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This is your place to discuss the mysteries associated with Oak Island. It's also the home of watch parties and memes for the television show, the "Curse of Oak Island" on the History Channel.

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Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam.

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The Curse of Oak Island

2023.05.30 16:13 txa1265 Am I alone thinking the Zelda TotK Save System is absolute garbage?

I come from a PC gaming background, in which since the 80s you could say "Save Game" and your entire game ... would be saved. Inventory, location, state of critical items, etc. Seems like pretty common sense.
I am still on the Sky Island section of Zelda TotK but am becoming increasingly frustrated. Mostly it is irritating if I load a save and I'm put back on an early 'island' and have to rebuild something to get me back to where I started ... It is buggy, but I have learned to accept that flawed system.
However, I just did my first 'boss' battle with a Flux Construct (the stack of boxes near the cold zone). As I say I'm a PC gamer, so the lack of precision in controls can be a pain as I will occasionally miss the target box by 1mm and get a random box instead. I like the mechanic but the control sensitivity a pain - satisfying getting through it. But eventually I killed the thing, and immediately saved.
Then I tried to get around the blockade in the cold zone and fell to my death. Oops. Restoring the save? It didn't have the item drop from the construct and left the floating moveable platform in its original location - which is IMPOSSIBLE to reach from the island! WTF. That is NOT a 'save' in any functional way.
I beat it again but then the latest update came through and I stupidly chose to update. And once you've beaten this thing a couple of times it is no longer fun and all I see are the annoyances.
Is the rest of the game as buggy as this? Or is a broken save system considered 'a feature'?
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2023.05.30 16:12 pagenotfound000 Is anyone else insensitive/confrontational when they lack information?

I'm often skeptical of people's problems unless they can explain every detail to me so I can understand it fully and I often find myself being insensitive.
I often don't believe what people say without evidence and it causes me to become frustrated. I am cynical with a general lack of trust because people believe things that aren't true all the time, including people in professional positions.
This is a blessing in some situations and a curse in others.
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2023.05.30 16:12 ImoutoCompAlex Siren: Survive the Island - Episode 3 Discussion Thread

Siren: Survive the Island - Episode 3 Discussion Thread

Rules: Please use spoiler tags to discuss anything that people may not have watched yet. Make your best judgement call.
Spoiler syntax-
>!insert spoilers here!< 
which looks like this - insert spoiler here
Make sure there are no spaces between the exclamation mark and letters else the spoiler tag will fail!
Rate the Episodes on a scale of 1-5 below!
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2023.05.30 16:10 One_Statistician_499 One of my main flying monkey family members is finally acknowledge that my nmom is an abusive POS!

It’s like the title says. I have recently had a baby, and have had to block multiple flying monkey family members due to them constantly shaming me about keeping my abusive mother away from my daughter. My Uncle, who has always been one of my biggest supporters in life, is one of the few family members that I have not blocked because he’ll at least acknowledge that my mother is a toxic and abusive person. However, even he is now tired of the shitty way she’s been acting during both during my pregnancy, and after the birth. I had a very difficult high risk pregnancy, and I had a difficult birth as well. On top of that, I had to have a C-section, and my baby girl was born early. She knows all of this because family members have told her, and she does doesn’t care. I talked to my Uncle the other day, and he essentially told me that he can’t make excuses for her anymore and that it’s ridiculous that she’s never been supportive of me. Apparently the tipping point for him was her constantly venting about what a bad daughter I am for not letting her see the child, but she never once actually asked how I was, even though she knew how difficult the pregnancy and birth was. I still have multiple family members making excuses for her; but at least I now have one person who will acknowledge the physical, emotional, and verbal abuse my siblings, and I had to go through with her. I’ll count that as a win!
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2023.05.30 16:09 ActuaryAlarmed2113 Could this be Michael’s #?🤔

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2023.05.30 16:09 iFlak The Transition to Direct Event Binding to Occur in Fortnite v25.00

Starting in v25.00, all islands made with Fortnite Creative will transition to the direct event binding system.
Learn how direct event binding replaces channels and how to best take advantage of the new features:
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2023.05.30 16:09 joebigtuna Peninsula Receptacle NEC Change

