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Instagram Reality Baybeh!

2017.11.01 23:14 Zaza9000 Instagram Reality Baybeh!

Social media is a breeding ground for facetune and photoshop, it's unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don't! 🤔🔎

2013.05.26 20:56 Thebluewalrus Uniswap Protocol

Uniswap is a decentralized trading protocol on Ethereum.

2015.03.25 15:55 carlslarson The Ethereum investment community

Welcome to /EthTrader, a 100% community driven sub. Here you can discuss Ethereum news, memes, investing, trading, miscellaneous market-related subjects and other relevant technology.

2023.06.07 05:16 FastIdea89 Poster says "a bank charter is a license to steal" and claims "fractional reserve banking" literally multiplies the underlying currency that can be spent.

There is a lot to unpack here, but they claim:
A bank charter is a license to steal. However, they perform two important services to the economy. The main one is that they create all the money.
They seem to fall for the common misconception that bank deposits being lent out and redeposited, which increases the money supply by repeatedly adding credits to bank accounts, is how the underlying currency is created.
This isn't the case. The money multiplier effect means that deposits are counted as added money by one definition of the money supply, but banks aren't doing something special here that regular people can't do amongst themselves when they owe money between each other.
They explicitly claim banks are doing something special that is different than people lending money between themselves:
The way you're doing it, you start out with $10. When you lend it, you don't have the $10 any more. Then when they lend $10 they don't have the $10 any more either. The third guy has the only $10.
But the way the banks do it, Bank A lends $10. They credit a debtor's account with $10. That's $10 that wasn't in the system before.
^ This is bad economics, the banks, just like the people, don't literally multiple the currency, it is in one person's hands at a time. If everyone tries to withdraw their money at once, of course the money isn't there, that's the classic run on the bank. We saw this with SVB. They didn't literally multiply money when they bought bonds, the depositor money was tied up in those bonds and couldn't be withdrawn until the fed stepped in to provide liquidity.
The money multiplier effect is an important concept, but many people seem to misunderstand it and think that there's actually more hard currency in the system being created by the banks, rather than the credits on accounts adding up to more than the underlying currency.
They also blame fractional reserve banking for the 2008 recession for some reason. That's more bad economics, but I don't want to write a book here.
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2023.06.07 05:16 Teke597 Ahoy Space Rangers

It’s been over a decade since doing magic mushies, and the weren’t dried out, pick ‘em from field and washed at home, then ate em. Not sure if that makes a difference. I’ve recently tried Dmt, and I’ve done Lucy around 30 separate occasions, usually take about 2-3 tabs per trip (not sure of quality but I assume somewhere between 50-100ug each blotter tab) most tabs I’ve done on 1 sitting was 4 tabs at once. So I wouldn’t say I’m a rookie with the psyches, but no seasoned veteran. Anyways… I’m looking to do some mushrooms this weekend (dried this time lol) what would be a good starter dose, also what would you consider a heroic dose?
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2023.06.07 05:15 General_Valentine Heart Rate Frequency Suggestions

Hello and good day! Sorry if this has been answered before, I'm trying to find a thread on it but I couldn't find any. Maybe my Google-Fu ain't good.
Anyway, getting to the point - I would like to suggest and ask if it is possible for Garmin watches (I added Fenix as a flair but it can be applied to other models if possible) to have a battery saver feature to decrease the frequency of the HR measurements?
I can see some personal merits to it, such as battery saving itself by limiting to "measure every 1/5/15 min instead of every second", and also because truth be told, I would like the LEDs to last longer. Can even make it different between general usage and activity (i.e. every 15 min for general usage, while measure every second during activity).
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.07 05:15 New_Criticism4996 Are old video game rights gold mines?

We all have our favourite memories from childhood. Nothing hits like nostalgia. Different retro phases come, Top Gun jus had a new version, could video games be the next big wave for throwbacks? Really popular video games get remastered but that is few and far between every couple years. With the accessibility of AI tools could developers remake our childhood favourites cheaper and faster to make it more viable with less cost risk?
The way I see it is this. The generation that grew up with video games are now having kids and introducing their own kids to those games. Our parents showed us classic movies from their childhood, new generations are doing that with Video Games. Second, I would love to play some of my old games and sometimes do. Friends and I gush over our favourites and sometimes get together to play them, despite the graphics being terrible and game play having too much lag. The sales can be to all the original players, plus the new generation that might be interested in the story but not willing to sit through that terrible game play.
Given they own the IP, have the story, characters etc. as an example they could us Ai to recreate most of the graphics saving thousands of hours for the designers so they only have finish it perfectly, do you think this is a revenue stream that could explode for OG game developers? And what games would you want done, I’d love to see a Scarface remastered in a RockStart style!
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2023.06.07 05:11 realisticJoJo What is the biblical difference between “religious” and “spiritual”?

Feel free to use scripture or quotes from lessons or anything you’d like to explain 😁
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2023.06.07 05:09 Quaranj Transitioning to DNB/Breaks

I'm looking for those that started with more traditional 4/4 house/techno roots how you tackled the differences and learned to mix effectively in this space.
It's so much busier and it feels like you have to juggle your EQ mixing on all 3 at times.
So to those that started similarly :
Is there any tips or something that you can pass on about where it all finally made sense?
What helped you find the groove properly here? I've tried listening to some and the deeper I delve, the more that seem to just use hard cuts or gimmicks without actually doing a smooth transition between tracks.
I put DNB and Breaks in the title but I would encourage anyone to chime in with their tips of mixing outside of the easier realms of house genres.
Bass music, speedcore, etc. What/How are you doing it? Are you leaning hard on your FX to mask the mess of snares or have you got a set formula that works?
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2023.06.07 05:08 mialg Jelqing Pros and Cons - Should I Try This For Penis Enlarging?

