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Ryan Trahan: YouTuber, influencer, entrepreneur, and designer. ryantrahan is welcome to all subscribers, fans, phamily, and traphamily.

2015.05.19 07:20 expiredcheese Code Black

Code Black: A new CBS medical drama.

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2023.06.01 08:49 McGlone_Games 'In Vision' Commentary Notes - Under the Knife

'In Vision' Commentary Notes - Under the Knife
Continuing on from my previous post, this is a recap of what was said during the 'In Vision' commentary for 'Under the Knife' from 'The Strange and the Dangerous' DVD box-set.

\"Yup, it stayed off. Good result! Well done.\"

For this one he's joined by Cindy Jackson, who used to have the world record for the most cosmetic procedures. This is the second episode on the DVD, however it seems like it was the first 'In Vision' commentary track they recorded. Louis is noticeably more awkward and unsure of how to approach things, which means Cindy is the one who does most of the talking. Some of the quotes I've included make Cindy sound catty, but during the commentary she came across as a nice, and very self-aware, person.

Cast of characters: Adriana (receptionist), Dr Chugay (surgeon), Steve and Adrian (Dr Chugay's patients), Lisa (patient), Laura (candidate for a surgical makeover), Eve (Laura's life coach)

  • Cindy says she has undergone 11 surgeries (Wikipedia currently says she's had 52, but her website says that number's a lie)
  • Cindy avoids American surgeons after having had bad results from them, and she prefers the "more natural" and "creative" European cosmetic surgery
  • Cindy is not a fan of "big boob jobs" and "no-one is going through [her] nipple"
  • Staff of cosmetic surgeons normally get a discount on any procedures they have done
  • Louis suggests Dr Chugay would be willing to put an extra nose on your cheek if you asked him to
  • Cindy mentions that she knows of surgeons who were murdered by "mentally unbalanced" patients
  • Louis asks for Cindy's opinion on his nose, which she says is "completely proportional" and that a smaller nose would "feminize" him
  • Cindy when Steve appears: "I mean, look what he's done with this guy."
  • Cindy when Eve appears: "That's a nose job."
  • Louis thinks Cindy's nose job "looks very natural"
  • Cindy almost immediately identifies other work Eve has had done on her face
  • Cindy sees Laura as a "good candidate" for surgery, then compares Laura getting work done to someone taking their poodle to a salon
  • They talk about how a "trigger event" in someone's life can often prompt them to undergo surgery
  • Cindy: "Beauty's power for women, and for men it's money and status."
  • Louis: "Did you see Lisa's breasts, by the way?"
  • There is discussion of the "primal thing" that is "big boobs"
  • Cindy: "A lot of men like large breasts. Do you like large breasts?"
  • Louis: *sigh\* "You know, I like breasts, and whether they're large or small."
  • They did interview Adriana's partner, but none of what he said made it into the episode (surprise-surprise, he wanted her to get even bigger breast implants)
  • Cindy thinks Adriana should have had a nose job (and was very happy when she did later on in the episode)
  • Louis assumed Adrian would be gay, "because... because, I don't know why"
  • Cindy: "Looks are a big part of the gay scene."
  • Louis doubts that Cindy would really be fine with her partner having muscle implants
  • Louis says that being around all the happy patients, and reassuring surgeons, genuinely had "lowered his resistance" to getting work done himself
  • Louis describes the surgeons they met as "equal parts surgeons and salesmen"
  • Louis tries to blame being ill for a few weeks, and therefore not cycling as much, for him being out-of-shape enough for the surgeon to propose liposuction
  • Louis is seriously considering getting some work done under his chin, but Cindy warns him that the lack of fat would expose tendons as he gets older
  • Cindy has "plastic inserts" in her cheekbones
  • Louis casts aspersions on which one of Adriana's boobs really needs "fixing"
  • Cindy: "These Americans, they do like huge breast implants."
  • Cindy says that being an art student and having to study proportions made her more self-conscious of her own imperfections
  • Louis complains about how he hadn't drank wine for 2 weeks before his surgery due to blood tests, and couldn't eat or drink anything for 24 hours in case they had to put him under general anesthesia
  • During Louis' liposuction, the local anesthetic was spreading throughout his abdomen at the same time as the fat was being removed
  • Louis says it felt like he was being "jabbed with a knitting needle from the inside" whenever the surgeon hit an area that hadn't been numbed yet
  • Cindy is disappointed that Louis didn't relocate his extracted fat to another part of his body
  • Cindy had a chin reduction that involved her chin being cut off with a circular saw, reattached slightly further back, and held onto her skull with steel for 5 years until the bones fused together
  • It took Louis 2 weeks before he felt able to get back to his normal routine after surgery
  • Louis thinks Adrian has a nice face
  • Cindy thinks Germans have "great bone structure"
  • The commentary was recorded over a year after his liposuction, and Louis was still happy with the results (as was Cindy)
  • Louis asks if anyone ever called Cindy ugly and she says no, but also that no-one ever called her pretty (unlike her sister)
  • Louis thinks the "new" Laura should tone down the makeup
  • Cindy points out how Laura's face instantly lights up when Louis brings up her ex
  • Louis is oddly cagey when Cindy asks whether Laura and her ex got back together (he never answers the question)
  • Cindy thinks Louis sounds like a "typical cosmetic surgery patient" at his check-up
  • Cindy: "There are some very beautiful poor people. Very good-looking poor people."
  • Cindy agrees with Louis that people nowadays are too vain ("But I don't think I'm vain.")
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2023.06.01 08:45 mayonnnnnaise Advice for helping a baby gay

I've been out as a lesbian for 6 years and only recently made my first lesbian friend (all my friends prior had been straight or bi/pan) which is really cool! But she's very much in her baby gay phase and doesn't have a lot of the nuance of the queer experience, especially growing up upper middle class, living in a liberal area, and presenting femininely. I'm trying to be patient with her but it can be annoying when she does things like judge me for talking and agreeing with our other friends about men they find attractive. Any advice for helping a baby gay get some more perspective and just generally helping her along the queer journey? Maybe queer theory and history books/YouTube video recommendations?
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2023.06.01 08:44 PorkyPain It's the month of JUNE and this is the THIRD straight year I'm creating an awareness post regarding an issue I believe is an important one in our beloved country of Malaysia! [Featuring the beautiful #JalurGaymilang Flag]

It's the month of JUNE and this is the THIRD straight year I'm creating an awareness post regarding an issue I believe is an important one in our beloved country of Malaysia! [Featuring the beautiful #JalurGaymilang Flag]

Trivia about the above flag:
The beautiful flag above was designed 6 years ago >>here<<. by lelarentaka.

