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2023.06.01 08:16 elijahkirk_13 Extreme night terror brought into my reality.

So this happened about a year ago. Just to give a little context, it was a week night and I was home after working my usual 12 hour graveyard shift. I did my usual routine of showering and brushing my teeth, just the usual stuff for getting ready for bed. I turned on one of my favorite YouTubers, Wendigoon and was looking forward to watching one of his summaries of the Mandela Catalogue videos. I’m not a huge horror fan but the story intrigued me. Long story short, the main idea of the Mandela Catalogues is that in their universe, the Christian Judea God was kicked out of power by Satan who disguised himself as God and Satan was able to change and manipulate everyone thinking they were following God into following him. It’s more complicated than that but that’s just all you’ll need to know as backstory for my nightmare. I am a Christian so this kind of horror hit me at my core, but anyways I was watching Wendigoons summary and drifting to sleep. I remember slowly waking back up to a part in this YouTube video that Wendigoon was playing a clip from the actual video and it was a scene with Satan taking form of the Angel Michael to speak to Mary and essentially twist the truth just enough to lead her down the wrong path. And for some reason that just struck a chord in me. I remember I started breathing short breaths and paused the video, and thinking to myself, “what if Satan really did this to us humans?” Since he’s the Deceiver and all like, if anyone could do it, he could. Then it felt like I lost touch with reality at this point. The best way I could describe it to someone would be like waking up and realizing that everything you’ve built you’re whole life on was just some huge scam, and what you thought was right was actually wrong and vise versa. I know it’s hard to explain but it all felt so real to me at that time. So now I’m sitting up in my bed and saying to myself, “If the devil was able to take over the position of God, there’s no hope for the future.” And what popped into my head next truly scared me. I thought maybe I’m already in hell and that reality is just hell for people who weren’t able to get into Heaven. Like your birth into this world was actually your death in your previous life and you were dammed to hell. I started having one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had and I got up and walked into the living room. I lived with my brother and his wife at this time and I was considering on knocking on their door to wake them up because at this moment I’m panicking and my heart feels like it’s going to explode on top of this terrible headache. I was finally able to calm myself down and sit on the couch in the living room reciting prayer and Bible verses to myself. I also took some ibuprofen and that helped with my headache. I sat in the living room in the dark doing nothing but praying for 2 hours that felt like 30 minutes, which was weird because it’s usually the other way around but what broke me out of this trance was my brother waking up and seeing me on the couch. He asked me if I was alright and I said yeah because I honestly didn’t know how not to come off as insane. I was able to go to bed and get like 4 hours of sleep after that. I just wanted to share my story to see if anyone else has had something sort of like this happen to them. I know the factors of me having a long blue color work schedule, eating unhealthy and not having the best mental health could lead to bad dreams but this shit was beyond a bad dream. My reality was changed by my mental state and that is very scary to me. Another thing is that I don’t have any mental disorders or at least not clinically stated. Just wanna see everyone’s thoughts on the matter. Thanks.
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2023.06.01 08:15 elementsofabsurdity Bush's baked beans commercial

There's a Bush's baked beans commercial on the food network recently, and it plays a ton. There's a middle aged white guy and a dog, and the guy tells the dog about common barbecue plate styles: the moat, the force field, and the sals-i-sheriff? What the hell word is this guy saying? I've googled so many variations and the hell they aren't what he's saying.
It's not:
So... Why is it so hard for me to understand dude? And what the f is this commercial even saying? Ugh. Thanks in advance, my Google Fu is so out of whack on this one.
(Edited to fix formatting, and spelling whoops fail fingers)
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2023.06.01 08:15 Unhappyvoldemort Two months of playing phone tag and I'm guilty of "ignoring" my dad

I've already explained to my father that my working hours vary, but the majority of the time I'm out of work by 6pm. I've told him numerous times I will not answer my phone at 8am. So what does he do? He still calls me at 8am. Even if I'm awake I'm getting ready for work at that time and can't talk. I try him at noon on my lunch and he doesn't answer. I call him again after I clock out 5-6pm and he doesn't answer. Then restarts the phone tag of him calling me at 8am the next day.
My reason for writing this was when I went to visit my mom after work at about 7pm... She answers the door and tries to shove the phone in my face. It's my dad. They've been divorced for a few decades. Their divorce was nasty so I am glad they're friends now, but why the hell is he calling her in the afternoon when APPARENTLY this entire time he is unreachable to me? It wasn't spontaneous, my mom verified she only talks to my dad in the afternoon. YEARS of doing this phone tag crap and my dad claims he goes to bed early, so I've spent some of my lunch breaks listening to him talk about himself. And that's another thing. My dad never asks how I'm doing. Whenever I have surprised him by answering (because he didn't know I tend to have lunch at noon...he never calls or answers at noon anymore) he's completely caught off guard and just talks about himself for an hour or however long I let him. I only have to respond "ahhh yeah, oh okay, I understand, of course, wow."
BUT not only that the reason my mom tried to force the phone on me (I was shocked and declined talking to him) is because he's fucking crying to my mom about how I'm ignoring him. WHAT???? I'm trying to call him at least 10x a week and he never answers! I had to sit down and explain to my mom how long I've been trying to get in contact with him. From what my dad was explaining to her I'm being a neglectful kid to him.... And realistically I owe nothing to my dad. He was a lawyer that didn't pay majority of his due child support. My mom worked damn hard at a minimum wage job while being a single mom of multiple kids without his payments. I only heard about this when I was older, but my mom confessed out of 15 years of child support my dad only paid 2k.....she was due much more than that. I didn't understand as a kid, but during his custody visits he spent so much and spoiled us with the materialistic shit he could have gave my mom to keep our house, our electricity running.. because of him my mom had to ask for more loans to keep our housing. Unfortunately she didn't want to be the "bad guy" and never fought him in court. Last I heard she's paid 3x more than what her property is worth because of loans... and as much as I love my mom for being so forgiving and loving, I fucking hate that she thinks of my dad as a friend. He tried to ruin her life after the divorce. I love my mom for deciding she was better off as a single mom over staying in an abusive marriage. I have very faint memories of their marriage before the split, and everything is unfortunately therapy worthy... Yet in the divorce finalization HE tried to claim my mom was abusive, was mentally unstable to raise kids by herself, and even later tried to get her fired from our only income source... Her only income source because he wasn't paying child support.
I'm fucking exhausted. Since my mom has put it past them, i tried to forgive him for the divorce shit and it's not good . He's retired and has no reason to ignore my 3x a day calls. The last time I saw him in person he had construction workers on his property changing the flooring and introduced me as his kid that won't answer his calls, and for every missed call he "lowers the inheritance." ......he introduced me as the kid that never calls or visits, and implied that I care about his inheritance??? For one I spent three hours out of my day off to go visit him and... WHAT inheritance??? I just wish I had an actual loving relationship with my dad...
I really hope formatting isn't a disaster im typing this on the phone app..
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2023.06.01 08:15 PolishUnicorn505 Is this a cold sore?

