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Corrupt Clearfield

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Learn how false domestic allegations and corrupt government officials conspired to destroy one man’s life.

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2023.05.30 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Tue, May 30 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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French minister threatens to ban Twitter if it doesn’t follow EU rules
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25 to 32 drones attack Moscow: 2 buildings damaged, people evacuated
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Groundbreaking Israeli cancer treatment has 90% success rate
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At least 16 dead, dozens injured in shootings across the U.S. over Memorial Day weekend
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Third nuclear reactor reaches 100% power output at Georgia’s Plant Vogtle
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Man with Nazi flag who crashed U-Haul near White House praised Hitler
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New DNA testing technology shows majority of Australian dingoes are pure dingoes, not hybrids, challenging the view that dingoes are in decline due to crossbreeding with domestic dogs
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Free prescription drugs could reduce overall health-care costs in Canada: study
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Researchers have developed a self-administered mobile application that analyzes speech data as an automatic screening tool for the early detection of Alzheimer's disease with 88% to 91% of accuracy
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One-third of galaxy's most common planets could be in habitable zone
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China will send three astronauts to its Tiangong space station on Tuesday, putting a civilian scientist into space for the first time as Beijing pursues plans to send a manned mission to the Moon by the end of the decade
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The United Arab Emirates Is Heading for the Asteroid Belt
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Georgia nuclear rebirth arrives 7 years late, $17B over cost. Two nuclear reactors in Georgia were supposed to herald a nuclear power revival in the United States. They’re the first U.S. reactors built from scratch in decades — and maybe the most expensive power plant ever.
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Inflation Reduction Act Sparks a Rural Clean Energy Revival. The USDA announced $11 billion in new funding for rural clean energy projects, with part of the program described as “the single largest investment in rural electrification since FDR signed the Rural Electrification Act into law in 1936.”
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Japan will try to beam solar power from space by 2025
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Whats something attractive people can do, that ugly people cant?
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What's an unspoken rule on a first date?
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What actor or actress ruins a movie for you?
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TIL that the early 2000s Nickelodeon children's show, "LazyTown", was not only filmed in Iceland but also one of the most expensive children's show ever made (each episode cost nearly $1 million to make)
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TIL that George Washington only left the present-day United States one time in his life, when he traveled to Barbados with his brother in 1751.
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TIL in 2018, a middle school in Dallas organized an event called “Breakfast with Dads,” but saw that not all of the students have fathers or father figures to attend the event with. So, they put up a post on Facebook seeking around 50 volunteers. On the day of the event, 600 men showed up to help.
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[OC] Three years of applying to PhD programs
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Chart of Mountains & Rivers -- published in 1862 in Johnson’s New Illustrated Family Atlas
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[OC] Forbes List of Highest-Earning Musicians: 1987 to 2021
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What’s your cooking tax?
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Really weird question. But if I use the same amount of ingredients but half the amount of water for a soup, then add back the normal amount of water after cooking, would that be the same if I’d just cooked everything together?
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I finally tried using a hand mixer to shred crockpot chicken. Holy crap! It was amazing! Just took a few minutes! Then, in a moment of inspiration, I used a salad spinner, think it’s been used once before in 8 years, to get the extra juice out!
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[Homemade] Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, Garlic Fries, & Kimchi Ranch
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[I ate] Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla
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[Homemade] Spaghetti Carbonara
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Raiders of the Lost Ark Is Perfect In Its Simplicity
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White Men Can't Jump (2023) .... WTF.
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‘The Little Mermaid:’ This 1976 psychedelic live-action film could be the best adaptation to date
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Wooded path, paintwithbram, oil, 2023
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Sonny, Sasquatchinheat, paint markers, 2023
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Untitled, SxDayz me , digital painting,2023
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Streaming services are removing tons of movies and shows — it’s not personal, it’s strictly business
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‘Scrubs’ — Sam Lloyd’s “Hey Ya”
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‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ EP & Director Deborah Chow: “This was conceived as a limited series, it is closed”
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Dinner at a homeless shelter (Sioux City, IA)
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dinner at a homeless shelter
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Please buy new sunblock if you haven't recently. It can expire (pic of when I learned the hard way)
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Tomb Of Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses VI In The Valley Of The Kings [Year 12th Century BC]
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Funny ass horse trot
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I drew this pixel art animation and called it "Artist fire" [OC]
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Burrito fold
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The eggs of the newts form algae underwater on their surface to produce oxygen, as the embryos require a continuous supply of oxygen to survive. Without the formation of algae, the embryos would not receive enough oxygen, which could lead to their death.
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This unused casket left outside for trash pickup.
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This oddly shaped egg that my chickens laid
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This House on Top of A Warehouse in Syracuse, NY
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Gorillas make vocalisations to express satisfation when they enjoy their food...they are also in a permanent state of flatulence because their food is almost exclusively fiber(a lot of it)
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Iceland, the land where the sun will never set
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Japan’s transparent restrooms hope to dispel stereotypes of dirty public toilets
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Summer in the UK
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Never lose your girlfriend
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This is why you always bring your glove
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She thinks she’s looking through a window so she keeps going to look for the dinosaurs in the backyard 🥹
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His One Ear Is Tuned In To His Favorite Words
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Our 3.5mth-old puppy meeting our 9yr-old bunny for the first time.
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2023.05.30 16:37 RooEsqJR CRIMINAL CHARGES and what you should know, 2023 edition

