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2023.05.30 17:07 ddmia1 Slow charging

Hi everyone, last week I got my new pixel 7. Generally, I like it even though I expected more but for the price I cannot complain. I noticed some issues that were mentioned here before like bad signal, finger print sensor, and heating but what concerns me the most is the slow charging, the phone is taking around 4 hours to charge from 20% to 80%, any one noticed this before ? and any tips to improve it (FYI I order a 30W charger)

Thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 17:06 zinidoto launcher fix?

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2023.05.30 17:06 thatonenerdygirl101 Background image after resizing different in inspect and in original - background image which is covered by the docked part not showing

So you know, I am kinda new to webpage designing and it was getting to be fun, but today when I clicked the inspect option and wanted to resize the background image, after resizing and going back it was different than the edits.
So, I used z-index setting up the background image and in inspect the dock setting is set to dock to bottom So the image shows till the dock part and then even when I scroll down the page background image is not there although some of the text is visible. It was working initially, but then it was not, I checked a previous webpage that I made and this problem appeared there too, even though it was not there before.
I must have changed a setting by accident. Its messing with my head.
If someone could help me on this, I would be grateful.
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2023.05.30 17:06 pidena New grad at startup, not meeting expectations. Need help with improvement

I am a new grad that started a job at a startup two months ago. It's a team of five people, and the engineers are myself and my manager (the CEO is also technical). I've done two internships at big tech companies; learned a lot there but startup life is completely different.
The feedback I have gotten from my manager on my weekly 1:1s is a bit concerning. Along with positive feedback when I do show improvement, I am getting feedback such as not meeting expectations for where an engineer at my level should be, lacking independence and ability to take on tasks on my own, asking questions that could be easily answered by doing my own research, reliability that my code would be correct, among other things. I requested a half day of PTO last week, offering to work more hours per day the other days to make up for it, but the request was denied because I would not be productive without someone actively watching over me.
I feel like I am trying really hard — giving lots of energy towards setting clear goals, communicating with my manager when I feel stuck, asking about what I can help on when I feel directionless... but it never feels enough. I'm terrified of getting let go, especially as a startup where financial resources are limited and the talent you hire must be very functional. There are two new engineers coming on, one entry level as well, and I'm worried that they will be much more productive than me, and I will be useless in comparison and be let go. I have anxiety and depression, which makes things worse in terms of believing in myself for self-improvement.
How do I increase my personal improvement and ability to meet expectations? I feel like I am working pretty hard, working 12-15 hours some days, trying to improve my skills, reading up on documentation, communicating openly with my manager, but it doesn't seem to be enough. I'm not sure if the expectations on me are too high for a new grad in their first job, or if I really need to push harder in some way (and what way that would be). I want to surpass expectations and shine, but it is hard for me to even meet them.
tl;dr getting feedback about me not meeting expectations and need advice on how to improve myself to meet expectations, if not exceed them
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2023.05.30 17:06 bostonglobe The warmth of summer is nearly upon us. A look at the weather June has in store for New England.

Like most months in recent history, June is forecast to be warmer than the 30-year average. NOAA
From Globe.com:
By Dave Epstein
May will end up being warmer than average and somewhat drier than average. Rainfall was at a premium and the only thing that prevented the area from slipping into much drier than average conditions, or even a drought, was that significant rain at the end of the third week.
As we look ahead to June, there are some things we know and lots we don’t. The official outlook from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calls for a greater-than-average chance of warmer-than-normal temperatures for June.
This means that when you average out the 30 days of the month, June will come out higher than normal. Since most months end up warmer than average now, this is not a surprise.
In terms of rainfall, there are no clear signals. The weather service has much of the country in equal chances, which usually means it won’t be super dry or super wet.
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2023.05.30 17:05 SnooCompliments8283 High-Level Networking questions for VPX HA Deployment