Is this a cold sore?
33f, 110lbs no medication except Valtrex and 100mg doxycycline currently (taking for 2 days as preventative in case this is an infection but i finished a round of it 12 days ago).No known health issues other than anxiety. At first I wondered if this was shingles but now I don't think so. Was told it was a bacterial infection 2 days after it started. Had it since Friday morning and it showed up overnight. Never had a cold sore in my life but I've been under a ton of stress since December and been sick just recently and was on various antibiotics for about 17 days (this showed up after a week being off doxycycline so it being an infection is really unlikely). The area is bumpy feeling, very puffy and swollen, tingles and was painful to the touch until today it began feeling better. My dermatologist sent me Valtrex which I took 4g today per instructions and 1g last night. I see him tomorrow. Weird thing is that it got a white part on it this morning and I gently squeezed what looked like pus out of it but it does not feel like any acne cyst or pimple I've ever had. I have no blisters but I can see some yellow stuff deeper in the bump. It all points to cold sore except the white pus coming out this morning throws me off. Currently it's tingling, not itchy and not too painful anymore. I am hoping it's better tomorrow as it's stressing me out even more. I've read that the first cold sore outbreak is the worst, but i don't have any illness symptoms. I find it odd that it has not really blistered yet although the "pus" or whatever it was may have been that. I had my first valtrex tablet 4 days after this appeared and for the first couple days it was a big swollen tingly and painful bump, now its bumpy. Picture in comments.
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2023.06.01 08:15 Emotional-Buy-4938 me (M22) and bestfriend (F21) have feelings for each other but she doesnt want to pursue relationship because she doesnt want to ruin the relationship

Okay hear me out ik the title sounds very generic and obvious but let me cook. so after i broke up with my ex a couple months ago, i rekindled a friendship with a girl i used to be cool with. we started talking a lot then came the flirting and finally linking. she was excited to plan the next link but we haven't gotten around to it vet. we start talking even more to the point we ft and text evervday all day even fall asleep op now but here are the parts where I get confused.
she will call me bestie but then call me bae, baby dad, her husband, and daddy (lol) all the time. i eventually sat down and talked about everything in terms of our feelings and she told me this. she didn't want to overplay her role in my life because she didn't know how i felt about her but she thinks i'm attractive and I'm "her type" she would consider dating me but one thing that bothers her is my height (shes 5'8 i'm 5'9) and she prefers someone who is significantly taller than her. she also mentioned how our bond is so great right now and she fears that if we get in a relationship and break up things wont be the same.
she wants to be friends with mv homebov's af and she has mentioned like 3 times that she thinks my mom would love her. we watch tik tok together and for example if theres a video of a couple fighting for who gets to be passenger princess she would say something like oh your driving everywhere basically talking like we are a couple. she even brought up the possibility of us getting married at one point and told me she gets upset when other girls text me but has to tell herself shes not my gf so why is she trippin. she tells me what shes doing whenever she goes out and asks me what im doing or where am at or who im with. she tells me who she calls and texts to ensure trust even if i dont ask.
anyways i need advice on how to figure out the big picture/meaning of this. i plan on acting the same way with her since that open convo didn't make anything awkward and we still talk and act normal towards each other.
how do i deal with this?
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2023.06.01 08:14 velcrogod [S][USA-NY] Canon New F1 (with issues), Nikon FG with 50mm Film Tested

Hi all, looking to sell some SLRs that I don't really use. All prices are OBO and include PayPal G+S fees and USPS shipping to CONUS. I take PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle, as well as cash for local meetup in NYC. I try my best to picture condition and describe issues accurately and honestly, and I'm happy to send pictures/video or jump on a video call to provide any other details. With that being said, purchases are final and as is.

Canon F1 New, 50mm 1.8, 28mm 2.8 - $150 OBO

The camera is working, but with the following issues that I discovered when running a few rolls of film through. I sent the camera to Garry's Camera Repair for CLA last year, and I received the camera "repaired" but the following issues were still present.
  1. If the film leader is not loaded properly, after a few winds the film will be caught between the two takeup spools (the leader comes all the way around and ends up caught in the takeup spool closer to the shutter) and the film advance will jam. The back will need to be opened and the jammed film removed. I have managed to load the film properly (with the back open, make sure both takeup spools have teeth inside the film sprocket, and then wind a few times to make sure there is full takeup), and I was able to run whole rolls through with careful advancing using even pressure; YMMV.
  2. The meter underexposes by about 3-4 stops when compared with a known good light meter. I set the exposure compensation to +3 to compensate and my pictures come out well-exposed.
The camera could be used as-is, but it should work great after a full CLA. I have not found any other issues in my usage of it - shutter speeds seem accurate, both the aperture-priority and the full manual exposure modes work well, film advance is smooth as long as it is loaded properly (see above). The camera comes with the strap, batteries, and 2 lenses: the 50mm 1.8, and the 28mm 2.8. Both lenses are in great condition with no haze, fungus or scratches on the glass.

