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2023.06.01 06:48 3Cubecat3 Multi hit defensive tech?

So I was practicing against the level 8 cpu in preparation for release in a few days, and stumbled upon this weird interaction:
I landed a 6 fierce and the cpu was able to jump out of it before the final hit and stopping any follow up. It reminded me of DI in smash, and I could not recreate it myself. I thought maybe initially the cpu got confused and jumped after parrying since it did attempt to do that after. However when you land a jumping drive impact, you get a different animation. Frame by frame you can clearly see ryu crumple to the ground like normal. So is there something I am missing? Maybe I just pressed the move too late. I am really not sure what happened, but I know learning, and being able to utilize a way of nullifying multi hit attacks would absolutely be huge.
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2023.06.01 06:48 tornado-in-a-desert I hope you are happy

After both of us together burnt our friendship to the ground, I tried to resurrect it many times. I think my intentions weren't always clear because I didn't always seem unconditionally apologetic for my share of mistakes. But I was. I was going through complicated mix of emotions, and I felt anger, hurt, and pain. I wanted you to feel some pain too, not out of resentment towards you but to know that I did mean something to you. I couldn't understand how you appeared so indifferent to everything.
After all these months, when I think of you I still wonder how you feel. The person I knew when I knew you closely was very empathetic, and I know did care for me a lot. The last text I wrote to you, I tried to undo some of the bad exchanges we have had when we were both struggling. I don't know if I did an adequate job though of letting you know that I want you to be happy. If I didn't, I hope the sentiment in this letter somehow finds you somewhere. You are a good human being. I don't care what the situation was, I don't care how you treated me, I don't care that I got hurt. The thing is, I'm mostly out of it. You did play a role in putting me through some of the toughest days/months of my life but there were silver linings to those moments/experiences. I had no choice but to try to understand myself, my relationships, and my traumas. I was hurt by how indifferent you were to my pain despite me relentless trying to fix our friendship. But all that is water under the bridge now. I persevered. I am here floating.
I hope you are not drowning somewhere. I'd hate to think of even a tiny possibility of you being in deep pain and hurt somewhere. My hope, wishes, and desires mean nothing. But if somehow these words can/do get to you, just know that you can always count on me, okay? Never for a moment think that you can't reach to me at a time of crisis because you didn't respond when I reached out to you. There is no tit for tat in friendship. I know we're no more communicating and we've put a lot of strain on our friendship or whatever connection we had, but to me emotional ties don't break that easily. You still mean a lot to me. I am not going to actively try to fix our relationship, because you told me explicitly not once not twice but many times that you wanted me out of your life. But, if ever you change your mind and you need me I'm still here. I don't promise that everything will be back as before. I can't promise that I'm gonna forget everything but what I can promise is that I will put effort if you ever request me to and that your happiness means something to me. I love you, my friend. Something is telling me that you need to hear this tonight.
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2023.06.01 06:48 VerbingWeirdsLang All Korok Seed Inventory Slot Upgrades/Costs

To fully upgrade your inventory you will need 421 Korok Seeds/1000 Korok Seeds.

Bow Upgrade Slot Korok Seeds Weapon Upgrade Slot Korok Seeds Shield Upgrade Slot Korok Seeds
1 x1 1 x1 1 x1
2 x2 2 x2 2 x2
3 x3 3 x3 3 x3
4 x5 4 x5 4 x4
5 x8 5 x8 5 x5
6 x12 6 x12 6 x10
7 x17 7 x17 7 x10
8 x25 8 x25 8 x10
9 x35 9 x35 9 x10
10 x45 10 x10
11 x15
12 x15
13 x15
14 x15
15 x15
16 x20
Total 108 seeds 153 seeds 160 seeds
Where to find Hestu (video guide):
Where to find Hestu (article):
Hestu's three locations: southeast of Lindor's Brow Tower, Lookout Landing, Korok Forestafter saving the Deku Tree from the gloom.

