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General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2011.08.15 06:27 tptbrg95 ICanDrawThat

Request a drawing, or offer your drawing skills!

2013.11.16 17:30 The World of Cory

That top grossing anime for 420 years in a row

2023.06.07 08:28 Silence_IA Online Training Provider for CompTIA, Microsoft and other online Certs

I'm after any advice on recommendations or experiences people have had with Online Training Providers?
I have ~$1k and looking at using it for an annual subscription for somewhere like CBT Nugget, or Cloud Guru, or some other popular names.
My employer has given me full discretion in my choice of online IT training provider to utilise my remaining training allowance.
I have to spend this ASAP before the EOF roles over and I lose it. Next FY Training allowance I intend to use for certifications and upskilling.
In terms of my areas of interest, programming, some the CompTIA certs such as Cloud+, Security+ and A+. Also Microsoft services such as Azure, power platform etc.
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2023.06.07 08:27 drmahaswari Orthopedist in Indore Best Ortho Clinic Near Me in Indore Indore Arthroscopy Center

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Processing video muhij408ij4b1...
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2023.06.07 08:27 Kingkarna1 Sorry... What I did was wrong

A few weeks ago a guy in middleeast insulted me, someone who used a similar PFP came in a my DMs and started debating... I thought it was the same guy so I was mean, I did bad publicly and I'll say sorry publicly.
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2023.06.07 08:27 lostinthemoss1 He’s moving too fast for me, and I haven’t told him yet.

I (23X) have known this guy (23M) through a shared discord server with for a little over a year. We’ve interacted a bunch through group calls and occasionally one on one (specifically about the game the server is based around) and about two months ago, we started hanging out outside of talking about the game. Sometime around here, we started talking about him coming to visit me and my friend who is also on the server. I was very enthusiastic about it.
After a bit he confessed that he had feelings for me. I didn’t feel the same at the time but really appreciated him as a friend so we kept hanging out. Something shifted in the way I saw him and we started talking every day and flirting. I eventually told him I had feelings for him too, but because he lives on the other side of the country, I didn’t know what to do about it. He said he’s no stranger to LDRs. I said I just want to take it slow and keep doing what we’re doing and not label it.
I was so happy about finally confessing to him but here is where things get a little more complicated.
When I said I wanted to keep doing what we’re doing, I meant talking a lot, lightly flirting. But he became immediately much more affectionate. I appreciated a lot of it because I don’t get compliments or romantic attention much, but in terms of our beginning relationship it’s too much too soon.
I’m such an anxious person and a doormat. I wanted to tell him a few days into it, “this is too fast for me”. But I didn’t. Partly because of being a people pleaser, partly because I really do like him, and I didn’t want to disappoint him or make things awkward between us, and mainly because I couldn’t yet put my finger on what specifically was too much at this point.
At one point he used some pet names for me over text and I said that was just too soon for me, which he reacted fine to. But that was much easier for me to say because it was a smaller, more specific problem rather than a general thing of “going too fast”. It’s not like I want him to stop complimenting me, but he told me I’m his favorite person. And I lied and said it back to him because I didn’t want him to feel bad, but my favorite person is my sibling whom I’ve known almost my entire life, not a guy I’ve known online for a year!
He said he already wanted to move to my part of the country before he met me, but that now it’ll be so nice to be with me in person. As nice of a thought as that is, as much as I do want to date him in person, we’ve been talking for three weeks! Who says that at this point! And I completely failed us both by saying yes I do want to see you in person, giving him the idea that I’m comfortable with this type of… devotion? when we’ve never even met.
Now he says our one month anniversary is in a week. It’s true that a month ago I said I like him, but immediately after that I said, “let’s keep doing what we’re doing (i.e. just talking) and not label it”. I only ever confirmed that we were “basically dating” 5 days ago! To me, that means one month from 5 days ago would be the anniversary, but also, I never planned to put any importance on that anniversary because one month feels much too early in a relationship to celebrate any milestones. Am I alone in thinking it feels rather juvenile to celebrate monthlong ‘anniversaries’?
I’ve been giving him a completely false idea of my comfort and commitment and I have to say something ASAP because I will ruin this relationship for both of us if I’m not honest about what I want. Because though this post may not paint the best picture of him, he’s a lovely, sweet person whom I care very much about and the thought of getting to spend time with him in person delights me. But I’m going to need to take that slow as well, given the person that I am, and I’m supporting his unrealistic expectations right now by going along with this level of affection and saying nothing.
I kind of just need help psyching myself up to say something of this sort to him, and a bit of a script to begin with. Also, I desperately need someone to talk to about this, as I’m a very isolated person, and my closest friend is also friends with him and doesn’t want to be put in the middle.
TL;DR I really like this guy I’ve met online and am excited to meet him in person but I need help telling him he’s moving way too fast for me.
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2023.06.07 08:27 Entire_Fishing_3231 Don't forget to upvote this post and leave your link, I'll be checking the comments regularly and clicking on your link ASAP!

