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[Recommendations?] Measure as a US 34I, looking for unmolded everyday bras

2023.05.10 21:18 sunsetsailor25 [Recommendations?] Measure as a US 34I, looking for unmolded everyday bras

I have been searching for the right bra for a while now, and I can't quite seem to find what I'm looking for. The calculator suggested a US 34I/34J or a UK 34G/GG.
My measurements are:
Loose underbust - 85 cm
Snug underbust - 84 cm
Tight underbust - 79 cm
Standing bust - 107 cm
Leaning bust - 110 cm
Lying bust - 104 cm
Bras I have tried:
Panache Ana Side Support Plunge - 34G
Panache Rocha Balconette Bra - 34G
Elomi Bijou Plunge T-Shirt Bra - 34G
Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer - 34I
Freya Snapshot Sheer Bra - 34G
Curvy Kate Lifestyle Sheer Plunge Bra - 34G
Pour Moi Viva Luxe Side Support Bra - 34G
The Panache bras fit the best, but I didn't like the shape they gave me. I am looking for something rounder versus more pointy, if that makes sense. Most of the other ones were a bit too small in the cup. I don't have any pictures, but I remember how most of them fit if that would be helpful. If possible, I am looking for something similar to the Lilyette Keyhole Minimizer bra. I have been wearing that for a few years now in a 34DD and I can't seem to find anything like it. Everything I've seen that isn't "molded" is usually lacy, which I tend to find itchy. I hope this wasn't too long, and I appreciate any help! Thank you so much.
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2023.03.22 06:33 endlesslytryingbras [Recommendations?] Balcony styles seem to fit me best, but the straps/wires bother my arm (Fantasie Illusion 36E for illustration)

As always, thanks for all the help as I narrow in on a bra that fits, it is so appreciated.
As the title says, balcony/balconettes have fit me best so far.
But the both the straps and the wires bother me, especially under my right arm.
Everything else feels great, but I can't wear it for long.
I've returned many bras I thought fit at first, because the wires irritated where my arm rests on my side, or straps cut into my tail of spence.
But not every wired bra does this-
I love everything else about this Fantasie Illusion and really want to keep it, but it's no good if I want to tear it off after 30 minutes.
Any suggestions?
What should I try?
I'm starting to think that I should just save up to buy a couple more Evelyn and Bobbie bras so I can rotate them, and be done.
Thank again for the help!
( Previous Fit Checks, and here, and on my profile)
Latest Measurements: Loose 35.5, Snug 34.4, Tight 32.5, Standing bust 40.5, Leaning 42, Lying 41 = UK 36DD/E (FOB, center full, shallow-ish, wide roots)
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2023.03.06 17:48 endlesslytryingbras [Recommendations?] Finding Bras with Front Adjusting Straps?

Do any of the nicer bras come with front adjusting straps?
The only ones I've found are with brands like Olga/Warner, Bali or Lilyette, and they have a limited size range.
Even sliding the straps off my arms, I am unable to adjust the straps once the band is fastened, so I usually end up with straps from being too tight, or too loose to do any good.
If not, I'll head over toMAKEaBraThatFitsand see if switching the straps around is feasible.

(measurements, if it's applicable: Loose 35.5, Snug 34, Tight 32, Standing bust 40, Leaning 42, Lying 40.5, UK 36E)
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2022.08.05 21:46 East-Mix-3146 Request for recommendations! (US 34H / UK 34FF)

Hi folks, long post ahead but please help if you can ^_^"
These are my most recent ABTF measurements from last month:
Recommended Size: 32G (UK) or 32I (US).
According to the subreddit Wiki, I think I would be considered "full on top" and maybe average/projected (not sure about this one). My breasts are also very close together.
For the past ~6 years, I've been wearing the Bali Lilyette Minimizer bra in a very incorrect size (probably 34 or 36 DDD, can't remember, because I always remove the tags). I love the fabric and coverage this bra gives me, and the band doesn't ride up per se, but the underwire doesn't quite rest against my chest and sort of floats against the underside of my breasts. I also have to do the opposite of the scoop and swoop to fit my breast tissue into the bra.
During the pandemic, I ended up switching to non-underwired bras such as the Girlfriend Collective Cleo (L), Harper Wilde Bliss (XL), and Arq Full Coverage (XL). Now, I'm searching for some underwired bras that may fit me well.
Here's what I'm looking for: Preferably underwired, non-padded, full coverage, not very lacy, available in neutral colors, and with breathable fabric.
From scouring this subreddit, it seems like balconette bras are popular recommendations for full-on-top folks, but they're unfortunately not my jam :/ I don't like the sensation of two different fabrics touching my breasts, which is why I prefer full coverage. I also get itchy easily if the fabric is too synthetic (Fantasie Aura).
Here's what I've tried recently:
Any suggestions are welcome!
  1. I've been wearing the sister size (34H) of my recommended size (32I), mainly because Wacoal bands run tight, but given general recommendations for bras good for this size and shape range, I am willing to also try on 32I.
  2. The Wacoal Basic Beauty bra is actually getting more comfortable with wear (I wore it today for several hours, and it hasn't gotten uncomfortable yet). So maybe that will remain my fallback option for now :)
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2022.08.01 04:26 Entertainer-Lucky [OFFER] Post-breast reduction and clearing my stash!! 34G-34J US

