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2023.06.07 07:12 Entire-Purpose2070 Feeling really sad to leave the kids 😢

I’m just posting for some words of encouragement/support. Tomorrow is my last day with 1.5yo twins who I’ve watched for this past year just about. I’m feeling really sad to leave them as we’ve grown very close and formed such a strong bond together. I have little unique ways I connect with both of them and I’m really going to miss our time together. I also know how attached they’ve become to me so I’m feeling a little guilty too for leaving as I know it will be an adjustment and a loss for them. I have been telling them what’s going on, but I know they can’t really comprehend what I’m saying at this age which makes it harder. How have others handled the grief of leaving kids they’ve really grown close to and loved?
Also I chose to leave which I think is making it more difficult too, but I do know it is the best decision for myself and my well being and am not second guessing it. I am just having a hard time with leaving the kids.
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2023.06.07 07:11 JanceOjay [FNV] Mismatched Head and Body (GECK) (With Body Replacer)

[FNV] Mismatched Head and Body (GECK) (With Body Replacer)
So I'm back finally got my Roberts Male Body Replacer Mod working, now I have a new problem, trying to create a custom companion in the New Vegas GECK Yields this fun little glitch. Note: I have went through the many .ini files for New Vegas and changed the bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles from 0 to 1 on all three .ini, and even installed the GECK Extender yet no dice. I have no doubt the problem stems from Roberts Male Body Replacer Mod, and I refuse to uninstall it since it took me so long to get it working properly. And anyone know of any fixes?
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2023.06.07 07:10 sweet-caramel-gal 1mg Semaglutide/B12 update & how are your results?

Today I took my 1st dose of sema+b12 1.0 mg. This time I changed the way I took it. Instead of eating something an hour or so before injection, I fasted and did it in the morning without food. I didn't get any nausea or any side effects so I'm happy about that!
I've been consistently making sure to at least incorporate running and walking at least 10,000 steps daily and lift weights every other day nothing too much, and eat less portion most times eat one grand meal a day. I drink recommended water most days and drink a cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and a little milk.
So, I feel that I've been working hard myself at losing weight as I've lost 15 lbs since a few days shy of a month. However, I'm not sure if it's the changes that I've been making attributing to my weight loss or if the semaglutide is really kicked in full effect yet?
Many say that semaglutide doesn't really work until taking the 1.0 dose. So I'm wondering is this recent weight loss only from limiting calories and burning calories? Then what am I to expect now that I've taken 1.0 mg of sema+b12?
Will more weight just start melting off than the 15 lbs lost a month of course while doing less calories out than in that im doing? I'm so grateful in how hard I worked and how much I lost on my own so far on the lower doses, but I want to know what to expect taking 1.0 and how weight loss and appetite worked out for you on this dose?
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2023.06.07 07:10 SithPL Tried the HeroQuest Companion App

This past weekend, I used the HQ Companion App to run a game for me (Dwarf), my wife (Elf), our foster son (Barbarian), and a friend (Wizard.) I've been playing Zargon my whole life and I've gotten to actually play maybe a handful of times.
The narrator is what really sold us on it. I'm used to doing voices for everything and it can be exhausting if the game drags on. Everything being narrated allowed me to focus on RPing as the Dwarf (named Tintoes) and the bits of trash talking had us all laughing when combat was happening.
Our foster son was a little sad I didn't play as Zargon, but he kept asking me about Tintoes after the game and I was just making up stuff on the spot. He's been working on his RP skills and I think playing together was a great way to teach him.
So yeah, would definitely recommend.
Group Name
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2023.06.07 07:09 soyalikejazz56 San Diego or LA?!

Hey y’all! I just finished grad school (masters in kinesiology) and am currently living in San Jose, Ca. It’s a little too tech-y and serious here for me. I’m considering moving to either San Diego or LA.
Am working on building my personal training business and also starting a merch line for my growing meme page (@th0tssharethoughtz if anyone’s interested haha).
I am feeling so torn between going to San Diego or LA. LA is probably going to be better for networking & building my brand; but it’s more expensive & has a higher crime rate. San Diego is still a good option too the crime rate is a little lower there & is still close enough to where if I really needed to get to LA for events and such I could drive there. San Diego also seems a lot more walkable than parts of LA.
My sister and a few of my close friends think I should choose LA and move there. I’m a little nervous too as it’s a much biggemore intimidating city than San Diego is.
I feel it’s also important to mention that I’m a 28 year old single woman; and I am interested in meeting someone to marry & build a life with.
If anyone has any words of wisdom on this I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you :)
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2023.06.07 07:09 Queasy_Author7022 It happened - my mom died and my sibling kept me from saying goodbye

