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2023.03.21 22:46 thsfightgearltd My best buy so far, listed low at £59.99 FBA. Might be a little while for the sale but should be worth it!

My best buy so far, listed low at £59.99 FBA. Might be a little while for the sale but should be worth it! submitted by thsfightgearltd to Flipping [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:46 thsfightgearltd My best buy so far, listed low at £59.99 FBA. Might be a little while for the sale but should be worth it!

My best buy so far, listed low at £59.99 FBA. Might be a little while for the sale but should be worth it! submitted by thsfightgearltd to FBABooks [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:46 luumia133 [EU][Chaos][LFM][Static][HC][WP] Looking for serious individuals for World prog - early w1.

We're looking for individually skilled players with the proper mindset and experience in either world prog or early week 1 clears. Following roles will be up for recruitment as of now:
x1 Tank (any job as our tank can flex) x1 Melee (any job as our melee can flex) x1 Healer (any job as our healer can flex) x1 Caster (up for discussion as we might not be in need of it, entirely depends on release date, but any exceptional applicant can be considered).
Also in need of 10th, refer to application form and specify relevant information.
Our end result and ranking for TOP with a HC schedule week one transitioning into sHC week 2-3: r35 World r7 EU Guild page: https://www.fflogs.com/guild/id/108240
The core group has played together for about 2 tiers, with healer being a new addition since the release of TOP. All of which have multiple week 1 clears, and some with WP experience. We're looking for individuals that can first and foremost carry their own weight, no hand holding should be required, but also that you provide as much attention and dedication to the group as you'll be getting from the group. Research and external help if necessary should be made through your spare time outside of prog or during breaks if needed be. We do NOT tolerate uncontrollable tilt mid prog, whether it's frustration or whatnot, you should express yourself in a constructive way rather than being passive-aggressive. The maturity level of the group is high and we expect you to be on par with that. However we obviously do enjoy some banter when the time is right for it. Other requirements for joining is somewhat self explanatory, relevant experience to what we're looking for, whether it's world prog or early week 1. We'd prefer an outspoken social person who can mesh well with the group in general but also keep playing together after prog, whether it's for optimisation or speed. You should have a stable internet and lifestyle with little to no disturbance during prog to make it as smooth as possible, using voice is also mandatory. We'll also be doing split clears, so having a prepared alt is a necessity.
If you consider applying to the group, kindly make sure to fill the application form and we'll get back to you - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeDfziXJLAMpifQPnhg-cDXPHM_3nUH-IwJezX7KiYFXvvPIw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0&usp=mail_form_link
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2023.03.21 22:44 lars2k1 Relocating files in new install - see comment for details

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2023.03.21 22:42 Tompkins-275 VOD - How to deny good flankers?

Hi! I’m a relatively new tank player trying to climb to diamond out of plat.
This game here (Code: QFVE44) is a really good example, I think, of an issue I’m running into as I’m climbing: how, assuming low communication (this is metal ranks on console) does one effectively peel against and manage good flankers?
In this game, it’s Kings Row and I am the Ramattra (handle: Argonaute50). Although, as the first few engages show, I think I had the edge on the enemy tank, the enemy dps eventually picked reaper and genji/sombra/junkrat and did a really good job of disassembling my backline.
I want advice on this VOD because, in this game, I tried my best! I was focusing really hard on looking behind me frequently to help my awareness and catch the flankers (which I do succeed in doing a few times), and saving certain resources to repel their attacks (e.g. my ult on second round second point).
But, it wasn’t enough. So, if anyone can give me tips on how to deny good flankers, in this game and in general, I’d really appreciate it.
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2023.03.21 22:42 Odd_Cell4233 Possible CKD

I'm a 22 yo female. Since last year my creatinine has been from 1.24 to 1.34. I brought this to my doctor's attention and was referred to a nephrologist. I did new test and my eGFR was 59 before, and now 70. However, my protein/creatinine ratio in urine is 759 mg/g, the albumin/creatinine ratio is 390 mcg/mg, and the kappa light chain is 19.5 mg/L. Anything else looks fine. He said that I shouldn't worry and that amount of protein is normal. Should I be calm and accept his diagnosis? I'm concerned he's ignoring my results because I'm young, physically active and have an overall healthy lifestyle. Should I look for a second opinion?
I don't have diabetes or hypertension, or any other remarkable problems besides that.
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2023.03.21 22:40 Fustriethammer Finished a game for the first time ever.

Finished a game for the first time ever.
And won, at that.
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2023.03.21 22:40 OrionLinksComic What a horror concept that need a horror comics?

you know you just noticed that horror doesn't need monsters or stabbers to scare you and terrorize you. and we are currently in the time of the elevator horror, which can be pretty WTF but also unique for that reason.
liminal space and absolute solitude: it's interesting in the time when one is almost perfectly connected, loneliness is still strong. but that's why it's kind of an interesting topic and you can see a lot that's just a fascination for it. liminal space has also become a pseudonym for an ear that is normal but somehow uncanny. and then imagine you're there alone and just don't have a plan what's going on and can't seem to figure out a way. but somehow structures that seem to be man-made but somehow inhuman from the design, blame! is a rather interesting manga that is set in some world that is more of an industrial facility and quite hostile. Das Schiff der verlorenen Kinder a comic here from Germany technically has something like that in its DNA. basically it's been five brothers who suddenly realize their room is suddenly on a cruise ship and this cruise ship is full of monsters. there a structure like a ship becomes a character in itself, be it e.g. nobody fully knows the story about this soul catcher or what about the waters it is sailing on.
corrupt nostalgia: the past is always complicated my friends and as you get older you realize shit the world is scary. I think the reason why we use nostalgia to give you a horror shock is precisely because it's unexpected but still confidential. I mean the internet has given birth to things like don't hug me I'm scared which technically shows what if the tenth circle of hell was a puppet show or petscop which basically looks like a harmless video game from the PS1 Era then develops into a story about the past of the Let's Player who is in the video and his not so easy childhood. Ice cream Man likes to do that, it's just kind of nostalgic flair from good old suburban America to snatch the innocence right away brutal. but also just what is perhaps a little less known is DWELLINGS by jay stephens, which tells quite disturbing stories in the art style of the old Harvey comics.
And what are you recommendation?
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2023.03.21 22:39 sgmhlab Healthy Relationship Survey for Gay, Bi, and Queer Men (Greater NYC Area) (18-25)

Hi folks, Do you identify as a gay, bi, or queer man? Do you live in the greater New York City area? Are you within the ages of 18-25? You may be eligible to participate in a paid research study on healthy relationships for up to $220. Learn more and see if you are eligible at: www.tinyurl.com/sgmhlab
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2023.03.21 22:36 Lets_think_with_this Wonder how they live togheter

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2023.03.21 22:35 YalsonKSA Hearing Robert talking in the latest Alfredo Stroessner episode about starting a coup with a bit of culture, I thought you might like to know that it has happened, and it wasn't bastards who did it.