CLAIMED - 34G - one gray Empreinte bra - well worn
CLAIMED - 36G - two Lilyette bras - one black and one white
CLAIMED - 34H - one white Glamorise bra - brand new, never worn
CLAIMED - 34I - three Glamorise sports bras - one purple, one light blue, one black with pink detailing
CLAIMED - 34J - five Glamorise sports bras - four black with gray detailing, one gray with green detailing
Just looking for the cost of shipping :) Happy to answer any questions or send pictures - just send me a message!
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2022.07.16 15:16 tamerarehen Body has totally changed since getting sick; tried 4 (Simone Perele Andora, Anita Clara Art, Elomi Cate, Lilyette Enchantment Lace) in sizes ranging from a US 40G to a UK 40H--please help w/ a [Fit Check]? And any [Recommendations] for better matches would be great: wires and gores not lovely...

The past two years have been the opposite of fun--if you have or know anyone with fibromyalgia, you know what I mean. Part of the problem is the mobility, and the other is they give you massive doses of drugs that have minimal efficacy but are very good at making you gain weight! My bra size went from a 34FF to a 38GG/H per the calculator, so had to try to find some buy some new ones if was ever going to go back out in public.
My current measurements:
This translates to a 38GG or 38H per the calculator. However, I was not able to get the one 38 band I had at home around me. I have to put everything on backwards and then put the arms over and .... it's just a big clusterf*ck. So I decided to sister size up to a 40G and I think it worked where I made no errors in ordering--but please let me know what you think from the photos.
My shape, as far as I have ever been able to discern: pendulous, low on chest, projected, very wide set (difficulties for gores unless "spacer" bras), "outer fullness, inner laxity," and I believe, although I've never really gotten it, that I have spectacularly short roots. :) My favorite bras historically were the Cleo Piper (longline)--so gorgeous, such great support; and a Rosa Faia Josephine Spacer. The Fantasie Alex was ok, too. mostly because the gore was ginormous. The continual fit problems for me are 1) the underwire don't "fall" where they should--and I'm not able to authoritatively say why that is, so if someone can look at the pics and give me an idea, and an idea of a good bra feature to look for, that'd be great; and 2) gore not tacking, gore not tacking. Except in the three bras above, even good bras, no gore tacking. Argh.
The bras that I tried, from worst to best: all pictured here:
If these pictures, beyond these bras themselves, give anyone ideas about other bras that might be winners--especially comfortable bras that still hold you up--I am all ears. It's not a happy place right now, but it was a little fun doing the fit thing again--almost feel feminine again.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2022.04.08 19:27 PoundInternational66 Select Bras just $9.99 (Reg. up to $44) at Macy’s – Bali, Maidenform, Lilyette & More!

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2022.03.21 21:22 delicatepunkrock [Fit Check] Need help reordering these bras to get something that fits. 34DDD

