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2013.06.14 14:34 Jamator01 The Mental Illness Happy Hour

The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a weekly online podcast that interviews comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. Each episode explores mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

2023.06.07 07:55 Pitiful-Tale-3739 Emergency Hospital in Sonipat

The Haryana Multispeciality Hospital in Sonipat is a ray of hope for those who need urgent medical attention. With its state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of specialists, this emergency hospital is a lifeline for the local community. From trauma care to cardiac emergencies, the hospital is equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies. Highly trained medical staff work tirelessly round the clock to provide efficient and compassionate care to each patient. The hospital's commitment to excellence is evident in its advanced diagnostic capabilities and state-of-the-art treatment options. When it comes toEmergency Hospital in Sonipat, Haryana Multispeciality Hospital in Sonipat is a trusted name.
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2023.06.07 07:55 Puzzleheaded-Car-722 Anxiety attacks when u wake up, living hell

Hello y’all, I was wondering if anyone suffers from getting anxiety attacks every-time they wake up. I have had bad anxiety for 10 years medicated and not (rn no). Right now I’m in school PHd program to become a doctor (stressful) and I have had attacks everyday for the past 3 months. And when I get attacks usually I vigorously throw up. It’s been hard getting up everyday man. I try and workout and eat right but I feel like shit all the time. If anyone know anything to help please let me know. I’m also against medication bc I got addicted and had to go to rehab to come off of them. Crazy shit. Lmk peace
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2023.06.07 07:53 IshitaIVF Banjhpan in Kanpur - Ishita IVF Centre

Ishita IVF Centre is a trusted fertility clinic in Kanpur, offering comprehensive solutions for Banjhpan (infertility) treatment. With a team of experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, Ishita IVF Centre specializes in providing personalized and effective fertility treatments to help couples achieve their dream of parenthood. We understand the emotional and physical challenges faced by couples dealing withBanjhpan in Kanpur and offer advanced medical interventions such as IVF, IUI, and fertility surgeries. With a compassionate and supportive approach, Ishita IVF Centre aims to provide the highest quality of care and increase the chances of successful conception for couples struggling with Banjhpan.
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2023.06.07 07:52 g4greed it's been a while, but I'm back

Long post ahead. probably not a real point to it either. I'm just typing thoughts as they come so I won't worry about grammar, formatting and whatnot.
Just to provide some context, I'm 22 and will be 23 in a few months. When I was 17, I decided that cannabis would be my addiction of choice because addiction runs rampant in my family and I had already experimented with heroin. I realized the path I was on was unavoidable but controllable, and cannabis seemed like the safest bet in terms of substance abuse.
I had a very traumatic childhood that I won't elaborate on, but that general knowledge is important to know.
I struggle with life a lot. I don't know who I am, or what I'm good at. I don't know what career field to pursue and I'm scared to put myself out there.
I lasted 8 months before I started smoking weed again. eight months. how am I supposed to maintain a career for 20+ years if I can't commit to staying sober for 8 months? if that career requires consistently clean drug tests? even worse.
but again, idk what else to do. my options are going to school for something in the medical field, or becoming a police officer and both of those require clean tests.
everything is just a mess. I don't even want to stop smoking weed. it's a part of my identity and I think about it all the time, but that's when it's a problem right? but if I'm going to learn the important things about myself I'll need a clear conscience and sober thoughts.
I'll absolutely return to my love Mary Jane at some point, but Life is telling me to get my shit together now so any opinions or advice in regard of ways to make decent money (around $35K or more anually) is greatly appreciated
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2023.06.07 07:47 Pitiful-Tale-3739 hospital in sonipat

Sonipat a city full of opportunities is now home to the renowned Haryana Multispeciality Hospital which is setting new benchmarks in healthcare. With a mission to provide exceptional medical services, the hospital boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of highly skilled doctors and healthcare professionals. Offering a range of specialties including cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, and more hospital ensures comprehensive and personalized care for each patient. From advanced diagnostic facilities to state-of-the-art surgical procedures Haryana Multispeciality Hospital leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to restore health and wellness. Trust the experts at this prestigious institution in hospital in sonipat.
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2023.06.07 07:45 SupremePizza123 Most Likely Going To Get Terminated For Making A Very Stupid Mistake. Have an HR meeting Tomorrow. WWYD?

I am an EMT/Security for a casino. Me and my partner overheard on the radio that a guy (we will call him John) was trying to get into the lobby checkpoint without a suite key, we leave the EMT room and met with John. He was responding to our questions correctly for the most part and was capable of walking. John was basically a high functioning happy/funny drunk. My partner and I attempted to find out which room he was staying in. John had no ID and no phone. John gives me a verbal name and I attempt to cross reference it with dispatch, negative results. John gives us multiple room numbers with negative results as well. John gives us his wife's name and we cross reference that with negative results. We call EMS (They are a higher level of care), they come, and they do their thing with him. John passes their test, signs their AMA, and declines transportation to a medical facility. At this point I call for an FTO (Field Training Officer) to help because I don't know what else to do. FTO comes through and all of us eventually find out that John stayed at a different hotel as he had suite key. I escorted John to the taxi area in hopes of getting a ride. None of the Taxi drivers wanted to pick him up as he was visibly tipsy. He can't call Uber because he didn't have a phone on him. My partner and I escorted him to the front of our hotel and told him where his hotel was. He acknowledges and walks towards it as we can see it from where we were standing.
Here is where I messed up. I went back to the EMT room to complete the AMA despite me not offering it to John. I mega screwed up when I checked marked the box "patient refused to sign form" and put my signature on the form as a "witness" of me saying the patient declined to sign despite me not offering it to him in person. I wasn't thinking about whether an AMA was applicable at the time but that is what happened. My partner drafts up the report because it was my Friday, so he offered to take it. Come Monday the big boss drags me into his office and basically points out the issue. He mentions why the drunk guy was able to sign EMS's AMA but refused to sign ours. The boss states that I falsified company documents, and he also believes that I have been doing it for some time, but I haven’t, and this is my first instant and it was a very dumb accident on my part. So, on Saturday I was called into the office, and I was told I was SPI'd (suspended pending investigation) and that on Tuesday HR will be calling me. I am 99.99 percent sure I am getting terminated no matter what I say. WWYD?
My initial thought after the incident wasn't to falsify the documents to cover my ass. Meaning my first thought wasn't "OMG I forgot to ask John to sign this paper, let me attempt to put my signature in order to prevent me from getting in trouble". I don't know why I did what I did. Perhaps it was muscle memory from writing so many medical reports during my employment here. Regardless it was my signature and I fully take responsibility that it was my fault/mistake. I guess the best way to explain the situation was sort of like when someone hands you something and you just grab it without thinking except, I did the handing and the grabbing myself. It just slipped my mind, but HR and my boss obviously won't believe that because you can't provide your thought process as evidence or prove intention. How would you guys go about this if you were in my position? I've already accepted getting terminated.
I've never gotten in trouble for anything during my employment here. I've never even got so much as a verbal warning for anything. Always arrived at work on time. Never had issues with anybody. I honestly in shock that this has happened to me of all things as I rarely ever make mistakes especially something this bad.
Meaning of the acronyms.
AMA - The Refusal of Medical Assistance Against Medical Advice form. Basically, a liability form.
FTO - Field Training Officer. Someone who is "above" me but under an Assistant Manager
EMS - Emergency Medical Services (911 Ambulance)
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2023.06.07 07:43 Trans_v Medical Scribe Training Course in Coimbatore


A medical scribe is a healthcare practitioner that works for a doctor, documenting patients and handling administrative duties. Medical scribes now spend most of their time working on an electronic health record (EHR) system in healthcare facilities that have switched from the outdated paper record system, however some still manually enter data in patient files. Anyone who wants to work as a medical scribe should have the following fundamental abilities:
Transorze is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for delivering high quality “Healthcare BPO” training and placement services, totally dedicated in providing the services of Medical Transcription Training,Medical Coding Training , Medical Scribing Training, ,Digital Marketing Training.
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2023.06.07 07:42 B0590 Here’s why this sub isn’t “ruthless”…

