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PolyGel Nail Kit

2023.06.02 13:21 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit

PolyGel is an all-in-one formula to get salon quality nails right at home. No monomer, no mixing, and no ratios! The odorless formula allows you to get your nails perfectly done within minutes.
Formulated using a game-changing polymer fusion, PolyGel's breakthrough TriPolymer Technology delivers gravity-defying performance for astonishingly easy, and ultra-stylish nails.
The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel Nail Kit today!
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2023.06.02 12:00 Hanz4Shaw What should I get next?

What should I get next?
Hello! I would like suggestions of what to get next for my nails. I try to keep my nails a short length and French tip style.Pic of my current nails for inspiration.
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2023.06.02 11:59 BZTrafo_transformer Different Types of Tape Used in High Frequency Transformer
Commonly there are several kinds of tapes used in transformers, include Mylar tape, Margin tape, Polyimide tape, Copper Foil Tape, and so on. The tapes are used for insulation, packaging and fixing purpose.
  1. Mylar Tape
Mylar tape is a type of adhesive tape commonly used in transformers, it has excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture, and can resist cuts and abrasions.
Mylar tape is often used to insulate and secure the winding wires and coils. It is applied between layers of windings to provide electrical insulation and prevent short circuits. The tape helps to hold the windings in place and protect them from damage due to movement or vibration. There are many colors of Mylar Tape, usually red, blue, yellow, white, etc. It has certain elasticity and stretchability, and one side is coated with adhesive.
It is widely used in transformers, motors, capacitors and other types of motors, electronic components for insulation wrapping, and can also be used for high-voltage isolation in the switching power supply.
2.Margin Tape
Margin tape, also known as non-woven tape, is made by bonding a non-woven fabric to a polyester film substrate and coating one side of the non-woven fabric with an acrylic adhesive with excellent performance.
Margin tape is mainly used for insulation of uninterruptible power supplies, dry-type transformers, high temperature industrial frequency transformers, high temperature gaskets and microwave oven transformers.
3.Polyimide Tape
Polyimide tape, which is based on polyimide film with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, is resistant to high and low temperatures, acids and alkalis, solvents, electrical insulation (class H), and radiation.
In the electronic and electrical industry, it can be used for H-class motor and transformer coil insulation wrapping, high temperature resistant coil end fixing, temperature measuring RTD protection, capacitor and wire wrapping and other bonding insulation under high temperature working conditions.
In the circuit board manufacturing industry, it can be used for electronic protection paste, especially for SMT temperature resistance protection, PCB gold finger protection, electronic transformers and other high temperature and moisture protection.
4.Copper Foil Tape
Copper foil tape, a metal tape, is mainly used for electromagnetic shielding applications.Its purity is higher than 99.95%, eliminating electromagnetic (EMI) interference, isolating the harm of electromagnetic waves to human body, and avoiding unwanted voltage and current.
It is generally applied to transformers, cell phones, computers, PDAs, PDPs, LED screens and other various electronic products where electromagnetic shielding is required.
Issued by Hangzhou Bozhou Electric Applicance Co., Ltd.
High Frequency Transformer
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2023.06.02 11:51 asiyanaaz Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)..$32.99 For USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested

Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)..$32.99 For USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested
USA 🇺🇸
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2023.06.02 11:50 asiyanaaz Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)...$32.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested

Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)...$32.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested submitted by asiyanaaz to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 11:49 asiyanaaz Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)...$32.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested

Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)...$32.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested
USA 🇺🇸
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2023.06.02 11:47 asiyanaaz Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)...$32.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested

Nail Drill with 35,000 RPM&LED Nail Lamp, Nail Drills for Acrylic Nail Professional with 11 Nail Drill Bits, Rechargeable Portable Electric Nail File for Home Salon Manicure Pedicure (Pink)...$32.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me if interested
USA 🇺🇸
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2023.06.02 11:40 Knightosaurus Thoughts on 1.0/1.11? (SPOILERS)

I'm starting to watch the Rebuilds after finishing the original series, and I plan on posting about each, because why the fuck not, right?
As for the first entry... it's alright. I mean it's just Ep. 1 - 6 condensed into a film, which isn't anything new for this franchise. We've already seen the "in-depth" version so I don't mind in having the SparkNotes version of it.
In a technical sense, it's a huge upgrade - sound design, visuals, and art direction are all top notice and it's really nice to look at. Plus the redesigns for Seele and Lilith are neat, I think.
In terms of the characters: Misato's character definitely feels different, a lot less laid back, which I guess works in context, but I still prefer her in the OG series. Everyone else is pretty in-line, so there's not much to say on that front.
I do find it interesting that Misato and Shinji know about Lilith this early. Brings up some interesting questions on what she does and doesn't know. Oh, and I can't forget Kaworu and his weird lunar coffin nap with Seele. I'm actually kinda shocked they pilled him out this early, but I guess I'll have to wait and watch 2.22 before I say anything.
In short, it's an ok watch, but I'm definitely more interesting in what the others have to offer.
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2023.06.02 11:37 g_ewwa Eminem - Nail in the Coffin

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2023.06.02 10:25 Greedy-Response-5558 What to do when having to deload in your cut?

I was bulking for a couple months and made some decent gains, went from 10 to 15 ish % bf I reckon.
Been doing a PPL split since February (cutting for the first 3 months but still progressed) and since then I have only had to deload on push exercises once and no deloads on anything else.
While bulking the past couple months, my progress started slowing down recently, I think probably due to fatigue buildup. Now like 1.5 weeks ago I started cutting again and noticed that now my strength/performance immediately went down the drain completely (at least for todays pull session) and I've generally noticed the workouts being hard to complete, like I feel fatigued and sluggish but I was still slightly progressing in reps/weight. Think it's probably the combination of a lot of fatigue and the drop in calories being the nail in the coffin, like the calorie surplus was like single handedly carrying my slight progress recently it feels like.
My question is: I'd like to continue my cut, how do I go about deloading? Do I eat at maintenace for the deload week or is it fine to eat in a deficit while deloading? And after the week when I'm fresh, is it fine to continue cutting or is it somehow a waste? (It just feels a bit shit cutting while being in a fresh position to make some good progress even though I will probably make progress while cutting since I'm still a beginner, also rationally I guess you could always just deload and start a bulk, so maybe it's just bs lol)
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.02 10:17 Akira_Makai First experience with a new system went great! (Sarcasm)