Please excuse the naivety of these questions. I'm new to Netscaler and have to replace MPX8005 pairs at two sites with VPX HA pairs. The use case is internal apps only and the license is up to 1Gbit.
  1. I'm planning to trunk 1x VLAN for NSIP (Management) and 1x VLAN to share for VIP (client facing) and MIP (backend facing) traffic. This would result in two untagged vNICs being presented on the Netscaler VM - the first for NSIP and the second for VIP/MIP traffic. This is slightly at odds with the 2x vNICs for 1x pNIC recommendation from the optimisation guide, which I think is asking for a VGT setup so that the Netscaler VM applies the dot1Q tag. Is my strategy of 2x untagged interfaces OK?
  2. On F5 I often set the VIP ip and the SNAT ip as the same address. This means the src ip on the conversation leg towards the backed node is the vip address. Is it OK to use the same strategy with Netscaler, setting the same IP address for the VIP and its associated MIP?
  3. Does the NSIP live in its own VRF within the VM and have its own default route?
  4. As a datacentre failover strategy I'm planning to let an F5 DNS (GTM) healthcheck the Netscalers. What kind of http response would the Netscaler provide if the backends are down? What if the RADIUS servers are down? Is there a better way of doing this, say using BGP to announce or withdraw the VIPs (RHI) depending on availability?
Thanks again for any insight. I've had read through of the getting-started guide, but couldn't find answers to the above.

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2023.05.30 17:05 Disastrous-Hope7053 Customer service lol

First time domino's worker honestly first time insider new to pizza. So I'm use to the retail life. But I've never ever seen such rudeness to every single customer lol. It's wild even when they come in for a pick up most of not all of my coworkers managers respond with name. And then there you go not even a good bye lol even if they have to pay it's like name okay you gotta pay after that's done they just walk away almost lol wild to me
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2023.05.30 17:05 Odd_Supermarket2422 Dating for almost 2 months after an 8 year relationship

Hello, hello,
I am newly dating again after going through a horrible 8-year relationship. The guy I have been seeing is like no other man I have ever met in terms of our conversations, care, and vulnerability within ourselves as well as me finally feeling comfortable in my skin and personality with him. We both started seeing each other on the implication of starting slow, and our goal was to form a long-term relationship via our online dating profile; we spoke about it in person several times before yesterday too!
We just spent the 4-day weekend together by taking a mini road trip, and I was going to express to him my feelings which every day is getting stronger. Still, I stopped myself due to not wanting to scare him away because he is scared to get hurt and develop feelings.
While driving home, the last 1.5 hours were spent discussing where we see this going, etc. There is a hiccup due to him working in the States and being from Mexico, so if he loses his current job, he will have to figure out other options even though he can stay here for 8 months legally and has sufficient savings due to his being a technological engineer. I told him that if he leaves to renew his Visa in August, I will be there for him no matter the circumstance. I hope this can go long-term, but if life gets too much on his end, I ask only for honesty, and we can break it off during or after August once he gets his new work Visa or new employment. I replied that I would go on the journey with him and not end the relationship over immigration scenarios because I deeply cared and would be by his side in any way I could.
He then mentioned to me he only sees this being short term because he doesn't know about his immigration status/situation and doesn't want to get hurt or hurt me. When he starts feeling strong feelings for me, he doesn't want it to continue because he wants to protect himself now rather than in the future with me.
I, of course, cried while we were driving back and knew he felt horrible for breaking my heart. We then spent an hour talking after we got home safely, and it just came down to uncertainty, not being in control of his situation, and getting devastatingly hurt.
He left by giving me a kiss which I, of course, wanted more of, and I kissed him about 4 more times. He then told me he would text me. I said those two things genuinely confused me and told him I wouldn't tell him because it would be mixed signals, and I'm very hurt/sad. I then told him to tell me what he wanted and to take his time because I would be there for him no matter the situation, but I only asked for honesty.
I am heartbroken because I was going to tell him on Sunday night I was starting to fall hard for him, and I hoped I could show you my love for you, but thankfully, I stopped myself. I also told him I would be there for him no matter what, and with those words, he felt a lot more pressure and commitment even though I meant if we don't work out, I will be there through the good, bad, etc. by you calling or texting me when you need me!
I am starting to feel I am to blame for this situation because I was vulnerable with my emotions and feelings and wanted a long-term relationship with him. Still, he is also going through a lot emotionally and mentally with work, immigration documents, not wanting to get hurt, protecting himself from having feelings, and more.
Any advice on this would be beneficial! I am currently giving him space to think about what he wants to do, but my goodness, this is killing me because I was falling so deeply for him, and I thought the same, but now I am unsure of everything, but I also want the best for him.
Starting to fall in love is complicated, scary, and risky, but my goodness, I wouldn't change this feeling!! ❤️💕
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2023.05.30 17:05 AgreeableScholar1 My new fridge is not cooling well, how long will it take?

