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Dogs in motorcycle sidecars, car passenger seats, airplanes, etc., geared up and amped up for accompanying their humans on adventures.

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Hi friends. I am mainly posting for my bf. He recently bought a 4x4ft 8ft tall grow tent to house our plants and plants we are propping in Leca and Spag moss, he is trying to figure out the lighting situation. He purchased 70w barrina LED light strips that are 4ft long. What would you recommend the best set up be? He was thinking 3-4 lights at the top, and 2 lights in the middle rack of an 8ft shelf he has inside the tent. He is growing plants like begonia, ficus, ferns, alocacia, etc. Please any advice would be helpful thank you. Not a lot of grow tent communities. :)
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2023.03.21 22:16 Difficult-Elk-07 Should I be worried?

Are there any red flags here, or am I overthinking/being insecure?
So, my boyfriend and I are both in our early 20s and have been together for just over a year. We have each other on Snapchat which I just use to talk to him and only him because I think Snapchat is a dumb way to keep in touch with people, especially at our age (imo) :p
Anyway, a few weeks ago I found out that he had an ex on his sc. And not only was she on there, but I know they were keeping in touch recently since they had the best friend charm. They also had saved pictures of them in the chat from when they were together. Mind you he has never even mentioned this ex to me before. I talked to him about this and I said I wanted him to delete her which he agreed to do. He also unfollowed her on ig but left her as a follower (idk why). However, I also noticed some other girls on his sc that I’ve never heard of, and one that he had recently saved pictures with of them hanging out and stuff from their sc memories. My issues with this is he had never mentioned having ANY female friends, so I was kind of surprised to see pictures of him with another girl who he looked very well aquatinted with. Pictures intentionally brought up and saved.
So basically, I’m just a bit weirded out knowing that he kept those kinds of things from me. Like he’s just been secretly talking to other girls who I never even knew about. And I’m not saying he can’t, but as his girlfriend you’d think I’d at least know who he has relations with right?
With that in mind, my current issue is this: he has started posting on his Snapchat story A LOT lately. Like just things at work or pics of his car, but for basically the whole year we have been together he has never posted to his story until now. And it freaks me out because he would always tell me he only talks to me and his best friend on Snapchat… so I’m just confused as to who he would be posting those stories for, considering he will still send them directly to me as well as posting them, and could easily just also send them to his best friend.
Am I looking into this too much?
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2023.03.21 22:16 aash15 Subleasing room at the Pointe

Hello! I’m studying abroad this upcoming fall and therefor am looking for someone to sublease a room in my apartment (Aug. 8 - Dec. 31)! It’s a two bedroom at The Pointe Apartments which are right next to txst campus, an HEB, and two blocks from the square. The rent will be $975. Let me know if you are interested and/or have any further questions!
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2023.03.21 22:16 Gold-Minute-5493 Noisy Upstairs Neighbors (with screaming child) = No sleep

I would greatly appreciate any legal advice I can get for this.
My best friend and I live on the 2nd floor of our 3 floor apartment building. First things first this was not the best built apartment complex ever made, you can hear your neighbors tvs, you can hear them yelling at each other, you can hear them walking around. That stuff, we can handle. I’ve lived in this apartment for a year now, and somehow get cursed with upstairs neighbors who have lead feet, and are up at ALL HOURS of the night. Well the people who just moved in upstairs have a toddler… Now I don’t know who’s running the management department, and what they’re thinking… A toddler… on a top floor? The last 4 days have been hell. This child screams for HOURS, runs around for HOURS, last night I was pretty fed up when my pictures started falling off the walls. I took both of my fists and banged on the walls about 10 times, mind you it was 11 o’clock at night and I had to be awake at 5 am. I felt bad because my downstairs neighbors definitely heard that, and they didn’t deserve it, but these upstairs neighbors got the message loud and clear to shut their kid up. Today it is so bad that I can hear the running and screaming through my NOISE CANCELING headphones. That I got specifically for these reasons.
What I’ve done so far is blast non-child friendly music until about 8 pm (because again not fair to any of my other neighbors), and banged on the wall. My best friend has taken to the old broomstick trick, which hasn’t helped.
I need to know what I can do about this because it’s starting to affect me and my best friends sleep and that’s not okay. I will be calling my management tomorrow, and see if they can move them or move us because I’m not dealing with this shit.
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2023.03.21 22:15 cruisingNW The Foundations of Humanity 9 (The Next Step) - an NoP fanfic

