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2023.03.31 08:39 boontiebabie I finally won the raffle!

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2023.03.31 08:39 lisawulala Hotel double checked room card twice and i saw a naked man...

Last night my apartment water heater was broken. So i booked an hour room in the hotel just downstair. First time the front desk receptionist gave me a room card. My husband hold our 1year old daughter. I opened and saw the bed is in a mess. There was a luggage also. I closed the door and went to the receptionist. SHe said sorry that she wrote the wrong room Number. Then she gave me another card. I went to open the room door, my husband standed behind me. Oh my god oh jesus christ!!!!! There was a man just naked in bed and jump up. I saw his erected dick. There is a woman behind him and screaming. He shouted me : who are you? I yelled back: so sorry but it is just the front desk gave me the room card. Oh my god it is nightmare to see others having sex and naked. My daughter is just 1year old . That is so terrible.
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2023.03.31 08:39 ineedmoneyandbeauty If you have time, please read it, don't need to reply/cmt, having sb read my story is already a very good thing for me

Hi everyone, if you're reading this, I just wanna say, I'd appreciate that so much. Idk if these are symptoms of depression or not but I've been in this state for almost 3-4 years starting when I was in grade 10. I can switch my moods in a sec, like from extremely over the moon to crying my eyes out for no reason. I can literally eat 2000-3000 cals a day for a week and starve myself for a month and it keeps happening like a cycle. I can have the most motivation for 1-2 weeks and then completely lose it for 1 month and again it occurs like a cycle. I don't know how to get rid anything of those, I feel like I wasted my 17,18,19 and half 20 for nothing. I got good grades but it seems like I don't know what I'm studying for. I've never had a bf before and I terribly want one:( Whenever I start having a feeling for someone, thoughts of breaking up or reasons I shouldn't date the guy keep popping up in my head and I literally cannot have a crush on anyone for more than 1 month. My parents are so nice to me, they always care about me, to the point that they never trust me, now idk this is ironic or normal sentence, they've never given me a feeling that I'm good enough. It makes me a perfectionist like who I am today, I've never felt satisfied with everything I do, I always always believe that everything I do is either wrong or not good enough, that's why I have a stressful life all the time. I never want to confide any of my worries to anyone, I'm scared of bothering them, I hate spreading negativity to others (sr for making you read all of these) but I feel that I'm getting so close to my limits now. There are no days that I don't cry, I must cry, idk why but I must cry at least 1 per day at night before I fall asleep. I remember my painful past stories of being bullied, being discriminated, I've never told any of these to anyone, I'm an outgoing person in everyone's eyes, I always keep everything to myself, I don't have guts to share my real feelings, to face my fears, I've been running from them my whole life. Sometimes I wish I was never born, maybe my family wouldn't have to bear such a burden like me. Okay that's it. Thanks for reading till this point. I'd appreciate that. Thanks again and sorry if this provokes any negativity inside you. I didn't mean to do that, sorry:(
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2023.03.31 08:37 Shonisaurus I need soft, Sapphic music recommendations.

I had my first date with this girl last night, and it went really well, cuddling and kissing and all that. We’re planning on hanging out again in a few days, and if I go to her place again, I want to have a playlist of soft, sweet music for cuddling. Does anyone have anything to offer?
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2023.03.31 08:37 Lunk001 Abby is kinky

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2023.03.31 08:37 Shortskinnydude Last Check-In (Finally done with all of this), Just go to decide where I want to go.