Nikon FG, 50mm 1.8 Series E - $90 OBO

The Nikon FG works great - I have shot a few rolls of film through it and everything has come out accurate. The body and lens have reasonable wear given the camera's age, but everything is cosmetic. The light seals show signs of deterioriation but I have had no issues with light leaks in my usage. The meter is accurate, and shutter speeds are good throughout the range with no sticking at either the high or low end. The Series E 50mm 1.8 lens is in great condition with no haze, fungus, or scratches on the glass. This would make for a great beginner film camera - it is super light, compact, and reliable.
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2023.06.01 08:12 Used_Criticism_2735 💩🫠

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2023.06.01 08:12 Tek466 21 [M4F] Illinois/Anywhere - Any ladies in need of a close friend or perhaps something more with benefits? Let's get to know each other.

Hi everyone!
I’m a 21 year old From the US who is looking to get to know each other and if we click, maybe something that could lead to us being more than just friends in a casual flirty way or friends with benefits. I don't mind where you are or your age whether that's around my age or older is fine. I've been pretty lonely and what comes with that is lack of online intimacy or sexual connection so I'm seeking someone to change that with haha
There's pictures of me on my profile.
Physically I'm 6ft tall, I'm average/slim build, and I'm white with hazel eyes and dark brown hair. I wear glasses too.
I've been feeling kind of lonely as of late and decided to try my chances. I live on a small farm house built in the 50s with family and my parents are a little on the older side and thus we don't really get out all that often, so it becomes kind of isolating at times. I figured why not make a post and possibly meet someone great as you never know what life will give you when least expected. I work as a facility maintenance tech for a company that I just started with a week ago!
Now that we've established who I am and what I'm looking for, here are a few interests of mine to get to know me better!
• Fall/Autumn season
Already mentioned, but had to list this one because I just adore the fall and everything that comes with it. My birthday is in October too so it's always been my favorite month. I much prefer fall and winter over a muggy humid summer. In the cooler seasons there's always ways to warm up.
• Technology
I'm good at fixing electronics and I'm quite nerdy in that aspect. So if something breaks I can fix it ;) I'm also good with my hands and quite inclined mechanically.
• Music
I love genres such as classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, punk, post punk, hardcore, etc. My current favorite bands are The Cure and Joy Division/New Order. But I like tons of older and newer bands as well.
• Cooking and Baking
I like to cook and learn new recipes, as well as bake fun things too! It's always nice when the house feels nice and cozy and smells good. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life, a cozy cup of tea and music or a movie in bed or sitting outside is so nice!
• Animals
I love animals of all types, and I currently have an older cat which I adore to death! We rescued her from the local shelter. She's the sweetest thing. (I think I love her more than anyone in the house lol, she just makes me so happy) :)
• Art
I enjoy art, both creating it from time to time such as drawing, and admiring other peoples work. There's just something so fun about it and seeing things so beautiful.
• Houseplants
I love houseplants and really anything nature related and also spiritual such as crystals and rocks. I love to help my mom in caring for all of our plants and also gardening outside when its a good growing season. Its fun! I also like cottage core and goblin core type vibes and enjoy sitting out on the deck burning incense, its peaceful :)
• Cozy video games
I'm not a hardcore gamer really, but I enjoy simple and fun cozy relaxing games such as Stardew valley and Minecraft. :)
I'm a very honest, caring, and loving type of person. I'm pretty introverted normally in private but get quite extroverted when I'm close with someone.
There's not much I expect from a potential friend except for respect, kindness, and honesty! I'm just very chill and easy going and able to adapt to all sorts of personalities.
If you think we'd vibe, send me a chat! I’d love to get to know you! :)
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2023.06.01 08:11 leftymeowz Is there a word for unrealistic/impossible diegetic camera movement?

No idea if I get to use “diegetic” in this context but I’m talking about when a camera, in the movie/show, moves when it shouldn’t. Like in Star Trek when the view screen zooms in on a character’s face, or in Ghostwatch, when what’s supposed to be “security camera footage” is panning and zooming all over the place. Is there a word for that? And does it bug the hell out of anyone else? Totally breaks my suspension of disbelief and I’m really confused why people would go to the trouble of presenting something in a way that’s supposed to look like found footage while simultaneously breaking that illusion by employing cinematographic techniques. :///
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2023.06.01 08:11 pinkhathacker Bat Sound Detector?

I hope this is the right subreddit to post this - I wasn’t sure where else to ask and was hoping someone here could give me some advice.
I think I may have bats living in between my ceiling and roof. I hear scratching and scurrying at night, usually around 2-4:30am and a few times heard chirping and fluttering. I have some poop falling from cracks in old chinking by the wall, which I thought was mouse poop until I realized that it was falling from the ceiling. However, I haven’t been able to actually see anything crawling inside or out of the house and I’ve been watching at dusk. I dont know if it's possible that whatever it is is getting access through somewhere I cant see from the ground, or if it's something else entirely. I certainly don't hate bats, in fact they seem pretty cool, but from what I have read you dont want to be sharing a home with them.
Since I haven't actually been able to see or record anything entering the house, I read about those "ultrasonic" bat sound detectors and thought maybe this way I can determine if I'm dealing with bats or just something like mice. Do these devices actually work?
I found this one which is probably the most I’d be willing to spend..
Is this a good idea to try? Or a waste of money? I also was unsure if it would be able to detect bats that are very close, or if it might pick up bats flying around outside. I want to try to hear whatever is just a few feet above me in the ceiling, but don’t want to be picking up sounds of bats flying around outside.
Thanks in advance for any advice - I’ve been losing sleep over this from all the noise and don’t want to let this get out of hand if it is what I think it is.
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2023.06.01 08:11 Emotional-Buy-4938 me (M22) and bestfriend (F21) have feelings for each other but she doesnt want to pursue relationship because she doesnt want to ruin the relationship