What follows is the transcript of a piece I wrote for a (UK-based) radio show a couple of years ago, so apologies in advance for the slightly odd phrasing and the presumption of a certain level of knowledge of Eurovision Song Contest history.
Anyone who'd followed the build-up to the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest would have been forgiven for wondering if the entire event was losing its mind.
To begin with, the 1974 contest was held in Brighton in the UK, despite the fact Luxembourg had won the previous year. Normally the winner claimed the right to host the next pageant, but Luxembourg declined as 1973 was its second successive win and the cost of hosting Eurovision twice in a row were too much for the diminutive nation to bear.
Not to be outdone, the UK involved Australia in the contest 41 years before its official debut by choosing Olivia Newton-John as its representative. She courted further controversy by disagreeing with the entry the public voted for and stating afterwards that she'd wanted to sing something else.
This was after France pulled out of the competition at short notice, as it clashed with a memorial service for its former president Georges Pompidou, who'd died in office four days previously. Malta also withdrew, but mysteriously neglected to tell anybody why.
Greece competed for the first time in 1974, but did so under the worst possible conditions, sending a substitute performer after their original entry – rock group Nostradamus – were involved in a scandal involving a rape allegation related to a possible blackmail attempt.
Then the Italian state broadcaster refused to broadcast the competition for the most Italian reason possible: the country was in the middle of an intense referendum campaign over whether to legalise divorce. It was argued that the country's entry – entitled “Si” – could be construed as subliminal message to vote “yes” in the referendum. So although Italy still competed, the song was banned from Italian media.
Ultimately, Sweden triumphed with an entry called 'Waterloo'. The writers and performers of the song were a band called ABBA, who used it as a launchpad for a decade-long career in which they sold over 150 million albums and more or less conquered the world.
Amid these shenanigans, observers would have been forgiven for overlooking the Portuguese entry on the night. Most voters certainly did, meaning Paulo de Carvalho's Vegas-style ballad 'E Depois do Adeus' ended the night 14th and equal last alongside Germany and Switzerland, having received only 3 points.
However, certain extremely influential individuals were listening, meaning that Carvalho's song ultimately left a greater mark on history even than ABBA's.
At the time, Portugal was ruled by a brutal quasi-fascist dictatorship known as the Estado Novo, or “New State”. By the early 1970s, this regime was increasingly unpopular due to its oppressive policies and the immense human and financial costs of Portugal's ongoing colonial wars in its African and Asian colonies.
On April 24 1974, 19 days after Carvalho's Eurovision performance in Brighton, a radio station in Portugal's capital, Lisbon, played 'E Depois do Adeus' at 10:55pm. On this signal, an organisation of politically left-leaning Portuguese military officers known as the MFA launched a coup.
The MFA broadcast appealed for the public to stay indoors while it was taking place, but on hearing that someone was trying to overthrow the hated Estado Novo, thousands of civilians took to the streets armed with nothing but red carnations. They gave the flowers to the MFA troops, who wore them on their uniforms and placed them in their gun barrels.
The military coup became a popular movement. Within hours, the “Carnation Revolution” had deposed the Estado Novo with barely a shot fired.
'E Depois do Adeus' translates into English as “and after the farewell”. The following year, Portugal held its first democratic election in nearly half a century.
The song.
The show.
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2023.03.21 22:34 nosskyline Importance of Portraying Belter Physiques on TV and Can it be done?

I am reading through the books for the second time and have just started Caliban's War (Yay! I remember this one being amazing)
One of the details that really pops out at me in the books compared to the TV show is the description of Belters. They are much taller than Earthers, and they have larger heads, all from a childhood in a low or null gravity environment.
Leviathan Wakes tells us that Naomi is a head taller than Jim. Ditto for Miller when compared to the righteous Earther. So, while I'm reading, I imagine that difference in height whenever the characters are in the same room.
That obviously is not the case with the TV show. While I understand the showrunners' reasons for not trying to make Belters look like they do in the books, I can't help but wonder if it can be done.
The main reason I would like to see this portrayed onscreen (besides my belief that source material should always be respected) is because of the importance of Belter physique when it comes to the story. You can begin to see the reasons why they are treated so badly by the Inners. It's a modern (200 years from now) version of racism. It helps the audience understand why the Earthers look down upon Belters. It's a fantastic parallel to real life and the racism we see today.
Let me give you a personal example. I grew up in Eastern Europe in a country where you will rarely see people of African descent, especially if you live far from the capital like I did. My family was given an opportunity to move to the US for work in the late 90s. I was just about 7 years old. I had never seen anyone in my life who wasn't of either Slavic, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Uzbek, Kazhazh, etc (I think you get the point) descent. However, when I moved to the US, it wasn't long until I saw black (African descent) people for the first time. What do you imagine went through my mind at first? They were so different in the way they looked when compared to me, my family, and anyone I'd ever known. It shocked me to the point that for the first weeks after becoming an immigrant, I had thoughts and feelings that I think can be classified as racist. I say I "think" because I don't remember feeling any hatred, but rather fear of the unknown and total ignorance of who they are. Despite the lack of hatred, it feels immoral when I remember how I felt. That being said, it didn't take long for those feelings to vanish. How? Well ... I went to school and got a chance to talk and interact with the people I considered so different from me. In no time at all, I got past any and all prejudices as I realized these people are just like me on the inside, meaning there was no logical reason to have any negative feelings. I soon became friends with several black students. Today, my best friend happens to be black. The difference in skin color makes no difference to us. We're good friends and are very comfortable discussing any topics, including race and injustice. Since that experience in childhood, I have had a strong dislike towards racists because it makes no sense to treat people differently based on something they did not choose. But I also understand how it happens to people, and what they need to do to get past it.
That's exactly what we see in The Expanse. Most Earthers had never seen a Belter in person. They had never spoken to one. They had never worked together. Just like the young me in Eastern Europe in the 90s when it came to people of African descent. All they think about is what they see, which is a person who looks completely different. If they could just speak to one another, they would realize they have more in common than they think.
E.g. I wonder if Amos first had any initial negative feelings toward Belters? If so, I'm sure it didn't take long for him to reject those feelings and work together with the new people he met.
We all have our own understanding of what it means to be normal, usually based on what we experienced in childhood. When we see someone who doesn't look like what we're familiar with, we start to make hasty, fearful, and irrational assumptions. Due to our fear of the unknown, we assume that the "different" people don't share our values and morals, meaning they might be a threat. Rubbish.
The differences between Earthers and Belters are so much more prevalent than the differences between races on Earth today. That is why the racism in The Expanse is so realistic and helps to explain why the situation in the Belt is so dire for so many. It's easy for Earthers to see Belters as "not human" and justify their cruelty towards them. Not only is it realistic, but the racism towards Belters is a key part of the story throughout the books.
Now, back to the show. Belters are usually shown to have tatoos, have hair that stands up, and shaved sides of their heads. They also have their own language. That does make the audience see a difference, but it's nowhere near the difference described in the books. In fact, there are many scenes in the show where you cannot tell if someone where someone is from. E.g. Doris, Prax's friend in Season 2, who stayed with the injured botanist after the first battle of Ganymede. I assumed she was a Belter until she said, "I'm going back to Mars. I still have family there." She was also spaced with the rest of the Inners who were onboard the refugee ship. So ... apparently, she's Martian. I had no idea because she doesn't look any different from Prax, who's only Belter characteristic is his hairstyle.
Overall, I feel like the show is missing a key component of the story by not having the Belters share the physique of their book counterparts.
I'm curious to hear from others on whether or not you would try to make Belters realistic on-screen and also how it would be done. CGI? Prosthetics? Any other techniques?
Thank you for reading. I hope this opens up a good discussion. Have a wonderful day!
TLDR - Belter physique is vital because it helps explain why they're so oppressed by Earth. It's the same racism we've always seen. The show lacks this element. Would you change this and how?
Tenye discussion gut, beratnas!
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2023.03.21 22:34 ichbindulol_ I already beat it and got the rewards, but now its back like this, Elite is also locked, I wanted to know if this is in any way a reoccuring bug or anything or if im just lucky (and if I would do it again, would it do anything to my acc? would I get flagged bc I did it twice?)