Hey fellow Roovians…it’s been so long! This will be similar to my last post from 2022 as usual!
I’m still working as an associate attorney for Mitchell & Mitchell, and have been practicing almost 2 years now doing exclusively criminal work.
I am really excited to carry on the tradition of helping this community of wonderful Redditors by giving information…and I’ll answer what questions I can! I believe that I can be a voice for your questions and concerns, as well as the voice and contact person for my LOCAL firm here in Middle Tennessee.
In my 2022 post, I mentioned that I am a long-time attendee of Bonnaroo. This will be my 12th consecutive year! As a somewhat newly licensed attorney, I can answer most of your questions, and if I cannot I have been given explicit permission from the managing partner of my firm to relay questions that I am unsure of directly to him and give you the best and most accurate information. Although I am new as an attorney (2 years officially last month), I’m in an extremely unique learning and working situation, as my supervising attorney, Jack Mitchell, has been practicing locally in criminal defense for over 30 years. That’s in addition to having a great working relationship with the district attorney assigned to Bonnaroo cases.
I wanted to continue the tradition of this post because I do believe that people on this sub get some good benefit from it and share details of the process for handling charges that can change from year to year. This is a place to ask questions you may have, and I will try to answer everything that I can (and if not, I will do my best to get the answer for you). As someone who loves attending Bonnaroo and being part of the community there, I hope you don’t need this information, but it is here in case you do.
The current elected District Attorney brought changes to the way criminal charges resulting from the festival were handled. In years past, criminal citations and charges were treated differently during Bonnaroo. Those who caught charges (defendants) were sent a letter from the District Attorney’s Office and the Court Clerk indicating that with the payment of a fine, the charges would be dismissed or retired after a certain period of time. The more serous the offense, the larger the fine assessed.
The last several years, criminal charges resulting from Bonnaroo were supposed to be treated the same as every other crime in Coffee County. However, what we found is that the process for festival offenses is still much different than the process used the rest of the year, and we expect more of the same this year.
What does this mean for you? If you are arrested or cited for any criminal offense while you are in Coffee County for Bonnaroo, you will have to make regular court appearances (REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE CITING OFFICER TELLS YOU) or have a licensed attorney appear on your behalf, and you will be prosecuted through the justice system. It’s annoying, for sure, but if you don’t show, and don’t have permission to not appear, the penalties could increase.
Probably the best advice we could give you when dealing with law enforcement is to exercise your right to remain silent. Along with this, you should not willingly consent to the search of your person, bags, vehicle, or campsite (other than when you enter the tollbooths). An officer may go ahead and search anyway, but giving consent immediately removes any chance of suppressing the contraband they find.
We understand that sometimes unfortunate things happen, and at Bonnaroo it is usually a case of bad luck and timing rather than bad people or actions. If you find yourself in this situation and need the assistance of an attorney, you can contact us through Reddit, at (615) 896-4211, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or through our website at We can work with you on fees and will try to minimize travel and costs for out of state clients.
The major benefit of retaining an attorney with knowledge of the system is most of the leg work and negotiation can be done prior to the first time you are required to be in court. For most of our clients in past years, they were only required to make one court appearance, and for others (depending on the charges and criminal history) we were able to completely avoid the need for their appearance in court. Almost everyone we represented in past years was able to keep the conviction off their record and have their charges expunged.
Every situation is different, but our knowledge of the local judicial system and professional relationship with the District Attorney’s office will help ensure the most favorable result for your individual case. I will be on the farm experiencing the festival as always, and I’ll have koozies and business cards with me, lol! Enjoy your time in Middle Tennessee and at Roo. Also, look for our sign prior to entering and, like the sign says, take a picture JUST IN CASE.
TLDR: while this whole post is informative, basically this is about Coffee County’s Bonnaroo citation procedures and helpful information.
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2023.05.30 15:34 lindsaybeckercs1 Capital One Solicitors are dedicated to safeguarding your family's legal rights

Protecting your family's legal rights is our top priority at Capital One Solicitors. Problems at home are more than just challenging to solve. They may also be taxing on your emotions. Trusted family lawyers here are committed to meeting your individual needs with thorough legal services. Hire the Best family law solicitors.
We're here for you no matter what, with our years of experience and caring attitude.
Divorce, child custody, adoption, property disputes, and many other matters fall under the broad umbrella of family law. There are sometimes heavy personal and financial stakes involved in these issues.
Our firm's solicitors provide excellent representation and guidance because of their familiarity with family law. The welfare of you and your loved ones is our top priority, and we work tirelessly to ensure its protection.
Here at Capital One Solicitors, we value candid dialogue and mutual comprehension above everything else. We focus on your needs by carefully listening to your concerns and asking pertinent questions.
You can feel comfortable sharing your concerns and aspirations with our solicitors since they are kind and not judgmental. Legal representation that gets results requires more than just knowledge of the law; it also requires a strong connection of trust and respect between the client and the attorney.
Capital One Solicitors offers clients access to a group of hard-working experts devoted to providing first-rate service. Regarding family law, our attorneys have the expertise to handle even the most complex cases.
We are up-to-date on the most recent changes in family law and can thus give you sound guidance.
We use a client-focused approach to modify our methods based on your needs. We treat each family's circumstances individually since we know they are different. Our experts will lead you through the legal system step-by-step and explain everything in simple language. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your loved ones.
We at Capital One Solicitors think it's best to settle family conflicts without resorting to legal action wherever possible. To assist you in reaching agreements that satisfy everyone involved, we provide mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.
But our attorneys will zealously advocate your rights in court if legal action is required.
We value protecting your loved ones' legal rights. If you need to speak with a reliable family lawyer, call Capital One Solicitors today. If you need help navigating these tricky waters, we're here to give you a hand.
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2023.05.30 14:59 100phoenix001 My brother is being charged by a habitual lying ex...& He's not the 1st...

Ok, so Im a female but I despise lying females,my brother got his 1st ever charges by his ex/baby Mama in December 2021 for DV, which was absolutely not true & not a mark on her, she was drunk & got mad bc he asked the guest in his home to leave, they had a no contact order after this & he did his best to stay away but she constantly messaged him,called him & emailed him until he gave in, well cut to September 2023 & she had already found someone new but was still using my brother for money, he finally decided to cut off the money and she & her new partner decided to set him up, get him to her house & then AGAIN claim DV on him so now he's been sitting in the detention center for 8 months on literally her word & probably cause,again not a mark on her! She has 4 kids, custody of only one and the dad of 2 of those kids is doing a 5 year bit in prison for guess what, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE..... We have been fighting to get him out of there and show the law that she is a true psychopath but bc we're in a "good ol boy" southern town no one wants to do any work to actually find the truth🤦🏻‍♀️ Thankfully he has 2 criminal attorneys now and 2 family attorneys for when he goes for visitation for his son. What can be done about this psycho female? Oh & I forgot to mention her first child is mixed and bc we're in the South he was ran off by her and her family bc they told him he was black & they'd claim he raped her & he'd go to prison so he never got to have a relationship with his child.... They're all sick, warped people and something needs to be done about them ASAP!
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2023.05.30 14:14 Lawmonger The Case of Scot Peterson, Who Failed to Confront Parkland Gunman, Could Set New Standard for School Resource Officers

The Case of Scot Peterson, Who Failed to Confront Parkland Gunman, Could Set New Standard for School Resource Officers
‘Peterson’s case will hinge on whether he was a “caregiver” under Florida state law and whether his neglect of students caused them harm. It's a novel argument that experts say could change the legal standard to hold school resource officers more accountable.
Broward County prosecutors say Peterson had the same legal duty to intervene, under Florida law, as a "parent, legal custodian, permanent guardian, adult household member, or other person responsible for a child’s welfare.”
The case will be closely watched. It's the first time this argument has been used on a first responder—and it has the potential to open the door to a lot more liability for school resource officers, Christopher DeCoste, a Miami-based defense attorney and former prosecutor said.
If successful, the argument could have broad-reaching implications—putting pressure on prosecutors elsewhere in Florida—and potentially in other states—to apply the same legal standard to school resource officers in their jurisdictions, DeCoste said.’
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2023.05.30 13:32 glcwealth Succession Certificate in India: How to Get & Procedure.