Okay hear me out ik the title sounds very generic and obvious but let me cook. so after i broke up with my ex a couple months ago, i rekindled a friendship with a girl i used to be cool with. we started talking a lot then came the flirting and finally linking. she was excited to plan the next link but we haven't gotten around to it vet. we start talking even more to the point we ft and text evervday all day even fall asleep op now but here are the parts where I get confused. she will call me bestie but then call me bae, baby dad, her husband, and daddy (lol) all the time. i eventually sat down and talked about everything in terms of our feelings and she told me this. she didn't want to overplay her role in my life because she didn't know how i felt about her but she thinks i'm attractive and I'm "her type" she would consider dating me but one thing that bothers her is my height (shes 5'8 i'm 5'9) and she prefers someone who is significantly taller than her. she also mentioned how our bond is so great right now and she fears that if we get in a relationship and break up things wont be the same. she wants to be friends with mv homebov's af and she has mentioned like 3 times that she thinks my mom would love her. we watch tik tok together and for example if theres a video of a couple fighting for who gets to be passenger princess she would say something like oh your driving everywhere basically talking like we are a couple. she even brought up the possibility of us getting married at one point and told me she gets upset when other girls text me but has to tell herself shes not my gf so why is she trippin. she tells me what shes doing whenever she goes out and asks me what im doing or where am at or who im with. she tells me who she calls and texts to ensure trust even if i dont ask. anyways i need help trying to figure out the big picture/meaning of this. i plan on acting the same way with her since that open convo didn't make anything awkward and we still talk and act normal towards each other. what are your opinions on this?
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2023.06.01 08:08 Ds2diffsds3 Risk of rain 2 being created as a 3D game makes it significantly less enjoyable

Now initially I was just going to do a "ror2 is a bad roguelike" but I figure this is a bit more specific. Now I haven't put a lot of hours into ror1 because it's fairly mediocre for a roguelike, but one thing I think the 2nd game absolutely does worse is the transition to 3D. In 2D games dodging is fairly straight forward and skill based, you see a bullet coming you move out of the way. This is why pretty much every bullet hell roguelike (isaac, gungeon) is 2D, dodging in 2D is fairly satisfying. However in 3D it gets a bit trickier.
Dodging isn't just about moving left to right and making concise adjustments- more often it's about playing cover and running around in circles. In ror2 this wouldn't be as much a problem if it weren't for two things: 1. The disparity between characters and their ranges/viability and 2. The prevalence of one shot mechanics. #2 is the one I have the biggest problem with. Nothing hurts more then having a 50 minute run only to get hit by a burning brass contraption and lose all of your health (status effects counteract one shot protection which is a joke anyways). It just doesn't feel fun to have all of the "dodging" in the game essentially be running around in circles at mock speed hoping the enemy clusterfuck doesn't launch a stray missile at you.
And this is mainly an issue because of the way difficulty scaling in ror2 works. As you get later in the run, more and more enemies spawn. This ends up in creating a lot of visual clutter, turning the already somewhat rng reliant dodging into pure aids. If this game wasn't co-op I genuinely don't think I'd ever play it, and as it stands I'm looking for other co-op roguelikes (streets of rogue is ok and I'm looking at gunfire reborn), I never really got the hype for the game as outside of its visuals and music it really isn't any special. I'd also like to add that it has a lot of other problems (unfun bosses, terrible character balance, a boring unlock system and lame ass items) but those are the main complaints I have.
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2023.06.01 08:07 drunk_cow1234 I don’t want to include my family in my wedding at all.

I am planning to get married soon, and looking back on my childhood, I’ve decided I don’t want my family there at all, much less tell them it’s happening. I know if I tell them I’m even planning on it they’re going to release a barrage of never-ending questions that I don’t have the patience to answer. My family annoys the hell out of me, and it’s why I never even told them I was dating anyone in the first place. They’ve met my girlfriend however, after she wanted to meet them. My girlfriend says I’m being unreasonable, since they’re my family and they’d be pretty upset if I didn’t tell them. I’ve met her family and they really like me, I’m just really hesitant about my family being involved in my life. I might just give in and invite them anyway.
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2023.06.01 08:06 Strengthwars Speculation on the Unknown Justice League Members