Codes, inspections, permits. Everyone’s favorite topics in this sub. Most of us are DIYers and generally try to follow code when we can but sometimes as the code is just silly as shit, which I think is something we can all agree on. Recently, my wife informed me, it is no longer within code to install a receptacle on the side or end of a peninsula/island. The receptacle now has to come out of the countertop itself. I’m relatively young but grew up building and renovating houses for my grandfather, who was at one point the largest residential building contractor in Northwest Indiana. I genuinely cannot believe this change in code. I’ve wired hundreds of islands/peninsulas this way. The study cited for the code change claimed there were 9,700 individuals treated for burns from 1991-2020 due to overturned home appliances plugged into the side of islands/peninsulas.
What are your thoughts on this change? Anyone else think it’s somewhat ridiculous?
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2023.05.30 16:09 RobertSKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Seventy-Two (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Seventy-Two (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Robert Keene and Alex Raizman
Start here (Prologue) Previous
I was pretty confident that if I got hit with Infected Bite again, I could survive. On The Prowl would let me weather the damage-over-time effect. But disabling all my other healing meant that I’d need to avoid all damage for the entire duration. With the Mandrill guards closing in—and the queen and her forces nearly upon us—that was a tall order.
Besides, this was all according to plan. A little faster than intended, but all according to plan.
The entelodont’s giant teeth snapped at me, and I pushed off of Rachel, sending each of us to either side of the fearsome maw.
For a moment, its eyes locked into her instead of me, but I put a quick end to that. Activating Enrage before smashing my axe into the side of its head and landing a brutal cut there was more than enough to turn it back to me.
Activating Enrage also spread the effect to the whole raid crew. Their damage output increased sharply, and the thin line of guards came apart at the seams in an instant. Two were dead through the alpha’s healing, and the other four were forced back. The alpha backed off as well, but his expression read to me like a knowing smirk. He thought that the entelodont was going to be the end of us even if he had to retreat.
If I was him, I’d have thought so, too.
Giant claws raked out at me, too fast to dodge and too strong to parry. They ripped across my chest leaving deep wounds. At level 8, two hundred damage wasn’t the end of the world, but it was still a lot more than I wanted to take from a single strike.
But I couldn’t just back off.
The whole plan was going to come apart if the beast was allowed to run loose among us.
Snarling in the entelodont’s face, I hit it again. The stacking attack speed buff from my new axe was starting to feel outrageous as my weapon spun in my hands with tremendous speed, landing two more slashes before the creature could even flinch from the first. The monster bit at me again, seeming to remember how its infection debuff had obliterated me, but I remembered, too. With Rachel’s Shout buffs still rolling I twisted out of the way as the massive teeth snapped shut a hair away from my skin.
Rachel darted into the fight herself, her giant cleaver carving a deep cut across the monster’s rear flank, driving it towards me and stopping it from rearing back to lunge again. It kicked at her with its rear leg almost absently, as if in reflex rather than offering her any real attention.
Despite the casual nature of the kick, when she caught the beast’s claws on the flat of her blade it was still enough force to bowl her over, sending her scrambling, the tinkling of her armor almost drowning out her grunt of frustration.
My detection radius warned me that the Mandrills were fencing us in. Big Sam and Yara were already struggling to hold the line at the back against the initial response, and the other melee fighters—even those who weren’t tanks—were struggling to hold the line as the guards closed in on our flanks as well. We were dishing out a lot of damage, but the Mandrill numbers were growing the longer we outstayed our welcome.
The Mandrills’ wounded fell back from the front line, but another rank surged forward to take their place. Rachel’s raid group had to tighten around us to stop the Mandrills from breaking through our line. What few healing abilities we had were getting burned left and right to keep us going; we didn’t have a second rank to replace the front.