Keep in mind this is the same girl(s) who
• openly uses disrespectful words, • repeatedly drags her ex(s) and their families,
• gets absolutely shitfaced WHILE OPENLY ON MEDICATION (which’s like the worst biggest no no & is HIGHLY spoken about by medical professionals who prescribe said medications),
• overly drinks (cause it’s not just once in a while shitfaced it’s multiple days a week),
• emotionally and financially abuses whatever guy she’s sleeping with this week (currently Jacob) and holds it over their heads as leverage,
• disrespects her boyfriend’s/their families (both during dating and post dating) by exploiting her body across the internet
• has a history of being known for being in sexual relationships with multiple partners within a small time frame,
• bullies her “friends” looks and thinks they all only like her to get clout (& allows them so she can get the victim angle when she does bully them)
• exploits a child,
• doesn’t care about the health and wellbeing of the child’s mother,
• treats her animal(s) terribly (because what 3 month old puppy doesn’t love being crated 15 out of 24 hours a day…)
• refuses to acknowledge that her following (“fans”) bully, stalk, harass and more any and all of her ex friends/boyfriends/associations. (Literally she smiles at you, expect your page, lives and comments to be bombarded with her following until eternity)
• doesn’t even make an attempt to minimize the damage and victimization of those former whatever’s (yeah you can’t control who posts what but let’s be real a simple “guys please stop posting hate/death threats/etc on their pages & lives” would go a LONG way.
just to name a few things
….. stop with the “I’m not a fan but”.
No. Body shaming ain’t right. On any level. Doesn’t matter if you dish it you should take it. It’s disgusting and it’s 2023. LIFT OTHER WOMEN stop shaming them!!! However! 95% of the posts regarding her or Whitney’s body and/or weight gains, are in regards to the fact of HOW they gain and/or present it. It’s not healthy to drink so much alcohol, eat trash food and not go to the gym or anything. It’s simple facts. If they were presenting it in a healthy manner then it would be different but they’re not. Christen wants to fit in her 16 year old self clothes and Whitney is ashamed obviously of her weight gain so she lies and says she’s not over a certain weight. How does that look to the 16-20 year old girls that follow them and are going through body changes? I’m not saying there’s not the occasional post or comment that is absolutely wrong and is no better than them. Because until people stop putting others down that’s just how it is and it’s sad. I’m guilty of it and be honest every single person in here is guilty of it too -regardless of it being towards her or in your personal life. The world is still evolving but 9/10 of these posts are nothing of the sort. However little miss perfect refuses to evolve with the times and thinks she isn’t in the wrong.
As a former nurse who assisted addicts with their pregnancy & deliveries yeah it’s wrong to assume any type of usage for instances of self harm… however when you’re putting it on display like she does … it’s called a cry for help. But let’s be real. If she treated her health (mental and physical) half as well as she claims, none of that would happen. She doesn’t try to hide it, she literally swallows her pills with alcohol. That’s dangerous! She knows that, she knows better. But again, she doesn’t care. She is flaunting dangerous habits for young girls and women to follow - “If C does it I can!” “I want to live just like C”. - Come on. If she had half a smart conscience she would think about the consequences of her “platform”. If Whitney truly cared as much about Christen as she claims she would honestly work with her to be healthier and /or work out. But in case anyone’s not noticing Whitney’s giving up on her own health lately… if Whitney really cared, she would say something about her guzzling pills with alcohol. She would point out it’s extremely dangerous to mix alcohol as much and medications. She doesn’t. Whitney is just as ignorant about it as Christen is. You’d think with her dads history she would have a lot of issues with the clear abuse Christen does?
The girls literally says things JUST to get a rise out of this group! They fuckin knows people are listening and they knows exactly what they’re doing. Do some of the posts get out of hand? Sure. But they doesn’t give two flying fucks. They are that aggravating at times! Christen is literally Little miss I can’t be bothered who wants help but anytime someone reaches out to try, she bullies and abuses them. She could help to minimize the damage and harm done around her that would also make her feel and look better. But she won’t. She thrives off it.
Cut her some slack my ass. Quit defending her by any means.
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2023.06.07 07:41 Lostman138 China buying a shit ton, of Arab, and Iran oil. Right?

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2023.06.07 07:40 Trans_v Best OET Training Institutes in Coimbatore


For 12 different healthcare job routes, the OET Test is a test of English language competency. Each of the four language skills listening, reading, writing, and speaking is provided with a reliable and accurate evaluation. OET is heavily stressed in healthcare professional communication.
At OET training centres, healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, and chemists can receive a full and intensive English language education. Students can improve their English language abilities, which are essential for efficient communication in their medical careers, with the help of the OET training facilities. The training also covers all of the OET exam's hearing, reading, writing, and speaking components.
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2023.06.07 07:30 vayaconleah I'm sitting in a crappy motel wondering what my next move should be

Just venting I guess. I live with my parents but my dad, who is also an addict and has untreated bipolar disorder, has been making life at home unlivable.
After my suicide attempt about a month ago, he's gone off the deep end. It's been a stressful time for everyone, but I'm doing my best (therapy, meetings, medications, diet, exercise, etc.) I was talking to my mom and quietly crying (I'm at the mercy of my PMDD and can't be on hormonal birth control any more now that I have a history of cardiac arrest) and he walked past and I guess was set off by my tears. He started yelling at me, mocking me, and telling me how he and my mom talk about how much they want me to leave the house and what a burden I am.
He then said he was leaving, but for the first time I told him not to bother and that I would go. So now, here I am sitting in a motel with a bottle of wine wondering why I should keep trying. I tried a SMART recovery meeting and part of an Al-anon, but I feel like the cat is out of the bag about how my parents feel about me and there's no putting it back in. My mom half-heartedly denied it this time, but she's said similar things in the past.
I spent the last ten months trying to meet sober people, or at least people who are willing to just go get coffee, on Bumble BFF to no avail. I don't know if it's the throwaway culture that comes with online stuff like that, my personality, or a mixture of both, but every attempt to widen my support circle has failed. That being said, I appreciate the community here, but to me it's not the same as having a friend I can call for support.
I'm not going to hurt myself because I know it likely won't work and hospital stays are expensive, but if even my parents want me gone, I don't know how to keep going. I'm not living because I have something to live for, but because I'm worried that death would be worse than this.
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2023.06.07 07:21 Altruistic_Yak4390 Experience as a child I have never forgotten

So there are a couple of experiences I want to share and gain perspective if you all are willing.
First off, as a very young child(cannot precisely remember but it was very early) I was sitting in the back of my families car as we were driving down the road. I “willingly” disassociated completely(I’ve been calling it wakeful meditation) and I began contemplating existence at its core level. It wasn’t a state that I could consistently stay in, but as if I was in and out, like a dream state, while my eyes were open and I could see the road passing me by(albeit in and out of blurriness). It’s very hard to describe, but I understood how absolutely bizarre consciousness was at its most basic level and it seemed as tho I was going to “wake up” at any moment, if that makes sense, or that this reality wasn’t real? Or that there was something else to this reality that I couldn’t comprehend(I know this is a basic understanding of awakening but I couldn’t have been older than 5). I’ve tried to get back to this state, recently, and I’ve gotten close but only for a second or 2.
Now at another time during my very early childhood(I cannot place if this was before or after the initial story) I began having night terrors. My parents said this was so consistent that they decided to take me to a doctor of some sort. They said they would come into my bedroom as I was crying, standing on the edge of my bed shaking, eyes open, balling my eyes out.
I remember doctors placing stickers or something on my forehead and they did some kind of test, which came back normal. My mother said they suspected some type of seizure to be occurring but, as I stated, everything came back as normal. A couple of years ago I brought this up to my mom and she was very surprised, stating that I was 3 years old when this took place.
I was diagnosed with ADHD a bit later and put on medication(started on ritilin and transitioned to another I cannot remember when one of them began messing with my temperament, it could’ve been adderal)
These night terrors stayed with me up until 7th or 8th grade. I started to remember dreams when this would happen; beforehand I would wake up and couldn’t remember them. However, I slowly started putting the events together but they were and still are very vague. During these dreams, the environment was something like an outdoor prison. I would be running on a metal catwalk of sorts, on the 2nd or 3rd level and I was running from something, I would be very anxious. And then I’d wake up, coming to as I was sleepwalking. Crying most of the time.
Recently, I’ve had a sort of “awakening” or “realization” of sorts. I was at a very low point in life, addicted to substances. One day I was crying on the balcony and had what I can’t describe as anything other than a “non-linear” thought. That “to understand God, you have to look at all of history.” And today, I came across a tik-tok image that showed multiple perspectives of geometric patterns—the Infiniti symbol transition to the flower of life and other patterns—demonstrating how something can look completely different depending on the perspective you have—a perfect explanation to the thought I had.
Has anyone experienced something similar? Please, give me your thoughts.
I realize I sound absolutely coo-coo for co-co puffs, but I have mentioned this to a few people in my life and have gotten positive results, but seeing as this group seems to be very open minded—I’d like to see if anyone has had any other thoughts, maybe experienced something similar and/or have possibly meditated on any of these things?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 07:16 gsgroupofficial MBBS at an Affordable Price in the Best Medical College