Hello Malaysia!

Every year since 2021, I've been creating a post to improve the awareness on the persecutions, sufferings and discrimination faced by the LGBT community in our country. My previous posts can be found below:
2021 LGBTQ+ Pride Month awareness for Malaysia article and poll:
2022 LGBTQ+ Pride Month awareness for Malaysia article:
Create a safe country for the LGBT community in Malaysia!

Why highlight awareness about LGBTQ+ rights?

Although I have my own religious views personally (as seen >>here<<), I still believe that the LGBTQ+ community should have basic human rights. We bleed the same red blood cells and to be kind/respectful to one another is just the right thing to do if we want to move forward as a nation.

What are the rights we're talking about here?

(1) Protection from violence and hate crimes
Hate crimes against LGBTQ individuals are still shockingly prevalent across Malaysia. We can see online bullying and condemnation like it's normal in this country. Hate towards LGBTQ+ community in Malaysia is like drinking water. The scary thing is... we don't know how far the bullying goes for LGBTQ+ students at school, work places and so on.
Coldplay and LGBT issues brought up in Malaysia
(2) Employment Discrimination
In most cases in Malaysia, gay and trans individuals are frowned upon. Regardless of job performance or ability, a person can lose their job if their boss finds out about and disagrees with their identity. The lack of protections force individuals (of the LGBTQ+ community) in work places to remain in the closet, guarding the secrets of who they are, in order to earn a living. This should not be the case for an employee working their ass off in this country.
(3) The right to get married in civil union or even be intimate with each other
They can get jailed or even whacked if being caught doing so and at the very least, 2 guys who wanna get married can't roll up to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) and do so.
(4) Others
There are many other rights that are lacking for the LGBTQ+ community.. Parenting la.. this la.. that la.. but I think the above things are the priority to get things going for our country.


The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community in Malaysia faces unique challenges within the cultural and legal landscape of the country. Malaysia, a Southeast Asian nation known for its diverse ethnic makeup and predominantly Muslim population, has traditionally held conservative attitudes towards homosexuality and transgender identities.
In Malaysia, same-sex sexual activity is criminalized under Section 377 of the Penal Code, a colonial-era law inherited from British rule. This law imposes penalties for "carnal intercourse against the order of nature," which is broadly interpreted to include same-sex relations. The legal environment creates a climate of discrimination and marginalization for LGBT individuals.
Public discourse surrounding LGBT issues in Malaysia often reflects a combination of religious, cultural, and political perspectives. Conservative religious beliefs, particularly influenced by Islam, play a significant role in shaping societal attitudes towards homosexuality and gender non-conformity.
As a result of these factors, the LGBT community in Malaysia faces various challenges. They often experience stigma, discrimination, and harassment, both in their personal lives and within broader society. This can manifest in issues such as limited legal protections, employment discrimination, social ostracization, and restricted access to healthcare services.
Despite these challenges, the LGBT community in Malaysia continues to work towards greater visibility, acceptance, and equality. Activists and organizations have emerged to advocate for LGBT rights, providing support, education, and resources to the community. Their efforts aim to challenge stereotypes, promote understanding, and foster a more inclusive society.
It is important to note that discussing LGBT topics openly in Malaysia may still be considered sensitive, and individuals advocating for LGBT rights often face opposition and legal challenges.

Accepting the LGBT community in Malaysia is crucial for several reasons:

  • Human Rights and Equality: Acceptance of the LGBT community is a fundamental aspect of upholding human rights and equality. All individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserve the same basic rights and protections as any other citizen. Embracing diversity and respecting the rights of LGBT individuals ensures that they are not subjected to discrimination, violence, or harassment solely based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Well-being and Mental Health: Acceptance plays a significant role in the well-being and mental health of LGBT individuals. When individuals are accepted for who they are, they experience a sense of belonging and self-worth. Conversely, when they face rejection or discrimination, it can lead to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Acceptance and support from families, friends, and society at large can positively impact the mental and emotional well-being of LGBT individuals.
Swatch's LGBT Pride Watches Limited Edition - Became a Malaysian problem in 2023
  • Social Harmony and Inclusion: Acceptance of the LGBT community fosters social harmony and inclusion. A society that values diversity and respects the rights of all its members is more likely to be cohesive and inclusive. By embracing LGBT individuals and recognizing their contributions to society, Malaysia can work towards creating an environment that celebrates differences and promotes unity among its citizens.
  • Economic Benefits: Embracing the LGBT community can have positive economic effects. When discrimination against LGBT individuals is reduced, they can fully participate in the workforce, contribute their skills and talents, and drive economic growth. Inclusive workplaces that value diversity and provide equal opportunities for all employees tend to be more productive and innovative.
  • International Reputation: Malaysia's stance on LGBT rights can have an impact on its international reputation. A country that demonstrates a commitment to human rights, inclusivity, and acceptance is often viewed positively by the global community. This can contribute to stronger diplomatic relations, attract international investments, and promote tourism.
Ultimately, accepting the LGBT community in Malaysia is about recognizing the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals. It is an essential step towards building a more just, equal, and compassionate society where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination.

Making Indonesia as an example to accept the LGBT community

Malaysia could look to Indonesia as an example of how certain regions within a Muslim-majority country have embraced LGBTQ acceptance to some extent. While Indonesia still faces challenges, it has seen the emergence of LGBTQ organizations and social initiatives advocating for equal rights. The presence of such organizations could inspire Malaysian activists to foster similar initiatives and promote dialogue and understanding surrounding LGBTQ issues.
Furthermore, Malaysia and Indonesia share cultural and historical ties, and both countries have diverse interpretations of Islam. Malaysia could draw from Indonesia's experience to encourage open discussions within its own society, emphasizing the principles of compassion, respect, and justice within the Islamic framework. By engaging in dialogue and learning from Indonesia's progress, Malaysia can work towards fostering greater acceptance and inclusivity for the LGBTQ community.
From the article >>HERE<<, we can see a great example of the above. Here is a quick summary regarding the article:
The article discusses the rare oasis of LGBTQ acceptance in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, at the Al-Fatah Islamic school. Founded by Shinta Ratri, a trans woman, the school provides education and support to transgender women. The article highlights the challenges faced by the LGBTQ community in Muslim-majority countries, where same-sex relationships are often criminalized and LGBTQ individuals face discrimination and hostility.
The article mentions Indonesia's relative tolerance compared to many other Muslim nations, where LGBTQ organizations operate openly and advocate for equal rights. However, there are still limitations and conservative attitudes prevail, especially in provinces practicing Sharia law. The resistance to LGBTQ rights is reinforced by religious authorities and cultural values, and outside pressure for change is often dismissed as interference.
The situation in other Muslim and Arab countries is also discussed, highlighting the lack of progress in terms of LGBTQ rights and the combination of religious attitudes and resentment towards external influence. The article touches on cases from Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq, where LGBTQ individuals face discrimination, violence, and legal persecution.
In conclusion, the article portrays a challenging landscape for LGBTQ acceptance in Muslim-majority countries, with pockets of progress but limited government support and widespread societal prejudice.