For those who want to compare Breath of the Wild's inventory expansion costs:
Weapons (x11): 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25, 35, 45, 55 [Total: 208 Korok Seeds]
Bows (x8): 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25 [Total: 73 Korok Seeds]
Shields (x16): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 20 [Total: 160 Korok Seeds]
You needed a grand total of 441 Korok Seeds out of 900 to complete your inventory.
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2023.06.01 06:47 BusAdministrative289 How can Dubai be made more green?

While there are obvious climatic disadvantages Dubai has vs many other parts of the world, I see ambitious targets from the government on turning a large portion to green areas. I personally would love to avoid seeing just large swamps of dust and dry land, and rather see trees/ green cover. Is this actually feasible? And I am talking about greenery in normal roads, and pathways and not just inside specific gated communities
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2023.06.01 06:47 Fodschwazzle Just solo flawless'd Spire!

First solo flawless for me, thanks to Arc artifact mods this season (that amplified damage res mostly) running on my warlock! I've poured hours into Duality but have never solo finished the final encounter.
I was using: Fallen Sunstar
Seventh Seraph with reconstruction/target lock
Terminus Horizon with demolitionist/target lock
It took like 8 damage phases to tear down the last boss, and I had a lot of close calls! Immediately in the first encounter I slipped off a platform and landed on the lowest possible survivable point. I had to get amplified to get a speed boost to get the height to even try to jump back up, but I made it! Don't give up!
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2023.06.01 06:47 Full-Mud3567 Question regarding whether if I should major in CS (FYI:I’m in high school.)

For background purposes: I’m 16 and a half. I’m currently a sophomore and will become a junior in fall. I’ve been thinking about my major in college and computer science is on the top of my list. However, I heard that it’s lots of math and don’t take it the wrong way. I’m not the kind of guy who’s failing math every year since high school and have to repeatedly take summer school. It’s just that I’ve done my research and heard that CS requires lots of math. For example, Calculus, discrete math, or linear algebra and the amount of people who find those subjects complicated worries me. However, I believe that it’s possible since, I’ve done my research and people say that it comes down to time management. When I attend college, I still wanna maintain an ok social life. Obviously, I’m not stupid and know that I probably won’t have as much social life as the Business or liberal arts major but I’m doing what I love and will try my best to make sure that I succeed. So, y’all have any tips on maintaining a good grade and having a social life where you’re not like an isolated nomad? I’ve thought about pursuing a major like business administration just for the sake of it being easy but I realized that would be a decision that I would regret in the future and I don’t wanna be that 40 year old dad telling my kids that I’m not as successful in life due to opting for the easy way out in college. So yeah, y’all have any tips about overcoming the fear of math (Ex:understanding that it’s not impossible and ask for help when you need it) and pursuing my dream major which is CS? Also, I’m mostly an extrovert and I’ve heard that some people say that all CS majors are introvert while others say that there are both extrovert and introvert in CS and I should not let that decide my major. I think the later are correct but what do y’all think? Lastly, my religious belief is Christianity so, I would never get drunk when I’m going to a party or socializing with friends. I’ve promised to myself to never drink or smoke due to peoples in my family engaging in those habits and screwing up their lives.
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2023.06.01 06:46 Empyreofdirt How long in therapy did it take other systems here to start being able to just... Function?