Hello all! I have been playing ttrpgs for around 4, almost 5 years now and despite being in many different diverse groups I've never had any horror stories to share. Now, I have at least one minor one.
People involved are myself(female, because it unfortunately matters), DM, Rogue, Ranger, Fighter, Bard and Witch. This is a Pathfinder 2nd Edition game.
Most of my experience has been with 5e, and I hadn't really touched any other system. So, when everything went south with Wizards of the Coast and the OGL and Pinkertons, I decided to branch out and try other systems. That is when I managed to find a group for Pathfinder! I was excited to learn the system, so as soon as I was in, I started reading the core rulebook and listening to videos on the rules of the game.
The initial party consisted of everyone but Witch(she would join later). DM proclaims he has about 3 years experience running 5e games, but is new to Pathfinder himself. No big deal, it seems all of us are new, with Rogue and Ranger being brand new to ttrpgs. We'll learn the system together. Things start off somewhat okay, with a skirmish between two sides, with players split between the two factions. Combat is very basic and everything dies in a single hit, without really attacking us directly. We do discover that Bard's character is... Well, the best way to describe him was a flamboyant gay elf, using a stereotypical gay voice and cadence, who ran from the battle at the first sign of trouble. That was... Off-putting, but it was whatever.
We cleared the encounter, and one side clearly won. My character was actually knocked unconscious, but was picked up and carried by another player of the opposing faction, Fighter. We then all eventually stumbled across a large dragon man, basically a Dragonborn, who breathed lightning, and had a huge axe and plate armor. When we fought him, all at lvl 1, still worn out from the last battle. Almost no one could hit his AC, and he nearly downed half the party before we managed to win. I later found out that the DM just used a level 3 player stat block for this guy, and buffed his HP, which I know in 5e, at least, is a bad idea.
After this, the DM had a shady NPC show up out of nowhere and invite us to come along with him. This was the first sign that the DM wasn't very good at roleplaying, or at least doing so in a convincing way. But, this was the plot hook, so we all went with it. The DM then showed off their inexperience again when we were offered a mission from this NPC, and Rogue asked some pretty softball questions about why we'd want to work with them. As an aside, rogue's backstory involved working with criminals, and these guys were like rebels against the empire who invaded the city.
Either way, we had to go to an auction house to buy a magical item. We were given 50 gold to buy the item, and this was where the DM displayed their inability to describe rooms to us. The description was very bland, and didn't paint much of a picture for us. He also didn't really do many voices, so it was difficult to tell if an NPC was talking, or if it was the DM out of character. Regardless, we found the item we needed, placed bids and got into a bidding war with a noble. For whatever reason, this makes the bard decide to set off a... Distraction, by trying to cast a spell on the noble to charm them, to which they roll a 37 to resist. We are level 2, by the way. This leads to bard's backup plan.
Bard lights and shoots off fireworks in the auction house, causing the entire roof to cave in and severely injure most of us. Rogue did manage to snatch the item, and slip away along with Ranger. Bard ran down the street escaping the guards, and myself and fighter just stood around in disbelief, because up until that point, we had all blended in without issue. There was no reason for such a huge commotion. We stayed and the noble spoke to us, but we talked our way out of it, Fighter being the type from a military/mercenary background, and myself being a local farm girl.
Eventually, we all met up, and in between sessions, the entire group agrees to kick Bard for playing a blatant caricature and being chaotic stupid. He also talked over and interrupted people a lot, and really tried to push his luck with every ruling. And, before we returned to the quest NPC, we got a new player, Witch, who immediately rubbed myself and Fighter the wrong way because she was playing an older, grandmother type, character who... No matter what you said... She knew more than you, or at least as much as you.
Once we got back to the quest NPC, we were paid for the job, and given the option of taking other quests. We did one on an island, it was a poorly narrated place with a simple puzzle that everyone kind of overcomplicated. Typical rpg stuff. Then another, where we got to see Ranger awkwardly flirt with an NPC as a distraction. He was terrible at it, and we all had a great laugh.
I should point out that in each of these sessions we played, DM usually sounded very unprepared, even when we were doing what was clearly intended. He also frequently showed that he was not doing anything to learn the system between sessions. He'd make the same mistakes each week, forget how many actions his NPCs have taken, or even how saves and checks work, frequently using passives, instead of opposed checks. It was frustrating, because we had two brand new players to TTRPGs and we were all new to the game. Yet, it was Fighter and myself, and occasionally Witch as her know-it-all trait wasn't character specific, who were explaining the rules. I even had to correct him on crits once, because he said the number on the attack roll, even with 20, was below the AC. He argued until I showed him the ruling, and he then changed to saying he knew how it worked. Apparently not.
I digress... In game, we did another mission that resulted in our party being ambushed by the noble we had seen at the auction house. The party was then split on motives, as the Witch felt this guy was evil and refused to change her mind, while he told my character he could help her find her biological mother(she was adopted, and there was a lot of familiarities between him and her). Other than what Witch felt about him, and that he was a noble from the invading kingdom, we had no real reason not to trust him. Well, once we were released and able to discuss things, and no matter what anyone did in trying to convince Witch to work with noble, she refused without giving any explanation in or out of character. She just didn't like the guy because of where he was from.
The session ended without us having chosen a side, and we were poised to visit with the noble the next day. The morning of that day, during the next session, Fighter couldn't make it, so we said he went off to talk to someone from his back story, and we went shopping. Rogue got herself a crossbow and Ranger helped teach her how to use it. We then went to a local restaurant my character frequently went to with her adoptive father. This was a fun opportunity for my character to kind of talk about her childhood a bit, how important family is, and some stuff about her dad. When we got there, the Ranger asked what he should order, and my character recommended this huge, expansive breakfast, and I even made up a name for it, the "Hungry Farmers Breakfast" and added that her father proclaimed to have been the first to order it and even named it. Cue our Witch chiming in to say he lied, because this dish is served all across the land. She's eaten it at tons of places.
Now, it's worth mentioning that I had brought it up to DM multiple times that Witch has a know-it-all, one-up whatever you say, personality, and that it really detracts from what others can do. He's said he talked to her about it, and nothing has changed despite that. This, for me, was the last straw. I called her out, and said for her to let us come up with unique character development that we want, and to not steal the wind from our sails. I might have been a bit rude about it, but it was a repeated issue that had yet to be resolved. Witch tried to defend what she said by comparing it to stuff in real life, like from chain restaurants, and I had to point out that they don't tend to have chain restaurants in fantasy worlds, and that this place was specifically a local place.
After that, Witch got quiet and the DM ended the session an hour early because he had stuff to do, and Witch was apparently feeling sick. Supposedly unrelated to being called out. I talked to Rogue and Ranger, and neither of them thought I was out of line, and were sort of feeling the same way about how she was acting. I messaged DM the next day about it, and he promised he'd talk to her again.
I waited a few days, and the Discord server was quiet, and I messaged DM, asking if they had heard back from Witch since they messaged her, and he said he hadn't. He then told me, absolutely out of the blue, that he had a dream of me, that I was holding a baby, and he and I went on a walk together. I... Had never had the misfortune of hearing something like this before, and just promptly tried to change the subject. Fortunately, he went with the change and we talked a bit about Pathfinder stuff. Now, DM knows I'm married, I live in a different country than him, and that I'm... Around 10 years older than him. So, I was very confused as to why he would ever say anything like that to me.
We skipped the next session because two players couldn't make it, and during this time, I asked a lot of people IRL, and in other ttrpg games I'm in about the situation, showing screenshots of the conversation so they had, verbatim, what he said. Everyone, guys and gals, thought it was either super weird, or outright creepy as heck. I agreed, and decided that this would be the last nail in the coffin. Poor descriptions, bad roleplay, terrible rulings, no enthusiasm during actual sessions and suggestions of introducing broken critical failure rules, like permanent injuries or dismemberment into a game with total ttrpg newbies ON TOP of this guy also dreaming about me with a baby. I was done.
I wrote the DM a length explanation, told him how creepy it was, and that I'd be leaving. Wished him well, and waited for his response. To his credit, he didn't explode. But, he did say that I was overreacting because what he said wasn't explicitly sexual or romantic, and so I shouldn't take it that way. Yeah, I'll just take my friend's advice, where she said he was testing the waters with the dream stuff. I told the group I was leaving, without context outside of things just weren't for me. Wished them well.
When I left, Rogue, Ranger and Fighter all stayed in touch and wanted to play more games with me. DM, on the other hand, decided to air out everything that he and I said, sharing screenshots of the conversation and... Yeah. Rogue and Ranger were both kind of shocked by it. Rogue said it was none of her business, and agreed that DM was a creep. Ranger was a bit more forgiving about the dream stuff, but was also offput by the airing of dirty laundry. Fighter left when I did, so he didn't see it.
Tldr: Joined a Pathfinder 2e game where the DM went from incompetent and underwhelming, to really creepy, alongside a player who glorified a gay stereotype, and another who wouldn't let anyone have any cool moment, because she had apparently experienced everything in life, and it was better than whatever you did.
Glad to be out of that group, and now I have Fighter, Rogue and Ranger in a group that I and Fighter take turns DMing one shots in until we can find someone who would like to be a DM for us on a longer form adventure.
All in all, far from the worst horror story, but still an interesting little rollercoaster. I hope you enjoyed this. Sorry if it was a long read.
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2023.06.02 10:09 prime2608 29M 22F confusion

