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AIMEILI, your better option for nail products. Find us on our brand website, Amazon or eBay. Note: All products are cruelty free and vegan friendly!

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Love painting your nails but are bad at nail art? This is the subreddit for you!

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Find your daily dose of craft projects, sewing patterns, nail art designs, recipes and cat pics right here!

2023.06.07 05:23 Jaqaurius66 If they made a pink ninja what would he’s move set be ?

I made a post earlier on this with some pics but it got banned cuz I didn’t know a.I art was banned🙃. But yeah I just love Pink Floyd n wonder if they would use that to inspire he’s moves n design .
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2023.06.07 05:23 kyrene520 Application of LED display screen combination display system

Application of LED display screen combination display system
The LED display screen combination display system is called "LED display screen" for short, which has the characteristics of gorgeous color, strong visual impact, magnificent dance effect, flexible combination, etc., and has become the main presentation and foil of studio programs. With the diversification of studio program production forms, LED display has become the necessary technical equipment for variety shows and interview programs of TV stations.
In a sense, the success of the program may depend on whether the LED display can be perfectly displayed, so it is very important whether the LED display can be scientifically applied.
The 1500 square meter studio, 600 square meter studio and 400 square meter studio of the TV station all use the same LED display technology. This paper mainly analyzes the design, application and maintenance of the 1500 square meter studio LED display of the TV station.
The LED display system is mainly composed of LED display, screen control system, video signal processor, input signal switching matrix, control computer, power supply and distribution system, etc.
First of all, the LED display screen and display system must be well grounded, otherwise it will cause "board burning". Check whether the neutral line is firmly crimped. If only the live wire and the ground wire form a loop, the large screen can only work at the lowest power state. Its fault is that the large screen can only display pictures normally, and cannot display the played video. The large screen appears continuous flashing black, and the indicator light in the box will also flash intermittently. If the zero line is not restored in time, there is also a danger of "burning the board". It is not allowed to take the hot plug DVI data cable and other connectors, and it is not allowed to carry out live maintenance.
Secondly, the principle of "turn on the computer first, then turn on the LED screen; turn off the LED screen first, then turn off the computer" must be followed when switching on and off the LED display screen; Do not switch frequently, and the time interval shall be at least 1 minute; The LED screen can only be turned on when the green light of the sending card flashes; Minimize the opening of LED display screen when it is fully lit or out of control, because the system has the maximum impact current at this time.
The receiving card in the box has two indicators: the red indicator indicates the power supply, and the green indicator indicates the signal. It is normal if the red light is on and the green light is flashing. Both ends of the u/D data communication cable are 568B standard, with one end connected to the sending card and the other end connected to the receiving card in the box. The ring connection between the boxes is an O-ring interface, and the box and the receiving card are both crystal heads. The signal line between the box and the receiving card is prone to failure, so you can directly skip the box interface and directly send the card in the box for ring connection. The interfaces at both ends of the box can input and output both power lines and signal lines.
The perfect display of LED display is the perfect combination of technology and art. The 1500 square meter large screen has been used for a period of time. Its performance is good and its work is very stable, and it can meet various live broadcast and recording tasks. Among them, a large variety show of a TV station has used large screen live broadcast and recording for more than 2000 periods, and there has never been any error in the program recording process.
In order to ensure the stable operation of LED display screen and display system, it is necessary to have solid technical skills, experience and ability to quickly and quickly eliminate faults, so as to ensure the successful recording of programs.
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2023.06.07 05:17 Pizza-Crust-Eater Quick sketches on a Spidersona

Quick sketches on a Spidersona
Since Across the SpiderVerse came out, I’ve been thinking on my own Spidersona. Introducing, the one and only, SpiderCage!
I know my shortcomings when it comes to the technical side of art, but could I get some design tips? I’m not very sure it radiates “spiderman” energy enough.
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2023.06.07 05:02 gkdlzk45 I've lost the way. could you advice me?