I need help understanding how to reorder these bras in a constructive way that doesn't send me into a spiral of forever ordering and returning. I do not have my full measurements handy currently, but I have been wearing Natori 34DDD Bliss Perfection for about a year and it fits alright. (This sizing was given to me by the online calculator about a year ago, and was confirmed when I was measured in store). The underwire was always rubbing my right armpit in the beginning and then it began hurting my right rib area, on the lowest point of the bra. I've put this bra through hell and back and I'm sure the wires are all bent now, and it's becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. I can't justify paying $70 for another one, which is why I'm trying out new brands now. Link to imgur fit check photos
First up we have Bali 34DDD - Passion for Comfort Minimizer Bra. This is the largest nope of a lifetime. I don't even want to talk about it. Next.
Lilyette 34DDD - Enchantment Minimizer Bra. This one feels good and I want to like it, but I know it's the wrong size. I definitely need a larger band but I'm wondering if I also need a larger cup or should stick with the same cup. Highly considering reordering this one so please assist with sizing.
Reveal 34DDD - Ultimate Lace Minimizer Bra. I like this bra a lot and I want to keep it, but I have doubts. My left side is taking over and shifting the entire gore and bra to the right to accommodate. I don't think I have a cup size difference that can be seen with a naked eye, but I always knew my left was a little larger. Unfortunately this bra (or maybe just this incorrect sizing) seems to really highlight the difference. The underwire that meets in the gore rubs on my right breast on the inside. Please help with advice on this one as I really do like the style and want to get it right. I have included some of the same descriptions on the imgur page so please read my captions there too.
My breasts are pretty full and round, with more of the tissue lying on the outsides. My most common bra issues are: gore not sitting flat, spillage on top, and armpit/ribcage discomfort (usually only on right side, aka the smaller side). Looking for bras that hold me in and project the breasts forward. Thank you in advance. :)
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2022.03.05 00:14 toddlerlyfe 9 bras to give, 36ddd to 40g

I have 9 bras that don't fit anymore that I'd love to send to someone who can use them! Ideally all to one person, they are all close to the same size, varying brands, but willing to split if you pay shipping
1 32N black Elomi 1 36DDD black minimizer 1 38DDD beige Wacoal 1 40DDD white Bali 2 40G black Paramour front close, beige Bali 3 38G all black, Lilyette, Bali, 1 nwt
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2022.02.11 19:26 PoundInternational66 Select Bras just $12.99 (Reg. up to $44) at Macy’s – Bali, Maidenform, Lilyette & More!

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2021.10.30 04:04 aquinastokant my $500 order from Bare Necessities arrived yesterday...

And I owe this sub a huge thank you for teaching me how to classify (is that the right word?) my boobs and to measure them - who knew that, after carrying and breastfeeding two kids plus a 30 lbs weight gain since before my first pregnancy, I was a 42G?
Happily for my bank account, I'm not keeping all of the bras I ordered. I'm definitely keeping the Elomi Charlie T-Shirt Bra (42G) and the Camio Mio Smooth Balconette T-Shirt Bra (42G). Returning the Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra (42G; the gore doesn't lie flat, though it otherwise fits decently), the Goddess Keira Side Support Wire-Free Bra (42H; somehow gave me 50's torpedo boobs despite not separating them at all) and the Panache Tango Balconette Bra (42FF; can't remember why this was a no and am too lazy to try it on again). Ordered the Natori Comfort Conform T-Shirt Bra in a 42H and it was too big in both the cups and the band - might return for a different size but not sure which one.
Maybes: Sculptress Roxie Convertible (42FF), Elomi Matilda Side Support Plunge (42FF), and Elomi Morgan Side Support (42G).
Would love any other suggestions/recommendations you might have given all of this! I had no workable underwire bras in my drawer before this box arrived, so I'm excited to work on building up a good collection :)
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2021.10.19 23:13 momplaysbass How much give should there be in the band?

My flair shows the size the calculator gave me, although I've found that going down a cup size results in a better fit. My question is about band fit. I have two Lilyette bras in 34G, and they are tortuous to wear. I don't know why I didn't do it before, but I measured the band without me wearing it. They both are only 29"! I know there is some stretch, but five inches?!?
Is this normal? Should I go up to a 36 (in this brand, at least)? How much do other bras stretch? For another example, the Bali 32DD (from my skinnier days!) and the unstretched band is 28".
I am so confused. Educate me, please.
Edit: this sub is the best! I'm going to review my recommendations on Bratabase and try to find a bra whose price doesn't give me complete heart failure (a wee swoon is okay). Thanks to all of y'all!
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2021.08.17 02:33 thenagel [Thank You] Thank you! I now have a happy wife.