We barely had room for the plan already, and the noose was tightening around us now.
And straight ahead of us, across from the pen and behind the alpha’s retreating line, the queen was about to join the fight with her forces, smashing through the strongest part of our line with superior numbers and support.
All this with an unstoppable killing machine behind our line already, consuming the attention of the team’s best fighters.
We were going to be overrun in seconds. With all of us captured or dead, no one would be left to go back to camp. Just as we’d be crushed now, everyone else would be crushed by the end of the day tomorrow.
And after that? King Alpha and his Monkey Knights of the Round Banana would take a few weeks to armor up and wipe out any humans they could find for miles around. It would be devastating.
So, if the plan was going to work, it had to work now.
For the sake of everyone, not just those here, and not just those in Rachel’s camp. But for my old friends back in Jamestown, and every other budding human settlement I would ever set eyes on.
I broke and ran.
There was a snort of satisfaction. Like the daeodon that it vaguely resembled, when the entelodont was a predator it had a sadistic streak. It wanted to run me down, and when it lunged again, its teeth snapped shut right behind my heels. The monster could have caught me. It was faster, after all, but now that I was running, it wanted to keep me running.
And why not? It didn’t actually care about me. The damage I’d done was nearly inconsequential to it, after all. It was only killing me on orders from the Mandrills. What scraps of meat were on my bones were never going to satisfy this monster. The satisfaction it wanted was in the killing itself. It wanted to have some fun.
And that meant that it only had eyes for my fear as I ran past the others. The two remaining mages cowered away, distracted from their duties supporting the others. But the beast ignored them, charging after me even though it meant ignoring the much softer morsels along the way. Even though it meant running right past Liz.
There was a flash of energy.
Liz’s snare trap blasted the entelodont. Crude bolas of green energy whipped around the beast’s legs, binding it and weighing it down, but at the moment of the trap’s triggering a separate purple tether wrapped around its head and yanked it down like a leash. Even as it arrested the entelodont’s momentum, it was already breaking apart, as it would only last a fraction of a second.
More than long enough for me.
As soon as the blast of energy came, I changed direction, darting to the left around the monster. While it was immobilized, all it could do was follow me with its eyes, ready to pounce once Liz’s ability wasn’t holding it down any longer.
I wasn’t going to give it the option. As soon as I was far enough around it to charge right at the beast without leaving myself open to its teeth or claws, I closed in. The window was narrow, but not too narrow for me to squeeze through.
The tether snapped and the beast started to whirl, but it was too late already.
I slapped my hand to the monster’s bristly hide, and focused on sending my newest ability down my arm into the beast.
The muscles beneath my hand stiffened, tensed, and then relaxed.
The entelodont’s next growl was a very different timbre.
Instead of mindless aggression, there was intent behind it.
I understood.
Freedom, it growled. Freedom good.
“Right, freedom good,” I said quickly. “Freedom very good. That’s all I wanted to give you. Consider it a gift. Use it in good health! Preferably somewhere very far away from me!”
Despite its size and the clear intelligence behind its humanlike eyes, the monster wasn’t very coherent. But I didn’t need coherence. I just needed it loose.
The beast snorted, and as Liz’s ability-created bonds fell away.
It didn’t lash out.
And for a brief moment, the Mandrills around us hesitated. Even from here, I could sense the panic that gripped the alpha. He turned as the queen charged to enter the fight.
The Big One, he snapped at her, hooting loudly to try and flag down her attention. Something’s wrong with The Big One!
Despite the language barrier, the entelodont recognized the name the Mandrills had given it. It whirled suddenly, bowling me over with its shoulder. I caught a glimpse of its eyes and saw nothing but rage in them.
Captor, the monster bellowed as soon as it saw the queen.
“Clear a path!” I yelled, “or this is gonna get ugly!”
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2023.05.30 16:09 The_Rambling_Otter I've come to realize... 😮