Warning!!!Long post ahead. So last year i(29M) started working on my startup around april. During that time i managed to gather a 11person team. Then i needed a content writer. So one of my co-founder reffered a girl(22F) whom he friends with. I hired her and started working with her through phone call on a daily basis. At first i was hasitant to talk anything beside the work but after some time when she started to open up about her past and her family so i thought she is being friendly and started to talk about personal stuff also. So a friendship began during that time i was dating my ex and she was also dating someone. So around july she broke up with that guy whom she was dating.
Then our conversations through phone increased apart from work hours. During that time i used to do parties in my home she is always seems so excited to come to my house. She used to be super flirty, i have to hold back. (Its not that i am shy bcz my body count is in double digits) warned her many times that don't wanna talk but she's always like a chatterbox. So around october one day she was behaving like a child constantly trying to annoy me for 2/3 days. So i asked my cofounder to talk to her so which she said to him that she was taking a revange on me because acc. to her i was trying to be bossy and doesn't respect her. I was super annoyed that day so by evening she was trying to annoy me more it was like she was waiting from a reaction from my end, she was calling me every 15-30 mins to rescedule the time for work happend atleast 6/7 times that evening. I waited till 11.30 that night then called and lashed out at her.( i know super fu○king wrong, have no right to lashed out on someone). On the very next day called her appologised her for my behaviour and told her my situation that, why i lost my controll. And my breakup with my ex and the problems with investors. That night for the very first time i felt something about her. The way she was trying to giving me the solutions and courage. I was just awwstrucked.
So started developing feelings. But deep down felt wrong because didn't want her to be a rebound. Then after 15/20 days when we met again in my house party something triggered in us both we had our first touch that day spent the entire evening in the kitchen. I was cooking and she was helping me with dishes. Felt i found the one that day. Then our bond gets stronger after that started talking more and more after work like 4/5 hours everyday. Then the day in november came when unknowingly i spilled her that i like her (never had any intention to say that) i know things were going to get fucked up from this point on because it was too early. Now she started distanceing her self. For 10 or 15 days i was quite at that time but after that she initiated contact and told me indirectly that she like me too. I didn't reacted that day. Acted like i didn't get what she was trying to say. After couple of days we had a fight because of the co-founder whom she was reffered by bcz he was always trying to slut shame her to me. And i told her the things he told me about her which she got furious that how i didn't take any stand for her or fight for her. Which i reassured her that i trust her and i don't believe what he was saying. So why wasting any energy trying to fight a person of that kind. We fought for 5hours that day ended up owning up my mistake that i let her down.
Again for 15 days no talk. And stared talking around mid december. Around that time she said that she is emotionally unavailable right now. So she doesn't want to start anything. Which i said okay. Knew she need peace and her time to sort out the things. And the problem started from there when she was trying to test me by trying to tell me about her guy friends. (Those guy friends with whom my cofounder try to associate her name with.) I try to stay calm but my evil brain trying to act extra smart and poked her by confessing again, just to tease. She got furious that day. Haven't thought about the outcome. So took it as a rejection just to move on. After 7/8 days she told me that she likes me back. Haven't reacted on that just drift that conversation to some other topic. Now it's been 3.5 month after that incident she isn't talking to me properly gave her enough way out saying if you feel any uncomfort you can leave, and she denies everytime. But her action speaks otherwise. Now my work from her side reduced to 24days a months to 6/7 days a month. Now she is getting irritated on small things and cut off contact for 4/5days. I don't want to fire her now because it will leave a bad impression on me. My co-workers can think i fire her because of the rejection. Which is not true.
Now my dilemma is, A- i want her to leave on her own. B- Not contacting her from my end but she always manage to initiate contact and dissapear after that. C- cant say anything to her to set boundries because everytime i want to she takes it in a wrong way and gets irritated. D- Now the final nail in the coffin i think i love her now. But don't want her anywhere near me.
TL;DR : girl i am working with being flaky. Affecting my work. Can't fire her because don't want to be a jerk who can't handle rejection.
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2023.06.02 09:54 nikafeetfetish Short nails + plump feet = good look

