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2023.06.02 14:49 8Cowabungadude5 Druid names.

After 45 min of character creation I stared at the name input screen for another 30 min, then I went to bed because I had to be up at 4am this morning. I remember all my slide numbers but I need name ideas. FYI alcohol names are a no go. I already tried Bourbon and it won't allow me. Ideas would greatly be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 14:48 Lewzerrrr Need help with Nextbase 622gw connectivity

Apologies if wrong place, tried getting through to NextBase support but seeming impossible
I bought the Nextbase 622gw bundle and had it professionally hardwire fitted.
Set up the Nextbase app and connected but having trouble now with connecting and viewing the footage
I just made an hours journey and wanted to review the footage, I bought the dashcam inside and turnt it on, connected via the app but then the dashcam turnt off after a minute with full charge
I then thought maybe it needs to stay in the car, I connected it back to the mount and car and it stayed on however when I clicked on dashcam in the app I couldn’t get any of recent footage and it wouldn’t let me click on them on the app, said they needed to be downloaded. I could see some footage on the dashcam itself but not the journey.
I went inside and kept the dashcam in the car connected but now it’s saying waiting for a connection
I guess my questions are:
Does the dashcam need to be on for me to connect via the app? Should it not be permanently on due to being powered by the car? Why is there a difference of footage between the dashcam and the app? Why does the dashcam automatically turn off when I bring it into the house
I will pop into Halfords after work
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2023.06.02 14:47 lordylisa How long do you wait for transphobic parents to come around?

I'll give you an example from my life. My parents are very transphobic(but somehow support gay, lesbian, bi, etc people). And since i came out as trans almost two years ago, i got lots of backlash. They told me this was shocking news and they couldn't accept it. They told me this news felt like a cold splash of water in their face. They told me to include them in my journey to self discovery.
In these 2 years they've had a lot of talks with my Councillors(one of which has experience with trans people). I also came out a second time which went horribly wrong. That was the first time I introduced my new name and pronouns. My mom walked away. I already had a strained relationship with my parents, due to them being toxic and me having mental health issues. I thought that if they accept me, our relationship will improve. They wanted it the other way around.
This week, my mom admitted that she cannot accept my identity, name, choices(transitioning). They still use my deadname and wrong pronouns. They do let me wear a binder and have rainbow flags in my room, but that's about as much as it gets. I do look passing though(my new neighbors proved that). Now somewhere between a few months and a year(i think), i will move into some type of housing for those with mental issues. That means i get to enforce my own rules. I really don't want my new place to get stinky from deadnaming. My dad says they need more time to adjust to the process and everything, but how long should I wait? And what kind of rules should i enforce if they don't change? I feel like I'm more hopeful or forgiving than i should be. Idk
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2023.06.02 14:46 AequitasSaintz Sump water collection system

Sump water collection system
My sump pump runs alot, every 1 min and 20 seconds it's pumping about 5 gallons of water. I'm sick of paying for water to water my grass and trees.
So I'm designing a barrell collection system and adding a pump, pumping it in line with my hose spigot with the appropriate shut off valves and a back flow preventer on the house side to prevent contamination.
This current design is using 2 55 gallon drum, plastic, barrels.
I want them stacked to safe space, in the vertical position. I was really excited about this design until I realized I will be trapping air in the 2nd barrel. The goal was to limit penetration points and possible failure points in the barrels.
Any ideas? The 2nd barrell would need to be vented at the top in this design, but I was wondering what kind of vent would allow air to automatically vent without water venting.
The other design element is that, theoretically, with this design it's self filling. When the barrel and pipe to the sump line fills up the water will have no place to go but back into the original exit point of the sump pump.
Thoughts? What am I not considering? Ideas? Better designs?
Priorities in order:
  1. Safety
  2. Small footprint as possible
  3. Limit exposure to water damage. Ie penetrations at a minimal.
  4. Automatically filling and "overfilling" safely
  5. Cost
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2023.06.02 14:46 Jurgen_Leitner Perk Ideas