MBBS at an Affordable Price in the Best Medical College

MBBS at an Affordable Price in the Best Medical College
Studying medicine is a dream for many students in India, but the cost of education can be a major barrier for most. The cost of pursuing MBBS in India is on the higher side, and many students are unable to afford the fees. However, there are some colleges that offer quality education at an affordable price, and one such college is GS Medical College.
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GS Medical College is a top medical college in UP, offering world-class education to students. The college is affiliated with Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC).
Modern facilities at the college feature well-stocked labs, libraries, and lecture halls. The GS Medical College faculty is highly competent and has the ability to give students the best education possible. The atmosphere at the institution is welcoming to learners, and the teaching staff comes to their rescue whenever they have any questions or concerns.
Affordable Fees
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GS Medical College has established itself as one of the premier medical institutions not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in Delhi NCR. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the college has garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional medical education and producing highly skilled healthcare professionals.
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The college goes beyond traditional teaching methods, adopting innovative approaches to medical education. The curriculum is carefully crafted to incorporate the latest advancements in the field, ensuring that students are equipped with up-to-date knowledge and skills. The dedicated faculty members, comprising experienced professionals and experts in their respective fields, employ interactive teaching methods to engage students actively in the learning process.
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Beyond academics, GS Medical College emphasizes the overall well-being of its students. The campus provides a nurturing and inclusive environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and personally. Various extracurricular activities, sports facilities, and student clubs are available to foster a well-rounded educational experience. Embrace the pinnacle of medical education at the foremost MBBS institution in Delhi NCR.
To summarize, GS Medical College presents a remarkable opportunity for aspiring doctors to pursue their MBBS dreams at an affordable cost. With its exceptional education and infrastructure, alongside a committed and experienced faculty, the college ensures top-notch learning. As a leading medical college in Uttar Pradesh, GS Medical College provides an affordable MBBS program, making it an ideal choice for students seeking a medical career without financial strain.
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2023.06.07 07:14 hermit_dt ...