I already beat it and got the rewards, but now its back like this, Elite is also locked, I wanted to know if this is in any way a reoccuring bug or anything or if im just lucky (and if I would do it again, would it do anything to my acc? would I get flagged bc I did it twice?) submitted by ichbindulol_ to btd6 [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:34 Affable_wolves Which universities to study violin in Europe esp. Germany ?

I’m going to be finished my music studies here in Australia in July of 2024 and I want to go and study postgrad violin in Europe (given that it is the birthplace of classical music + living overseas for a year or two is an important goal of mine, I feel that it will be a good move)
I speak some decentish German (+ I feel I could improve it quite quickly) and have loose family connections in Germany, so that is where I am initially drawn - however the biggest pull is price - I don’t have much in savings so will have to work to support my living costs while overseas, so I can only really look at low or no fee courses, and I know a lot of German courses are essentially free. However I am open to anywhere else in Europe with low or no fees.
What is really important to me, however, is an open-minded approach to music. I am worried a lot of the places I’m looking at will be very traditional/conservative I.e. only want me to play ‘the classics’. As much as I love my Mozart and Beethoven, I want to feel free to continue playing the music of living composers and women and non-classically trained musicians, and I want to feel free to play things for people that they haven’t necessarily heard before, including things that might surprise them. I want to continue to work as a musician interested in the whole medium of sound, not just the pieces from a few short decades a long time ago. This attitude of ‘Brahms or nothing’ is particularly strong in violinists where I live compared to other instrumentalists, and it is hard to know what cities/schools/teachers WON’T have that attitude without having ever been there. And I probably can’t afford to go and visit to investigate before I move.
So I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of knowledge of schools/teachers that are open to modern thinking and new music etc. without compromising on technique and high-quality artistry. I want to refine my skills as an artist, not just a cultural conservationist.
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2023.03.21 22:33 Thesauce05 [USA-KY] [H] Oculus Rift CV1, Ryzen 3600X, MSI RTX 2070, Motherboards, Label Printer, Docking Station [W] PayPal

Hello all! Sorry for the poor formatting. I only ever use Reddit mobile. I’ve got a few things to sell that have been sitting around for too long. May be some dust or a bit of hair on a few things, but everything is pretty clean and well taken care of by me. Some things have been stuffed in a closet for quite some time.
All prices are shipped. If you’re interested in local and can meet around my schedule I can knock a bit off the prices. (Local is 40511)
Up first is an Oculus Rift CV1 with extra sensor. I bought this off eBay sometime before 2020 and only used it less than 10 times before boxing it up and putting it in the closet. Worked fine when I used it last. Has a bit of dust on it. Asking $150
Next is my Ryzen 3600X. I can’t remember when exactly I got this but I bought it new maybe in late 2019. Used it until last month when I upgraded to a 5800X3D. Works great. I never tried to OC it and it was under an AiO it’s entire life. Comes in the original box with the original, unused air cooler. There’s a bit of thermal paste that got too close to the pins for me to be comfortable trying to clean it. Asking $80.
Third is my MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z. This was an RMA card from MSI they sent me to replaced my dead 1070 from spring 2020. Used until last month when I got a 6800XT. I never OC’d or mined on this card. It’ll come in the non-retail package it was sent to me in. Asking $200.
Next is an Asus Prime Z270-AR. I don’t remember when exactly I got this. Late 2017 maybe. Used it until I got the 3600X and was planning on building another PC with it, but never did. Worked fine when decommissioned. Comes with IO shield and original box. Asking $50
I’ve got a Gigabyte GA-B250M-DS3H that I bought around summer 2017 and built a cheap PC in. Used it until I got the Z270 above. Worked fine until decommissioned. I don’t have a CPU slot cover, but I’ve had paper clamped in it for protection. This one will come with the IO shield and in a random MB box. Asking $30.
The Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo I purchased as an open box item about a year or so ago thinking I would starting selling and shipping more stuff, but I never did. It has sat in the closet until I decided to clean stuff out and tested it. It works fine. I don’t have any labels for it. The ones I used for testing were just a couple left in the box. Comes with power cable, USB cable and original box. Asking $175.
Lastly is a Dell D3100 docking station. This was also an open box item purchased about a year ago. However it never worked. I finally decided to have a go at it and it had a solder bridge on the power input. Took it apart and cleaned it up and it works perfectly. Comes with all cables and original box. Asking $50.
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2023.03.21 22:33 dinodoobiesaurus What next for me?