Accepting the LGBT community in Malaysia brings about numerous benefits:

  • Social Progress: Embracing the LGBT community promotes social progress and inclusivity. It signals a shift towards a more open-minded and tolerant society that values diversity. This progress allows for greater acceptance of all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, fostering a more harmonious and cohesive society.
  • Health and Well-being: Acceptance positively impacts the health and well-being of LGBT individuals. When they feel accepted and supported, they are more likely to seek healthcare services, access mental health support, and maintain overall well-being. This can lead to improved physical and mental health outcomes for the LGBT community.
Malaysia LGBT Flag
  • Economic Growth: Acceptance of the LGBT community can contribute to economic growth. By promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities, businesses and organizations can harness the skills, talents, and purchasing power of the LGBT community. This leads to increased productivity, innovation, and consumer spending, benefiting both individual businesses and the overall economy.
  • Tourism and International Relations: Embracing the LGBT community can have a positive impact on tourism and international relations. Many countries and travelers consider LGBT-friendly destinations when making travel choices. By cultivating an inclusive and welcoming environment, Malaysia can attract a broader range of tourists, boost its tourism industry, and enhance its international reputation as a progressive and inclusive nation.
  • Talent Retention and Attraction: Acceptance of the LGBT community is attractive to talented individuals, including both Malaysians and international professionals. Creating an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated helps to retain local talent and attract skilled individuals from around the world. This benefits various sectors, including academia, arts and culture, technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • Reduction in Discrimination and Violence: Acceptance can contribute to a reduction in discrimination and violence against the LGBT community. When societal attitudes shift towards acceptance, individuals are less likely to face harassment, hate crimes, or social exclusion. This creates safer environments where individuals can express their identities freely, fostering a culture of respect and understanding.
  • Human Rights and Equality: Embracing the LGBT community is an affirmation of human rights and equality. It reinforces the principle that every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves equal rights, dignity, and protection under the law. This commitment to human rights strengthens the overall fabric of society and upholds the principles of justice and fairness.
In summary, accepting the LGBT community in Malaysia leads to social progress, better health outcomes, economic growth, improved international relations, talent retention, reduced discrimination and violence, and upholding human rights and equality. It is a step towards building a more inclusive, prosperous, and harmonious society for all Malaysians.


Malaysia still has a long way to go in terms of accepting the LGBT community as they are. The country's cultural, religious, and legal context has presented significant challenges for progress in this area. However, change is possible, and there are steps that can be taken to promote acceptance and understanding.
Promoting education and raising awareness about sexual orientation, gender identity, and the experiences of the LGBT community can help challenge misconceptions and reduce stigma. Initiatives in schools, universities, workplaces, and community organizations can foster understanding and empathy through education and awareness campaigns.
We need to educate future Malaysians continuously!
Advocacy for legal reforms is essential for advancing LGBT rights in Malaysia. Reviewing and amending existing laws that criminalize same-sex sexual activity can be a crucial step toward decriminalization. Additionally, introducing anti-discrimination laws that protect individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity can help prevent discrimination in various spheres of life.
Ensuring that healthcare services are inclusive and sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community is vital. Training healthcare professionals to provide non-judgmental care, addressing specific health concerns of LGBT individuals, and promoting access to gender-affirming healthcare are crucial steps toward improving the overall well-being of the community.
While the road to acceptance may be challenging, progress can be made through a collective effort involving individuals, communities, organizations, and policymakers. It requires ongoing dialogue, advocacy, and a commitment to human rights and equality to create a more inclusive and accepting Malaysia for the LGBT community.
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2023.06.01 08:42 ThrowRA-djjd WIBTA if i messaged my friend (M18) about him being my best friend but me (M18) not being his?

Context: Me and my best friend have been friends for quite some time but have only become close over the past 6 months or so. The thing is he spends more time with me, and talks to me more than all his other friends. As we are at school together we spend almost every minute of the day together. Of our peers most assume we are a duo amongst our friendgroup and outside of school. However my buddy does not consider me his bestfriend, as he has his outside of school friends whom he constantly reminds me he is closer too. The thing is he only sees these friends about once or twice a week, if at all, and normally such catch ups are in group settings. I don’t want to feel jealous but naturally i do, i want to tell him how i feel but i know it’ll not help, and then i want to ditch him as a friend but i also like him as a friend.
Some more important information: I’m quite a feminine guy, a lot of people assume im gay. I’m not good at sports and im 5’7, and relatively ugly. On the polar opposite end of the scale my best mate is very masculine, 6”2, extremely athletic (competes in international sports competitions), and he is a good looking bloke, his other friends are all also similar to him in this sense and i think that is why he doesn’t want me as a bestfriend, because i am not cool or masculine enough. Also to anyone wondering how we are friends we are both quite charismatic and witty and use such qualities to laugh constantly and have fun.
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2023.06.01 08:40 ThrowRA-djjd What should i (M18) do, My best friend (m18) is my best friend yet i’m not his?