Sorry for my bad english! I decided to be game concpet artist at 2017. drawing fan arts, making my own illustration...
but my parents and teachers are forcing to me go college(animation & cartoon). I think i'm lost at this point.
I changed my goal to making my own animation (maybe i just want to be animator on youtube).
After graduation, i serve the military for 18 months(i'm korean). annnnd.. I currently making my animation alone but it take so many time.
I starting to worry about failure. i'm afraid of if no one like my content. i don't even have income and proper portfolio now. should i restart the illusration or keep making animation?

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2023.06.07 04:55 GneissRockBro EP runs through construction site, complains about the construction

Long time lurker here, thought I'd finally put up a story of my own. I have loads of stories of EP from this job but this one was my favourite.
Context: a couple of years back I got a job installing artworks at a large outdoor art exhibition. Basically a bunch of cool sculptures would be placed along a popular walkway and in surrounding parks so the public could freely walk and interact with them for a few weeks before they were sold to private collectors. It's super popular here and (please note) happens every year.
Because the installations aren't permanent, we have to bury large slabs of concrete in the ground to act as bases, or ship in huge weights to hold them down so people don't steal them or push them over (which did actually happen that year. $50k off a cliff, but whatever).
I should also note that this takes place in a SUPER wealthy area of town. Like, one of the most expensive places to live in the country, if not the world. So we get a lot of really out of touch rich people coming through, and most of my stories are about them.
STORY: so the main walkway is big enough for pedestrians only, which means we have to lower the weights in by crane. To do this, we stationed people (me) on the path just before the installation point, and once signalled we would rope off the path so the crane could lower these insanely heavy slabs down to us. Because the walkway is popular (and I CANNOT stress this enough), the path would only be closed for about 2 minutes tops each time, and reopened in between deliveries so people could pass through.
Enter me, getting the signal that one of the slabs is about to cross over the path. I rope off the area, stand there in my hi-vi, and explain to the people waiting that there's construction work ahead and to wait 2 minutes. Most are chill, there's a crowd, whatever.
Enter EP. Runner type, fancy fitbit, totally in the zone. He runs up to the rope, no sign of stopping, glares at me. I put up my hand and start to say my 'Sorry sir, we're just moving a sculpture ahead. It'll be a minute tops and then you can go.' speel but the guy has already lifted and ducked under the tape.
I start fumbling for my walkie talkie ('Hey boss you know that comically large concrete slab you're currently moving? There's a guy under it probably.") but it turns out I don't need to because I can already hear shouting from around the bend.
"What the fuck? That could have hit me mate! Jesus christ!" is all I hear, before my boss pops his head up from the crane and looks at me. I do an 'IDK man' hands and point to the rope. He does a comical facepalm and heads back.
I heard from my coworker who was guiding the block down that apparently after yelling his piece, he kept on running again, still through the active site. He was out of the way of further danger by then, but gotta get that cardio I guess.
TL;DR - man ducks under tape designed to keep people away from a dangling block of concrete and almost gets hit by said dangling block of concrete, complains about it
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2023.06.07 04:51 Impressive-Bad-8023 rate my resume

Hey, much like all of you i'm trying to get a new job because the one i have suck and prettty much don't have it any more becuase my boss is a... well an other word for donkey. that said a couple days a go i sent my resume for evauletion on an free website. and the finding were not good and the charge an arm and a leg to fixit. so i was hoping to get a second opinion. if im aloud too paste it here without my name and contact info and company names ofcourse. Any help would be welcome