I'm on a link-clicking journey, so please assist me! Let's make this a big success!
You can use the code: 172469348
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2023.06.07 08:27 Ok_Employer780 Had an ND into a clearing trap yet confused with the outcome.

So I don't know if this is the proper sub-reddit to post this in, if its not, then I do apologize.
I'll start off by saying that I recently lost my job after discharging my firearm (Glock 17, Gen 5) into a clearing trap, it was stupid and I should've been paying better attention. Keep in mind, I've been using these traps for the past fifteen years now and have been using firearms ever since I was ten years old (My Marine of a father refused to let me actually shoot one until I knew the basic rules of firearm safety and even then it was only at the range with a RSO observing, guy was a friend of the family.)
Before I begin, I will not disclose the name of the company where I used to work or the names of the individuals involved. What I will say is this: my former supervisors think its stupid that I was terminated for this, especially after the companies trust and safety board deemed it an accident and something I can be retrained on.
What happened?
I used to work armed security and one of the rules is that we must have a chambered round before we start our shift - otherwise it is considered out of uniform and we can be penalized for it (the supervisors didn't check, but the director sometimes would.) and on that day I wasn't entirely certain if I had chambered a round or not so I asked one of the supervisors if there was anywhere I could go to safely do a press check. Bare in mind, I've been doing press checks since I was little so I know how to do them.
I was taken to the directors office where we had a clearing trap, as I was crouched down to clear my pistol I didn't realize that my finger (I'm a leftie) had slid into the trigger guard, so as I was reaching to grab the slide with my right hand, I accidently pressed the trigger and pop. This caused the bosses to run inside thinking that someone had been shot (fair enough) but what really got me was that I wasn't allowed to really say or do anything in my defense. I was put on SPI (Suspension Pending an Investigation) and notified two days later that I was being let go from the company. Keep in mind this is after seven months of no incidents, a great (not perfect) attendance record, and no lateness. (some call outs due to family, but that is unavoidable) my two supervisors tried to fight to keep me there but was to no avail.
It wasn't until just a few days ago that I realized what might've caused this: possible nerve damage in my left wrist, when I angle my wrist upward, the finger slides downwards. I can't move the finger back up until I straighten out the wrist. I did the same thing with my right wrist, and the finger doesn't move downward when I angle. This is something I'm going to talk to my doctor about.
What I learned.
When I talked with my neighbor about this experience, he mentioned two things to me: the first is that I had become to comfortable with my firearm and due to how many times I had done a press check, was going through the motions without really thinking about them. The second, is that because I was used to doing a press check with a clearing trap that was on a level surface (IE: on a table, waist level) it being on the floor put me in a position I wasn't accustomed to (keep in mind, there was no way I could stand in *front* of the trap as there were boxes in the way. So I had to crouch down and lean over in order to reach it. Yes, in hindsight, I should've realized that this was a VERY bad thing to do; but I wasn't thinking at the time and that is on me)
Since this incident, I now press check my firearm every day and with the fact that I seem to have some kind of damage to my wrist, I'm taking steps to have it looked into but also to be more mindful when my wrist is in that position.
What baffles me
I know that clearing traps are there to contain an ND, and I've worked with companies before where discharging into a clearing trap didn't lead to being terminated; every time it resulted in progressive discipline. This is the first company I've worked for where it leads straight to a termination (even police don't terminate you for having an ND into a clearing trap, least according to some of the officers I've talked to about this incident)
What bothers me even more is that we had an officer, four months or so before I was hired, pop off a round through a wall and almost hit another officer yet they weren't terminated. So what made my case any different? I have my theories based off what I have learned about the company since I was let go but it still bothers me since I'm worried that this termination could cause me problems in getting a job in other armed positions.
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2023.06.07 08:27 geminicrickett1 No idea what to title this