Demographics: Live in India, American citizen, small uncompetitive, private school, non-feeder, full pay
Intended Major: Public Health or Nutrition(if they had it) or BioChem(if the school had neither)
SAT: 1520
11 term 1: 39/42
11 term 2: 37/42
12 term 1: 37/42
Ib predicted: 43/45
really bad grades in 9th so upward trend(mostly ds and cs in IGCSE but I have an extenuating circumstance)
Book: Researched, edited, & wrote a book on nutrition for the elderly; 600 digital downloads; held 4 sessions for more than 70 seniors at a local park;
Student Council: Led & represented 1/4 of the Student Body; Reformed and upheld school health policy; Planned activities, school events & weekly assemblies;
Hospital worl:Assisted with administrative tasks; Helped with patient needs; Cleaning; Assisted visitors; gained exposure; care diagnosis; shadowed surgeon (300 hours)
Employee welfare intern: Ensured welfare for employees & their families 80+ people in pandemic; contacted hospitals, made care packages, & ensured their medical assistance;
Initiative: Cleaned & restored biodiversity of pond; researched & implemented chemicals for optimum conditions; raised funds; connected with locals & govt;
Research: Formulated a research paper discussing the x; systematic review;(health related)(independent)
Founder of stem club: Organized activities, brainstormed ideas, tutored students, recruited members, held discussions; membership increased to 40+ members;
Initiative: 3 weeklong fundraising event with 5 workshops & an open mic; 35000IN500USD raised for pandemic; head of 20-hour-long workshop; 200+ participants
Participated in 15+ MUNs & Debates; Researched weekly topics, formulated arguments, debated on various issues; finalist in international comp;
Tutored & mentored children in rural areas; Helped them with school work; Educated them on menstrual health and nutrition; Prepared meals;
Essay: pretty good, kinda cliche
Lors: should be above average
RESULTS Time *drumroll*!!!!
Note: my EA essays were really trash
Yale SCEA: Rejected
Williams RD: Rejected
northeastern RD: Rejected
Columbia-Sciences Po: Rejected
Georgia Tech RD: waitlisted
UCLA: Waitlisted
UC Davis: Accepted
UCSD: Accepted
Case western RD: Accepted 30k scholarship per year
Colby RD: Accepted
USC RD: Accepted
Umich RD: Waiting on it, but I don't want to go there
Berkeley: Waitlist
Vanderbilt RD: Rejected
Georgetown RD: Rejected
NYU RD: Rejected
Harvard RD: Rejected
Penn RD: Rejected
Dartmouth RD: Rejected
Brown RD: Rejected
Cornell RD: Rejected
Princeton RD: Rejected
Duke RD: Waiting on it
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2023.03.31 08:37 Emotional-Caramel562 Booze & snoggin

I could drink for free? if I hit the club later and also get some delicious lips to feed on. should I. I am in the mood to drink.
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2023.03.31 08:37 Environmental_Day193 3 fractional CO2 lasers, 4 dermapens. Lost confidence.

3 fractional CO2 lasers, 4 dermapens. Lost confidence.
To be honest I lost confidence that they will ever go away. I do use retinol every night now. My dermatologist did 1 session of laser in February. Then the last one in March. She even told me to come for another one in April. My face was burning the last time, I couldn’t take it one more time. Is this only for the money? Isn’t it too much laser in such a short amount of time?
I don’t have a picture from before, but it looks basically the same. No one sees any difference.
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2023.03.31 08:37 JesseZuriza 29M-EST - Switched from Playstation to Xbox looking for Adult Friends to play with!

Hello! just over the past few months, I switched from Playstation to Xbox, Been looking for people to play with. (Or if any groups/people looking for more friends) I'm down to join as well!

Games I Usually play:
Overwatch 2
Dead By Daylight
(Really whatever is on Gamepass)

Also enjoy RPG's - Some (Not much) Sports games but mostly FPS games.
I'm basically on everyday (Mostly nights-late nights) But I'm ok to play during the day.
I'm a lil shy at first but I open up quickly, I prefer mostly casual, friendly people who just play games for fun, have laughs and enjoy playing / or talking in the party - etc.

Gamertag is: WookiesOTY (OTY=Of the Year) (Yeah I love Star Wars)

Have a Wonderful Day/Night!
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2023.03.31 08:36 MrJamieChristie New Single Coming in May (Via Instagram)

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2023.03.31 08:36 Adorable_Creme_4122 Being comfortable/happy alone

I heard a thing on the radio the other day saying that 'you need to be comfortable with your own company'. I'm quite extroverted and love being around other people, so I hate being by myself. Even if it's just at home- I feel lonely easily. So after my break up, I realized how dependent I was on her. I felt abandoned.
So since my break up, I've tried to force myself to enjoy my own company. Going for swims in the ocean after work. Reading in the park. Joining art classes. Going to running clubs. I even went to a yoga thing yesterday. All by myself. Sometimes I meet people there and it's really nice, but the goal is to prove to myself I can be on my own and still be happy.
Well, it's been 6 months post break up, and sometimes I still cry. I'm still blocked on everything. I couldn't send her a happy birthday, merry Christmas, happy new year, happy valentines day, etc. She graduated yesterday and I couldn't even send a message. I still love her so much.
I feel like I'm a doomsday prepper preparing for the day she unblocks me to show her how much I've changed. Waiting and preparing for the day she reaches out. And I hate that. I know I shouldn't think that way but I'm struggling to no longer make her the focus of every decision I make.
Pls help
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2023.03.31 08:35 top-notch-memer not really night walks but walks in the rain I feel are underrated