I'm going on 30 years old but you would never guess it based on where I'm at in life. I've never been able to hold down a job, complete a degree, or have a truly healthy relationship (until now, maybe? I hope?). I'm going through a divorce and I've spent 4 of the last 9 months homeless, I only have somewhere to live now because my new bf asked me to move in with him.
I've been in therapy for a decade and a half, I've taken at least 25 different psychiatric meds at different times. I've been inpatient literally more times than I can remember, even in residential centers, but I've just never figured out how to... Be a human being, I guess.
I was officially diagnosed with DID a couple months ago. It was never something I even remotely considered a possibility until maybe 6 months ago when it was first brought up by my old therapist. I spend most days in denial still because I'm terrified of becoming destabilized and losing the roof over my head again.
I'm seeing a really awesome DID therapist now (the one who diagnosed me) and we've talked about all of this. She's helping me understand that if I don't start to accept I'm a system and start working on internal communication, then I'll just continue in the same self-sabotaging patterns my entire life.
But I feel so discouraged before I've even really begun the real work, because it feels like it will take an eternity to get to a point where I can genuinely navigate the world as a selves-aware system. Right now I'm doing some freelance work, making a little money off of my hobby, and teaching myself a few new skills like coding... But I can't handle any sort of actual commitment to anything.
I can't say for sure if I'll show up somewhere when I say I will, or that I'll follow through with anything, because so much changes constantly and I have a ton of gaps in my memory even day-to-day. I'm flooded with other alters' intense emotions all the time, riddled with flashbacks and trauma responses, I'm just not a cohesive consciousness. I can't make any promises to anyone-- even just the promise to keep staying alive.
I really just want to know if anyone here has had any sort of success with therapy and been able to become something like a normally functioning person. Like, at least just to the point you can keep a job or have a career or family or just be a part of society in some way. If you've made it to that point or anywhere near it, how long did it take? I only see my therapist once a week, and at this rate it feels like it will be years before I stabilize at all. I just want to know if/when I'll ever be able to really live my life, or even if it's worth holding out for.
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2023.06.01 06:45 Lyanroar Broken USB-C port

I have an Asus Zenbook 14" link to specs. It has 2 USB-C ports which can both be used for data/charging. It sustained a tragic accident while charging when it fell off my bed and landed on the USB; I can no longer use this port for data or charging. The other port is fine. I have tried a different cord without effect.
Is this something that could be easily fixed in a repair shop without replacing the entire motherboard?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 06:45 My_dog_is_my_brother I need critiques for my Jewish Historical Fantasy story. Hoping to create an anthology called AnTheology.

I wrote a story for my HS senior English final that I really enjoyed. It is only 10 pages but I wonder if I should create more stories similar in an anthology style. If I was to commit I would definitely lengthen the stories. But I want to know if there is an interest in this idea.
This story is about a group of Jews who escape Roman occupied Israel to India and hope to reclaim the land with the use of a magical artifact. but they have to decide if it is worth the sacrifice of a new happy life in India.
I had an idea for other similar stories in this world in other time periods. I find that it is easier for me to write short stories in an anthology than long ones in a linear narrative.
  1. A deeply religious Jewish man finds his children severely sick from the black plague in morocco. He decides to mercy kill them but ends up ridden with guilt. I am aware that mercy killing is not allowed but parents seeing their children suffering can make changes to that belief.
  2. A second Jewish nation is founded in Siberia but is at war with Israel. Perhaps a more secular faction compared to a more zealous one in Israel.
  3. The same magical artifact is found thousands of years later by a group of Jews in the modern day but the messiah has not come yet.
These are just some ideas I have so far. But I wonder should Judaism always be the central theme or should I come up with science fiction and historical fantasy scenarios that have Jews in them.
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2023.06.01 06:44 Valerius-Caesar Can you bail during Vatican Museum tour?

Hi all,
I’m here in Rome for a week and I was lucky enough to land tickets at the Vatican a month ago on the official site. However, in the weeks since I’ve been doing some reading here and elsewhere about the huge crowds, and I have a couple questions.
My wife and I both get very anxious if we’re in big crowds for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, the only time I could get tickets is at 1:00pm, so I assume there will be nearly peak amounts of people.
  1. If we’re in a tour group and it gets to be too much for us, is it possible or acceptable to bail and leave the tour? Possible the museum entirely?
  2. if we notice the crowds early and we want to see some of the highlights like Augustus, can we just leave the group and go off on our own?
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2023.06.01 06:44 Ill-Pangolin5570 6mm Spearhead wargame: ww2 Soviet versus German