Me and my best friend have been friends for quite some time but have only become close over the past 6 months or so. The thing is he spends more time with me, and talks to me more than all his other friends. As we are at school together we spend almost every minute of the day together. Of our peers most assume we are a duo amongst our friendgroup and outside of school. However my buddy does not consider me his bestfriend, as he has his outside of school friends whom he constantly reminds me he is closer too. The thing is he only sees these friends about once or twice a week, if at all, and normally such catch ups are in group settings. I don’t want to feel jealous but naturally i do, i want to tell him how i feel but i know it’ll not help, and then i want to ditch him as a friend but i also like him as a friend.
Some more important information: I’m quite a feminine guy, a lot of people assume im gay. I’m not good at sports and im 5’7, and relatively ugly. On the polar opposite end of the scale my best mate is very masculine, 6”2, extremely athletic (competes in international sports competitions), and he is a good looking bloke, his other friends are all also similar to him in this sense and i think that is why he doesn’t want me as a bestfriend, because i am not cool or masculine enough. Also to anyone wondering how we are friends we are both quite charismatic and witty and use such qualities to laugh constantly and have fun.
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2023.06.01 08:39 AriannMax Role proposal

↫↫↫↫↫ Role proposal ↬↬↬↬↬ More specifically, a person who has been my role partner for a long time.
══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ (During this text I will use the word PJ to refer to the characters, just so that they understand me ha ha ha)
Index •Presentation •My requests regarding: ° characters: ° frame ° development ° tab ° role play ° treatment with the user • What I offer •My limitations •My No-No's Presentation: Hi, I'm Ari, I'm a user who likes role playing and is bored. Well, I don't have much to tell, apart from the fact that I have belonged to the role-playing community since the beginning of 2020, although I consider that I have rusted a bit, although I am constantly trying to improve, ha ha ha. My requests about:
Here I am going to say my requirements for “the perfect role”… I have to say first, you do not have to have all the requirements, you can perfectly well not have any, just as I sometimes do not fulfill some, simply and plainly, I am looking for a role good for me. With nothing more to say, I come to make a proposal bible.
Characters: Look, I'm someone who aspires to be a writer, I've been trying to make “perfect” characters for years, therefore, I always make characters with PERSONALITY, COHERENCE, and THAT IS INTERESTING IN THE ROLE, so I look for characters that comply with that, I don't want the typical for him to play (example) a prince who is arrogant, at the minute he is cute and cares about everyone, this and that. Or the typical Neko with a tsundere attitude who, after a while, is the most passive bottom in the world. IT'S NOT COHERENT. And I hate him. And above all (more than anything, the second case) is cliché. I like characters who have an attitude, I'm not telling you that they can't be shy, arrogant or whatever, there are many styles of person, but they shouldn't relapse into the supreme cliché and get stuck in that. I like to give character development, one that is true, not that everything changes from one second to the next for the sake of the plot. Not only that, but I want a good story, moving things forward takes the fun out of it, but I'll talk about that later. Leaving that aside, normally my characters are not dominant (How do I explain this without sounding weird? XD) Well, normally my characters when it comes to gay characters, I prefer to take the submissive position (Amino traumas, people) and in the straight roles, I prefer to be a girl, if it's lesbian characters, I usually don't care because of my lack of experience in that area. A little extra, but I typically only use OC characters, that is, created by me, I can use a photo that looks cute on you without any problem (Although I typically prefer to choose myself, it's kind of… I like to choose photos that I barely see, feel that they tell me their story XD) I can choose names that you like and so on, but I prefer a character totally made by me and for me, than a PJ that has a history, life and so on, especially if I don't know her, I just don't know what to answer, and I get stuck and bored. Plot Here I am not someone so… Obsessed? With the plots, I mean, yeah, they're important and all, but I honestly think I can role-play almost any kind of story as long as it relapses into clichés and doesn't get repetitive and boring. Now yes, with my greatest respect to all the people who role-play like that, I certainly cannot tolerate plots that are always about sex, or where incest or pedophilia are constant, I can't stand it, I can tolerate constant sex between PJ', for my sake. Good (Xd) but there is something else in the plot apart from that, please. Development: I already talked about this but… It is what matters most to me in terms of feeling good role-playing. With this section, I just want to make it clear that… BE CONSISTENT AND DO NOT DESPERATE. I like long roles, that leave feelings when they are played, where I get attached to the PJ, you to mine, where the plot is understood, A WELL DONE THING. Please, don't come to me with a plot that is role-played in two days, I want something that is long-lasting, and that we both enjoy. File Firstly, I want to make a lot of things clear regarding my roles, I don't normally care about the tokens, I'm happy with a photo or detailed description, and then the visible or necessary data. I can role-play with people who just send me the photo and name, and after that, describe everything my PC can see. As with people who send me an ultra-elaborate file, don't take so long to describe that because I already know it. Whatever you want. Now, I hate it when you tell me something about your character and then tell me it's not like that, blah blah, bone… Getting powers out of your ass, a change of appearance (without notifying me, and without a justification in the plot), things like that, it makes my blood nervous because I'm not sure, I'm going to do anything so that the other user doesn't jump with: “That's not going like this, because my PJ this, or because of this or…” I don't know, things like that, so that my bad times with users don't show ha, ha, ha. Role play Look, this will be long, I will talk about my tastes in terms of the role. And before Nothing, you don't need to have all these requirements 100%, don't worry, baby, I'm just putting them in case someone meets them all, you know, just in case ha ha ha. To begin with, spelling, the basics, right? Look, I'm not perfect, no one is, if you go up, you'll surely see some mistakes, and that's fine, just like if you have one in both spelling and grammar, cool, you're not a language teacher or someone who needs a total perfection in writing. Now, don't be barbaric either and put me: “And she ran to the girl” (You will not understand it, since it is an example of Spanish **Evil laugh**) and she is not kidding when I say that this message is copy and paste, and there are even worse. Honestly, if you messed up with a tilde, a comma, a period, or something like that, all cool, as long as it's something understandable and readable, I'm happy. Secondly, the lines, look, I'm here looking for someone who can keep me happy (Really badly thinkable xd) that's why I'm looking for someone to have medium to long roles, even bibles, if the opportunity admits it, I understand that Sometimes we don't have originality or desire, so we put things short, tawdry, but I'm tired of roles where they leave everything to the imagination. Bro, I want something long, that is as detailed as possible so as not to have conflicts or confusion later. Continuing, the organization of the sentences, as I said, I like something long, therefore, I am not a big fan of roles where everything is in one line, if you have no other option, you can do it, but for my comfort when reading, I think that, if you can, separate the texts, examples of what I say: The example that I don't like very much: “I'm so happy to see you \*He approaches the girl to give her a light kiss on the cheek with affection**” The example that I like (And I do 👀): “— I'm so happy to see you.