Haste I think there have been things I've done, or especially things I've refrained from doing for reasons of my own. I always thought I was doing so with you in mind, but maybe it's not fair of me to interpret what you need. Yes, I'm worried this is unfair. No, it's not stopped me before. But if I'm off this is the most unfair of all. But here we have it. Some of the good, peeking out under the rubble and confusion. You set me and my whole world alight. Relentlessly. Without fail. The way the thought of you is a physical sensation has not abated in the slightest. I keep noting it because it's just the most intense and perplexing thing and it's completely unique to you. Like you're pulling at my soul. Or my soul is trying to pull me to you from the inside. I don't need to see you for that, the thought is more than sufficient, but when I do see you? When I look, it's amplified by a hundred. You are, simply put, fucking hot. Overtly and subtly. You're somehow even more staggering when you're at ease. Those types are my all-time favourite snapshots of you. And you don't even know it. People just appear when you're single, do they? No guesses as to why that is, you big dumb beautiful man? And looks only get you so far. You are the whole package, others that want you probably don't even know or get the best of you like I do and still it's true for them. Even my damaged ass knew it from the start. God, I want you. To kiss all the worries and apologies away until all that's left is the sound of our breathing. To let the earth moving desire take over and work each others bodies to exhaustion. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to not call in the best sex of my life when I haven't had any in over five years? Can you imagine how jealous I feel when I think of your situation, how I might be stirring up these feelings and they're being delivered elsewhere? When it hits, it is shockingly ugly and hateful, as powerful and unflinching as everything else you inspire in me. I've gone from horny to tears in 60secs. It's just crazy. You make me crazy. I don't know that I'll ever be immune to you. It's just different, what we have. Like it's in my nature, in the stars, I don't know. You have so much power over me, though you might not feel it. You have the power to completely halt my life in its tracks, to steal anyone and everyone's thunder, to reduce me to anything from a quivering mess to a sobbing mess. Always with the mess... And that's just from a distance. I might be all kinds of fucked up, might not be able to love you in the way you deserve yet, maybe never, but from the very depths of my being I love you the best I can and I always will, there will never be another you to me. Whether I continue as a car crash or I make my way to you, whether you're receptive or not in that eventuality. Whether we can ever get it right. Always. Always sorry, here, yours, with the mess, with all my heart.
Bottling things up (unfinished)
I'm still not sure of all that I'm feeling right now. Sorry, I imagine it's hard for you to keep up too. But having everything on the table can only be a good thing surely. And that's what is getting me. Where are you? Why do I still feel like I'm giving everything and you're not? It's worse because I'm letting myself be influenced by things I don't know. That I've had to guess or have read on throwaway accounts. I feel unstable...I feel let down. I feel like a hypocrite, because I'm not perfect by any stretch. So what's my issue? Why am I annoyed that you're not telling me to feel less guilty when I know I deserve it? Why am I expecting you to do things I can't? I suppose, I just feel like I am really pushing myself, still, and you're still keeping me at arms length. I'm being unfair. I suppose, that's why I'm feeling drawn to you again. You're hurting me and I like it. This feels like love to me. Is this how you wanted your love to feel? You talked about me setting you free. What a joke. I know I've said how I won't think badly of you etc., I do mean that, but that comes from a place of care for you, being unwilling to put more stress upon you. Fear of being a bad person. So I compromise myself in order to deliver the most gentle truth I can tell instead of the most authentic. Yeesh that's deep. Didn't know that until now :l I
True to form, he walked away Said he loved her, didn't stay May I have your peace please? An unspoken favour brought to fruition Not the most loving of decisions She really did try to empathize But feared a lie in disguise She'd never known love, just neglect Resounding familiarity hit while she wept Perhaps this is love after all Love always making her feel small Love that always leaves her alone Love that comes and always goes Maybe love isn't meant to stay That would explain him walking away Love is another word for pain
Wrote. He loves someone else too. Or instead of. Or it's all a lie or a game. I feel...totally annihilated. I love him and I hate him. It's all pointless and a waste of time. Staying away is best for both of us, we are both disasters. He's crushed me on purpose. I just don't get it. How is it that he loves me but doesn't give any consideration to me? I feel so fucked up. I wish I knew what the fuck is going on, this is driving me mad and it's only been half a day. I realised maybe this is him trying to fill in some blanks in a really shitty way. I guess we'll see what the next few days hold
You changed everything when you entered my life. Neither of us ever anticipated what it would become, I'm sure of that much. Of course, I had made no secret of my desire to be close with you, I already knew I adored many things about you. But then I found so many more once your walls came down. The magnetism I felt between us, still feel, it's unlike anything else. We are unmatched in that regard. A photo of your face... Honestly. Just that fucking gorgeous face, those pleading eyes. You left me. I know, that's not how we're supposed to see it, but I know how it ended up feeling. The loss of you was like all the light disappeared. I've not seen myself in years for the darkness. I couldn't even see an us for a long while. I was caught unawares when you came back, professing to have loved me all along. Understandably so, since you never said anything and went as far as to deny it at times. I am...not the fastest mover. It can take me a long time to process things. You rushed me, inadvertently into the correct decision, but even so. I tried to draw a hard line. You resisted. I falter in my resistance and you withdraw- you make either shockingly thoughtless or facetious moves which actively hurt me.
Bla bla fuck off K------
It's been such a long time now. In the cold and dark. I had thought I'd gotten over it, over you, but I don't think I've been the same since. I've sought emptiness, rejection and solitude even in my daydreams these past years.
I've been around the houses on what to do with this situation. I don't fully understand, it's impossible to see the full picture without the definition only you could provide.
I think, I want to say goodbye. Close the chapter properly. I'm not abandoning you, I will be at the other end of the phone if you need me. I'm pretty much asking permission here. It just hurts. It hurts a fucking lot, and I'm in a state, I don't really want to go through all the stress of fixing my life just to be greeted with heartache. I just want peace. Safety. And you have a full life, I don't want to be hanging over you like a dark cloud. I want you to live freely.
Do you want to see me?
I want to see you
Can we? I feel like I'm going crazy. I want something solid. I want to see you. Please?
A recipe for hurt
Wine, love, a dash of detail, flavour, spice and promises. Combine with me.
Stir. Add heat. Keep stirring. Never let it rest. Stir. More heat. More stirring.
Reduce it.
Until it's sticky. Switch off. You can rest now. I'm stuck to the hot pan. Not going anywhere. I won't leave you. Not even when you sit back and watch as I burn.
Sometimes you make me feel worthless. Monitored but not cared for. Never enough to be cared for.
Other times, I feel helpless. Disgusting. Volatile. Like I should hide myself away for your safety. I can't possibly be what you need.
Where do you go when pain is all around?
What about me? (Unfinished)
Over the years a number of people have been given a little piece of me for themselves. Some, used it to build themself back up. I am a part of them. Others, didn't know what to do with a piece of me. They didn't care for the sentiment. But it mattered not, the piece was theirs to do with as they pleased. Now only a scarce few haven't (yet) returned to reintroduce me to the once little piece of me, flourishing under the host's eventual conclusion that they can accept the unwavering love and care it exists to offer.
You were supposed to get a little piece of me. I already admired you from afar, then, I could see you hurting and I wanted to make it better. I wanted you to realise what you were capable of, what you could have and most definitely what you under no circumstances should have to tolerate. I wanted you to have complete faith that you were cared about, cared for, desirable, deserving, admirable, full of amazing, good qualities. You are innately good natured. So soft under it all. Child like.
You became something different to me. I began to need you. The sweet good mornings and goodnights. The approval, the sameness, the reciprocity. I realised I had to be something different for you, because I loved you. That was scary. The thought of holding a piece of you in my hands (behave) was like the ultimate dream and an absolute nightmare. Because I wasn't ready to accept it, for good reasons and admittedly stupid and regrettable reasons. You get that. I know you do.
I did what I do best and I went away. I had aimed to fix what I could and return. But, I was hurting and confused. Everything was on my shoulders. Things you had said previously were ringing in my ears, I knew you'd move on fast and it taunted me day and night. I became somebody different alright... But not in the right direction. I vascillated between self deprecation and self pity. I was in no fit state for anyone but you were all I thought of, I couldn't have stopped myself reaching for you any of the times I did. Even though you gave me no hope. No care. I felt like I was bleeding out while you watched.
It changed me. I have been different since that year I spent chasing after you. I'm closed off, totally disengaged from people in the real world. I've not even had a proper sex chat since 😂. It's not all your fault, not even mostly your fault. I am still sorry. I'd never tried to love or be loved before. Not to mention, I still believe we have something more than your everyday love. You have altered the trajectory of my life, thrice now. Nobody else has that power over me.
I had been talking to someone else, though I was writing to them more than I ever spoke to them, if that makes sense. I had been slowly, privately, building my confidence. Working my way through a tonne of negativity that had been building up since long before you. But keeping myself safe, unreachable. I've been a bit of a mess. But I was really making progress and felt he and I were both really growing into my appreciation of him, right as I found you 😂
It was such a shock. I felt everything all at once. I didn't understand what on earth was happening on any front.
That was your plan. Do you remember that conversation?
Is that still your plan? Might there be room for one more? Nothing would make me happier. Sometimes, I think it's the only way.
Disappear with me? Even if just for a little while. Wrap me up in those arms and hide me away. I don't want to see anything else, feel anything else but you. Shield me from the lingering chill of your distance. Disappear with me. Please. We can make it all disappear.
To me to you
As I said, I'm sorry I wrote from a bad place. You reached for me. I reached back and you dropped your hands. That's not how you said this was going to work.
When I found you, big shock, lots of feelings etc etc. For the first couple of weeks, I wasn't really sure what I was doing, feeling, everything was in limbo.
I wasn't fixated on whether the letters were all for me, I just found it hard to understand- your continued ambiguity was such a contradiction. I mean, you can't say 'hindsight is a farce' and then talk about your regrets looking back immediately after. That doesn't make sense. We still weren't communicating.
You pushed me. Tick tick tick. I wanted to set you free, I don't know. It was eating me up, I have had so much going through my head. I thought I was leaning the other way for a while. I did nothing though. Mostly, I was just thinking of you and us.
By the time I was reaquainted with my feelings for you, I was hurt by the things I'd realised and kind of dismayed with how things were playing out here. If that was my fault, which I can totally see how, I get it. Let me make amends. I want us to be on equal, even footing.
May I be struck down if I'm lying, I was honestly thinking about asking to see you moments before you asked 😂. I don't know what I said or did to make you push me away once I finally decided to break the last barrier between us. Or like I said, whether it was, ugh, you know all that I said. There are so many possibilities.
It's mostly one general possibility that brought me here. Brought me back. Kept me here through everything. Has got me writing this despite you literally denying everything.
You. You're unique. You're you. Perfect. Someone to me. Always. Infinity. Us. All the things that have happened that don't just happen. All the ways you make me feel and even the ways I feel them.
I'm not sure who I'm writing this one for. I suppose, it depends on what happens next. And I don't know that either.
I believe at this point I've covered everything essential between the two messages. Over to you.
Hurry up
Sort your head out. Listen to me. Believe it. Try.
Where are you? Where should I be? Show me the way.
My soul is going to leave my body trying to pull me to you from the inside.
Do it again. Please. We're so close, don't stop repeating until we are there. I feel it's just this one thing and everything will be right. Give me your hand. Allow me to get a steady grip and I won't let go.
Where are you? Where should I be? That's all I need. You and me. We'll get there. Have faith. Try. Feel. Do you feel my love for you? I keep sending more of it out there. It's all around you by now. Wishing you well. Smiling when you're smiling. Babbling on in your ear that you could have my help picking up the pieces.
All I know is how I feel. What I'm capable of. What I have to give.
It takes a birthday wish, a genie with their fingers crossed and a sacrifice to the heavens for me to form so much as a comfortable rapport with someone. More so since the first time I fell in love with you. Yes.
Please, soldier, lower your weapons? Not your defences. I understand. I too am battered and bruised under my armour. I need medical attention and a place to rest and recuperate. You said you had what I needed, picked up my broken heart and sent it ahead. Why won't you tell me where to find it?
I feel it. Fixed. Already looking forward to the next time you'll spend time caring for it. It trusts you. Though it does want out of the testing facility.
Won't you trust it to stay close by if you let it out?
I'm scared
of looking a fool. Being dumb. Of seeming insincere when it's all I've been and want to be. That I'll hurt or disappoint you. Of not being able to give you what you want. Being left. Being hurt. Being loved.
I forgive you. It's been an impossible situation, I am well aware of that.
Forgive me for the pain and confusion while you waited for me to get properly reaquainted with and admit to my feelings for you. This has all been so, so challenging to navigate. I did what I thought was best for you. True to form, I made things harder than they could have been. I think. I really do need your insight to know for sure how to break down what happened.
So, yeah, I'm scared. Terrified. Still. But most of all I'm scared that I'm one letter away from the chance to learn the minutiae of our love.
You and I
We've made a lot of mistakes, it's true. I regret mine. I'm sorry. I know you feel the same. The journey has been a long one and the terrain unforgiving.
One of these days, at least I sincerely hope, our walls will be down concurrently. We aren't that strong, love, we can't run from this indefinitely. We are going to sink down in shared bliss onto the rubble and not get back up for many sunsets and sunrises.
Until that day, I will likely be alone. I already am, have been since you. Just so you know my intention. I won't be seeking solace elsewhere. There are no prerequisites, it's what I want. To be yours. When I look back I think I always have.
I've fallen for you twice. Yes. I love everything about you. Everything. I will continue to love you while we are opposed, I will long for when we intersect. I know you feel that too. That will have to be enough, won't it?
You brought life to my fading heart. Now it's ran away to be with you. It texts. It's happy there. I'm happy it's there. Thank you for everything, even if you didn't mean to.
I forgive you and I love you.
Always here,
Hi, sorry about that. And for the late message. x2. And the fact this one is so long haha. Hmm any more apologies? I don't think so? A platitude- no stress about replying, neither when or if.
I'm going to preface this by saying that I genuinely had left you, as requested, more or less in the friendzone until a few months ago...But since then, loads of stuff has been happening r.e our history (unrelated to our catch up in March btw). Could we have a face to face to talk about it? A walk, drive? Liquid lunch may be indicated 😂 I could travel to wherever works for you. Anything I could do to make you feel comfortable enough to agree, it's yours, just let me know. It's really, really put me through the wringer. I've not been able to talk to anyone about it except S--- because I wanted to protect us both, and she wasn't very helpful haha. I don't expect anything from you at all. Just wish to look you in the eye and ask you about it? Air it all out. Please? It wouldn't be unpleasant for you in any way. I realise it's not always been easy here 🙈 I swear I'm in full possession of things like self control nowadays haha. This isn't a ploy, I don't wish to confess my feelings to you, if you're worried, though I'll admit this has brought them back slowly. But I won't be weird about it. Umm weirder* I guess, but I swear thoughts or feelings aren't where all this is coming from! 😂 I'm not going keep writing if you say no. I know I have form for it so please rest assured the crazy is not about to start back up. I was gonna move fac for unrelated reasons and I don't have to return. It's all your call. I just don't know what else to do. It's been months, I thought it was being resolved and now it's worse than ever. I genuinely just want to unravel what on earth I've just been through tbh and talking will help either way. You'll understand why if you'll allow me the space to show you. I know it's weird, but we're some kind of friends right? So I'm hoping you'll afford me the benefit of the doubt... And perhaps an hour or two of your time :3 double please.
The majority I've written the last couple of weeks. Quite the journey. Where will I end up? You tell me.
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2023.06.07 07:11 netsysvh Steering the right question

