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2023.05.30 16:03 yeahitslena infected lobe piercing - finally retire it or keep on trying?

Prepare for a somewhat long story and I know I have made some mistakes but mostly I tried my best to heal my piercings properly. So I have two lobe piercings on each ear, got the first ones done with a gun about 5 years ago and had no problems at all with those (I didn't know better at that point so please don't come for me about the gun lol).
I got my second lobes done at my trusted piercing shop April 2022. I think in October 2022 I got them changed to titanium flat back labrets and had struggles ever since. I bought them from an online piercing shop run by a licensed piercer so I am pretty sure it's actually titanium and not some mystery metal. However ever since I got them I have had problems every now and then and looking back I feel stupid for not switching back to the barbells I got pierced with and had no struggles. With problems I mean being super crusty and sometimes slight swelling and redness, but never longer than two days and after that it all went back to normal (note i also sleep on a "donut pillow" in order to not lay on the piercing).
Today it kinda escalated when the labret on my right ear unscrewed in my sleep and fell out. I panicked cause I thought my ear swallowed the jewelry and my mom helped me push an earring through to see if it is actually in there (luckily it was not tho). But now it definitely feels infected and idk if I should retire it or keep the barbell in to not trap an infection. I know its best to see a piercer but I am moving right now so I thought it's easier to come here and ask first.
Also I really don't understand why the "gun lobes" done with some cheap mystery jewelry and barely any after care healed perfectly fine while the ones professionally done started acting up like that. My other piercings (septum, nostril and belly button) also healed perfectly fine.
Maybe someone has an idea why that happened and even more importantly how I should proceed?
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2023.05.30 16:03 crazyf1shlady Going to be without Strattera for 4 days

Here's the situation:
I am on vacation in a different state and just extended my vacation time by a week. What I didn't realize is that I would be running out of my medication, Strattera, before I changed my plans. I wouldn't have changed my flight plans had I checked that I didn't have enough to hold me over until I got home, but now I have to deal with my consequences. I take 50 mg Strattera - they come in 25 mg's and I just take two daily. I currently only have 2 25 mg's left - a dose enough for one day. I am on vacation for 4 more days. Does anyone have advice on what I should do? I already called my primary care provider and there's no way I can get my medication to the pharmacy here. Should I take one 25 mg every 2 days? Should I just take my final dose tomorrow and then go cold turkey for the remaining 3 days? I am just worried that the Strattera will be out of my body by the time I get home and I will have to restart the whole process of building Strattera up in my system again before I can take my whole dose. Any advice or support is appreciated. :')
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2023.05.30 16:02 hobbit_life Interviewer said they wanted to move me to second round but got a rejection email this morning

Is it worth reaching out to say I'm disappointed to hear I won't he moving onto the next round after the interviewer indicated they wanted me to move forward? The interview was on Friday and they said they would get back to me by EOD today since the hiring team was all out of office.
I got the rejection email so early (7am CT) it feels like it was an auto rejection set up at 5pm on Friday to send out to me this morning. The company is based in NY, so ET, so it sent out at 8am on the dot to me.
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2023.05.30 16:01 Tropicaldaze1950 My wife wants to stay in our home

Back story. She was 9 when her mother died in 1954. Her father didn't feel he could raise her and sent her to live with a sister and brother-in-law in Ohio, later moving to Texas. That didn't work out. She was then sent back to Maryland to live with another sister and BIL. That 9 year old is still alive in her. During episodes of marital difficulties, and now with worsening dementia and the possibility of going into memory care, away from me and our cats, she's reduced to tears and wracking sobs, begging me not to leave her or to send her away. Not an act. It's that raw emotional wound.
We have long term care insurance. I want my wife to be comfortable and secure at home for as long as it's possible but I know that being her sole caregiver isn't sustainable. My mental and physical health are already impacted. Playing with the idea of buying a home or a home in a 55+ community and hiring caregivers. I want to forestall placing her in memory care. That's it.
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2023.05.30 16:01 Accomplished_Egg2515 Insurance denied antibiotics?

New here and have been dealing with ER visits, urgent care, nutritionist and finally a gastro these past months. My last visit my gastro prescribed me an antibiotic to try to treat SIBO however my insurance just called and said it was denied. My dr mentioned something about it costing $2000 without insurance. Any insight if it’s worth it?
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2023.05.30 16:01 Nitehawk770 No scenario, just fun. Play with Money or no?

RCTClassic on Android.
I took one of the largest open maps and tried my hand at building a park.
Treating it like a "free mode" with no real care to the objective. (500 guests Year 3)
Figured if I played with finances on, it would make me think more like a park owner and plan my expansions smarter.
Wondering what some opinions are about this
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2023.05.30 16:01 FlipDaly My friends asked me to be a sperm donor and I have no idea what to do.