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2023.06.02 09:52 TheOminousArtist do nailbeds reattach?

I usually have my nails short, but I decided to grow them recently. Then, my friend pointed out how short my nail beds were and that's when I looked for solutions to reattach them. I know it's not as bad as other people's, I just want to improve my own.
My habit is that I clean under my nails too much. I've done this since I could remember. It's really satisfying to have no dead skin or dirt under them, but I think I've pushed my nail beds too far back.
I like to cut them really short as I noticed the whites of my nails look strange when grown out, due to my bed-whites ratio. Sometimes I cut them too short.
I also use cuticle cutters to cut the skin under and on the sides of the nail (the part where you can't feel anything if you remove it) and I think it worsened my problem.
Both my parents and my sister have long nail beds, so I know it's not genetics. I just started about 2 days ago to try and stop this habit.
I will be trying my best to be more cautious with my nail beds. Would it be likely if they reattached?
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2023.06.02 09:44 auserhasnoname7 Can you trim a cats claw in a bad way, without hurting the quick?

I gave my girl a trim a the other other night and a day or two later I noticed she's been walking funny. I only trim the front claws and the limp is on the front so I suspect it's related. Not the first time this has happened shortly after a trim either
She's otherwise acting like her usual self it hasn't stopped her she's zooming around the house like usual, I can only notice the limp when she walks.
I wonder if it's the trimmers I use getting dull and it cracked up a claw. I have kinda seen a crushing, fraying effect when I used them sometimes. But no blood or anything I've never hit the pink part her nails are clear so it's easy to tell.
And yes I'm calling to schedule a vet appointment in the morning, but I can't sleep and this is running through my mind I'm hoping the internet can give me it's wisdom.
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2023.06.02 09:41 DarkGeass [Waybound] A Very Seriously Serious Theory