Professional Summary
Experienced warehouse lead, that has worked tirelessly in a retail warehouse for the last eight years. Skilled in varies management areas and very detail oriented. Also, very talented in the area of inventory management and control.
Objective Statement
To obtain a position within a company or organization that will provide me with the opportunity to learn and grow. An organization that I can focus on rising company standards and achieving sales goals.
Core Qualifications
● Leadership Skills
● Team Player
● Time Management
● Quick learner
● MS Office
● Creative Problem Solving
● Forklift Experience
● Inventory Control
● Inventory Management
● Supervisory Experience
● Scheduling
Warehouse Lead Nov 2016 - present
Newport News Va.
● Recommend or initiate personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, or disciplinary measures.
● Prepare and maintain work records and reports of information such as employee time and wages, daily receipts, or inspection results.
● Quote prices to customers.
● Schedule times of shipment and modes of transportation for materials.
● Review work throughout the work process and at completion to ensure that it has been performed properly.
● Transmit and explain work orders to laborers.
● Resolve personnel problems, complaints, or formal grievances when possible, or refer them to higher-level supervisors for resolution.
● Aid in balancing books, tracking, monitoring, or projecting a unit's budget needs and in developing unit policies and procedures.
● Inform designated employees or departments of items loaded or problems encountered.
● Plan work schedules and assign duties to maintain adequate staff for effective performance of activities and response to fluctuating workloads.
● Check specifications of materials loaded or unloaded against information contained in work orders.
● Assess training needs of staff and arrange for or provide appropriate instruction.
● Inspect job sites to determine the extent of maintenance or repairs needed.
● Inventory supplies and requisition or purchase additional items, as necessary.
● Maintain a safe working environment by monitoring safety procedures and equipment.
● Collaborate with workers and managers to solve work-related problems.
Warehouse Associate Aug 2013- Nov 2016
Newport News Va.
● Loading and unloading of trucks.
● Moving of merchandise to and from the sales floor.
● Opening and preparation of merchandise.
● Clean and maintain the sales floor and warehouse.
Delivery Driver May. 2018- May 2019
Newport News VA.
● Delivered pizza, drinks, and other items with my order to the customer in a timely manner, well also minding the rules of the road.
Area Host Feb 2012- Aug 2013
Williamsburg Va.
● Mostly custodial work.
Cook Jun 2006 - Aug 2006
Ecorse Mi
● Maintain kitchen stocks.
● Operate the grill drop fries and hash browns.
● Maintain a clean work environment.
General Arts 2009- 2011
Associate in arts / not obtained.
, Mi
Game Design 2006 -2008
Bachelors in arts / not obtained.
Troy, Mi
High school diploma 2005- 2006
, Mi
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2023.06.07 04:49 Darth_84N3 Star Wars Re-Watch Podcast Special Edition Jedi Fallen Order

Sorry for the delay folks. Needed a little extra time to process my thoughts on this last special edition. Mike and I went on for two hours about Jedi Fallen Order. Obviously, we both love the game. I was wrong for not playing and beating it sooner. The story is great. Characters are great. Voice acting superb. Graphics, sound effects, music, gameplay, combat, absolutely phenomenal! Respawn has made a fool out of EA. By forcing developers to develop games, simply because they are game developers has blown up in EA's face. Zampella and the rest of Respawn have proven that EA's "online only" multiplayer centric business model is simply a profit motivated decision, rather than develop art for the sake of art. I understand that taking risks in a industry as competitive as video games is a tough sell but, if you design games for their audience, people will buy them. You don't always need to have blockbuster bombastic Call of Duty's to guarantee sales. The powers at Disney, carefully and thoughtfully helped Respawn craft a piece of art worthy of the title Star Wars.
Rant over.
There's a lot to talk about in this game. Let's start with the setting. Five years after Order 66, we are introduced to former Jedi Cal Kestis. Living his life in obscurity, trying to make ends meet. Cal has abandoned the way of the Jedi. However, fate has caused him to utilize his powers once more to save a life. The Imperial Inquisition becomes wise of Cal's existence, thus setting off the chain of events which begin the story. Both this show, and Kenobi show the evolution of the Empire's tech from Attack of the Clones to Revenge of the Sith, to A New Hope. At this point we see the Storm Trooper armor we know and love from the original trilogy. We can also infer the empire is on a five to ten year upgrade path. We see the semi-modern Clone Trooper armor in Revenge of the Sith that has less elements of Jango Fett's Mandalorian armor and more modern Stormtrooper elements. Specifically the visor and vents.
Either way, Cal is set forth on his task after being rescued by another former Jedi Cere Junda. I'm not going to spoil all of the game's plot here except that Cere is looking for a holocron left behind by another master. With it, Cere hopes to utilize it's knowledge to rebuilt the Jedi Order and fight the empire.
This game kicked my ass. Mostly because I was playing it wrong. Yes, I cranked the difficulty up to Jedi Grandmaster. Why? I am a veteran of all From Software games since Demon's Souls and everything in between. While most will compare the combat to Dark Souls it's actually more like Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. I was playing the game much more aggressively and the game was punishing me for it. While the parry windows are much narrower on higher difficulty, the game rewards deflecting enemy attacks much more than breaking an enemies guard by brute force. Even on the highest difficultly when I simply deflected enemy attacks I was rewarded with more opportunities to do damage versus attacking, guard-breaking, then attacking some more.
Either way, I learned a valuable lesson and powered through the rest of the game until it's climatic ending. I'm not going to spoil it. If you've never played this game you absolutely must. I will leave amazon associate links for where to purchase.
Thanks for listening guys. I hope you enjoy the game as much as Mike and I did.
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2023.06.07 04:48 pyaarnation Revitalize Your Living Room Ambiance: Pyaarnation's Art for Living Room Wall Selection