This is a repost sub. Original posts by u/justofit in AskMenOver30
Apr 7 2022
My friends asked me to be a sperm donor and I have no idea what to do.
I only have one or two male friends and my father died when I was 17, so I'm coming to y'all for perspective, reddit. tl;dr at the bottom
Like the title says, my friends have decided to become parents and have asked me if I would be willing to be a sperm donor. They told me that my involvement past that was up to me - ideally I would be around for the kid in some capacity, especially if the child had questions, but they made clear those boundaries are up to me. I have no concerns about their ability to raise children, since they already raise two part time and their dedication to being parents is absolute. I also have no concerns about any legal issues - we have a solid relationship and they are in SIGNIFICANTLY better financial shape than I am. They are ready.
I'm 33 and have been single for ~4 years now. I had a near-death experience on my 33rd birthday, and partially as a result of that I am in the midst of some very big, positive life changes that are really overdue. My last relationship ended badly (honestly it was a personal apocalypse) and since then I have had a lot of trouble forming romantic attachments. My ex was vehemently opposed to having kids, and so I decided back then that having kids wasn't going to be part of my life. I have a lot of trouble imagining a future for myself where having kids happens right now as a result. I've thought about how being a sperm donor might affect my future relationships, and I think anyone who would hold a thing like this against me is someone I probably wouldn't want to be with anyway.
I'm of two minds - one part of me has zero qualms and is leaning towards saying yes. The other part of me is worried about all the unknowns - how will I feel? What will it be like when the kid is old enough to ask these sorts of questions?
When it comes down to it, they are having a child regardless. This is a huge compliment, and huge honor. I have some more questions for them I've been writing down, but I know I can't think of everything. What sorts of questions are important in this situation? Am I overthinking this, considering they told me the boundaries were up to me?
I've been very scattered processing all this and trying to think about what each future looks like, so apologies if I'm missing important details
tl;dr: my friends are having a baby, want me to be the donor, and have effectively told me I can set whatever boundaries I want or need to set. What are some important questions I should ask them, and maybe more importantly, myself?
Edit: Right off the bat, I want to thank the community here for the responses, and the mod team for letting this post through. I tried to respond to most of the comments - I've learned a lot from the comments here, especially the people who have been through this experience. It's clarified a lot for me and helped me significantly cut through the noise in my own head.
The universal piece of advice is to get lawyers involved, which I will be talking to my friends about. I don't love that, but I understand it. I've realized a lot of my concerns over the whole thing come from my own issues and fears, and have nothing to do with how reality will play out. Hearing those concerns echoed here in some form or another has been very validating, and simultaneously has let me filter out the ones that aren't actually useful.
At this point, I'm still letting myself be undecided, though I know much more which way I'm leaning. Whatever comes from this, whatever I decide, this has been a real reminder that life refuses to do anything other than surprise you, and it's nice to have a reminder in the form of something good.
Update: My friends asked me to be a sperm donor and I have no idea what to do
It's been an emotional, complicated two weeks. I did a lot of reading, a lot of soul searching, and a lot of serious talks with myself about what the choice would mean. I decided to do it.
And before I got a chance to tell them yes, they ended up doing a lot of the same and decided to go with a bank donor instead of myself or the other donor they were talking to.
This has been a very strange, and surreal, and fast moving chapter in my life. I spent a lot of time thinking very hard about this choice and it made me ask myself really fundamental questions about what sort of person I was and what I wanted in my life. That inspired me to make more beneficial moves in my life, and even my reaction to their decision is telling me a lot about the sorts of things I want for myself.
I am really proud to have been asked this, and I think every moment of agonizing over it, taking it really seriously, was worth it. In the past two weeks I have learned more about myself than I think had in the previous four years. And in the end, I'm happy my friends are going to have a new addition to their life.
I guess it turns out that's something I might want in my own life, too.
Thank you again to everyone who responded to the initial thread, you all helped a lot.
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2023.05.30 16:01 RealRaw52 Advice for those experiencing issues today

It seems to me that even when you are getting submission returned or timed out messages, these are just visual glitches. I have a 100% success rate with my studies today by just refreshing the page (usually several times). In other words, submissions aren't actually timing out, auto completing or being returned regardless of what your screen is saying and refreshing the page multiple times will likely get you back to the prompt to either start the study or complete it. Though I admit that I have had to quickly click on start study or complete study after a refresh as it will quickly do it's own thing right after the refresh.
It may be wise to avoid the site altogether for now but if you have longitudinal studies or need to do a few studies today for whatever reason, I do believe that multiple refreshes will eventually get you back to the correct screen. Good luck!
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2023.05.30 16:00 RoomFull0fEyes Beginner looking to get my first DJ

Hey everyone. Like the title says, I'm just getting into dirt jumping and looking to buy my first DJ. I've been a skater for the last 27 years, but there's nowhere near me to get into that much anymore. For reference I'm 6'1" and 190lbs. There's a couple used options near me, but the one that caught my eye is spec'd as follows;

-Black Market Edit 1 Frame, 21.5 Top Tube.
-Magura MT5 Trial Brakes W/180MM rotors Front & Rear.
-Hussefelt DH riser bars, Pivit stem, Air Fork W/Rebound & 100mm of Travel.
-Double wall rims front & rear, MTX39 DH rear rim on Single speed kit. -
Gusset Half link chain, RaceFace Cranks W/Bash Guard, Salt Slim metal Platform pedals.
-Pivotal Seat W/ Macneil Seat post.

He has it listed for $500cad. Does this seem reasonable?

Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.30 16:00 Altruistic-Worker199 I don't care if you follow me around Female Supervisor because you're a coward who sat in court and lied about sexually harassing me too.

Do what you gotta do boss because you're just jealous i didn't want to bang your ugly ass and wouldn't accept your advances at work, A knot hole in a tree with splinters looks more appealing than your ugly redhead bulldog ass face, you ugly b*tch.
You should walk in any store you c*nt and stand in line and start fondling one of the customers and tell them you're being just nice like you did to me and see what happens you ugly b*tch, they'd probably knock you on your ass and you would deserve it you piece of shit, That's one thing i never did in my life K***y, I never touched any woman without her consent because you are not worth it or going to jail over your manipulating narcissistic ass.
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2023.05.30 16:00 Jenikip Poor dog was suddenly confonted with something very traumatizing

Hi! We adopted a dog a while ago with a history of trauma. All the things we've been able to do for him in the past few weeks have been life changing for him, and he's really turned around, you wouldn't recognize him anymore. He is particularly scared of loud bangs (fireworks, guns, f.e.) and other sudden loud noises (trucks passing by, close-by car honks). We have been able to desensitize him to a lot of common noises in a controlled environment and he's really calmed down.
While walking home from our hike in the forest we passed the bottom of an overpass, and a truck was parked there. We kept walking and when we were almost exiting the overpass, the truck decided to honk really loudly and suddenly. It felt like it made my ears bleed, with the echo from the overpass making it sound even louder. My dog started panicking and screaming, and I've never in my life seen a dog so petrified.
I decided the best course of action at that moment was to immediately remove him from the situation and walk home (which was about 200m away) and I had to carry him for most of the way back because he completely shut down. He's 30kg and not easy to carry 😅. When I was nearly home, I heard the truck honk again, and my dog bit me out of reflex while I carried him. I can't hold it against him and just kept walking him to safety. At home I immediately put him in his crate, covered it and gave him his favourite toys, put on a radio and called my boyfriend so he could hear me talking for a bit.
It's been 3 hours, and he is still completely in shutdown mode. I've never experienced a dog so traumatized after a certain event and really need some quick help on what to do. I've not taken him out of his crate yet and offered him some water in the meantime.
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2023.05.30 16:00 SimplyInept Is it possible to automatically update playlists?