I just bought a new mini fridge and plugged it into the power outlet since 4 PM. It's now 10 PM but the bottle of water and Coca-Cola I put in the side is somewhat not quite chilly as putting it in a regular, functioning fridge. Is this normal for a new fridge? How long will it takes for the refrigerator to function normally?
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2023.05.30 17:05 TracingBullets CMV: Pro-Palestinians should be assumed to be opposed to peace, pro-terrorist and anti-semitic until

I have observed the "pro-Palestinian" movement in action for over a decade, and it has become clear to me that it is a movement with serious moral failings, moral failings that are maintained by strong groupthink and the stamping out of dissent. I have tried to give the pro-Palestinians the benefit of the doubt in the past, but all I can do is draw conclusions from what I see. Would you like to know what I see?
I see pro-Palestinians rejecting peace.
I see the leadership of BDS, the pro-Palestinian north star and guiding light, admitting many times over that the purpose of their movement is to destroy Israel. I see pro-Palestinians across the world chanting "from the river to the sea Palestine will be free," and "death to Israel," at this point there are thousands of videos of them doing so. I see every major Palestinian and pro-Palestinian group drawing their logos to show a "Palestine" not in the West Bank and Gaza but including all of Israel. I see them regularly conflating "pro-Palestinian" with "anti-Zionist" and continuing to defend anti-Zionism as a legitimate point of view on the debate stage at places like Intelligence Squared. I see them sneeringly label Israel as an "ethnostate" for being Jewish while refusing to say the same about any Arab state, or any other nation state for that matter. I see them insisting that Israel exists on "stolen Palestinian land" which must be returned, and I see them snarling that they "really, truly don't give a fuck" what would happen to Israelis should their sovereignty be taken away from them. I see them labeling any Arab, politician or otherwise, who dares to so much as treat an Israeli with a modicum of human decency as a "traitor."
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinian individuals or groups explicitly endorsing two states for two peoples, in fact I have yet to find a single pro-Palestinian group or organization that does so. I don't see pro-Palestinians reaching across the aisle to find common humanity with Israelis, or trying to bring the two sides to a mutual understanding. I don't see pro-Palestinians ever treating anyone who disagrees with them with anything other than base hatred and violence.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian individual wants peace?
I also see pro-Palestinians being pro-terrorist.
Every time Israel and a terrorist organization, even ones that aren't Palestinian like Hezbollah, get into conflict, I see pro-Palestinians marching out into the streets not to call for peace and an end to the violence, but to "stand in solidarity" with their "resistance fighters." I see BDS, the face of the pro-Palestinian movement, endorsing and defending terrorists. On this subreddit and especially on /Israel_Palestine, pro-Palestinians make it clear that Palestinians not only have the right but the obligation to resist the occupation "by any means necessary." Pro-Palestinian groups like Jewish Voice for Peace regularly reaffirm the Palestinian right to "armed struggle." A new chant we see alongside the aforementioned"from the river to the sea Palestine will be free" is "there is only one solution, intifada revolution." When it comes to settlers, the pro-Palestinians are even more clear: they are all legitimate targets, even the children. I see pro-Palestinians pulling out all the stops to help terrorists like Rasmea Odeh, and I see them giving platforms to terrorists like Leila Kahled and supporters of terrorism as well on college campuses. In fact I see pro-Palestinians getting very heated and bothered that anyone would refer to groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad as terrorists, and I see them insisting the "real terrorists" are the Israeli children murdered by those groups.
Meanwhile, I don't see any pro-Palestinian group explicitly disavowing the targeting killing of civilians by Palestinians, or the groups that carry out such attacks. Even finding individuals who are willing to do so is extremely difficult: they prefer instead to whatabout or minimize them. At best, you're going to see things like "I don't support Hamas but those children were settlers so they had it coming"
Here's an example comment that proves my point for me:
"Hamas and the PIJ are the resistance right now. if you are pro-Palestinians and believe they have the right to resist the Israeli oppression then you are automatically pro-Hamas and pro-PIJ."
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian is opposed to terrorism?
I also see pro-Palestinians being anti-Semitic.
At this point the number of cases of Jews, not merely Zionists, being attacked both verbally and physically by Western pro-Palestinians runs in the hundreds. I see pro-Palestinians ramming Jewish girls with shopping carts, punching Jewish college students and professors for the crime of disagreeing with them, screaming racially charged insults at Jews, conspiring to keep Jews out of student governments, and pushing to keep Jews out of the Women's March and the Temple Mount. I see them harassing Jews at synagogue in Michigan, assaulting old men for attending a basketball game, and taunting Holocaust survivors. I also see pro-Palestinians vandalizing Jewish houses of worship and Hillel houses, disrupting Holocaust remembrance ceremonies, graffiting Holocaust memorials, and engaging in Holocaust inversion regularly. I see pro-Palestinians insisting that Jews are not allowed to decide what anti-Semitism is, and that what anti-Semitism is and isn't is up to Palestinians, not Jews.
Meanwhile, I don't see pro-Palestinians admitting that there's a problem of anti-semitism in their movement and committing themselves to fixing it. Instead I just hear a lot of whining about definitions of anti-semitism and how it might make it harder to criticize Israel. The few who have the courage to speak out against the anti-Semitism in the Palestinian movement are attacked and smeared.
So why should I assume that the average pro-Palestinian isn't anti-Semitic or at least complicit in the anti-Semitism of the movement?
At this point the pro-Palestinian movement has a very well established reputation for all of these things, and have done nothing to deserve the benefit of the doubt. So I refuse to give it to them, and neither should you. If any of our local pro-Palestinians truly want peace, are truly opposed to terrorism, and are truly not opposed to Jews being treated equally, with dignity, and with human rights, let them say so now, without equivocation or euphemism, or let them remain silent and be judged forever accordingly. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 17:05 Gibbon_Bandicoo What's up with the theatre scene?