My wife and I are about 8 days into a divorce. Yesterday my daughter could tell something was wrong and kept digging until finally she asked, “ Do you miss mommy?” I lost it and just started sobbing. She started telling me it was going to be okay, and that I was a good daddy. Then she goes, “Just breathe daddy.” Something I’ve said to her so many times when she’s been sad to help her calm down….and it worked.
Today’s my 41st birthday, I just woke up on an air mattress, on the floor, alone, surrounded by boxes of what used to be my life. I had a good cry, then I remembered what she did for me yesterday. That little girl is just so good, and I’m so proud of her.
The insomnia is strong tonight…so I thought I’d share.
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2023.06.07 08:27 ravecoin64 Need Help, Harvest Moon Magical Melody

Howdy, I think this is the right place to post this, but could someone whos good with Action Replay stuff, as well as plays Harvest Moon help me figure this out?
In using cheats to play Harvest Moon Magical Meoldy for the GameCube (emulated on Dolphin), I noticed a very problematic issue where, if you collect a music note while time is frozen, the game will act like you achieved it, but not show up in your collection menu, and If I recall correctly (it's been a while) the game will at the same time act like you haven't collected enough notes when you try to take them to the Harvest Goddess.
This is incredibly frustrating as I'd like to get more done in an in-game day than normal, but don't feel safe to if one of the major mechanics ends up being faulty because of it. Is there any sort of work-around for this, like some kind of alternate AR code that could fix things to where I still can collect the notes like I'm supposed to, and still keep time frozen?
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2023.06.07 08:27 TheCurserHasntMoved (Sneakyverse) The Travels of a Galactic Cowboy, Part One: The Star Council, Chapter Ten: Open