Hello my good fellows,
I think it is fun to create perks, just for fun, for imaginations sake. Forwardly I strew about such pale illuminations so as to encourage your as to encourage your own (dear reader) building of such imaginary perks. Think of it as a sort of creative writing idea. It really would be lovely if more perks were added to the game, and not even as part of killer dlc but just for free. For funs sake
One must wonder, if perhaps even the devs might one day even take a liking to one of the ideas.
I apologize for if this is all very weird. I am, as it currently stands, for the writing of this --- most wondrous of papers --- very, and (really rather indubitably) stoned .
That is to say feel free to reword any of my perks in order to get clearer wording, whilst maintaining the core idea, For your own comprehensions sake.
What follows are some of my own attempts at creating perks.


Hex: Unseen Machinations

Whilst this hex towers upright, glowing vulnerably in darkness this perk is active. Whilst working on a generator survivors are effected by the oblivious status effect. They remain oblivious for 3/4/5 (based on perk level) seconds after leaving the generator.
This would essentially function like fearmonger but inflict oblivious, it would be a hex for balance as I think otherwise it would be too strong.


Hex: Devour Light

Whilst this hex yet stands, the shadows grow thicker, the killer more illusive. When a survivor is rescued from a hook at least 24 meters away, Devour Light gains a token.
1 Token- Your terror radius is reduced by 6/7/8 (based on perk level) meters
2 Tokens- Your Red Stain is hidden
4 Tokens- You become undetectable
I really quite like the mechanic that hex: devour hope has as it requires you to not camp hooks in order to gain more power. Whereas devour hope makes you more lethal over time this perk makes you stealthier. I think it would be quite good on killers like Myers, who would get a lot of use out of it with just one token. Myers needs a little love anyways so I don't think this perk would be too op



The first time each survivor is hooked gain a token up to a maximum of 2/3/4 (based on perk level) tokens. For each token the maps fog slightly/moderately/greatly (based on perk level). Thus each token increases the fog more until eventually the map is shrouded in a dense black fog. Whilst you have at least 2 tokens you are unaffected by fog (meaning for the survivors the map would be coated in a thick fog, but for the killer the map would be quite visible).
I like how the first time hook perks subtly encourage you not to tunnel survivors. I think offerings like murky reagent are quite fun, and fog can add quite a bit of mood and scare factor to the game. This perk gives killers the edge by giving them a visibility disadvantage. How devious! You would probably need to make the fog gradually thicken over 10 seconds or something so its not jarring.


Cycle of Anger

Survivors giving you the slip builds your temper, until you cannot contain your rage in in a fit of bloodlust! Only for your temper to grow once more.
At the start of the match you have 6 tokens, Patience is active, and Rage is inactive.
Patience: Whenever a survivor performs a vault action while in chase you lose 2 tokens.
Once you have 0 tokens Patience deactivates and Rage Activates
Rage: You gain bloodlust 30/40/50% faster. Whenever you gain bloodlust 1, you gain 3 tokens.
Once you have 6 tokens the next time you would gain a token instead Rage deactivates and Growing Temper activates.
this perk would allow you to catch survivors much quicker after getting looped by survivors for awhile. By only tokens when you reach the first level of bloodlust, this perk effectively makes it so that you get faster bloodlust for 2 chases, after someone vaults you in chase a chase 4 times. This perk plays with bloodlust which is a mechanic that not a lot of perks engage with, so it might be too strong numbers-wise I'm not sure. Currently you reach bloodlust level 1/2/3 after 15/25/35 seconds, with this perk at max rank it would make it so you get bloodlust level 1/2/3 after 7.5/12.5/17.5 seconds of chase, or at least that's what I intend it to do.