What is a succession certificate?
If you are the heir of someone who died without a will, you may need to apply for a succession certificate to access their assets. A succession certificate is a document that proves your relationship to the deceased and allows you to dispose of the estate.v
The process of obtaining a succession certificate can be complicated, so it's important to learn about the issues involved beforehand. In this blog post, you will learn what a succession certificate is and how to obtain one.
A succession certificate is a document issued by a court that proves a person's right to inherit from someone who died without a will. The certificate is used to transfer the deceased person's property to his or her rightful heirs.
The process of obtaining a succession certificate can be complicated and time-consuming, so it is important to seek advice from an experienced attorney.
How is a succession certificate issued in India?
To obtain a succession certificate, one must first file an application with the court. The application must be accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate and other required documents. Once the application is filed, a Notice of Hearing will be sent to the interested parties.
At the hearing, the court will consider the evidence and testimony the applicant submitted and decide whether to issue a succession certificate. If the court finds the applicant entitled to the deceased's property, it issues a succession certificate accordingly.
If someone dies without leaving a will, the next of kin can apply for a succession certificate. This is a document that proves that the person named in the certificate is entitled to the deceased's property. The application can be made by one of the following persons:
● The surviving life partner or spouse of the deceased.
● A child of the deceased.
● A grandchild of the deceased.
● A parent of the deceased.
● The brother or sister of the deceased.
The application must be filed with the Register of Probate in the county where the deceased lived. The registrar's office requires proof of death and identification of the applicant. They must also provide proof of relationship to the deceased, such as a birth or marriage certificate. If all documents are in order, the registry office issues a succession certificate.
When is a succession certificate not required?
A succession certificate cannot be issued if the deceased left a valid will under Section 370 of the Indian Succession Act, as the executor is required to carry out the instructions of the will.
What are the advantages of a succession certificate?
A succession certificate is a document issued by a court to an executor or administrator of an estate that identifies that person as the rightful heir to the estate. This document is essential because it allows the executor or administrator to take legal possession of the estate and its assets.
The issuance of a succession certificate has many advantages, including
1. It provides legal proof that you are the rightful heir to the estate.
2. It gives you the legal authority to dispose of the estate and its assets.
3. It can help you avoid possible disputes with other heirs or beneficiaries.
4. It can streamline the probate process by making a will contest or other litigation unnecessary.
5. In some cases, it may be required to sell the property or transfer ownership of assets.
What are the requirements for the issuance of a succession certificate?
The general requirements for the issuance of a succession certificate are as follows:
  1. The person requesting the certificate must file an application with the court in whose district the deceased person lived at the time of death.
  2. The application must be accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate and any other supporting documents required by the court.
  3. The application shall be served on all parties as directed by the court.
  4. A hearing shall be held at which the parties shall have an opportunity to object to the issuance of a succession certificate. If no objections are raised or if any objections are rejected by the court, a succession certificate shall be issued.
Documents required for a succession certificate in India
To obtain a succession certificate in Maharashtra, you must attach the appropriate documents to your application.
A succession certificate is one of the most important documents there is because it gives you and your family the ability to act after your death. Similarly, GLC Wealth - Recovering Unclaimed Assets provides you with a succession feature so you do not have to worry about it.
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2023.05.30 08:36 grayfords1 Family Law

Family Law
Grayfords’ team of solicitors specializes in family law representation and has extensive experience providing comprehensive and effective legal services in England and Wales. With our solicitors’ necessary legal knowledge and soft skills, we are well-equipped to help you achieve a successful outcome in your family law matter, whether it involves complex divorce cases or intricate legal issues relating to children and finances.
As leading experts in the legal system of England and Wales, our solicitors have a proven track record of finding efficient solutions to complex legal matters. At Grayfords, we provide tailored legal services that are unique to the needs of each of our clients. We strive to deliver effective solutions that are designed to provide the best possible outcome for your family law matter.
Our experienced family law attorneys work closely with our clients to provide knowledgeable legal representation that takes into account both their legal and emotional needs. Whether you need a divorce solicitor or family law solicitor in England and Wales, Grayfords is committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your family law matter. Contact us today for assistance.
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2023.05.30 07:01 yeahlexander Stuck at a crossroads: Real Estate vs. Manufacturing

I am a senior in college planning on taking the LSAT soon and going to Law School. My plan has been to get a degree in law and then become a Real Estate Attorney, and slowly over many years building up a real estate law firm while then also becoming a real estate investor. After a few decades, I would hope to have amassed a considerable amount of wealth from my investments in real estate.
However, my grandfather and uncle own a very successful manufacturing business out of state. I could move there, learn the skills of the trade, and take over the company within 10 or 15 years, because I know my uncle is preparing to retire soon and he has no one in the family to leave the business to.
Instead of building my own wealth from bottom up, I could take something that already exists and profit from it while growing it further.
What do you think is the wisest choice? My mind is better suited for legal thinking rather than cold hard stuff like manufacturing (I'm a political science major). However, the fact that my uncle owns a highly profitable manufacturing business that I could likely inherit if I put in the work is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I don't want to regret not taking when I had the chance.
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2023.05.30 06:44 primusfamilylawgroup Why Consulting a San Diego Property Division Lawyer?

Why Consulting a San Diego Property Division Lawyer?
Consulting a San Diego Property Division Lawyer is most important when you are dealing with the complexities of dividing assets during a divorce or separation. At Primus Family Law Group, our skilled attorney can provide expert guidance on property division laws, protect your rights, and ensure a fair distribution of assets. We will assess the value of your assets, negotiate on your behalf, and represent your interests in court if needed. With our knowledge and experience, we can help you to navigate the intricacies of property division, safeguard your financial interests, and strive for an equitable resolution. For more information, reach out to our official website!
san diego property division lawyer
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2023.05.30 06:21 rdk67 Spring Day 70: Memorial Day Weekend

I was raised to be religiously devout but without spiritual purpose, so memorial day weekend meant two things: watching auto racing live on TV and tidying up family graves. The graves of my grandparents are located in two cemeteries on opposite ends of the county they lived their whole lives in, and cleaning the graves required a little planning plus a trip to the florist. Dad would handle weeding around the plots, while mom scrubbed the gravestones, running a wet sponge along each of the engraved letters and numbers, such that the names and dates gleamed from the face of the stone. My job was to hold the flowers, and though I can’t recall where the debate landed regarding artificial or fresh, the holiday gained stature with so many flowers in hand, like everyone was headed to the cemetery to get married. With remembering, I guess.
The only grandpa I knew – my dad’s dad – was a lifelong farmer, and the only grandma I knew – my mom’s mom – sewed gloves in a factory her whole life. Though I only remember seeing the two of them together at weddings, they were both stoical Midwesterners who could listen to others talk for hours while saying very little themselves. My grandpa always wore bib overalls and a railroad engineer’s cap, and my grandma always wore housedresses and flats. My most vivid memory of my grandpa has him hand pumping water out of a well and into a tin cup. My most vivid memory of my grandma has her cutting potatoes into a pan of boiling water. How were they different? Grandma Alice smoked menthol cigarettes, and Grandpa Fred spread fresh manure on his fields. If memory is often scent-based, I offer these ones up to this memorial day.
On this memorial day, I remember Brian and Greg – two souls who were made into activists by life, then death, then life again. Both survived decades in prison, years in solitary confinement, and then, upon release, both worked full time to stop such treatment of others still incarcerated by developing a public advocacy and legal expertise through a nonprofit public law clinic. They were advocates for incarcerated individuals throughout the state, effective because they had an extreme kind of survivor’s authority. They were open about the trauma they endured, and their accounts of the torturous conditions of state-run facilities left audiences stunned. They died within a year of one another, each having taken his own life, and my insides want to spill out in response to such horror unrelenting. May Brian and Greg know a painless and eternal peace.
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2023.05.30 06:11 myattorneylaw Experienced Family, Criminal, and Best Law Firm in Oklahoma - Michael Johnson Attorney OKC

If you're searching for a reliable family law firm Oklahoma, look no further. Our team of skilled attorneys understands the complexities and sensitivities involved in family law matters. Whether you need assistance with divorce, child custody, adoption, or any other family-related legal issue, we are here to guide you through the process and ensure your rights and interests are protected.
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2023.05.30 05:40 MaintenancePlus6514 These images speak for themselves- being in violation of this carries criminal charges….. 👀

These images speak for themselves- being in violation of this carries criminal charges….. 👀
So who is gonna tell them 😂
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2023.05.30 05:23 txerin93 After working a late night shift at Taco Bell, 21 year old Katara Johnson would be found shot to death inside of her mobile home the following day. Who killed Katara, and why?