I'm new-ish to the area so forgive me if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, but it seems like there's a lack of theatre even with the Central Alberta Theatre. But checking their website they all have they 2022-2023 season. Does anyone know what's up?
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2023.05.30 17:05 Celli_1612 Google Performance Max increased costs after lowering tROAS (counted leads as conversions instead of purchases)

Hi there, I’m still quite new to Google Ads and trying to get into it. Now I started having issues with my ecommerce website's Performance Max campaign, which is running since last September.
Last week, I changed the tROAS from 600% to 400% (today I changed it back, after the issues) and a few days later I changed the average daily budget from 400 to 300€ (today I changed it to 150€, after the issues). We usually had a daily spend between 50 and 100€ - but after I lowered the tROAS, the PMax spent around 300€ per day two days in a row. Therefore, I lowered the average daily budget to 300€ and for a few days the daily cost was as before, but the day before yesterday it spent over 400€ and yesterday it even went up to 660€ per day. That's why I today raised the tROAS again to 600% and even lowered the average budget to 150€.
Since lowering the tROAS, the PMax suddenly reported a lot more conversions (although we didn't have any/few purchases on the website). I just discovered that, since I had lowered the tROAS, the PMax Campaign started counting leads as conversions: I had added one lead form for a private shopping appointment months ago, which never produced any leads however. Since I had lowered the tROAS, there suddenly were leads (looks like spam though). I removed the lead form asset in the PMax and put the leads from primary to secondary conversion actions in the account. Will that fix the rising costs issue?
And can I dare to now lower my tROAS again? (Since 600% is nowhere close to where we are and I read that it should be even a bit lower than your actual ROAS.) I also don't want to make much more frequent changes though.
I appreciate any advice, thank you so much!
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2023.05.30 17:05 KissmyAZZ7320 She was begging him to go again. Zoo crew went to J’s side

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2023.05.30 17:05 420axie Different bugs swimming around tank??

Hey everyone. I’ve been working on cycling a 10 gal planted tank for over a month now. Water parameters are basically perfect which is wonderful. Everything was going fine until about 2 weeks ago when I realized I didn’t clean my new plants enough (I cleaned them for a while so rip). Now I got a ton of bladder and ramshorn snails crawling around. I figured, eh it could be worse I’ll just get an assassin snail for that issue. BUT THEN the other day I noticed other things moving in the tank and they didn’t look like snails. Instead, they look like extremely tiny white dots swimming around. My first guess was Copepods? But then it got worse again. Yesterday I saw these 2 (i think 2) tiny black bugs on one of the plants. I haven’t seen those 2 since but I think they were mating. The black bugs were slightly bigger than the white bugs. I could actually see tiny little legs on the black bugs. The white bugs have been growing the past few days too, though. They definitely look different from each other. The reason I share this is to determine whether I should worry or not. Are the white bugs copepods? What are the black bugs? Are they a threat? If I should get rid of them, would simply doing water changes and limiting food do the trick? I plan to use this tank for African Dwarf Frogs, which I know are even more sensitive than fish in a lot of ways. I don’t want these to end up being parasites or something :(
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2023.05.30 17:05 Rolittia New lens help!