Pyaarnation presents a curated selection of art for living room walls, designed to infuse your space with charm and character. Explore our diverse range of captivating artworks, tailored to suit every taste and complement any interior design.
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2023.06.07 04:47 Candid-Tip-6483 Been playing Street Fighter 6, Marisa is totally a half-blood. Probably a daughter of Ares. [all]

Been playing Street Fighter 6, Marisa is totally a half-blood. Probably a daughter of Ares. [all]
Feel free to remove if not relevant.
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2023.06.07 04:42 betterhalfwedding Tips to Decide a Mehndi Designs for Feet

Mehndi, also known as henna, is an ancient form of body art. It has been an integral part of weddings and celebrations in many cultures for centuries. Mehndi designs for feet are particularly popular among brides, as they add an exquisite touch to their overall wedding look. Choosing the right Mehndi design for your feet can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available. Let’s see some valuable tips to help you decide on the perfect Mehndi design for your feet. This ensures that you look stunning on your special day.
Reference Link:-
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2023.06.07 04:33 hongyeartcraft HY-E69606-3 Christmas tree lantern

HY-E69606-3 Christmas tree lantern
Material:Plywood,Mdf,Nature Wood
Color:Nature Wood Color,Costomized Color
Style:Christmas,Halloween,Harvest,Easter,Daily Decoration,Etc
Packing:Carton Or Costomized
Sample Period:7-14days (Reasonable Sample Fees&Shipping)
Bulk Order Period:45-60 Days
Service:OEM, ODM, OBM
Company Name:Zhejiang Hongye Art & Craft Co., Ltd.
ADD:East of Weisi Road,West Industrial Park,Huangyan Economic Development Area,Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province
Phone:86 18968579319
Email:[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Profile:Zhejiang Hongye Art & Craft Co., Ltd. was established in 1995,has more than 25 years experience on wood making, Our factory passed ISO9001 certification and we have right to export independently. Our products are designed by our own development team, each product are unique and special. Additionally, we have a complete QC team to ensure the quality before shipping. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us, we will response as soon as we are online.
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2023.06.07 04:32 Mylifesucks34 Any Summer Programs for a Teen?

I am a 15 year old guy with absolutely nothing productive going on in my life. In an attempt to remedy this, I did a quick google search to see if I could resolve the matter, specifically as to if there was a program or a camp this summer that I can get out of the house and join. Unfortunately, all of my searches come to a dead end as I keep getting recommended either summer camps for elementary-school-aged kids or just the latest crime a teenager commits when I put quotations around "teen" to be more specific. Are there any summer programs that I can join that I'm not aware of?
If it helps to find a specific program relating to them, I'd say my hobbies/passions include computer animation, voice acting, and cartoon art.
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2023.06.07 04:30 _dystop 34M - Love engaging in a good [Chat]!

