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2023.06.07 03:41 RevolutionaryRisk710 Help I’m trapped In rampart high

In mission things that go boom I was just going to find the dude in hardeman hall or whatever and after the guy exploded I am now trapped. There is no way out I cannot escape I’ve been here for an hour please help I’m losing my sanity
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2023.06.07 03:41 jeffster1970 12 months gas usage on 2022 Kia Niro PHEV

I meant to post this earlier. Anyway, after my first oil change, I reset my trip calculator to see what sort of milage I would be getting. The reset was April 26, 2022 so it will run to April 26, 2023. Here is what I got:
17,811 kilometres driver, and gas usage at 2.0 L/100km. This works out to 11,067 miles and 118 MPG (141 MPG Imperial). That means I purchased about 356 litres of fuel, or about 94 gallons.
Going into the winter months my numbers were better, but obviously during the coldest months I need to run the heat. Also included were several longer trips requiring gas. I used the PHEV as it in intended - pure electric unless going on a longer trip and anytime it's too damned cold.
My previous car was a 2016 Ford Focus - it never got close to the advertised milage. I was at 9.7 L/100KM or 24 MPG - so saving me about 1,370 litres of fuel purchases (about $2,500).
Today, curiosity got the best of me, and I had to do about 25km (16 miles) of in city driving. I used HEV mode the entire time, getting 4.1 L/100KM or 57 MPG (US). That's fantastic - especially since this drive took me about 50 minutes with the AC blasting. I hate wasting gas though, but I've been on the same tank for over 2 months, including some long distance drive, but I really need to get through the rest of the tank...
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2023.06.07 03:40 ubqpxme 5

Recently, Lu Pin once again acted as a troublemaker. Upon seeing the notification of a student strike at Rutgers University, where she is studying as a graduate student, she decisively joined in and tweeted, "I am the first day of the strike as a graduate student at Rutgers University", "I am so excited to be standing among these people today", and "there are many inspiring scenes in this strike. The day after the rally, I saw college students enjoying a spring afternoon without classes on the lawn. This is probably the first time I have appreciated the beauty of Rutgers University". She seems to be always seeking chaos, and wherever there is turmoil, she goes to join in the fun. However, in the process of participating in the strike at Rutgers University, Lu Pin did not forget to criticize her own country, saying "As international students, we cannot easily drop out of school, nor can we secretly work off campus. As any Chinese student will tell you, the prices at Asian stores have risen especially high".
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2023.06.07 03:40 Extension_Ad5979 Help getting 3d printer adhesion

I’ve just upgraded my anycubic mega zero with the mini skr MZ board and all metal hotend. Also installed a glass heated bed. The issue I’m having is getting my prints to adhere. The XYZ test print came out perfect but any other prints I’ve grabbed off thingiverse aren’t working. Is there something I need to adjust to these prints I’m borrowing? I’m new to 3d printing so my knowledge is very limited but if somebody could point me in the right direction I could get it figured out. After all I made it this far with my upgrades lol. Not too savvy on the actual print file adjustments though. Thank you in advance for your help. Oh also I’m printing at 200 degrees nozzle and 60 degrees print bed with PLA.
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2023.06.07 03:40 AwesomeTreehouse Trying to Figure Out a Timing/Starting Issue - 92' 240, B230

Trying to Figure Out a Timing/Starting Issue - 92' 240, B230
I recently replaced my front engine seals and timing belt and, after putting everything back together, my car was starting right up and idling nicely but there was some brief hesitation when opening the throttle a little. That isn't something it used to do so I worried that the timing was maybe off by a tooth or so.
I decided to go back in to check the timing and replace the old rusty harmonic balancer while I was at it. I also replaced the spark plugs wires with nice Bougicord ones. Now, with everything lined up as it should be, the car will crank but won't start.
Here's what I've tried:
  • Triple verified that the position markers all line up after rotating the crankshaft two full rotations.
  • Tried advancing the intermediate shaft forwards and back 1-2 teeth to see if that had any effect.
  • Put the old spark plug wires back and checked the new ones for continuity.
  • Cleaned the distributor cap and rotor (which are both only 2 years old) with contact cleaner.
  • Tried setting the harmonic balancer to 10 degrees instead of 0. I did this because the old one lined up to the 10 degree mark with the engine at top dead center. I assumed the old one had shifted over time as they're known to do. This made no difference though.
I'm really not sure what the issue could be and what else to try. I thought that lining the camshaft, intermediate shaft, and crankshaft up with their respective marks should be all I need to worry about as far as timing. Especially since a 92' has ignition timing adjusted by the ECU.
Any ideas?
Harmonic balancer at the 0 degree position.
Crankshaft with the harmonic balancer removed. Note the keyway and notch lining up to the mark on the engine.
Camshaft at top dead center.
Intermediate shaft lined up with the mark on the rear cover.
Distributor pointing towards #1.
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2023.06.07 03:40 Bin94Hey Stopped getting my period ever since I got Kyleena put in?