Katara Deboise Johnson, was born to parents Herbert Robinson and Linda Johnson on February 19, 1983, in Georgetown, Texas. With 4 additional siblings, Katara would eventually relocate to Taylor, Texas, where she would continue to grow and thrive into adulthood.
Known as “Tara” by family and friends, Katara was described as outgoing, smart, popular, hard working, reliable, and extremely independent. Early on, she acquired a deep love for sports, basketball in particular, and was a devoted member of her local church. Katara’s straight A’s at Taylor High School, and her athletic ability on the court, eventually led her to receive a full College scholarship to Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas. Despite turning down the scholarship in order to remain close to home, Katara worked diligently as an assistant manager at her local Taco Bell.
On August 25, 2004, Katara worked and completed a closing shift at Taco Bell, located at 2009 North Main St, Taylor, Texas, 76574. After her shift ended, she drove to her mobile home off of North Dolan Street, where she lived alone. (Note, the distance from the Taco Bell to Katara’s mobile home is less than a 5 minute drive.)
The following day, after not hearing from Katara for several hours, Katara’s grandmother and 6 year old nephew decided to stop by her home—only to discover a gruesome scene. Katara would be found lying deceased in her hallway from an apparent gunshot wound.
During the earlier hours of the investigation, neighbors confirmed seeing Katara arrive home, but would also notice her red Mitsubishi Lancer gone mere hours later—eventually to be found at the Thorndale Community Pool, about a 13 mile distance away from Taylor and into the neighboring county. In regards to the crime scene, Katara’s family reported that there was no blood inside of the residence, and no obvious signs of a violent struggle. Investigators later discovered that the back door to the trailer was unlocked, and slightly open.
Katara was 21 years old at her time of death, and she would be 40 today if her life wasn’t abruptly and unfairly taken from her. Despite the setbacks, the frustration, and the lack of answers, Katara’s family hasn’t given up their fight to one day bring Katara’s killer(s) to justice. They do everything they can to make sure Katara isn’t just another unsolved case or a forgotten victim in the system.
“Katara was a very beautiful person. She loved everybody, and everybody loved her. My mother is on one side of her, I’m on the other side of her, she’s right in the middle…if there had been some kind of noise, we would’ve heard. She was special, and she’s going to be missed.” Rodney Johnson, Katara’s uncle, told KVUE News.
In August of 2019, the Cold Case Unit at the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, began assisting Taylor Police with Katara’s investigation, testing apparent DNA samples on “some items” according to Taylor Police Chief, Henry Fluck. The results of that testing is unknown, and as of today, this case has no promising leads and remains unsolved.
If you have any information in regards to Katara’s case, or would like to submit a tip, please contact any of the following:
  1. Taylor Police Sgt. Sam Brister, (512) 352-5551
  2. Williamson County Crime Stoppers, 800) 253-7687
  3. Texas Rangers, (800) 346-3243
Texas Rangers/DPS Website
Austin American-Statesman
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2023.05.30 03:47 Doc_ET 2024 Governor Elections: A Very Late Part 2

I made the first part of this weeks ago, sorry for the delay.
Indiana: One of the more surprising retirement announcements so far has been that of first-term Senator Mike Braun, who is leaving Washington for a crack at his state's governorship. And he seems to be the early favorite, although he hasn't cleared the field by any means. With her boss term-limited, Lt Governor Suzanne Crouch is gunning for a promotion, and already has the support of two representatives- one of them Greg Pence, the older brother of the former vice president. Former Representative Trey Hollingsworth, who retired from his South Indiana House seat last year, is also considering a run. On the Democratic side, I'm getting a bit of deja vu from Oklahoma- former Republican State Superintendent Jennifer McCormick has switched parties and is now seeking the Democratic nomination (although unlike Joy Hoffmeister, she has been less public about her reasoning for changing parties). And if either Evan Bayh or Joe Donnelly want to stage a political comeback, this might be their last chance for a while. None of the candidates so far are standouts, so Safe R, although the entrance of one of the former senators could make it interesting.
West Virginia: With party-switching incumbent Jim Justice termed out and running for Senate, the top job in the Mountain State is up for grabs. The Republican primary is getting interesting. Politics is often a family business in West Virginia, and that's on full display here with the sons of both Sen. Shelley Moore Capito and Rep. Carol Miller jumping in. Three statewide officials have also joined the race- state auditor JB McCluskey, Attorney General Pat Morrisey (who lost to Joe Manchin in 2018), and Secretary of State Mac Warner. (Sidenote on the family thing- Mac Warner's three brothers all have their own political careers. Kasey was a US Attorney, Kris chaired the WV GOP, and Monty ran for governor in 2004.) Ex-Representatives David McKinley and Evan Jenkins are also reportedly considering bids. On the Democratic side, Joe Manchin has ruled out the possibility of a return to his old job. The top contenders so far are Huntingdon mayor Steve Williams and 2020 nominee Ben Salango, the worst-performing Democratic governor nominee in state history. The only way I can see Democrats being remotely competitive is if they convince Richard Ojeda to run, and even then, whoever emerges from the messy Republican primary is pretty likely to win. Safe R.
North Carolina: This will be short, as this race is the most discussed. For good reason, too- it's the only swing state here. Incumbent Democrat Roy Cooper is term-limited, and the Democrats have all lined up behind AG Josh Stein, Cooper's protegee and successor in that role. Meanwhile, the Republican frontrunner is Lt Gov Mark Robinson, a... controversial figure known for his conspiratorial beliefs about the pandemic and some truly vile statements regarding LGBT people. He's also made some statements suggesting he believes in a Jewish cabal controlling the world. However, the NC Republicans aren't all sold on him. He's facing a challenge from Treasurer Dale Folwell and ex-Rep Mark Walker. Stein is a solid recruit, Robinson has some huge liabilities from his past statements, so this race will probably be bluer than the presidential race, which is already going to be close. Lean D.
Delaware: 2024 is looking to be a major shakeup for Delaware politics, with Gov John Carney term limited and Sen Tom Carper retiring. Carper has endorsed the state's lone Representative, Lisa Blunt Rochester, to take his seat. Assuming she takes the offer, and she has no reason not to, that means an open Senate seat, House seat, and governorship. Matt Meyer, the executive of New Castle County (which holds a majority of the state's population), is probably going to run. Meyer has governed as a progressive, raising the minimum wage for public employees to 15 dollars an hour, making New Castle County a sanctuary county for immigrants, and getting into fights with police unions. Lt Gov Bethany Hall-Long and AG Kathy Jennings are possible alternatives, probably getting support from Delaware's establishment. On the Republican side, there is basically no bench there. It's probably going to be some no-name state legislator or local official. Safe D.
Vermont: Everything in this race hinges on whether or not Phil Scott runs for a fifth term. He's been in office for eight years, and despite being a Republican in the nation's bluest state in a time of increasing partisanship, he keeps winning by larger and larger margins. Last year, he swept every municipality in the state, and I'm not sure how long it's been since that happened. If he's in for another two years, he'll face only token opposition and cruise to reelection. If he retires, then his party will have a tough time finding a replacement. I don't think it'd be impossible for a non-Scott Republican to hold the seat, but it would be difficult. Republicans would be smart to find a successor before Scott retires- possibly Christina Nolan? Meanwhile, the Democrats could very well see a battle royale amongst the other statewide executive positions- one in which the endorsements of Bernie Sanders, Pat Leahy, and Peter Welch would probably prove decisive. Safe R if Scott runs, Safe D if he doesn't.
New Hampshire: Similarly to its western neighbor, popular Gov Chris Sununu's decision to run for another term or to retire will determine everything else about it. While Sununu's popularity seems to have peaked in 2020, with the Republican legislative majorities that came off his coattails that year forcing him to take more decisive stands on controversial issues, he's still very well liked and would easily win another term if he so chose. If not, a variety of politicians will probably throw their hats into the ring. Senate President Chuck Morse has said that he'll run if Sununu doesn't, although former Sen Kelly Ayotte and 2022 Senate nominee Don Bolduc have also been suggested as candidates. Meanwhile, the Democrats are probably going to run Manchester mayor Joyce Craig regardless of Sununu's decision, although if he retires others might join the fray for an actual chance to win the governorship. Oh, and the state legislature probably flips next year. Safe R if Sununu runs, lean D if he doesn't.
Washington: Yeah, I kinda have to redo this one after Jay Inslee announced his retirement. Two statewide officials have entered the race already, AG Bob Ferguson and Commissioner of Public Lands Hillary Franz. Ferguson's endorsement list is a veritable who's who of Washington politicians, so he's got the inside track for a spot on the November ballot. Who he'll end up facing depends on how many other people join in- if no other notable Democrats run, Franz has a decent shot at the #2 slot, while if the Republicans unite behind a single candidate, they reach the second round. Either way, Ferguson probably wins (seriously, look at this list). Safe D, >1/3 shot of a double Dem November ballot.
Yeah okay, maybe people don't talk much about these races because most of the drama is between state-level politicians nobody outside the state has heard of, and it's all in the primaries.
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2023.05.30 03:40 lalasland24 Overview