Jelqing Pros and Cons - Should I Try This For Penis Enlarging?
If you look into penis enlarging, you will come across jelqing. This is an exercise used to enlarge the penis safely and naturally. Basically, what it consists of, is repeated massaging or stroking motions done with your hands on your "semi-erect" penis. These are performed in a slow and controlled manner, working the tissue so it can rebound into bigger growth.
Sounds great right? A penis enlarging exercise that works and can legitimately get you bigger. Well, there are both pros and cons to jelqing:


Well, the biggest advantage is that it has a great track record of actually working and guys have been reporting very noticeable size increases.
Another plus is that jelqing does not require any pills to take, nor do you have to use pumps or extending contraptions. You do everything with your hands.
Finally, jelqing results tend to be the best-reported results outside of having some type of enlargement surgery (which can be dangerous). So as far as a natural, safe, and effective way for size gain, this is generally the way to go.


First of all, it takes time to work. Don't expect size overnight or even after a week or two. You have to give yourself at least 3-6 weeks to see your first inch gain.
Second, it's not exactly free. While you don't need anything but your own hands and some lubrication to actually do the exercises, you should definitely get a program or join a membership site. This will make the difference between little to no gains and major gains. It is also the difference between seeing results in weeks versus months.
A good program will reveal the secrets to quick and effective gains and provide you with everything you need to know to get bigger, including added techniques that improve those gains.
By the way, here's the actual program that guys have been following to gain their first inch in 3-6 weeks - Penis Enlargement Remedy
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2023.06.07 05:08 ImportantPriority588 I (20F) fell for me coworker (16M) what should I do?

Guys I need some advice, I 20(f) fell for my coworker 16(m). Pls don't judge me. Let me give some context, so, this coworker and I started to talk to each other on a friendly basis 5ish months ago. He moved to the U.S. last year. I am not a talkative person and do not speak to others unless they approach me first. He suddenly began talking with me at work one day and we became somewhat friends. I often caught myself educating him on American culture and slang. I IN NO WAY SAW HIM IN AN ATTRACTIVE MANNER WHATSOEVER. I used to be glad because he always used to talk with me at work and would keep me entertained with what he would say. I one day realized that he liked me because as a girl, you just KNOW. I knew from the way he looked at me one day and it was just different. I also realized that he did not treat my other female coworkers the same way he did me (even though he was social and friends with them as well). He literally would come to work on the days that he was off just to hang out with/see me. This made me uncomfortable because I did not like him and it was making me iffy that he would come to work when he wasn't even scheduled just because of me- especially since he lives a bit far from the job. He would sometimes follow me around and help me do tasks even though he wasn't getting paid. I would always scold him and say "are you stupid? go home, you're not even getting paid" and he would say that he was bored at home and didn't care. We also began texting and sending message games which I thought was harmless and just friends being friends. Also, even though I got off work before him, he would run after me when I left and walk me across the street to my apartment. When I realized he liked me, I began to be mean and sassy to him. And then, one day, I took my mask off at work and he told someone to tell me that I looked ugly without it. I WAS VERY EXTREMELY OFFENDED AND HURT BY THIS. How could someone who followed me around as a puppy and looked at me with those eyes SAY THAT? i JUST DID NOT EXPECT THAT FROM HIM. I did wear my mask at work often but he has seen me without it and has my Instagram. No one has ever in my life told me that I am ugly so I was very offended. I told him never to talk to me again and blocked him on all platforms-even his number. I even cried that night and I am not the type of person who EVER cries. From then, I gave him dirty looks all the time and just ignored him. He came up to apologize to me the next time we saw each other and it was just like "I'm sorry for what I said" and I noticed he was on the phone with my other female coworker on his airpods and that she was hearing the whole interaction and telling him what to say, this pissed me off more because he couldn't even bother to apologize to me with his own words... the way he had to have a girl control him like a remote control was crazy- especially bc I don't even like that girl coworker. I just ignored him and he walked away. The next day, he bought me a drink from Starbucks as an apology and I told him to take it back because it made me uncomfortable but he just ignored me. I told myself that if he had just apologized sincerely, I would have forgiven him but he didn't and what else did i expect from a 16yr old. He stopped trying after that and we did not speak for two months. I eventually one day just got over it because i turned twenty and i was like "i cannot be a 20yr old having beef w a 16yr old boy" also, i am Muslim and saw on tiktok that "we must forgive each other unless we want to forgive each other in front of Allah" and that really opened my eyes- life is so short for me to be holding a big grudge. SO, I started talking to him bit by bit and stopped acting so cold towards him, he did not show me the puppy affection that he used to and this was hurtful and since Im a crazy girl, it made me want him. Its like, when someone stops showing interest, i suddenly want them. So, reddit, don't be too harsh on me because he was the one who continuously nonstop pursued me- I never had the intention to fall for him. We have been talking a lot and yesterday when i saw him, i got nervous for some reason. I confronted him about the past a couple times and always gaslight him about how rude he was. Yesterday, he grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes, and apologized to me. He told me he's leaving back to his country in 2 months for an entire year due to financial reasons and will be back. THIS made me so depressed for two days because how could he just leave like ughh. And since its summer and he's gonna leave anyway, I'm not being too strict on myself. I also want to make it clear that I will never make a physical move on him whatsoever because I am Muslim and I'm not about that- especially with a 16yr old. I feel a bit off because i know i like him and that's kinda gross and i know if i was an outside perspective, i would judge myself but i cant control who i fall for. He pays the most attention to me than any man has in my entire life and it makes me feel so loved and i love when people know the little things. He also acts just like the type of men from like wattpad and it makes me fold sometimes. I have never been with anyone nor a serious situationship so I romanticize the men written by women- and he definitely is. He made me a handmade soap last week that is orange scented because I told him I like citrus fragrance once. He is just so romantic sometimes and I think its because he's not from the U.S. so he doesn't act like he wants princess treatment like other guys. I also know he used to love me and I swear, he told the entire workplace about the situation (but didn't mention it was with me) and this pissed me off. I recently asked him multiple times if he loves me and he keeps denying it and I know he's lying so its infuriating. He lied to me a couple times and I caught him and he continuously kept saying "I would never lie to you, everything that's between us, I always tell the truth". He also isn't as nice to others as he is to me and I like that. idk why. he also tells me his secrets a lot and puts trust in me and asks for advice so it makes me feel good that he would trust me. No man has ever made me feel so loved. What should I do?? This situation is driving me crazy
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2023.06.07 05:06 VeryFallible What to hunt for PvP this week: Beach Week edition.