TLDR, my unconscious has become conscious, therapy failed but I'm kicking trauma butt generationally, yet I'm still so broken. Is there a version of talk therapy that would help me and my daughter?
I (M40+) have CPTSD, 2months premie, no touch for 8 weeks in an incubator, sick brother who passed away from 2-6. Violent childhood “you should have died instead of ” beatings, homeless teen 30+ PTSDs, no education past 16. Turned my life around at 21, successful adult working just below C-Level in large MMCs, lived in a couple of different countries, still don’t own a house but who can these days if you live in a major city.
Therapy of 5 years went wrong for me 1 1/2 years ago. We had a rupture and she told me she felt a deep love for me, she thought our inner childs connected, Im one of her favourite client, always in her head, she always envisioned she would ask me to be friends 2 years from when she retired or I finished treatment, if I left she would be devastated and need therapy herself. 100% invested in me and my daughters outcome.
I ran, that’s terrifying to me… not aware I was attached and it ripped all my repressed trauma out and I started to have nonstop flashbacks from when I was 18months old to 21. I went back asking what the hell is happening help! but she made mistake after mistake desperately trying to salvage and repair but my trauma just consumed us e.g. complimenting my inner child and angering my protector parts as she wasn’t safe, poking a flashback instead of grounding, she started to be in my trauma nightmares, I ended up burning the relationship to prevent me from keep going back and she probably should have terminated/transferred me out long before that point as it always made me worse if I tried to re-engage with her. I was stuck in flashbacks for a year, my log comes to approx 69,700 flashbacks, it was rough and terrifying. Private Hospitals turned me away, 80% of therapist will not touch me, the few that would had no idea how to help get me out of that state. My daughters attachment completely shutdown from the way I was neglecting her from being so nonfunctional and broken.
I used to be bitter at the lack of accountability and how the industry turned away, apparently it as my attachment that played out… A hospital even said “We have seen this a few times, its sad when this happens but imagine what it would be like for the other patients, hear how you talk, everything you learnt, all your work and yet this can happen, what would it do to them?” I felt like the industries dirty secret.
This isn’t an anti therapy post though. I'm glad it went wrong as I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did with my daughter’s challenges. I just don’t know what to do next and want to see if anyone has any ideas or resource materials that might help?
I found Dr Dan Browns 3 pillaPerfect Parent work via a podcast: therapy uncensored TU87 complex trauma and attachment. It taught me that CPTSD is a disorganised attachment with trauma on top… heal the attachment then the trauma can clear without much work, or you can then clear it relationally… It made me realize I gave my daughter a disorganised attachment, her fear of my voice/face expression is the fear of us rupturing from my triggers and me withdrawing, dissociating instead of watching over her from the pain my love for her brings me. A separation incident when she was 2 her first “PTSD”, (who am I kidding, Im probably PTSD 1-10). We thought she was HSP, intense from birth, smart, deep, very verbal… She has just been diagnosed ASD1, her behviours only really kicked off after the separation incident and got worse as I got worse. I figured I have to get myself out of the flashbacks, I can’t give up as that would be another PTSD for her… I have to heal our attachment to heal her challenges. In my hardest night as a teen, my 16 year old self swore if he ever had a child they would never feel what he did and yet I had failed this badly? It might be ASD but Im going to visit the elephant in the room… Im going to call it pre-verbal PTSDs/sensory overloads, developmental and attachment trauma all from me that is probably implicit memories now… She has CPTSD if Dan Browns view is right and developing in constant flight/flight would present as autism from the sensory overload.
I ended up creating my own therapy modality for when therapy goes wrong. I work in an industry where if things go wrong we fix it and then spread awareness, if Dan Brown knew why therapy goes wrong for some or makes them feel worse and had a solution, the signs of too much trauma and disassociation, why does the industry not know and try to fix that failure rate? Just look at therapyabuse, its all attachment trauma, BDP/CPTSD. I can’t be angry at my ex-therapist when she was doing what she taught and was setup for failure - Trauma informed would make me worse due to my sensory and trauma profile.
It worked, my approach stopped my flashbacks, I then adapted it for my daughter. Heal her attachment and her trauma will pass. As I was reading more psych stuff, scraping university’s for learning materials and reading books to understand therapy, the process, what it should have been, I came across Aletha Solters developmental psych work… This women is a child whisperer. Her books tears and tantrums, attachment play and healing your traumatised child are incredible, it was all the missing pieces of my kids behavior. Bruce Perrys work and the concept of a child not being able to get themselves out of the trauma brain stem… My wife was stressed by my first few flashbacks when she was pregnant. Our kid was 4+Kg and we are small… All early signs we were unaware of and not getting picked up by the health industry, GPs should have a checklist our family situation is so textbook its tragic.
I took my kid to the beach and we went in the cold sea for cold therapy, use our reflexes if we can’t do it together naturally: shocking us both back into the parasympathetic nervous system, I did this a few times every couple of days, it also matches the concept of the intensity of the play should be close to the trauma that Aletha writes about. Me holding her as she can’t swim bringing her arousal up and down via cold temp and keeping her safe (She loved putting her private parts under the cold tap which gave me that idea! Very Freudian her parts knew what she needed, my version of IFS, I listened to your sensory parts as senses comes before emotion, that is how stupid I went with therapy concepts, joking around and doing the opposite). I got her OT to train to do Proges Safe and Sound protocol, hit the polyvagal nerve too (I wasn’t going to rely on just one approach). I then used attachment concepts and Aletha’s Attachment Play concepts to be the perfect parent as per Dan Browns approach, as I can’t teach my kid to visualize yet. I need to be that parent. I’ve built a plan up until 12 for a child 3 pillar approach, teaching her meta cognitive awareness and more explore/group activities to heal her attachment wounds and feel more safe with people.
Here is an example, my daughters ASD food sensitivity behaviour: treat it as a pre-verbal “trauma/stress” that was some how caused by me (I rushed her one time and playing over sad another time that she didn’t like a new dish I made… she is that empathic and sensitive…) I noticed she was activated in a flight fight by the way she was moving her body and lips like I would when I struggle to eat feeling sick when triggered and figured of course you wouldn’t want to eat in the mode, I asked to leave the room to make her feel safe, let her know I wasn’t angry at her. My wife attuned to her fear and made her feel safe, set the boundary that we can’t cook something else and then gave her the choice to eat it on her own or be spoon fed like a baby but Mum will pretend to be a robot to feed her… Aletha’s concept of regression play to heal … they laughed together though the meal. Afterwards I come back and ask if I can do that with her next time. She laughs and says yes but you have to pretend to throw food in my face if Im too slow (One of my concepts is that people hide insecurities in humour… ) It worked, she asked to do it again every now and then if she struggles as she might not be sure if she likes a dish, sometimes she likes it sometimes she just gives it a go and leaves a bit but its laughter between us all then the next time she eats the dish on her own if she liked it.
She started to ask to play hide and seek outside, in groups of people, in supermarkets, taking it more and more extreme healing her own separation trauma. She asks for pillow fights with me, building games with all the concepts Aletha writes, it so profound to witness… Its textbook, my daughrer hasnt read the book but she is asking to play the exact games written in the book for each challenge. We can watch other kids and see the same in them. She started a new school and just walked in from the car with no tears on day 2, didn’t even need a teacher. Pre-December she used to cry up until I passed her to the teacher for handover.
We played hide and seek for a year in OT but nothing changed. It wasn’t until my idea to get her out of the trauma brain stem did we see the shift, she no longer loops over fears, her attachment system opened up and made friends. She stopped grinding her teeth in her sleep. Now she acts like a sensitive anxious kid and people don’t believe us if we tell them she has ASD. My wife cried at what I had achieved last year but at the same time says she feels disgust that she loves me and had a kid with me. That me being me broke our daughter.