(i read through all of the posting guides, if this violates anything, i missed it, and i apologize) (LOL - this is a second attempt because it seems i did miss the title length requirement and the bot caught me)
Full disclosure - i'm a guy. but, my wife doesn't use reddit, so here we are.
she has long suffered from never having a bra that really fits right. i mean. not like suffered suffered, but you know, never having a bra that really actually fits can slowly wear you down and frustrate you and make you want to scream. y'all know this far better than i would.
much better, because i never knew this was an issue. over the years she's fussed about bras not fitting, or not fitting right, or moving around so you have to readjust things through the day. i just kinda thought that's how bras and breasts worked. /shrug. i've never owned either one, so i had no idea what a problem is was.
i can't honestly say how i found this group. i think i just simply 'how do you find a bra that fits' into google, and it eventually lead me here. so i spent a few days scrolling and reading. the amount of things i learned about that i had never even known were a thing was staggering.
i mean.. it's a bra. you figure out the cup size. you figure out the band size. you buy it and wear it. right?
hahaha. well, now i know better.
so i found the measurement tool, and measured her in all the ways it said to, while she looked at me like i was insane. i typed in the numbers and it told me 34H/I, instead of the 38D she had been wearing.
there was much profanity on her part at this point. the idea that she was H was beyond her. she had trouble accepting when she moved into a D from a C. she really didn't want even talk about being an H.
there was also a guide to 'sister sizes' and that suggested that a 36G would also work. (personal note: sister sizes? there are 'sister sizes'? y'all, i've learned a lot here.)
so we went out to a couple of stores, and we actually found a couple at Belk. a 34H and a 36G. she tried them on. (one was $68, one was $85. DAAYYUM!)
the little tool said '34' but she couldn't even get the 34H closed. it was painful to try. she said the 36G fit, but was too tight. not really uncomfortable, but not pleasant either.
so i started tell her about the things i've read in here. how the band is supposed to be tight enough to hug, so that it doesn't move.
so we came home and i got a cheap 36G from amazon. cheap, because, if you are unsure about something, you certainly don't want to spend 70 bucks to test it out.
it came today. she tried it on and.. tada! it fit. it's tighter than she's used to, but she's admitted that the 38s were loose and would slip around during the day, and she can already tell that the 36 is going no place. it's not uncomfortable, just tighter that she's used to.
and after putting it on for real, at home, and seeing the way it fit has made her accept that yes, those are G cups whether she wants that letter or not.
the cups actually seem a tiny tiny bit too big at the top. but i expect that that sort of thing is going to vary from brand to brand, and from breast shape to breast shape. and like i said - this one was i think 20, maybe 25 bucks from amazon. i think the brand was Lilyette? whatever, it's close enough so that now we know what size to spend real money on.
so. from a husband who now has a happy wife, thank you from the bottom of my heart, just for being here, for doing what you do, for making so many guides and graphs and explanations available to people like me who had anyway thought picking out a bra was like picking out boxers - chose between small, medium, and large, pick a color you like, and you're done.
what a naive little hubby i was. who knew boobs were so complicated?
Thank you.

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2021.04.19 03:24 Groovymarlin [Thank You] [Recommendations] A success story from a first-time user and happy new 36DDD!

I have long had a love-hate relationship with bras, especially underwire bras. As my weight fluctuated, so too did my size, and honestly I'm not sure I was ever in the correct size bra before. I did go to Rigby & Peller a few years ago to get fitted, and they got me into a few bras that were basically perfect - but also $200+, sheesh!
Anyway, I recently lost 100+ pounds, and naturally the shape of my body has drastically changed. I wasn't sure WHAT size bra I needed anymore, everything I tried just felt uncomfortable, and thanks to the worldwide panini I was mostly just wearing tank tops and soft cup bras anyway. I found this subreddit through Tik Tok, so I took all my measurements and used the calculator and it told me I needed a 36DDD (US). "Ha ha ha!" I laughed. "There's no way!" I said. (For reference, I think the bras that fit me years ago were about a 40DD.)
So I decided the only way to test this out was to get a bra in a 36DDD. I didn't want to spend a buttload on a fancy bra right away, so I ordered a $14.99 bra from Amazon, not expecting much (for reference: a Lilyette Womens Ultimate Smoothing Minimizer Underwire Bra).
Friends, it not only fits, but it's comfortable! It's supportive! It's flattering! I just died and went to bra heaven! Thank you SO much.
OK so recommend bras to me. I like underwire for the best support, but I'm OK with wireless if it really holds the girls up well. As noted above, I'm now a 36DDD (UK 36 E/F). Lined or unlined, I don't really care, as long as it gets the job done and is comfortable. I prefer bras that aren't too lacey/scratchy. And yes, I'll spend more than $14.99 for something that's going to last a while. ;-)
And here are my measurements:
Loose: 35.25
Snug: 35
Tight: 33.5
Standing: 41
Leaning: 44
Lying: 42
Assigned female at birth.
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2021.01.24 05:34 sin-so-fit Does my height matter in bra fitting?