One complaint we see often from new GBL players is "how was I supposed to know that I should have farmed 'x' when it was available?" While a lot of the people posting on TSA are veteran PVPers with absolutely stacked stables of pokemon, there are always people who are just now joining the fun. My hope in writing this post is to give new (or even just less experienced) players some idea on what they can grind now to start building out their own stables. We all have limited time to play, so hopefully this will help you target something specific to build our your rosters. If this is helpful, let me know - I'd love to do it more regularly.
Keep in mind that throughout this I'll refer to pokemon's "Records" vs their respective metas; this is their record in 1v1 shield scenarios on PvPoke. This is not the end-all-be-all of evaluating pokemon, but is a good starting place.
What spawns during "Beach Week?"
To save some characters, you can find the spawns here (spoiler alert: lots of water types!) You might also like to be aware of the general season spawns during our current season (Mystical Gems), which you can find here. I won't mention these much, but there will be some things worth mentioning a bit later.
What should I hunt if I'm a sub-level 31 player?
Everyone starts PVP at a different time in their PoGo journey - I know I was either high 20s or low 30s when I picked it up two years ago! The reason I'm making this distinction here is that level players level 30 and below do not have access to XL candy drops, which shifts the priorities greatly. (For instance, something like Azumarill, which generally needs to be pushed into high 40s, is much less of a priority if you don't have access to XL yet.) This is also a good list for people who are slightly above level 31 but don't have large PVP rosters yet, as the "trainer level +10" rule for powering up pokemon will keep you from being invest XL candy in some of the pokemon I'll suggest for level 40+ players.
  1. Spheal: If you're new to Pokemon Go PVP, Spheal might not look like the pokemon you'd expect to be grinding. But make no mistake: If you don't have access to XL candy, this IS the number one thing you should hunt this week. BOTH of its evolutions (Walrein, it's Stage 2 evolution, ad Sealeo, it's Stage 1 evolution) put in work in Great League. Walrein commands a commendable 21-21 open GL record; Sealeo gives up some wins in the open meta, but it occasionally sees play in Limited Metas. Walrein hits 1500 in the low 20s, but Sealeo needs to be pushed into the mid-30s to hit GL cap. Before you even consider building a Sealeo, though, you need to farm the candy for an ULTRA League Walrein, which can be built as an XL but also can slide into 2500 at level 40. With wins over Giratina-A, Swampert, and Charizard, Walrein is the best UL option a non-XL player can grind this week. Just remember that it does require both an Elite FAST TM (Powder Snow) and an Elite CHARGE TM (Icicle Spear) to build. Expect Spheal to dominate a lot of your time this week if you don't have Walrein built yet.
  2. Wingull: As a new player, Great League is likely the format you'll find yourself playing the most, and Pelipper is an absolutely fantastic budget option. Wing Attack powers out a steady stream of Weather Ball (Water), and Hurricane absolutely chunks opposing pokemon with shields down. Pelipper is cheap to build for Great League, maxing out at around level 27 and requiring ZERO Elite TMs for its optimal moveset. Pelipper is held back slightly by the omnipresence of Lanturn in the open Great League meta, but it's 21-21 record includes key wins against meta all stars Medicham, Swampert, and Galarian Stunfisk - the last one despite taking super effective damage from Rock Slide! As this is only a Great League option without access to XL, this should not be a long grind over the course of a week long event.
  3. Frillish: Great League Jellicent's impact is slightly muted compared to its XL older brethren, but this Hex-Powered jellyfish still manages to make waves. It's optimal moveset is Surf and Shadow Ball, and, like Pelipper, maxes out for Great League in the mid-20s without needing Elite TMs. Jelli and Pelli share some key wins (both knock Medi, Swampy, and...Gunny?). Jelli ultimately has a slightly worse record against the open GL at 20-23, but also has more flexibility for limited cups - while Surf/Shadow Ball is generally the preferred way to go, it has the option to go Surf/Ice Beam or Ice Beam/Shadow Balls in limited metas that call for it. As this is only a Great League option without access to XL, this should not be a long grind over the course of a week long event.
  4. Horsea: Kingdra's open Great League performance is a paltry 11-33, and Horsea even limited metas generally want you to be running SHADOW Kingdra in Great League, which is not a current option at Water Rocket Grunts. All that said, I do rate Horsea highly for players without access to XLs, as Kingdra can hit 2500 CP without investing any XLs...and only gives up a win vs Snorlax compared to its XL version. Kingdra is no open Ultra League all star, but it is a solid roleplayer in limited cups. If you're unable to access XL Candy, the grind for 300ish Horsea candy is at least worth considering.
Honorable Mentions: Staryu and Shellder both don't offer much in PvP, but both are HIGH dust gain pokemon (Staryu gives 750 on catch; Shellder, 1,000.) Catch every one you see for that reason alone. Lapras is not one worth hard-pursuing as its locked behind research tasks and raids, but is a great option for limited cups in Great League and a genuinely strong Ultra League contender with a more flexible moveset than Walrein. Mantine shares typing with Pelipper but exchanges Peli's spammy charge moves for considerably more bulk, but is much harder to farm than Peli due to being a rare spawn. Tentacruel is a consideration in a lot of limited cups in Great League; I wouldn't prioritize it over any of the above four, but I also wouldn't skip catching Tentacool. Crustle, similarly, has play in limited cups, but I wouldn't go too hard for Dwebble when there are so many better options.
What should I hunt if I'm an XL player?
If you have the option to push pokemon to level 50, Beach Week is your Cloyster. This event was tailor made for PVP! You should still try to get enough candy to build a Great League Pelipper since it's such a low requirement, but you really want to hone in on some of the great XL options below:
  1. Marill: Unlike it's Main Series Game iteration, Pokemon Go's Azumarill doesn't rely on Huge Power to secure wins. Instead, it's the sheer bulk that it gets by ascending into the mid-40s that makes it go 22-21 against the core meta. Remember that you really want a low attack, high defense/stamina Azu to maximize the benefit you get from XLing this mon. You should refer to RyanSwag's IV Deep Dive before investing in any Azu you get this week, but start farming those XLs NOW. I prioritize Marill slightly above the next pokemon on this list, just because if you're new to PVP you're more likely to be focusing on Great League. The good news is most Azu IV spreads max out in the mid-40s, which means you're looking at around 200 XL candy (as opposed to the nearly 300 needed for level 50 pokemon).
  2. Frillish: Jellicent is an absolutely fine Great League option, but it really unfurls its tentacles in Ultra League, where it is an absolute monster. A high stat product Jellicent has 29 wins in its record against the core UL meta; that's over 60% of the meta. Again IVs do matter, as a 5/15/15 Jellicent gets to level 50 while a 15/15/15 maxes at 45 (and its corresponding lack of bulk means it picks up two losses). This should be a BIG priority; you'll need 296 XL candy to max it out.
  3. Spheal: Everything I said about Walrein in the non-XL section still applies. You'll need about 400 Spheal candy to evolve, double move, and max out a Walrein in UL, so even though you don't need XL to build Walrein you should still go hard into farming for one if you don't have one. Again, requires two Elite TMs to build.
  4. Tentacool: Tentacruel has a BIG glow up between Great League and Ultra. Whereas Coolio only made my Honorable Mentions list for GL, XL Tentacruel is an absolute beast with a 25-22 record against the UL meta; there's an argument to be made that it should be higher on this list than Spheal based on record alone. Similarly to Jellicent, it has to be pushed close to 50 to really flex its tentacles, so don't settle for a high attack IV Cruel that's cheaper to build.
Honorable Mentions: Shellder and Staryu, again, are catch-on-sights due to the bonus dust they give. Dwebble's evolution Crustle can hit 2500 in the 40s, but requires a totally different Mega Evolution to farm than the other options. Lapras is showing up in research tasks and raids, and thus isn't as easy to grind as the other options. Gyarados and Swampert are both available in raids, but these are really only worth pursuing with your daily free raid pass.
What's the best Mega Evolution to use this event?
If you're fairly new to PVP (or to taking Go seriously in general), you might not be aware that Mega Evolving pokemon has any benefit on catching them, but it does. Active Mega Evolutions give a bonus to the amount of candy you get per catch to pokemon that match one of their types, with that bonus going up per mega stage - a Stage 3 Mega Evolution gives an extra 2 candy per catch, for a total of 5 candy. Stage 2 and Stage 3 Mega Evolutions both give a bonus chance to get Candy XL as well, with Stage 3 having a higher XL chance than Stage 2.
It's pretty obvious that water-type megas are ideal in general, so whatever Water mega you have at level 3 is best (Mega Gyarados, Mega Slowbro, Mega Swampert, and Mega Blastoise are all options currently in Go). If you have them all as maxed out options, I'd prioritize using Mega Swampert. Not only does it have the water typing to match all the above important pokemon, but it also gives you a bonus when catching the newly released Sandygast. The towers of Palossand, Sandygast's evolution, aren't reaching any stellar heights in PVP, but it's still a nice bonus. Mega Swampert also has a benefit for newer players in the Northern Hemisphere, as Mudkip is a seasonal spawn there currently. Swampert itself has considerable impact in both GL and UL, so while you have an entire season to farm candy for it it's still worth catching this week if you happen to get the chance.
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2023.06.07 05:05 weatherinfo Mound Visit Question