First Previous Next
Skeeter walked with purpose. He was going to tell Jerry what he thought about what he'd done whatever the consequences. If the man decided that it was a good time to pick a fight anyway, well Skeeter would show him exactly why that was a very bad idea. But some things were more important than keeping the peace, such as it was. Once he got to Jerry's bulkhead, he gave it a sharp rap. While Skeeter was probably capable of breaking into Jerry's cabin, he preferred to not damage Vexkeed's property. Besides, breaking and entering was rude, and just because you don't get along with a body is no call to be rude.
"Come in…" cam a muffled call from behind bulkhead, and when Skeeter entered, a haggard Jerry said, "Oh, what do you want? To lecture me on what I did?"
"In a way," Skeeter admitted as he noted a sleeping, fluffy ball of plumage in Jerry's arms, "I think you did a good thing. Apparently what you're doing is uncommon enough to catch scuttlebutt, so it got around. Fuckin' generational debts."
Jerry glared at the interloper as he sat down on the sofa beside him.
"So how'd you find out about it? I didn't even hear about it."
Jerry tried to bore a hole in Skeeter with his eyes as he tried to say both softly and with venom, "You went to the planet's playgrounds, where people who can afford to go to have fun and forget their troubles. I went to the center of finance, where the people have too many troubles to forget."
"Fair. Fair. So, were you always a banker type?"
"What? Nothing about how if it was you, you'd have murdered all of the debt masters and freed the entire planet single-handed?" Jerry spat quietly.
"Okay, that's fucking it. What the hell is your problem, man? I came don here to say you did good, and maybe even help you out, and this is what I get? What the fuck did I ever do to you?"
"Oh please, you solve problems from orbit and let someone else worry about cleaning up the bodies-"
"Do you really expect me to believe that?"
"Would it fucking kill you to have a single fucking flaw?"
Skeeter was more than a little taken aback, and he took a few calming breaths and bit off a sharp retort. Then, with an obvious glance toward the sleeping Corvian chick he said, "Please explain."
Jerry couldn't stop himself, "You're married to a woman both beautiful and intelligent, who has eyes for you alone by the way. Not hard to see why, when you're so damn handsome, don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in your wife. Just the fact that you have that kind of marriage on top of your fucking looks, your fucking fortune, your fucking fame, and how ever fucking time you walk into a room, almost everyone fucking likes you. Oh, and you don't even have the grace to be smug about it, oh no, you're so damn salt-of-the-earth humble about all of that shit, and probably don't even think some of those are true. It's infuriating!"
Skeeter sat back and listened to the whispered tirade pensively and then asked, "You ever been on a boat dead in space?"
"What the hell does that have to do with anything?"
"In a minute, I just wanna know if I have explaining to do."
"No. I have not."
"A'right. So when shit goes sideways real bad, and your reactor, and your backups are offline, you're dead in space. No gravity fields, no life support, no maneuvering, no nothing. You can't even see what the fuck is going on without a sensor readout. You're just there, in your vac armor, watching your O2 and your battery tick down to zero."
"I take it, you've been through that?"
"Yeah. I was pinned by structural damage, and so was my Lieutenant, except his armor was cracked. On the faceplate. The… it… well… sometimes, I wake up seeing… so I can't even talk about it, not really," Skeeter forced out through the lump in his throat. Then he coughed and continued more strongly, "Suffice it to say, it wasn't pretty, and the helplessness of it all. I'm ashamed to say it, but I've almost let the despair take me, more than once. Some days it's still a struggle to get out of my berth. So in addition to having a short temper, there's that. Feel better?"
"No, asshole," Jerry lied.
"You're welcome."
Jerry grunted disgustedly.
"So, you're a banker type, right?"
"Yes, you already know that."
"So I have a lot of money. There's the show, the merch, and… okay, so I have means, but I don't ever really do a whole lot with it 'cause I'm not the sharpest guy around and I don't want to fuck up, but that," here Skeeter pointed to the slumbering chick, "that's not fucking it up. That's unfucking it up. So, I want your help setting up a fund to make sure no more orphans are used for whatever the fuck they're doing. That shit's slavery with extra steps, and I won't fucking stand for it."
"I shouldn't have brought up the grubs," Jerry mumbled, "sorry for that."
"Forget about it, I have. Can you work with Republicans to free the space bird kids?"
"I'd work with one of those Roman freaks for this," Jerry said as he looked to the precious cargo in his arms, "I's work with fucking pirates."
"Oh, and it looks like the dad stuff is a lot harder than you expected."
"Shut up, you got a teenager, and one who's not a troublemaker at that. So far as I'm concerned you xenos are on easy mode."
"Thought so, I'll talk to the captain about getting you some help. You're probably too tired to remember that's allowed."
"I could only afford to adopt six of them."
"Hoss, I commend your courage."
"Shut up, asshole. Thanks. Maybe being too tired to pick fights is the cure for being a necrotic prick."
"You're working on it."
"… Just go kiss your wife, you redneck asshole."
Skeeter got to his feet and said, "Alright, alright. I'll get out of your hair for now, but I'm serious about setting up that fund. This debt masters working kids, kids, crap has to stop. Man, you had me swearin'. Me and my temper."
"The video came out nice, by the way. I've been watching them the whole time."
Skeeter said over his shoulder as he left the exhausted man to his labors, "Thank, if I don't see you tomorrow, I'll send someone to rescue you." Jerry laughed quietly as the bulkhead closed. Skeeter left baffled at how the exchange had gone, so far as he was concerned he was just exceedingly lucky, and that was no cause to get jealous over. It didn't even cross his mind that Suzie considered herself the lucky one out of the pair, and Ivan was grateful to Skeeter for his friendship and loyalty, and even Kip though he couldn't have chosen a better host for his adventure. Jerry was willing to set aside his personal issues to help kids, and that was good enough for Skeeter.
First Previous Next
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2023.06.07 08:27 survivn215 WTF