Not sure if any ones mentioned this already but I wanted to see what people thought.
I believe it is quite obvious that Lindon, Yeirn, Dross, Little Blue, Orthos, and Mercy are all in fact Oz.
We all know that Oz was weakened by his time in a mortal body on cradle. But that alone wouldn't weaken Oz, unless of course something else was at play. Like say, he slit his self into multiple parts. Scattered his self across Cradle and then erased his own memories to prevent his self from intervening with them. The man that hates surprises left a nasty one for himself. But it truly was the only way forward.
Let's take Lindon. A no name nobody from the middle of nowhere pops up, gains favor from one of the stongest beings in the universe, and becomes a equal with Monarch in like five years. Who else could that be but Oz.
Yerin fought back a bloodspawn as a child... Something that is apart of a Dreadgod, and even consumes adults. She process to befriend it, and merge with it to become a Overlord Herald. The very first to do so. Who other then Oz could do that.
Mercy always wanted someone who would treat her as a friend without fearing her status. Whereas Oz wanted friends who would advance alongside him. Guess what, Mercy is Oz.
Dross is arrogant, but with the ability to back it up. He has a witty tomfoolery that either charms or annoys the masses. You guessed it, Dross is Oz.
Orthos is a dragon among dragons. I know of only one person who is a dragon among his peers. That right, it's Oz.
And now for the finial nail in to coffin. The piece that brings this all together. Little Blue IS Oz. Not just a part of him, but the core of his being. He didn't just erase his memories of spreading himself across cradle, but all of his memories. What better way to change yourself other then starting over both physically and mentally. What better way to get the joy icon then by becoming such a joyful little creature.
My evidence is the blooper at the end of reaper when little blue is given the marble. We also see a blooper in Soulsmith that predicts the future. Coincidence, maybe. But I think it's a very well hidden hint by Will.
Eithan kelp most his memories as Oz, but thought he was the only one. He's meant to protect the plan incase; well you know, someone like the Mad King shows up. Oz almost thought of it all. But in trying to change his self and find talent, he didn't realize he was gathering the most talent person on cradle. His self.
When they all ascend, they'll fuse with Oz once again, and at that time he will finally change in the way he wants. He'll defeat the mad king, kill the hound, and start the executors again. He would have achieved all his goals. And Zeil will be his forever friend.
Thanks for reading to the end.
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2023.06.02 09:30 ViperTheKillerCobra Why Set Rotation would NOT Work in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I never thought that I would get a need to make this post, but a certain cis white male Yugituber has invoked a recent push in the idea that Set Rotation is the solution to a majority of Yu-Gi-Oh's problems, and that it's very reasonable for it to be implemented, be it replacing the main format, or otherwise.
Before I explain my reasoning as to why this is a ludicrous idea, let's go over what Set Rotation is, and what it COULD potentially fix.
What is Set Rotation? (No it's not the card)
For the few of you who don't know, Set Rotation is the main gimmick of some other TCG's 'Standard' formats, i.e. MTG and Hearthstone. The idea is that the only cards that are legal in this Standard format are cards that have been printed in the past 2 or 3 years, and any sets that go past this timer 'Rotate Out', and become no longer legal for the format.
So, what would this potentially mean for Yu-Gi-Oh?
Slows Down Powercreep
This is the big one, and the main thing pro-rotation players hone in on as to why Set Rotation would be a step in the right direction. With every card being on a soft time limit, Konami would no longer have an incentive to make each set stronger than the last to drive in sales, and can instead sell sets on the notion of "This old set has less time to live, but this new set is on a fresh limit." This theoretically means that the rampant powercreep we've been seeing these last few years can be curved down majorly, and we can go back to the strategic back-and-forth gameplay we've been yearning for.
Curation of Good Formats
This next one is a little more nuanced. With the need to keep track of 10 000+ cards no longer on the menu, Konami can have an easier time designing exciting, interesting formats for the players to try out. They can print archetypes without the sorry that this random card from 2005 would break it, or that this random 2018 staple blows it out of the water. They could even pick and choose cards that have since rotated and reprint them in a core set, or as some have proposed, a yearly "Base Set", containing all the staples that have since rotated out of Standard.
And... that's about it! Those are pretty much all there is to Set Rotation, and how it could fix many of Yu-Gi-Oh's issues. And to be fair, curving down powercreep and the potential for fun gameplay experiences does look very enticing.
Let me explain why it isn't so simple.
25 Years of Fans for What?
Of the big 3 card games, MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! is the only one where its main format does not feature Set Rotation. It would be pretty disingenuous to say that a negligible amount of people were drawn to this game FOR its lack of Set Rotation, instead of DESPITE it. And a large amount of the playerbase, and TCG players in general, don't appreciate their cards being on a blatant timer. "Well, they were on a timer anyways thanks to powercreep!" Not to the staples, they aren't. Generic cards last a solid 6? 7 years of consistently good use until a new card takes its place? And while it's true that archetypes certainly face a large brunt of the powercreep problem, many players simply don't care. They want to keep playing that rogue deck they always liked, and it being no longer legal due to just being too old is a real downer on them. This leads us to...
It Can be an Alternate Format! Or Can it?
It's no surprise that Konami is absolute shit at managing alt formats. This, alongside some other points I'll get to later, is an example of Set Rotation simply asking waaaay too much out of Konami. If a Rotation format were to be introduced alongside the current, "Legacy" format we're all familiar with, if Konami doesn't push it out the ass and shove it down our throats, it's natural thanks to the past 25 years of its history that the Legacy format would be more popular. Simply adding Set Rotation this far into a game's life requires extremely careful planning from a company, and extreme customer loyalty. And Konami does not check either of those boxes.
I Like Money
You can construct this as an advantage for Konami, but if they don't want to heavily support two ongoing formats at the same time, the price of the game can become a major issue. The current price of the game wouldn't be going anywhere. If Kashtira, Purrely and VS are any indicators, just because cards are new and being opened a lot doesn't mean they'll be cheap. Now add on that you can only play these cards for all of 3 years maximum before you have to invest all over again into another deck core as well as all of this new format's staples. This could be one of the reasons why Standard in Magic The Gathering died out, alongside WOTC removing the primary incentive to play Standard in the first place.
Oops! Legacy Support!
This is probably the biggest physical hurdle that needs to be jumped if we want Set Rotation to be a thing. A huge amount of Konami's current product is the printing of support for archetypes much, much older than 3 years in order to push it into meta viability. This would, simply put, not be able to exist in a rotating format. A common counterpoint thrown around is that whenever Konami prints legacy support, they can just announce that the archetype its for is now in the Standard rotation!
There are many problems with this.
Firstly, this would probably be the nail in the coffin for TCG and OCG never being able to unify as formats. And the stick in the mud is VJump Promos. Every VJump magazine, the OCG prints a mechanically exclusive card into it, usually one that supports an archetype. If this would bring it into the Standard rotation, all of a sudden we have one format that has Sky Striker legal, and one that doesn't. Secondly, some archetypes are just too old or too big to be reprinted. If CYAC were to release with this Standard format in mind, we would be seeing a TON of old-ass Superheavy Samurai cards shooting up in price, cards in sets now out of print, so Konami wouldn't even be making any money off of those purchases. And if Konami were to, say, print the archetypes the new cards are supporting in some of of supplementary set, not only does that have the possibility to bring product fatigue, do you really want the entire HERO and Blackwing archetype again?
Simply Overhaul Your Game
This is another point in Konami just not being competent or trustworthy enough to pull something like this off. Set Rotation could be implemented, IF Konami heavily supports alt formats, IF Konami decides to overhaul their entire product design, IF Konami is willing to curb their powercreep, and IF Konami even wants to take this major, major risk in the first place. That's a lot of big ifs towards a company that can't even livestream their events half the time, and a company that made fucking Metal Gear Survive.
Other, Healthier Solutions
Many of the pro-rotation players argue that this is the way to solve Yu-Gi-Oh's, admittedly, large, Powercreep problem. I argue that there are other ways to solve this. Ones that aren't as large of risks for Konami, ones that don't overhaul the game as we know it, and ones that can reliably provide a good break from current Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is realistically what we all want.
Pretty much the only alternative formats Konami is willing to pour some attention to are Speed Duels and Time Wizard. GOAT and Edison appear to be doing the best out of the legacy formats we have, and Konami has even shown some interest in it with Hidden Arsenal Chapter 1, a set that printed a whole bunch of Edison cards and even gave us an un-errata for Armory Arm. All it takes is one or two sets to make either one of these formats a budget friendly option, and Konami can just sit back and not need to use that brain of theirs. A non-rotating, static format that you can always fall back on to have a good time when current Yu-Gi-Oh! is getting bothersome on you. Speed Duels are doing quite well, with Konami opting for single boxes, DUDE style, instead of the traditional booster pack format, and they once again give players a nice refresher when they're tired of getting Zone-locked for 9 or getting Kaiju'd for the tenth game in a row.
I hope that I've reasonably laid out my reasoning as to why Set Rotation, while having good intentions, is reasonably, and practically not possible for Konami to implement in this day and age.
TLDR: Set Rotation helps for Powercreep and making good formats, but IMO ignores 25 years of history, Konami's refusal towards alt formats, cost, and product design. GOAT/Edison or Speed Duels are probably better for something like this.
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2023.06.02 08:48 accapitalmarket Labour market data ahead: the fall of USD?