The Foundations of Humanity 9 (The Next Step) - an NoP fanfic

Thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for establishing the Nature of Predators Universe, and for allowing Fanfics to flourish! Thank you u/Inkanyamba for the inspiration for Professor Tarva, relevant post and comment linked with character name
First -- Previous -- Next
Memory transcription subject: Valek, Venlil-Human Partnership Program Participant
Date [standardized human time]: August 25th, 2136. Midday
My eyes snapped open as I flung myself against the opposite wall. Somehow, that stars-cursed, silent human opened the door without either of us knowing. Paralyzed with fear, I could hear Maeve stutter through an explanation, "W-We, uh- I-It’s not-"
"Please come in." The man did not yell, but his voice rumbled through my snout and down the hall. With myself frozen in place, Maeve reached out to take my paw and guide me inside. "Have a seat, please." The man gestured to two seats in front of a wide desk.
The desk was a shared workspace; the human took his seat on the left, while a male Venlil remained seated on the right. "I'm Barry, and this is Borven," Borven flicked a welcome, "we are the liaisons for the exposure program. Do you know why we have called you here?"
Maeve spoke up while I was busy hyperventilating, "I can assume, sirs, but I would like to hear it from you, if you please," Maeve had assumed a… posture that I haven't seen from her before. She sat tall, while also making herself smaller; her eyes wide with unbreaking contact to the man at the desk. She must have been terrified.
Borven spoke up this time, "We noticed that you were one of the first pairs to leave the mess hall after news of the attack, before the incident involving ensign Baudelaire. We are wondering if you have any additional information you would like to share?"
Maeve and I sat in silence for a moment, both of us expecting a very different conversation. Finding my voice, I answered, "N-No sir. Maeve made the call to leave after the notice. I asked later, and she told me that such terrible news may cause a fight, so she brought us to safety."
"Is that right, Maeve?" Barry asked, letting his voice amplify his presence.
Maeve nodded nervously, then added, "We stopped in the hallway, and we saw a patrol going to the Mess, that's all we know."
"Do you have anyone to corroborate your account?" Barry enquired.
"No, sir. Valek and I tend to keep to ourselves, but I can give you the times we left and entered our room, and that would match with camera records." Maeve's posture relaxed. It seems this was a routine investigation of the commotion we heard as we left.
"I would appreciate that, Maeve," Barry spoke while Borven typed at their station, "you should be receiving a report template to your pad in a moment, please fill that out and submit it as soon as you can, including the times you mentioned. Besides that, you are excused; we apologize for taking your time."
"Thank you, sirs." Maeve got up to move, but I saw an opportunity,
"Maeve." I whispered, motioning for her to sit back down. Nervously, she followed, and I motioned for her to continue. "Valek and I would…" She looked to me for encouragement, so I tried a human smile, which she returned in kind, "We would like to continue the program."
The two men waited, Barry glancing between us, one eyebrow raised. Borven flicked his tail expectantly.
"Indefinitely." I added.
Barry tried to hide a smirk, but Borven was more surprised, "We could hardly keep you from continuing contact. What are you asking?"
Getting Maeve's attention, I held out my paw for hers, and she reciprocated. "I would like to host Maeve at my home on Venlil Prime, if she would join me."
Barry broke into a wide grin, behind which a mischievous cackle creaked through his teeth.
"Sun-scorched sonuva…" Borven mumbled and handed a pawful of colored steel rounds to Barry, which I later learned were poker chips.
"Don't worry Borven, you'll win one eventually." Barry jibed while adding the chips to a drawer, audibly clinking against his previous winnings. "Look, no one needs to talk about why you two want to move in together, it's none of our business. But there has been talk of a 3rd step: Integration." I perked up at that! So it is possible! "I'm going to give you the contact to the Lead Empathy Scientist on the station. They will have access to your test results and get the ball rolling." Barry finished, before handing a note to Maeve.
Borven interjected, "Valek? Are you sure you want to do this? Best case scenario, your request is approved, and now Maeve lives among strangers who fear her, on a world that exhausts her, unable to eat something her body demands. This is not an easy road! And that's totally ignoring the fact that we don't know what Maeve is capable of! You could be in real danger!"
That wasn't fair, they didn't know her! My ears back, I was about to tell them off, but Maeve squeezed my paw. She would speak for herself, "Strangers are friends yet to be made. As to the gravity, you're right there will be an adjustment period, but humans are exceptionally adaptable. As for food, I have greatly enjoyed Venlil cuisine while on the station, but if there are any nutrients I'm missing, humans have developed supplements for everything we need; technically a human could live on pills alone. I think this is worth trying, and I would be thrilled if I were the first, or the last; just as long as it happens."