Uber used to be HENCE the phrase USE TO BE the best delivery company to drive for but not Soo much anymore in my opinion anyways. I've been delivering for Uber for 3+ almost 4 yrs now & in the last 6 months things have gotten bad real bad I mean the majority of offers I've been receiving are extremely low like $2-3$ there was a time when I never received an offer that low from Uber u only saw those type offers on door dash & maybe sometimes on GH. But not Uber. Not too mention the amount of offers I have been receiving where the restaurant ends up being closed or orders was picked up by another driver has increased significantly & lately Uber is not /trying not to even give the lousy $3 compensation fee for resteraunts being closed or orders were picked up by other drivers. I mean seriously they seem to be becoming one of the worst delivery companies to drive for as of late. At least that's been my experience. Anyone else out there been delivering for Uber for 1+ yrs experiencing/noticing the same or similar things or is it just me 🤷
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2023.06.07 08:27 Effective_Skill1565 Which VPN works in Bahrain? VPN for Telegram in Bahrain 2023

For people who live in Bahrain, accessing certain websites and apps, such as Telegram, can be a challenge due to government censorship and restrictions. Therefore many Bahrainis turn to VPN services to bypass these restrictions and protect their online privacy. However, not all VPN services work effectively in Bahrain.
If you're looking for a VPN for Telegram in Bahrain, CoverMeVPN is an excellent solution. CoverMeVPN is a trusted and reputable VPN provider that has been proven to work in Bahrain, providing fast and reliable access to Telegram and other restricted apps and websites.
CoverMeVPN offers military-grade encryption, making it almost impossible for the government to monitor your online activities. Additionally, its servers are strategically located worldwide, allowing for easy and fast access to apps and websites from all locations.
Another great feature of CoverMeVPN is its ease of use. The software is user-friendly and available for download on a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, Android, and iOS mobile devices. Once installed, simply connect to a server of your choice, and you are ready to access Telegram and other restricted sites without any issues.
If you're looking for a solution to access Telegram and other restricted sites in Bahrain, then CoverMeVPN is the way to go. With its military-grade
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2023.06.07 08:26 dalinuxstar Use nightly, save Firefox

I'm sure many of you will disagree with me because nightly is not stable enough, extra telemetry, blah blah blah......
But we need to help Firefox.
Many people use Firefox because they want to support an open-source, non chromium browser.
But Firefox is losing. Right now Firefox has below 3% market share. The Mozilla layoffs mean that there are barely any devs left. There is no way to directly donate to Firefox development. But we can still help. Use nightly. Report a bug or 2. Help them locate problems and test fixes. Make their work easier. You don't even need to do anything but use nightly. Nightly will report crashes for you. Nightly will monitor parts that were updated to make sure they are running fine. And nightly is still almost as rock solid as stable, it won't crash as much as you think. Nightly has even improved performance by disabling legacy stuff like app cache for years, while stable still has to drag legacy parts of the browser along with it. Use nightly. Help save firefox.
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2023.06.07 08:26 Comamilk "Acknowledged" Feedback from March 20 - April 30 from the official NIKKE Discord

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2023.06.07 08:26 u4Vgf3t28 Disabled and wanting to be vegan