Labour market data ahead: the fall of USD?
US markets wrapped out Thursday on a positive note as Debt talks are expected to pass through Senate by late next week, raising hopes that the world’s largest economy is on track to avoid a catastrophic default.
On the dollar side though, the greenback seems have reached a pivoting point as the dollar index continues to step back from recent highs, and if we take tonight’s labour data (NFP) into the equation, we are likely to witness either the last rebound (should NFP beat expectations) or the last nail in the coffin (NFP disappoints).
USDJPY has been on our radar since early May, the pair has retreated from its 140 level to 138-range, and with Japan’s hawkish rhetoric on intervention, the Yen gained more momentum.
Traders may utilise the 3 Simple Moving Average periods for better calibration (7, 14 & 21).
The information contained in this market commentary is of general nature only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You are strongly recommended to seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions.
Trading margin forex and CFDs carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors could experience losses in excess of total deposits. You do not have ownership of the underlying assets. AC Capital Market (V) Ltd is the product issuer and distributor. Please read and consider our Product Disclosure Statement and Terms and Conditions, and fully understand the risks involved before deciding to acquire any of the financial products provided by us.
The content of this market commentary is owned by AC Capital Market (V) Ltd. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action.
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2023.06.02 08:35 xDHt- Concerns with AirBnB cleanliness/safety? Am I overreacting? What do I do?

Okay, so we are staying in an Airbnb on very short notice because of a water damage issue at our house. We picked this one because it looked cleaner and more suited to our needs in the listing. There weren’t many options since we have pets.
Now that we’ve been here for a few hours, we are seeing red flags everywhere. The place is dirty in weird ways, like it hasn’t been professionally or deep cleaned in a long time. Theres dirt and discoloration on high touch surfaces, there’s sticky things on the cabinets, and an empty old cat food can in the backyard. There’s nasty stuff in the washer (like mold, dirty water, Bobby pins, plastic, and hair), the whole basement level smells musty, there’s nails poking out of the stairs, a crack in the floor, the front entry deck looks and feels like it is falling apart, theres a 2x4 holding the dishwasher in, there’s a hole in the front door where a peep hole should be, and the house has no address on it. We have a cat and discovered the main bedrooms bed frame is being held up by pieces of 2x4, and there’s exposed screws under the bed. We had to block it off with pillows so she can’t go under there. We discovered this when our cat went under there to explore and we wanted to make sure she was there.
The amenities are nothing like we’ve experienced at other places with open value shampoo bottles, several small rolls of toilet paper that are like leftovers from other stays, and no trash bag in the trash can. This place gives me weird DiWhy and slumlord vibes.
Here comes my question. We are supposed to be here for four total nights. We had to come here on such short notice and have already upended our lives for days dealing with this water issue. Are these things I should talk to the host about, or message Airbnb directly? Can I expect any compensation for these safety issues and uncleanliness, or will they just get shrugged off? Should we relocate the whole gang again into another place if we can find it and Airbnb will let us?
Thanks for any and all insight.
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2023.06.02 06:34 carlykerfuffle Guy rejected me because I work in retail. Sorry my career isn’t noble enough for you, pal!

I (f28) recently suffered an embarrassing rejection in my personal life because of my job.
A few weeks ago I met a guy at a singles mixer and we were matched. We started texting, but he rudely stopped talking to me after I told him what I did for a living. Naturally, this completely devastated me. My dating life was already a complete nonstarter before this, but this was the final nail in the coffin. I realized my job is keeping me single.
I get it, guys like girls who are career oriented and bring something to the table, and the fact I work in retail doesn’t exactly scream career oriented and brings something to the table.
I’m not in my fucking job because I love it and I’m oh-so passionate about selling handles of Captain Morgan to grizzled Vietnam veterans. I’m in my job because I have hit the ceiling and there’s nowhere left for me to go. My boss only hired me because he doesn’t have any standards and he’ll literally hire anyone off the street who can count money.
Believe me, if a better opportunity presented itself tomorrow I wouldn’t think twice about quitting. But I’m stuck in this shithole indefinitely unless a miracle happens and I find a “respectable” job that will make me more appealing to a man.
My friends who are spoken for all have “respectable” jobs. Just because I’m not in a “noble” enough job doesn’t make me undeserving of love.
The only people who are interested in me at all are the dirty old drunk perverts who come in every day and insist I ring them up because “she’s prettier.” Maybe one of those wrinkly old farts is single.
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2023.06.02 06:02 Adam-best PolyGel Nail Kit The unique putty-like viscosity ensures smooth, flawless nails and color. PolyGel's formulation combines acrylic powder for strength in a gel base with photo initiators providing workability without any unpleasant odor. Stop wasting time and money at salons, and get the PolyGel

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2023.06.02 05:58 HeadOfSpectre Perseus

“It’s a hard truth to accept, son… but you need to let her go. You need to understand that your daughter is dead. Gone. Whatever's left… that’s not your little girl. Not anymore.”
Those words broke me, but I needed to hear them.

Pastor Sanders put a gentle hand on my shoulder as I bowed my head, feeling the tears come.
“I’m sorry, Father…” I said, expecting him to take his hand away, to chide me for my weakness. But he did no such thing. Ever the gentle shepherd, he comforted me in my moment of need. He was a kind, but stern looking man, with a comforting smile and greying hair.

“It is natural to mourn the death of your own child,” He said. “That’s what any good father would do.”
“I tried… I tried to raise her right… tried to take care of her.”

“You did your best, my son,” Pastor Sanders assured me, “That is all that a man can do. But Satan is relentless. He is devious. He never comes with horns and a pitchfork. He chooses a more innocent form. He comes bearing what seems like wisdom, he comes in the form of a teacher, a friend, a mentor. Your daughter is not the first child whos life he has slithered his way into… and until the day where he is vanquished along with all the demons of hell, she will not be the last. Children are among Satan’s favorite targets. He seeks to indoctrinate them for his glory, he corrupts them and destroys them. I know what it is like as a parent to watch as he takes the child you raised and leaves something evil in its place. Not knowing or understanding what is happening. It’s a horrifying experience.”

“It happened to you too?” I asked.
Pastor Sanders nodded solemnly.
“It did. The pain you’re experiencing right now, I know it all too well. I lost my son about two years ago. He… he used to be a good boy. A proud boy. Then he met some girl…” His voice lowered into a hiss of disgust, “She lured him away from God. Turned him into something he wasn’t. She took him away from me.”

“How did you get him back?” I asked.
“I didn’t,” Pastor Sanders replied. “There comes a certain point where they are too far gone to save. When your child has forsaken God completely, there is no returning from that. There is no life without God, there is only despair and the only salvation that can be offered to them is to prevent them from comitting any further attrocities before God.”