Looking at mound visits, I notice that sometimes - Only the pitcher and catcher meet - The pitcher, catcher, and pitching coach meet - The pitcher, catcher, and manager meet - The pitcher, catcher, pitching coach/manager, and 1-2 infielders meet - Everyone and the pitching coach/manager except outfielders meet And there are other variations.
What differs between those mound visits, between the gameplan and the overall dialogue? How do players know which variation of the meetings is happening? Which situations call for which meetings?
Thanks for the responses in advance
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2023.06.07 05:05 apresskidougal Hardware for a small greenfield HQ site

Was tasked with building out a new HQ site and was curious as to what folks on here would choose for hardware options if they had the opportunity to greenfield something. I have been a staunch supporter of Arista in the datacenter but the 720 series just don't seem to make sense from a price to performance perspective (7 - 10k for a 24port POE switch...) . I really like Juniper's EX switches and the mist APs have been solid when I have deployed them in the past. However I am already deploying Fortinet / FortiAPs at other locations. I ideally wanted to avoid Cisco and have no experience with Aruba. I was thinking a mix of FortiGate FW \ AP's and Juniper Switches (POE and Access) would probably work but would be curious to hear what other folks would opt for and why. Lets say for this exercise the site is 25k sqft over 4 floors with a comms room on each with structured caballing between comms rooms and to the floor ports. Cable runs for the AP's are already done. The Site will host about 100 - 150 users at peak. All you have to do is choose the hardware configure \ install and manage it. Oh I suppose for external connectivity you could have dual DIA at the site with SD-WAN or P2P circuits to local DC locations if that makes any difference.