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2023.03.31 08:35 tejastakalkar Decade

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2023.03.31 08:35 ggiingv Fiances family overheard me talk negative about his mom

So i normally wouldn’t have shared my thoughts outloud but my fiancés family has been vocal lately about not liking certain people in my life-so while it’s not an excuse it’s why I was even talking outloud in the first place. But it was for my fiancé to hear and no one else.
My fiancés mom I have recently found out is a drama queen. She apparently made a comment once that she wondered if I would ever want to kill my fiancé for his insurance money. She doesn’t know I know she said this but my fiancé told me once. Which idk why he would tell me that. I was like what the heck.
I also would never tell him this-but he’s very enmeshed with his mom. She’s a sweet lady but he’s at her beck and call. She makes a million events-family dinners and game nights. And he will drop everything to go to them. I also think she doesn’t like me because I’m very independent. I frequently travel solo outside the US. She lives down the road from us. We live in a town with 500 people. She called my fiancé to talk to him on the phone until it was time to go to bed because she was scared to spend the night alone while her husband is gone. We went out to visit her and apparently she and his brother overheard me say to my fiancé in another room “she’s a big girl. She’s fine.” In response to my fiancé telling me she was scared she would get murdered if she was left alone.
No one has said anything to me but everyone is acting cold and talking behind my back even more now.
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2023.03.31 08:35 Yoiless I hope our roles reverse.

I hope in the future you’ll lose me. I hope I move on and find the guy of my dreams. I hope you’ll think of me when she breaks your heart. I hope you’ll remember how much I cared, how much effort I put in, how big i smiled when I was with you, how much I loved you. I hope you’ll miss me. I hope you won’t be able to get me out of your head. I hope you’ll dream a dream of me and never want to wake up. I hope you’ll reach out to me. I hope you’ll see how I’ve moved on. I hope you’ll realize that youll never get me back, ever. I hope know in your heart you lost a good thing that you had. I hope you know I would’ve done anything for you. I hope our memories together will haunt you at night. I hope you’ll wish you could’ve changed the past and ended up with me. I hope you feel this same heartache I feel right now. I hope our roles reverse.
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2023.03.31 08:35 CompleteLandscape791 im trying to articulate this genre of person i don’t like but idk what to call them

i know these women and men who are raised in ‘small towns’ (suburbs in rural areas), and they dress and are into like rockabilly vaudeville revival shit. I saw a girl posting a jerry lee lewis record she bought and her apartment was covered with different 50s rock and country memorabilia shit. idk if it’s like larping as a southern belle or a country girl, but idk how to describe it. like shut the fuck up about 60s friars club comedians and novelty records and comic strips. what do you call these people
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2023.03.31 08:35 SepticEyeSamm How would I know if I have DID?

I’ve always joked about how bad my memory is but I feel like I can’t ignore it anymore. I don’t remember any of my childhood really. Just random things. I remember the most around 11 years old and that’s still not much. My memory now isn’t even too great honestly.
I keep losing things, I lost my new phone for over a week and was too embarrassed to tell anyone until day 9-10. It was dead so I couldn’t call it. I have something one minute and next thing I know it’s been gone for days. I think I just talked to someone and realize it’s actually been a week or longer. I go to grab something, it’s in a completely different place now.
I’ve always had moments where I disassociate but last night I started disassociating, and then everything started looking kind of weird. Felt like watching a video game character, my hands didn’t feel like my own or like I was seeing them for the first time. It was just a weird feeling. My body felt floaty, if that makes sense. It lasted like 20-30 seconds probably. It’s never happened before.
I also remember when I was young I would carry around a notebook that I wrote “my” name in and made my sister and cousin call me Stacy for a while. Also had 2 other names I really wanted to go by too but I can’t decide if I might have DID and these were altars or if I was just making up stuff as a kid? I was maybe 8 or so.
Any input would be appreciated. I’ll be talking with my doctor but I wanted to hear from people who have experienced DID firsthand too.
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2023.03.31 08:35 Kooky_Championship61 I (32F) am going on a date with my ex husband (32M) can someone please give me some advice to leave a good impression?