The therapists Ive tried to see just say I’m intimidating, the self awareness and the amount I have read this year, how does your brain even put that together, there is too much going on in there. I take them through every concept that impacted me growing up my modality and approaches. The way I mashed up lots of concepts, natural reflexes/Wim Hoff/Porges/IFS/Dan Browns/Love Languages/Alteha’s into a healing force. How I used symbolic play to heal my therapy trauma via my complaint that I never bothered submitting like a silly man child. I feel like none of them can help though. I need someone that can help build practical interventions for the challenges based off the psych concept at play or guide me to them. Not just talking about the problems, if I had reframed and listened that I was doing enough, there is no such thing as disorganised in a child, its just 33% of the time you have to get it right, its not me, its never the parents etc my child would be way down the spectrum with a closed attachment system. Therapist also don’t give advice… e.g. My child hid pain… No one could help figure out what to do… It was poor Interoceptive awareness plus the fear of showing negative emotions. e.g. a parent hitting a wall whilst holding their baby and pretending the baby is hurt then the baby starts to cry but in reverse. She is too shocked by the external impact to process it so shutdowns. I used DBT concept, a whiteboard to draw out what just happened, describe what she might be feeling but visually, bringing her back into awareness… She cried! She now scolds me if she hurts herself as somehow its my fault as it makes her feel safe to cry straight away. Now it is just me holding that anger at me, accepting it and then gently DBTing describing her experience to help her process what really happened in the moment. Building that trust and safety back.
An example for how I treat myself now. I lost my hearing in Feb, Nerusensori hearing loss, it came back and sound hurt like knifes digging in my ears. Loud noises left me in agony for 2-3 days. The Drs went be glad your hearing is back, get therapy for the life adjustments… You read of people close to suicide, relationships ruined by this condition. My daughter started to regress as I withdrew, her laughter hurting my ears too much. (Pretty cruel after a year of flashback to get a setback like that)
So I treated it like the trauma it was… I went and did cold therapy for me(I have other tricks for getting out of the trauma response, people reading this please don’t throw yourself in the sea or your autistic kids either), dive in the sea and screamed a rude word every couple of days, I figured I can’t get myself out of the brain stem too and this was really traumatic. Remedial massages to loosen the muscles around the ear that would have tensed up in the trauma guarding response. That would be pinching the ear nerve making the muscle tense stuck in a loop… Acupuncture as that is better than massages and a lesson in mindfulness to relax else it hurts more and then the Watson headache technique to loosen up C1/C2 that would also be upsetting the brainstem by the muscles all tightening up…. It worked, in 5 days hearing stopped hurting, then I went and got a muscle relaxer from the GP which took all the remaining pain away and went out forcing myself to go hear loud noises in the city and heal the trauma response that had started to happen from the fear of the pain. Trauma doesnt seem to stick anymore, I have a slightly stronger base.
I don’t dissociate anymore, when I struggle I visualise the energy in my nervous system as what some people would call your spirit but in the form of a flame, mine is strong but burns red (anger), green, orange, giving off toxic smoke, sometimes gasping its last breath other time roaring out hurting people around it, no matter how hard Im trying its hurting the flames around it, suffocating them too. I have to hold my flame in love, pure and white, strong but not too intense, the white light people say they see is just someone achieving non-duality with the collective conscious, the energy within us all etc. I picture the moment with my ex-therapist, the safety, attunement, the moment of profound deep love between us (it wasn’t sexual just a deep human connection, I prefer the label kindred spirits). That is my calm base what I am taking from the relationship and integrating, the rest I am letting go of. I find that space within me and then I bring the love I have for my daughter into that space, the first 4 months oxycontin feeling. I give that to myself then I roar my spirit/flame in delight.. upwards, not grounding for coming up with this nonsense. I then bring the disregulation back and hold it in that love and delight like a parent would to their baby in the first few months. After a while the disregulation passes and then I ground myself briefly… My daughter taught me that. “Sometimes its good to have quiet play but other times I need to let the energy out”. Like “circle of security” you should always end any trauma work in delight.
I hold my daughters disregulation and the way it triggers me the same way. The disgust in myself for how I failed so badly that makes me lash out in frustration, how that disgust brings onion layers of my own traumas to the surface that I hold in that flame meditation in the moment of trying to sooth us both. I do things like swimming in a cold pool with her so I have to watch her nonstop as she is learning and she can delight as she sees me watching her nonstop plus the top up of cold therapy just in case. Go jump together in a trampoline park (its a way kids regulate and I need it too!), finding activities together that take my weaknesses and make them strengths. Sit on an exercise ball so I can bounce and rock when I watch over her play to keep me present, I almost fall off if I go too much in my head and it brings me back.
I’m going to be her earned secure attachment and she will heal and her sensitivity will be her strength too like they are mine, they say trauma changes your DNA, humans don’t change for it to be a curse, it’s the source of healing.
The thing is… Im still so broken, its been 4 months since I stopped the flashbacks, my nervous system is so fragile, it still has a feather trigger for disregulation, worse than it was before the rupture. Every day is the same activation in the morning that I have to work through or family ruptures/life stresses, my kid is scared of my voice, I can’t not instruct/parent her and have no idea how to really heal that last part, its the old 80/20 rule, its the hard part now. My brain has been problem solving to get out of a life or death situation for so long. I know Ive done it, Ive created a space for my daughter to heal, its just time now, probably for me too, practicing with her will help me heal my nervous system. It just can’t switch off.
I miss my ex-therapist so much. We both said ”its the relationship I needed not the therapy I needed”. My inner child yearns so badly for that safety and attunement, to hear her voice or laugh, her offer of friendship. I wish she kept that to herself as I never thought about that stuff. My protector kicks the inner child in the nuts when he thinks about it, its frowned upon for a reason. You have to learn about separation and endings as part of attachment healing and integration of relationships. It took 4 years to get attached. To even try again with a therapist seems pointless, I’m even less trusting but I need help. That homeless 16 year old that did it himself, he isn’t better off alone… He needs someone to guide him through the chaos so he can go back to being the child he didn’t get to be… The one challenge with doing Dan Browns perfect parent metallisation is “how do you give yourself something you didn’t get, what is that like to experience?” How can I tell myself “I am enough” when I broke my kid and my wife hurts so much from just being near me when Ive been trying so hard? Its a DBT dialect , I am more than enough yet I am not enough. There is only one place that does IPF work in this country and they are in a different state.
If talk/relational therapy would take 4+ years to get attached again and its so hard to find someone due to my situation. What next for me, is there a different type of therapy I should look for? I need relational therapy that helps problem solve and someone wiling to intellectually masturbate this nonsense with me and come up with approaches for my kid. e.g. draw her morning tasks and I’ll just point at them so I don’t have to use my voice to give her instructions causing a meltdown in the morning if she is slow… (a concept from How to talk to kids book but using drawings as she is 5). Any good resources or material I should read?
Now for my stupid theory that I cant see why it upsets people for some reason. What are your thoughts? If some people view CPTSD and BPD as pretty much the same thing just different flavors of trauma... In my daughters case and possibly mine... a highly functioning presentation of ASD or extreme HSP is a presentation of CPTSD where there was a failure to attach before 4 months old, more pre-verbal stuff. (Ive found a few of us with this profile - see Immi [email protected] eggshelltherapy.com, there are types!)
ASD - some one joked your level of diagnoses depends on how much your behaviors annoy your parents
BDP - a diagnoses that depends on how much your behaviors annoy your therapist
Does that mean girls who are over diagnosed with BDP and under diagnosed with ASD are actually an overlap who's sensitivity to trauma and intensity is being mis-diagnosed?
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2023.03.21 22:33 CitizenSnips4 Digital Daily #9 Written Summary — March 19th [Week 2 Nominations + POV Spoilers]