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2023.06.07 05:04 Memey-Maliky SR20DE manual trans vs DET

SR20DE manual trans vs DET
Hello, I was curious on the difference between a manual transmission from a SR20DE vs SR20DET. I was thinking of putting in a SR20DET rather than doing an NA+T build. Can I keep the DE trans or should I get a DET one instead. The only manual DE ones I could find only are FWD. Do the DET and the DE use the manual transmission? If not can the DE trans handle a similar amount of power to the DET?

*not me engine
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2023.06.07 05:03 Low_Addition_8674 You have gained a short-term internship working as a junior data analyst in your city council’s employment division. Your supervisor has commissioned you a task to assist her in examining the relationship between the number of hours worked per week and income

You have gained a short-term internship working as a junior data analyst in your city council’s employment division. Your supervisor has commissioned you a task to assist her in examining the relationship between the number of hours worked per week and income earned per year amongst the profession of casual bookkeepers. A random sample of 200 bookkeepers from different age groups who work in small to medium-sized accounting firms across different suburbs in the city were selected for collecting the data on the two associated variables. These data are stored in the .xls file attached.
Your supervisor has categorised the data into six age group categories and four suburb categories. She further calculated the frequencies for each category and presented the information in the tables below.
Your supervisor has categorized the data into six age group categories and four suburb categories. She further calculated the frequencies for each category and presented the information in the tables below.
Age category
Age group 1
Age group 2
Age group 3
Age group 4
Age group 5
Age group h
Use the data pnn idl’d in the tables above io answer the following questions.
(a.) Your supervisor is interested in comparing the number of bookkeepers in each ayt category. Which chart would you recommend her to use? Explain the reason in selecting the graphical chart. L nurfc
Use Excel to construci the chart you selected for part (a). Display ihe chart. Then briefly describe what you have observed about the number of bookkeepers in each age category. ] runt
(e) Your supervisor is interested in comparing the >ruM>rtion of the number of bookkeepers in each suburb category. Which ehart would you recommend her to use? Explain the reason in selecting the graphical chan. L mart
(dl Use Excel to construct the chan you selected for part fc). Display the chart. Then briefly describe what you have observed about the proportion of the number of bookkeepers in each suburb category. ] mart
Second, your supervisor would like to use an appropriate graphical descriptive technique in presenting summaries of the data on each of the two variables: hours narked /ter meek and income earned /ter year. Refer to the .xls tile attached.
Your supervisor believes that using 9 class intervals would be besi in construciing
a hisiogjam for each of the two variables. Explain how your supervisor concluded 9 as the appropriate number of class intervals. :i mad;
Your supervisor suggests using class intervals listed below: NB: this paper has been completed
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2023.06.07 05:02 victoriangoth_ Is confessing to someone who needs constant reassurance worth a shot?

i've made a post regarding my crush before this one and realized, my crush requires A LOT of communication and possibly reassurance. i kind of also noticed that every day, we end up on such weird terms, where one ends up feeling bad. it would be either me that's upset or them over something else, so we have to reassure each other that it wasn't eachother's fault, etc. because of that, we end our hangouts fairly quickly and it doesn't last long between us.
i'm not sure what i can do, of course, communicating is good. and to open such a path between us and actually talking it out, it kind of makes me feel like we're already together??? of course, i know friends can do such a thing together to help each other during dark times. but this feels so different to me, as if we're dating. another relationship i'm working with. i don't know what to do, i am in a good mental space with very few problems surrounding other people but overall, i can take it and am trying to communicate more often with them. but, i feel like at some point, this will get too overwhelming?
i think i'm over thinking this but i just need genuine non-harsh advice. i've been confused. and just ???
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2023.06.07 05:01 NecessaryPiccolo9350 I(25M) simply feel like life ain't worth it.

I tried thinking about it in many different ways, but I feel hopeless.


Whenever I used to complain about things, I've always kept reminding myself that there's always worse, that some people weren't blessed with the same things as I do and that I should be grateful. I simply cannot say that even though I am trully grateful to my parents for making such commodities available to me we are sadly stuck in a country in which the wages make it feel to me that I'd have to work 30 years from now in order to feel comfortable about myself/affording the buy myself my own (modest)apartment and thats after finishing college and being an " engineer ", it simply feels like my parents worked hard and invested for me to have a better life and that better life cannot offer me at least something close to what they have been giving me(in order for me to also give to my future children) And what's simply worse is that I tried working and I simply had such a bad experience working for sorts of a big company just because my boss would never at least say something nice when I'd finish something that no one else wanted to do. Right now I am just sitting at home, living with my parents feeling like shit and I've not giving up just because of my mother.


My love life is a mess, I've been alone the past 6 years, long story short I've been depressed after being dumped with no explanation even though I've applied everything I learned from past relationships and I've tried to prioritase communication over everything else since I feel like that can solve everything between people. Doing the after math I simply felt like no one would ever be able to grasp my personality nor I'll ever be able to find someone who would care enough about me to put the effort in watching me to point out my mistakes and be there to keep me on the right path to surpass them. (yea I tried dating other people and they always left me with the idea that I am creepy or that I am acting way to serious but idk I was just trying my best to make sure that everything is alright but sadly thats not the way it works. I'm at a point where I simply respect the idea of women so much that I don't bother anymore to try to talk to them and they simply never have reached out to me either in all those years).