I have MAME and it auto-generated the lightgun/fighteracing game playlists etc. I have since added Sega MVS/Naomi but none of these games (despite being under the same 'Acrcade' group) updated into the games list.
Virtua cop, house of the dead, aren't showing in light gun categories.
Is there a way for me to add these in automatically or will o have to go to each game of a specific genre and add them into that manually?
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2023.05.30 15:59 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (56)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vani, Venlil Surgeon
Date [Standard Human Reckoning]: 2136-10-22
Secluded in the comfort of our cabin, I found myself savoring the rare moments of peace with Johan. The bustling camp did not afford us the luxury of privacy, and this precious pocket of calmness felt like a gift. Lying on the bed together, we did not feel the need to fill the silence with words or engage in any couple of activities. I felt an inherent satisfaction in just lying there together.
"Vani," Johan's voice filled the quiet cabin.
"I'm... I'm afraid of going back," he confessed.
I considered his words before asking, "Do you have many friends back in Jakarta?"
His gaze stayed on the ceiling as he replied, "Other than Snop... not. I guess, in a twisted way, that's a kind of luck?"
I watched as he rolled onto his side to face me, his eyes searching mine. "I count myself beyond fortunate to have met you." His fingers stroked my mane. His light touch felt heavy and comforting. "Even if we were in Jakarta when they implemented the quota they would have let me evacuate with you."
For a while, we just lay there, appreciating each other, our silent exchanges speaking volumes.
When we arrived at the ship, it was still the second or third hour of the day. I forgot when I fell asleep, but Johan's alarm woke us up the same. When we stepped out of our cabin, we found Tresn and the siblings lounging in the common area. Tresn now had the prostheses in his paws. The device twitched every now and there. Meanwhile, the siblings were engrossed in their thoughts or busy with their pads.
In the common area, we had our first meal aboard the vessel. We sat near the window, our portal to the world outside. Through the clear pane, the black water merged with the black sky, and I felt like being suspended in a void. Yet, despite this sense of absolute stillness, the ship flew above the water at a speed above fifty meters per second. Sometime after we had cleared our plates, our surrounding transformed. The sun, breaking the confines of the horizon, began its ascent. Although we were facing away from this bright ball in the sky, its effect was no less mesmerizing. Dawn overtook the black sky. First, the once pitch-black sky took on a shade of deep purple. A transition to an intense, deep red followed it soon after.
Perhaps two or three hours after the sunrise, the coastline of Cirebon began to emerge, peeking out from the edge of the horizon. Its unblemished skyline shone in stark contrast to the devastation reported in Jakarta.
Elangkasa joined us in the common area before we landed.
"Hi folks." They greeted me. "So, I might have forgotten to tell you all that you'll go to Purwakarta Sector 12 as volunteers."
"We don't mind." Said Johan. "I'm glad if I can be of help."
Elangkasa then briefed us on our job in Purwakarta Sector 12, Bolad and I would join the health workers. Johan and Cynthio had put aside their differences, nodding in agreement when Elangkasa assigned them to service and maintain the drones for rescue. Snop agreed when they asked her for help in construction with her skills in operating machining tools.
The armed forces had commandeered this once bustling commercial hub and had transformed it into a temporary base and staging area just like in Banjarmasin. Once we disembarked, Bolad and I joined Johan in his van again. A map of the region appeared on the dashboard. A red pinpoint marked the ovation where the bomb fell and a circle around it, the area of effect.
My classes both in Venlil Prime and Earth did not teach me about orbital bombardment and here I learned that one needs to get into a bunker in times like this. Because, for tens of kilometers, the bomb would heat the air to the point of causing tissue damage. The map showed a region where you will face severe burn injury if you stayed outside when the explosion happened. Amid the circle depicting the zones of devastation, one stark red marker pulsated with disconcerting energy. It lay within the severe heat zone. Its constant glow commanded my immediate attention.
"Johan," I ventured, pointing at the glaring red marker that almost seemed to taunt us, "That red marker there is your home, is it not?"
His eyes shifted from the barren road to the display, taking in the red beacon that represented his home. "Yeah…" He let out a sigh, heavy with desolation within the confines of the vehicle. "I wonder what's left of that house now."
As we drew nearer to the affected area, I steeled myself for the scenes of destruction. However, the buildings seemed to have withstood the assault better than I expected. Of course, we could see the scars of the attack, the shockwave shattered windows and some structures had superficial cracks. A general sense of disarray permeated our surroundings, but the core structures stood against the odds.
Cities and towns dotting the outskirts of the Greater Jakarta Province had been retrofitted with camps to accommodate the droves of displaced people emerging from the ruins of the once-thriving metropolis. In recent days, the tide has started to turn. Able-bodied survivors moved back towards their shattered homes, driven by the urge to reclaim and restore what they could salvage from the debris.
Our journey led us to the city of Purwakarta, a place I remembered from a past excursion with Johan. We had once visited the city's reservoir, taking in the tranquil beauty of the idyllic landscape. The city has changed now. A bustling hive of activity transformed the city as it took refuge for those fleeing the destruction.
Because of the scale of the destruction, we didn't have a single "camp" as we had for the gojids. The refugee districts were divided into Sectors. We pulled into sector twelve as the midday sun reached its zenith, casting almost no shadow on the ground. Prefabricated buildings of varying sizes formed an ordered chaos across the city's outskirts.
Everywhere we looked, people occupied themselves in a frenzy of activity. Here, soldiers oversaw the transport of food and materials. There, health workers moved to check from the habitation unit to the habitation unit. Engineers collaborate with helper and builder drones to perform maintenance and construction. All around, people took on roles they never imagined they would, united by the common goal of survival and restoration.
Despite the dire circumstances, the humans put on determined faces. Humans made the majority of camp inhabitants, but I spotted two arxurs here, their imposing presence always accompanied by a human minder. Both of them shot a look in disgust at Tresn, while humans looked at the defector with an equal part of concern and curiosity.
Elangkasa led us through the camp. First, we passed the engineering quarter where my human and the siblings parted from us. Another trip led us to the medical complex, where we saw medical personnel moving with well-practiced efficiency to care for the injured. A conglomeration of tents and prefabricated buildings all bearing the red crystal symbol made up the hospital. The bustle here felt different, it had an undercurrent of urgency threaded through the ordered chaos.
At the entrance of the hospital's administration building a zurulian had waited for us. Her short stature did not deter us. Upon noticing us, however, her expression turned sour.
"I have a feeling I'm not supposed to be here." Said Tresn. "Maybe... I can get to the habitation unit?"
"You need some help with physiotherapy. Can you bring him there, Elangkasa?" said Bolad.
"Yeah, take that to a human health worker. I'm not going to treat it." The zurulian said with a huff.
"I am Bolad, and this is Vani." The gojid introduced ourselves.
"I'm Rawan, the medical Coordinator for Sector Twelve, Shift Two."
My stomach rumbled, a reminder that it was midday, mealtime according to Earth's cycle.
Sensing my discomfort, Rawan commented. "Hungry already? Well, we are on a lunch break right now. Follow me," leading us away from the hospital administration.
According to the map, there exist two dining areas, located far from each other. The one Rawan brought us to, served plant-based meals for species with a herbivorous diet, the other was where arxurs and their human minders feast.
Stepping into the hall felt comforting. It felt as if an invisible barrier dampened the harsh sounds of the bustling camp outside, replaced by the familiar din of a busy dining hall. Members of Federation species, like us, gathered here. I saw zurulians, colleagues of Dr. Rawan, along with several gojids who had responded to the call for assistance in the rescue, relief, and rebuilding efforts.
The dining procedure here was not like what we had at the camp. Instead of autonomous carts coming around to deliver our meals, we had to stand in line. Humans manned the serving counters, dishing out meals onto trays as we moved along. The menu today consists of a stir-fried noodle and rice combination, named "Nasi Mawut".
After getting our portions, we selected an empty table, the tantalizing taste in the air from our tray deepened my hunger and anticipation. We set down our trays, and with a collective eagerness, took our seats.
"To be honest," Rawan began, her gaze sweeping over the crowded dining hall before returning to her meal, "This is often the highlight of my day here." She gestured towards her plate and scoffed, "Imagine that, I, a zurulian, looking forward to a predator's meal."