Speculation on the Unknown Justice League Members
Do you ever lie awake at night wondering who those missing Justice League designations are in Season 4? No? Just me? Well, anyway--
Young Justice: Phantoms told another satisfying story that reflected on and wrapped up threads connecting as far back as the first season while also doing some exciting new world-building (or galaxy-building on the cosmic side). One element of this included the expansion of the Justice League roster, which is a show staple and has happened every season. Invasion's five-year time skip added Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), Black Lightning, Green Lantern (Guy Gardner), Zatanna, and Rocket, even if Ted was dead by the time the season began. As the galactic efforts of the team expanded, Outsiders' shorter two-year time skip brought about a much bigger expansion with ten members. Even though we never got to see Fire or Magog, even by Phantoms, we did learn about their place on the League by the end of the third season. Alas, the fourth, despite giving us some info and clues, did not reveal the full list of the expanded roster by the end of its run.
Here's what we know:
  • La'gaan is granted the title of Aquaman and invited to join the Justice League in "Leviathan Wakes" on July 3rd, 2020.
  • In "Death and Rebirth", during the wedding of Conner Kent and M'gann M'orzz on September 16th, 2020, La'gaan/Aquaman is heard zeta-ing in under the designation 45.
  • Steel was designated 36 in Season 3 and represented the final member of those who joined between Invasion and Outsiders.
  • Metamorpho is seemingly folded into the Justice League during "Nevermore" at the end of Season 3 when Batman Inc. rejoins with the rest of the groups, including Metamorpho and Orphan -- who were recruited specially to Batman's effort and weren't originally members of the League or Team. We see in Season 4 that Orphan is designated B-36, after the last known Season 3 designations, meaning it's likely Metamorpho is 37 on the League front.
  • The "Foreign Affairs" tie-in comic set after Season 4 confirms that Cyborg is designated 39.
  • Series co-creator Greg Weisman has stated that the designation ordering for a batch of members that all join at the same time (as was typical for the aforementioned waves in previous seasons) is determined by those heroes' debut order. As seen in “Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!” during Season 4, Zatara joined the League alongside Captain Atom, Black Canary, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Captain Marvel, and Red Tornado. They were designated in that order because it is the order they became heroes, which is proven by how Zatara was one of the earliest, debuting the same year as Superman. And again, regardless, this has all been confirmed by creator comment.
  • We see Victor Stone become Cyborg in February 2019 and join the Outsiders toward the end of Season 3.
  • With the unusual exceptions of La'gaan and likely Jay Garrick, who seem to join at particular intervals, new Justice League members tend to join in collective batches, as exemplified with Zatara's wave or the other aforementioned ones. Though we do not have confirmation as to when exactly Cyborg joined the League, it is likely that he was recruited alongside another few heroes in the short gap between Seasons 3 and 4.
  • All this to say that Cyborg's placement as 39 in this new wave that goes up to 43 or 44 means that all new Justice Leaguers but one debut BETWEEN February 2019 and February 2020. We are dealing with a fresh batch of heroes that we would not have seen costumed in previous seasons... but that we may have already seen in civilian form.
  • If we assume Metamorpho is 37 for the sake of argument, as it's unconfirmed but seems likely, 38 and 40-44 are all unknown designations. But we know from Season 4 that Flash (Jay Garrick) and an unknown Green Lantern occupy at least two of them.
So... for anyone still with me, who might fill those remaining slots? I have a few thoughts:
Jay is probably 44 and joined outside the other six.
The first thing to acknowledge is which character has that mysterious 38 slot preceding Cyborg. That slot means that the first hero to join the League after Season 3, assuming they joined alongside Vic, was someone who had become a hero prior to February 2019. Obviously, Jay Garrick became a hero quite a bit earlier, in 1940 to be exact, and was a founding member of the Justice Society of America. We learn in Season 4's "Leviathan Wakes" that he has become a member of the more modern Justice League and see him on his very first mission nearly two months later in the next episode. These time discrepancies are odd, but Jay is a long-time hero and it's not unreasonable to hazard that he may have joined outside of the normal League recruitment schedule. They no doubt would have been happy to accommodate him at his own pace. This, plus the fact that his first mission wasn't until August 2020 when we know the main recruitment wave happened prior to February, leads me to suspect that Jay joined more recently compared to the mentioned episodes and that he is designated 44. It's possible that he's 38, but that would eliminate all the interesting possibilities of longer-standing heroes who may have become Leaguers by the fourth season...

Rocket Red (Dmitri Pushkin)
Dmitri is a Justice League member in the comics and we saw him don his Rocket Red armor for the first time during Season 3's "Leverage", set on November 17th, 2018 -- a few months prior to Vic's becoming Cyborg. Now, the Rocket Red Brigade in YJ is a Russian superhero organization and Dmitri especially doesn't take kindly to American espionage/intervention. He wants to rival the Justice League, not join it... at least at that time. Could he have changed his mind in the following year or so? Perhaps. I'll circle back to this for my next idea, but in the credits scene of “Beyond the Grip of the Gods!” in Season 4, we see Black Lightning and Superman discussing the forthcoming Justice League Reserves and a screen displaying potential recruits. In addition to this, Superman notes that "Russia has more Rocket Reds" as an idea for further recruitment. His use of more is interesting, as it potentially signifies that there is already a Rocket Red within their circles. However, given Dmitri's characterization from what little we saw of him and what we know the Rocket Red Brigade's nationalist goals seem to be here, it's equally possible and perhaps more likely that the "more" simply refers to the membership beyond Dmitri and his superior, Olga Ilyich, whom all the heroes would have learned about in Season 3, given that it was a Team mission reporting to the League. Perhaps a Rocket Red or two made it into the Reserves, but I'm betting the 38 designation actually belongs to a different character...

Many of you may know Cliff Steele/Robotman from the acclaimed Doom Patrol show, and he made his first true appearance in Season 4's "Emergency Dive" after an illusion of sorts in the third season. In YJ, Robotman was a founding member of the Doom Patrol in 2011 and died with the rest of his crew in 2015. In Season 3, during an episode set in 2018, Beast Boy's dream sequence seems to indicate that he still believes Robotman to be dead. But Robotman is a living human brain stuck in a metal body, and we learn in the fourth season that said robot head was recovered and that Cliff has slowly been working himself out of the depression stemming from losing his team and spending years at the bottom of a river. Whether that's the exact timeline of events is a bit in question, but we know that by Season 4, Robotman is up and running and ready to help Gar despite still facing struggles. Cliff is not typically a Justice League member in other mediums, but neither is Zatara, Rocket, or Magog. One of the best things about YJ is how it remixes and reimagines typical continuity, and in the world of Earth-16 where the League is the premiere superhero organization that it is, it makes sense that they'd properly take in Robotman. We know that he's able to utilize Black Canary's mental health services, as he is a key example she brings up in "Death and Rebirth" as to why she wants to organize a proper sanctuary for struggling heroes who need to work on themselves. Given his ties to the hero community in 2020, I find it strange that Cliff would not be featured on this screen:
The pictured Justice League Reserve candidates in “Beyond the Grip of the Gods!”
Black Lightning and Superman conveniently cover up two of the slots, but it seems far more likely that was done to avoid showing characters the creative team didn't have designs for rather than the ones they did, don't you think? So my question is, if Robotman is so connected to the superhero community as they support his recovery, why would he not be on speed dial for the next crisis via this Reserves setup? Or at least be in contention? I think a very likely answer is that Robotman cannot be a Reserve member because he is already a regular member of the Justice League, specifically under designation 38, as he debuted in 2011 and would have joined alongside Cyborg. While he's still on a journey of recovery, Robotman seems up and running enough (pun intended) by Season 4 that I don't think it's too much of a stretch to propose that he's joined the team proper. But beyond that elusive 38 slot, I do have one more guess to propose as to another member of Cyborg's wave who could have become a hero after him...