I'm a bit of a introvert/extrovert hybrid. I love nothing more than to hang out at home and go with the flow. However, I'm fully capable of being social/outgoing when I want to be. I'm at a point in my life where all the pieces are finally coming together and the scales are tipping toward extroversion. I have an amazing job, I'm in my 'inspired/motivated era' where my goals and dreams are within reach, and I'm constantly looking for more to take on to get me one step closer.
With all this excitement, my social battery has been at peak capacity. I love to engage with people and make meaningful connections. Want to have a deep conversation? I'm game. Need to vent? Let it out. Want to laugh at the absurdity of the thoughts that our brain randomly generates? Bet. I also work from home so I quite enjoy brief chats throughout the day or just firing off random positive affirmations. Tell me about yourself, your day, your life, your desires.... tell me anything at all....
Just send a DM!
Random interests: tech, animals, self-care/health/fitness, fashion (street/casual/high), all number of facets of nerd-related stuff, existentialism, movies/shows, drag culture, minimalism, interior design, researching random interesting topics, entrepreneurship, philosophy, basketball, programming, sewing, art, and likely anything you express your passion for. Let’s inspire each other!
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2023.06.07 04:25 Official-Vextorkai Update : Exclusive 3D Character Models will be downloadable via sketchpad tbd ,

Custom 3D Character Shop will be Open in the upcoming time,
In my Sketchpad linked below my 3D character art will be sold by prices and some art designs will pop
up depending on which event is happening in the 3d art community.
Prices are tbd as I Open the custom character shop.
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2023.06.07 04:20 Xx_TheCrow_xX Herpic masquerade cosmetics

Herpic masquerade cosmetics
Recently bought a dlc career pack and cosmetic upgrade and I thought some of these skins came with it due to this post? I got these skins on console version without buying separate but not on pc.
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2023.06.07 04:06 Total_Performance_34 Sata expansion reccomdations/advice

I have been researching what expansion card to get for my server. Want to be able to add 16 more drives in total to future proof the Fractal design 7 xl case that im currently running.
For reference the mobo currently in use is the Aorus B660m pro ax.
So far I have narrows the card down to an LSI 9201-16i which can run the 4x Minisas cable to 4 satas for a total of 16 drives. I see recommendations for The Art of Server ebay seller, although his card is twice the price for the total shipped cost + import charges to New Zealand compared to Jiawen2018 ebay seller.
Looking for advice on whether both cards are genuine or whom to go with?
Below is the links for reference
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2023.06.07 04:04 Raymonddennis The importance of gold in Diablo 4 and how to buy it?

In the world of Diablo IV, where darkness looms and treacherous foes await, gold reigns supreme as the currency of power and progress. As adventurers embark on their perilous quests, the importance of gold becomes apparent. It unlocks a world of opportunities, from acquiring powerful weapons and armor to enhancing skills and unlocking hidden secrets. In this article, we delve into the significance of gold in Diablo IV and unveil the ultimate solution to acquiring it:
Gold serves as the lifeblood of the Diablo IV universe, empowering players to forge their path to greatness. As you venture through the expansive realms, gold becomes a vital resource that fuels your journey. It grants you the means to purchase essential items, trade with fellow adventurers, and secure valuable upgrades that will aid you in your battles against the forces of evil. With gold in your possession, you can unlock the full potential of your character and rise to become a legendary hero.
Now, the question arises: How can one acquire this precious resource? Fear not, for holds the key to your abundance. As a trusted and reputable online platform, offers a secure and efficient solution for acquiring Diablo IV gold. With their extensive network and years of experience, they have mastered the art of providing players with a seamless and reliable service. understands the importance of a smooth transaction process. Their platform is designed to ensure that acquiring gold is a hassle-free experience. With their intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation, you can easily browse their wide selection of Diablo IV gold packages, choosing the one that best suits your needs. Once you have made your selection, simply follow the streamlined purchasing process, and your gold will be swiftly delivered to your account.
Safety is of paramount importance when engaging in any online transactions, and is dedicated to providing a secure environment for players. Their commitment to data privacy and protection is unparalleled. Advanced encryption technologies safeguard your personal information, ensuring that your details remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access. With, you can acquire Diablo IV gold with peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is upheld every step of the way.'s reputation for reliability and authenticity is another compelling reason to choose them as your trusted source for Diablo IV gold. Their long-standing presence in the gaming community has earned them the trust and respect of countless players worldwide. By offering a legitimate and legal avenue to acquire gold, upholds the integrity of the game and ensures that your journey remains within the bounds of fairness and ethical conduct.
Dear adventurers, as you embark on your quest through the realms of Diablo IV, let be your companion in acquiring the gold that will unlock new possibilities and propel you towards greatness. With their secure and efficient service, you can navigate the challenges of the game with confidence, knowing that the wealth of Diablo IV is within your reach.
Choose as your trusted partner in acquiring Diablo IV gold and embark on a legendary journey where power, wealth, and glory await. Read more
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2023.06.07 04:03 BoredGamer101 Horrified (2019) - Wait, Is This A Good Licensed Game?!?!?!?!?! - Review