"To be fair," I retorted, "this meal is not prepared from ingredients they acquired from hunting."
Rawan chuckled a high-keening sound that made her sound like she was in distress. "Sometimes," she mused, her eyes thoughtful as she poked at her food, "I do wonder why they feel the need to consume flesh when they can subsist on meals such as these."
Not wanting to engage in a sensitive debate with a superior officer we had just met, I opted for silence, focusing instead on the pleasant taste of the Nasi Mawut before us.
A voice broke the quiet chatter around us. A gojid, appearing youthful by their standards, made his way toward our table with a casual gait. A broad smile adorned his face as he acknowledged us. "Hey, doctors! Fancy seeing you here again."
"Greetings," Bolad replied with a courteous nod. "I hope the presence of arxurs has not caused you undue distress?"
I looked at the gojid's hip and saw a familiar scar. I recognized him as the one gored by the sheep back at the camp.
A robust laugh escaped from the gojid, his face brightening up. He waved off Bolad's concerns, "No worries, Doc. We've got a human minder assigned to us to keep those predators in check. And we also have a buddy system, safety in numbers, you know."
"That is good to hear," Bolad responded. Although my facial annotator had learned a lot about gojids' gestures and expressions, it kept interpreting Bolad's emotion as a blank.
A small device strapped to the gojid's wrist chirped. The gojid glanced at it before looking back up to us with a swift nod. "Ah, duty calls. Well, it was nice chatting with you, Doc!" With that, he swung around, his round figure merging with the crowd as he strode towards the exit.
Once the gojid departed, Rawan, Bolad, and I continued to sit and chat over the remains of our meal. Bolad and I shared stories about our experiences in the gojid camp in Kalimantan. The pervasive sound of a resounding announcement filled the hall, halting our exchange. An impersonal voice echoed from the overhead speakers.
"Shift Two! Your break time will be over in ten minutes. I repeat. Shift Two! Your break time will be over in ten minutes." The forceful announcement marked the conclusion of our pause, a reminder of the tasks that awaited us.
"Well, that's our cue," the medical coordinator announced, getting up from her seat. Her hands reached for her tray but having to maneuver in bipedal mode made the action seem awkward.
"Allow me," I offered, reaching for her tray to assist. "I'll carry it to the collection point."
"Thank you," she responded.
As I made my way to the collection point, Bolad engaged Rawan in a conversation. "How many shifts are there in a day?" he queried.
Rawan turned to Bolad. "We work with a four-shift rotation. The humans initially wanted three, due to their unusual stamina," she explained.
Once we discarded the tray Rawan led us back to the medical complex of Sector Twelve.
"Our main goal here is to offer immediate care to the injured and aid in their recovery." She started when we passed the gate of the medical complex.
Rawan gestured towards a cluster of tents assembled off to the side. A perpetual flurry of activity surrounded them as people carried patients in and out on stretchers. "These are our triage tents," Rawan explained. "New patients are first brought here for evaluation. Depending on the severity of their injuries, they are then dispatched to the appropriate sections for treatment. Bolad, you'll be stationed here. Your expertise in general medicine will be invaluable in assessing patients."
Our tour continued, taking us through the maze of the field hospital. We walked past prefabricated structures, erected with solid synthetic materials.
"These," Rawan proclaimed, her paw sweeping towards the buildings, "are our operating theaters. We haven't been able to install remote surgical facilities. Though, given your preference, that shouldn't be an issue..."
"I do favor direct surgery," I confessed, revealing a bit of my past.
Rawan halted, her sharp gaze taking both of us in. Her snout was positioned between Bolad and me looking at us from her peripheral vision. "I've reviewed both of your files," she said, focusing her attention on me. "I've worked with your kind before. You have your use in times and places like this."
Neither Bolad nor I questioned her use of the term "your kind", but we all know what she implied here.
"Now, it's time for you to report to your stations," Rawan instructed us, her tone leaving no room for debate. "The human health workers already in the field will brief you on the specific protocols we've established here."
The moment I crossed the threshold into the operating theater, I was confronted with an open fracture. The sterile operating rooms of the past, where I donned a vacuum suit to prevent my fur from contaminating the environment, seemed a world away. Here, a disposable robe was all that separated me from my patient. I plunged into hours of repairing human bodies, and I feel more useful than I had ever felt before. As valuable as my previous role of determining causes of death was, I feel a satisfying gratification in saving lives.
As I immersed myself in the demanding tasks of the medical field, my mind sometimes drifted toward Bolad. While my duties were straightforward, applying proven techniques and procedures, Bolad grappled with the daunting responsibility of determining the course of our patient's treatment. His role dictated the trajectory of their recovery or, in the worst cases, their demise. The magnitude of such a responsibility could be soul-crushing, and I wished that it did not burden him.
Before I knew it, a new team arrived ready for me to hand over my job to them. The end of our shift brought us to a prefabricated habitation unit, a space similar to our quarters in the camp. Due to spatial constraints, the unit contained three bunk beds instead of the usual row of mattresses.
When Bolad and I arrived at our living quarters, we found Johan, the siblings, and Tresn already present. They all gathered around a table, engrossed in a spirited card game.
"Vani! Bolad!" Johan looked up from his hand of cards, a warm smile spreading across his face. "How was your day?"
Bolad answered before I could. "I had to watch people die."
A stark silence filled the air. Johan's smile faltered as he bit his lip.
"Bolad was assigned to the triage area," I clarified, stepping in to defuse the tension.
"But you can request a rotation if the stress becomes too much," I offered, directing my words at Bolad as I hoisted myself onto an unoccupied chair. "What about you two?" I inquired, shifting the focus onto Johan and his siblings.
"We had to program the drones and-" Johan began, but Cynthio interrupted his explanation.
"They removed all the restrictions," Cynthio said. "We got to work with unrestricted synthetic intelligence! What we had to do felt less like programming and more like... talking with them." The joy and excitement on Cynthio's face were obvious even without my facial annotator.
Tresn placed a card onto the pile in the middle of the table, interjecting a question that caught us off guard. "By the way… how difficult is it to get to Sector Ten?"
"You could walk there if you wanted. Why do you ask?" Johan responded, curious about the sudden interest in another sector.
"There's someone I want to meet," Tresn admitted, a hint of hesitation in his voice.
"Hmm…" Snop considered, tilting her head. "We have about two or three hours before the breaking of the fast. How did you come to know this person?"
"The Internet," Tresn replied.
"Oh…" Snop replied, her face attempting to maintain neutrality and almost failing.
Intrigued by Tresn's unexpected online connection, we decided to accompany him on the short journey to Sector Ten. Leaving our habitation unit, we found ourselves navigating the ad hoc alleyways of Camp Sectors. Humans of all ages hustled past us, their faces a mosaic of determination and sorrow, each one bearing the weight of rebuilding amidst the ruins.
The further we ventured towards Sector Ten, the more conspicuous the increase in the arxurs' presence became. Given their nocturnal tendencies, I surmised that most Arxurs preferred anything but the second shifts.
Upon reaching the main plaza of Sector Ten, Tresn pulled out his pad, fingers dancing over the screen to access a social media site. I saw intensity in his actions, as he engaged in a private chat with a rapid succession of texts. He scanned his surrounding and his instinctive predatory gaze locked onto a specific figure in the bustling crowd, a human who was also looking around. An arxur shadowed him, their movements synchronized as if orchestrated by a shared rhythm.
Tresn wheeled first and we followed him toward the pair, our formation taking on a semi-circular shape around them. The human had close-cropped curly hair and his upper revealed his arm. A band covered his right arm and there was something off about the rest of that limb. The skin looked too smooth.
"Wait…" Snop, ever the observant one, pointed a finger toward the human, her voice laced with recognition. "I think… I know you."
The human responded by pointing back at Snop. "Aren't you Snowpaws?"
She nodded in affirmation. "Yeah, and you're… Jagomerah?"
A smile of confirmation danced on the human's lips. "Yeah."
Johan, who had been watching the interaction unfold, broke into a musing grin, "Jagomerah… that has to be a screen name," he remarked, shifting his gaze toward Tresn.
"Tresn," Johan began, an amused undertone in his voice, "You have been chatting with furries haven't you?"
"Scallies." Both Snop and Jagomerah corrected.
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2023.05.30 15:59 West_Radish_8917 top surgery insurance coverage