I feel excluded from my group of friends, or I should say that I sorts of expected them to take my side sometimes in front of other useless people that don't care about them the same way that I do(if that makes sense). That and the fact that most of them are having a partner someone they love and sadly I am mature enough to be understanding, not get upset, offer them space and accept my place in their life.


I simply came to the conclusion that wealth is made on being good at marketing in order to cash in on people who are either desperate to provide for their families (coming from other countries working minimum wages) or legit folling people to buy things off you that you get cheap and sell them 3x. It might sound stupid considering the topic, but how on earth is it okay that we let people amass such otherworldly money like how on earth are laws still applicable to them, like go tell anyone with over 10b that visits a poor country that he cannot do something.


for how long we'll keep turning a blind eye to the fact we are thought how to become workers who pay 40-60%tax on income while anyone who's rich pays 1-3%, like I am trying to start something on my own and my family simply feels insulted by my ambition to break the chain of making money for someone else. idk the list could go on forever, I simply wish I was dumb and not care about those things. i wish people would understand and the world would be better place but sadly it feels to late for people to wake up.
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2023.06.07 05:00 bubjos My first play-through

TLDR; Loved this game. Dylan is babygirl. We accidentally manifested a final girl ending. Pls comment I’d love to chat about the game/story/characters/ships
Yoooo I love games like this and had been dying to play this one after playing Until Dawn last year. My sister and I just finished our first play. I just wanna share my experience :)
First off, while most characters seemed annoying or rude at the beginning, I honestly ended up liking all of them for the most part. I especially developed a huge soft spot for Dylan! Also did anyone else see some connection between Abbi and Emma? At first we thought there was romantic potential (mainly bc it looked like Abbi was drawin her in her notebook when we first see them and their dialogue) but I didn’t see anything about that. Anywhooo
The story was so interesting but I did feel like some of the cut scenes with (tbh filler) dialogue went on too long for no reason. I wanted more action! Also the camera angles were awkward when walking sometimes.
My sister and I had the goal of saving everyone! But ultimately… we fucked up a lot.
We lost our first counselor when we decided not to shoot Nick as Abbi. We really overthought this decision (we paused to discuss) and we just didn’t want Nick to die. Also we didn’t think this decision would kill her but obviously we proceeded to see her literal head get ripped off!!! That death was a punch to the gut. Not only because it was our first, but bc it was so violent. I really liked Abbi and she felt so harmless and also Nick (infected nick) was being so creepy to her. It felt like just a sad time for her to go. Also her death really felt like we let the whole gang down…
Moving on, I can’t recall if this happened before or after Abbi’s death, but we had Ryan cut off Dylan’s hand after he got bit. I was impressed with his decision to have Ryan do this bc that’s so brave! I was upset but I’m glad bc he was spared then thankfully. But this scene was fucking hard to watch, just sitting with the decision and knowing how serious it felt to the characters. Props to the actors!
Emma was pretty easy to keep alive. Her treehouse scene was fun and I really liked her. We kept saying she gave final girl more than Kaitlyn did. I liked her vlogging.
Jacob’s journey felt so random. (We also didn’t like him and Emma together) He was protected bc Bobby poured blood on his face and he ultimately was captured by the Hacketts (is this inevitable?). Then when Ryan and Laura found him, we failed to unlock the cage which SUCKED bc I think that basically fucked him later when Laura hit the switch and opened all the cages. RIP but I didn’t really care.
Ryan had us acting crazyyyy. He got stabbed, then we had him stab Bobby but then we saved him by having Laura bite him? I LOVED that whole chapter and storyline, really cool way to go. However… we fucked up and Laura smashes his face in. Honestly I couldn’t track what decision or action led to this. He was probably my 2nd least favorite character ahead of Jacob but it was sad to see him go bc he had been through so much and he grew on me a lot.
At this point it felt like we were fucking up BAD. 3 killed. Well technically 4 but we didn’t realize Laura also died in this scene until the end credits LOL.
Speaking of her. Laura was badassssss. I loved her and Max’s story. Unfortunately we got spoiled that Laura and Max didn’t die in the prologue and were still alive, I bet that reveal would have been so good. But I love Skyler and was excited to play him in this game, so I was happy to expect more of him later.
Ok so now cut to Dylan and Kaitlyn at the junkyard. Tbh I had to suspend my disbelief at Dylan walking around with a freshly amputated hand but it made me love him more LMAO. Both of them survived the junkyard 👍🏼
With Ryan dead it felt like a lot of the story was over which was sucky. Then we really did ourselves in and we missed the the shot as Kaitlyn in the lodge and… DYLAN DIES??? He really caught that stray, I was so mad! It felt similar to Abbis death where it was so abrupt and random! So sad bc he was brave with his hand and hopeful the whole time :(
Kaitlyn!!! Yeah you guessed it, she died too. We hid instead of running and fucked up the don’t breathe! Her character felt kinda flat to me but we love Brenda.
So at the end we literally manifested our final girl Emma… and we didn’t ever get to play as MAX!
Overall it was so fun but I still feel like we have half the game left to play! Guess we’ll need to replay with the death rewinds and hope our aim is better LOL.
I do wish the epilogue was better but I’ve seen that’s a common complaint. Also is there any flowchart or document that has all the endings? Id love to know which decisions lead to what and how to get to the different endings bc 186 seems like SO many. I’m so interested.
Ok thanks for reading if u did!! I love this game and I can tell I’m going to be obsessed with the story and characters for the foreseeable future. Pls comment below I’d love to engage more with this
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2023.06.07 05:00 MilesJordan23 The Pixel 7a has 2 sensor that destroy the P6 and P7 series.