In Season 3, we are introduced to teenage interview show host Courtney Whitmore. Sometime during 2019, she acquired a Cosmic Staff and became Stargirl, as we see her as a member of the Outsiders during Season 4. For anyone familiar with Courtney's DC Universe/CW show, you'll know that Courtney is a legacy hero and that her uncle, Pat Dugan, is a critical part of that journey. Pat was a sidekick back in his younger days and, in the comics and Stargirl show, suits up in a robotic suit of armor as an adult to aid Courtney as her sidekick. Thanks to the recent Young Justice: Targets tie-in comic series showing us Green Arrow flashbacks to 2010 and the time frame of Season 1, we know that Pat Dugan and his old mentor Sylvester Pemberton exist... as Star City traffic reporters rather than heroes (at least at that time). It seems like Courtney's E-16 legacy may be more of a media one than a heroic one, but her Stargirl persona persists and so it's not impossible that her uncle may have his suit as well. While it's far from assured, Pat is a character we now know is around, and given that he'd be becoming active after Cyborg and that he and Courtney are often a package deal, I think it would be interesting if S.T.R.I.P.E. was one of the members who joined the League between Seasons 3 and 4.
If anyone out there was courageous enough to read all of that, I commend you for your patience and appreciate your shared interest. I love this world and its rich characters, history, and mystery, and given the sub's rising subscriber numbers, I know I'm not alone. So if you're mighty curious as to who else may have joined the Justice League between seasons, I would love to hear your thoughts below. Remember, most of them are likely newer heroes, so your answers are welcome to range from why a new character like Vixen might work well in the current context of the show, to why a deep-cut Season 1 cameo like Pieter Cross may have only recently become Doctor Midnight and joined the big League. You don't have to read all of the above, I'd just love to hear your thoughts!
tl;dr: In addition to Cyborg, a fourth Earth Green Lantern, Jay Garrick's Flash, and La'gaan's Aquaman, there are FOUR unknown Justice Leaguers who joined the team before or during Season 4. Based on the points above or your own theorizing, who do you think those heroes might be?
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2023.06.01 08:05 lagoonaris I found out retroactively that my ex cheated on me during the relationship

If I would have to describe my ex in as few words as possible it would be "broken promises". THe amount of times where he promised me something (a date, a concert, a gift...) and then found a reason why it didn't happen (overtime, sickness, "stuck in toll"...) was more often than I could count on two hands in the short span of 1.5 years of dating.
The breaking point of the relationship was when he planned a week in London for us which he too cancelled last minute. Naive me would have overlooked it like everything else if the week in question wouldn't have been Christmas week and I had to tell my whole family in advance I would not celebrate with them, only to join festivities last minute. I was quite embarrassed about it and decided that I was sick of always getting stood up. Still, even while ending the relationship I still liked him enough to want to stay friends. Well, he ghosted me with the excuse that he joined the army and that was it.
It's been 5 years since then and only last weekend I heard a very dear friends perspective on the whole relationship and a side to the story I was not aware of: there was another girl.
To make a "short story long", back at the time I was deep into playing a MMO. I got him to playing it as well. We were both in the same guild together with some other friends and acquaintances of mine. My dear friend was in there, as well as said other girl H. My ex and H quickly became friends and ran a lot of content in the MMO together, sometimes even content I had waited to do so I could play it with him. Never did I realise that H was messing with my relationship behind my back. My dear friend had realized it though and had told her off multiple times, warning her to not do it.
Now, one of the many broken promises of my ex was an orchestral concert to said MMO. It's the only promise I am really hung up on after all those years. It was a very rare time that the orchestral tour made it to Europe at all and I had planned to buy tickets, no matter what. Instead he bought them, even sent a picture of them to me as proof they arrived. I was so happy to see my favorite songs performed live, even pulled out my old fancy prom dress and everything - and then he cancelled. Said he has to work overtime, the tickets are at his living place an hour away from work and there was no way he could reach the tickets and give them to me so I could go with someone else. I was heartbroken, cried the whole night and even after all those years I am still sad about having missed the event. The tour hasn't been to Europe since and who knows when they will ever be again.
Last weekend, I met my dear friend and the topic came down to H and how she was a source of many problems back then, including the ruin of my relationship. My friend had elaborated and then said that at the time of the concert, H was not only visiting my country but also the same area me and my ex were living in. And the reason he had stood me up for the concert was, because he went with her instead. Since then I can't think about anything but that knowledge.
As I said, the relationship ended a few years ago. He since then ghosted me, I no longer have contact with H or that guild in general. My feelings for my ex are long gone. There is no reason for me to be sad or mad or anything about this whole affair. Yet here I am and I can't really stop thinking about it. What promises did he break because of lazy excuses? How many did he break while telling the truth? How many of those were because he did not want to tell me the truth?
When we broke up, I said to him that I can'T continue the relationship as is, but I would be open for reconciliation. He accepted the break up calmy with a "As I am now I can't be a man worthy of your love. You deserve better." Those words stuck with me. I thought he just appreciated me that much. Now they leave a bitter taste as well. Maybe they were his way of admitting to his own faults of cheating and lying. I don't know. I probably will never know. It sucks.
I don't know where else to put all these thoughts and feelings. I don't even know if I could get a conversation out of this. But it did feel cathargic to write this out somewhere. If you read until here, I thank you for your time.
People sometimes suck.
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2023.06.01 08:05 willbyres Bf sat with another girl at a meal. Now I feel i secure

Me (20F) and my bf (20M) have been together for about ten months. We are in a pretty healthy relationship but I have a problem. I get extremely insecure when it comes to other girls. This mostly stems from stuff that has gone down in the past with previous bfs but nonetheless it exists. We met in college and live away from home. We are back home on vacation now and bf is visiting his native town. He met up with a friend (20F) from college and the two spent the day together. They had two meals together outside. My bf and I whenever we go out we like to sit beside each other rather than across from each other. Its just something we like so that we can hold hands and be closer during a meal. I saw pictures that bf and friend posted on instagram and it seems like they were also sitting beside each other during every meal rather than across. If I was in his place and on a platonic outing with someone, I would want to sit across from them and not beside them. 1. Because I would not be completely comfortable 2. Because I know its something i like to do with bf and I like keeping certain things special to us. I sae those pictures and my mind started spiralling and my heart sank and I felt weird. I do not know how to bring this up because I do not want to seem like a crazy insecure girlfriend who gets hurt by the smallest of things. At the same time its affecting me really badly I cannot stop thinking about it. I do not like feeling this way, being so insecure but I do not know how to talk to him about it or how to deal with it myself either.
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2023.06.01 08:04 MysteryBros How do I get rid of the burnt plastic smell permeating my house after my daughter melted a plastic container with dry pasta in it?