I got my Kyleena put in exactly 10 weeks ago. Before that I was on the pill for about 6 years, until the day I got the Kyleena put in. I went to my checkup a few weeks ago and she said the strings were all set. I told her that I hadn’t gotten my period yet and she said that’s fine but on the Kyleena website it said if you haven’t gotten a period in 6 weeks timeframe to call the doc. Anyone have a similar experience? I’m petrified of being pregnant
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2023.06.07 03:40 Aarontrio Phone theft attempt (phone recovered)

Today, someone reached into the open car window from my wife’s uber, which was stopped in traffic, grabbed her phone off her lap and took off running. She got out and ran after him (at which point the driver got out and joined the chase) but the thief lost them after a couple blocks.
Otw back to the car, my wife was approached by numerous individuals trying to give her a phone -different makes and models -maybe for money? She doesn’t speak French well enough to understand what they were saying but the driver just told her to look down and keep walking.
Eventually though, one of them insisted she take the phone in his hands. The driver was talking a lot and accepted the phone from this person. It was hers! It had been turned off but otherwise unaltered.
What the heck!!?
I understand trying to steal her data/profiles/accounts but what’s up with the attempts to give hesell her (possibly) a new one?? And is it possible the driver was in on it? She wasn’t the only person in the car (meaning yes, the driver abandoned a car in traffic with THREE other women in it, including one minor).
Has anyone heard of anything like this before?
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2023.06.07 03:39 H1nrichV1 Lance + Evade extender

I came back to Rise not too long ago after taking a break and decided to play Lance, remembering that Evade extender was fun to use on it, only to realise that Evade extender on Lance doesn't work anymore.
When did they change this? And if so, why?
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2023.06.07 03:39 Navaneet_97 Changing employers before October 1 (petition approved)

My H1B got picked this time with the current employer and my petition got approved. Unfortunately things aren’t going well with my current employer and I am planning to shift companies.
My H1B petition is a COS and status changes only on October 1. In case a new company hires me, will they be able to transfer my H1B before the COS start date of October 1?
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2023.06.07 03:39 TheMaskedGrl Am I doing something wrong? Every photo with the Mint Flashbar 2 is super dark. I’ve tried multiple settings, both SX-70 and 600 film with an ND filter. Even directly took a photo of a stained glass lamp that was on with full flash power and it’s still insanely dark.

Am I doing something wrong? Every photo with the Mint Flashbar 2 is super dark. I’ve tried multiple settings, both SX-70 and 600 film with an ND filter. Even directly took a photo of a stained glass lamp that was on with full flash power and it’s still insanely dark. submitted by TheMaskedGrl to Polaroid [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 03:39 alhasan55 How can I travel to Scotland Islands?

Hi everyone, Hope you’re doing good.
I’m an international student in the UK. I have already visited Scotland for several days. However, I’m going home after my graduation and I would really want to visit the Scottish Isles and Islands before, but I don’t know which islands to choose and how to go even, are there fares? How to book them?
Can you help me on this please?
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2023.06.07 03:39 -FFBE- Storage Honkai takes

Will it just keep going up and up or will it just increase a while after patches then go back down?
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2023.06.07 03:39 ASensiblewitdaHoodie Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) baited me for 3 months of my life

Recruiter contacts me through a referral in February - interviews me twice in a week - interviews me for a third time 3 weeks later (“the final round”) - waits a month and then ask to interview me even further for a fourth time - tells me I’ll hear back in 3 days - doesn’t reach out to me for a month - when I contact them, the recruiter keeps saying they’re under a period of “business review” and they’ll let me know asap - go another month with no contact despite effort on my end - sends me a generic rejection email midday 3 months after my initial interview a ir how they’re “full” - interviewer still continues to offer jobs and congratulate people who accept them on LinkedIn.
Thanks for wasting 3 months of my life and being the most unprofessional company I’ve ever dealt with GLG.
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2023.06.07 03:39 whatshername025 Am I 22F over thinking my 24M bf leaving me out of fun trips & adventures?