I got a couple new bras after using the calculator, and although they're a huge improvement, the fit is still off.
The underwires come so close to my armpits that my deodorant is getting rubbed off, and the gore levitates off my chest by at least half an inch.
Overall, these new bras feel like they were made for a taller woman with a longer torso. Is that a thing, or do I just need to keep tweaking my measurements?
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2021.01.21 00:57 noochter [SALE] $50 for 7 bras + shipping OR $10 / bra + shipping. 1. La Senza Demis (3 bras, 36D) 2. Freya pink lace (34E) 3. Enamor floral wide strap (38C) 4. Wacoal front-close black (34E) 5. Lilyette strapless minimizer (34DD)! I wore a 34DDD/E/F and these fit me well. Message me for buying/questions!

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2020.10.10 16:28 poodlenancy [SALE] Three Natori 30dd bras, one lilyette 34c

Four bras for sale
Natori feathers 30dd white- slight discoloring around armpit area, $15
Natori feathers 30dd tan- slight discoloring around armpit area, $15- SOLD
Natori underneath strapless bra 30dd- worn less than 5 times, basically new, $40
Lilyette strapless bra with convertible straps 34c- worn less than 5 times, $10- SOLD
Link to pictures:
$5 shipping, no additional shipping cost for more than 1 bra
US orders only please!
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2020.05.22 01:19 rainkins 38D > 34Gish(??) Looking for any advice or recommendations

This is my first post, so I'm not sure where to start. I discovered this sub about a week ago and have been reading everything as thoroughly as I can, but it's so much new information it's overwhelming! I'm 36 and have been wearing 38D bras for years. I've always known they fit terribly, but I had no idea what to do about it because everything else I could find in stores fit worse, so I kind of just decided bras weren't meant to fit my shape and tried to ignore the discomfort and embarrassment. My measurements in inches are:
Loose: 33
Snug: 32
Tight: 31
Standing: 39
Leaning: 42.5
Lying: 41
The calculator gave me a suggested starting size of 32H/I US, which seemed insane to me. I had literally never heard of a cup that big before now, and I certainly didn't think I had one! The calculator also noted that the sister size of 34G/H US might be more comfortable. I haven't worn a 32 since I was about fourteen years old and couldn't imagine ever fitting into one now, so I ordered a couple of relatively inexpensive 34G US bras from Amazon just to find out what the heck a 34G would even look like. They came today, and now that I have tried them on I really feel kind of lost as to what to do next.
[Link removed] The white one is a Lilyette Enchantment and the tan one is a Delimira Aisilin. They definitely fit better than any other bra I've even worn (it is an absolute shock to find that it's possible for a back strap to go straight across your back or for a cup to actually cover without smushing in front and gapping hugely on the sides). I can tell they still don't fit right -- the gores still don't tack and there are still gaps in some places -- but they fit wrong so *differently* from how anything has ever fit me wrong before that I have no idea where to start to adjust. I don't know if I should size up in the cup or down in the band or both or something else. I don't know if they're completely the wrong style for my shape. I know I'm projected, center full, and somewhat FOB (though I'm not really sure about root height so maybe not functionally FOB?).
I intended to take detailed notes about the fit of each one, but having a bra fit even remotely well is so foreign to me that describing the small details feels totally beyond me. I know that I will need to try a few different sizes, but even with free returns or Prime Wardrobe it seems excessive to try things in all four sizes the calculator recommended (especially if they're not going to work because I'm looking at the wrong styles in the first place), so I would tremendously appreciate any kind of advice or direction. Thank you so much!
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2020.05.15 03:31 B-T-Ab Got the size, now I need the shape - bra recommendations?

Having discovered the amazing ABraThatFits calculator last year, I measured at US 34G (was previously wearing 36DD, yikes!) and got a few well fitting bras in that size. Now I’m going up in cup size due to pregnancy (34H so far) and am looking for new bras that are even more well fitted to my specific shape. Based on the guides here, I think I’m a wide projected root with even fullness. For reference, here are my two best fitting bras from before I went up in size.
Any recommendations for normal or nursing/maternity bras would be much appreciated!
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2019.10.12 21:05 no930 Bought new bras based on abtf recommendations and they don't fit!

So abtf said I am 34ddd (been wearing 38b because I didn't know better). I ordered three different brands /styles to try out from Amazon. They came in today and when I tried them on they were very tight! One of them I couldn't even close! I measured the band and fully stretched out it's only 29 inches. I thought the number part of the bra size is supposed to be the underbust measurement?
I couldn't fill the cups on the other two I tried on either.
Because I'm poor, I bought lilyette by bali and Calvin klein t-shirt bras. It was the lilyette women's support lace minimizer that I couldn't even close.
I was so excited to finally be getting proper bras but alas...
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2019.09.25 07:17 JaneDoe00110101 I came from 36DD to 36GG after using the ABTF calculator. I ordered new bras and THEY ARE CHANGING MY LIFE!