6mm Spearhead wargame: ww2 Soviet versus German
I recently played a WW2 6mm Spearhead game that pitted a re-enforced German Battalion pitted against 2 Soviet Infantry Battlions re-enforced with a company of T-34's.
#1 Platoon in a BUA (3 stands & 1 HQ stand)
#2 Platoon entrenched (-1 to dice for Soviets) (3 stands & 1 HMG stand)
#3 Platoon entrenched (-1 to dice for Soviets) (3 stands & 1 HMG stand)
#4&5 2 hidden Stug III with long barrel 75/48
#7 81mm mortar
#8 Soviet Infantry Battalion with supporting ATG (about 12 stands INF & 81mm mortar)
#9 Soviet Infantry Battalion with supporting ATG & 4 T-34's (about 12 stands INF & 81mm mortar)
Soviet Plan: Follow the arrows taking the hills and then turning to the town and hills.
German Plan: Utilise the terrain, entrenchments, knock out and the ability for platoons to provide supporting fire to counter any Soviet advance. Use the 2 hidden STUG III to knockout the supporting T-34's.

Turns 1-4 :
Soviets pre-prepared bombardment on the hill on the other side of the river hoping to catch Germans entrenched and to either destroy or suppress (unable to fire in turn). Germans are unharmed and the Soviets advance along the required arrows.
Turns 5-7:
Soviet Battalion (#9) advances to within ambush range of a German INF platoon (#2) that suppresses 2 of the Soviet INF stands , whilst a pre-prepared Soviet bombardment lands directly on Ivan killing 1 & suppressing another Soviet INF stand.
Soviets Battalion (#9) assaults the entrenched German platoon (#2) and kills 1 German INF stand, losses 2 of their own, and support fire from another German Platoon (#3) suppresses an advancing Soviet T-34.
3 unsuppressed Soviet T-34 assault the German Platoon (#3) losing 2 in quick succession, whilst a hidden STUG III takes care of the supporting Soviet ATG.
Turns 8-11:
Soviets Battalion (#9) assaults the entrenched German Platoon (#2) again with the -1 to dice role due to the Germans being entrenched. Soviet Battalion at the start of turn 8 hits a 50% loss and makes its morale dice throw, but then hits the 2nd morale break point test of 66% when it losses the remaining T-34 and supporting ATG are destroyed. Soviet Battalion (#9) breaks and leaves the field.
The 2nd Soviet Battalion (#8) swings around the battlefield and advances toward the BUA occupied by a German Platoon (#1). As it advances towards the BUA the 2nd hidden STUG III (#4) uses ambush fire and destroys an ATG being towed by a truck, the now free German Platoon (#2) also provides crossfire into the advancing Soviet Battalion (#8). The Soviets lose 3 stands (1 ATG & 2 INF) before closing to the BUA.
3 Soviet INF stands now move to assault the now visible STUG III, Soviets lose 1 INF stand and the STUG III is suppressed by the remaining 2. 6 Soviet INF Stands assault the BUA (#1) line up against 3 German INF stands. After the initial fire 1 Soviet INF stand is destroyed, 2 are suppressed, and we have 3 German stands in a close assault against 3 Soviet stands. The Germans lose 1 INF stand, we then have tied dice rolls, and the re-rolls see the Germans destroy the 3 Soviet INF stands.
The Soviets reach their 50% morale break point check, fail and the 2nd Soviet Battalion streams off the table.
Final Score:
Soviets lost 2 INF battalions & 4 supporting T-34's.
Germans lost 3 INF stands.
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2023.06.01 06:44 BrisaDeVeranos23 Samsung Trifecta: Note 9 (Lavendar), S22Ultra (Burgundy), S23Ultra (Lavendar)

Samsung Trifecta: Note 9 (Lavendar), S22Ultra (Burgundy), S23Ultra (Lavendar)
3 generations of great phones (and I clearly have a purple-ish preference)!
I got the Note 9 in Mar 2019, and it was by far my favorite Android to use. Definitely the end of an era (love the 512 GB storage + MicroSD + headphone jack). I still use for listening to music/audiobooks/podcasts.
Purchased the S22Ultra (512 GB) in Feb 2022. It was certainly a worthy upgrade (traded in the was OK, just boring lol). Loved the 120 hz screen refresh rate, wireless charging, and all of the "Note" capabilities. That vibration motor was annoying though....
Traded the S22Ultra for the S23Ultra (512 GB) at launch (Feb 2023). I was expecting very minor overall improvements, but man, the S23Ultra is wayyy better than the S22Ultra. I have always used the Snapdragon models, but this battery is awesome. Last all day with heavy use and never actually "need" to top up until the next day. The reduced screen curvature is also perfect. The S22Ultra's screen protruded a little too much. Not a photographer, but love the photo and video capabilities. Still, this vibration motor
Sidenote: Where does all of this dust come from? I promise I clean my phones at least once a week. 😂
Sidenote 2: Popsockets are life! I love larger phones, but couldn't make it without a popsocket or some type of holder! 😂
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2023.06.01 06:44 cjijedi Syd tolls questions