* \*she approached the girl to give her a light kiss on the cheek lovingly*\” It's just one line, it's that sometimes the dialogue is confused with the action and I don't understand shit, I answer shit, you tell me shit, and you give me shit… That wasn't going, xd The time to respond, normally I have a particular time for each role, type, if we have time differences, I know more or less what time you are, and I am up-to-date. Or we have each other's schedule and so you know. But I'm not just here to say, it's also about the answer, I'm not very closed, I know we have things to do and that's fine, but don't go away for months and come back as if nothing had happened, you can leave, let me know or not (As you can) but don't just leave me stranded with no news, it worries me, you know?😔🤙🏼 Deal with users: Look, I'm not the most sociable being in the world, but I always try to build at least a little trust with the other users, not only because of topics I like to joke about in off role, but also because it's important to him. I don't want my other partner to be without saying what he likes for fear of what he thinks, and I don't like to put up with the discomfort of that either. Besides. Sex-role is more attractive when you have the confidence to do anything. What I offer Well, I give exactly what I ask for, I guess. Depending on how long the text is, of course, they will have continuous responses, and most of the time I take a break, I let my Partners know. Regarding how I roleplay, here are a couple of examples of my medium roles, semi-bibles and my bibles: MediumIt was a beautiful summer day, honestly he felt more tired than necessary, yesterday had been a very stressful night, since that week's exams had exhausted all his strength. Although, upon hearing the sound of a voice calling him so sweetly, all the evil in his body vanished, and he could only smile, running to hug the person who called him. -Luan!” (13 lines)
semi-biblesIt was a nice day, honestly there wasn't much she could complain about, weird as it sounded, despite the fact that her blender almost blew up when she made her smoothie, and there was no hot water in the shower. She was happy. Days like these, she valued, more than anything, because the fact that she only had to worry about a cold shower and buying a new blender, were certainly insignificant things, considering the disasters that used to happen around her. . . And besides… Everything seemed rosy when I simply thought about that boy, going for a run was becoming more of a routine to see him draw, than to get better… Than it already was, really." (21 lines) biblesIt tells legends about the underworld, the home of the souls in pain who could not reincarnate, dominated by a dark king. It is said that he had a beast, Almidios, who was only summoned before dark magic and absolute sin. It is even told how in the ancient empire, from which the nations were born, this beast was used by the king to keep those who wanted to overthrow him at bay, or even though one day everything got out of control, and the 9 sorcerers created 9 magical devices that They shut up the beast in the middle of the mountain that separates the the continent in all directions. --This is exactly what I'm looking for.
He said to himself, a young man, as he took his staff and quickly went down from his tower to where his teacher was, the Great Royal Sorcerer, who should be about to start an audience with the kings to talk about strange ferocious attacks all over the world. The kingdom that tormented all. Thanks to this chaos, the Sorcerer sent his apprentice and all the wizarding scholars in the castle to investigate while he and the kings planned what to do. Although he already had the solution… Or simply the explanation. He stood for several seconds in front of the great door to the throne room before entering with a serious countenance and his best posture to notify the master of him and the court. He serenely bowed to himself before exclaiming. --Sir, I think I found the answer” (41 lines) (For the record, it is only an approximation of the lines) I love the drama, and the creation of PJs and plots, with anything simple, I do a lot for you, and I love to give ideas. There is more, but anything, in priv my limitations Like I said, I'm not perfect, and well, I have my complications, especially when it comes to battlerol, I won't say that I hate it, but I don't understand it, although… if the person is interested, I'm willing to learn. my no-no: As I already said, I have things that I hate, and I am not here to put something very complicated for you, simply; • Don't control my characters, no, no, I have a story and Lore, I can share it if it's interesting or if it's necessary, but don't come here to change it just like that, just because yes, I hate it, and then I don't understand what the hell is going on. • If as a user you know something, please, if your PJ can't know or doesn't have how, don't come writing the script of the year, so they know, please, it's something of respect for the coherence of the plot. • Respect me, I respect you, you have to respect me, I hate users who live mistreating their colleagues so that x or y thing happens, let's agree but without hate, please. • Do not control my PC, as I said, my PCs do not have to do what you say, do not put: “I kissed x person and that person felt her heart beat" how do you know that? And besides, he is very rude. • Like I said, I can add things like rape, mistreatment, abuse, pedophilia, etc. to the stories to make it more interesting, but, there's a limit from simply drama to asking me for a 14-year-old boy to go out with a pensioner. I'm not going there, Extra: It wasn't in the index, but I wanted to put it, xd: • I am quite versatile in terms of stories, although I like more than anything those that have fantasy, adventure, romance, things like that, although I can get carried away by everything • I can role-play more than one character, honestly I like to do it to give more realism and history to the world. • Normally, I can take a long time to plan the world and all that, literally, in roles with strangers, I spent weeks doing wordlbuilding and with my friend I did it for more than two years, if that bothers you, let me know, I'll read you and hurry up, or I lower it, ha, ha, ha • I really like to talk and tell random jokes in the middle of the role, like, for the off-role so that it is not so serious, I hope it doesn't bother • And last, due to issues of notifications and problems with the app (If you're not seeing this on Discord), I'll be role-playing on Discord (AriaMax#4223) and on Telegram (@Ariann_Max). I would appreciate it if any questions or something like that could be sent to me, it's just that Z doesn't answer me sometimes, and I don't want to leave anyone waiting (Anything regarding schedules, plots {themes, stories…} favorites, or characters that I will use, etc., I will discuss it privately with the people who are interested) Without further ado, thanks for spending your time reading me, I hope someone is interested, and we can start a nice friendship, bye.
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2023.06.01 08:39 ThrowRA-djjd What should i (M18) do, My best friend (m18) is my best friend yet i’m not his?