My heart seized up in my chest.
“Father…?” I asked.
He had a far away look in his eye.
“I brought that boy into this world… I took him out. It was the only way I could save him. The only thing I could do to spare him from eternal Hellfire. I sent his soul to God, and through God I hope he may be purified.”

I was silent, unsure what to say to that. It almost sounded as if the Pastor was talking complete madness. He looked back at me, studying my expression for a moment before smiling at me.
“You’re wondering how I could do it, aren’t you?” He asked.
“Your own son, Father?
“Yes, my own son. It was necessary, to save his soul… and if you want to save your daughter…”
“No!” I said, standing up suddenly, “No! No, I couldn’t!”

He remained seated in the pew of the empty church, looking up at me.
“Then your daughter will be condemned to Hell.”
“There must be some way to save her!” I said.
“If there were, I would share it with you. You know that I would. But there is nothing. Nothing more that I have to offer you, here. The only path forward is to deny the Devil his soul.”
“Please, Father… please, I can’t…”

He finally stood up, turning to leave me.
“Father…?” I asked, as he stepped out from between the pews. He sighed before looking back at me. He paused, studying me for a moment before speaking again.
“As I said before, your daughter is already dead. My son was too. Whatever remains isn’t really them. Not anymore. You won’t get her back. All you can do is set her free. In the eyes of our children, we are their greatest heroes, Bill. And the task of a hero isn’t always an easy one. It never has been, even in the oldest myths. Think of Perseus… that’s a name you probably know, isn’t it?”

I nodded. The Greek hero who’d slain Medusa.
“Perseus ventured into the lair of the Gorgon, Medusa as an act of penance. When the King, his stepfather had invited him to a banquet, Perseus had no horse to offer him as a gift. So he asked the King to name his price. He requested the head of Medusa… and so Peresus sought it and when he returned, he earned his redemption. See yourself in Perseus, Bill. Do what needs to be done.”

With that, he left me there, broken in the pews and struggling with the truth he had bestowed upon me.

I already knew what needed to be done. And I knew that I had no choice but to do it.

Pastor Sanders was a stern teacher… but there was always purpose in his lessons. He was a man who spoke only truth, I knew this. It was why others feared him, ostracized him, persecuted him, and those who followed him. He had come to me at my lowest point about a year ago and I had given everything to follow him. My home was his home. My wealth was his wealth. People said I was a fool for what I did, but I knew that when the time came, they would wish that they had made the choices that I had made. I knew that the Lord would reward me for my loyalty to Pastor Sanders and to Him, for my faith in the Lord could not steer me wrong.

That said - I will admit that what Pastor Sanders told me tested my faith in him a little. But only a little. I knew in my heart that he was right. My daughter was dead. All I could do was deny whatever was left of her the chance to sin again, and perhaps free her soul. Maybe then, I might see her again in heaven. Maybe…

I would see her in heaven.

I would see her again and I would have my little girl back and that would be my reward! God willed it! God would make it so!

I knew what I had to do… and by God, I would do it. Like Perseus I would hunt the demon who had taken my daughter from me and I would destroy it, and grant her salvation!



I knew that I’d raised my little girl better than this. I knew that I’d raised her right. That I’d raised her to be honest, faithful, pure.

But the girl I saw walking down the street looked like none of those things. My daughter had natural hair, she didn’t dye it! She didn’t put on makeup like some whore, she didn’t dress like a whore! But the girl I saw walking down the street wore short shorts, had dyed blue hair, she had tattoos, good Lord! I almost didn’t recognize her as my own flesh and blood, and were it not for her aryan features I might not have recognized her at all.

I’d known that she had been sick… that she had been twisted. But I hadn’t realized just how bad it had gotten. I should never have let her leave home… I should never have let her leave me four years ago. But she’d begged and pleaded with me to let her go to college. She’d said that getting an education would be good for her. But I’d said no. I’d said that she didn’t need to waste her time on such things! A woman has no business slaving away for a wage. That’s a man’s job. That’s a man’s duty. But she’d begged and begged… and in the end I’d given in. I thought that maybe if she saw the depravity of the world for herself, she’d understand why I was so against her leaving. She’d understand why I didn’t want my precious flower to be poisoned by the sickness that has infected this world!

Clearly, I was wrong.

Once my daughter was gone, she never came back. I was sure she’d come home when I refused to continue to pay for her indoctrination at some college, but she persisted. She stayed in the city, put herself in debt to pay her way through school and started living with some other whore, who she paid rent with.

When I demanded that she return to me, she refused. She said that she wouldn’t go back under my roof! Even when I drove into that city to drag her out, to bring her home by force she locked herself in an apartment and had her ‘friends’ stand guard out front, telling me that she refused to see me.

I would have pushed past them, but they fought me tooth and nail. One of them, a particularly tall and somewhat lanky girl that she lived with. This girl I remembered most prominently. She’d had sharp, roman features, intense eyes and a large beanie that she wore on her head that made her look like some stoner, hippie freak. I swore that I even saw dreadlocks under there. She had been the strongest of them, to an almost impressive extent. She’d kept me from even making it into her apartment.

I’d sworn to her that I’d be back, but she hadn’t bothered indulging me with a reply. And when I had honored my word and returned with my brother and some of his friends, we found that someone else had taken over that apartment. My daughter and her whore friends had fled from us… and we weren’t able to find out where they went.

For years, I had not heard a single word from my daughter… and I missed her every day, or at least I suppose I missed the girl she had been, once upon a time. When I had tried reaching out to her, she had ignored me. I even tried getting in touch with some of her friends, but they refused to talk to her on my behalf.

This was not the girl I’d raised! The girl I’d raised would have honored her father, she would have known she owed me her respect and her obedience, she would never have treated me with such contempt!

No… this was nothing like the girl that I’d raised! This was something else although just what, I did not know. Pastor Sanders had said that only an actual demon could change someone so drastically, and I wondered if perhaps he was right.

I’d tried hiring a lawyer to look into some legal avenue I could pursue to have her brought back to me, and when that proved fruitless I tried to sue the college, for indoctrinating my daughter and taking her away from me, but that didn’t get me anywhere either.