My mane and scruff swelled with pride at her words; my ears swiveled to Borven, "I know exactly what Maeve is capable of. Yes, I'm sure."
Borven's body language was a combination of disappointment with a healthy dose of 'not my herd to lead' before he motioned that we were excused.
Once we were back in the corridor, we could finally breathe easy; catching each other's eye, we started giggling at the fear that brought us here, but I was glad to talk to someone about us staying together. Walking down the hall, I apologized for springing the idea of hosting on her, but Maeve was glad of my invitation, and was herself struggling to ask if I would welcome her. We both bloomed in our own way, thinking about life on the farm.
“While we are up here we should check on the lead scientist; the position is admin so it should be on this floor, too.” Maeve checked her pad and found the contact information.
Hello, my name is Maeve, Barry gave me your contact. I was wondering if we could talk about what he called the next step, Integration?
We decided to wander while we waited for a response, Maeve busying herself with the incident report. This section of the station was decidedly not of Venlil make. Hard lines and right angles made full use of every centimeter. Tough cloth ran the length of the corridor, only emphasizing the oppressive silence. Every few meters was another door, many but not all accompanied by placards. And the far distance curved to one side, hinting at the circular structure of the station. After several minutes, Maeve’s pad pinged a response.
Hello, Maeve! Barry told me about you two. We are looking for volunteers for a test program, so this is great news. I see you have already completed the Empathy test, with very good results. I would like to talk in more detail. Can you meet me in Suite 4182?
On our way.
At this point we had just passed 4082, so we were on the other half of the ring. Having finished her report, Maeve caught my eye, “I’ll race you there!” and she took off in a sprint. Finding my grip on the carpet, I bounded forward, quickly overtaking her, while we giggled at the game. I had passed 4118 before my legs started burning, and I heard pounding steps behind me. Maeve was quickly gaining on me, and I tried to push for more, but my well had run dry. My heart pounding and breath heavy, I slowed to a stop, and Maeve came to a slow trot beside me. A glowing smile from cheek to cheek.
"You look barely winded! How far can a human run??"
"Me personally? I've done a few 5k's, and had fun; that's, uh, 5 kilometers. But some humans specialize, and can run for hundreds, even low thousands of klicks, over several days."
"What!?" I exclaimed between labored breaths, "Why!?"
"That's actually a fun one! I'll tell you another time. C'mon, we can catch our breath before getting there."
With our slower pace, it took several more minutes before reaching the Lead Scientist's office, but we had thankfully caught our breath by then. Stepping inside, we were greeted by a diminutive bright white Venlil, the tip of her ears only reaching my chest, and equally small in all other respects. Her yellow eyes, bright as a sunbeam, shined through the dimly lit room.
"Hello!" She called excitedly, "I'm Professor Tarva ; no relation. You must be Valek," I flipped my ears in acknowledgement, "and Maeve!" Who returned a timid hello, "oh don't be scared! I know I'm a little more energetic than the average Venlil. Please forgive the lighting, I'm none too fond of brightness. So! What's this about Integration?"
Her office was smaller than Barry and Borven’s, but her size made it proportional, though the abundance of rolling stepstools and cushions was a notable difference. She offered us the only two chairs in front of her human-sized desk, which she nimbly climbed and occupied a cushion atop it.
Having spent no small amount of our recovery walk agonizing over how to best present our case, I spoke first. "We feel that our friendship sets a golden example for Human and Venlil relations, and I would like to host Maeve in my home on Venlil Prime."
Ears back, tail tuft wagging, Tarva didn't like that. "Ooo, a human in civilian lodging on VP? And you're from…" she shifted some papers to her side, "the Grove? Buncha farmers out there, they won't like it. Why do you think this is worth risking an incident?"
I spoke up quickly. I've had this conversation before, it was just like haggling our starberries; though I've never had to haggle for freedoms before. "Whatever risk exists, I believe it is less than the value gained by early scientific information of a Human and Venlil living together."
I had barely finished my sentence before Tarva had another flaw in my argument ready, "We already have Human and Venlil cohabitating on bases and in the Gubernatorial Complex. Why shouldn't we put you there?"
"You have humans living apart from Venlil. They don't see our culture, eat our food, talk to our people. Letting Maeve live in a real home in a real town will show us how Humans can integrate into Venlil society."
"And why would we need to integrate? Humans are weapons of war against the Arxur, nothing more, nothing less. Why would we need them on VP, especially once we win?"
I had never seen a Venlil like this before. She couldn't have predator disease, she doesn't have that… off feeling. But every moment of this -- this -- interrogation has been an attack!
