Motorcycle repair santa rosa

Jacket zipper repair

2023.05.30 15:35 vijjer Jacket zipper repair

Hi all - I've a slightly odd request.
Would you recommend anyone who could replace/repair a zipper on a motorcycle jacket? I've a perfectly good Alpinestars jacket that has a zipper that's splitting open.
(I'll wait for you all to get over the pot belly jokes)
I'm in the Woking/Guildford area (South East England) if that helps narrow options down.
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2023.05.30 14:45 OneMoreNewYorker Reliable City Bike, Two Up

Hi all. I posted in the past — trying to refocus my request. I’ve only ever owned used bikes, and my track record is pretty shitty: tons of repairs, tons of surprises. I was only buying bikes in the $2k - $4k range and got what I paid for. It’s exhausting and discouraging (and unsafe).
Looking for a super reliable bike (Japan?) that is good for the NYC (potholes, uneven roads), got ABS / smart motorcycle stuff, and enough power for two riders (love to try going a little out of the city). Probably something more upright, that has room for a top case or saddlebags. Would be nice to be able to leave my helmet with the bike and know it was safe.
…cheaper the better? But also seems like new bikes start at $8k min.
Thanks very much.
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2023.05.30 13:49 CivilShift8946 Starting a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Starting a Motorcycle Repair Shop
Still working my corrupt powersports dealership job but it’s taking a toll on my morals and ethics. Hoping one day I get big enough to compete with them. The bull of my tools are still at work but I’m investing a lot into it. Buford, GA. If anyone has any tips on business that would be helpful.
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2023.05.30 09:41 ConstantZebra3713 The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders — possibly related to The Zodiac?

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2023.05.30 09:38 starstaffing1 Jobs Santa Rosa

Find your next job or hire your next top employee with our Santa Rosa temp staffing agency. We are an award-winning recruiting agency, dedicated to finding the perfect match for part-time and full-time jobs. Call us at 707-575-5005.
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2023.05.30 08:27 brettm03 Having a little to much

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2023.05.30 08:26 atownlaw San Luis Obispo Brain Injury Lawyers

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2023.05.30 07:47 MugShots Santa Rosa cemetery groundskeeper arrested after shooting

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2023.05.30 07:45 Typical-Ad8328 What happens to replaced parts under warranty?

Just a curious question for those of you that had ur motorcycle repaired under warranty, do you get to bring with you the defective part or is it left sa casa? Thanks
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2023.05.30 04:36 Commandmanda Urgent Care Report: 5/25 - 5/28/2023