Tennessee woman is currently missing on cross country trip with boyfriend, with creepy similarities to Gabby Petitio.
Nikki Alcaraz set out on a long road trip with her boyfriend Tyler Stratton and her pet dog to visit family in Orange County, California. It has now been three weeks since her family has heard anything from her which is unusual since Nikki's sister Toni is use to hearing updates everyday.
The dream road trip took an unsettling and familiar turn on May 4th to any one familiar with the Gabby Petitio case. The Torrance County police report that witnesses saw Tyler strike Nikki in the face on that day in May. They went on to say Tyler stated she had hit him first and he had blood on his mouth and nose.
Neither of the pair wanted to press charges so Tyler and Nikki were separated and given rides, with Nikki ending up in Moriarty, New Mexico. It was from here that Toni last heard from her sister.
In their final conversation Toni said her sister was crying and very upset. Toni said she could tell Nikki had been beaten pretty badly.
Toni, being a good sister, dispatched a family member to make the long drive and bring Nikki back home.
When the family member arrived they did find Nikki and on the morning of their departure back to Tennessee, Nikki refused to leave, saying she had a bad feeling about Tyler and needed to find him. Her ride home left without her.
Toni believes the family member was the last person to see her alive.
On May 8th, Toni received one last text from Nikki saying she was in Arizona and planned on finishing the trip. Her phone has since been shut off or is out of service.
A license plate reader clocked the Jeep that Nikki and Tyler were traveling in on May 8th in Arizona and no further sightings or communication have been reported.
Toni has filed a missing person case for Nikki in New Mexico because that was where she was last seen. Cheatam County,Tennessee, States Attorney Ray Crouch has been gathering information from law enforcement in both New Mexico and Arizona in an attempt to get to the bottom of this mystery. Crouch has also requested a nationwide extradition order for Tyler Stratton on an unrelated probation violation in a attempt to locate the pair and find some answers for the very concerned family.
Nikki is decribed as 5 foot 6 inches tall with black/brown hair and many tattoos.
The Jeep is a 2013 Jeep Wrangler with a Tennessee license plate reading BGL3539 and a "Mama tried" bumper sticker, with camo seat covers.
Anyone with any information on Nikki or Tyler's whereabouts should call Moriarty Police Department at 505-832-6060 or at 505-834-2705.
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2023.05.30 02:34 jkgiles80 The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows

I’m going to paste below a post written by a dear friend of mine about an experience she recently had in Waterville. She is looking for more victims and has already been contacted by many. 🔗 to the original FB post at the bottom. We would appreciate anyone who is able to share the original post or help otherwise shed light on this growing problem.



‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’ Easter Sunday, on a sunny afternoon, 10 minutes from my home; I was drugged, raped, sodomized, robbed & left for dead like a piece of trash. Law enforcement then found me, in another county, 50 minutes from my home, heading in the opposite direction, unable to tell them where I lived, unable to answer or follow simple commands, telling them over & over again that I could not see, all while holding my hands over my ears…a 55-year-old woman, with no criminal background, in a ditch on a sunny Easter Sunday. Was I then taken to the ER? Did I then receive immediate medical attention & doctors discovered that I had been drugged & raped? No, I was handcuffed, arrested & thrown in jail. Fourteen hours later I came to in a cell, not knowing where I was, why I was there, raped, sodomized, actively bleeding, I couldn’t see clearly & had no peripheral vision. I was told I was being charged with OUI & refusal of test, Failure to Stop & Failure to Sign the Summons documents for those first two charges. OUI & refusal of test? I was clearly drugged; I have watched the dash cam. Failure to stop? I was driving 30 miles an hour in a ditch!?! Failure to Sign a Summons? I did not even know my own address & I could not see. To add to this, as I sat in that jail cell drugged & bleeding, my bank account was systematically being emptied.
I have been through rape exams, sobbing breakdowns, interviews, medications, sobbing breakdowns, blood tests, sobbing breakdowns, urine tests, sobbing breakdowns, vaginal exams, more interviews & more sobbing breakdowns. I have obtained legal counsel, a trauma therapist, have reported this to local police, the sheriff’s department, the district attorney’s office; I have supplied easily over 200 pieces of documentation, evidence, bank statements, lab results, affidavits, photos, names of other women that have been drugged, raped & left in the same ‘Rape Basement’ as me. To date I still have not heard from the sheriff’s department or the DA’s office; it has now been 48 days since this happened to me.
Additionally, I requested to speak with the chief of Waterville PD & was denied, I asked to speak to the head of Waterville Detectives & was denied, I asked for them to give my statement & evidence to the head of detectives & that was also declined. I asked if they had a specialized Sexual Assault Detective & was told only cases of child rape go to that individual. I asked why my case had not been assigned to a detective & they told me it had been assigned to a patrol officer & a detective could help out if needed. I then attempted to report this crime to the County Sheriff's Department & the Maine State Police & they told me that they could not take my statement due to not having jurisdiction over it & sent me back to Waterville PD.
The fiscal out of pocket cost for me to date is $12,738.64 & that amount is still rising. I am burning through my EBT time, I am struggling to work, leave my home & my vehicle is undrivable. This also does not include the ongoing cost of trauma therapy & the cost of the added bonus of now having an incurable STD that for the rest of my life I will need to take medication for. To which I might add; I had to share my sexual activity with law enforcement; which it has been 10 years since I was sexually active (not that if I was sexually active it should matter).
The last time I have actually heard from law enforcement that was conducting this investigation was 13 days ago when an officer called to ask me if “I drank daily, If I drank to the point of black out & how often did I drink?” To which I supplied each & every date in the past year that I have had a beer along with each receipt & picture of me during that time having the beer. I do not have a history of alcohol addiction, I do not have a history of drug addiction, I have never received any alcohol nor drug rehabilitation services (not that if I had, that should make this rape somehow different).
I also must point out that officer asked me these questions AFTER speaking to the staff at the ‘Rape Basement’ that I believe drugged me. Staffs response was that “I walked in drugged & I went down into ‘Rape Basement’ on my own & that they ‘found’ me there & asked me to leave”. That would mean that I went to a 2pm show at the Waterville Opera House, walked out of that theater production & then decided to become a totally different person. That I then drugged myself, raped myself, sodomized myself, gave myself a genital-to-genital STD & then found my own way into the ‘Rape Basement’ that I had no prior knowledge of!?! This same ‘Rape Basement’ establishment also stated to police that they did not serve me any drink or food; yet I have supplied law enforcement with the charge on my credit card that supports the opposite. A portion of the $12,738.64 price of my ‘Drugged, Raped, Sodomized, Robbed & Arrested’ experience was the $9.06 that I paid the ‘Rape Basement’ establishment for my drugged beer.
To date this crime has cost me my sanity, my safety, my peace, my joy, my kindness, countless hours of sleep, isolating myself in my home with a loaded gun by my side, my trust & faith in the world, basically my life as I have known it.
I recently went very public with this experience; I have since also reached out to the media. As I shared this story, numerous others came forward with similar experiences. Posts of this were being deleted as fast as victims responded to them. We are now speaking to each other & have created open posts on our own facebook pages. We learned that this is apparently ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• When I learnt that one woman had been drugged & had called for help from the very same basement as me; I became physically ill. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• Another women shared that when she was 23, she was drugged & lost 14 hours of her life & woke up at an entirely different location. She reported it to the local police & was told it was going to be investigated; she is still waiting to hear back from them…she is now 28 years old. She also shared that she has a high school reunion coming up, yet she is fearful to go because it is being held in Waterville. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• Another woman feared reporting to the police that she had been drugged because she was on an organ donor list & feared that she would be denied a lifesaving operation if she disclosed the experience. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• Men have come forward that they too have been drugged & assaulted & have woken up at completely different locations from where they began. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• One woman started at a restaurant & then came to drugged, robbed, wearing completely different clothing, in an abandoned building. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• Tragically yet another woman shared that her young brother was found dead in these same horror show ‘Rape Basements’ that other victims speak of; these ‘Rape Basements’ that I too was in. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• Others have shared that (for a price) you can have a woman drugged & then have unfettered access to her & then they will ‘let her go’ when you are done. When I have shared this information; I have heard from numerous individuals that casually state, “Yes that has been going on for years”. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
• One Maine Liquor Enforcement Officer states that they tried to shed light on this years ago, yet the drugging & raping of women is bad business for a college town; then this person stated they do not wish to be named due to fear of repercussion. ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
So yesterday we (the victims of this) all made some noise, we all started to shine a light on it…& overnight the responses came. Public posts have been deleted or turned off; 2am phone calls from the owners of these ‘Rape Basement’ establishments were made threatening victims to take posts down, to stop speaking. Many victims that were raising their voices yesterday are now silent today. I have also learned that I am not the only victim scared & carrying a firearm. It has also come to my knowledge today that two of these owners of these establishments were convicted of human trafficking taking place within these ‘Rape Basements’ & sent to prison. They are now out & back in business from the same exact ‘Rape Basements’ we the victims are being found in!?! ‘The Waterville Secret that Everyone Knows’.
I do not know what else to do, I do not know where else to go, I do not know what else to say! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared…I am! I am afraid to leave my home, I am afraid to speak out, I am afraid to demand justice…yet most of all; I am terrified of being silent.
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2023.05.30 01:29 Puddies-Mom Corruption surrounding Chris Watts’ plea agreement,