But I refused to back down, this will work. "It's no secret that the Exposure program has been a glowing success. I personally know a dozen Venlil on Bleat that have every wish to continue contact. Humans will integrate with Venlil, which means we need to be prepared. Maeve and I can be the litmus test."
Tarva was clearly enjoying this, so she went for the throat, "Then why should we choose You? If the Program is such a success, we would be swimming in requests just like yours! Why should we choose You over the hypothetical Them?"
My breath caught in my throat. It hadn't occurred to me there would be so much demand for this, but she had a point. Based on what I've seen on Bleat and in the Forums, more than half of the Venlil that participated want to keep contact, and I'm sure we couldn't be the only ones to stay friends or more.
"Because," Maeve spoke up from beside me, barely a whimper, "you've already decided who your early subjects are. And Valek and I are on the short list."
Tarva squealed with undisguised glee, her tail thrashing behind her, "There she is! You've got a sharp one, Valek! How did you know?"
Maeve took a deep breath before answering, "Barry and Borven already knew about… us; they made a wager based on what we said. It sounded like they were betting who invited who, and Valek was the one who asked to host me. I'm betting you have a long list of Venlil wanting to serve with human soldiers, and a shorter list of Venlil going to earth. But those Venlil were invited by their Human partner. If there is a list of a Venlil inviting a Human to Venlil Prime, I think we are the only name." By now Maeve was leaning on the armrest of her chair, this exchange clearly exhausted her.
"The only name invited to a rural town. We actually have a healthy pawful that would live in the larger cities, with larger off-world populations, but you're the only ones in such a small town. There will be conditions, of course, and the locals will not be kind. Are you sure you wanna do this?"
I looked at Maeve. She was so tired, but she still looked at me with all the love her eyes could carry, and I could feel myself blooming under the weight of it. We nodded together, then answered "Yes." as one.
"Fantastic!" Tarva declared with the same unbridled enthusiasm she has held for this entire meeting. "You're on the next resupply back to VP. Shouldn't be more than a couple sleeps. Hope you enjoyed the station, cuz you're going home!"
On our return back to the room, Maeve fell forward onto the bottom bunk with an exhausted sigh, all of her energy sucked out by the surprise interrogation. Believing she needed comfort, I sat next to her on the bed and, remembering she mentioned back pain being common among humans, brushed my paw between her shoulders. My remembrance was rewarded by a contented hum I could feel reverberating through her ribcage.
Maeve rolled over beneath my hand, taking it in hers. She held my paw close to herself, pressing the pads and moving the fingers. I winced when she encouraged a claw from its sheath, at which she quickly loosened her grip. After seeing I did not pull away, she pulled my paw to her face and pressed her lips against the offending claw. The predatory action caused my ears to flutter, whether from fear or not I couldn't tell.
She played with my hand idly, before asking, "How do Venlil… show affection?"
After thinking for a moment, I answered, "Our tails do most of the talking, but where no words exist, they tend to find each other. We also enjoy grooming each other," taking her hand in my paw, I ran the tip of my tongue over the top of her hand, "And many times nuzzling," placing that same hand to my snout, and continued, "is seen as very intimate."
Her free hand brought my other paw up to her face, and she rested her cheek against it. She gently brushed my snout, before following my jaw and drifting down my neck, winding her fingers through my wool, then stroking the skin hot with passion beneath. "Humans," she croaked, as if not ready to speak. Clearing her throat, she began again, "Humans like to use parts of our bodies that are sensitive, like our hands, but also our lips, and…" She took my paw in hers and I felt a soft wetness on my center pad, sending another shiver through me, "We tend to bathe ourselves in the sensation of our lover; touch, sight, scent, and even taste. And… I'm worried that most of it will be frightening to you."
I moved to lie with her, supporting myself on my elbow. Taking her hand in my paw, I spoke gently, "Maeve… you constantly surprise me, in the most wonderful ways, and I am always excited to be surprised by you. But I won't fear you. You've taught me that what we are, is what we choose; not what we feel. And even if I feel the need to run, I will choose to come back to you. Every time."
Maeve reached out to me, and I to her, and we entangled ourselves in each other. I could feel my bloom deepening as she pressed her lips to my velvet, and I could see her color rising as my paw traced her side.
"And what do your senses tell you, Maeve?"
Licking her lips, she whispered, "I can see you're enjoying this as much as I am. I can feel your softness, and warmth. I can hear your heart along with mine. I can smell your excitement, as thick as stew. And taste…" she inhaled sharply, pressing her forehead against my crown, as her hands moved to my waist, "I'm excited to find out."