Hello! Apologies if this gets a bit long, but I would really like some help with this. I've been in this sub for a while and a few posts lately have led me to ask for some assistance.
Until I read a post in here recently about there not actually being many medical reasons to not be vegan, I will admit that I fully believed that as (I'm sure for a lot of chronic health condition people this is the case) you are told by doctors that you need the [nutrient] from [animal] to help you/maintain your health. I did some reading on my own after that and I am very glad that these kinds of posts have been made recently. I agree with many people in this sub about there being no good reasons for eating animals. It's easy to give a kneejerk reaction and try defend yourself as someone who does eat them, but if I'm being honest? I don't have an excuse. I see that my choices are bad, and I want to change them to better ones. There are a couple of medically necessary things that can't be changed right now, but once a viable option is available I would change those things as soon as I could. I don't mean for any of my post to sound like excuses or justifications, but I do need to explain what I can/can't eat and what my daily function is like to ask for appropriate advice.
My partner and I are both disabled and we tried to be vegan for 4-5 months back in 2021. We did well until I had to take a job so we could survive. Unfortunately, I didn't have post yr.12 qualifications/experience so could only apply for retail - and fast food was the only place that got back to me. Looking back, I feel pretty horrible that I didn't fight harder for a non-food job, but please understand that we live below the poverty line and I had to take what I was offered (gov benefits can be cut if you refuse a "suitable" job). Now, I'm too disabled to work many jobs so am unemployed again, and we have been working on cutting out animal products again.
We are currently making about half of our food vegan or as close to vegan as we can make with products still in our house - but we also get 3 meals a week through hello fresh and they are not all vegan. I'm aware that plastic waste is an issue, but it comes down to buy the meal kit and actually use it or waste a lot of food that is too task-heavy to prepare. We both have chronic fatigue and ADHD which is a horrible combination even without our other conditions. Their vegan selection is pretty tiny so I want to switch to a different service, but I'm unsure what's out there and was hoping people had suggestions (Australia).
With being disabled, we need things that are (ideally) cheap, quick/easy, and nutritionally sound. We can both cook pretty well, but pain/fatigue significantly reduces how long we can stay in the kitchen. Last time, we were struggling a bit to come up with our own combinations that were gut friendly and were filling enough + nutritious, so the wheels kinda fell off when we started just grabbing the most convenient option. Foods made from less-perishable items would be preferred, as I mentioned, our fridge becomes a bit of a produce graveyard with fatigue/executive dysfunction playing such a huge role in our lives. I would really appreciate suggestions that we could use. We can eat most things usually, but sometimes have periods of sensitivity to garlic, onion, wheat, beans, and mushrooms mainly. We can usually have high fodmap foods in moderation but too much is not a good time. Generally prefer rice over pasta, but pasta 2-3 times a week is normally fine.
Building off things we've made before, we like tofu, jackfruit, seitan (although sometimes is a bit much on GI), lentils + curries. My go to snack atm is to throw chickpeas in the air fryer with herbs and olive oil. Have not tried tempeh yet, but would like to. We prefer foods that are vegan on their own rather than trying to be meat and want to avoid plant based 'meats' where we can bc they're processed af and expensive. I recently found an Asian grocer in my city with good prices that does delivery so I am keen to try a whole bunch of new stuff!
I try to find recipes myself but it can be hard to find ones that don't have ingredients you can only buy in the US/expensive/making yourself is a long process.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 08:26 Light_Night_200 24 NB need someone to vent to

I am very stressed and upset right now, I could really use someone that could listen to my issues (that concern mainly univeristy and mental health). Of course, I am also open to doing the same, just give me some time to feel like myself again.
If you have experience with anxiety/depression and university, feel also free to message me
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2023.06.07 08:26 koalalola I just want to sleep

I’m 25w ftm and I can’t sleep. I toss and turn all night, can’t get comfy. And when I do fall asleep, I wake up on my back, which freaks me out.
I used to be the best sleeper! I would get 8-9 solid hours of sleep every night. Solid, solid sleep.
And now, nothing.
And I know, I know… “wait until the baby comes! It’ll be even worse!” But at least there’ll be a good reason! Maybe it’s dumb to feel this way, but waking up because my baby’s crying and needs to be fed, like that’s fine. But tossing and turning all night for no reason drives me insane!
Ughhh I just want to sleep!!
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2023.06.07 08:26 Pitiful_Quarter_708 What would you do if not looking good on camera?

Hello everybody, I occasionally have to screen record things for my clients as well as explain it while having my face filmed because I work in a remote team.
Sometimes, I need to change my face into a virtual avatar due to a camera phobia, but I worry that doing so will make me appear unprofessional. As a result, I asked a friend of mine who is an indie hacker to try to create a tool that would allow you to alter the color of your tie, clothes, hair, or even your eyes, to make you look more professional and confident.
What do you make of this idea? Will you try it if we succeed, or do you simply not want to use such a tool? Definitely need your opinion.
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2023.06.07 08:26 Xander_Fox3207 I, the president have been muted from the YBA subreddit