The week and weekend leading up to Memorial Day was not as quiet as expected. Our clinic buzzed with last-minute occupational testing, worker's comp cases, and unexpected injuries so severe that I thought we might transfer the patients to the ER. Luckily, only one or two fit that category.
Patients are still waiting too long to seek treatment. We saw a patient with a dislocated shoulder that suffered for a week before seeking treatment. More cellulitis patients arrived. I caught an article about it written by - of all people - Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie). If you are ever in a position where a relative is refusing treatment for a severely red and inflamed limb, show them her article:
That article should be enough to convince them.
Eye infections, styes and chalazions were up. No bilateral (both eyes) infections showed up.
Sinus pain and pressure were common complaints, with just one or two reporting yellow or green "alien" mucus.
On the Covid front, I heard they had three Covid cases on Monday, but we had just one or two this week and weekend. This may be due to the fact that most patients are now refusing COVID testing. The vast majority of them ask for Strep testing, and only a few resulted positive for Strep A. The rest were put down to "unknown virus", or "viral syndrome" (in the very young). To say that I am disappointed that so few chose to Covid test is an understatement.
Of course, one of those positive cases was given to me to discharge, and to my great relief she was at least directed to wear a mask as she sat at my desk. The problem? She leaned into the window so closely that I nearly felt the need to back myself away. I resisted it, knowing that the cloud of viral aerosolized particles was not directed toward me; but I hastened her paperwork and excused myself from the scene as quickly as possible. Sometimes it's better to just let the air clear, so to speak.
None of my coworkers are wearing masks anymore, not even my fellow front office workers. I overheard a conversation between a supervisor and some unidentified person (I don't eavesdrop, but when my name is mentioned I tend to pay attention). It seems they were talking about how well the dropping of mask-wearing was going. I was mentioned as being "proactive" versus everyone else, and that things seemed to be running smoothly...but I am not entirely of that opinion. In fact, I was somewhat angry that I had been singled out as a representative of a class of people; it had a ring of political side-taking even though the words were carefully chosen.
Several patients who were obviously ill with respiratory ailments refused to mask. I insisted, prompting scowls and grumbling, but my coworkers gave up, and said nothing. This in turn caused other patients to insist upon waiting in their cars. The divide between patients who just don't care about spreading disease and those who don't want to catch any seems to be developing quietly. While some people won't wear masks, they are still interested in separating themselves from obviously sick people. I do wish they would understand that Covid can be carried by even "healthy" looking people. Three years in, and they still haven't received the message.
When I look out over the crowd of unmasked patients, I see vulnerable seniors, babies, pregnant women... I feel that our signs should say, "Enter at your own risk."
I had a conversation with one of our doctors about Paxlovid when a middle aged couple came in asking for it due to symptoms (feeling "Very sick, nauseous, with a fever,") and a positive COVID test. I prefaced my question to the doctor with, "As I am sure you have heard that the FDA formally declared Paxlovid a safe and effective treatment for COVID," and then followed up with, "Are you now of a mind to consider writing a prescription for it, if the situation warrants it?"
His reply was curt, to the point, and had a somewhat annoyed and confused tone: "I have never written a Paxlovid prescription because...I cannot be sure of the patient's liver function." And that was that. No mention of a survey for the patient, no request for a test for liver enzymes...nothing. He went back to his paperwork, and I promptly directed the patient to the local CVS Minute Clinic.
Once again, I felt defeated. My own clinic, my favorite practitioners, too worried that someone might sue them, and too worried that they might cause harm - to act to give comfort. It distracted me that day. Just in case you're in a position where your provider is on the fence, here is the announcement by the FDA:,19%2C%20including%20hospitalization%20or%20death.
For those seeking COVID stats, I spent a couple of days compiling areas showing a rise in wastewater and hospitalizations:
Marion County appeared to have a rise in hospitalizations earlier this week. Citrus was also shown. I am now convinced that areas with shared hospitals are being linked, and the counties are not separated by geographical area.
Comparative hospitalizations for COVID treatment between this and last week:
Citrus: 13 new patients, a 62.5% rise, 2.50 patients per 100,000 (above the US average of 2.49). Marion mirrored this.
Indian River: 35 new patients, a 59.1% rise, 4.6 patients per 100,000.
Santa Rosa: 35 patients, a 94.4% rise, 4.2 patients per 100,000. Escambia, Okaloosa, and Walton were linked.
As a control:
Pasco: 130 patients, down 19.8%, 4.1 patients per 100,000.
We do seem to have had more COVID in Pasco, but it is slowly relaxing. That may be short-lived though, considering the holiday.
I have not included any other counties due to the fact that their levels were the same or reduced by a very small level. If you're in any of those fortunate counties, smile! (But still wear your mask.)
Wastewater Levels per the CDC show:
Levi: Significant rise
Alachua: Significant rise
Orange: Tentative rise, just beginning
All other levels were decreasing slowly or unreported.
Memorial weekend and Day will result in people getting together for barbeques, solemn ceremonies, and family outings....and you know more gatherings means more spread. I'll report what I see, of course.
For everyone still masking, keep it up. I've had patients confront me: "Are you comfortable in that mask?" I simply reply that it is the best thing that I can do to guard myself at the clinic....and at the grocery store....and on public transportation. Don't ever apologize. It's your right to stay healthy and happy.
For those dealing with Memorial Day as I do, in remembering lived ones lost to the wars, or just simply lost to time, I am with you.
Be safe, be masked, and be well.
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2023.05.30 03:57 Proletlariet Captain Gundam

"Attention! I have been granted special dispensation to use firearms in defense of Neotopia. Lay down your weapons at once!"
Before a perpetually peaceful world, when Neotopia was attacked by an evil force who wished to destroy all organic life, they needed a saviour. This saviour came in the form of the secret organization of the Super Dimensional Guards, and in particular Captain Gundam, A robot authorised to use any means neccesary to protect his world. While initially insisting on keeping his activities a complete secret, the actions and support of a local boy named Shute helped activate his Soul Drive, a special contraption in his chest that greatly increased his abilities. The two would work together in the newly formed Gundam Force, alongside Gundams from other dimensions whose homes had already fallen to the Dark Axis, seeking to protect harmony in the universe.
Captain Gundam, after being greatly injured, was later repaired and had some upgrades made to his exoskeleton. Besides from a new ultimate attack, it's unclear how much this affects his abilities otherwise. All feats obtained in this upgraded body are marked with 'UP' to distinguish them.