First -- Previous -- Next
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2023.03.21 22:15 SaikiMode Is Western Heights that bad?

Hi. I’m an international student at UTK and moved here for a month because on-campus housing is full. I went to FB marketplace to buy a PC monitor today and the guy told me I’m a scammer because I live here. Also told me this place is really bad and now I’m scared haha.
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2023.03.21 22:15 Morc-Glork I felt as if A Feast for Crows did the best job at capturing and sticking to a specific tone better than the other books in the series

I want to mention that I’m only 300ish pages in A Dance with Dragons so I’d appreciate if we could avoid spoilers in the comments.
When I first started reading Feast I admittedly wasn’t impressed by it, primarily by its lack of action, but it grew on me pretty quickly. I feel like this book is able to capture a tone better than anything else in the series was able to, in this instance being a seemingly hopeless and hollow post-war world.
Brienne’s traveling across Westeros reflecting on the events she witnessed previously, and those areas are now either back to semi-normal or empty, and her failing to rescue and protect Sansa. Cersei’s hatred of the world and how she dealt with Tywin’s death, and eventually being imprisoned was able to capture this really strong feeling of anger and near hopelessness very well. Arianne being trapped in a tower by her father after witnessing the man she loved die doing his duty. Sam not being able to get Aemon to Oldtown, especially after he started to fight for his life more when he heard of Daenerys and her dragons. Sansa once again being trapped in the Eyrie not even being able to go by her own name somewhere despite her previously escaping somewhere else she was held captive in the Eyrie.
It was able to have this very consistent hollow, lonely, and hopeless tone that really elevated the experience of reading it for me.
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2023.03.21 22:15 Raines1819 Married 28 years, DB about 25 Years. I WOKE UP recently and I'm at a loss on what to do

I (58M) and wife (65) have been married for 28 years.
Our sex life did a nose dive not long after the birth of our youngest (27M). At this time they are still living with us (2 boys 27 and 28).
I am as much to blame in regard to the DB as my wife. After our youngest was born, my wife started to refuse intimacy more and more, and since I snore (I can wake the dead) I started to sleep on the couch because she couldn't get any sleep. Other then that we are rather solid with each other.
In October my wife turned 65 and opted to retire, her last day was November 4 2023. I also have to add that she had an option to continue work, but the company wouldn't increase her pay to cover the added costs (some of the extended benefits not covered after 65)
About the time my wife started talking about retiring, I "woke up" after reflecting on our life after retirement. Without the distraction of our jobs (I will probably retire at 60) and the kids moving out, what will we have (or more accurately, what will I have)
  1. No sex (this was stated by her)
  2. Roommate living conditions
  3. Only way I can sleep in our bed, is if I use a C-pap machine (not bue to apnea, just soft pallet) (and I also look like a Teletubby with the thing strapped to my head) I hate the thing.
  4. little or no physical touch (my love language) (hers are words of affirmation)
In October I thought that I could spice things up in the bedroom, just like switching a switch. Was I wrong.
I tried to give her a passionate kiss. That was met with her pushing me away. I lost it and went on a very long walk to try and come to terms with what just happened.
I tried to talk to her (that was when she stated that she wasn't interested in sex anymore) and is just fine with how our relationship is now. I went to IC and came to the conclusion that I have a few choices
  1. Live with the fact that I will never have physical contact with the person that I am married to (not just sexual, but little contact in general)
  2. Open the relationship (Not going to happen)
  3. Divorce and take my chances on finding someone that I can love and show me the same. At 58, slim I think.
We are having a hard time trying to talk to each other, as both of our frustration levels peek and we go nowhere. We are roommates that share a bank account and house duties.
I love my wife, and our life (as much as I can seeing that we are roommates) I just don't know what to do. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can possible do other than MC? (scheduled for next month)
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2023.03.21 22:15 flightroam Masculinity Blueprint - Casey Zander (Complete Program)

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2023.03.21 22:14 HereForBusinessOnly (TN) Can my landlord charge me post move-out fees that's more than the SD?

(TN) Can my landlord charge me post move-out fees that's more than the SD?
Finally decided to move out of this hell hole. Got a invoice from my landlord asking me to pay $216 or they'll turn my account into collections. That's after they've kept my deposit of $200. My questions is, do they not have to take me to court before turning my account to collections? I realize i'm petty with them, but they made my experience a living hell for two years so I don't mind. I've attached a copy of the invoice. Any input would be appreciated
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2023.03.21 22:14 Jdw5186 Coming from the States, looking to visit!