There are many things that bother me about this case and the way it was handled. I would like to share a few of these thoughts regarding the plea deal and law enforcement’s ‘visit’ to the Wisconsin prison. I am posting this as I continually am asked for ‘proof’ of law enforcement’s corruption.
At Watts’ sentencing hearing, .Chris states that he has nothing to say and Rourke says that he is not surprised and that he doesn’t think that anything Watts would say would be the truth anyway. Rourke then states at his press conference, immediately following Chris’ sentencing hearing in early November 2018, that ‘we still have so many unanswered questions but, the case is closed’. Watts was sentenced and shipped off to a prison in Wisconsin to serve his multiple LWOP sentences.
This is an article from the Coloradan on 03.07.2019. Please note that this was after law enforcement ‘visited’ Watts at the Wisconsin prison where he is being housed, 3 months after the sentencing hearing:
“After Watts was sentenced to three consecutive life terms in prison Rourke said he doubted Watts would ever give an honest account of the killings.”
“Rourke said SOME pieces of evidence match Watts' most recent confession”
“Watts has never testified under oath with the threat of perjury in this case.”
“Once she (Shannan) was gone, I didn’t know what was going on,” Watts recently told investigators. “It was like a traumatic … a traumatic event. I was shaking, I didn’t know what had happened. … I wasn’t in control of what I could think or what I could do at that point in time.”
Coloradan 03.07.2019 ********************************************* I would like to point out that Rourke, again, states that Watts would never tell the truth so, why did they travel to Wisconsin to talk to him again after they had him in custody in Weld County jail for three months if they had heard, according to Rourke, ‘nothing but lies’? Why travel all that way just to hear more lies?
IMO the trip to Wisconsin was to ‘strongly encourage’ Chris Watts to tell them what they wanted to hear, to state publicly, on the record (video) that he killed the girls because up until this point, he would not say that he did because he didn’t kill them. Rourke needed to save ‘the deal’ and his a$$. There was no other reason to travel to Wisconsin. If anyone can think of one valid reason for this trip, I would love to hear it.
I would also like to point out that Rourke admits that “Watts has never testified under oath with the threat of perjury in this case”.
WHY was Chris not deposed, under oath, to tell the truth under threat of perjury? This iwould have been standard procedure if there were ‘so many unanswered questions’. Was it because Rourke did not want the truth to get out? Did Shanann kill the girls? The DA’s job is to search for the truth, using all evidence and tools available, regardless where, and to whom, the truth points to. It is the DA and the judge’s job to ensure that the confession matches the evidence. If it doesn’t match, the plea agreement is voided and the case is set for trial. Did Rourke not want a trial because law enforcement did an unprofessional and sloppy job in their investigation? Was it because he had an election coming up, he needed this case wrapped up asap and he was going to stick to his narrative of ‘husband kills family for mistress’ no matter what and if the case went to trial, all of Shannan’s mental illness traits would be brought forth and there would be definite questions as to who killed the children? Rourke wanted the politically correct narrative of ‘man kills family for mistress’.
Rourke then states that ’SOME’ of the pieces of evidence match Watts’ most recent confession’. As I stated above, the judge should never have approved the ‘deal’ until he was satisfied that the confession that Watts gave was the truth, including motive, and matched all evidence. Allowing the plea deal to go forward without all evidence matching the confession is prosecutorial misconduct. The DA sent a man to LWOP when only some of the evidence matched Chris’ confession? Really? Does that sound as though Rourke is playing by the rules or just taking advantage of Chris Watts’s lack of knowledge about our criminal justice system. With only some of the evidence matching Chris’ confession, he would have been definitely acquitted at trial.
The last paragraph is Chris Watts admitting that he was thrown into a state of absolute panic and fear not anger, rage and revenge. He had just witnessed his wife kill his previous little girls
People are looking for concrete proof of the corruption and, of course, there is none. The cops are not going to record and document their trail of corrupt actions, we have to use our brains and put the pieces together like we would do at any trial. Many, if not most, trials are won using circumstantial evidence alone and this scenario is no different. Take each piece of information and put it all together….what the DA did makes no sense. These are just a few of my thoughts and concerns. Please let me know your thoughts.
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2023.05.30 00:28 yohan_j76 How long for green card approval and what is exact process? (Sorry if wrong flair. Chose at random)

Hi, I am a 19 year old male living in NYC. I was born in South Korea (2004) but I came here when I was 4 in 2008, and I was wondering how long it will take me to get a green card? My family just filed a request this year as apparently that was the earliest time possible? Something about being in the U.S. for a minimum time? I have been here for around 15 years now.)
I'm not too well-versed on the law or immigration policies and I really wish to go to the U S Marine Corps as it will help me get what I want out of my life but you need a green card to even enlist as an enlisted non-commissioned recruit which I don't have. All I have a is just a visa letting me stay here. I'm stuck and I don't what to do from here. My mother called an attorney lawyer but apparently things are going to take some time and we have to hear back from them which is going to be a long time. I've been here from practically me entire life and I feel like an American. I don't what to do.
Isn't there anything I can do to help expediate things or do anything for that matter? Do I just have to wait? My life is going by and I feel so utterly helpless especially since I don't know much about the immigration laws. Would really appreciate some help and advice. ( I have never committed a crime or got into trouble with the law or anything. I could've done better in high school but I've never got into any actual legal trouble.
Sorry if I come across as ignorant and entitled. I'm young and I don't know much. Thank you so much
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2023.05.29 23:02 hiltonsomer1 What Exactly Is Wrongful Death?

What Exactly Is Wrongful Death?
Losing a loved one is a devastating experience, but when that loss occurs due to someone else’s negligence or intentional actions, it becomes an even more profound tragedy. Wrongful death is a legal concept that seeks to provide justice for the surviving family members and hold responsible parties accountable for their actions. In this blog post, we will delve into the definition of wrongful death, its legal implications, and how Hilton and Somer, a trusted personal injury law firm, can assist those seeking justice for their loved ones.
Defining Wrongful Death:
Wrongful death refers to a situation where an individual’s death is caused by the negligent or intentional conduct of another person or entity. This legal concept recognizes that if the deceased person had survived, they would have had the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. Since the deceased can no longer seek justice on their own, wrongful death lawsuits allow their surviving family members to pursue legal action on their behalf.
Understanding Legal Implications:
Wrongful death laws vary by jurisdiction, but they generally aim to provide compensation to surviving family members for the losses they have suffered due to the untimely death of their loved one. Compensation can include medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, and emotional pain and suffering. The purpose of these legal proceedings is to hold the responsible party accountable and provide some measure of financial support to the surviving family members as they navigate the aftermath of the loss.
Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit:
The process of filing a wrongful death lawsuit can be complex, and it is crucial to have the guidance and expertise of experienced attorneys like those at Hilton and Somer. These professionals specialize in personal injury law and can navigate the legal intricacies involved in such cases. They will work closely with the surviving family members to gather evidence, establish negligence or wrongdoing, determine the damages suffered, and build a strong case to pursue maximum compensation.

Hilton & Somer, LLC: Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you have lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, help is available. Call the Wrongful Death Attorneys at Hilton & Somer, LLC to speak to a compassionate attorney today. Our lawyers who are located in our Fairfax office, practice in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Call us today to receive your free consultation. You can reach us through our online contact form, or by calling (703) 782-8349.
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2023.05.29 22:21 BleachFox1 Narc strikes an all time low: How to protect myself from being charged with harassment