Google, is playing nasty games with those that think they have a flagship phone being P6P or P7P.
The 7a front sensor is a Sony IMX712 from this decade. The ultrawide alto being 120FOV is using that same IMX712 sensor which is much larger and better sensor then the IMX381 used on P7 flagship.
On the rear the P6 and P7 use a IMX381 sensor from last decade for ultrawide while 7a destroys it, if you don't counter in the 126FOV.
The main sensor is a close battle between the GN1 used for two years in a row, compared to the 7a using a Sony IMX787 which is a smaller sensor but not by much, and takes same quality pics when compared to the P6 and P7 flagship. On a blind test you will not tell a difference of what is what,, its the same sh*T pretty much.
In a perfect world, Google should use the IMX787 on their Periscope and give it 10x tele then super zoom to 50x or higher. This would be the largest sensor anyone has used on their Periscope. Also it will be 64mp. This will give new life to the Periscope and it will destroy any phone with ease.
For main sensor the P8 will use a ISOCELL GN2 which has staggered HDR, something Google wants, and since they are the king of HDR, look for a amazing main sensor on the P8.
The rest is up in the air, but if they can squeeze in a IMX787 64mp for Periscope it would be a game changer. Then I guess they would use the IMX712 in the front and back like the 7a, or surprise us with amazing front and rear ultrawide. Well see. Thx for reading in this far, and this is not a rant. I love Google. Just sorta unfair tactics as of late. Thx, Bless
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2023.06.07 04:58 el_zorow High School Student with Entrepreneurial Aspirations: Seeking Advice on Leveraging Opportunities in Africa

Greetings, Reddit community!
I am a 17-year-old high school student from Canada, and ever since I was 15, I have been certain about my desire to become an entrepreneur. The driving force behind my passion is the exhilarating experience of tackling problems head-on and dedicating my thoughts solely to finding solutions. I have ADHD, and although I find it challenging to focus on uninteresting tasks, I enter a state of intense concentration when I'm engaged in something that captivates me. It's a deeply satisfying feeling.
It didn't take long for me to realize that entrepreneurship was my calling. At the age of 16, I also recognized a pattern in a country's growth and development. Typically, there are periods of conflict and numerous challenges before the nation gradually enters a more stable and progressive phase, resulting in exponential growth across various sectors. However, I felt discontented living in a highly competitive country where there were limited opportunities for creating something new, unlike countries that hadn't experienced rapid growth.
This led me to contemplate what I could do differently, and I had a realization. Since my parents and I are immigrants from Africa (I arrived at such a young age that I don't even remember my birth country), I became aware that although my original country is relatively stable now with no war, it still faces problems such as hunger, electricity shortages, and supply-demand imbalances. Additionally, I have an uncle who holds a significant position within the government.
With these considerations in mind, I thought to myself, "Why not leverage my circumstances to generate profit?" I know that my father owns extensive plots of land, some of which are being developed into farms while others remain vast, empty spaces. Moreover, the cost of constructing houses or buildings in my birth country is substantially different from that in Canada.
This sparked the following ideas:
  1. As soon as I can manage it, I intend to work tirelessly for around 12 hours a day, taking on jobs like Ubering, DoorDashing, and remote work opportunities (given my language skills in English, Arabic, Turkish, and some Mandarin). By pushing myself to the limit and maximizing my earning potential, I believe I can generate a minimum annual income of $60,000. With that capital, I plan to construct a hotel or luxury homes within an affordable range. Furthermore, I intend to have a conversation with my uncle, exploring ways to operate more freely instead of being viewed solely as a foreign investor or an average citizen.
  2. Simultaneously, I aim to save money diligently and pursue a degree in electrical engineering, mastering the subject thoroughly. My goal is to establish a solar energy company that addresses the growing demand for electricity.
  3. My father possesses at least four plots of land spanning 10km to 15km, which he intended to convert into farms but hasn't taken action due to a lack of knowledge and motivation. These lands are exceptionally fertile. One of them is situated in an area where a city is currently under construction. I have the opportunity to purchase it from my father at a reasonable price and develop a farm for sale or export. Additionally, I could use another piece of land to construct apartment buildings within the same city. I'm also aware of Sudanese refugees and other individuals seeking homes in the area due to its convenience. Given that the region is predominantly occupied by my clan (which falls within a larger tribe), many clan members own land but lack the means to initiate projects. Consequently, numerous individuals are open to selling their land, providing me with potential investment opportunities.
  4. I'm open to suggestions and ideas. What other avenues could I explore to maximize my entrepreneurial endeavors ?
I dont want to precise which country in africa it is but its somewhere between east , north and west africa. Its not congo or some other popular country
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2023.06.07 04:58 AgilityyFX Which practice exam should I go with?