Moment Of Restraint

When you are crouching you make no-noise, and leave no pools of blood.
When you chased by the killer for at least 2/3/4 (based ---of course--- on perk level) seconds this perk deactivates, and remains deactivated for an additional 25/20/15 (based on perk level) seconds after the chase ends.
This perk is deactivated whilst you are exhausted.
This would give an alternative to Iron Will, that does not run into old iron wills problem of being too useful in chase, and instead is only useful for hiding from a killer that has not yet spotted you. Not leaving pools of blood whilst crouched is a really cool idea I reckon, and I don't think it would be too op since it forces you to be crouched, and thus slow. It could be quite useful paired with urban evasion. eg. you are injured working on a gen, you hear the killers heartbeat., you with your increased crouch speed you crouch behind a nearby rock, the killer does not hear you or see you blood spots so he does not find you.


Show of Skill

You dazzle them not with your bursts of speed, but with the perfection of your play.
After being chased by the killer for 7/6/5 (based on perk level) seconds this perk activates. Whilst this perk is active you break into a skillful chase moving at 101/102/103% movement speed. additionally gain 9/10/11% vault speed, and pallet drop speed.
After you have been out of chase for a cumulative time of 10/15/20 seconds this perk deactivates.
When this perk activates you become exhausted for 90/80/70 seconds.
This perk cannot activate while exhausted (if it has already been activated and you are exhausted the exhaustion does not deactivate the perk)
This perk would be a good exhaustion perk for skillful survivors that think they can loop the killer for 5 gens. Often the extra distance you get from this perk would be pitiful compared to a normal exhaustion perk would grant you. I can imagine it being favored by those who like resilience and the old vault speed builds. It would essentially be an improved vault speed build at the cost being an exhaustion perk. 3% bonus speed might be too much, maybe something like 1% or 2% would be more balanced. For something that lasts the entire chase idk. Regular exhaustion perks tend to give 50% bonus speed for 3 seconds so in order to gain the same amount of bonus distance with this perk the chase would need to last 50 seconds. Idk could be super unbalanced. I'd rather it be too weak than too strong.


Boon: Ward of Protection

A boon that protects against lost progress.
Press and hold the Active Ability button on a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a boon totem. Soft chimes delicately ring out in a radius of 24 meters.
All generators gain this effect if they are within the boon totems radius.
They are blocked whenever the killer comes within 3 meters, and receive 30/40/50% less damage.
This perk lets you protect your gen from regression perks, and blocks the killer from kicking the generator. It might be a little annoying for the killer, but on most maps this would only effect one generator. So honestly, it might be a bit weak.


Hex: Cycle of Torment

Whilst the corresponding hex totem is standing Cycle of Torment is active
If Cycle of Torment is cleansed then both Incessant Pain and Sweet Release are permanently deactivated
At the start of the match You have 9/6/3 tokens, Sweet Release is active, and Incessant Pain is deactivated
Incessant Pain: While active your basic attacks inflict broken, broken lasts until hooked, downed, or the hex is cleansed or cleared by Sweet Release. Whenever a survivor loses a health state you gain 2 token.
Once you have 6 tokens Incessant Pain deactivates, and Sweet Release Activates
Sweet Release: Whenever a survivor is loses a health state lose 3 tokens. Once You have 0 Tokens, all broken survivors lose their broken status, this perk deactivates, and Incessant Pain activates.
This perk would allow you to have at most 3 survivors that are all broken. It might be insanely strong. It is balanced by being a Hex, and having a reset via sweet release.

And Finally, my triumphant final perk for this post


Triumphant Finish

You have a knack for the cinematic, as the game reaches its breaking point, anyone could die at a moments notice, you play your final trump card. Sealing their fate.
When a survivor is rescued from a hook at least 24 meters away, Triumphant Finish gains a token.
When 8 Tokens have been gained Triumphant Finish Activates for the rest of the match.
When Triumphant Finish Activates all windows and pallets are barred to survivors by the entity, all survivors are exposed, and you gain the ability to kill survivors by your own hand.
If a survivor is killed before Triumphant Finish Activates then Triumphant Finish is permanently disabled.
This perk would force you to play extremely fairly, no tunneling, and no camping hooks, as a result its reward is incredibly impressive, instantly closing all loops, breaking all pallets, and effectively resulting in an incredibly quick end for the survivors if they do not quickly escape