Originally posted in legaladvice forum: I have scoured the communities for the right forum and ultimately chose this one, so I hope I made the right choice. I am trying to contact my ex while protecting myself from being charged with harassment and this is a difficult situation to formulate properly as a question, so I’ll try to give a brief overview of the situation. Warning, it gets a little weird and all over the place but I’ll try to keep it consolidated.
I was with my ex for 4.5 years. He had some complicated dental issues due to inherited soft tissue genetics (not drug use or poor hygiene) and I decided to help him because honestly he was just not motivated enough to research how to navigate a solution between insurance coverage, consultation, etc. so I handled it. It was determined that he needed to have all his teeth extracted and have dentures made. So we did, and I put it on a credit card (July 2022) with a written agreement he would pay me punctually and before the 12 month 0% introductory promotion expired.
Fast forward to now- late May 2023; our relationship has become tumultuous basically due to his irresponsible, negligent behavior and inability to uphold his agreement to keep payments up. We were cohabitating up until late April 2023 and the latest argument sent him running to his mothers to seek refuge.
Well low and behold, he leaves his dentures behind accidentally. He proceeds to ask me to return them to which I only responded that “you cannot expect me to return them when you haven’t paid for them in 4 months and the deferred interest will be hitting on the next statement. If you come up with the balance (roughly $1800.00) I’d be glad to return them.”
2 weeks go by and I hear nothing from him. So naturally, I decide to reach out. Send a casual text checking in to see if he’s ok. No reply. Call, no answer. Call a second day, no answer. So I make a call to police non-emergency and ask them to conduct a welfare visit to ensure that he is ok. 20 minutes later I receive a call from County Police (I live in Delaware) and the officer tells me that he is fine but that he does not wish to be contacted and any additional attempts to do so will be considered harassment. 😳 Excuse me?! I’m floored.
I begin to tell the officer the situation and he is clearly not interested and keeps repeating himself that I take it to Civil Court. Fine, I already know this and that’s not the solution I’m seeking. I tell him that I’m going to continue to contact him because A. surely he must want his teeth returned?! and B. we have an upcoming payment to resolve. He repeats himself that if I contact him again I’ll be arrested.
So my perplexity lay in the fact that this officer could not have possibly even forced the proof of burden on my ex to show evidence of harassment because he clearly would not have any evidence of harassment to show proof of aside from an “are you ok” type text and 2 declined calls.
Almost 2 weeks have gone by since this and I now want to contact him. I have a text prepared and I want to send it but I also want to cover myself from any false complaints of harassment.
I researched the legal definition of harassment and came up with:
  1. Harassment; class A misdemeanor. (5) Makes repeated or anonymous telephone calls to another person whether or not conversation ensues, knowing that person is thereby likely to cause annoyance or alarm. (b) Harassment is a class A misdemeanor.
Additionally, I find the following:
The Intent of the Crime In order for a behavior to be labeled as harassment, the intent of the accused must be to harass, annoy, or alarm the victim. A prosecutor must be able to prove intent to convict a defendant of harassment. A defendant who never intended on causing any harm by calling a victim or sending a text message should not be convicted of harassment.
Now I know that my contact has not and will not seek to harm or intend to annoy or alarm him. I have prepared a text and here is what it says although it is saved in draft form because I do not want to be charged with any offence as no offense is being committed in my opinion. However I would greatly appreciate the opinion of someone with better experience and knowledge of these particulars.
For all intents and purposes, here is the draft of my intended text message:
In the state of Delaware, illegal harassment is defined as any unwelcome conduct that causes physical harm or injury, or that creates a reasonable fear of physical harm or injury, to a family member or household member. This can include behaviors such as threats, intimidation, or physical violence. Delaware law also recognizes emotional abuse as a form of domestic harassment.
In Delaware, making a false complaint to police is considered a misdemeanor offense. If convicted, the penalty can include a fine of up to $1,150 and/or up to one year in jail.
My intent is to arrange return of your property. I cannot do this without contacting you.
There is no just cause to involve law enforcement in a matter that does not pose threat of harm, injury or intimidation.
Penalty for making repeated false complaints to non emergency police departments can be prosecuted.
Again, this is in no way criminal activity to contact you regarding return of your personal property. Please use best judgment before reacting in a manner that is uncalled for which should be handled civilly between 2 law abiding adults.
You do not have my consent to share any information or public discussion with a private third party and any attempt to discuss or seek personal opinion from another personal individual who provides advice to act in a manner which seeks intent to harm or assist in wilfully causing malice shall be considered defamation and invasion of my privacy which is a misdemeanour offence.
Do you want your teeth back or not. That is all. If I do not hear back from you I will be disposing of them due to negligent abandonment.
I am conducting myself respectfully and with caution because I cannot afford to be the victim of false allegations made out of spiteful malice.
Nothing in my message has contained any harmful intent or threat to your safety or peace.
Record of this message is copied to NCCPD as witness of my conduct and peaceful intent. - End
Please weigh in! Thank you so much in advance, and please be kind, no judgment as I realize the poor personal choices I have already made by involving myself with someone who would hide behind petty laws to get out of paying a debt.
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2023.05.29 22:09 FigDish50 DEMAND for Kathleen T. Zellner to withdraw PERJURED AFFIDAVIT

As you will recall, Kathleen T. Zellner, noted licensed Illinois attorney, has tendered an additional affidavit to the Court and has asked for leave to make it part of the current PCR Motion. This is the affidavit of Tom C. Buresh, who came forward on May 10, 2023 to claim that he personally witnessed Bobby Dassey driving the victim's car.
Dogs has done a magnificent job of documenting Tom C. Buresh's twitter and internet participation in the Free Steven Avery movement, and has uncovered proof right out of Buresh's mouth that he is lying.
Buresh's affidavit, at Paragraph 14 - "I do not know any of the Avery or Dassey family members personally..." [emph. added].
Dogs has uncovered a tweet from Buresh on his own account from 5 weeks ago that says:
"We all love you Steven. You have the best in your corner and will never stop until your freedom is restored. Your strength is inspiring. We will go fishing again in Amberg." [emph added]. The message is followed by a smile sunglasses emoji, which is described as being used to 'express a confident attitude'.
So looks like fanboy Buresh took the next step and submitted a false affidavit in support of his friend Steven Avery, a guy whom he swore in his affdavit that he didn't even know but says in his tweet 5 weeks ago that he knows him, has gone fishing with him in Amberg, and hopes to go fishing with him again.
Kathleen T. Zellner now has actual knowledge from the affiant's own mouth that his affidavit is perjured. As a licensed Illinois attorney and familiar with how disciplinary proceedings work, I demand that you withdraw this perjured affidavit.
By tendering this perjured affidavit, at least now with full knowledge that it's perjury, Zellner is violating several Rules of Professional Conduct:
  1. RPC 3.1 states: "A lawyer shall not bring or defend a proceeding, or assert or controvert an issue therein, unless there is a basis in law and fact for doing so that is not frivolous..."
  2. RPC 3.3(a)(1 and 3): (a) A lawyer shall not knowingly: (1) make a false statement of fact or law to a tribunal or fail to correct a false statement of material fact or law previously made to the tribunal by the lawyer;
  3. (3) offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false. If a lawyer, the lawyer's client, or a witness called by the lawyer, has offered material evidence and the lawyer comes to know of its falsity, the lawyer shall take reasonable remedial measures, including, if necessary, disclosure to the tribunal. A lawyer may refuse to offer evidence, other than the testimony of a defendant in a criminal matter, that the lawyer reasonably believes is false.
Ball's in your Court Zellner. If you want to keep your law license you will withdraw Buresh's perjured affidavit, apologize to the Court and opposing counsel, and run a curative article with Ferak. If you fail to do so, expect an ARDC Complaint to cross your desk soon. You've been warned.
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2023.05.29 22:07 DodgersDude-ta [Repost] We're moving back to California!

For the last year, my wife and I have been looking to move back to California. I had a job that transferred us to Texas. We quickly discovered that life in Texas was not suitable for us. I don't want to get into further details, but the events over the last year have really pushed us to look into moving else where.
Also, what's the point of living where housing is cheaper but taxes are still high and you have no support system. All your family and friends are halfway across the country and the only place you can socialize is at church?
Well we started looking into selling our house and buying a place that is closer to home. I found a job that not only pays better but allows me to work remotely, so I can be home and help the Mrs. with our girl.
Long story short, we did it! We just closed on a house in San Pedro, California. We put our house in Houston on the market and have a couple of offers that will be more than what we originally paid for.
It's a fixer-upper, but who cares. We have a home we can afford in LA county!
I keep thinking this is too good to be true. Like I'll wake up in bed in Houston. But no. I'm at my brother-in-laws in Manhattan Beach, enjoying Memorial Day weekend with my beautiful wife, our baby girl, and our family. We're going to celebrate our new house purchase then fly back to Houston with the goal of selling the old place.
We're hoping to come back to LA by the end of the summer.
Wish us luck.
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