Not sure where to post this question
Kiddo Age 4 with complex medical history has a trach and gtube dependent.. After 2 year wait list kid is admitted to do a facility program to get her ready for the swallow study. The team consists of multi disciplinary from behavioral, Medical, speech and OT.
The first initial 2 weeks went well and they had a parent meeting and said in the next 3 weeks they are planning to get a date and the kid is responding well to their plan and they don't see any issues..
SLP came to us few days after the parent meeting and said they are noticing signs of aspiration and they want to get the study done within few days to avoid the risk of aspiration
The swallow study day arrived and the kid did not open the mouth and the study was limited did not yield anything
Had a parent meeting and Slp started blame on barium and asking us to stop everything that she is currently taking.. But kid is crying from the moment they strapped to chair and turned off the lights.. All the way until they removed those straps and turned the lights
I am overwhelmed and trying to come up with set of questions before I get out of the program
Are these questions valid
Why did they rush before the planned date? And why are the Aspiration related issues not seen in first 2 weeks of program?
Behavioral team engaged in the Programe did not see issues feeding her everyday thrice, they are compiling the report on how many they had to terminate due to signs of aspiration?
Is it true I cannot get another swallow study until next 6 months? If so should I go back on the wait list from beginning?
Without swallow study how can we sure that she is aspirating?
Are any other tests that can be done to rule out aspiration?
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2023.06.07 07:06 purplelyphilly City Council Update

Hey everyone, I'm looking to ease access to local politics in our community. I wanted to share with all of you a project I am working on to inform and connect Philly residents and communities with their local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Philadelphia City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on the Philadelphia government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Philadelphia. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
If you want these newsletters sent to your email inbox, fill out this link!
This newsletter is from 5/25/23. I will post the last one sometime soon and continue to post them weekly as they come out!
Philadelphia City Council Meeting — 5/25/2023
Meeting length: 1 hour and 58 minutes
Notable Legislation
Communications from Mayor Kenny
Bills Introduced:
Resolutions Introduced:
Those marked with a star are privileged and were unanimously adopted in the same meeting.
Second Reading and Final Passage:
2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Election
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2023.06.07 07:05 purplelyphilly City Council Update

Hey everyone, I'm looking to ease access to local politics in our community. I wanted to share with all of you a project I am working on to inform and connect Philly residents and communities with their local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Philadelphia City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on the Philadelphia government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Philadelphia. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
If you want these newsletters sent to your email inbox, fill out this link!
This newsletter is from 5/25/23. I will post the last one sometime soon and continue to post them weekly as they come out!
Philadelphia City Council Meeting — 5/25/2023
Meeting length: 1 hour and 58 minutes
Notable Legislation
Communications from Mayor Kenny
Bills Introduced:
Resolutions Introduced:
Those marked with a star are privileged and were unanimously adopted in the same meeting.
Second Reading and Final Passage:
2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Election
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2023.06.07 07:04 Main-Ad-2028 Sanitary Bins are Always Very Useful and Handy Products!

Sanitary Bins are Always Very Useful and Handy Products!

Sanitary Bins
The use of the bins at our homes and offices is a very frequent sight. These bins are used for a wide range of purposes. But the use of the sanitary bins at our homes, offices, medical facilities and at other places often promotes hygiene at the top level.
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2023.06.07 07:03 purplelyphilly City Council Update

Happy Pride Month Folx!
I'm a college student looking to ease access to local politics in our community. I wanted to share with all of you a project I am working on to inform and connect Philly residents and communities with their local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Philadelphia City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on the Philadelphia government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Philadelphia. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
If you want these newsletters sent to your email inbox, fill out this link!
This newsletter is from 5/25/23. I will post the last one sometime soon and continue to post them weekly as they come out!
Philadelphia City Council Meeting — 5/25/2023
Meeting length: 1 hour and 58 minutes
Notable Legislation
Communications from Mayor Kenny
Bills Introduced:
Resolutions Introduced:
Those marked with a star are privileged and were unanimously adopted in the same meeting.
Second Reading and Final Passage:
2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Election
If you have any questions you would like answered by the city council or any feedback on this newsletter, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.07 06:58 purplelyphilly City Council Update

Hey everyone, I'm a looking college student looking to ease access to local politics in our community. I wanted to share with all of you a project I am working on to inform and connect Philly residents and communities with their local government by creating and distributing a weekly newsletter summarizing Philadelphia City Council meetings. My goal is to make important government proceedings accessible so busy people can understand what is going on in their city and how they might be affected by new policies. If anyone is interested in a quick digestible update on the Philadelphia government I have included my newsletter and the link to get free weekly information about local issues important to life in Philadelphia. Previous suggestions have been super helpful so any and all feedback is appreciated!
If you want these newsletters sent to your email inbox, fill out this link!
This newsletter is from 5/25/23. I will post the last one sometime soon and continue to post them weekly as they come out!
Philadelphia City Council Meeting — 5/25/2023
Meeting length: 1 hour and 58 minutes
Notable Legislation
Communications from Mayor Kenny
Bills Introduced:
Resolutions Introduced:
Those marked with a star are privileged and were unanimously adopted in the same meeting.
Second Reading and Final Passage:
2023 Philadelphia Mayoral Election
If you have any questions you would like answered by the city council or any feedback on this newsletter, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.06.07 06:57 Particular-Plane9446 In Need of advice