I (22 F) have been with my bf (24) for a little over 4 yrs. Or relationship has been a bit rocky but we want to make it work. In total, we've lived together for a little under 3 yrs (weve lived in 3 different apartments together). Through out living together, we both agreed that some of those times were the best times of our life and we were deeply in love but when he got our last apartment together, we both fell into addiction issues and personal issues so thats what caused our break. I moved back into my parents and he & his best friend got an apartment together. We've had arguments here and there. But one thing we agreed is that we isolated ourselves in each other when we lived together and didn't have much attention for anyone else like friends. We had some come and go but his 2 best friends always stuck around and they'd come over sometimes.
Recently, he started getting paid more and I'm able to save up my money living at my parents.
Now, back tracking again. He and his best friend have ALWAYS been into going to concerts. They'd go to one 1-4 times a year... I've never been invited to a single one.. even for birthday gifts, I've bought both of them tickets for shows they wanted to go to but I've never been thought of to tag along.
Fast forward again, we have this extra money coming in now. He, his best friend, and another friend went to Disney World.. cool, fun.. I wasn't invited cause it was his best friend's birthday. Whatever.
Now, my bf is going out more with friends, which I'm happy for him.
More plans for concerts, going out to a party, planning a trip to Las Vegas for my bf's birthday... I'm still not invited.
I'm kind of more hurt about not getting invited to his birthday trip to Las Vegas. I guess I understand wanting to hang out with the boys but I've never really gotten any big plans with him & ive never really ever been able to travel anywhere cause my mother was sick for most of my life. Ive set dates for us to go to other states and they just never fell through. We went on a very tiny road trip recently and our 4 yr anniversary followed shortly after.... and we did nothing for our anniversary. So his excuse for doing nothing was our... very tiny road trip as a substitute for our 4 yr. I got really mad over this, he apologized, and said he'd make up for it... nope.
I've asked about going to concerts and... he doesn't want to see that artist or drive 1.5 hr away. I've asked about going to raves and that doesn't interest him.
I mention a trip to Washington in 3 months and... he's iffy.
Am I over thinking this? Am I right to kind of view from the sidelines and wish I'd get an invite? I feel like if I ask to go on the Las Vegas trip that he'll feel pressured. I'm happy he's going out with friends but I feel like he doesn't want to include me on big fun adventures.
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2023.06.07 03:39 Positive_Raise4140 Struggling to retain infomation?

Hi there all, I'm 17 and am learning to fly to get a PPL, after that I hope to attend an academy to gain a CPL which I am currently applying to attend early next year. My problem is that with the theory exams, school work and flying I'm finding it quite difficult to retain all of the information I learn. Most of the practical flying parts I am fine with and have learnt to remember well but the theory is hard. I've passed three of the papers so far, all first try but even now its hard for me to look back and remember information I once learnt from them. Should I be worried about this and go back to relearn them? I'd be great to hear what you have to say. Thanks :)
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2023.06.07 03:39 ElephantOnaKaiser Alright, getting quite desperate.

Girlfriend and I are looking for a place to live with our two dogs in Fredericton while in school (MCFT and NBCCD) we’re looking for a place to rent from August 1st. Everything that allows our situation is WELL above our price range or, non-existent.
I’ve been on the SPCA website and exhausted the available options there. I’ve posted before on this subreddit and went through all the options commentators present with no luck.
Just looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom. That’s around 1500 that will allow two dogs (would pay extra to have a fenced yard).
If anyone has any leads please forward them to me.
Thank you.
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2023.06.07 03:39 Victoronomy Ghosts of Albion

Hello! My wife is a fan of Amber Benson and converted me as well (it wasnt hard). After reading the Ghosts of Albion books we wanted to watch the BBC series and we are not having much luck finding it. Any suggestions? We are in the US, in case that matters.
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2023.06.07 03:39 544C4D4F wild baby bunny - double check my applied logic