Horrified (2019) - Wait, Is This A Good Licensed Game?!?!?!?!?! - Review
Didn’t we as a human society decide decades ago that anything based upon the intellectual property of another was supposed to suck? Books will always be better than the movie. Movies based on video games are destined to bomb. Comic books starring NFL players are supposed to be serious eye rolls. Any form of media that uses the license of another form is supposed to induce groans, and only be made as a shameless cash grab. We all remember making this deal, right? This rule usually applies to board games as well. Name any sort of license and it is almost guaranteed to have two or three board games based off of it, all of which are gathering dust on the shelf of some thrift store somewhere. There are a few exceptions (especially with the big names like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings) but usually they are the exception that proves the rule. Just when you think you have the world figured out, along comes Horrified to mess it up.
In its most basic sense, Horrified is a licensed game. Based on the property of the classic Warner Brothers monsters (think Dracula, the Invisible Man, Wolfman, etc.), on paper, Horrified feels like it should be destined to go the way of all other licensed games. Not only does Horrified do its best to rebel against this stereotype, but it also does its best to prove to you it is one of the best cooperative games on the market.
A clear amount of love for these IPs has gone into this game. As soon as you open the box and see the WARNING splashed across the back of the game board, you can tell the designers get it. They understand the campy nature that has made these monsters so famous in the first place. From the back of the board game, it only gets better.
The front of the game board is a gorgeous landscape of an unnamed (presumably European) town. Almost all of the art in this game is fantastic. From the monster cards, the player boards, the villager pieces, and even the variety of resources; the colors and style all work together to draw you into a world before movies were shot in color. This is also the only game I would recommend to play by candlelight; to heighten the mood and lean into the theme.
Besides the look of the game, the mechanics are well thought out as well. Players work together to defeat a variety of monsters. You get to decide which monsters and how many to take on at once; immediately giving you control on the difficulty of the game. Each monster’s defeat condition is different; though they often involve gathering a certain resource and solving a simple puzzle. Players have slightly asymmetrical powers. Just enough to make each character feel different and games with different combinations of characters will play differently. This greatly enhances the replayability of the game. With multiple ways that players can lose the game (including the in-game timer running out), and only one way to win; players must work together and take advantage of every turn to ensure victory.
This game has the ability to create some very cool stories and memories. It appeals to adults, kids, and players with a wide variety of experience with board games. If you have a group that likes to role play, Horrified gives you that outlet. If you are looking to try out some cooperative games, the rules and structure of Horrified are simple enough to pick up after the first few rounds. I have experienced very few games that can appeal to as wide an audience; while also creating as much as an impact as Horrified does.
This is one of those rare instances where playing the board game makes me want to get involved with the original properties this game is based upon, rather than the other way around. Horrified is one of the biggest surprise hits in my collection. It was a game that was given as a gift and only got opened when we had nothing better to do. It is now one of our first go-to options when it comes to picking a game for the night and it has earned a permanent spot in our collection. Horrified gives me hope for all the other licensed games out there.
Game Title: Horrified
Publisher: Ravensburger
Designer: Prospero Hall
Gameplay: 8.0
Presentation: 8.0
Replayability: 8.0
Thematic: 9.0
Player Interaction: 7.0
Teachability: 7.0
Overall: 7.8

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2023.06.07 04:02 AutoModerator [Get] James Wedmore – Sales Page By Design Download

[Get] James Wedmore – Sales Page By Design Download
Download :

What You Get:

Detailed video training & fill-in-the-blank templates for the 16 essential sections of your sales page!