Hi never posted here before but was told I might get an answer to some questions.
Firstly Sydney tolls seem completely corrupt to me, how so few companies have control over so much of the vital infrastructure that road users pay for and rely on is insane to me.
Questions 1-how can it possibly be legal that not paying a toll to a PRIVATE entity can result in license or registration cancelation. You don’t get your rego canceled if you don’t pay parking fines at shopping centres and they don’t cancel your rego if you default on a loan. so how can a private company possibly have the ability to do that?
2-have the police got some sort of deal with toll companies to make it an extension of public road? From my understanding you could break road rules on private road or land. Are these roads not private? Or do they have some sort of deal with NSW police?
3-what’s the deal with these admin charges 10$ without an account and 1$ with an account. Is this not a completely arbitrary fee that puts road users at risk of “having their license or registration canceled”. How is this possibly legally allowed?
Might seem silly but was just seething over some toll notices and was keen to find out.
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2023.06.01 06:44 Beast2344 Bunch of 🤡🤡🤡 thinking the communists hadn’t done the same. Context to this comment was about the communist invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Bunch of 🤡🤡🤡 thinking the communists hadn’t done the same. Context to this comment was about the communist invasion of Afghanistan in the 1980s. submitted by Beast2344 to AmericaBad [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 06:43 contentcreat Innovative Pool Heating Technologies: Exploring the Future of Warmth

When it comes to pool heating, technological advancements are continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Innovative pool heating technologies are emerging, offering homeowners new and exciting ways to keep their pools warm and inviting. In this article, we will explore some of these cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of pool heating.
  1. Heat Recovery Systems: Heat recovery systems utilize the waste heat generated by various processes, such as air conditioning or refrigeration, to warm the pool water. These systems capture the heat that would otherwise go to waste and transfer it to the pool. By harnessing this unused energy, heat recovery systems offer a highly efficient and sustainable pool heating solution.
  2. Geothermal Pool Heating: Geothermal pool heating utilizes the natural heat stored in the Earth to warm the pool water. This technology involves installing underground pipes that circulate a fluid, which absorbs the heat from the ground and transfers it to the pool. Geothermal pool heating is known for its energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, making it a promising option for environmentally conscious homeowners.
  3. Advanced Solar Heating Systems: Solar pool heating has been a popular choice for homeowners seeking an environmentally friendly solution. Advances in solar heating technology have led to more efficient and effective systems. Innovative solar heating systems now feature improved solar collectors that can capture and transfer more heat from the sun to the pool water. These advancements make solar heating an even more viable and attractive option for pool owners.
  4. Hybrid Pool Heating Systems: Hybrid pool heating systems combine multiple heating technologies to maximize efficiency and flexibility. These systems integrate different energy sources, such as solar, gas, or electric, to provide optimal heating performance. By combining the strengths of each technology, hybrid systems can adapt to varying weather conditions and energy availability, ensuring consistent pool temperatures throughout the year.
  5. Smart Pool Heating Control Systems: With the rise of smart home technology, pool heatingcontrol systems have also become smarter and more intuitive. These advanced systems allow homeowners to monitor and control their pool heating remotely through mobile apps or home automation platforms. Smart control systems can adjust temperature settings based on weather forecasts, energy pricing, and pool usage patterns, optimizing energy usage and ensuring a comfortable swimming experience.
  6. Efficient Heat Pump Technology: Heat pumps have long been recognized for their energy efficiency, and advancements in heat pump technology have further improved their performance. Innovative heat pump designs now incorporate features such as variable speed compressors and advanced heat exchange systems, allowing for even higher efficiency and precise temperature control. These advancements make heat pumps an increasingly popular choice for pool owners seeking energy-efficient heating solutions.
In conclusion, the future of pool heating is being shaped by innovative technologies that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and user control. Heat recovery systems, geothermal heating, advanced solar heating, hybrid systems, smart control systems, and efficient heat pump technology are among the emerging technologies that offer exciting possibilities for pool owners. As these technologies continue to evolve, pool heating becomes more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and customizable. By staying informed about these innovative options, homeowners can make informed choices to ensure their pools remain warm and enjoyable all year round.
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2023.06.01 06:43 Eric071 It’s been 5 days stuck on this:(