Hello! I have been on t for almost 10 months now and have been wanting top surgery for a while. The problem is cost but I have insurance under my parents but they told me that I cannot use the insurance for any trans related health care (if you couldn’t tell they’re pretty unsupportive !). Does anyone know if there’s a way (or have personal experience) to use the insurance so that I can still use it without them knowing? Cause I know insurance companies send statements and bills is there a way to prevent that or have them send it to my dorm?
The insurance is blue cross blue shield and I think the plan is community ppo or smth like that not too sure though.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.05.30 15:59 Jesi15 Traditions are fucking stupid.

Okay. They aren’t ALL stupid. But a lot of them are. I love holiday traditions. They’re fun, it gives you something to look forward to, and is a lot of nostalgia. Some people have family traditions of various things. Those are always fun, sometimes hokey and even interesting. Why through, do so many people lose their minds over people not wanting to partake in some of these traditions just because they all did and everyone else does?
My daughter is graduating early from high school. We figured out her freshman year because she had been in so many advanced classes in middle school she would have enough credits to graduate a full year early. She’s now exactly 2 weeks away from finishing her senior year and already has college credits under her belt. She probably could have even graduated another half of a year early but the college credits are a big help for her future. Anyhow…she’s been getting a lot of flack from people because we decided as a family she won’t be participating in graduation. There’s a multitude of reasons but really the biggest factor is that it’s not her class. It’s not the peers she’s spent nearly her entire school career with. I completely get it and completely agree. But the sheer amount of people that are upset by it is baffling. It’s her life, for starters. Her life, her choice. I don’t understand why so many people seem to think it’s a mandatory thing to wear some ugly balloon gown and a ridiculous cardboard square hat. Where did this fugly outfit come from anyhow? We did still get her stupid cap and gown and will take photos at the school and at home just so we have some “graduation” photos for the people who are super worried about her having them. She will be attending graduation but she will not walk the stage to accept her diploma holder…which is also stupid. You don’t even get your diploma at graduation. Yet another reason the whole drawn out boring ceremony is a stupid waste of time. There’s hundreds of kids graduation so the ceremony will be several hours long, listening to them drone on every single child’s name. Every graduation I’ve gone to in my life, the only thing keeping me awake is to see if anyone will do anything mildly amusing. Mispronunciation of someone’s name. Maybe someone farting or tripping. A comical valedictorian speech…but no, they’re all lame and boring. Her plan is to play in the band, as they do every year wearing her cap and gown. Sitting with her actual class that will be graduating next year. She texted me from school today to tell me that she told her band teachers of her plan and they both scoffed and made faces like her breaking this corny stupid tradition is absolute blasphemy. What’s interesting is most of our extended family doesn’t even care, they think it’s fine. It seems to be everyone else that has such an issue with it. It would have been a headache also to pick and choose who could even go anyhow, they have to get tickets and each kid is only allowed 4 or 6. So you have to choose only that many people to go. They used to split it into 2 graduating groups because it was so long and more people could go. No idea why they changed it. My own mother was on board and didn’t go to her own graduation because she graduated late and didn’t want to walk with another class. For some reason now she’s acting shocked that my daughter is choosing not to partake.
I just hope she doesn’t keep getting so much grief from people at school over such a dorky tradition. I’m going to continue to teach her to forge her own path. Stop mindlessly following these stupid traditions if you don’t want to follow them. Majority of the dumb traditions we do we don’t even know why we do them or how they started. Again, why the ugly gown and hat? So bizarre. And now they even have kindergarten graduations. Something I didn’t even have when I was a student. So now they’re making even more kids do this weird thing every year.
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2023.05.30 15:59 massconfusion55 Better forums than creepy hollows?