Hello rabbitors. I used to have house rabbits so I've long valued this community and continue to enjoy the pix you all share of your banana monsters.
lets get to it: saw a crow going back and forth from a pile of grass and fur in the grass and by the time I investigated, I found that it was indeed a wild bunny house, and found 3 dead babies on the grass. I decide to bury them out of common respect and while doing so I found that there was a forth bunny still in the house, and it was ok. I picked it up and it beeped at me and tried to hop a bit but its about 3-4" long and it's weapon systems haven't fully come online yet :)
so after considering my shitty options, I put him back in his house and repacked it with the grass and fur. there's a small bun nearby and I'm not sure if its mom or not but I'm going to give nature a chance to right this situation.
so my questions for you are:
1.) did I do the wrong thing?
2.) how do I know if its worked and when it step back in to save this little dude if mom is afk?
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2023.06.07 03:39 StonyTonyBaloney Thoughts of some characters

I really liked Harry wells, and it took me a while to appreciate H.R. wells but I did like him. Sherloque wells was a fun one, and Nash was okay. Before I watched the crisis episodes, I was really hoping that somehow, all of these different earth Wells' would come together towards the end to form a sort of ACTUAL council of wells. Like maybe the hologram council was supposed to be a sort of foreshadow for a future council of wells we would come to know and love, but instead it seems they were all written out of existence, save for timeless wells. Though, I do appreciate that they were able to shed a little bit of light on the OG Wells we never got to know.
After that, it felt like Tom Cavanagh was only on set to awkwardly share the reverse flash role with Matt Letscher.
Then they also got rid of one of the best characters in Cisco. I had gotten slight spoilers when I glanced at a post about why Cisco left, so the moment I saw that Chester was a techy guy and had been welcome back to star labs, I totally saw how he'd eventually come to replace Cisco. And not that I don't like Chester, but he almost felt like a lesser "same character" to Cisco. Dude is half of a blackhole for a while, but once he's returned to normal he's a regular guy until the very last episode when we find out he has some kind of healing because of his "black hole dna"? I'm not familiar with the comic book character, but the guy was a literal black hole and that's almost forgotten about until the final episode?
Sorry for the rambling. I just finished watching the show tonight and am excited to join the conversation on this show. It's weird to binge a show for so long and not feel bummed when i finally finish it.
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2023.06.07 03:39 32yroldMatilda The day before I start my period is the only day I want to have sex all month

I can't believe I never thought to ask this before. But the only time I ever want to have sex is the day before my period starts. 🤣 So basically PMDD makes me angry and horny.
Anyone else? 😬
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2023.06.07 03:39 Werewolf_Late Child Tantrums- What to do?

Hi all, I (26f) have custody of my little sister (9).
When my sister is upset, I’m talking really upset, she pitches fits- throwing herself on the floor, screaming a single line of dialogue over and over and over, and will really go through this incredible cycle that can last up to an hour.
Just tonight, this all occurred after I asked her to do her homework which usually occurs in after-school.
I have tried all different ways to stop it. After the initial few tantrums, we tried to forge an agreement where she can take a mindful moment to drink a glass of water or do a monkey dance (dance silly). But even after reminding her and using calm language/ tone, this fit continues.
I try not to harshly punish her but once she starts throwing things, yelling nasty things to me, I begin to slowly take away things. Like tonight, I said no television, after I gave her a warning and she proceeded to throw an animal. I try not to yell due to possible trauma, I DO NOT ever lay my hands on her, and I try to create better alternatives for her ange sadness/ frustration/ etc.
But, I just am at a lost when it happens. So im looking for guidance and I just need help to figure out what to do. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.07 03:39 MyCatHasN0Name Part-timers, how often do you think about quitting?

Just asking out of curiosity cause I go through this thought/feeling every year. I've quit twice but have come back and just hit my two years (again). So this time I'm just going to take two weeks of vacation. I'm just getting burnt out (also working another job). I'm definitely not going to quit before the new contract comes out (we have a vote this coming Sunday).
Sometimes I feel like my life and mood would be better without UPS in it.
Just wanted to know how many of you think about quitting and how often.
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