My options dwindled away into nothing… and as much as I hadn’t wanted to accept Pastor Sanders truth, it was the only thing that I had left to cling to. Finding my daughter again after all these years was no easy feat… but I was patient and God was on my side.

She didn’t even notice me as she’d walked past my parked car that evening, but I saw her in all of her depravity. I saw the way she held hands with that tall girl I had seen before… the one who wore that disgusting beanie on her head. I watched as they chatted among each other, I observed the way they lingered so close to one another and I knew that they were more than just friends.

The sight of my daughter in some girls arms sickened me… my daughter, corrupted by this vile woman. The way that the woman in the beanie kissed my daughters cheek confirmed it. And as I watched them, I made the silent decision to kill her first… to teach my arrogant, faithless daughter… or whatever was left of her a lesson. To remind her that there was no place on this earth where she was safe from God!

The gun sat in my glovebox, it was loaded and ready. I watched as my daughter and her lover entered an apartment building. I already knew what floor they were going to, and I already knew which apartment.

Finding them had not been easy, but as I said I was persistent and blessed by God on my holy mission. The strength of Pastor Sanders kept me going and my faith was ironclad.

The sky was growing dark. After a few moments, I left my car and made my move. The gun rested heavy in my hand. It may not have been the most divine weapon, but it would do the job.

Floor 7, apartment 721.

That was my destination.

Like Perseus into the lair of Medusa, I stood stalwart and strong. I stepped out of the elevator and into the hall, feeling my heart race with every step. The voice of Satan whispered in my ear, begging me not to slaughter my own child. But I needed to do it. Killing her was the only way she could attain salvation! It was the only way she could return to God’s light!

My heart raced as I pounded on the door.
‘The task of a hero isn’t always an easy one.’
I was a hero, wasn’t I? I would be her hero!

I could hear footsteps approaching the door. I recognized them.

My daughter was close. My daughter was coming.

I would save her.

I exhaled, and when the door open I moved, forcing it open. I saw the wide, terrified eyes of my little girl as I closed my hand around her throat and pinned her against the wall. She tried to scream, but I forced her not to, pressing the gun into her stomach.
“Not a word…” I growled.

Her big blue eyes were fixated on me, wide and full of tears. For a moment, I remembered the child I’d used to know… the child I’d used to love.

I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t do this…


Grabbing my daughter, I dragged her deeper into the apartment. I didn’t see any trace of her girlfriend but I could hear a bath running in the next room. I tossed my daughter into the living room, sending her crashing to the ground and keeping the gun aimed at her. She didn’t utter a sound, she just stared at me, knowing what I was going to do.

“Wait…” She said, her voice trembling as she raised a hand to me, “D-Daddy wait…”
I didn’t answer her.

I heard the bathroom door open. Her girlfriend had likely heard the commotion and come to investigate.
“You will watch this…” I said to her, before turning to send the whore who had corrupted my daughter straight to hell.

No sooner had I turned around, did I see her emerging from the bedroom, dressed only in a bathrobe, with a towel wrapped around her head. She seemed to tower over me, and she fixed me in that intense stare of hers, recognizing me and immediately realizing what this was. I aimed the gun at her and watched her freeze.

“You took my girl away from me…” I hissed, “You took her from me…
My finger pressed down on the trigger. There was no hesitation here. Only rage, pure and unfettered.

I would shoot this woman dead without batting an eye.

It would be easy.

And yet while the gun went off, the bullet missed.

I felt my daughters weight slamming into me, trying to stop me from killing the whore who had corrupted her. I heard her screaming at me, begging me not to. I threw her off of me. She was always a petite girl. She couldn’t stop me for long. I tried to aim the gun at the girlfriend again, but she had taken full opportunity of the distraction that my daughter had produced to close the distance between us. She grabbed me by the wrist with an iron grip, and kept me from aiming the gun at her.
“NO!” I spat, “DIE, YOU WHORE! DIE!”

With my free hand, I clawed at her face. I tore the towel off of her head and then…

Then I saw what lay beneath it… and my heart froze in my chest.

My daughter's girlfriend seemed surprised for a moment, but not for long. The things on her head on the other hand, seemed almost relieved to be free. They writhed and twisted on her scalp, hissing at me as they fixed me in their burning yellow eyes. They bore their fangs at me, rearing back to strike, but didn’t.

I stared into the eyes of Medusa. Beautiful, yet hideous with tangled emerald serpents for hair… and she looked back at me with a cold disgust that flayed me down to my very soul. Perseus would have stood brave! Perseus would have fought! I needed to fight too!

I struck her again, screaming in both terror and rage. She tried to stop me, but she wasn’t fast enough. I’d hit her across the head once, and was swinging my fist at her again when she caught it. One of the emerald snakes upon her head struck at me, biting my hand. Its bite left a searing pain behind.

I screamed as the Medusa pushed me off of her, sending me crashing to the ground. The gun slipped from my grasp as I gripped my burning hand. Its fingers clenched into a fist, but would not unclench.
No… no! I would not succumb to whatever this was! I would not succumb to the Gorgon’s poison!

“Gabrielle!” My daughter called, rushing to her side. She ran into the embrace of the Gorgon, before looking down at me. Her eyes settled on the bite in my hand, and a solemn look crossed her face.
“Don’t look, May…” The Gorgon said softly, and my daughter turned her head from me.

I tried to stand, but my body was already starting to burn. My muscles felt stiff and moving felt harder and harder… but my skin still looked like skin… it didn’t look like stone! I collapsed, gasping for breath as I did. Watching my skin, I could see something beneath it shifting. It could see my skin begin to bulge and deform. I could see new bone growth appearing in those deformities. My body was burning, growing, changing, coming apart.

I tried to reach for the gun, but my arms would not move anymore.
This shouldn’t be happening!
This shouldn’t be possible, God was supposed to be on my side! I shouldn’t be falling to one of Satan’s monsters! I shouldn’t be dying at the hands of the demon that held my daughter!

I looked up at them one last time. The Gorgon held my daughter close, comforting her as my body turned against me. Every movement caused fresh new pain to erupt through me. Breathing became impossible, as my lungs and throat became solid.

I lay on the ground, gasping for breath until no more breath came and then, when there was nothing left I only watched as the Gorgon gently took my daughter into the next room so she wouldn’t have to watch me die.

The room was empty when I finally slipped away into darkness… and when I did, I knew that God would not be waiting for me.
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