I'm tired of getting creepy hollows as a search result and I don't trust that website at all LOL I don't care about what other say, I don't like the site. Are there better sites to recommend where they don't sell spirits and actually treat them and gods with respect? And I mean actual respect. Not the whole Pokemon gym badge collection bs I've seen them have on some profiles... It grosses me out.
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2023.05.30 15:59 Nybro991 My dad abandoned me as a child

I have so much trauma from my childhood, and it cost me so much depression
My father abandoned me
If I go to United States, immigration office here in California and tell them my dad did to me can there stop his visa to get renewed
My father left me 23 years ago, and he moved to a different country and he got married and he got new son And is not allowed back into America ever since my father left me at the young age, my depression really got really really bad. I decided to message him on Facebook. All he did was blaming my mom for everything. Actually, I believe both of them for making my life hard his mother is a psychopath and they never my mom imagine your father got married and he got a new son and he has been with him for 20 years. When he send some pictures I got really emotional and sad I’m 31 years old and I was crying because of my learning disabilities. I get depressed. My dad’s family never likes me because of my disabilities. Imagine your own grandma supposed to take care of. You went to your mom’s neighborhood in California telling everybody we want to have a disabled grandson all of my life I was rejected my people
I don’t understand why did my dad left the country? He own so much child support and he didn’t want to pay it. Can I do anything about it? Can I call the immigration people? I know exactly where he is what country he is living can I contact my state police here in California? Can there do something about it? His new son stole everything about me. He is spending so much money on his new son Stole my childhood after my dad, dad divorce he got remarried again He had his new son in the 2000s And now he’s buying him Gucci stuff and Michael Kohl’s
Meanwhile, I’m working at a shitty job at Walmart getting treated like shit I had a hard time oh my God to make friends. I had a hard time playing sports. Growing up my female coach didn’t want to teach me how to play basketball 15 years ago I’m going to b 31 years old so if I go to the immigration in the United States, you in California, can they contact his country and stop his freezer getting renewed And yes I have did
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2023.05.30 15:59 DUKE_LEETO_2 Best wheat free grocery stores near Arlandria?

A family member seems to be developing a wheat allergy and wheat is basically their favorite food group so I need to replace that ASAP. Bread was their favorite food and the gluten free bread is not hitting the mark at all.
The Safeway near me that I usually shop at has some options but fairly minimal. I have a Costco membership but don't recall a lot of wheat free options.
Are there any localish grocery stores that do better with wheat (or gluten) free options?
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2023.05.30 15:58 Noskyofficial [HIRING] 20 Jobs in Houston Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Altamira Material Solutions Product Development Engineer Houston
Claire Myers Consulting Medical Surgical Nurse Houston
Archetype Permanent Solutions Quality Improvement Nurse Houston
Claire Myers Consulting Emergency Room Nurse Houston
The Employee Connect Operating Room Registered Nurse Houston
CDR Companies Pool Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Houston, TX Houston
Slate Healthcare Sr. Travel Nurse Recruiter Houston
Apex RN Emergency Department Registered Nurse Houston
The Judge Group Pediatric Cath Lab RN Houston
Rêve Preparatory Charter School School Nurse Houston
GQR Global Markets Surgical Nurse Houston
Sekeena Johnson Inc NP - In Home Kidney Care (Bilingual) Houston
The Skin Clique Nurse Practitioner: Texas Houston
WalkerHealthcare Medical Surgical/Telemetry Nurse Houston
Icon Health Services LLC Registered Nurses (RN’s) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN’s) Houston
Cenikor Foundtion Senior Director of Nursing & Medical (RN required) Houston
Archetype Permanent Solutions Operating Room Nurse Houston
Fairmont Pediatrics & Associates Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Houston
Garden Cycle Healthcare System LL Registered Nurse Houston
Tricoast Homes Model Home Attendant Houston
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in houston. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 15:58 bbates024 EA's disconnect policy