Anyway that's all for now, what are your thoughts one these, do you think they would be cool in the game! It's a fun exercise to create imaginary perks, that would hopefully be balanced. I'd imagine it must such a fun job to design and balance perks for behavior. Feel free to design your own perks in the comments or whatever (sorry I'm kinda new to reddit) What are your thoughts on these perks
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2023.06.02 14:46 Throwawaydddbbbddd Just found out my wife has secretly been reading erotic fantasy novels nearly every night for the past five years

I’m not sure what to think. I spoke to my wife about it. I asked her if it is filling a need that I am not, to which she answered no. We have a good marriage with a high amount of trust.
I don’t watch pornography, neither does she. We both view that as immoral.
She let me know she reads these books for the plot.. and that the explicit sexual material is just part of the book that she sometimes skips. The books I looked up that she read (a book about Draco and Hermione, which she has lost count of how many she has read) - I would have to say a large portion of the book is intense smut.
I can’t help but feel weird and a bit sad knowing for the past five years I have been lying beside my wife in bed as she’s reading some really intense sex books on her kindle. (She reads when I fall asleep).
I would like some other people’s thoughts on this. Would it be a fair comparison to pornography? Is it appropriate within a marriage?
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2023.06.02 14:45 njsuxbutt Dividing assets in this financial climate

I’m getting divorced in NY. My stbx husband and I need to discuss how we want to divide assets. I don’t trust him not to try and take advantage of me. He’s a lawyer, though not a divorce lawyer, and I only have a limited grasp of my rights and entitlements. I am speaking to a lawyer today but also want to get some other opinions. The issue is that we share a house and various investments. Some debt. I want to keep the house and he can keep the investments. Unfortunately i think id have to refinance to get his name off the deed. We bought the house at a really good time. Refinancing now would double my interest rate. Is there a way to get him to relinquish his rights to the house without the extra financial burden? I now have to maintain the house on only my salary. The debt we share also has my name on it. I think he should take my name off the debt because it’s tied to the investments he will be keeping but I don’t know if he’d agree to that. The loan we took out was based on the equity we have on the house. If he no longer owns the house they probably won’t refinance his loan. Would the loan even be valid if he loses ownership of the house and doesn’t try to take my name off?
Unfortunately I am ignorant of financial and legal matters. That was his area of expertise and I trusted he’d always have my back in that area. Like how I always had his back in my areas of expertise. But now we are in opposition.
Do we just have to suck it up and accept the cost? I want a clean break asap. But I don’t want to lose everything I’ve worked for my whole life.
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2023.06.02 14:44 Teachtaughtaught text friends or Text my friends

Can I just say: I text friends. Or does the verb need a pronoun?
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2023.06.02 14:44 No-Contribution-7866 Overwhelmed venting