This is a summary of Digital Daily #9 (March 19th). Detailed are events that happen after the POV comp.
Pre-Digital Daily: Dan nominated Renee and Hope [unclear on Hope as the second nom]. The winner of the POV is Zach!
Digital Daily #9 kicks off in the bedroom. General chit-chat and everyday life for a while. In the library, Kuzie and Santina have a talk about the game: Kuzie advises Santina to blame the guys for her JM backdoor; Santina leans into blaming Zach for everything, and reveals that he is her target; we learn that a plan to backdoor Roberto is common knowledge among the houseguests. Later downstairs, Santina and Jonathan discuss the backdoor situation: Jonathan’s best friend is Roberto, so he confides in Santina; Santina continues to rally people against Zach; Jonathan says he would want to work with Jonathan/Santina/Roberto/Dan. Santina goes to the library to have a conversation with Ty: Ty defends Zach by painting him as a bigger target than Santina; Ty suggests they force Zach’s hand by including him in a plan to evict Dan, possibly next week; we learn that Zach is the winner of the POV and plans to backdoor Roberto; Ty campaigns against Roberto by leading Santina to believe she can take Roberto’s spot with the girls after he leaves. In the bedroom, Shanaya confronts Roberto about the status of their relationship: Shanaya expresses her attraction to Roberto, and demands he reveal his intentions with her; Roberto friend-zones her; Roberto says he found out yesterday that people he was working with are now against him so that’s where his head’s at.
Going into detail…
0:00:07 - Pink Bedroom - Bedroom Stuff
Renee/Shanaya/Claudia get dressed in the bedroom. Ty walks in. Renee complains that Zach left his used underwear near her makeup.
0:02:58 - Backyard - Work Out
Roberto and Dan lift weights together in the backyard. No talking going on.
0:04:24 - Pink Bedroom - Bedroom Stuff
Back in the bedroom, Renee/Ty/Santina continue to get dressed. Santina asks how Ty is doing, and she apologizes for dropping her water bottle in the middle of the night. Ty: “yeah that scared me.”
0:05:55 - Kitchen - Burst of Energy
Suddenly the camera switches over to the kitchen where Hope/Shanaya/Kuzie/Anika/Roberto get wild. They sing loudly and dance and shake. Lots of laughing. Shanaya: “I needed that!” Hope hugs her and then Kuzie. Roberto: “I had to come join you guys!” The conversation dies down. Anika continues cooking breakfast for 6 various hungry houseguests. Kuzie assists her.
0:10:05 - Pantry - Jonathan Encourages Hope
Hope and Jonathan go over the last competition together as they wait for their breakfast to heat in the toaster oven. Jonathan encourages Hope: “you gotta remember, that next one (where Hope wins) is coming.”
0:10:42 - Kitchen - Kitchen Stuff
Anika/Kuzie/Shanaya continue to prep food in the kitchen.
0:12:16 - Pantry - Hope’s Hope
Hope talks about which kinds of comps he wants for the next HOHs so that he has a chance at winning (ones where you “brawl” in). Jonathan says the slip-n-slide comp might be made for him.
0:12:58 - Library - Kuzie & Santina One-on-One
Santina tells Kuzie that she plans on talking to the girls today to get closer. Kuzie says that’s a good idea, as the other girls have said they don’t entirely trust Santina. Kuzie says nobody expects that she (Kuzie) knows anything, they think that she is just running around looking for answers. Kuzie suggests Santina keep playing off her HOH week as if she didn’t know getting JM out was her plan (i.e. shift the blame to the guys). Santina: “it wasn’t my plan!” However, she says, Zach is “very very very very good at convincing.” Kuzie: “how did he convince you to do that?” Santina: “JM did say he wanted to put Rob up on the block if he was HOH.” Kuzie: “who did he say that to?” Santina: “myself and one of the guys maybe.” About JM targeting Roberto: “but that doesn’t affect me, like at that time, do you know what I mean?” (She is leaning into the “Zach tricked me!” thing). Anika enters to let Kuzie know that breakfast is ready. Kuzie thanks her and Anika leaves. Santina: “I would have kept JM.” Kuzie: “to play with him right?” Santina: “yeah, and apparently he was going around telling people things, but the more and more I asked people they said JM wasn’t speaking game with anyone, so he was true to his word to me.” Kuzie about noms: “so what would you rather happen this week, like if it’s Renee and Rob?” Santina: “I would rather Rob stay, because he would go after… my target. Not that Zach is, but, he is.” They laugh. Santina says if Zach stay in the game, nobody will be able to make a move of their own; Zach will have too much control. Santina: “I don’t think that’s fair.” Kuzie says she hasn’t had a moment where she has had to choose a side, but that time is coming. Kuzie says JM staying would have been better for her game, and that Dan should have gone because he’s an actual threat; nobody knows what Dan is thinking and he doesn’t talk game with anyone. Kuzie asks if Santina is good with Roberto. Santina: “well I was told that he doesn’t trust me because of what I did to JM.” Santina says she asked Roberto if he trust her or not. Kuzie: “do you think he’s not gonna say yes.” Santina becomes confused “i don’t know! I don’t know…” Kuzie advises that Santina have more conversations with Roberto where Santina conveys that she had nothing to do with any plans of backstabbing or backdooring; Kuzie says to take her first convos with him with a grain of salt, as being HOH complicated Santina/Roberto’s talking dynamic. Kuzie: “this dirty game…” they hug and prepare to part ways. Santina: “when I talk to you it feels so genuine. You and Jonathan… and that’s what I want to work with. And now I’m playing a sneaky game and I don’t want to.” They leave the room. Kuzie: “that’s what happens with people that are cutthroat..”
0:19:48 - Backyard - Santina Spreads Anti-Zach Ideas // Jonathan’s Proposed Alliance
Santina/Jonathan sit in the backyard and quietly talk. Jonathan tells Santina he feels “extremely bad” about the JM situation. Jonathan: “I was told I— us— we were targets.” Santina: “oh JM?” Jonathan: “yeah.” Jonathan says he grew to love JM. Santina says it has made her think about her game; she doesn’t want to play the sneaky game [she seems to be in an anti-Zach mood]. Jonathan says if he (Jonathan) ever got HOH, he would put his targets on the block and give them a chance at the veto; “maybe I’m stupid for that, but..” Santina: “that’s how I wanted to play.” Jonathan says he isn’t gaming in a “mischievous way.” Jonathan says that “someone” asked him in a pointed conversation, “are you siding with ‘them’? Are you on ‘their’ side?” Jonathan reenacts his shocked confusion: “sides? Why are there sides?” Jonathan says he trusts Santina, and Roberto, and.. “I don’t know, but definitely Roberto. He’s like, my guy. I trust him. ..and you!” Jonathan says he could see how genuine Santina is from Day 1. Santina says she just had a people in her head making her play a game she didn’t want to play. Jonathan suggests she block them out. Jonathan: “when I heard Rob was an option (to leave this week), it hurt me. Because he’s my friend. And then to find out that the person you thought was your friend masterminded the whole thing… I was like, what.” Santina says a lot of people will be gunning for HOH this next week. Santina says moving forward, she doesn’t want to backdoor people: “if I were backdoored, I would blow the f—king house up.” Jonathan: “yeah, I feel deceived for sure.” Jonathan says they are on the same page; so is Roberto. Jonathan mentions Dan as a strong asset, Santina agrees, “but he’s very easily convinced… and there are people that can convince.” Jonathan says if you stay true to it, you go to the end with those 4-5. “That’s just, brainstorming..” A pause. Santina: “did you eat breakfast?” Jonathan says yeah. Santina doesn’t say much. They speculate when the veto ceremony will be. Santina yawns and says she’s tired, they begin talking about tea [lmao I guess the alliance convo is done]. Santina wonders how she’s being portrayed in the show. Jonathan encourages her: it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish. Jonathan says a lot of people thought there was a guys alliance but there never was. Jonathan doesn’t want to work with all guys. Santina yawns again so they get up to get tea.
0:32:02 - Library - Ty & Santina One-on-One