For a while now, I've been making my island as perfect as I possibly can.
Then I stop and think "And then what? Just oooh and aaah at it for the rest of my New Horizons life?"
I realized, I need a balance.
Not terrible looking, but not trying to make the island look God-Tier.
I need to think this over for a bit.
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2023.05.30 16:07 true-travel- True Travel Stories- Padangbai, Bali

Most of my days traveling are not like this picture, even though it may seem that way. I work a lot and even though I was on a tiny island like Bali for 5 months, I only made it to the beaches 3 times and most were quick trips. Most people have not traveled the way I do. Typically people have a week in a new country and it's a whirlwind week where you run around and exhaust yourself, then go home and rest. I live in these places, therefore that type of vacation travel is impossible for me. I would burnout within a month. I wouldn't have been able to do the 3 years I have endured this far.
Having said that, I've been fortunate enough to experience plenty of days where my only worry was relaxing, having fun, and enjoying the culture around me. Places that held up their promise of sitting on a beach chair in paradise and Padangbai was one of them.
To get to this hidden beach you must walk through town and find a path with a huge sign that says "Do Not Enter." Of course, I entered. This is not to say that I am one to disrespect local laws or private property. But this path was on Google maps, the land was not occupied and plenty of locals had suggested this beach- so I disregarded the sign.
After a healthy trek up a steep hill in flip flops and a bikini in Southeast Asia heat, I was beginning to wonder where this path was actually taking me or if I had made a wrong turn somewhere. Cresting the hill, I see an older man that smiles and waves me down. Hoping I wasn't getting lured into a trap, I followed his direction. A few moments later this beautiful sight unfolded before me. The bluest water, the calmest waves and a beach all to myself.
I spent 2 full days enjoying the view from my beach chair with not a care in the world. I made friends with the locals who owned the restaurants, we drank arak together, and I even shared a fish that a kid caught snorkeling and had grilled right on the beach.
After nearly 3 years, I have had days where if I had been lost at sea I might have felt more grounded but days, like the one pictured, make up for it.
Happy Travels 🩴
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2023.05.30 16:07 lavenpuffin Was I groomed?

When I was freshly 18 years old and a senior in high school, I met a man online. He was nearly 31 years old, and he was there for me when I was going through a rough time. However, he developed a crush on me.
We temporarily got together when I was 19, but there were signs of him trying to flirt with me since not long before I graduated. I noticed when I was almost 19 that he would call me things like "baby," but I chaulked it up to being a cultural difference since he's American.
Where I'm from, it's not unusual for an older person to call you "my lover," so I thought maybe it was an American equivalent, but I was wrong. I'm Newfie, we have a different way of speaking. Certain terms here would get strange looks if you're not from this island.
He later confessed to being aroused by certain NSFW I made in high school.
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2023.05.30 16:07 Original-Range-8268 I’m so happy this arrived today!

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2023.05.30 16:06 oohjay23 Vargskyr, Cursed City. Anyone else bummed out this wasn't the big bad of the box? The Radukar model just doesn't do it for me.

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2023.05.30 16:06 starfield_pro [ALL] The Next Zelda Should Have Airships And Oceans

People are mind blown about how TotK improves on everything from BotW without changing the world map overall and largely having the same characters and so forth. There's a question about how it could get better, and I'm here to answer it.
First, building on TotK's surprise building/crafting mechanic. You can clearly see how this was inspired by BotW experimentation. Well, imagine if we look at the more impressive machines the community is making and expand on them.
For me, this means upgrading from vehicles to ships. What's a ship? It's a vehicle large enough to have independent systems and multiple utility. So, a ship will carry cargo like a wagon, but it will also have weapons, maybe it can scan for items, maybe carry passengers. One thing I want in TotK is the ability to selectively power Zonai components. This is what a ship would do. Where you can divert power from engines to weapons to shields and so forth. Nothing too complicated, just more precise power management.
I think you can grasp how this concept builds directly onto Zonai machinery. Think of it as bigger vehicles, with more utility items (and more things to do, that is missions), and the ability to have bare minimum micro-management of power.
I would combine this into a concept of airships. Anything from a Wright Flyer or Porco Rosso style light aircraft to large blimps. This kind of system might also require that Link could assign crew to ships, which is pushing the boundaries of Zelda's traditional mechanics, so perhaps a better system would be that the game automatically takes people who you've befriended and they join your ship, where maybe you can pick the captain. Similar to the horse and stable system.
That's all fine and good, but it doesn't address how to freshen up the over world. We see that Totk is comfortable with a layered overworld, so the airships can apply to a sky layer with larger islands and perhaps, with next gen technology, a larger overworld.

What Zelda can and should do next is a version of the Depths that's under the ocean.