Hey all!
I am the Director of Prevention Services at Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) in Florida and I'll be visiting London at the end of May for a friend's wedding.
I'm extremely curious to learn about how my line of work is done outside of the states and was hoping I could find someone here who may be able to host me for a site visit at your organization during my trip so we could compare worlds.
A Children's Advocacy Center is a one stop shop for child victims of abuse. The first thing the children do is sit down for a recorded forensic interview with a trained specialist so that they only have to recount their abuse one time instead of reliving it over and over. After the interview we are able to pair the family with am advocate who help them with additional ongoing services and counseling. My part in the puzzle is prevention services... I oversee our parenting education classes for parents who are working to get custody of their children back. We also oversee an after-school and summer program located in at risk neighborhood and a service center and food bank in another.
My quick Google searches haven't been much help in locating something similar there so I figured this may be a good place to start.
Anyway, if you work for, or know of a similar place, that would be open for a visit and tour I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
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2023.03.21 22:14 geckogeeked kinda corny idk

i don’t want the past to be erased or done over. which sounds bizarre but i appreciate the mindset and empathy it gave me so that i could be the person that i needed in the past for others.
i realized this when i was discharged out of a recovery facility and came home to be informed my step brother (22) was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This had been a life long problem for him but the symptoms had peaked, i felt like i lost my best friend, it seemed to have altered him. when i was unintentionally trying to save my step brother by informing my family on how to help him and suggest what action to take-he eventually got kicked out anyway (it had gotten too bad) then i relapsed and went back into rehab due to other circumstances).while i was in recovery i was told photos of him that i kept had been thrown away. it sent me into a depressive episode and i was petty about it. after finally opening up to my therapist about it she said that maybe i reacted like that because i was someone with mental health issues who wasn’t given a chance.
i did what i could and he’s much better today. in the end i allowed myself to see both perspectives. but i unintentionally put myself into his shoes with the trauma i had been through and psychology i had been taught to try to help out someone i cared for because no one was there to do that for me.
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2023.03.21 22:14 StitchingWizard Please send calming/healing energy our way

TW: Stalking
Hello friends,
I'm really needing the support of women here. Last year, my teenage daughter had a stalker, "Todd". He is a classmate. There was plenty of proof (hundreds of texts, im's, social media messages across different platforms, carrying on for more than 12 months), and it definitely rose to the level where we could press charges and seek a restraining order. I liked Todd before this, and his mom and I were friendly, although not friends. We share many similarities and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she belonged to this sub.
Todd's mom shared with me many of his struggles, and we were sympathetic to his situation. While we felt Todd definitely needed to take responsibility, Daughter and I didn't want to wreck Todd's life and make him into a criminal - at 16 it's likely a good deal of this would follow him for life. We chose to not press charges if the school agreed to keep them separate as much as possible, and Todd agreed to leave Daughter alone.
The school itself is very small. The tiny admin team pretty much painted it as a teen romance gone wrong, telling the staff that the teens had had a "minor issue" that would "blow over quickly" - those are direct quotes from a staff-wide email. Officially administration have decided to remain neutral - we all know how that goes.
A year passed. It was mostly quiet from Todd's perspsective (he only reached out thru new social media twice and got a third party involved). September comes: we have to change advisors and class schedules to keep them separate, b/c school thinks things should have "blown over" by now. Todd wants to be part of a club Daughter is already in. Daughter reads the writing on the wall - Todd is popular - and bows out of her club. Repeat for another club Daughter runs. Daughter is crushed about having to give these things up, and eventually agrees she's ready to leave.
Daughter makes arrangements to attend a different school next year, which is scary AF when you're not neurotypical, late in high school years, and have been bullied at every school that wasn't the current place.
Last week Todd decided he wanted to be part of the last major club Daughter participates in. We escalate to the school, they say they can't deny his participation based on something over a year old. They say Todd's "been good." Frustrated again at the admin's lack of support, I text Todd's mom, asking for Todd to withdraw. She isn't pleased, but agrees. Monday comes and Todd turns up at the club. Daughter hides in a classroom. I text mom again, thinking Todd was just trying to stir the pot and didn't really plan to join. I asked her to get him to think about his choices. I get back a rant saying how unfair everything is, that Todd is being ostracized, how he's stayed away and "been good" (b/c only 3x is ok??), but that he will give the club up because he's "sick of Daughter's drama."
Turns out Todd's Mom wanted Todd in this club, so it looks good on his college application. It blows into a Whole Thing, with multiple emails from Todd and Mom to staff about how brave he is, how he's sought advice and advocated for himself, how the village has been sooooo supportive, thanking the school for their part in said village, and about coping with things you can't change (Daughter is cc'd on these emails, making the situation clear to admin). What really chaps me is the heroic way they are painting him in front of faculty who haven't been told the full story. All they see is that we are unfairly demanding that a kid is excluded.
I. Am. Livid.
Todd is not the victim here, but he and his mom are totally painting them selves that way. It will be years before Daughter has recovered from this. Years of nightmares, therapists, and trust issues. Thousands of dollars. But Todd can't be in the club, and that's NOT FAIR. Nevermind that if he wasn't a stalker, then nobody would be having any of these troubles. Oh no, the consequences of his actions means he misses 6 weeks of fun times with his friends. There's so much continued victim-blaming - it's "Daughter's drama" not "Todd's aggression"; it's "unfair" that he can't go where he wants, not that Daughter is being pushed out.
I have not been directly addressed on any of the emails or contacted by the school. So I am refraining from pointing out that the statue of limitations has not passed, and actually, a conviction wouldn't look all that good on a college application. Followed by a polite reminder than any escalation/retaliation turns the misdemeanor into a felony.
Instead of writing a steam-filled email to everyone involved, I am writing to you. Daughter said the school day was surprisingly calm, and is currently undertaking a little Retail Therapy with her BFF. There are 9 weeks left of school. Please send healing karma and stamina our way. We need all the peace and calm we can get right now.
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2023.03.21 22:14 framfrom How to stop feeling hate towards someone who hurt you