Lifting / Throwing



Blunt Force











Beam Saber

Option F

An optional extra pack attached to his back while equipping his armour, giving him greater flight capabilities

Option Z

In the final battle, Captain equips Option Z, an experimental jet-like add-on which takes the place of Option F.


In-Built Equipment and Robot Abilities

Soul Drive

The 'most vital unit inside of Captain Gundam', the Soul Drive activates in response to strong emotions of friendship with Shute. This massively increases Captain Gundam's abilities while active. While it's unlikely that his durability also increases in this state, such feats have nevertheless been included in this section just in case they do. He can sense what Shute's doing through his soul drive and even have it activated through his actions when he's nowhere nearby, with this actively healing him from a previously incapacitated and highly injured state. For the majority of the series he can only activate his Soul Drive when synchronized with Shute, but in the final battle he draws on his memories with him to activate it stronger than it had ever been before while Shute was trapped.
While he was still alive, albeit in an unconscious state after having his Soul Drive removed, based on Commander Sazabi's defeat it can be speculated that destroying it would instantly kill Captain Gundam.






An enhanced form first seen given to Captain while he was alive but unable to act fully consciously due to his Soul Drive having been removed, this form gives Captain a large amount of extra gear on top of his standard combat armour which, among other things, allows him to transform into a vehicle.

Captain System

With his Re-Equip Ring, Captain Gundam can activate Captain Mode, using his Soul Drive to access the programming of all the robots in Neotopia. Like this, he deactivates the control devices on all of them, freeing them from the Dark Axis' mind control


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2023.05.30 03:54 Appropriate_Road1555 Hospital forgot blood thinners after surgery