I’m 32. My husband and I divorced 11 months ago. I’ve been trying really hard for another chance and I finally got one. My first good sign was that he agreed to go to couples therapy.
I asked him to dinner before but got turned down, but tonight I asked him again, and he said “like as a date?” And I said “yes. As a date” and he said “I’d love to” and I said “really?” And he said “yeah. I was going to see mario with the kids on Wednesday, but maybe we can go see something else, just the two of us, and maybe go as a family on Friday?” And I said that sounds wonderful!
I haven’t been on a date since…him. Last date I went on was with him, in college, 13 years ago.
Kids are at nanas that night, but I don’t plan on getting laid, nor do I want to. I want to take it slow this time. Besides, last time I did that was… again, with him, a year and a half ago.
What should I wear? I was going to bring him flowers but what kind do I buy? How should I do my hair? I’m nervous. I don’t want to mess this up. I already lost him once I don’t want to lose him again.
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2023.03.31 08:34 deltascorpion Do I have ptsd or something else in your opinion?

Ok so, to give a little context. I grew up in a pretty shifty neighborhood, had a fucked up family and am autistic.
When I was in 9th grade, I had no friends and was trying to get into a group that was nerdy gamers, after several months I became part of them and one girl in the group became my girlfriend. Everything went pretty good and this was my first time having real friends. Everything was great until 2 weeks before the Christmas break. I was summoned at the director's office and the 2 police offices for the school were there. I was petrified and started having an autistic crisis. The 2 police officers told me that I was not allowed to come to school for an undetermined amount of time, that I had to empty my locker and leave before the end of the period. I was crying in confusion and disbelief, I asked them why. The answer was the most confusing thing they could have said... they said that I raped a girl, thing is I didn't even know who the girl that accused me was. They said that plainly like if it was a normal Tuesday or something.
So I called my grandfather to help me pick up my stuff before I can't come and get it. I was crying like hell because I didn't understand what was happening. The police officers were escorting me out with my stuff once we collected all my stuff. I was then told to go to the police station a week later .
When I went to the police station, they treated me as if I was guilty, read me my rights and put me under arrest. I was told that I did rape the girl and yhat I threatened her and her family if she told the police. To be clear I did nothing of these things. I was then told my trial was at the start of January, until then I had an ankle monitor that would go off if I went anywhere further than 1km from my home.
After being under arrest, my girlfriend and friend group told me I was a horrible human being for doing these things, girlfriend broke up with me and friend group stopped talking to me. At this point I still had no fucking idea who the girl was. They told everyone that would hear them that I was a rapist, including people from my neighborhood. My neighborhood was and still is kind of ghetto, so when word got around that I "was" a rapist... I got beaten to almost death 3 times and stabbed 6 times. People were getting into my home to beat me up, some people that I didn't even know beat the shit out of me.
Trial day came, I finally got to even see the person accusing me. I learned afterwards that it was my now ex girlfriend's latest ex. I was then proven not guilty, thing is even if the court decided I was not guilty, the public opinion was that I was guilty. So the beat ups continued for months, I could not even go to school since the girl decided to continue her charges to higher court.
After living this for months, I could not take it anymore and tried to kill myself by overdose of every single pills my mother had. I fell on the ground hard when I lost consciousness, so much that my downstairs neighbor called the 911 because of the noise that was too excessive in his opinion. The police arrived at my opened door and me overdosing on the floor 2m away from the main door. They took me to the hospital in time to save my life. I was in a coma for 3 days after that. When I woke up I was not happy to be alive and wanted to do it once again, they kept me in hospital for 3 weeks in the mental heath department, when I got out I spent about 2 months in my bedroom, getting out just to take something to eat or to go to the toilet.
The higher court trial found me not guilty and I got to do my 9th grade again the next year and finish my high school. Thing is people still did not stop beating the shit out of me regularly, I finished my high school homeschooling myself and getting my books alone to be able to do the finals. I was alone and could not bring myself to thrust anybody for the next 5 years.
I still get nervous breakdowns when I go near the police station or when a police officer comes towards my direction. I could've sued the girl that did all this for diffamation, but could not talk to a police officer without having a panic attack. So I did not sue her. Even now I can't get inside a school without shaking like hell, I get really anxious when someone calls me their friend. And I can't even talk to people about it without crying over a panick attack brought by the memories, I sleep with a hand on a knife that's under my pillow because I don't feel safe home. I have tried antidepressants, but nothing works except Marijuana and illegal opioids. I am currently trying to get a booking with a therapist because I get night terrors after about 2 hours of sleep and can't get back to sleep.
Do you guys think it could be a ptsd or is it something else? And what could I do appart going to therapy (since I am currently on a waiting list for that) to help me?
P.S. : I live in Canada so cannabis is legal here and I buy legally for that.
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2023.03.31 08:34 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Report Details Rockstar’s First Bonnie And Clyde-Like Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most profitable entertainment franchises in the history of games. It came along as a return to form after what many fans would argue was a misstep with the more gritty and realistic GTA 4. Originally released back in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—yes, it spans three console generations—developer Rockstar has supported the game's online mode with continual updates adding new content, new areas, and even all-new mechanics.
GTA V was such a runaway success—and GTA The Trilogy: Definitive Edition was such a dumpster fire—that Rockstar gave up working on a Red Dead Redemption 2 DLC, and has now reportedly abandoned plans to remaster more of its beloved older titles to instead focus on both further GTA Online content as well as the development of GTA 6.
gtaonline fukaru
Naturally, expectations for GTA 6 are incredibly high, and given the advanced age of GTA V, fans are chomping at the bit for any bit of news. That's why there's so much buzz around a report at Bloomberg that focuses on Rockstar's new corporate culture. Company co-founder Dan Houser left Rockstar in 2020, and ever since then the development house has been trying to reshape a corporate culture that the report refers to as being "like a frat house".
Given the nature and tone of the humor in the Grand Theft Auto series, it's really not surprising to hear that the atmosphere inside Rockstar was juvenile and chauvinistic. The report remarks that the workplace culture at Rockstar was "full of drinking, brawling, and excursions to strip clubs." That may sound like a good time to some, but it's admittedly not very professional.
gta1 katie Katie from the OG Grand Theft Auto (1997) on PC (left) and Game Boy Color (right).
As part of the report, author Jason Schreier casually reveals that GTA 6 will have at least two playable protagonists, and that one of them will be a Latina woman. This technically isn't the first playable woman nor even the first playable Hispanic woman in the GTA series; the very first GTA game featured a Latina named "Katie" as one of its eight playable characters.
Still, very few of the series' modern fans even remember the old DOS-based Grand Theft Auto, so we can forgive everyone for forgetting about poor Katie. Regardless, the new girl will apparently be part of a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like crime duo, calling to mind the partnership between Claude and Catalina in the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III. Hopefully the partnership between the new player characters in GTA 6 doesn't end the same way that one did.
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Release the PC version at the same time as the consoles please!
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2023.03.31 08:34 dense_sweater idk what to do at night ita like I'm a different person