I started watching porn back when I was in 2nd grade. Ive been watching it for a long time. And up until recently I didnt really see a problem with it. Everyone i know men and women alike watched porn. All my past relationships they watched porn and had no problem watching it with me. In my current relationship its been a problem. She considers porn to be cheating while i dont. We had problems in our relationship where we separated for a little while partly because of the porn and a plethora of other shit, and she was with someone else. I never got with anyone else. I say that to say its hard to have empathy in a situation like this. On one hand theres plenty of benefits to not watching porn. And i know that and im not blaming her for my porn addiction neither because I had it long before she showed up. But it is frustrating. The porn addiction hurts her, moreso than it does me, and I understand why completely. Its hard to have empathy in this type of situation today, and i think thats why its been so hard to quit. On one hand its hurting her bc she feels she cant compare to onlyfans women. On the other its like how she feels now was how I felt when she did what she did. And no im not using porn as a way to get back at her, getting her back was never my intention it just so happens that Ive let this addiction fester for a while. And then its like porn is everywhere, you legit had to go through hula hoops to see shit like that and nowadays its being sold to you thru your screen, instagram twitter, hell even here. I try to keep clean, mostly because of her because I do care about her, but also because I know what porn is doing to me. But it’s times where im so stressed, and its either a panic attack or a relapse. A couple weeks ago it was me coming here to look at porn threads. Last week Friday it was a panic attack in one of the bathrooms of my jobs facility building. And she finds out I relapsed and she gets so angry. As a person I'm very quick to anger but i also practice escapism. So i either lash out or I go somewhere else until I'm not angry whether that be physically going into another room or just mentally being somewhere else, usually i choose the latter. I say this because whenever I watch porn in a way it’s something tht I've been doing so long that its my comfort zone for any negative feeling I have and when everything becomes to much its extremely hard to resist the urge. Lately I've been able to, in the past not so much. Whenever me and my girl argue about this or shes throwing jabs about my porn preferences (real basic shit, not an extreme fetish or something) It makes me want to relapse not out of spite but I feel as though thats all Im seen as is my addiction and the more I try to change that the more stressful shit becomes the more i done want to try and I relapse. I guess my main struggle is that while knowing porn is destroying my relationship, i constantly wonder if quitting is even worth it. It's always going to be brought up, and sometimes I feel like Id be better off and happier alone. Theres just not enough incentive for me specifically to quit and thats where I'm just stuck at. A constant cycle of me trying to quit and failing. And then i think about what even is the end goal? To never watch porn again? Or am i simply just going to try and beat my record of when I relapsed last. I really just need some strong advice.
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2023.06.07 06:50 Acrel-electric Discussion about the application of medical IT power system in a hospital

