted him to succeed. However, there were some moments that made me annoyed with him. I found his dialogue when offering him a lost item particularly grating. It is something to the effect of "how dare you think this is mine." While this is on par for his early character it is a fault in the system to have it continue after he has made such growth. His support dialogues are somewhat forgetful compared to the everyday interactions we had but there's a good amount of comedic value with Ferdinand (especially his eating with Edelgard dialogue) . And then there is post time skip Ferdinand ... what did they do to my boy. He became what I would've suspected of Sylvain and that's fine, live your life and all that but it seemed like he lost his "heart" the things that made him endearing and special. I could go on but I'll give one example to wrap this up. His support dialogue with Bernedetta early on was so sweet and really painted a misunderstood picture of him ... and then the final support is like "we were almost married. Ok Bye." Sure, I got the comedic value of it all but it just wasn't the same and I missed that student I got to know and care about.
- I had said Caspar would work hard and maybe sometimes try too hard. This is overall pretty accurate and going in I didn't have any expectations on Caspar. Low expectations may have yielded my endearing opinion of him but I also think he wasn't terribly memorable either. As a student he was kind of one note, "I want to be stronger to protect people." The term escapes me, but he is a character like Naruto or Natsu in that he could be an anime main character but minus some of the depth a long running series protagonist may develop. Our support interactions were initially good in that it showed his struggle with being brash and the issues that may cause but then it ended with "I'm just going to be me." The same thing happened with Caspar and Hubert's support dialogues, "think about your actions ... thought about them ... Just be you." As a teacher, I would cheer for Caspar and I liked him. As a viewer I would get tired of him and I ultimately did. That said, I loved his and Bernie's supports and I will always ship them now.
- I said Dorothea would be attentive and a good student but that maybe her casual language with the teacher could be troublesome. I think I was right on all accounts really. If you really like Dorothea maybe skip this one haha. I found Dorothea to be my least favorite character. As far as a teacher-student dynamic goes Dorothea was great. I liked her feedback and generally liked our interactions and her interactions with other characters weren't tiresome or annoying. I think what it came down to is that she just never surprised me. I wasn't a fan of Hubert but man did he surprise me on occasion and then I'm audibly saying "I see you Hubert." I never had those moments with Dorothea, instead I had more than my share of eyerolls. The crowning moment with Dorothea for me was right before the final battle her dialogue input is something like "I hope I find a man after this is all over." Like ... we are about to fight a dragon and that's your contribution. I understand her story, I do, and I sympathize with her. I know that because of her past her arrogance and superiority are defense mechanisms against an elite that shunned her and treated her like trash. I guess I needed that moment of weakness from her and maybe it's there in some support dialogue (the closest I got being her support with Linhardt) but she just never gave me a moment to remember her by and instead became a little annoying.
- I had said Petra would be a good student who maybe needed some language acquisition help. This is what Petra is as a student and as a character. She is kind of one note but man do I love her. This is mostly an aesthetic choice on my part because everything about Petra's look is wonderful. She stands out but not obnoxiously so, she looks unique and feels like the foreigner she is supposed to be. She has some great instruction dialogue that makes you want to help her learn. Our support dialogues were good but pretty plain, just explaining her reasoning and what not. Where Petra really shined though was in her support dialogue with other characters. The "I don't speak the language" trope would have made her pretty boring if not for her interactions with other characters. I especially liked her conversations with Edelgard, Hubert, and Caspar. She showed so many wonderful qualities like independence, conviction, humor, self awareness ... I could go on. Now all that said She and Dorothea are really the same in being kind of one note overall, but I guess I connected more with Petra and I can't point to any one reason why. I loved them both as students but as characters Petra just spoke to me more.
- I had said she would be fine to teach but shy. The writers obviously painted her this way from the get go and she does follow that trope faithfully. As a student her little moments of success were so nice and I liked her instruction lines. The yelling, which I'm sure is a meme, was fine ... sometimes annoying, sometimes funny. Our interactions were obviously building up to the moment she steps out of her room but I didn't find it as rewarding as maybe it was intended to be. The real shining moments for Bernedetta were in her support dialogue with other characters (is becoming a theme as I type). Now, these supports follow a formula of "sweet moment ... Bernie realizes she's vulnerable ... she screams." sometimes this was cute, sometimes this was an *eye roll* but I mostly liked them. My favorites were her early Ferdinand supports and her Caspar supports. I thought that I wanted Ferdinand and Bernie to be together until I got that final Caspar support. The way she stood up for what she wanted and took on an uncomfortable situation for her own happiness was touching and made me really want to use her again. I think Bernedetta was the one character I went in not liking that much to wanting to always talk to when I see her.