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2023.06.01 06:43 Contactunderground Pushing the Envelope on Contact: the role of Spiritual Development and the “Masterplan” for Earth Civilization. J Burkes MD 2022

Some time ago on a UAP disclosure/contact social media page, a discussion occurred concerning subconscious fears as an impediment to achieving higher levels of contact with UAP intelligences. The digital thread involved mention of the amazing example of Dorothy Izatt. For over forty years, she interacted with multiple flying saucer intelligences. In the process, Mrs. Izatt obtained tens of thousands of hours of 8mm footage capturing anomalous visual displays. Dorothy’s story was covered by ExoAcademian’s podcast series in a two-part report.
Dorothy was highly spiritual individual. I believe that her remarkable success in terms of developing a sustainable relationship with UAP intelligences was likely a reflection of that spiritual development. After Dorothy’s example came up in our discussion, a fellow contact activist stated that he was concerned that he harbored subconscious fears that were holding him back from closer encounters. Here is my response in edited form:
It is important to acknowledge the big picture. As I understand it, there is possibly some kind of “masterplan” for Earth civilization. I suspect that it is not coming exclusively from the “ETs,” but perhaps is a co-creation of humanity, the Earth herself as a conscious and intelligent being and non-human intelligences associated with the UFO phenomenon. I imagine that it will involve the creation of a mass movement that is spiritually based. It will be one that embraces the following basic principles:
1. A profound spiritual transformation of humanity’s mass consciousness will be required to save Earth civilization from destruction. This will involve a shift from people identifying with forms (both of things and ideas) and instead find personal and collective identities in the wakefulness that is consciousness itself. This concept of oneness flowing from consciousness (in the West it is called “God) is an essential message of all spiritual traditions, especially Eastern mysticism.
2. There must be a sustainable world peace based on social and environmental justice. This transformation can only be achieved when the above transformation is realized.
3. A peaceful mass movement will need to establish these goals within the context of an evolving relationship with the non-human intelligences associated with what are called flying saucers.
  1. Contact activists should understand that even with the most advanced levels of spiritual transformation are experienced by individuals and groups, when it comes to physical contact, we cannot push the contact envelope too far. This is because the larger society is just now starting to understand that not only are flying saucers real, but that they might be really important for the future of our civilization.
If contact activists, in terms of their physical and mental outreach efforts, get too “successful”, resulting in “landings and boardings”, or mentally, with downloads of accurate technical information, contact activists would incur the wrath of those defending the status quo. This might even lead to violent acts of reprisal against contact workers and their supporters.
In my judgment, terrestrial elites fear UFO intelligences because these non-humans are a considerable threat to the power structures of our planet. This threat is experienced by vast array of individuals and organizations and includes economic, political, military, scientific and even some factions of religious establishments. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is simply a description of how class society works and the ways the rich and powerful maintain supremacy.
I recall writing to my fellow activist that people working to promote contact should not be too hard on themselves when it comes to the fear factor. Such fears are part of primitive “fight/flight” mechanisms rooted in our biology and upbringing. It is my hope that when the time is right, the contact network that I call the “Contact Underground” will become a popular and powerful force for positive change. Perhaps some future generation of volunteer contact workers will celebrate with every breath a supreme love and as the Muse song “Uprising” goes “We will be victorious."
I suggest that for now, and in the future, we do the following: Look within to the formless realms of consciousness to become the change we want to see in the world, and then, look outwards, to find kindred activist souls, to make those changes in the world of form.
For additional blogs about the societal impact of a possible ET presence click on the links below.
The blog linked directly below is a detailed analysis of the reasons for 75 years of denial of the reality of UFOs. Flying Saucers threaten our planet's elites, but not the Earth's people.
You can’ control a person who wants nothing
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2023.06.01 06:42 primemover96 The place of Islam in a communist state?