Discussion about the application of medical IT power system in a hospital
摘要:本文主要阐述了IT隔离电源系统在深圳市第三人民医院ICU、手术室内的应用,以及IT隔离电源系统的重要性、优点及注意事项。 Abstract: This article mainly describes the application of IT isolated power system in ICU and operating room of the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen city, as well as the importance, advantages and matters needing attention of IT isolated power system.
关键字:IT 隔离电源、系统、接地
Key words: IT isolated power supply, system, ground
1、项目概况 Project overview
深圳市第三人民医院项目,位于龙岗区布吉镇李朗立交桥西南侧,建设用地 100005 ㎡,总建筑面积 81737 ㎡,包含门诊楼和医技科研楼、住院楼、行政楼、学术报告厅等共十四栋建筑及配套道路、广场、绿化等。为深圳市重大建设项目,是一所与中心城建设相配套适应 深圳市规划发展的现代化的平战结合的传染病医院。是集医疗、科研、防保、教学与康复为 一体的“三级”传染病医院。
The project of Shenzhen Third People's Hospital is located in the southwest side of Lilang overpass in Buji Town, Longgang District. The construction area is 10,0005 ㎡, and the total construction area is 81,737 ㎡, including 14 buildings such as outpatient building, medical technology research building, inpatient building, administrative building and academic lecture hall, and supporting roads, squares and greening, etc..As a major construction project of Shenzhen city, it is a modern infectious disease hospital which is compatible with the construction of the central city and ADAPTS to the planned development of Shenzhen city.It is a three-level infectious disease hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, prevention and protection, teaching and rehabilitation.
2、关于设置 IT 隔离电源系统的相关规范要求
Specification requirements for setting up IT isolated power system
随着社会经济的不断发展,大型综合型的现代化医院不断投入建设,因而医院电气安全可靠也引起来业界的重视,其中关于 ICU、手术室等重要场合的配电安全可靠越来越引起业界重视。尤其是关于IT隔离电源的设置。GB16895.24-2005/IEC60364-7-710:2002 标准中规定,在医疗领域2类医疗场所内,用于维持生命的、外科手术的和其他位于“患者区域”内的医疗电器设备和系统的供电回路应选用带绝缘监视的医疗IT系统供电。2008年8月1日正式实施的《民用建筑电气设计规范》中12.8.6对医疗场所采用的IT系统供电做了相应要求和规定。
With the continuous development of society and economy, large comprehensive modern hospitals are constantly put into construction, so the electrical safety and reliability of hospitals have also attracted the attention of the industry.The safety and reliability of power distribution in important occasions such as ICU and operating room have attracted more and more attention from the industry. Especially with regard to IT isolation power Settings.According to gb16895.24-2005 /IEC60364-7-710:2002, the power supply circuit for life-sustaining, surgical, and other medical electrical equipment and systems located in the "patient area" in class 2 medical facilities in the medical field shall be powered by medical IT systems with insulation and monitoring.12.8.6 In the Civil Building Electrical Design Code officially implemented on August 1, 2008, the corresponding requirements and regulations are made for the POWER supply of IT system used in medical places.
In class 2 medical facilities, the medical IT system shall be used for the power supply circuits for life-sustaining, surgical and other medical electrogas equipment and systems located in the "patient area".
Separate medical IT systems should be installed at least once in adjacent rooms for the same purpose.And it is equipped with insulation monitor.
Each health IT system should be located where medical personnel can monitor IT regularly and should be equipped with an audible and visual alarm system.
Medical IT transformers should be equipped with monitoring devices for overload and overheating.
12.8.10中对辅助等电位联结做了相关规定。同时,在条文说明中规定12.8.1-12.8.6,12.8.10是根据国家标准《特殊装置或场所的要求医疗场所》GB16895.24的规定。其中2类场所包括:抢救室(门诊手术室)、手术室、CU 室、导管介入室、血管照影检查室。
In 12.8.10, relevant provisions are made for auxiliary equipotential connection.At the same time, 12.8.1-12.8.6 are stipulated in the provisions of 12.8.10 in accordance with the national standard "Medical Places required by Special Devices or Places" GB16895.24.The two types of places include: emergency room (outpatient operating room), operating room, CU room, catheter intervention room and angiography room.
3、IT 隔离电源系统简介及医院采用的重要性 Introduction of IT isolated power system and importance of hospital adoption
1)IT隔离电源系统,I表示电源侧没有工作接地,或经过高阻抗接地。T 表示负载侧电气设备进行接地保护。IT系统在供电距离不是很长时,供电的可靠性高、安全性好。一般用于不允许停电的场所,或者是要求严格地连续供电的地方,医院的手术室、急救室和ICU室等二类场所必须采用IT系统。运用IT方式供电系统,即电源中性点不接地,一旦设备漏电,单相对地漏电电流很小,不会破坏电源电压的平衡,因此可以避免电击等电气事故,同时不足以使回路保护电器动作切断电源,保证供电的不间断。所以比电源中性点接地的系统安全、可靠。
IT isolates the power system, and I indicates that the power side is not working grounded, or is grounded through high impedance.T represents the grounding protection of the electrical and gas equipment at the load side.IT system in the power supply distance is not very long, the reliability of power supply is high, good security.Generally used in places where blackouts are not allowed, or where strict continuous power supply is required, IT systems must be used in hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms, ICU rooms, and other type ii places.The use of IT mode power supply system, that is, the neutral point of the power supply is not grounded, once the equipment leakage, single-phase leakage current to the ground is very small, will not destroy the balance of the power supply voltage, so IT can avoid electric shock and other electrical accidents, at the same time is not enough to make the circuit protection electrical equipment action cut off the power supply, to ensure the uninterrupted power supply.So than the power neutral grounding system is safe and reliable.
The importance and necessity of using isolated power systems in hospitals.
众所周知,当用电设备对人体心脏直接漏电大于10uA 时,会造成对病人的微电击事故。
而在一般通用建筑中所采用的对地漏电保护开关,其动作响应值是mA 级(如:30 mA),远远不能满足医疗领域的需要。在医院的特殊环境里,漏电流对病人构成了潜在的危险,因此对电气安全设计也提出了特殊的要求。尤其是那些生命攸关的场所,如外科手术室、重症监护室、心脏手术室等地均需安装医用IT隔离电源系统,其目的就是为了保证对该场所内的医疗电器提供一个安全可靠的电源,以确保病人的安全。在导电体触及到心脏(例如,打开心脏的手术或埋置心脏起搏器)时,在普通安全接地的导体之间流过的细微电流会造成微电击和死亡的可能。隔离变压器就象一个门一样,将医疗地区的非保护区域和保护区域的电气线路隔开,保护区域内所有带电导体是与地隔离的,防止线路绝缘层上危险电流造成微电击。绝缘监视仪必须与隔离变压器配合使用,用来连续监视隔离变压器二次侧的带电导体与地之间的电阻及电流,例如,手术过程中流出体外的血液和金属制的手术台可能会使病人与地形成一个通路,这样就存在预期危险电流,一旦医疗电子设备的导电体也形成对地通路(如漏电),将会造成宏电击(不是所有电流都流经心脏)或微电击(所有电流都流经心脏)。一般供电电网是以大地作为参考电位,相线中的电流可以通过任何未绝缘的通道,对地构成回路,这是电击的根本原因。隔离供电是采用隔离变压器供电,电源经隔离变压器后,原电网中的地已不再是参考电位了。隔离变压器任何一根输出线都不能与地构成回路,只能在两根输出线之间构成回路,这就提高了供电的可靠性。用隔离变压器以分隔非保护区域与保护区域,在隔离变压器的次级引出IT系统的电源,以防止产生接地故障电流。将IT系统引入手术室或急救室,在房间内设一配电箱,箱内放置绝缘监视仪,绝缘监视仪的使用可以及早的显示隔离变压器次级负载部分的绝缘状况,在发生绝缘故障对人身构成威胁前就提供报警信号。而此时电源不会被切断,保证了供电的连续性,医护人员此时可以根据监视仪上显示的漏电流大小和手术的实际情况及时处理,因而人身触电的危险被降低到了最小。
It is well known that when the direct leakage of electrical equipment to the human heart is greater than 10uA, it will cause a micro-shock accident to the patient.
However, the action response value of the earth leakage protection switch used in general general buildings is mA level (such as: 30 mA), which is far from meeting the needs of the medical field.In the special environment of hospital, leakage current poses a potential danger to patients, so special requirements are put forward for electrical safety design.In particular, those vital places, such as surgical operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac operating rooms, etc., need to install medical IT isolation power system, the purpose of which is to ensure a safe and reliable power supply to medical appliances in the site, so as to ensure the safety of patients.When the conductor touches the heart (for example, during open-heart surgery or embedding a pacemaker), the tiny currents flowing between normally safely grounded conductors can cause micro-shocks and the possibility of death.The isolation transformer acts as a door separating the non-protected area of the medical area from the electrical wiring in the protected area. All live conductors in the protected area are isolated from the ground to prevent the dangerous current on the line insulation from causing a micro-shock.Insulation monitors must be used together with the isolation transformer, used for continuous monitoring isolation transformer secondary side of charged conductor and earth between the resistance and current, for example, in the process of the operation flow of blood and in vitro metal table may make the patient and to form a path, so there are dangerous currents, once the conductor in the medical electronic equipment form of pathways (such as leakage), will cause the macro electric shock (not all current flows through the heart) or micro electric shock (all electric current flows through the heart).Generally, the power supply network takes the ground as the reference potential, and the current in the phase line can pass through any uninsulated channel to form a circuit to the ground, which is the root cause of electric shock.Isolated power supply is the use of isolated transformer power supply, power through the isolated transformer, the original grid is no longer a reference potential.None of the output lines of the isolating transformer can form a circuit with the ground, but can only form a circuit between two output lines, which improves the reliability of power supply.The isolating transformer is used to separate the unprotected area from the protected area, and the power of the IT system is extracted at the secondary of the isolating transformer to prevent the generation of ground fault current.The IT system will be introduced into the operating room or emergency room, and a distribution box will be set in the room, and insulation monitors will be placed in the box. The use of insulation monitors can show the insulation status of the secondary load part of the isolation transformer as early as possible, and alarm signals will be provided before the insulation failure poses a threat to the person.At this time, the power will not be cut off, to ensure the continuity of power supply.Medical staff can then monitor the leakage current and the actual operation, so that the risk of personal shock is minimized.
4、深圳市某医院 IT 隔离电源系统的配置情况 Configuration of IT isolated power supply system in a hospital in Shenzhen city
A hospital in Shenzhen has installed a medical IT isolated power system in all operating rooms and ICUs.Specific composition including isolation transformer, insulation monitors, external alarm and display, current transformer, etc., the system sets the continuity of insulation monitoring, monitoring, and improve the fire load transformer temperature monitoring at an organic whole, reduces the contact voltage and the floor drain current, make person get an electric shock hazard to minimize, greatly improve the ability of accident prevention, to keep the power supply security.A hospital in Shenzhen city chose Bendell IT isolated power supply system from Germany. 系统图如下: The system diagram is as follows:
The IT isolated power system in the ICU is as follows:
每个ICU装设一套6.3KVA IT系统(含6.3KVA隔离变压器ES710,绝缘监视仪107TD47,电流互感器STW2,外接报警显示和测试仪MK2007CBM-CN,仪器专用电源AN450)。
Each ICU is equipped with a set of 6.3KVA IT system (including 6.3KVA isolation transformer ES710, insulation monitor 107TD47, current transformer STW2, external alarm display and tester MK2007CBM-CN, special instrument power supply AN450).
2)手术室中IT隔离电源系统图 Diagram of IT isolated power supply system in operating room
Each operating room is equipped with a set of 8KVAIT isolated power supply system (including isolation transformer 8KVA, insulation monitor, special power supply, external alarm display and tester MK2007CBM-CN).