I (33f) have a one 7 year old daughter and my husband (34m) has two (13 and 3). We have my 7yo and his 13yo pretty much full time during the school year in the exception of every other weekend.
I am a teacher home for the summer and my DD is with me the regular schedule and only goes to her dad’s every other weekend and Wednesday afternoon. I’ve enrolled her in a few day camps here and there just so I can have a little bit of time for myself. SD (13) decided to spend the summer at her moms house and help out at an in home daycare to make some money. Now she’s telling her dad that she wants to come here EVERY weekend during the summer to find people in the neighborhood to have their grass cut. While I love her so much, I was really looking forward to having those quiet every other weekend specially since I am already at home with my DD all summer. My SD’s mom said the only way she could come over here is if we go pick her up from her house (45 mins away). My DD is going to her dad’s for the weekend later this afternoon and my husband picked up an extra shift today to work from 5-10pm. I was looking forward to a few hours alone since SD (13) is coming over this weekend. I don’t have any set plans yet for the everting, but I would honestly be okay just spending a few hours in silence by myself. Well, my husband asked me if I could go pick her up while he is working tonight. I said no. I asked him to pick her up either when he got off work at 10 (he will be close to where she is) or Saturday morning when he was off. We got into an argument last night about how he is always expected to drive to pick her up and drop her off, but that’s not my business. I guess I just don’t want it to become my responsibility unless it’s something I offer to do.
I’ve been feeling kind of frustrated overall lately with how my husband feels about about my time off during the summer. Our other SD (3) comes over every Thursday after he gets off work and every other weekend. Yesterday I had plans to meet up with some friends and their kids at one of their pools. I met him close to work ,which is about 30 minutes away, to drop off the car seat he forgot for him to pick up his DD (3) after work. He got upset with me because I didn’t offer to pick up his SD (3) right then and there and said it wasn’t fair to her because she would also enjoy going to the pool and not being at daycare. So although I really didn’t want to, we picked her up from her daycare at 10:30 in the morning and I hung out with her until 5 when he got home. It was fine, but I was needing a break by the time he got home. I guess it goes back to being expected to do things I don’t offer to do. He did take both my DD and his to get some food when he got home while I worked out.
I know he wants equal treatments for all of our kids, but I am I in the wrong for feeling frustrated? I love his kids and when they are with us, I treat them like I do my daughter. However, they have a mom. I work with kids all year long busting my butt off and I think my summer is well deserved. I should be able to dictate how I want to use my free time. I feel like he’s trying to put more responsibility on me just because I do have that time off…
End of vent
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2023.06.02 14:43 RevolutionaryBuy630 Exploded sunroof

Exploded sunroof
Hello, hope everyone is well. This is my first time posting here. We just bought a 2023 GX and have had it for a month now. Today I was driving it and all of a sudden I heard a huge pop come from the roof area. After parking I later found out that the sunroof had blown out from the inside. When this happened there were no other vehicles around nor were there vehicles coming in my direction. It was early in the morning during my commute.
I took the truck to Lexus and they service rep said that they’ve never seen this happen and that I would probably have to go through my insurance. I once again explained that it was no fault of my own and that they needed to investigate it further. I should get a call back tomorrow to hear some news.
Any recommendations on how to handle this? I’m trying to avoid going through my insurance. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.02 14:43 AberrantRambler Early access PC + Console

I’ve got early access on PC and will probably pick up the PS5 version for couch play at some point.
If I buy the regular game for PS5 will I be able to play my early access character right now or would I have to wait until the game is regularly launched? Or to play early access on a platform do you need an edition which gives early access?
Ie is the early access tied to my account/character or to the platform purchase?
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2023.06.02 14:43 RealisticTomato7830 bro...

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2023.06.02 14:41 Der_KaizerII German Shepard Puppy Advice

I recently bought a nearly 8-week-old German Shepard pup. I've had old dogs before this is my first pup that's mine.
Just want some guidance and tips and tricks, especially with comforting anxiety and rewards.
On his first day, he is doing alright with the toilet but wants to do number 2 in a specific spot which is far to get to. I reward poo and pee outside with “good toilet” and haven't yelled when peed inside just taken outside immediately which still might have been scary.
Anxious in the crate. I'm not sure what I'm doing with crate training because food lures aren't working on the first day. I just need this to be able to fook dinner, sleep, and go to school when no one else is at home. I don't know if I should let him out when he whines. Is that rewarding bad behaviour or comforting because he's distressed and I want to hug him?
Leash issues, I have been using a house line some inline trainers insist on. When outside to keep him under control and safe any pressure results in somersaults and head shaking. So I let him go because I don't want to hurt himself.
Once this simple stuff is done and he comfortable I want to do heel, sit, stay, entrance waiting, e.c.t. I want him to be very good and disciplined but DO NOT want him to be separated from me. I want play, sleep with, cuddle, he's my best bud. Can I achieve both worlds?
I am going to keep going, I know he's a new pup.
Just want some direction as I'm new to training and this community, Thanks!
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2023.06.02 14:40 Lithicbitch How do I best play with my cat when I have chronic pain?