Currently studying for CompTIA A+ using Professor Messer's videos and have been recently looking into Jason Dion's practice exams. He has a couple different options and I was curious on which one I should consider. My options are:
"CompTIA A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Complete Course & Practice Exam" or
"CompTIA A+ (220-1101) Core 1 Practice Exams *New for 2023*"

Is is worth getting the package with the lectures or should I just get the practice exams and stick with Professor Messer videos? Is there any difference between the "New for 2023" exams and the other ones? Any and all advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.07 04:57 SwiftExE Grill Suggestion

Hi all,
Currently looking into purchasing a grill and am debating between getting the Weber Spirit II E-310 or the Weber Spirit EX-315.
Just wondering if anyone has any advice or alternative suggestions.
At a high level, it seems the EX-315 retails for a higher price than what Costco is offering it at and comes with some built-in smart features (mainly temperature sensing) + some design differences. Not many reviews on the Costco site for that model, but other sites have more.
The Spirit II E-310 has the advertised gs4 upgrades (which I don't believe the EX-315 has) but no longer comes with the iGrill 3 accessory by default (which I'm not really all that interested in).
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2023.06.07 04:56 Impressive-Run-675 Case Control vs. Propensity Score Matching

Hey, trying to figure out what the difference is between case control studies versus propensity score matching and which would be more ideal for a retrospectively collected database.
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2023.06.07 04:56 -T-A-C-O-C-A-T- Chapter 13-Laval

I helped organize the packing up of the camp, which I had spent the entire first half of the day setting up. I was helping unpack food for dinner in a few hours and fold up tents. After awhile of that It was dinner, which was nothing fancy, just sandwiches and some kind of fruit some scouts had picked, it had rough skin but was really juicy. After dinner Eris went off with Lavertus, Leonidas and Longtooth and I was alone with Kyten, I realized I had never really talked with him after knowing him for almost a month so I decided to break the silence.
“So, you’re Kyten? I’ve heard a lot about you from Eris.” I turned to him and asked.
“Yeah, she seems interested in me so it makes sense she’d be talking about me, it does feel weird having all this attention on me though, people looking at me like I’m an alien.” He said.
“Don’t take it to seriously, she’s always wanted to learn more about the world and seeing someone from outside of Chima would make her want to cling onto them. About the other guys, they’re just like her, been up there their whole lives so they’d naturally be cautious of people they’ve never known.” I said to make him feel better.
“Yeah that makes sense, but with Eris it’s like it’s something more than just curiosity the way she acts around me, how she looks at me, she acts much differently around other people so I know it’s just around me.” He said.
“How so?” I questioned.
“She’s always interested in whatever I’m doing, even if it’s mundane and she’s always within eyesight of me. And speaking of that, the way she looks at me whenever we talk, it’s like she’s not there sometimes, like she’s thinking of something else but looking deep into me eyes.” He complained.
“Well it sounds like she likes you, I don’t blame her either. You’re interesting to her and you look attractive, she probably thinks the same too. I’m just sayin’, take some of her hints next time you see them.” I said.
“What do you mean by “attractive”? Never been called that before, let alone by another guy.” He mentioned, I didn’t even notice I had said that.
“Wait did I call you that? I’m sorry.” I apologized, I wish I had caught my mistake earlier.
“It’s no problem, I don’t have anything against it.” He said like he had made a mistake.
“Against what?” I questioned.
“Homosexuals. You are one, right?”. He said awkwardly, it felt like he didn’t want to ask, I didn’t want to answer but I did anyway.
“What? I’m not gay. I think… I don’t know anymore.” I admitted, I felt kinda bad admitting something like this to a stranger before anyone else. We stopped talking for a few seconds then Kyten exhaled loudly and said something.
“Well you helped me out so whats wrong?” He asked, trying to help me.
“It’s my friend, Cragger. I’ve always liked him as a friend but recently things have felt different. Before we went down here things were peaceful for a time and we got closer. He came over more often, we were alone together more often, we talked about how we felt and vented to each other,things were different but they were nice. Then the snakes invaded and Cragger was hospitalized, I was more worried about him then than anything else, when he got out I helped him in rehab, like walking around, moving, and other things. I felt like I was taking care of him and protecting him, but when he said he wanted to come down here I was worried for his safety. We fought, we made up, things went back to normal for all of a minute, until I kissed him I don’t know why but It was in the heat of the moment. I though I would feel awkward or confused about it, not relieved, it was like a weight was lifted from my back. I felt ashamed for it but he wasn’t, that doesn’t change that I still can’t look him in the eye after that. With him and I going to Tetsu’Aagra tomorrow I feel like we’ll be alone a lot and I won’t be able to enjoy my visit there because of what I’m trying to hold back from him, what should I do?” I admitted to him. I started to feel bad about admitting something this personal to someone who probably didn’t care and just said that because he felt obligated, I was surprised he actually said something.
“We’ll I can’t say my friends were like that growing up but if this works out between you too it sounds like it could be something good for both of you. It’s a really big city so you two are bound to be alone at some point, while you are tell him how you feel, since he kissed you back, he probably feels the same about you as you feel about him. It might sound risky and uncomfortable so to try and make it easier and ask questions building up to the big ask. I hope that helps you out. I’m gonna be there too so if you feel stuck or unable to tell him, I can for you if you want.” Kyten said, giving me advice and offering help
“Thanks Kyten, I just might need to ask you but I hope not. It felt good to get that off my chest.” I said while getting up
“Yeah no problem. I’m gonna get some sleep though.” He said while walking away
I went to one of the repurposed aircraft that wasn’t filled with supplies or soldiers and laid down on a bed staring at the ceiling it was pretty late at night and everyone else had gone to sleep already. It was strange, my first night down here, unlike Chima which was noisy and bright at night, here it was dark and quiet. I had trouble sleeping without the howl of the winds at my window, since Chima was up in the sky the wind was stronger and louder and on nights were there was a full moon, it wasn’t that much darker than day time. Now that it was quiet and dark, it felt very different.
I rolled over and tried to force myself to sleep but even though I was sore and exhausted I couldn’t sleep. I eventually did but it wasn’t for long as the sun had started to come up not long after. I climbed out of bed for breakfast but we didn’t have much time to eat, I went back to my bed to eat the rest of my food and I started moving, not like waking but the whole room was, this whole camp had just been mobilized and turned into a train. I had been in the room alone so I tried to get some sleep, I got an hour or two of sleep but was awakened by a bump in the road.
PS- rest of post in comments
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