It happened - my mom died and my sibling kept me from saying goodbye
My sibling informed me my mom had a stroke a few days ago. I live in a foreign country, and was trying to communicate with them about getting back home to see her.
My mom and I have been VLC since 2021 and had not seen each other since 2019, returning to visit was not possible during the pandemic. And I felt no compulsion to spend the large amount of money to go there as our contact became less and less.
You can see how the conversation went with my sibling, who is there locally. We have never been close, but also never had conflict. We just weren't close enough to have issues.
How fucking generous of them to notify me of her death, after I canceled $2,000 plane tickets. They bullied me to keep me from my mom. Their hostile attitude and refusal to cooperate with me made getting back to her to say my goodbyes unfeasible.
Because I needed to keep a distance from her for my mental health did not equal not wanting the chance for me to say goodbye to her. Please remember that siblings can be raised in the same household by the same people and have very different childhoods.
I'm so fucking angry and sad and every other emotion. He bullied me and it worked and now my mother is gone, and any or all of the things I wanted to say, can never be heard.
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2023.06.07 07:09 123-Anonymous-123 Dating when I've told myself I wouldn't

How, how do I go from not dating ever since coming out 1,5 years ago, to possibly having 2 dates on the weekend that I decide I am done with women 😬
I got myself pretty hurt by developing feelings for someone, so I said no more and now they all come out of the woodwork 😂 I got a random message from a cute girl halfway across the world, I have a date on sunday and now another girl asked me to go grab some drinks together on saturday. I honestly don't know if she means it as a date, but I've only ever seen her in a group, and now she wants drinks together after chatting a little bit, thanks to a singles group.
The moment I decide I am done with it and didn't want to date really 😅 I also have never had a date with a woman before, and only 1 with a boy when I was like 18. My ex and I never dated. So I am terrified haha.
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2023.06.07 07:09 Fink0408 Can a grade be changed?

I gave birth a couple of weeks ago. I managed to submit my discussion post and assignment for that week but completely forgot to submit the responses. I was a little out of my mind those first couple of days. I let my instructor know I had given birth. Is it worth asking to be excused for the responses? It put the discussion grade to 35/50. I still have an A in the class, but didn’t know if it was possible for the grade to be changed if the instructor decided to. I’m not super concerned or bothered, just curious.
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2023.06.07 07:09 themildmildmidwest My (28f) girlfriend (24f) and I are taking things slow and I just found out why...

Okay so like the title said, I (28f) and my girlfriend (24f) are taking things slow. Like we've been dating for about 3 months and it took us a month to kiss slow... The speed started off intentional on my part since my last relationship ended poorly about a year ago and I thought it would be smart to ease back into things. But I don't know how to feel after something she shared with me last night. She told me that she was so cool taking things slowly because she hasn't dated much, which is totally fine (I've had quite a bit of dating experience). But she also told me last night while thing were heating up a bit (some intense making out) that I am the first girl she's kissed and she's never done anything sexual with anyone of any gender. Now thats fine, but it makes me a little nervous. I really don't want to hurt her and I can't help thinking 'am I going to be the one to fuck her up?'.
I was a little shocked because of her age and overall demeanor so we talked about it some more. It's not for any religious reason but it just hasn't happened yet. Has anyone else run into this? We agreed to keep communicating and she has been really open so far about how comfortable she's feeling in various situations but I'm still nervous. I just really don't want to be the person who breaks her heart in any way, so any advice is appreciated!
TL;DR my new girlfriend hasn't slept with anyone before, help??
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2023.06.07 07:08 LemonTables [15/M] Looking to make friends

Some of my interests are rock climbing, art(not very consistent tho lol), video games, and programming so if I sound remotely interesting send me a message and we can talk about literally anything. I plan on going to college for something in computer science or software engineering as well but who knows. Some of my varite viseo games are Titanfall 2 monster hunter world and tears of the kingdom.Fun facts: I have a cat and she is very cute and I have also never broken a bone but have dislocated 7 so far 4 of which have been all in my elbow.I also live in the US and specifically in Southern California for those who care. Preferably be around the same age maybe 3 year difference but honestly I don't care as long as you aren't like 25+
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2023.06.07 07:08 Mother_Peach_3164 I'm in a fat cat group on FB

I'm in a fat cat group on FB
Leslie?? This you?? Kinda bold to be callin your granny an "assistant" but go off I guess
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2023.06.07 07:08 submergedWaterlily Just came back from the ER after a kidney stone diagnosis. Doctor said it'll probably come out within the next day, I can't pick up the painkillers until the pharmacy opens tomorrow morning at 9. Not sure I'll make it that long. Currently accepting any advice or words of kindness.