The promise of concubines, and taking the wealth of infidels is a core tenet of extremist Islam. How does a communist state deal with this issue?
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2023.06.01 06:42 Caden_Cornobi Tonight I went on a walk that I didn't think I would be coming back from.

I have had intense high-functioning depression for the past year, and have tried to end my life 26 times. But this time it was different, and I felt like it was finally going to happen.
I was feeling extra angry, or restless, or claustrophobic, I'm not sure. These past few months have been the first time in my life where I feel like I am cooped up in the house too much and want to get out. So I grabbed my dog's leash and we headed out to go somewhere... anywhere. I usually walk my dog around my neighborhood and sometimes go up to the water towers that are positioned on a hill a few hundred feet behind my dad's house. However, I rarely leave that area. This time I wanted to walk for much longer than usual, and I decided to go to a nearby school. This is an elementary school about a mile from my dad's house which normally bears no significance to me. But about six months ago, one of my good friends died right behind that school. He was running on a dirt trail between the school playground and a row of houses when his heart stopped suddenly. So, I decided to pay him a visit. Or his memorial site, rather. There is a few posters and a bunch of flowers sitting in that dirt trail, and they had a bench put in opposite to it after he died.
I walked for around 30 minutes, all the while contemplating everything in my life. I was tired. I am tired. Of life. During that time I was looking for ways I could end it. Maybe jump in front of a car, or find a tall building to dive off of. Finally, I made it to this little trail and talked to my friend for a while. His face is plastered all over a wall opposite the bench, so he can live on I guess. People like to remember, and they don't like to let go. I'm the same way.
I sat in solitude for about 15 minutes, just thinking and thinking. Trying to convince myself that my life was worth living, that I had things to look forward to. I didn't feel any better. I wished I had that strange heart condition my friend had, and I could just drop dead right there on the spot. But no... I have to be just a "beautiful, healthy young boy" (I have extreme gender dysphoria, and am a female trapped in a male body, so that is a major contributor to my ongoing depression).
I pet my dog and got back up, trying to figure out where to go next. I looked to my left towards the street... maybe I could see about throwing myself into it? But no, its only a 25mph zone, so people would brake before hitting me. Even if they didn't I would likely only get scars and deformations, but not the death I was looking for. So, I turned to my right instead. The dirt trail lead behind the unseen side of the school, and I chose to follow it. Another 30 minutes of walking, searching for high buildings and rooftops. There were many two story buildings, and they seemed to be climbable so I could get up to the roof. However, I felt they were not high enough. I needed something instant, splat on the concrete and all the pain could leave my body. I continued my search until I came upon those water towers behind my house. Now there's a thought.
A large fence with barbed wire was erected around the water treatment facility, so it would be a rough climb to get in. But the water towers were 20, 30 feet high with a hard surface to land on. That should do it, right? I noticed a ladder going up the side of each tower, and saw my chance. I continued to scope out the best place for me to climb the fence. Another 5 minutes of thinking. But I was starting to feel a subtle shift, like I didn't want to do it anymore. I wasn't getting cold feet. It was more of a slow end to a depressive episode at just the right time. Then, my dad texted me. "Hey, could you turn the dryer on to another 20 minutes when you get back?" I decided to walk home.
Took a bit to get back, and I had the strangest feeling when I rounded a corner in my neighborhood and turned to my house. Like I hadn't been there in ages. Something about returning back from a walk I didn't expect I would return from. I opened the door and unhooked my dog's leash. I realized that might have been why my depressive episode ended at that perfect moment... I didn't want my dog to see that.
I turned the dryer on and sat back down on the couch. Next time I'll not take my dog with me.
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