I caught it at around the 10 minute mark, but it was too late. Acrid, eye-watering smoke pouring from the microwave, that is now coated with this brown residue, along with the shelf it was sitting on.
How on earth do I get rid of the smell?!?!?
It's stained the hell out the white melamine cabinetry, and although it mostly comes off, the smell is really lingering.
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2023.06.01 08:04 reylas83 My dad was killed in a motorcycle accident last weekend, and I want vengeance.

As the headline says, my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident by a distracted man running a red light. My family and I are, obviously, devastated and have a lot on our plate. As soon as I lay my dad to rest i want to raise hell.
The city where this happened is 5 hours from home, in California, but as soon as the coroner had called we headed up. My wife and I went to the coroners and the police station just to find them all closed. Should I have been contacted by the police? I was told that there was an investigation going on. Is there a detective that should be reaching out?
I really don't have any experience with this kind of thing and am looking for some guidance. What do I need to do to ensure justice for my dad?
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2023.06.01 08:02 Startrekker PSA: OGame is fully Pay2Win as of 2020

I know for those of us active around here, this isn't really "news", but I just wanted to get a warning out there for any new or returning players who want to try the game out.
The Pay2Win Mechanic
As of a few years ago, Gameforge introduced Resource Packs into the game. These resource packs will allow you to directly purchase Metal, Crystal, and/or Deuterium equal to your empire wide daily production.
The issue is that there is no limit to how many of these packs you can buy, meaning that you can go in and buy as many resources as you can afford.
This results in players being at millions of points within just days or weeks of new universes starting up. And it means that a whale can pop up on any universe and keep spending until they take the top spot.
Resource Pack Cost (Each provides 1 day of that production from your entire empire):
  • Metal: 60k DM (42k during sales)
  • Crystal: 120k DM (84k during sales)
  • Deuterium: 180k DM (126k during sales)
  • Complete: 360k (252k during sales)
And again, these Res packs are equal to your empire wide daily production. So if you get 1b Metal/Day from your mines, that 42k Dark Matter Metal Pack is going to net you 1b metal per pack you buy.
Res Pack Meta
Back in 2020, Production bonuses were added to various slots. As seen in this picture.
The Crystal bonuses suck, and you should not go for those Crystal slots. However, the metal bonuses are really quite good, and slot 8 is already the ideal slot to make new planets, as slot 8 has the largest planet size potential.
So given that slot 8 is the best slot to colonize, has the largest metal bonus, and metal packs are the cheapest to buy, it is the only slot that matters for the Res Pack meta.
So what people do to Pay2Win is:
  • Establish planets on slot 8, and focus on metal production as much as they can.
  • Buy DM during Bonus DM sales.
  • Buy a week 40% metal booster for each planet
  • Buy a massive amount of Metal Packs at 42k/per during sales.
  • Reinvest in mines with metal as main focus (still increasing crystal/deut to get more production boost from crawlers).
  • Wait for next sales and repeat the process.
So if someone buys $100 of DM during a 100% sale, that's ~4.2m DM or ~100 metal packs when 30% off.
With how high people are getting metal mines to nowadays, I've seen people with low-mid 50's metal mines getting 2-3b metal per res pack. That's 200-300 billion metal they're getting for that $100. Obviously won't be that much for smaller accounts, but you get the point.
Then if they need Crystal or Deut, they just use the Merchant Res Trader to swap things over at a 3:2:1 rate.
The End Result
People doing this are quickly building up on new or existing universes. Here's an account on .ES Mathilde that was at 1 point on January 13th, 2023. One month later on February 13th, 2023, it hit 1 billion points. And then surpassed 7 billion points by the end of March 2023.
This also means that when attacking a player, you no longer have to worry about then instantly building things with the res they have on hand, but also the fact that they can pay to have Resources appear out of nowhere to defeat your attack.
Also means that people can create fleets out of nowhere. Someone determined enough could easily pay and have the largest fleet on the universe if they wanted, posing a threat to everyone on that uni.
And it means that some people will attack you at a loss just to annoy you. Seen accounts like that 7b one there going in and attacking/MDing everyone on a daily basis "because they can", even if they'd get nothing out of it.
The summary of this all is that OGame is not what it once was. Rather, it's now about who is willing to toss the most money into the game.
And I think those of you looking at trying out the game or looking at returning to it should be aware of the current state of things.
Sadly, Gameforge seems to be fine with things as is. We've now had over two years of this Pay2Win issue, and it has pushed many veteran players and staff away from the product. They're taking short term gains to capitalize on players wanting to spend to be the top player, and screwing the game over long term.
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2023.06.01 08:01 Claycorp Monthly Mega Q&A - [June 2023]

Welcome once again to the monthly mega Q&A! You can find all previous Q&A posts here!
Look for faster replies or easier sharing methods to get help? Join our Discord!
Posting guidelines!
Common Questions:
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2023.06.01 08:01 AutoModerator Purchase Advice Megathread - June 2023