Me and my best friend have been friends for quite some time but have only become close over the past 6 months or so. The thing is he spends more time with me, and talks to me more than all his other friends. As we are at school together we spend almost every minute of the day together. Of our peers most assume we are a duo amongst our friendgroup and outside of school. However my buddy does not consider me his bestfriend, as he has his outside of school friends whom he constantly reminds me he is closer too. The thing is he only sees these friends about once or twice a week, if at all, and normally such catch ups are in group settings. I don’t want to feel jealous but naturally i do, i want to tell him how i feel but i know it’ll not help, and then i want to ditch him as a friend but i also like him as a friend.
Some more important information: I’m quite a feminine guy, a lot of people assume im gay. I’m not good at sports and im 5’7, and relatively ugly. On the polar opposite end of the scale my best mate is very masculine, 6”2, extremely athletic (competes in international sports competitions), and he is a good looking bloke, his other friends are all also similar to him in this sense and i think that is why he doesn’t want me as a bestfriend, because i am not cool or masculine enough. Also to anyone wondering how we are friends we are both quite charismatic and witty and use such qualities to laugh constantly and have fun.
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2023.06.01 08:39 IIDSIIScorpion Dog abooz!!!!!!!1!1!!!1!

Owning a dog is inherently unfair to the animal. When you purchase a dog from a breeder or a pet store, you often overlook the fact that you're depriving them of a natural and fulfilling life for your own selfish companionship. Every pet dog is born into captivity. Their mother was impregnated, most likely against her will, and when her offspring was born they were separated from their mother and siblings, and brought into an environment that can never truly replicate their natural habitat. Dogs, being descendants of wolves, have an instinctual drive to hunt, explore, and form social bonds within their pack. However, when we confine them to our homes, we strip away their freedom to engage in these natural behaviors. They don't even know their cousins and they usually have no friends that are other dogs. They are unable to experience the joy of running freely, chasing prey, or forming deep connections with other dogs.
You cut their tails and ears off and don't even let them have a girlfriend. What kind of life is that? You cut off your dogs balls and turn him into an incel until the day he dies because it's more convenient for your to not look after your dog and their significant other? Some dogs might even be gay and not ever get the chance to explore their sexuality because you're too busy making them get a tennis ball that you threw across the garden and bring it back to you. You subject them to a life of domestication, limiting their world to the four walls of our houses and control their diets; feeding them processed 'kibble'. We restrict their interactions, denying them the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with their own kind. We prioritize our own convenience and entertainment over their innate needs and desires. We've all seen that episode of Rick and Morty. Everyone reading this would hate to be a pet dog. You might even learn to love your masters eventually, but no one in their right mind would give up their autonomy and freedom to be confined to a life of drinking tap water and watching commercials all weekend, broken up by sleeping and a 30 minute walk around the block before it gets dark outside where they're restrained by their neck in case they try to make a break for it after that slight taste of freedom. To truly provide a fair life for a dog as a pet, I would argue that you would need to at least live on a vast, open farm where the dog could roam freely, hunt, and socialize with other dogs. They would have the freedom to choose their mates, raise a family, and live in harmony with their instincts. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most pet owners and they are confined to living in a cul-de-sac and never even knowing their roots, for around 12 years until they die and you replace them with a new one. We must acknowledge that by keeping dogs as pets in our homes, we are essentially depriving them of a full and authentic existence. While we may provide them with love and care, it is important to recognize that they are still natural beasts living within the confines of a human-centric world. You stole them from their family to bring them to your house and they have to follow the rules of a place that you forced them to be like eat the same meal everyday on the floor while your tastebuds get to try cuisines from all over the world. I it's time we rethink pet ownership entirely and maybe consider alternative ways to interact with animals. Allowing them to live a real and fulfilling life with actual experiences, dreams, fears, and hopes, instead of being used just for entertainment.
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2023.06.01 08:37 TheBobopedic [TOMT] [TikTok/Reel/Video] [2020’s] high school kid singing 70’s soul song with gospel keyboard in the back

Long shot, if you can point me to another sub let me know.
It’s a short video of a group of high school boys, all of them black and in the front is a kid with glasses. He’s soloing while sitting in a chair, off camera someone is playing gospel keyboard chords. This kid is doing that “ahhhhhhhhhh!” Thing with the back of his throat, like James brown or Marvin Gaye, but very softly and soothing, he ends with saying “I love you, I love you baby” or something, and they all applaud. Everyone in the comments said that it was a cover of a famous song/artist from the 70’s.
If this rings any bells please share!!
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2023.06.01 08:32 ezermuse Who is your “I’m not gay, but I’ll go gay for *blank*” celebrity?

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2023.06.01 08:28 ThrowRA-djjd What should I (M18) do, my best friend (M18) is my best friend yet i am not his?

Me and my best friend have been friends for quite some time but have only become close over the past 6 months or so. The thing is he spends more time with me, and talks to me more than all his other friends. As we are at school together we spend almost every minute of the day together. Of our peers most assume we are a duo amongst our friendgroup and outside of school. However my buddy does not consider me his bestfriend, as he has his outside of school friends whom he constantly reminds me he is closer too. The thing is he only sees these friends about once or twice a week, if at all, and normally such catch ups are in group settings. I don’t want to feel jealous but naturally i do, i want to tell him how i feel but i know it’ll not help, and then i want to ditch him as a friend but i also like him as a friend.
Some more important information: I’m quite a feminine guy, a lot of people assume im gay. I’m not good at sports and im 5’7, and relatively ugly. On the polar opposite end of the scale my best mate is very masculine, 6”2, extremely athletic (competes in international sports competitions), and he is a good looking bloke, his other friends are all also similar to him in this sense and i think that is why he doesn’t want me as a bestfriend, because i am not cool or masculine enough. Also to anyone wondering how we are friends we are both quite charismatic and witty and use such qualities to laugh constantly and have fun.
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2023.06.01 08:24 VincentArcher June 2023 [Releases & Promotions]

This post is aimed to help users find new litrpg content on a month-to-month basis by constructing a list of new releases. This post will be updated based on multiple sources, including posting in this thread. This post is not meant to replace those submissions but to make it easier for users to find them.
The title should bring you to the relevant Reddit posting (if any) for comments, while the link column should bring you to the relevant content.
If you missed all the content from May, there were a record 76 ebook releases, 60 audiobooks (!!), 30 promoted webseries, 2 novella-sized releases and 5 omnibus releases of series.
Note: Some entries for May may have been noticed too late, in which case they are included on top for this month's list.
Here's what the new month brings you!

Note: Given the enormous content released, I am now using three categories: new ebooks, simultaneous ebooks+audiobooks and audio releases of previous ebooks.