EA's disconnect policy
I've been working on trying to get my tickets refunded after getting disconnected from the weekly Sim Tournament on 26th green.
I've received 8 replies to my request. None of witch address the issue. Every single one offers help with disconnects. It's happened twice, I've played 150 tournaments. I don't need disconnect help. I need to know when I get disconnected that I get my tickets back.
I mean how could you ever spend money on them when EA Servers can shit and your just flat out of luck.
Latest response from EA, this is day nine or ten of back and fourth..
"Please let me share that the match results are always counted through the server, so in that case, we are unable to validate the details from our end about how you were disconnected from the matches.
We aren’t able to reset your win/loss record or remove any losses. We can’t grant any rewards for any matches lost due to connection issues. We aren’t able to remove any penalties for disconnecting or resetting your DNF modifier."
I don't want win/losses, I don't want any rewards, I'm shocked the game can't save your place to where the ball is resting.
Lot's of potential for this game, but we basically paid to play a beta. No real thought or care given to the game.
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2023.05.30 15:58 AnonymousTruths1979 How much trauma do you have from small comments before coming out?

Quick overview: Me 43 cis female, Daughter 14, MTF, out for a couple of years, socially transitioned and puberty blockers; She also has autism and struggles communicating, even more so when she was little. Transition has been super smooth, daughter has never been misgendered, school is ultra supportive, we are blessed, and usually I'm extremely aware of that.
Daughter was hyper-masculine when she was younger. Like... aggressively, deliberately masculine. And she has big eyes and long lashes and curly hair, and I can remember a hundred tiny moments before she came out when someone would go, like, "oh, she's so cute, what's her name?"
And like... because my child was mostly non-verbal, I was super cued in to barely perceptible indicators of distress... my baby's shoulders tensed or eyes flickered, or a small hand movement... whatever.
So people would say these things and my kiddo would tense up, and I'd very firmly correct them. "His name is "Kiddo". He is 3 years old." Which is... fine? Right? Except now my kiddo's name is "Daughter" and she has always been a girl.
So I was misgendering my child? Was it wrong to "correct" people before she'd come out?!
Or like... I've never enforced any sort of ... idk... "gender norms"? Like... I remember when Daughter was about 6 years old, she had this Barbie doll she'd carried around since she was 2. And she's going through her toys for spring cleaning/donations, and she says "Barbies are for girls."
I say "Are they?"
And she says "I'm going to give Barbie to the girl babies." (She called donating outgrown toys "giving toys to the babies")
So I say "You play with Barbie a lot. You might miss her. But it's your toy and you can decide."
And she says "yeah, Barbie is for girl babies." and donates it.
When she first came out she had essentially stopped playing with toys, almost entirely, but one of the first things she wanted was a Barbie doll, and she picked the exact Barbie she'd had when she was little.
Should I have fought harder for Barbie? Called out the stereotype and tried to convince her to keep it?
A friend/neighbor had been over once and the kids were playing in the other room and started bickering ... I think my kiddo was about 7 or 8 and hers was about 5 or 6? And they'd been roughhousing and her daughter fell and got a scrape, and she says "she's much smaller than you because she's younger and she's a girl, so you have to be careful" and normally... don't address my child, I'll handle that, but... at the time it seemed so harmless but...
I don't know wtf is wrong with me today, because normally I'm really forward-focused, but I have been hyper-focusing on these "little things" all morning and I'm kinda losing it... like...
I've already asked her, casually, before about if an instant like that bothered her, and she just shrugged her shoulders, and I don't want to push her to talk about things she doesn't want to talk about so I just haven't brought it up again but...
Is this stuff she's going to remember and be hurt by .... like...
I guess the main question is like... How much did you think about these sorts of moments before you came out vs after, vs after reaching a point where you're comfortable after transitioning...?
I know everyone is different and ya'll can't say if she's gonna be permanently traumatized or w/e but like... shared experiences are a thing, and I guess I'm just trying to get an idea of what she might be dealing with, idk.
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2023.05.30 15:58 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 7 Jobs in San Jose Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
ProHealth Home Care Inc Chaplain San Jose
ProHealth Home Care Inc Palliative Care RN San Jose
ProHealth Home Care Inc Home Health MSW San Jose
Sevita Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), San Jose
Satellite Healthcare / WellBound Clinical Nurse I (RN) San Jose
CHS Recruiting Bilingual (Spanish) Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant - Primary Care San Jose
Maxim Healthcare Staffing Endoscopy Nurse San Jose
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in san jose. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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