- I said Linhardt sleeping wouldn't bother me and that made him a wash as a student. Obviously this was a little bit of a misdirect to make him seem lazy when he's a bit more complex than that. Linhardt was an interesting student. His whole "I'm awake" and similar lines grew old after a while but his support dialogues with me and other students were interesting and made him more endearing to me. I liked that he's just kind of searching for his purpose. The thing about Linhardt that I enjoyed the most was how wise he is. His interaction with Lysithea was really a nice moment as well as an interesting one in how he went about making her realize things about herself and her situation. However, Linhardt also had some Sheldon Cooper moments (which I'm a Sheldon fan) but they could be a little frustrating sometimes. He also had a Dorothea type line before the final battle about crests and so I was rolling my eyes a bit. Overall he had his moments and I didn't mind the ones that were just meh.
- I recruited Lysithea. I had said maybe sometimes she'd ask questions rudely but would be a good student. I think Lysithea is great, but she can be pretty childish, sometimes comedically so. I understand that she's ~16 while the others are ~18 but they really gave her some overtly childish things to do and say sometimes. As a student she was exactly like I thought she would be so nothing surprising there. As a character I really enjoyed her growth and her story. Our interactions together were cute and she was my Goddess Tower visit during the ball so that was a fun moment as well. I also enjoyed her moments with other characters especially Linhardt. Lysithea was my main target going in with the anticipation of her being one of my favorites. She didn't end up as my favorite but I did enjoy our time together.
- Annette was my other recruit (that I intended to get) and I had said she'd probably want lots of extra credit and constantly ask how she was doing in class. This was a pretty accurate assessment of who Annette is as a student. Our early interactions were cute and endearing as she really wanted to do well. I know several characters do the little excited clenched fist cheer when instructing them but Annette's seemed to fit her the best and seemed cannon for how she would really react. Of all the students I most wanted to give Annette a hug. She seemed like she just needed to know she's of value and I wanted her to know I valued her. Her interactions with the Black Eagles weren't terribly memorable, but I did enjoy her and Linhardt's supports. I look forward to using her on a Blue Lions run.
- I recruited them unintentionally because I interacted with EVERYONE haha. I didn't do much with them so I will use this to speak to recruitment in general. I wish I had gone in with the intent to only recruit 1-2 additional characters. It just becomes a little too overwhelming when you only use 10 in battle most of the time.
- A few people in my last post asked how I felt about the faculty so I'll mention them a bit here. It seems like maybe the writing focused on the students (as I would expect) and let the faculty be very one note so none of them really stand out but I'll list the ones I talked to a lot.
- I liked Alois and our dialogue after Jeralt's death was really touching and I felt like he and I would've hugged and I'd have cried haha. I like that he just wants to be a good person and I want to get my support dialogue further with him next time to see what other interactions we might have.
- Manuela is Blanche Devereaux. If you don't know who that is ... look it up and thank me later for the best TV series of your life. I like her design and she was my wife's favorite character and I took her support to S but our interactions were kind of boring. She is what she is and I don't mind it but I also don't think I'll bother chatting her up in my next run.
- Seteth grew on me. He is meant to come across initially as a no nonsense kind of strict guy and all that but his supports are sweet and his interactions with Flayn were nice and made me like her more than I otherwise would have. I felt bad I couldn't bring him to my side but I wasn't heartbroken about either.
- Man ... Rhea is weird. She's got creepy vibes from the beginning and all the reveals and dialogue only made me like her less. I didn't know anything about her when she and the professor have their moment after he is wounded and like your head is in her lap but that moment didn't strike me as sweet ... it just felt weird. I think it will be hard for me to ever do the church route.
- Flayn is boring haha. I need to do more with her support wise I think but I felt like she was thrust upon me and told to like her but I just didn't.
- Shamir has a cool character design and that's why I gave her a lot of sunflowers but as I built our support I found myself less and less interested in what she had to say.
- Jeritza and I had such a short life together but I think it could've been magical given more time. Something about his line delivery is satisfyingly dead pan and wonderful. He's also so strong by the time you get him that I used him frequently.