It has been a few days since the beginning of my permanent ban, in which I tried to appeal due to it being a minor offense, but the person I was directed to appeal to hasn’t been online or responded to my appeal. So I suppose I just explain my absence. Those of you who know me, and those of you who don’t, I am Xander Raven, the 23rd President of YBA. What that means, is basically nothing sadly. I have been allegedly doing “self promo” in the YBA discord. Let me be clear. These allegations are true. I asked a question, a few months ago towards the beginning of 2023. The statement was, and I quote “Do you want to join my SBR gang? Just friend me” now, I know this is a terrible use of my free speech, asking for simple help in the mode of Metal Ball Run in YBA, so I asked the mod who muted me, a lovely gent by the name of Dauthuz. He was kind and courteous, but said “No, I cannot unmute you as I do not have the authority or capability to do so” and he was kind enough to direct me to someone else who could, which lands me where I am today. I honesty haven’t played YBA in a long time, and really don’t care if I get unmuted, I just find this an unfortunate end to my campaign. I would never willingly resign as the 23rd president of YBA, but I suppose if I am not able to speak to my citizens and put out propaganda, then I certainly can’t run a country. This is not a plea for help, but instead, me simply explaining my absence.
But I know most of you will “not read allat” So a little tldr: I am muted in the YBA subreddit for something I said months ago, and am not getting unmuted anytime soon”
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2023.06.07 08:26 Kingkarna1 Sorry...

A few weeks ago a guy in middleeast insulted me, someone who used a similar PFP came in a my DMs and started debating... I thought it was the same guy so I was mean, I did bad publicly and I'll say sorry publicly.
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2023.06.07 08:25 finlaydotweber What is catalog in prestodb

I am reading this part of the documentation, and I came across this line
A Presto catalog contains schemas and references a data source via a connector
I really don't understand what catalogs are and how they relate to schemas. Connectors on the other hand sounds understandable enough.
It later then said
Catalogs are defined in properties files stored in the Presto configuration directory.
So I thought to better understand catalogs and how they relate to schemas, I can take a look at how they are defined. So I went to check the defaults ones and I see
bash-4.2# cat
So I only see a connector being defined here.
But if I use the presto-cli I can list the catalogs by running
``` show catalogs -> ;


jmx memory system tpcds tpch (5 rows) ```
Then I can ask to be shown the schemas in jmx
``` presto> show schemas in jmx;


current history information_schema (3 rows)
Query 20230607_045934_00006_tbv5p, FINISHED, 1 node Splits: 19 total, 19 done (100.00%) [Latency: client-side: 0:04, server-side: 0:04] [3 rows, 47B] [0 rows/s, 12B/s] ```
So it looks like jmx does come with some schemas. SO now I am totally confused.
The documentation tells me if I check the catalog definition I will find the schema's defined, I did but did not find any definition, but even though when I run the command to show the schema in a catalog it does contains them
So what exactly are catalog really?
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2023.06.07 08:25 WhichUsernameCanIUse ThereIsNoCat will join the protest

Hi everybody,
Thank you all for voting in the poll. The votes leaned towards joining and I received a modmail yesterday in another sub that informed me that the changes will impact blind/visually impaired people as well (more information here). Something I had not thought about (apologies for the ableism from me). I am very disappointed that the changes will affect the accessibility of this website, so that's a big reason for me to join the protest.
As many of you know Reddit is making some changes that will affect a lot of Reddit members. Here is a short explanation from a kind redditor in the comments somewhere:
Many people are using mobile apps for Reddit that are not made by Reddit itself, but by third party developers. This is possible because Reddit has something called an API, allowing other developers to create apps that interact with Reddit data.Reddit is changing how the API works, requiring third party developers to pay to use it. This is reasonable, but the price they are asking is not. This will likely make third party apps completely unfeasible, and many suspect Reddit actually is doing this to force users to use the sub-par official app.Many people, including mods of subreddits, rely on third party apps, and are angry about this.So people are getting together to stage a protest. For two days many subreddits will be inaccessible. Some will remain inaccessible until Reddit reverses the proposed changes, or at least makes it more reasonable.
So from June 12 till June 14 this sub will be set to private. This means no-one can post or view the sub. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will support us in the protest.
Have a good day.
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2023.06.07 08:25 AdApprehensive7619 Anybody use period tracking apps?

My wife uses Flo tracking app. I asked her if I could download it and share her login with me and she thought that was a great idea. I’ve been keeping up with her cycle, and while knowing what’s coming in when doesn’t change the outcome at all, it has helped me prepare in many ways.
Anybody else do this?
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