Welcome back to another purchase megathread!
This thread is meant to conglomerate purchase advice for both newcomers and people looking for additional machines. Keeping this discussion to one thread means less searching should anyone have questions that may already have been answered here, as well as more visibility to inquiries in general, as comments made here will be visible for the entire month stuck to the top of the sub, and then added to the Purchase Advice Collection (Reddit Collections are still broken on mobile view, enable "view in desktop mode").
Please be sure to skim through this thread for posts with similar requirements to your own first, as recommendations relevant to your situation may have already been posted, and may even include answers to follow up questions you might have wished to ask.
If you are new to 3D printing, and are unsure of what to ask, try to include the following in your posts as a minimum:
While this is by no means an exhaustive list of what can be included in your posts, these questions should help paint enough of a picture to get started. Don't be afraid to ask more questions, and never worry about asking too many. The people posting in this thread are here because they want to give advice, and any questions you have answered may be useful to others later on, when they read through this thread looking for answers of their own. Everyone here was new once, so chances are whoever is replying to you has a good idea of how you feel currently.
Reddit User and Regular u/richie225 is also constantly maintaining his extensive personal recommendations list which is worth a read: Generic FDM Printer recommendations.
Additionally, a quick word on print quality: Most FDM/FFF (that is, filament based) printers are capable of approximately the same tolerances and print appearance, as the biggest limiting factor is in the nature of extruded plastic. Asking if a machine has "good prints," or saying "I don't expect the best quality for $xxx" isn't actually relevant for the most part with regards to these machines. Should you need additional detail and higher tolerances, you may want to explore SLA, DLP, and other photoresin options, as those do offer an increase in overall quality. If you are interested in resin machines, make sure you are aware of how to use them safely. For these safety reasons we don't usually recommend a resin printer as someone's first printer.
As always, if you're a newcomer to this community, welcome. If you're a regular, welcome back.
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2023.06.01 08:00 Outside_Ad_9691 [Tinkers Construct 2/3] For those who didn't know: Tinkers Construct lets you get a lot of utility and usefulness out of just ordinary Stone.

When I play games, I sometimes try to make the strongest tools/armobuilds possible out of the cheapest materials possible. This is expecially useful early game, when you want to become very powerful very quickly and you don't have access to more expensive or rarer tools/weapons/armomaterials. This post will teach you how to do that with Tinkers Construct.
Now, there are two versions of Tinkers Construct that I've interacted with: Tinkers Construct 2 and Tinkers Construct 3. I've played lots of 1.12 modpacks, so TiCon 2 is what I'm most familiar with. In contrast, I've only just recently started playing newer modpacks (such as ones for 1.16 and 1.18) so I've only had a small exposure to TiCon 3 and am not as familiar with it. Anyway, let me start with Tinkers Construct 2:

Tinkers Construct 2 Stone Tips

Here are 5 powerful tips relating to Stone:

A final tip: When I build early game tools for Tinkers, here's how I like to build them: for my Pick, I like to Make it out of a Stone Pickaxe Head, Wood Tool Binding and Wood Tool Rod. In most modpacks, you Pickaxe starts out with 3 modifiers. What I like to do is use the first two Modifiers to apply the Diamond and Emerald traits. This shoots my durability up from slightly over 100 to just over 1,000. Then I use an Obsidian Sharpening Kit to max out its mining level. Finally, for the last Modifer, I apply Luck and try to get it up to Luck III. For my Shuriken (which is my preferred weapon when playing modded Minecraft, by the way), I also like to apply the Diamond, Emerald and Luck III modifiers (most modpacks I know have Shuriken have 3 Modifiers, but some let it only have 1; in that case, focus mainly on Luck III; Luck III requires a whopping 360 Lapis or 40 Lapis Blocks, but it's worth the effort). The materials I choose are the ones I outlined above: the first three blade are Wood, Stone and Pig Iron. I prefer the fourth one to be either Restonia, Cactus or Bone. You can attach a Nether Star to both your tools if you want, too, to apply the Soulbound trait. This makes them stay in your inventory upon death, and doesn't require a Modifier slot. Getting Nether Stars early game is usually quite difficult, but it depends on your particular modpack and/or your level of skill/bravery.
Another final tip: Obviously this Pickaxe mines relatively slowly, being made out of Stone and all. There are ways to circumvent this, however. For one, you can use Restone to add the Haste trait to your tool (not recommended, as I prefer to use my Modifier slots to add other useful traits to my Pickaxe; slower mining speed doesn't bother me anyway). Alternatively, you can use Veinminer or OreExcavation or FTB Ultimine. These let you mine large amounts of blocks, provided that they're connected and are made from the same material. VeinMiner or its equivalent are available in most modpacks, so if I'm mining Obsidian, I can just hold down the button I assigned to OreExcavation/VeinMineetc., and when I break the Obsidan block, the other Obsdian blocks near it come up as well. this saves a lot of time and makes up for the slow mining speed. That's why when I play most modpacks, having slow mining speed usually doesn't bother me.
Those are all the tips I had for TiCon 2. Now, on to TiCon 3:

Note: Here's how I would build my ultimate early game Pickaxe. First, like I said above, I would choose a Stone (sorry, Rock) Pickaxe Head. Then I would make both the Tool Bind and Rod out of Pig Iron. Next, I would maximize my durability; like I said above, I would try to add both Diamond and Emerald Modifiers, if I can get my hands of some Nehterite early somehow. Finally, I would maximize my Luck. All TiCon 3 Tools/Weapons (except for Rose Gold, which has more) have 2-3 Modifier slots (which we just used up), and 1 Ability slot, which we haven't used yet. Luck is considered an Ability, now. Luck still has three levels, but the materials needed are more expensive/rare (you still need some Lapis, but now you need more than that). Luck (1st level) requires, on a tool/weapon (because TiCon 3 has armor too, which has a different recipe for Luck), a blue flower (a Blue Orchid or a Cornflower), 2 Copper Ingots and 2 Lapis Blocks. Luckier (level 2) requires a Golden Carrot, two Gold Ingots and two Ender Pearls. And finally, Luckiest (the third and final level) requires two Rose Gold Ingots, a Diamond, a Name Tag and a Rabbit's foot (it makes sense that a Rabbit's Foot is requires for the highest level of Luck, because you'd have to be extremely Luck to be able to even get one. Ditto for a Name Tag). It's a lot harder to max out Luck in Tinkers Construct 3 than it was in Tinkers Construct 2, but it's still worth the effort.

Well, that's it. That's all the ways that I can think of getting really strong in TiCon focusing primarily on Stone. I hope this guide is useful to you all!
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