Title Author Link
Freshman Drive (Shoot #1) Xander Boyce & Ryan DeBruyn AMZ
Trials (Eternal Dominion #19) Bern Dean AMZ
Dawn of the Void #2 Phil Tucker AMZ
Fortress Assault (Bonded Summoner #2) JJ Bookerson AMZ
Nova Era (Magidex Academy #1) Alix Roche AMZ
Recursion (Temple of Lycauges #1) Ann Yann AMZ
The Labyrinth (Voice of the Gods #5) S.D. McKittrick AMZ
A Harsh Welcome (Systemic Lands #1) Mister Vii AMZ

Title Author Link Date
Shattersoul (Ripple System #4) Kyle Kirrin (Narrated by: Travis Baldree) AMZ & AUD 6/2
Everyone's a Catgirl #1 DoubleBlind AMZ 6/2
The Raging (System Dilemma #2) DoomApricot 1402 AMZ 6/2
Ice Lord Andrew G. Wood AMZ 6/2
Safety in Numbers (Exiled Ascendants #1) Ken Lange AMZ 6/6
Reforged (Tower #2) Seth Ring (Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin) AMZ & AUD 6/6
Dungeon Delver (Victor of Tucson #2) Plum Parrot (Narrated by: Robb Moreira) AMZ & AUD 6/6
Empire of Cards (Convoker #1) Andrew Karevik (Narrated by: Graham Halstead) AUD 6/6
The Architects (A Student Wants to Live #2) Boris Romanovsky (Narrated by: Nick Mondelli) AUD 6/6
Monster Farmer #1 DB King (Narrated by: Eric Jason Martin) AMZ & AUD 6/6
Dungeon Delving For Loot and Levels #3 M.E. Thorne (Narrated by: Katana Jones & Jonathan Waters) AUD 6/6
A Wild Fey Has Appeared (Fantasia #1) unice5656 (Narrated by: Diana Richardson) AMZ & AUD 6/6
Star (Rise of the Last Star #4) L.E. Miranda (Narrated by: Michael David Axtell) AUD 6/6
The RPG Apocalypse #3 Jeremy Chambless (Narrated by: Maks Daniels) AUD 6/6
Collect the World #1 Cameron Milan AMZ 6/7
Primal Hunter #6 Zogarth AMZ 6/9
Traitor GIT (Traclaon Armageddon #2) Alex Kozlowski (Narrated by: Peter Berkrot) AMZ & AUD 6/13
All the Skills #2 Honour Rae (Narrated by: Luke Daniels) AMZ & AUD 6/13
Grand Skill (Salvos #6) V.A. Lewis (Narrated by: Tess Irondale) AUD 6/13
Reunion (Electrified #2) J.D. Olson (Narrated by: Grace Rolek) AUD 6/13
Apocalypse Comedy (Gravity and Divinity System #1) Hunter Mythos (Narrated by: Zeno Robinson) AUD 6/13
Making Friends (Apocalypse Parenting #2) Erin Ampersand (Narrated by: Laurie Catherine Winkel) AUD 6/13
Science (Erryn's World #4) Cathfach (Narrated by: Peter Kenny) AUD 6/13
War's Toll (Tower of Damnation #5) Tristan H. Brown (Narrated by: Christopher Boucher) AUD 6/13
The Portal of Altameda (Invasion #3) Vasily Mahanenko AMZ 6/14
Heroes of the Final Frontier: The World of Waldyra #5 Dem Mikhailov AMZ 6/15
The Merchant System #5 Cobyboy AMZ 6/15
Law of Consequences (Four Laws #8) David Burke AMZ 6/19
Origin (A Summoner Awakens #1) Kerberos (Narrated by: Jeff Hays) AMZ & AUD 6/20
Between a Rock and a Carapace (Chrysalis #4) RinoZ AMZ 6/20
Voidwalker (My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror #4) Actus AMZ 6/20
Horde (I Don't Want to be the Hive Queen #2) ValetheHowl (Narrated by: Michael Braun) AUD 6/20
Crab On! (Twelfth Cataclysm #3) Valerios AMZ 6/20
Dawn of the Void #1 Phil Tucker (Narrated by: Tom Taylorson) AUD 6/20
Solo Leveling #7 Chugong (Narrated by: Ki Hong Lee) AUD 6/20
Humble Beginnings (Village Manager #1) Andrew Karevik (Narrated by: Stewart Crank) AUD 6/20
Divine Invasion (Resonance Cycle #1) Aaron Renfroe AMZ 6/20
Condemned (Lord Valesvky: Last of the Line #2) Vasily Mahanenko AMZ 6/21
Island Blues (Foodstuffs #5) Arthur Stone AMZ 6/21
Axe Druid Omnibus Christopher Johns OMN 6/21
On a Throne of Lies (Bad Guys #10) Eric Ugland AMZ 6/22
Origins (Rekindle Project #1) Aqib Ali AMZ 6/23
Chaos' Game #1 Alexey Svadkovsky AMZ 6/26
Death: Genesis #3 Nicholas Searcy (Narrated by: Eric Michael Summerer) AMZ & AUD 6/27
Falling with Folded Wings #3 Plum Parrot (Narrated by: Christian J. Gilliland) AMZ & AUD 6/27
Of Slicing Men (Good Guys #14) Eric Ugland (Narrated by: Neil Hellegers) AUD 6/27
Age of Steel (Rise of Mankind #4) Jez Cajiao (Narrated by: Neil Hellegers) AUD 6/27
System Error Aaron Shih AMZ 6/27
Tree of Aeons #2 Spaizzzer AMZ 6/28
Hack, Slash and Burn #3 Todd Herzman AMZ 6/30
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2023.06.01 08:23 Specialist_Pop6485 Saw a Femboy today

Now I’m a straight man but when I saw this femboy I got a little excited. I had never seen one before. Is that gay ???(respectfully 🏳️‍🌈❤️)
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2023.06.01 08:23 Hdtjtv Is it possible to get a Spouse visa without prior meeting?

I met this guy online a year ago, I'm from Russia and he's from the US. We've quickly fallen in love, and to this day we have daily videocalls multiple times a day, we text each other a lot, I know everything about him and he knows everything about me. He even has a ring he wants to give me for our wedding! However, due to the political situation, it is almost impossible for me to leave Russia and meet him, as the requirement for the Spouse visa is. He also won't come here, of course -- it's too dangerous. Besides, my family is heavily anti-gay, so it's also a hurdle. I know that in certain cirumstances they can issue the Spouse visa without prior meeting -- and I just wanted to ask your opinion if you think in our case, could we hope for it or not?
submitted by Hdtjtv to immigration [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 08:16 throwawayr452 WIBTA if I wanted to go to public high school?