I just joined this group now because I need somewhere to put this down. everytime this happens I wake up and it's like a faint memory but in the moment everything is so intense. I watch tik toks of things (like hunger games and stuff) and it makes me feel a way I can't even describe. Almost like I want to be something impossible. I can't explain how I feel and I know this is a rant but I just feel like my brain doesn't work at night. For example if I see something outside (usually something bigger then me like a building or mountain) it makes me question my whole existence.
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2023.03.31 08:34 Shivaniverma1 Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra Haryana, Luxury Plots in kurukshetra Godrej, Godrej Residential Plots Kurukshetra

Godrej Plots in Kurukshetra Haryana, Luxury Plots in kurukshetra Godrej, Godrej Residential Plots Kurukshetra
Kurukshetra Godrej Residential Plots Haryana is an exclusive residential project offering luxurious living spaces in the heart of Kurukshetra, a city known for its historical and religious significance. The plots are located within close proximity to some of the most famous tourist destinations like Kalpana Chawla Planetarium, BhadraKali Temple and Brahma Sarovar. This makes it an ideal choice for people looking to invest in real estate as well as those who want to enjoy a peaceful life away from the hustle-bustle of cities.
The residential plots at Kurukshetra Godrej offer various amenities that make them attractive investments such as 24x7 security, wide open green spaces with landscaped gardens around each plot along with ample parking space and street lights ensuring safety during night hours. Additionally, all basic necessities including water supply through borewells or tubewells are provided making these properties even more desirable among investors or homebuyers alike.
Apart from this, there is also easy access to banks/ATMs & hospitals nearby which adds further convenience while residing here! All these features combined together make Kurukshetra Godrej Residential Plots Haryana one of the best investment options available today due its high potential returns on investment along with excellent lifestyle benefits offered by its prime location near many important landmarks & facilities!for more help visit my site:-
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