3)系统设备功能: System and equipment functions:
a)绝缘监视仪 Insulation monitor
- 为医疗IT系统专用绝缘监视仪
- 绝缘监视、负荷监视和隔离变压器温度监视功能
- 带背光的液晶显示
- 绝缘监视响应值调节范围50kΩ-500Ω
- 过负荷监视响应值调节范围5A-50A
- 输出报警继电器
- RS485接口
- 测量值模拟电流信号输出
- 内置或外接自检按钮
- 接线监视
- 导轨安装
- Insulation monitoring and alarm system conforms to IEC61557-8 and IEC60364-7-710 standards.
- Special insulation monitors for medical IT systems
- Insulation monitoring, load monitoring and isolation transformer temperature monitoring functions
- LCD with backlit display
- insulation monitoring response value adjusting range 50kΩ-500Ω
- Adjustment range of overload monitoring response value 5A-50A
- Output alarm relay
- RS485 interface
-Measured value analog current signal output
- Built-in or external self-check button
- Wiring monitoring
- Guide rail installation
- ac impedance should be at least 100kΩ;
- The test voltage shall not be greater than dc 25V;
- Even in the case of fault, the peak value of its injected current is not greater than 1Ma;
- the latest in insulation resistance to the 50 kΩ, should be a signal.And the apparatus for testing this function is configured.
b)隔离变压器 Isolating transformer
-满足《建筑物电气装置 第 7-710 部分:特殊装置或场所的要求—医疗场所
GB16895.24-2005/IEC60364-7-710:2002 710.512.1.6中规定:医用隔离变压器应符合IEC61558-2-15的要求。
- 容量 3.15-10kVA
- 绕组内部安装温度传感器
- 噪音低于 35 分贝
- 变压器紧靠医疗场所安装,安装在柜内或外护物内以免被无意地接触期带电部分。
-变压器的二次侧额定电压 Un 不超过 250V,用于移动式和固定式设备的医疗 IT 系统采用单相变压器,其额定输出容量不小于 0.5Kva,不超过 10Kva。
- Meeting electrical installations in buildings - Part 7-710: Requirements for special installations or places - Medical places
It is stipulated in GB16895.24-2005/IEC60364-7-710:2002 710.512.1.6 that medical isolating transformers shall meet the requirements of IEC61558-2-15.
- 3.15-10 kva capacity
- Temperature sensor is installed inside the winding
- Noise below 35 decibels
- The transformer is installed close to the medical site, in the cabinet or in the outer sheath to avoid inadvertent contact with live parts.
- the rated voltage on the secondary side of the transformer shall not exceed 250V. Medical IT systems for mobile and stationary equipment shall adopt single-phase transformers with rated output capacity of not less than 0.5Kva and not more than 10Kva.
- The metal housing of the isolating transformer is connected with the local equipotential connection terminal plate.
c) 外接报警显示和测试仪 Alarm and displaying device
- 绝缘监视仪的外接报警和显示装置
- 数码管显示绝缘阻值和负荷状况
- 蜂鸣器声报警及消音按钮
- RS485 接口
- 中文面板
- 防水面板易清洗
- External alarm and display devices for insulation monitors
- Digital tube displays insulation resistance and load status
- Buzzer sound alarm and mute button
- RS485 interface
- Chinese panel
- The waterproof panel is easy to clean
- Real-time monitoring of isolating transformer load condition and transformer winding temperature.
- A green light indicates normal operation;
- A yellow light lights up when the insulation resistance drops to the minimum setting value.This light indicator should not be eliminated or disconnected;
- When the insulation resistance drops to the minimum setting value, the sound alarm action.The audible alarm can be cancelled;
- When the fault is cleared and restored to normal, the yellow signal should go out.Can monitor overload overheating of medical IT transformers
5、IT 隔离电源系统有以下优点:
IT isolated power system has the following advantages:
1) The shock voltage and leakage current are too small to cause electric shock or other electrical accidents;
2) In case of ground fault of the power supply system, the circuit protection device will not cut off the power supply, which ensures the uninterrupted power supply.
Precautions for using IT to isolate power systems.
1)IT 系统不能引出中性线,因为在中性线发生接地故障时绝缘监测仪无法故障报警,系统将变为 TT 或 TN 系统,再发生相线接地故障,则系统电源将被切断,可能会产生严重后果。
1) The IT system cannot lead out the neutral wire, because the insulation monitor cannot give an alarm when the neutral wire has ground fault, and the system will
If TT or TN system is changed, the power supply of the system will be cut off if the phase-to-ground fault occurs again, which may have serious consequences.
2)由于 IT 系统发生一相接地时,另两相对低电压将升高,因此对电气线路及电气设备绝缘水平要求较高。
2) The other two relatively low voltages will increase when the IT system is connected to the ground, so the electrical circuits and electrical equipment are insulated, the level is high.
3)IT 系统的绝缘监测仪需通过 PE 线接地,因此其与PE线的连接必须可靠。
3) The insulation monitor of the IT system needs to be grounded through the PE wire, so its connection with the PE wire must be reliable.
7、 安科瑞医疗IT隔离电源系统的介绍
An introduction to the Acrel Medical IT Isolation power system
7.1 概述Overview
With the wide application of electronic medical equipment in the field of hospitals, leakage current poses more and more threats to patients, especially in those places where life is crucial. During surgery or under anesthesia, a variety of electrodes and sensors are directly inserted into the body of patients, and tiny leakage current may lead to death by electrocution.In addition, some medical equipment is used to maintain the life of seriously ill patients, once the equipment power failure, it will also pose a threat to the lives of patients.Therefore, the electrical design of this special place for medical treatment should be carried out in strict accordance with national standards and norms.
Ankore medical IT system insulation monitoring fault location device and system are suitable for the hospital operating room, ICU(CCU) ward and other important places, can provide safe, continuous, reliable power supply solutions for such places.
7.2 医用隔离电源系统Medical isolation power system
The medical Isolated power monitoring system is used to centrally monitor the health of the medical IT system in all medical 2 locations in the medical building.The centralized monitoring system can be set up in the hospital electrical operation and maintenance personnel on duty room, also can be integrated in other power monitoring system, monitoring by professional electrical personnel, once a set of IT systems fail, electrical maintenance personnel can in time to make a judgment, and according to the site condition for processing.
系统拓扑图 System topology
7.3 软件功能Software functions
Acrel medical isolated power monitoring system is based on the touch screen software design, the software has a variety of functions such as remote measurement, remote parameter setting and remote self-inspection, which provides a powerful system integration tool for the centralized monitoring of the isolated power system in 2 types of hospitals.The main functions of the software are as follows:
■ 一次图和现场分布显示
Primary diagram and field distribution display
The system has the function of one-time diagram and field distribution diagram display, can intuitively understand and timely find the alarm location or area of IT power supply system, so as to facilitate professionals to timely arrive at the scene for fault troubleshooting;
■ 实时数据采集与显示
Real-time data acquisition and display
The parameters of each isolated power system are collected by means of insulation monitoring instrument and insulation fault location instrument installed in each isolated power system.The collected data will be displayed on the interface of the monitoring system in real time. These monitoring parameters include insulation resistance of IT system to ground, transformer load current, transformer winding temperature and insulation fault circuit, etc.
■ 故障报警Fault alarm
All kinds of faults in the medical isolated power system, such as insulation fault, overload fault, overtemperature fault and connection break fault, are uniformly processed and recorded, and information such as fault type, monitoring value, fault location and fault occurrence time can be displayed directly on the display interface.At the same time start the monitoring system sound and light alarm system, timely remind the relevant personnel, fault treatment.Among them, the sound alarm signal can be manually eliminated.
■ 远程参数设置和查询Remote parameter Settings and queries
Through the system, all kinds of alarm parameter thresholds of insulation monitors in medical isolated power supply systems can be adjusted and set remotely according to requirements, and these alarm parameter values can also be checked at will.The parameters include insulation alarm value, load current alarm value and isolation transformer temperature alarm value
■ 图形显示功能:Graphic display function:
7.4 安科瑞医用IT系统四件套选型 Acrel medical IT system four-piece set selection
The system can be in the form of a curve, showing the insulation status of each set of isolated power supply system, load status, as well as the isolation transformer temperature rise status, as well as their change trend, in order to facilitate the sub-managers to understand and analyze the operating changes of each power supply system, targeted maintenance and maintenance of some systems.
Insulation monitoring products of medical IT system (a four-piece set) include AITR S series medical isolation transformer, AIM-M10 medical intelligent insulation monitor, abakh 0.66P26 current transformer and AID series (AID10, AID150) external alarm and display instrument, etc., as shown in Figure 5.
Name and type
Product Picture
AITR 系列医用隔离
AITR series medical isolation transformer
AITR系列隔离变压器专用于医疗IT系统,铁芯采用日本进口的硅钢片叠加而成,损耗很小。绕组间采用了双重绝缘处理,并设有静电屏蔽层,减少了绕组间的电磁干扰。线包内安装了 PT100 温度传感器,用于监测变压器温度。整体采用真空侵漆处理,增加了机械强度和抗腐蚀性。产品具有很好的温升性能和很低的噪声。AITR series isolation transformer is specially used in medical IT system, and the core superposition adopts the silicon steel sheet imported from Japan, which has very small losses. The windings are treated with double insulation and have electrostatic shielding layer, which reduces electromagnetic interference between windings. The PT100 temperature sensor is installed in the windings to monitor the temperature of transformer. The whole body is treated with vacuum invasion paint, which increases mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. The product has good temperature rise performance and very low noise.
AIM-M10 医疗智能
AIM-M10 medical insulation monitoring device
AIM-M10 medical insulation monitoring device is special for medical IT system.It is used to monitor the insulation status of IT system.It can send out alarm signals when insulation fault occurs.
current transformer
The AKH-0.66P26 type current transformer is the protective current transformer which the maximum measurable current is 60A and the transformation ratio is 2000:1. The current transformer is directly fixed inside cabinet by screwing
AID series external alarm and displayer

It is suitable for wall installation embedded and can monitor 1 AIM-M10 insulation monitor. It has sound and light alarm function of insulation, overload, overtemperature and equipment failure, and RS485 communication.
采用LCD液晶显示,RS485总线,可集中监控最多16套 AIM-M10医疗智能绝缘监测仪的数据,可远程声光报警。AID150还可监控多套AIM-R100剩余电流监测仪的数据。
LCD display, RS485 bus, centralized monitoring of up to 16 SETS of AIM-M10 medical intelligent insulation monitor data, sound and light alarm can be remote. The AID150 can also monitor data from multiple AIM-R100 residual current monitors.
Table 1 Insulation monitoring products of medical IT system (four-piece set)
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