Training 1:


The 16 Essential Sections of a High-Converting Sales Page
Every great recipe is made up of a list of ingredients… take a cake for example! Forget even one ingredient (like the sugar) and the cake is ruined! That’s how the sales page for your digital product works!
Inside Sales Page By Design, you won’t just get a list of the 16 ingredients required to cook up a high-converting sales page. You’ll get step-by-step training walking you through exactly how to NAIL each section without having to take 10 copywriting courses!
Imagine how much easier and fun it will be to assemble your sales page when you can simply follow the fill-in-the-blank templates and formulas for each section!

The 16 “Ingredients” of High-Converting Sales Pages:

Below is a Sneak-Peak at ALL 16 Required Sections That You’ll Create inside Sales Page By Design:
  1. Above the Fold Attention Getter
  2. Empathy & Warning (Consequence)
  3. Introduce the Solution/Vehicle
  4. Introducing Your Offer The Right Way
  5. Social Proof
  6. Modules Break Down
  7. The Pricing Conversation
  8. The Pricing Table
  9. The Simple Pricing Section
  10. Guarantee
  11. Bonuses
  12. Recap Section
  13. The Bind
  14. FAQ Section
  15. Earnings Disclaimer
  16. Footer
plus, there’s more!
You’re not just getting the “recipe,” I’m giving you everything you need to write, Design, & publish Your Page TOO!
Training 2:

Conversion Copy Fundamentals

How the Pro’s Write!
Get inside my brain! When you’ve been writing copy and creating sales pages for 14 years in numerous niches, how much will it help to get inside my brain and see exactly how I approach writing and why it’s so different than most?! In this section…
I’ll Reveal the Invisible Elements Beneath the Surface That Creates Powerfully Persuasive Copy!
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“MARKET SOPHISTICATION” and how to accurately meet your prospects at where they are at in the marketplace.
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Training 3:

Sales Page Design for the Non-Designer

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Inside Sales Page By Design, I walk you through…
  • Simple-to-follow design elements anyone can learn to “spruce up” your sales pages.
  • How and where to hire inexpensive designers!
  • Plus! Get access to our pre-made templates for plug-&-play design you can use instantly!
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2023.06.07 04:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: design

English: design
  1. to draw preliminary outline or main features of
  2. an outline or pattern of the main features of something to be executed, as of a picture, a building, or a decoration
  3. to create or produce, as a work of art
Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @
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2023.06.07 03:55 axlreinvented Heat Culture

Heat Culture
Reflecting on LeBron's exit from the team and how the organization started making more concerted efforts to market the concept of "Heat Culture" towards the league/fans and how effective it's been.
Not going to lie, I thought some of it was some "rah rah" adventurism to maintain the fans energized after a major loss in generational talent. But it was a bullseye of a strategy. And it has absolutely carried its weight.
I know there's been interviews with Hardaway where he's shared thoughts about when those standards started to take shape (Riley's arrival, the roster he built immediately after, '97-ish, etc). But I think this ideation of organizational branding + mission/vision has helped solidify our prestigious legacy in this league.
Does any team have such a focused, succinct branding element like this? Perhaps maybe the Lakers' "showtime" flair? But I can't think of many others.
As someone who enjoys the art of creative direction and marketing, I think our team really nailed it with this one.
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2023.06.07 03:51 wesconson1 As someone who has played D2 since 2000, this storyline is phenomenal

I just finished all the acts. Without giving out spoilers, holy shit. I don’t think I’ve ever cared about and enjoyed the cutscenes and storyline of any Diablo game as much as this one. The story, the art design, the sound design, the twists and turns. Just absolutely fantastic.
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