WIBTA if I wanted to go to public high school?
Here's the deal. I'm(M14) homeschooled, have been my whole life. Here's the kicker - I'm gay. I have been for a while, but realized it more so recently. My parents, however, are majorly and openly homophobic. I know for a fact that if I came out to them, worst case scenario, I'm kicked out. Best case? No privleges(dunno how to spell that T-T), no friends, and definitely therapy.
I have these friends on my football team(let's call them Ben and Jerry) who have been extremely supportive(Ben is gay too). I've known them for since third grade, and I consider them my best friends. They're the people I feel safe around. I love them more than myself, and feel happiest around them. And they are going to public high school. If I didn't go to public school, I would still see them at club football. But even so, I want to be around them more.
You're probably thinking, "why wouldn't you go to public high school?" Well, I've been relatively against going to high school for a while, because of, well, people. I am also a pretty intelligent student(I am in 8th grade, incoming freshman, and am doing Algebra 2). If I went to public high school, I would probably have to do a lot of busy work, and deal with teachers and a completely different learning enviroment.
And here's the MAIN reason why I CANNOT go. My family is middle class. We are by no means poor, and are very fortunate. We also have three hundred dollars in the college savings accounts. For three kids. Therefore, I have to take running start junior and senior year to ease the price. However, if I took running start, I can't go to high school junior and senior year. This wouldn't be a big deal, but the high school I want to go to is not my district high school. If I took running start, I would be homeschooled again, and I would "transfer" back to homeschool, and end up back to my district high school for football.
HOWEVER. I cannot play sports after transfer from high school to high school. This would mean missing out on junior and senior year football. My mom has paid a lot of money over the years for my training. And I mean A LOT. She hopes that I can play college and get a scholarship, or at least play four years of high school for my college paperwork.
What I don't want to do is ruin my shot for college and a good future for some good middle school friends. UGH FML. But, I still want to go. SO. Reddit, would I be the asshole if I went to public school?
TL; DR (EVEN IF U DID READ, THIS MIGHT BE HELPFUL LMAO) If I went to public school with my friends, who unlike my homophobic parents support me, I would be throwing away my junior and senior year of football. My parents and I have spent lots of time and money towards football. I do not want to ruin my future career, college, and other opportunities for some good friends. But I still want to go. What should I do?
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2023.06.01 08:07 Visible-Bee-8425 Am I (24f) emotional cheating with my coworker (34f)?

I need advice or help or maybe I just need to get this off my chest. I started my current job in November, and i’ve made many very close and amazing friendships with my coworkers. One girl in particular Ive gotten really close with, lets call her P. I thought she was just the coolest girl ever and the fact that she wanted to be my friend and talk to me was so so so great. We talk, laugh, and joke around with each other constantly at work and outside of work. We text often, usually at night. We make “flirty” joking comments to each other, which I always felt was innocent.
I noticed that recently I love her attention and constantly want to talk to her. I am always waiting for her to text me back or talk to me at work. One night we were texting and she complimented me a few times, and I said “its almost like you’re in love with me or something” and P said something along the lines of that would be too easy for me to do and I have to be careful because I cant fall in love. And reading that gave me butterflies.
Yesterday was her birthday, and I met up with a few coworkers/friends at the bar and waited for her to arrive. When she saw me her whole face lit up, because she didn’t know id be there. Her friends said “she wouldn’t shut up about you today”. We had a few drinks there, moved to another bar and had a few more, then 5 of us went to Ps house. We were all pretty hammered at this point. After the other girls went to bed we sat on the kitchen floor and talked and laughed and listened to music until 7am. I remember touching her hair, holding her hand, leaning on her and being kind of romantic.
P is openly gay and I have known i’m bisexual for quite sometime. All of this would be fine if i wasn’t in a committed, healthy and loving relationship for the past 4 years with an amazing guy. We often speak about getting married and we own a house together. Also, P isnt the usual girl I would be attracted to. I thought maybe I loved this attention because she is the most popular girl at work, she has so many friends and shes everyone’s favorite. But as time goes on I feel more and more confused and I wonder if im developing real feelings for her. As im typing this im crying because im so so so confused and I dont want to hurt my boyfriend or lose P.
TL;DR! Developing feelings for my older female coworker while in a loving relationship with my boyfriend. Super confused and sad.
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2023.06.01 08:05 petgame-enjoyer 🏳️‍🌈 happy pride month from shoraf!!! she says "TRANS RIGHTS!!!" 🏳️‍⚧️

🏳️‍🌈 happy pride month from shoraf!!! she says
🌈 she is a transmasc nonbinary butch lesbian~ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ im thinking of making her girlfriends with my pastel bori, tresling! she loves befriending fellow lgbt+ pets so lets have our gay pets be friends :D please be respectful!!!
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2023.06.01 08:03 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator FULL updated course And 3,000+ MORE FREE courses

[I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator FULL updated course And 3,000+ MORE FREE courses
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2023.06.01 07:55 Gayopposum Post Title

the GOP is authoritarian. they clearly wanted to silence their opponents and should be ashamed of what they did. Vote against the GOP
The Republican Party is homophobic when it immediately blames a gay man for a crime against them.
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2023.06.01 07:55 jbreezy9822 I can't be the only one who binge watches this a week out of every year

It never gets old and nothing new competes. I did the same with westworld before they released season 3 and 4 then sold out because HBO is a cuck the first 2 seasons were amazing but that's another post lol. Jonathan Nolan and I must think very similarly because I'm of the opinion that nothing can be 100% perfect but POI is damn close it does everything right. John is stoic yet we see he has feelings he sheds tears. John's not just a big tough guy who's good at fighting and shooting but he's also not a manic snowflake wearing his feelings for everyone to see, it's the ideal middleground for a stoic Hero trying to redeem his past evils and not hate himself for what he's done and who he's lost. They had a gay couple that was natural and far from cringe compared to today where that would've been Shaw and Roots whole personality in a show today. Another thing I think they got perfect was Harold, the way he portrays himself you can tell he's hiding something but until you get to the end you don't truly know what he's capable of and that build up was excellent character development He's in my top 5 characters of all time. What brought it all together for me was Root, probably one of the best Female Characters ever even just Characters in general imo because you never knew what she was going to do next, she was so unpredictable and had very interesting ideas about machines and people, also how she interacted with the team from start to finish kept things very interesting and I think that's what the show did right they always interwove the larger narrative into the "busy work" John Fusco and Carter did around New York, Like when john catches a thief on a case, it might happen to be someone tied to the corruption ring or a gang or samaritan etc. it just always surprised you with something important right when you least expected it. Well that's my Rant lol Love you Person of Interest
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2023.06.01 07:54 JoeFalchetto Happy Pride Month

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