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2023.05.29 19:14 TristanlagreatoYT Lyrics: [I'm blue, and I know that that is, true. (x2)]

Since around 2014, I've remembered this one specific song I heard on the radio when staying over at a friend's house. It was a slow, sad, emo-ish rock song by a young male singer called something like "I'm Blue." I distinctly remember the chorus going something like this:
"I'm blue
And I know that that is, true.
I'm blue
And I know that that is, true."

After that part, I think I remember there being a melody afterwards, that I know was singing, but can't remember the lyrics for it.
And, no, before someone asks, this is not the Eiffel 65 song "I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee)." That song is not close to it in the slightest.
Here's a Vocaroo of what I remember from it (sorry if my singing's bad.) https://voca.ro/1o7mVQUQlC4x
I remember it might've been in something like a lyric video or AMV, with pictures of an anime boy with blue hair looking out at a city at night. (kinda like this: https://file.garden/Y6YLD3D2MDcSl1if/desktop-wallpaper-2560x1440-anime-city-night-buildings-cityscape-boy-anime-night-city.png)
Note that it might not be fully called "I'm Blue," and might just have a lyric that sounded like it; for example:
"For You"
"Skies turn Blue"
"Skies of Blue"
and "Without You."
Thank you for reading, I've been looking for this song for around 7 years now, so I'd appreciate basically any answer, correct or not.
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2023.04.16 19:10 Nearby_Juice_5062 Background of supposedly transparent widgets turns black

Background of supposedly transparent widgets turns black
In the pictures you can see what my mean? what can i do to make the background transparent instead of black?
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