Ty waits for someone (apparently anyone) to enter and join him for a game of pool. Santina enters and asks to join. They play. Santina asks how Ty is mentally. Ty: “I’m great.” Santina says she’s struggling; “I’m thinking of the best decision to do for myself… with you, I can say, but it’s hard to say that to others. Zach’s one hard person to talk to. That’s all I know.” Ty: “so you feeling stressed?” Santina says the house is stressing her out. Ty asks if the house is doing something she doesn’t want. Santina says she is a very “energy” person, and she can feel it. Ty says everyone sees Zach as a mastermind, but his personality is just focused on the game. Ty: “for me, I try to take into account people’s feelings and emotions. We’re people at the end of the day… but I do think, in terms of game, that Zach does have our best interest in mind. that’s just my perspective.” Ty says he would rather work with someone that thinks about the game than with someone that is worried about how they are feeling and spreads anxiety. Santina: “do you think he’s [Roberto] anxious because of the relationship that we all had [Santina/Ty/Zach] at the beginning when you weren’t really talking to him?” Ty: “I was talking to him though, that’s the thing. As soon as he started making comments about not trusting Zach, I backed off because I wasn’t going in the middle of that.” Ty says he told Zach to take care of the Santina/JM situation because he cares about the boys, and Santina is included in “the boys”. Santina asks where Ty sees Jonathan in all of this. Ty calls Jonathan impressionable and says he will go with whoever he is in the room with. Ty says he just goes to Jonathan and tells him the plans. Ty: “I love Jonathan, but everyone needs to recognize their strengths and weaknesses.” Santina asks how Zach feels about her right now. Ty: “I think he’s more hurt that you don’t trust him.” Santina: “it’s hard for me to trust someone that’s friends with everyone.” Ty says “the best thing I can offer you is”, and explains that Dan is Zach’s biggest asset, as he is a comp beast and wants to work with Zach. So they could force Zach’s hand by saying they have to get rid of Dan. Ty says his problem with Roberto is that he feels uncomfortable with Ty, uncomfortable with Zach, uncomfortable with Santina, and he goes and tells everyone else. Ty asks what Santina thinks about forcing Zach’s hand by planning to target Dan. Santina about Dan: “he’s very strong!” Santina asks if the house is on board with evicting Roberto. Ty says yes, even people that you’d think are his numbers are on board; even Shanaya has a problem with him. Ty says if they don’t get rid of Roberto this week, he will charm his way back into numbers. Ty says when Roberto is gone, Santina can take his place and work with the girls since she’s so worried about having her own numbers. They play pool and Santina thinks. Santina: “I’m okay with it… I’m okay with it.” Santina asks if “he uses the veto (presumably to get Roberto onto the block), won’t it look like… like last week you used the veto, this week he’s using the veto.. and it just shows kinda who’s in charge.” [Zach won POV and plans to take someone down to backdoor Roberto]. Ty says having it look like Zach controlled this week’s HOH by using the veto will make Zach a bigger target than themselves. Ty says Roberto needs to go this week, for Santina’s sake, because if Roberto stays in the game, Santina will never have strong allies and then she will be an easy target for Zach. Ty says Dan knows he has to take on Ty, which is why Ty wants him gone. Ty emphasizes, “if Zach is gone, you’re next.” Santina: “you’re right…” Ty says he is here to play the game. He might be in a showmance thing, but it’s only to soften his image. Ty sums up how Roberto got himself on the block: Roberto “went around the house” planting seeds of doubt against the guys, worrying about being backdoored. Shanaya told Claudia who told Ty. Ty: “okay, that’s where your mind is… you clearly don’t trust your people so now, it’s gonna happen.” Santina: “well I will talk to Zach later today, because I agree completely with what you’re saying.” Ty says again that they should force Zach’s hand next week; then they can fully trust him. Santina: “thank you. Because you’re right.” Ty says it’s way too early for their group to be going against each other, but Roberto has already started. Santina: “I have to win HOH next week.” They think. Ty: “would you feel comfortable making a move against Dan next week?” Santina: “mhmm! I would have had Dan leave instead of JM, 100% I would have.” Ty defends getting rid of JM.
0:56:46 - Pink Bedroom - Shanaya’s Ultimatum
Shanaya tells Roberto that she is an open book. Shanaya says she hasn’t been attracted to anyone like she is to him. Shanaya says she’s not accusing him of playing games, but… she says what’s driving her “lost in the sauce” is that she doesn’t know where he stands. “We can play a game together, but I’m having a hard time.” [say you love me or I’m working against you] Roberto explains that yesterday he wasn’t trying to ignore her; he had to talk to a lot of people, people that he thought were on his side but now are against him: “I don’t know why this blew up or how my name was dragged into it but…” Back to Shanaya’s ultimatum: Roberto lets Shanaya down easy. He compliments her, but tells her he won’t tell her “sweet nothings” and truthfully he doesn’t know where he stands emotionally on their relationship. Roberto rambles for a while about not wanting to hurt anyone. Shanaya, after sitting in silence: “I think, I need to pull back from you.” Roberto: “that’s fair.” Shanaya: “yeah.” Roberto asks if that means just emotionally or..? Shanaya says she cares about Roberto. Shanaya says she needs distance herself from him. Roberto hopes they can be friends. Roberto: “just let me know if you’re sending me out of here.” Shanaya laughs as if she’s not. Roberto: “I’m not kidding. Because there’s gonna be discussions soon about sending me out of here. And I know you’re probably close with whoever is gonna send me out of here.” Shanaya asks who those friends are. Roberto says he doesn’t know, he’s paranoid. Lots of talking in circles. Roberto emphasizes that he didn’t use his flirtatiousness with Shanaya to get ahead in the game. Shanaya: “I don’t think that..”
1:03:16 - Purple Bedroom - Shanaya Tells the Girls
Renee/Shanaya/Claudia/Anika sit in the bedroom. Before the camera switch, Renee asked if Anika has her mind made up on the vote. Anika: “i don’t want to promise anything because I don’t know who will be up on the block next you if Zach uses the veto.” Renee turns around and sees Shanaya. Knowing she just talked with Roberto, she asks how it went, on a scale from 1-10. Shanaya: “embarrassing” The other girls: “really? Awww” Renee says to vent. Shanaya: “AHHHH I just got friend-zoned!” Renee: “like how was the delivery, wait how did you get into it.” Shanaya: “so I said… in the real world I’m a very straight-up person blah blah blah, and when I meet someone that I’m attracted to I’m just open about it. And I don’t meet people very often where I’m genuinely interested in them. And I didn’t come here looking for a showmance, but I’m having a hard time figuring out where I stand with this, on a personal level.” Shanaya reenacting what Roberto said: “I think you are an amazing person, it was longer than this but basically it’s not really how I see our relationship, and then he called me friend, I was like ughhhh.” Renee asks if Shanaya kept her composure. Shanaya: “yeah I was like, it was very chill.” Shanaya says she knew in her gut that that’s how it was. Renee hugs her in support. Shanaya: “it’s so embarassingggg.” The other girls commend her for being vulnerable and pursuing something instead of letting it pass by. Shanaya begins to cry at the compliments. Claudia joins the hug. Shanaya: “it needed to happen.” Shanaya says she told Roberto that she needs to pull back from him. Renee: “maybe he’s just not interested in anyone here.” Renee reminds them all that there is a whole life on the outside and there’s gonna be a time for that. Renee: “I wanted it to work out differently for you girl, but I’m happy that you can now see you for you and build NayNay for NayNay, and not NayNay for someone else. And that’s the tea.” Renee says they will save her (Renee) booty this week and dominate next week. Shanaya begins to cry again because “it’s hard not to develop feelings”. They continue to comfort her. And that’s a wrap for Digital Daily #9!
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2023.03.21 22:32 SwannSwanchez Datamine -> -> -> -> ->
Current Dev version :
Current Live version :
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2023.03.21 22:32 ubisoftsponsored Any suggestions on how to create an exercise database effectively?