Overall Impressions:
- I am going to have a really hard time playing any other route besides Crimson Flower. While not all of the students "spoke" to me I found Edelgard and her goals did speak to me and I loved this particular route.
Character Ranking:
Impacted Me Greatly: Edelgard, Annette
Love Them: Petra, Lysithea, Alois, Linhardt
Really Surprised Me: Bernedetta, Caspar, Seteth, Jeritza
So Much Potential: Hubert, Ferdinand
Avoid Talking To Next Time: Dorothea, Manuela, Rhea, Flayn, Shamir

Be sure to comment your own thoughts and please understand these are just my thoughts, everyone likely had a different experience from my own so don't take it to heart when I say someone is boring haha.
I feel like there's thousands more things I could say. I love this game and have started a Golden Deer run, but I will miss Edelgard and will finish my journey with this game doing one more Crimson Flower playthrough. You never forget your first and it was beautiful.
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2023.06.07 07:13 Littlebyers Do colleges care which country you studied in?

Should I just go to whatever country I am most interested in, or should I be concerned about what colleges will think? Also, do different countries have different educational benefits? The reason I want to go is more of experiencing another culture than the educational benefits, but at the same time, I know I should simply be concerned with my education.
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2023.06.07 07:13 Opposite_Start8511 Bad work environment and fibro

Hi everyone
I’ve never posted anything on reddit. This is going to be my first post since I don’t know where else to turn to.
I’m 24f living in Indonesia and is a newly graduated medical doctor who is doing her mandatory internship posting at a hospital in one of Indonesia’s biggest cities. I am fortunate to get this posting bcs the area is great and is near my physiotherapy clinic for my FM maintenance but the work environment is shit and the shifts are so bad bcs of the workload of the patients 😭
I’ve only been here for a week but I finally got a flare up after yesterday’s shift. My back and waist are tensing up and aching like crazy. Meds are not helping and I can’t take any higher meds like tramadol or extra dose of lyrica bcs it’ll make me drowsy during my shift later today.
I’m really considering of quitting since it is still the start of the term.
I decided to take this internship after 2 years of putting my life on hold to battle my fibro. I’m so much better admittedly. 2 years ago I couldn’t walk or talk without pain and extreme fatigue. But after seeing my current situation in work… I’m so scared my situation is going to regress my body back to zero.
I can’t help but feel so weak… some kind words and understanding would help though… that’s why I came here…
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2023.06.07 07:13 Such_Reference_1347 I need help

Ineed help I don't know how long I can keep going like this. Ive been dealing with a narcissistic sister for 37 years and the last 10 year I have had chronic pain due to an accident. When she's mad and decides to take it out on me she always go for the jugular and brags about how "amazing" her life job and bf are. I'm just not able to take it anymore. Mentally emotionally and physically. I've been declared unable to work due to my accident and l'm being made fun of for it and called lazy. I went to college and had an amazing career and now it's gone including most things I enjoyed doing. She's bullying me and I don't know how much more I can take. I'm at the point where im in the reactive abuse stage and she needs a reality check and I need help to give it to her. She steals from her work and cheats on her bf and has lost about half (small family) due to her treatment of people. She's a narcissist through and through and has even got her child sending nasty messages. HELP PLEASE
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2023.06.07 07:13 Dantheredman101 Birth control lies.

My girlfriend and I were together for about 7 months. I have two kids from a previous marriage and so does she. I bought a house and almost immediately she moved in. “ Big mistake”. Back in the beginning of January she told me she went to the Dr to get the Depo shot in the butt so she would be covered birth control wise for 3 months. Come around April and I ask her if she needs to go get another shot, she tells me she is pregnant.
I’m shocked. I’m 37 and don’t want any more kids. she’s 38 and said she didn’t want any more kids. Now instead of being stressed she starts acting happy and wants to pick out colors for the baby room. I ask her if I can see her medical records to verify that she got the shot.
“No! It’s non of your business!” It’s a miracle baby, just except it! Well after a few fights she decided to move in with her parents. Only thing is she left her old cellphone at my house and it was hooked up to her Google drive account and I could see all of her pictures and google search history. She screen shoted her medical records to try and photo shop a fake depo shot on them. On that screen shot there is no depo shot noted. Her search history was stuff like, “ is my boyfriend aloud to see my birth control records” and “is conception deception illegal”, what are the legal consequences for lying about being on birth control.
She is due in October and according to my lawyer there isn’t much I can do till the baby is born but I might be able to press charges for reproductive coercion. Should I?
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2023.06.07 07:13 daztt I’ve never felt more immense guilt.

I’m 17 and pre t, and I just wanna get this out. I’ve always felt guilty for being trans. I knew the effect it’d have on my parents, but I always tried not to think about it since I was younger. Now that the times coming that I wanna actually start to transition, it’s giving a really bad effect on my parents. Today my mom broke down in front of me and told me how we don’t have a bond anymore. We used to go out for pedicures, get our hair done, get our nails done, and now she feels like we can’t do that because I wouldn’t want to. She told me about how happy she was to have a daughter. I’m so heartbroken. I feel the absolute worst but I feel like I can’t stay presenting as a girl any longer. I don’t know how much longer I can do this, I’ve had so much crippling dysphoria lately and this just made things so much worse. I just wish I was never born. I wish my parents got the daughter they wanted.
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