I live with my partner and our sweet little calico cat Elsa (2yo). Elsa is a super energetic and playful indoor cat and we love to play together a lot. We have a very close bond and she is the most amazing and affectionate cat.
The problem is, I have a lot of health issues and chronic pain which can make it hard for me sometimes to engage in playtime. The pain usually comes in cycles so sometimes I can play with her a lot but other times it's really tough. Thankfully I have my partner that plays with her too so she is getting that playtime she needs to be stimulated. We are very keen on that!
However, I still feel very shitty not being able to play with her during my periods of more intense pain. I love doing it and it feels like an important part of our relationship. We do everything together. Elsa is also very communicative and intelligent so we can understand each other very well and she is constantly asking me to play with her and it makes me feel so guilty for turning her down too often.
So, my question is if you have any recommendations of how to play with your cat in a way that isn't too painful for the body but still stimulates my cat. Maybe ways to play hunt without moving too much, for example. Also, I am asking about interactive play where I actively can engage with her since the problem is about us actively playing together.
Here is a little background info about us: -My main problem areas are my back and stomach and I can also get very lightheaded and faint from fast movements. Mainly this comes from endometriosis and very low blood pressure. -Elsa loves interactive play like most cats and enjoys stalking the "prey" for a looong time. -Elsa also really likes to play catch with a ball. I will throw it across the apartment and she will run after it but instead of bringing it to me, she wants me to run after it, pick it up and then throw it again (so running and moving quickly). -Elsa is also very amused by chasing each other around our apartment and playing hide and seek
If anyone has any tips and recommendations on how to play more with her in a way that is easier on my body, it would make me so so happy and grateful. I can imagine that there are a lot of other people having the same issues as me, maybe we could help each other. A lot of the times we can play normally but during the more intense periods, it makes me very sad that I am not able to do it like I normally would :(
Elsa makes the pain easier and I want to spend that time with her, for both of us <3
Thank you for listening!
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2023.06.02 14:40 thatstufheeeeee I think they’re need to be a discussion on how much effort madden put into they’re game this year or lack thereof

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2023.06.02 14:40 throwawayladystuff When to switch from feet in/froggy to feet out?

I've been carrying my now 5 week old (9lb) in my Solly baby wrap with feet in, but it's getting warm so I need to switch to a linen carrier pretty soon.
I have the HB OG, Sakura Bloom Scout, and a linen ring sling (just typing that is a bit embarrassing. haha) but i can't figure out in which one/s she still needs to have her feet in in a froggy position vs out like when they're older? Most of the online instructions just say "newborn" which isn't particularly helpful. TIA!
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2023.06.02 14:40 LittleRedWolf555 Entertaining becoming too much

This is a question for both steps and bio parents, how much time do you spend actively entertaining / doing things for / playing with etc the kids. We have SD7 and 4 50/50 and every waking moment is spent entertaining them, serving them and revolving around them. I just want to know how normal it is to dedicate every waking second to children. If I want to sit for 5 mins I have to hide in another room or go in to the bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, I understand children have needs but this seems a lot, they won’t entertain themselves or play with out my or my OHs involvement - he doesn’t seem to see anything abnormal about it but it’s wearing me down. I’ve been a stepmom for a year and a half and I feel like I’m starting to feel worse instead of more at ease in it. Basically… is this normal or do I need to set up some boundaries and have a conversation with OH? SD7 is worse in terms of needing entertained, SD4 will play on her own but SD7 can’t focus or do anything on her own, despite being an intelligent child who does well in school.
Do I accept this is just what having kids is like?
Just to clarify, I’m not talking about their basic needs or spending some family time, this is from the moment they wake until they go to bed
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2023.06.02 14:39 ghosttown__ What are your favorite quotes or lessons about having ADHD?