The idea is these are gloomy and murky, but with the right potion, armor or whatever, they become bright and colorful. Eventually you would gain some sort of permanent power.
What I envision for this ocean floor are two specific things:
  1. Truly 3D micro dungeons. You can move up and down in the labyrinth because you can swim. This also means 3D environments where it's not just terrain like hills and cliffs, but all terrain has interior space as well, so the overworld has more "what's above and below me?" and is less planar.
  2. Sea life. The main gimmick of this game, moreso than airships, should be the ability to commune with sea life. Ride giant sea turtles to get access to jetstream currents you can't otherwise enter, for faster travel. Ride seahorses for mobility and combat advantage. Summon schools of fish to fight at your side or even conceal you from danger. Imagine a fully realized, colorful undersea ecosystem in Zelda as its core overworld mechanic, BotW style.
To fit this all together I imagine an opening (think Child Link) portion that's based on the sea surface with islands, Wind Waker style. After completing this opening portion, calamity strikes and sea monsters, storms and tsunamis plague the sea surface. Magic raises most towns into the clouds.
What's left is an air layer with, NPCs, shrines, towns, and air islands. With airships of course and perhaps air currents and storms to control access.
Then, the ocean depths which is the main overworld with story dungeons and its how you access new air islands.
Finally, the sea surface remains as a challenge layer with valuable items. Most islands will have world boss enemies or challenging platforming. Maybe ruins of a town, or something like that.
All in all this makes the most sense to me as an evolution of the BotW concept. Undersea with specifically a fully realized animal life layer that you directly interact with to do most of your tool, weapon and mobility tasks.
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2023.05.30 16:05 yesbroyesbro What type and instinct does this piece of prose evoke?

"The childlike mind fades in older age, replaced by a darkness, a fear of everything- an ongoing remembrance of everyone who treated you with disdain. As you get older and your options narrow, you play these memories in your head time and time again. You curse your past losses and humiliations; you wish you could've said that one thing that would've crushed your vanquisher."
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2023.05.30 16:05 BLA-BLA-BLA-BLAAAA Trip To NE

I had planned a trip to north east in the first week of June. It covered the places like Guhawati, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Kaziranga, Majuli Island. Is it a good time to go now? With news of violence and protest in the area. I'm not sure what areas are currently affected by it.
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2023.05.30 16:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Opinion] - Free speech rights survived epic challenge from man who tried to monkey with them in 'Trial of the Century' FOX

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2023.05.30 16:05 Uljeitu RU pov: Putin confirms strike at GUR headquarters in Kiev 2 days ago.

RU pov: Putin confirms strike at GUR headquarters in Kiev 2 days ago.
▪️ Today, Putin confirmed a strike on the headquarters of the GUR
▪️"The drone attacks on Moscow is the Kiev regime's response to our effective strikes on one of the decision-making centers," Peskov said.
▪️The Ukrainian media report that after the strikes on the capital, traffic was blocked on the Havana Bridge connecting Rybalsky Island, where the intelligence headquarters (GUR) is located.
▪️"Yesterday, in the same area, Kiev residents reported the arrival (the authorities did not confirm this). Eyewitnesses said that the explosion was heard in the same area where traffic is now blocked," the Kiev media write.
Other noteworthy information: Budanov, head of GUR, released a video yesterday where he vowed to exact revenge.
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2023.05.30 16:05 graywolt Total Flipped Island - The Very Last Episode Really!