Months ago me and my ex girlfriend broke up, after a while i realised how abusive and manipulative she was, and our relationship made me more and more miserable, i cut off all of my friendships to make her happy and in the end it was never enough, for a while i felt a lot of love for her but now all i feel is anger, I have to see her everyday (tho we dont talk) and its just making things worst Im making new friends after being alone for a while and shes making friends with them too, it seems no mater what i do i cant make she disapear from my life...and feeling all this hate towards her makes me feel bad and its not healthy I do not wish to do violence of any kind to her All i want is to be indiferent towards her To not feel anything
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2023.03.21 22:14 DenseYam2672 34F Looking for a friend in America

I love meeting new people through the online world, haha, and I would also like to say that I am a woman who loves life, I love exploring new worlds and I love the sea, the sea is a strange new world for me, a yearning to break out of my life.

I don't have a lot of friends to talk to, so I am looking for more. Some of my interests. I usually like to go to the golf course, I'm kind of a shy introvert, but once I become more comfortable I talk more.

My favorite way to talk is to be honest with each other, but I also have other apps. Please leave me a message
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2023.03.21 22:13 kv7dr4 support websites while maintaining privacy

I use brave as my main browser. While Brave is nearly perfect for me I still want to support websites that I visit. Have you people found a way to do so? Brave blocks all ads and trackers and while that is good for me there are many websites out there that I visit and they earn nothing from it. I know website owners must earn something but with an integrated ad blocker it is nearly impossible for them to do so. I know I can turn off the add blocking for some websites and also globally. But I think both ways are not very sustainable. I would allow ads but without trackers. Do you think that is possible?
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2023.03.21 22:13 Iknowwhatweregonnado Mini update to he told me to leave

Again, using my alt account, but you can check this profile for the past posts.
If you remember, earlier this month my husband told me to leave and so I'm leaving. I just can't take it anymore.
Following the sage advice on this sub I had an exit plan fleshed out months ago. I've got all of my ducks in a row.
Next Wednesday the movers will be here while my husband is at work. I'm not taking anywhere near what I should, I just don't want to deal with him giving me a hard time about anything.
Now, onto the last couple of weeks:
He was in denial about everything until he asked why there was an empty space in the pantry. I told him I packed my food up.
Well, now I'm getting "but I've changed. My attitude has changed. How I've been the last days is how I'm going to be from now on."
He bought a breathalyzer and said I can test him anytime. I told him what boils down to too little too late. To be fair, he hasn't been to the liquor store as far as I can tell, but he has been to the thc store, so he traded one for the other I guess.
I'm on the fence about how much to take from our joint savings before I hit the road.
I also still very much have my guard up. My phone is always on me or next to me. I know he can go from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye and if that happens I've got a place to stay until I leave town.
I'll still be attending alanon meetings. For those of you who have stuck by your partners, best of luck. You're stronger than I am, I guess.
I'll let you guys know when I'm settled if you want. Until then, cheers.
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2023.03.21 22:13 Im_wearing_two_belts Euphorbia Trigona, help please.