I’m graduating from medical school and I need a yearbook write up. Having ADHD was really a struggle for me but I survived so I want a write up that talks about neurodivergence/ADHD. Wondering if you have suggestions on what I can write. Can be serious, witty, or anything under the sun. THANK YOU!
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2023.06.02 14:39 Crafty-Practice4193 I’m regretting reacting, and need reassurance or something

So my bpd ex did the usual. Super loving sometimes, up & down about us, accusing me of cheating a lot, making me jealous with other women, assuming the worst, losing his temper on me, make things for me to reach out when I wasn’t talking & calling me names. etc
I use to have anger issues & a lot of mental health struggles because I grew up in an abusive home but got therapy. So I was very patient & understanding. I can’t really think of a time during the relationship I wasn’t. I didn’t even know he had bpd I just thought he had bad anxiety cause his divorce was recent. I’d tried to help ground him a lot & hold his hand. He’d tell me I been the best person to him But It got to a point where even my friends who liked him a lot started to be like forget this.
Well we had a final break up which got messy. . I also got tired because ppl were like sounds like he wants you to chase him. I also think he wanted me to go crazy cause I told him about past stuff I regretted like damaging an exes property after the dude cheated on me & my bpd ex said “that’s hot how do I get you to do that?” I was also sick w/ covid & finally took him back after he asked me for a month. So final break up I start wondering if he’s cheating & I check his phone & the numbers. He finds out & screams at me that I’m a psycho then 3way phones his boss in who I guess was one of the numbers. We don’t talk for months.
He unblocks me & we talk again & start getting intimate again. I played it cool a lot like I didn’t react to our break up but the whole time I missed him . Well he finds out I’m talking to other people cause he said he didn’t care. He definitely did care because he messaged them how I’m desperate & crazy. I finally lost my shit after also finding out he’s been telling his friends, family & any stranger he met online the same plus also my private details about my life like my infertility issues.
So I started posting him in girl dating groups to warn people about him. I message people one of the girls he flirts with & tell her all the bad things he says about her. He finds out. He shows people the screenshots & uses it as now proof that he was right i am crazy. I start struggling with old ptsd symptoms again which made me more mad. I wanted to show him I’m not the one to fuck with and also to quit telling my private business.
So I message people that are close to him that he needs mental help. I show them screenshots of him admitting to stalking me , him guilt tripping me and crying , threatening to hurt himself etc. I message his friends that are girls how he is crazy & to be careful & here’s him harassing me & here’s him playing mind games. I messaged his friend who I found out covered for him when he met up with a girl and his wife. Part of me felt great cause I was having random anger all the time and felt like I was defending myself . Some I think I looked crazy& some I think believed me. He found out about it . So sometimes I feel bad that he got embarrassed, that now he’s making it like I harassed him & I hate that he got a reaction out of me.
Idk I just need to vent? Some Of my friends kinda lecture me and some say it’s well deserved
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2023.06.02 14:39 Rich1575 What kind of bug is this?

What kind of bug is this?
Is this a caterpillar? Black with a white vertical stripe. Do I need to save my pepper plant?Looks like a super tiny snake to me😂
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2023.06.02 14:39 EmployerOptimal3773 What is the minimum lvl for Primal Ordeal? Why?

As far as I know, we need to kill Magma Bubble 1 time and the Primal Menace 11 times. Some questions:
1- The Magma Bubble should be killed first, right? So we will kill this boss with hazard 1, the easiest mode, right?
2- Primal Menace hazard 12 is harder than Magma Bubble hazard 1?
3- The path to the boss is quite hard. I always see people running, getting rooted and dying. I guess that it should be much easier if the team goes slowly killing all the mobs, right?
4- I've seen some service teams advertesing this quest for lvl 700+. Why? If soul war can be done nowadays with lvl 250 mage, why is it so hard? I know about the crit hits, but, is it still that hard that only a lvl 700+ can complete it?!
5- Is it possible for a low lvl 600 to be "hidden" in the boss room while the other 4 lvl 1300+ players kill the boss for him? I know that Soul War requires the damage of all 5 players, but it seems that this Primal boss is "easier" to kill.
Note: I'm not going to pay for a service team to "drive" my char. I want to pay the dominando to help me through the quest, but I will play on my char.
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