Total Flipped Island - The Very Last Episode Really!
Elimination Order
Max is eliminated in an 8-6-1 vote
He is not able to finish all the pasta and is automatically eliminated. He makes a cry of despair, saying that he ate all that food for nothing, then weeps. He tells Ella to win & gets on the Boat of Losers. Ella is happy that she will be competing with her friend, & Jasmine is the same.
The episode opens with Chris stating that this is going to be the final and most dramatic episode of the show. After eight weeks of fierce competition, the competition will finally come to an end. Two campers remain and only one will be left at the end of the day, with a check for $100,000.
In the confessional, the two finalists voice their thoughts in the confessional.
Ella says that she has had an amazing time here making new friends & being with the nature. She says that she has made many new friends, gushing when she says Beardo. She hopes to be remembered for her cheerfulness & love of animals.
Jasmine says that while she's glad to be here, it certainly hasn't been easy. She says that while most of everyone was good, some people were annoying, some weird, & some just plain vile. But she says that she's happy to have made the friends that she has & wants to be known for her kind but competitive nature.
Chris welcomes back the campers who were voted off and tells them to sit in marked bleachers to show support towards the camper they want to win the competition. Scott, Scarlett, Zoey, Brick, Anne Maria, Harold, & Owen all sit in support of Jasmine. Meanwhile, Staci, Sierra, Cameron, Sadie, Beardo, Dawn, Katie, Trent, Izzy, Geoff, Sky, Max, & Alejandro sit in support of Ella. Alejandro is pissed, as he has a black eye, a shaved head, & a drawn-on face. When Jasmine sees this, she snickers, which turns into full blown laughter which everyone participates in besides Alejandro, who looks as if he is about to explode. In the confessional, Alejandro says "Mocked! Ridiculed! For the crime of having a strategy!
Harold asks how he feels about his girlfriend making the finale, & Beardo says that he's happy for her. Chris then asks the finalists to tell the other campers what they would do with the money if they won the competition and why they think they deserve it. Jasmine says that she will spend the money on college & investing in her cage fighting school/flower shop. Ella says that if she wins, she will donate C$ 25,000 of her winnings to charity, then share the winnings with everyone. Owen & Scott move to her bench for completely different reasons. Scott asks if Beardo is just there because he wants the money, which makes Beardo angry. He says that while Ella is his girlfriend, he loves her charity plan & the fact that she has a heart of gold. Besides Scott, everyone "awws" at this, & Harold gives Beardo a high five.
Chris then announces the final challenge: the Rejected Olympic relay. First, Ella must wear a chicken hat while Jasmine must wear a cow hat. They must climb a flagpole and grab a flag from the top, which makes Jasmine confident. Next, they must cross a three-hundred meter balance beam over a gorge carrying an eagle's egg. Ella remarks that it doesn't seem too bad, but Chris reveals that man-eating sharks are waiting for them in the lake below if they fall off. The last part of the race is a long-distance run to the finish line, where the first person to cross wins. The race begins as Beardo accompanies Ella, while Zoey & Harold accompany Jasmine.
Jasmine tries to climb her flagpole but is slipping due to Alejandro greasing it. Zoey rips a piece of her shirt off to clear it away, which Jasmine thanks Zoey for. She tells her to keep going, as Ella has just grabbed her flag. Both girls hit the ground, & start running.
In a brief flashback, Chris is attempting to test the balance beam stunt with a new intern because all of the other interns had died already. He starts to cross the beam, but Chris distracts him, and he falls to the man-eating sharks that promptly devour him. Despite that, Chris believes the stunt is safe enough.
Jasmine reaches the gorge, with Zoey & Harold heading to the other side. Harold asks Chris why they need to carry an eagle's egg, getting no response. Ella reaches the gorge, & Beardo enacts a whole crowd of cheering which makes Ella blush. As the two cross the gorge, they are suddenly attacked by incensed eagle parents, who attempt to get their eggs back. Everyone is petrified, until Beardo makes a sound effect of fish jumping in the river way below. The eagles swoop down, eager for a meal. When everyone gets past the gorge, they cheer on Beardo before running again.
At the finish line, Scott worries that Ella will lose, which means he won't get any money. Alejandro says that he put laxative laced cupcakes marked for her from "Zoey" which should be kicking in any minute if she ate any. Sierra hears this, & throws him into the confessional, locking him shut with a tree branch on the outside. As Alejandro is yelling to be let free, Staci gives Sierra a fist bump. Max has an idea, but he needs Chris's megaphone. Izzy says she'll go ahead & grab it.
The finalists near the finish, tired out. Beardo & Harold are crawling, with Zoey still running, but tired. Izzy comes back with the megaphone, along with Chris's giant fan that he uses for his hair. Izzy uses the fan which causes her hair to fly back. Izzy asks how she looks, & Owen says that she looks great. As they share a kiss, Ella & Jasmine near the finish, & one of the girls wins Total Drama Island.
Vote for Jasmine or Ella to win, & feel free to come up with any plot points!
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2023.05.30 16:05 Responsible_Bench216 Which wyr be able to do money wise

Like the slap has to be to the best of your strength. U won't get the $450 unless you slap yourself with absolute effort as if you were slapping someone who just cursed out your mom to your face.
View Poll
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2023.05.30 16:04 BLA-BLA-BLA-BLAAAA Trip to NE

I had planned a trip to north east in the first week of June. It covered the places like Guhawati, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Kaziranga, Majuli Island. Is it a good time to go now? With news of violence and protest in the area.
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2023.05.30 16:04 Reemie786 Hints only: How to find length of QS

Hints only: How to find length of QS
So I know the length of a 4.99cm/5cm
P.S. If you anyone says you can’t don’t comment that just say what I got to do to get towards the answer.
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