I'd like to create a simple exercise database. Currently, I have created an exercise database in Microsoft Excel with exercise descriptions (Exercise name, instructions, sets, and reps) along with corresponding images to go along with each exercise. The user can filter exercises and generate a custom exercise plan as a pdf document. I have developed a Python desktop application that uploads exercises and images to the Excel database in a user-friendly format, avoiding the need for manual formatting. However, exercise specialists have reported issues with Excel's image-handling capabilities, especially when rearranging exercises. Consequently, I am seeking guidance on alternative software options for creating an exercise database that can effectively handle images and allow for easy rearrangement of exercises. I'd like the database to allow users to select exercises from various categories (e.g., warm-up, strength, mobility, aerobic), and modify, add, or delete exercises as needed. I have experience with Python programming and am willing to learn new skills. Based on my research, I am considering using MySQL and Python Django framework. Would this work for the database and a user interface? Would this be an okay direction or would someone be able to suggest what else would work for my situation? Any suggestions or guidance would be great!
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2023.03.21 22:31 Gr1msh33per 2nd time graduating.

2nd time graduating.
2nd time graduating.
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2023.03.21 22:31 Mazetron Easy Buildcrafting for ~~Dummies~~ Noobs

There are a lot of new lights having trouble getting started with buildcrafting, so I’d like to share my simple-to-understand basic buildcrafting recommendation, that will work with any class and does not depend on any exotic.
This is not a guide for making the strongest builds in the game, just a starting point to have something while you build up your exotic collection and understanding of the game.
  1. Choose: Melee or Grenade.
  2. Equip stat boosting mods to get your Resilience as high as possible (ideally 80-100). You get max benefit at 100, so if you have any leftover stat boosting slots equip mods for the stat that recharges your chosen ability (Discipline for grenades, Strength for melees). Note that stats only benefit you every 10 points (50 in a stat has the same benefit as 59).
  3. On your head gear, equip the Siphon mod that corresponds to your chosen Primary (white) ammo weapon. Also equip Heavy Ammo Finder.
  4. On your arms, equip the orb generation and kickstart mods that correspond to your chosen ability. If you have enough energy, also equip Bolstering Detonation or Focusing Strike.
  5. On your chest, equip Solar Resist, Arc Resist, and Void Resist. It’s best to pick resist mods specifically for the current situation, but these three are a good generic choice that should help a little in almost any situation.
  6. On your legs equip Recuperation and either Innervation or Invigoration (depending on your chosen ability). If you can, also equip Absolution or Orbs of Restoration.
  7. On your class item, equip Bomber or Outreach (depending on your chosen ability) and Reaper. For the third slot, I’d recommend either One-Two or Explosive finisher (depending on your chosen ability).
  8. Equip aspects and fragments on your subclass that recharge or add extra effects to your chosen ability. These are quite complex, so for now, just throw on anything that mentions the chosen ability (Grenade or Melee). Later when you feel like it, come back and read the details to come up with a more coherent build, and experiment!
This build will let your spam your chosen ability frequently. You will generate orbs upon killing with the chosen ability, and you will recharge that ability by picking up orbs. You will also heal a little each time you pick up an orb, thanks to Recuperation on your legs.
Some subclass-specific suggestions:
Hunter - Solar: could choose either Grenade or Melee. Lots of good options - Arc: Choose Melee and equip the Combination Blow melee option. - Void: Choose Grenade and equip Vortex Grenade for the simpler option. Choose Melee and the Trapper’s Ambish Aspect for extra invisibility options. Since smoke bombs don’t do much damage, equip Firepower on your arms but otherwise build for Melee recharge. - Stassis: Choose Grenade. - Strand: Choose Grenade. If you are using Grapple, note that grapple-melee counts as an empowered Melee attack, so equip Heavy Handed on your arms, but otherwise build for grenade recharge.
Titan - Solar: Equip Throwing Hammer. Go into your keybindings and make a binding for “empowered melee”. Equip Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus Aspects. Now you can run up to enemies and press the Empowered Melee (not Auto Melee) button, and you will smack them with your hammer, heal yourself, and immediately get your hammer back. Because you get your hammer back as long as you retrieve it (as long as you don’t miss!) keep Heavy Handed but otherwise build for grenade recharge. Keep one-two finisher on your class item so if you ever lose your hammer, doing a finisher will help get it back! - Arc: Good options for either Melee or Grenade. - Void: Good options for either Melee or Grenade. - Stassis: Probably choose Grenade but there are decent options for Melee. - Strand: Probably choose Melee but there are decent options for Grenade. Note that if you choose Grenade and are running Grapple, the Grapple-Melee counts as an empowered Melee, so put Heavy Handed on your arms but otherwise build for Grenade recharge.
** Warlock**
Unfortunately I don’t play Warlock so I can’t give subclass-specific recommendations as well as I can for the other two classes.
In general, Warlocks have a power where you can eat your grenades to get other benefits. For this reason, you will often want to choose Grenade recharge, but may want to run Heavy Handed on your arms.
As with the other two classes, if you use Strand Grapple-melee attacks, that counts as a Melee kill so use Heavy Handed but otherwise build for grenade recharge.
Next Steps
The build I have described here is a core bread-and-butter build that is a good starting point 99% of the time. But there are more complex situations and more advanced builds. So, where to go from here?
  1. Exotic armor. Often you will want to run a build based on exotic armor. The exotic armor will inform which ability you want to focus on, and otherwise you can usually just follow this guide as normal.
  2. Aspects and Fragments. These are quite complex, so you really just have to read them and try them out to figure out how to combo them well.
  3. Other orb generation. Some fragments offer other options for orb generation! If you can take advantage of those, you can make even stronger builds.
  4. The general pattern is to determine what ability you are getting the most kills with, and equip the corresponding orb generation, and figure out which ability you need to regen most frequently and equip the corresponding regen mods. Usually these are the same ability, but not always! I have mentioned some examples in my subclass specific suggestions above.
  5. Class abilities. Most of the time, you want to focus on Melee or Grenade, but there are cases where you want to spam your class ability. Void and Strand hunter are good examples of classes where having your class ability always available is a good idea for certain build options. In both of those cases, you will want to focus on aspects that help you generate orbs / give benefits to your class ability / regen your class ability, as well as equipping the class ability recharge mods. (e.g. Utility Kickstart on your class item). You will still want to equip Firepower (or Heavy Handed, for Strand grapple-melees).
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2023.03.21 22:30 SnooShortcuts7859 Unusual Bitcoin Blocks and where to find them

The Bitcoin network sets very concrete and uniform rules when a block is valid and when it is not. Therefore, there should not actually be any major peculiarities. While this assumption is mostly true, there are still blocks that are somewhat or even completely out of the ordinary. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these rarities and try to understand how they came about in each case!

Large blocks

If no more transactions fit into a block, then we speak of a "full" block. Of course, there is nothing unusual about this at first, since such blocks are rather the rule, at least as long as there are enough transactions in the mempool waiting for a confirmation.
But since the beginning of 2023, more precisely since the Ordinals protocol, unusually large blocks have been appearing more and more frequently, very close to the theoretical maximum block size of 4 MB. Normally, this is not the case, as an ordinary Bitcoin transaction does not carry large data in the so-called witness part of the transaction. However, this is exactly the case with Ordinal Inscriptions, which take advantage of this very concessionary part of the transaction to be able to take up a relatively large amount of space.
Whether you like it or not, such blocks will probably become the norm rather than the exception in the future.

Empty blocks

Some of you may have stumbled across a block with a block explorer that appeared to be completely empty at first glance and did not contain any transactions from the mempool. How does this happen and isn't something like this harmful for Bitcoin, since transactions are censored, so to speak?
First of all, it should be made clear that every Bitcoin block must contain at least one transaction: The so-called Coinbase transaction, with which the miner who found the block can pay himself his reward (i.e. the transaction fees and newly distributed Bitcoin). This transaction is of course also included in the "empty" blocks, as the block would otherwise be invalid.
This means blocks that do not contain any other transactions from other users beyond the Coinbase transaction . In the vast majority of cases, there is a simple and harmless explanation for this and accordingly no reason to worry about possible censorship. Because there would be no incentive for them anyway, since the miner would deliberately forego transaction fees.
Mining is an extremely competitive business where literally every millisecond counts. In order not to consume power unnecessarily or leave their own mining hardware standing around unused, miners immediately start searching for the next block as soon as they receive a new block from the network.
However, since it takes a short moment for a new template to be created for the next block, miners simply let their computers work on an empty default template for that long. A few seconds later, they then switch to the correct candidate, which the miner receives e.g. from the server of his mining pool.
During this short period, however, it is possible, although relatively unlikely, that the miner finds a valid block. This then contains no transactions, as there was simply not enough time.
Due to the rarity of such blocks, this is of course not a relevant problem for Bitcoin. Moreover, even blocks without transactions continue to secure the network, because they are, after all, completely normal or valid blocks, apart from the missing transactions.

Lost Bitcoin?

Besides the almost "naturally" occurring empty blocks, there is another extreme case: miners who forgot something rather important when configuring their block templates: Paying themselves their reward, should they find a valid block, in the first place!
Bitcoin blocks do have to contain a Coinbase transaction, as already mentioned, but this transaction does not necessarily have to pay out the reward the miner is entitled to, it just must not exceed it. Therefore, there have already been empty blocks in the past that did not even spend anything in the Coinbase transaction:
Also, in the past there were often blocks in which the theoretically possible reward was not completely exhausted. For example, between block 162705 and 169899, miners failed to pay out their reward in full in almost 200 blocks, resulting in a loss of almost 10 BTC. The reason for this was a bug in the mining software used.
Exactly 21 million Bitcoin will never exist anyway, but due to such mishaps, of course, even more so. Because the Bitcoin that should have been distributed in these blocks are, so to speak, "lost forever" and will never come into circulation in the future.
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