Hi, ABraThatFits!
I'm very new to the sub, but I just wanted to share my experience with getting re-measured and my new size. Some context, I was very happily living as a 36DD since high school. Yep, that's right: the last time I got measured for my size was back in high school, practically 10 years ago. I recently moved to another country to do grad school. One of the best things is that I am walking more and commuting to places now. Back in my hometown, I had to drive everywhere and I honestly hate driving. (Finding parking that doesn't deplete my wallet is another nightmare.)
Anyway, walking more than before has led to issues with my bras that I didn't notice when I was just driving everywhere. I noticed my boobs getting displaced in their cups more often. I chalked it up to just moving around more often. However, it just got very inconvenient. In between outings and commutes and classes, I frequently went to the bathroom to adjust my bra and make sure my boobs were sitting where they should be. I discovered this sub through a few AskRedditthreads and explored. After reading several fit check posts and new measurement testimonies, it occurred to me that my bras might not be my actual size.
After weeks of resorting to wearing sports bras to keep my boobs in place, I finally re-measured myself and the ABTF calculator put me at a 36GG. I was confused, stressed, and yet, excited. I took advantage of a sale going on at BraStop and ordered 4 new bras in my size. I got the package earlier today and I was a bit skeptical about the cup sizes when I first opened it. But holy hell, I tried them on and THEY ARE CHANGING MY LIFE. Here are my takeaways from the new bras:
  1. My posture until now has been HORRIBLE. I knew I had a slouching problem since I was younger. It arose due to insecurities with how large my boobs were. I hated have large boobs. As I grew older, I learned to ignore the size but the slouching was a problem that was much harder to get rid of. When I was fitting the new bras I ordered, I was wondering why the cups weren't filling out as well as I expected even after scooping and swooping. By the time I tried on the third bra, I noticed I was so hunched over, trying to keep my breasts closer to my chest. I straightened up and it was magical. The bras filled out well and felt so much more comfortable.
  2. Underwires that actually stay under my boobs are amazing. Up until now, I've lived off of 36DD minimizers from Marks & Spencer, Bali, and Lilyette. They were all lovely and comfy for a while, but every now and then, I would find the wire slipping out from under my boob, effectively having tissue leak out of the bottom of the bra. But with these new bras, the wire is perfectly snug against my chest and can actually support my boobs!
  3. Breast tissue migration is no joke. It's crazy just how much tissue can leak into the sides of your chest and into your armpits when you're putting on your bra. I realized that the reason I was able to live with 36DD bras until now was because I never scooped and swooped and my bras looked like they fit. For anyone who is still reading this, I implore you to please practice scooping and swooping after putting your bra on. You'll have an indication of whether your bra really fits or not.
I ordered one bras from 4 different brands: Freya, Panache, Flirtelle, and Curvy Kate. The Panache Tango bra is my favorite one! I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on. Thank you so much to this sub for letting me know better! I am currently pushing my sisters to re-measure themselves as well. A Bra The Fits has truly changed my life.
EDIT: Fixed some spelling and grammar.
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2019.09.07 15:19 kvenne717 34FF bride on a strapless bra hunt

Hi all!
Here’s the deal: I’m getting married next summer. My outfit includes a spaghetti strap bodysuit which will require either a strapless bra or cups sewn in. I’m pretty panicked about being supported up top on my wedding day, so I thought I’d try to find a strapless that works so that I at least have the option and can wear it when I go to the tailor to have alterations done / discuss bra solutions.
I haven’t owned a strapless in ten years probably. I’ve been pouring over the special event guide, the posts on here, etc. but I’m quite overwhelmed. So I thought I’d post and go from there, thinking that having a conversation with all of you would be less intimidating and confusing!
I am a 34FF UK. My measurements are: Loose under-bust: 35 Snug under-bust: 32.5 Tight under-bust: 31 Standing bust: 39 Leaning bust: 46 Lying bust: 42
Let me know if there is any more info that you all need. I haven’t invested in any of the recommended bras talked about on here yet. I typically wear minimizers and currently own a Lilyette Minimizer and a Wacoal Visual Effects in a 34G. (I should really be in a 34H but they are fine for now.)
Thank you thank you!
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