New lens help!
Hi everyone, I'm new to photography and I've received a hand-me-down Nikon D60 with some zoom kit lens. and one has some bad blur in a corner (you can even see it a bit in the photo in the upper right corner. no, it's not the depth of field, bc it's consistent blur)
I want to try/learn prime lens so I figured this is my chance, but I'm having a hard time determining if they'll fit or if they're good enough. nothing too expensive, just want a good starter that's better than the Nikon DX AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G.
I'm looking at these 2 currently.. - Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ex dg hsm (if I can get a good one secondhand) - Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G
Do I just make sure it's in the F mount configuration? is that all? any good secondhand sites I can use?
Any other recommendations is also appreciated. Primary focus is car photography.
pic for attention. taken on my latest shoot. I'm proud of my progress 🥹 (tips accepted)
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2023.05.30 17:04 spell130 First Edition Stand in The Door signed by multiple paratroopers

First Edition Stand in The Door signed by multiple paratroopers
My grandpa was in the 509th and got this book at a reunion. And went around and had guys pictured in the book sign it along with charles doyle (author). I'm not entirely sure what the check marks or the math at the end was.
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2023.05.30 17:04 Kitchen_Big_2412 AITA for pushing heavily for supervised visits?

I won the case but regardless, I'm being told I'm absolutely in the wrong by multiple people.
My ex and I split 7 years ago. We have 3 kids together (12f, 11m and 8m). He was taking the kids every other weekend but we didn't have any sort of court order for anything. It was just word of mouth, verbal agreement between us. But last year I made the decision to bring him to court for supervised visitation and child support. During the time that we were waiting for our hearing he did not see the kids at all.
Now what led to this was that my ex moved back home with his mom and brothers (16m and 14m). Originally I saw no issue with the kids being there but then my kids came home from a visit one weekend and my daughter was visibly disturbed. I asked what was wrong and she told me that on the weekends that they are there, their father usually takes off for a few hours and leaves the 16yo brother in charge of babysitting. She told me that during the last visit, this kid showed both my daughter and older son photos of his exposed girlfriend, that she had sent him through Snapchat. Apparently he showed my children multiple photos of his GF, all exposed. She made a point to tell me she had asked him to stop and that she didn't want to see but he started teasing her with it. Like dangling the phone/photos in her face while picking on her. I immediately brought it up with my ex and he was on his brothers side. Told me to "get the fuck over it" because our son probably loved it. He didn't say anything about our daughter. He actually refused to even talk about that aspect.
So I brought him to court and refused contact until that point. It was roughly 5 months. I was very honest about that in court. Like "no, I refused contact due to xyz" and showed the text messages of the conversation with my ex. They ruled in my favor for supervised visitation and have also started an investigation against my ex's mother and kid. I don't feel bad about any of it. But regardless I'm told I'm an AH because this is going to come down hard on my ex's brother, for exposing 2 very minor children to this type of content, despite it only happening once (to my knowledge). AITA?
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2023.05.30 17:04 Rafael_kr Can someone explain?

Okay, so: I played kingdom two crowns with my gf last month, and was using the wiki to get all informations regarding statues and such. According by the wiki everything was matching (except the parts where it said there was 2 gem chests, and we found 3, and stuff like that).
Until we reached island 4, and it was showing on the map as the last island. But from the wiki, it said the fifth island was the last, and the unicorn was there.
But when we reached island number 4, we couldn't go to island five. It just didn't existed on the map, when you choose to travel on the boat.
Another thing that left me not knowing what was happening, was that we upgraded the walls to max level we could, and it was still missing one level to upgrade, that was locked (the one where you unlock the horn on top of the wall). But we had no new islands to go, and we had already bought everything we could from all islands (all hermit's), so there was no horn hermit, and we were left wondering what was wrong..

After that, we played Norse Lands, and there was 5 islands, and the horn hermit. But not in Two Crowns, and not I'm Dead Lands too (where it says on Wiki, likely the Two Crowns one, that the unicorn is on island 5..
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2023.05.30 17:04 DeweyCheatemHowe 18v Narrow Crown Stapler?