I felt some pain in the lower-left side of my abdomen on Friday. It went away by the time the afternoon rolled around. Same thing today, except it didn't go away. So off to the ER I go! They do blood tests and urine tests and say everything is fine except some levels of something or another are off regarding my kidneys. The doctor says I could just be dehydrated and asks if I was outside and active a lot during the weekend. I say no, and I privately add to myself that there is no way in fucking hell that dehydration would inexplicably cause so much pain. All the same, he says that we're just gonna do one more IV drip to hydrate me more and then send me on his way. He just needs to check with his boss and see if there might be any other tests to run.
So he comes back a bit later and says we're doing a CT scan to check for kidney stones and I am like thank fucking god because I knew I would not be able to do anything with the amount of pain that I'm in so I couldn't go home empty handed. We do the scan, I sit a little more by myself in my little room with my IV drip slowly entering my body, and eventually he comes back in and immediately says "well, you have a kidney stone".
And part of me is like THANK GOD IT'S NOT KIDNEY DISEASE OR SOMETHING and the other part of me is like oh god these are supposed to be the most painful things imaginable. And he also says that it's almost reached my bladder and it is likely it will pass within the next day or so. And then I'm getting nervous because wait a second within the next day? I need time to emotionally prepare. I can't face this so soon. And then I make things even more fun for myself by instinctively telling the doctor that I will pick up my meds from my preferred pharmacy, which is already closed and doesn't open til morning.
So now I'm here with the hospital painkillers slowly running off and only a bottle of Advil and a piss sieve to my name. I've arranged for a friend to pick up the meds for me at 9 AM tomorrow but I feel there's a real chance I won't make it that long. I already spent pretty much all of today just on my bed trying to work through the pain. I hate to imagine what it'll be like once we enter the endgame.
So please! Experienced kidney stone havers! Give me your wisdom or any sort of solace you can offer! Anything I can do to make this better for myself? It's gonna be a hell of an evening for me one way or another!
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2023.06.07 07:08 Octiscribbles Cat Food Changing- Anal bleeding?

Recently, I’ve been slowly changing my cats dry food. It’s been a few days, and it’s only a little bit of food mixed in to slowly progress into it.
One of my kitties (2 1/2 yr old, no prior conditions) just pooped and had just a little blood on her bottom. Literally like smaller than a droplet. No blood in her poop.
I assume it’s from the food change (constipation? Or sensitivity to new foods?) but I wanted opinions just to make sure all is good. She is acting fine, pooped a healthy amount, eating and drinking normally.
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2023.06.07 07:08 goldenmooncrabxo Is her behaviour normal or ADHD?

My daughter (1 Yo) absolutely loses her head the second she has to wait for anything.
E.g. my partner works away so when she wakes I leave her in her cot for 5 mins whilst I make her a bottle so I know she’s safe and I’m saying to her ‘wait there darling’ ‘mommy’s just making you a bottle’ etc etc and she screams her head off then acts as if everything’s fine as soon as she gets her bottle
It’s the same with having her nappy changed if she doesn’t want to have it done she’s screaming and kicking then as soon as done she’s laughing
Same again with naps or telling her no she absolutely goes mad
Im finding it really difficult and feel like I’m failing and she’s always unhappy I don’t want to give into her all the time but it’s really worrying me, none of my friends baby’s are as demanding and have a little bit of patience
Her half brothers have adhd and I was just wondering if this is a sign?
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2023.06.07 07:07 Adventurous_Fox_329 My boyfriend (M16) and I (F17) have been dating for 5 months and he’s still not over a French Exchange student who is coming back in a month