Euphorbia Trigona, help please.
You'll have to excuse my ignorance on the matter, as I'm no greenthumb, but I've somehow managed to keep this alive for nearly a decade. Although, I now find myself in a predicament. Long story short, I've had this about 8 years. It was gifted to me by a coworker. I knew nothing about it and it didn't get nearly the amount of sun/water it needed for the first 6 years or so. It grew a couple inches during that time. Once I learned what it was and started properly tending to it, growth really took off. Over the past approx. 18 months, it has nearly doubled in height. I'm starting to get nervous about the narrow section of the plant (indicated by the arrow in the photo). As you can see in the photo, the growth above is quite hardy, whereas below it is rather narrow and flimsy, especially at the indicated point. Is there anything I can do at this point to help this plant continue/begin to thrive, or is it a wait and see what happens kind of situation?
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2023.03.21 22:13 wondermind_ 18 F, I feel a weird need to reply late if someone else replies late, and I keep checking my texts.

OK so I don't do this with everyone I text . Close female friends - they could reply 3 days late I don't care , probably won't think twice . But like if it's a guy, and it's someone I enjoy talking to , when they take a long time to reply my mind cannot stop going back to it. I'm wondering that maybe to stop myself from doing this , I should actually try and get myself to go a day without replying and do something and not think about replying. If a message is there I get this nagging feeling to reply but knowing the other person can disappear for like 19 hrs and I struggle to hold back for 30 mins bothers me . Any suggestions ? How do I stop giving a shit about replying/waiting for replies from particular ppl.
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2023.03.21 22:13 Beginning_Studio_655 How do I (19f) know I’m overreacting to things my bf (19m) does?

My bf (19m) and I (19f) go to school almost three hours away from each other. It’s hard and we’ve had our ups and downs, but we really try to make things work. Recently, I’ve been getting so anxious over everything he does. For example he snapped me a picture and a girl was in it and I got so nervous that he was doing something wrong. When I asked him about it he said that his male friend and two of their girl friends went with him to pick out a suit for a formal. I was not invited to this formal and didn’t know he was even going to get a suit. He says that I’m over reacting for getting so anxious that he went with them but I don’t think I am.
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2023.03.21 22:13 Moko_chi Does anybody know how to relieve anxiety and depression?

Hi everyone
it's my first time posting and English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if it sounds a bit mumbly and weird...
I have been battling depression for the past 15 years or so and I feel like I'm starting to lose now. I'm not suicidal or anything but I feel like I mentally break down on the daily basis now
I have absolutely no energy for anything after I come back from work and it's at the point where I just dropped down on the couch turn on the TV and don't even have the energy to switch the channel to a show I actually enjoy watching or to play video games
I get the overwhelmed very easily and I almost get anxiety attacks when people text me. Whenever I receive a message my first thought is somebody's going to attack me, not because I did something wrong but I'm sure that they will be upset and they will be really mad and I'm just too scared to open the messages... have been asking me my SO to handle my messages for the past couple days
My SO and I just moved to a new place and I thought it was just stress of the move and the fact that we kind of isolated ourselves from all of our friends because we were busy packing and unpacking but simple house chores like dishes or laundry just overwhelm me to the point where I'm not able to do them anymore not to mention not to mention vacuuming.
Tonight, my SO is at a conference in a different city and I just spent 6 hours and the same position on the couch I couldn't even bring myself to grab dinner.
And they can't talk about it to anybody because I feel like I'm being a burden on everyone, just because they're my friends it doesn't mean that they have to babysit me every time I feel down, if anybody has any tips on getting out of this slump and taking back my life, I will really appreciate it
I just feel so down on the all the time and I'm not sure what to do because I don't have a great experience with therapists, I just never found one that was a good fit to me. It takes a lot of time to find the service even longer to find a good one it just feels like I don't have the time it will take ornamental capacity to actually call people whom I don't know and convince them that I am troubled and broken enough for them to find time for me in their schedules and I don't feel comfortable writing to my doctor and asking for drugs or medication or whatever you want to call it because I just see it as a Band-Aid for the problem...
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2023.03.21 22:13 LorraineBoedeker Masculinity Blueprint 2.0 by Casey Zander (High Quality)

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