Anyone have any idea when this thing will actually be released? I'm new to Ridgid but I've got to admit, I don't understand announcing a tool and then waiting months and months to actually release it. Even more confused about their delay in releasing the sprayer since we're in prime time for yard tools
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2023.05.30 17:04 Recovering_Chair What to do about my ex

She’s (18F) not letting me go. I’ve (18M) explained to her for five months now why I broke up with her. The break up was quite sudden, she didn’t expect it, but I feel like I have been more than lenient on answering her constant questions of why I broke up with her. I finally told her that she doesn’t have to understand my reasons to respect my wishes, and if she didn’t leave me alone I would do everything in my power to avoid her. Was that the right move?
I’m also starting my first year of college next year, and she is also going to the same one as mine… If she continues to pursue me what should I do? Is it ok for me to block her? Was I over reacting? Too harsh?
Her texting seems more and more manipulative. For example: “this wasn’t supposed to happen” “my parents went through the same thing but they still love each other” or she says that I’m acting “emo” for some reason and that she can fix it. Not something I’d expect from someone who graduated highschool.
I want to know how I can cut her off. She’s also trying to use our mutual friends to get me to stay with her (organizing plans 4 years from now) and makes me promise not to tell the friend group about our 1 on 1 conversations. I’m thinking of completely cutting off everything she is attached to including the friend group. Is that too extreme?
Lastly, she blames the shit she does on her OCD and ADHD (she is actually diagnosed). Am I being insensitive? I really think she is a little crazy. She’s driven my car twice without my permission, it was very scary, and even hit and bit me a few times, not to mention she threatened getting pregnant if I threatened breaking up with her (that was while we were dating). In her defense, I wasn’t clear about what I wanted from her when I was dating her. After the break up, I’ve tried to be nice and not too firm as to finish off my senior year in an agreeable way. It’s worked so far, but now I need to know how to finally cut her off.
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2023.05.30 17:04 dragunslay I'm about to cry. Amz LOA drama

I work for Amazon and have been approved fully by insurance to get ffs. My surgery is on June 9th with June 7th as the pre op appointment. Here are the time lapse of event trying to get my leave of absence approved and get disability leave approved.
  1. Started my case on 5/10.
  2. Got a phone call by a case manager asking for dates of leave ans return. Left a voice mail. I call backed 2 days and got the message "they close your case because you didn't call them back". Normally, when CM called and the person can't be reach, they would send email.
  3. Got a new case that is supposed to by open by the DLS team. 1 hour passed, I called back.
  4. Found out the person didn't even created a case. The new DLS on the team created another case.
  5. Now, I have 3 cases open. They went into my file and close one case. I uploaded doctor notes into 2 open cases. They said to expect a class within 5 business fans.
  6. 5 business day passed , no call
  7. I reach out to DLS via live text. The guy tried to create another leave type on my case. I said why? There are cases already opened. He then said to wait for a CM to called me within 2 business day.
  8. I went into the file and type in message asking for the file to be resolved since my leave will start next Wednesday. They messaged saying that there are 2 notes and 1 will call me today.
  9. I got the call. The girl I a CM. She ended up creating another case under a different leave type that she thinks is correct. I said I am tired of this charade. She left a note for a CM under that leave type to call me within 24 hours. I said to speak to a manager. She said just wait for a CM.
This has been 20 days already trying to get this approved. I talked to HR and they said to keep on trying. What other options do I have? Do I talk to a lawyer about this? .
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2023.05.30 17:04 DLoIsHere Beware REI in-store scam

I was in the store over the weekend and believe I was subjected to a membership scam. I have called the company's customer service number and got great support from them, including a refund of the membership.
Check this out: I selected two items in the store, both covered by the same sale. I was helped by a great floor clerk and selected my items. When I got to the cashier I was told I didn't qualify for the sale because I wasn't a member. Another cashier argued with me about there being a sign next to the products indicating a membership was required (no such sign existed). I said I would pay full price because paying for the membership cost more than paying that full price. Nope, they said those products were for sale only to members. I couldn't even purchase the items without a membership. What?!? They both were on me; the second cashier had a register of his own, there was no reason for him to be sticking his nose in. I had to tell him to back off, literally. I frequently shopped in an REI store in another state and never heard of this membership nonsense. They also were insistent that I tell them the name of the floor clerk but I told them I wouldn't because he was really helpful to me. They kept insisting so I had to ignore that. I don't live in that area of Phoenix so I got the membership so I could just get the hell out of there with my purchases. When I went home, I found the product online and went through the process up to payment and, funny, there were no prompts for membership for the sale or the purchase. BS! The phone customer service rep I talked to told me the information was completely off base and asked me to send an email to share the story with the store manager and the district manager. And she refunded me the membership fee.
Seemed like there was an effort underway to get new memberships to benefit the store or the clerks themselves. In any case, be careful in there.
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