Okay so I didn’t ever think that I would ever in a million years come to Reddit for help but I’m in such a weird and frustrating spot I don’t know what to do and I keep watching these things on Snapchat. Anyway. A little back story on my boyfriend and this girl. Let’s call her Grace (she’s around our age) Well Grace came to America this past July staying at one of my friend’s house that is my boyfriend’s neighbor. He was over there a lot and Grace is very pretty and caught his attention very fast. They finally caught feelings for each other, kissed a lot, and then at the end of August she had a family friend die and was homesick so she went back to France. I met my boyfriend at a party in the house she was staying in(my friend’s) and immediately thought he was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. But I saw how they were flirting and our other friends were making remarks about how they like each other and this and that. Anyway after she left my boyfriend was very upset and at the time I was only interested in being friends and helping him deal with a “breakup” (they weren’t actually dating they just kissed a little and flirted) because I had just gotten out of a year long relationship that summer so I knew how it felt. Well months later we finally decide to start dating a couple weeks after going to our schools formal together. Through our whole relationship he has been stuck on her and still in contact every now and then. It makes me sick just thinking about it because it breaks my heart. Anyway in the beginning he told me that I was “as pretty as” Grace and that it was a “good thing” because he was so enamored. Remind you she left in august and we started dating December 27th. We are pretty open so we let each other on the others phone and he’s still snapping her pretty consistently, still has pictures saved, and still talks to her. This rips me apart especially with the as pretty as comment when I think he’s the most beautiful person ever. After I said I didn’t want them talking much anymore (I have anxiety and depression so I overthink and get sick and cry thinking about it for some godforsaken reason) they lessened their snapping and didn’t talk much. About 3 months into our relationship I finally said okay it’s enough time for him to be over her now that he’s with me, but he still had all of those things saved. He told me he still liked her and that he needed to move on because she had moved on (there were rumors she went back to France and got with multiple guys including her ex which for some reason that news really upset my boyfriend) instead of already moving on or moving on because he has a girlfriend he’s moving on because “she has and there is not point liking her anymore because she doesn’t like him” I’m sorry but what the hell about me. I don’t know if I’m just overreacting but that really hurts. Grace comes back July 7th to visit her friends she made in that month and do some more things in America. I’m so worried that he is going to see her and want to be back with her. He sent me this paragraph two days ago after I once again expressed how I was worried (in the past during this conversation he’s told me he doesn’t know if anything will happen or how he will feel and that he is sorry I’m upset) “I still like Grace sure. But in the long run when she leaves that makes you hurt and now I’m going to be hurt. If she was staying idk what I’d do alright that’s the truth. But she isn’t ok. For the last time. I. Do. Not. Want. Her. Anymore. That feeling of emptiness was growing each day she left. I don’t want to feel that way again” TWO DAYS AGO HE SAID HE STILL LIKED HER. Wtf do I do at this point because it has been 5 months and our relationship has been perfect all except for Grace. He told me he wouldn’t know what he would do if she was staying. Am I a second choice? Does he actually want me or does he just want someone there for him. They talked for a month and we’ve been dating for 5 months and I just don’t feel good enough for him ever. I’m going to college this fall and he is only a junior and someone I met online is telling me about how he was in this situation and that I should just trust my gut, but I can’t bring myself to do anything. There’s a lot to unpack and I haven’t said everything but it’s been eating away at me and my mental health and I just need help. If anyone has questions or answers please PM or comment :,)
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2023.06.07 07:07 Cerdak J1 technical support, J2 it project manager

Hey guys, I've been in the j1 for 5 years, pretty comfortable with what I'm doing... due to little to no career path progression I've decided to search for a new opportunity and got offer for a IT project manager job ( I have some experience leading a software team plus they liked my case study during the interview process).
Few issues I am worried about:
I was ready to give up on J1 but someone gave me an idea to try OE.
Your thoughts?
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2023.06.07 07:07 Accomplished-Lock-33 Feeling out the loneliness

For the first time right now I am really feeling the depths of my narcissism, I've been able to feel parts of it for a while but never really let myself feel the full sum. Feel how little I connect with and care about the people around me, really disturbing and I frequently think to myself that I don't want to be that way, and that I would like to work not to be that way. Today though I've been trying to let down those walls that are the barrier in my brain between who I am and who I wish I was, and now that I'm feeling who I am it's someone who really isn't interested in being close with other people. It makes me feel terrible and I don't want to live my life as a hermit, just like most humans I need other people and I know part of it is just a tiredness but I've never thought of myself as somebody who's willing to just give up on all the people around me, but that's how I seem to feel. It feels like an extreme version of depersonalization where part of the problem is I can't feel people around me and their presence but the other part is that I'm not really interested in feeling them even if I could, is anybody else experience this?
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2023.06.07 07:06 mayipleasego Last minute birthday outfit for work and drinks after. Tucked in or untuck?

Last minute birthday outfit for work and drinks after. Tucked in or untuck?
I just bought this top, hoping it would go with a different skirt I had but it was a no go and I figured this skirt was a little bit better. Also, my bf thinks it doesn't go with this skirt either bc of how bold of a color the blouse is :/ The white sneakers are to dress it down for work, as I work in a casual work environment. Will switch out to some comfy block heels for drinks in the evening. Unsure how I should wear the blouse though if I stick with this skirt.
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2023.06.07 07:05 lupum121 Can I ask something?

Why are you with me? Why are we still together? You have so much going on in your life. So many obstacles to overcome. So why are we still together?
I love you. And I know that you love me. Well, I think you love me. We’ve talked about how you said ‘love’ to your last girlfriend but realized that you didn’t really mean it. So how can I be sure that you mean it with me? You and her lasted 6 months, and our 6 months is coming up. I’m a little bit worried.
At the beginning we could spend hours on the phone. Now it’s 10-15 minutes. But that comes with familiarity, so it’s to be expected. I don’t know. And I can’t put my finger on anything explicit, but I feel like I’m not a priority. And if I’m not, I get it. You have your kids and your ex to think about. But if I can’t fall in the top 5, please let me go. I spent too much time today thinking that I’d see you and disappointment isn’t somewhere I’d like to visit too often.
You’re everything I never knew that I needed. And everything that I want. But you’re not the only alligator out there and I’d rather know sooner if I’m not what you want or need. Priorities matter.
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2023.06.07 07:05 everydayisalazyday Are baby boys really bigger than baby girls? Is the difference even more obvious in a twin pregnancy?

I’m 26 weeks pregnant with twin boys and having the worst time of my life. I’ve put on over 40 pounds since I got pregnant (was underweight), and am acutely feeling all this extra weight everywhere, particularly in my crotch, pelvis and lower back. Not to mention the skin around my belly sometimes feels like it’s tearing apart. When I waddle by on the streets/supermarket, random people actually stop to tell me to rest up/be careful because they’re certain I’m ready to pop. It’s just scary to hear them, considering I’ve had two previous 2nd trimester miscarriages.
Earlier, a colleague with twin girls showed me photos of herself when she was 32 weeks pregnant and my belly now at 26 weeks already looks bigger than hers at that time. Then she told me sympathetically - almost in a schadenfreude manner - that baby boys tend to be considerably bigger than baby girls, and remarked about my husband’s size too. My heart really sank when I heard that… He’s a strapping 6’2” with fairly broad shoulders and everyone on his side of the family is built similarly. Is what she says really true?
Aren’t babies supposed to all be born small and then slowly grow into their adult sizes? I’m only 5’4” and have been petite/slim/flat/narrow everywhere all my life. Surely my genes count too? Now I’m feeling irrationally angry at the hubby, a little weepy regretting my life choices and frankly quite terrified about the weeks ahead. How can I try to make myself feel better? 😭😭😭
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2023.06.07 07:05 diegoslovaco Young aggressive Portfolio feedback

Hi all, I’m looking for advise and feedback on my Portfolio. A little background
• ⁠I’m early 20s • ⁠very risk tolerant • ⁠only debt is 30k student loan • ⁠employer offer Employee Stock Purchase Plan at 10% discount (ESPP) • ⁠company is very stable and I believe good investment
My portfolio is probably going to look like this:
• ⁠50% Either S&P500 index or Total stock market index fund, looking for advise here which one to pick • ⁠25% current company • ⁠5% High Risk investment, maybe some kind of angel investment but will keep this for a “good” opportunity • ⁠20% ?? Any ideas here. I’ve look at international indexes and doesn’t seem attractive, and I think I’m too young for bonds. This is the main advise I’m looking for. Thinking of buying stocks (Apple or Google maybe)
Any advise is welcome!
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2023.06.07 07:05 derpy_derp15 What solutions to an encounter did your players come with that you didn't expect.

Mine was my players were looking for the source of a sickness that was plaguing a whole living region (a giant cavern sized worm) and found the source was a giant sand sciff the worm had eaten with poison seeping out, the party found goop monster earlieron and the poison was coming a momma goop monster in the belly of the sciff spewing the poison. My players didn't want to go in (even when I dangled bait infront of them with shiny magic items) because one goop monster was enough to deal with let alone a ship full and a bigger one, so our sorcerer came up with an idea. Earlier they fought one (of the goop monsters) with fire and learned that them and the poison they make can catch on fire, the whole sciff was sitting in a pool of this poison.
Sorcerer: I cast fire bolt repeatedly at the ship to set it on fire
I let him do it because it was something I hadn't thought of and rewarded him having most of the goop monsters burn up and momma goop monster be at half health. A few goop monsters try to run into the swamps, the party picked them off at range. Them momma goop monster came out and the party finished her off with minimal harm to themselves. Their next plan is to go back to the where the sciff was a salvage any good loot.
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