Hi all, thank you for taking the time to read this and share any advice you can give. I apologize for the length but I hope it's at least entertaining. This incident started a little under 4 months ago and I was a completely healthy 27 year old male.
It all started when I t-boned a car at 50mph on my motorcycle...five days after moving into a new house in a new state (Florida). I had just left work when this lady did what my friends and I call the Florida slide and attempted to go from a parking lot on the right, across 3 high traffic lanes, to a turning lane on the left in one fell swoop. She made it all the way to lane 3 before I t-boned and got launched over the top of her Toyota Corolla rental. She was obviously found at fault for the accident and auto insurance paid what they owed, however it wasn't much and definitely not enough to cover the totality of my losses. The impact snapped my femur in half and broke it in a few other places. I ended up with a titanium rod and screws in my leg but was extremely fortunate to come away from the situation at all, even more so with only one badly broken bone. The surgery went great and I seriously can't thank everyone involved enough. So far recovery is also going great aside from the mass amount of scar tissue that now inhibits my knee. I was in and out of the hospital in under 3 days.
My surgeon had ordered a few medications for me to go home with, one of those being a blood thinner (he did order it, it's in the records). When I was given my medications before discharge I received the other meds but was never given the blood thinner or told I needed one by any of the staff. Over the following 2 weeks at home I was quite light headed and extremely exhausted. I figured it was just a side effect of the trauma of having my femur smashed at 50mph and flying through the air over the car that cut me off as well as having surgery to repair the damages. Then one evening I got out of bed and crutched into the bathroom when I felt myself becoming very lightheaded. I tried to yell for my roommate but he couldn't hear me. The next thing I remember is waking up, my body weight being held by my crutches and good leg, hands leaning against the vanity wondering what just happened and how on earth I didn't eat the side of the bathtub. I notified my roommate, took care of business and went back to bed. Throughout that night I had pretty bad discomfort on the right side of my abdomen and chest, but not enough to warrant an emergency. I got a few hours of opioid induced sleep (I took my last 5mg oxycodone pill from the surgery). After I woke up the pain increased and I started noticing shortness of breath in the late hours of the morning. The pain was weird, it was like all the muscles on my right side were having spasms every time I tried to inhale. This is when my roommates and I decided to call the ambulance to take me back to the hospital. After some scans, blood tests, and painkillers, they found evidence of quite a lot of blood clots in both my lungs (Bilateral PE). The Doctor said my D-dimer levels were the highest he's seen in his 30 year career (I believe he said 128,000 ng/ml. Keep in mind I also had a lot of blood clotting from the accident). He immediately gave me a blood thinner via injection in my stomach and I waited to be transferred to a room.
While I was in the ER I was fully hooked up to monitors and saw my oxygen saturation was fluctuating between 80% and 100% (I believe this was partially due to my slowed breathing caused by the painkillers now instead of the pain). However, when I got to my room they didn't hook me up to anything so my O2 saturation, heart rate, etc wasn't being monitored which I found odd due to the nature and severity of my symptoms. That night was the absolute worst. The higher intensity painkillers from the ambulance and ER wore off and I had been taking Tylenol for a bit. The pain grew severe so I hit the nurse call button to ask for something stronger. I did and she ordered it and said it would be right up. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. For what felt like an eternity to me because at this point I was ready to jump out of the 3rd story window. In reality I believe it was 2-4 hours. During this time I was downright scared. My breaths were extremely shallow and painful and the muscle spasming/cramping caused me to stop breathing entirely many times and I had to fight to take a little bit of air in. The part that scared me the most was that nobody would have known if I passed out since I wasn't on a monitor. The night nurse only came in a couple times because I hit the call button. I was even allowed to take a stronger painkiller as soon as I asked for one but for some reason the doctor just never showed up until hours later. It took another hour or 2 of writhing in pain for whatever they gave me to kick in enough that I dozed off for a short time. I left this visit with a minimum 4 month prescription of Eliquis until they re-evaluate.
I didn't have health insurance at the time of the accident (I do now) and what I got from auto insurance covered the loss of my motorcycle and a tiny bit to help with medical bills. Nothing for loss of income, the rest of the medical bills in the past, present and future, or pain and suffering. Even with the self pay discount all the bills totaled in the hundreds of thousands. Luckily, the hospital is giving me a full financial waiver on their bill which is the biggest (probably because I have no money to give them). It hasn't been approved yet but is in the last step of the process. I still have plenty of other related and unrelated bills I need to pay that won't get waived. I can't go after the other driver because I already accepted the insurance checks for bodily injury and property damage. Neither do I want to as she's an unmarried mom of 3 with no assets and I don't want to screw up the lives of her kids.
Is it possible to go after the hospital for negligence in this case? Will it screw up anything with the financial waiver? Any advice is very greatly appreciated and thank you again for taking the time.
TLDR: Hospital didn't do standard practice and forgot to discharge me with blood thinners after surgery even though the surgeon ordered it. Caused blood clotting in both of my lungs, another trip to the hospital, and a lot of pain. Long term effects TBD.
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2023.05.29 23:04 leevii2000 Should I drill into the cylinder head without any experience? (BMW F800S '07)

About a week ago, I had a little issue with my exhaust pipe. I needed to remove it, which involved loosening the bolts between the pipe and the cylinder head. Unfortunately, out of the four bolts, I managed to pull out only one successfully. The rest were incredibly rusty, and their heads ended up breaking off.
Here's the thing: I called a workshop to get it fixed, but they have an insane waitlist of over two months. So now I'm considering taking matters into my own hands and fixing it myself. The problem is, I have absolutely zero experience with motorcycle repairs.
So, here's my question for you all: Do you think I should give it a shot and try to fix it myself? Considering my lack of experience, would it be wise to purchase a drill and a tap and die set and attempt the repair on my own?
I appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have!
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2023.05.29 22:20 marcosville ¿Cuál debería ser el próximo servicio de larga distancia a habilitarse?

Eso. Parce que en junio se habilitan los pasajes para el tren a Mendoza y si bien hay muchas cosas que mejorar en todas las líneas de larga distancia en general, es divertido pensar en el futuro.
Actualmente tenemos:
Constitución - Mar del Plata Constitución - La Madrid - Bahía Blanca Gral. Guido - Div. de Pinamar Once - Bragado / Pehuajó Retiro - Junín Retiro - Justo Daract (San Luis) Retiro - Rosario (Santa Fe) Retiro - (Santa Fe) - Córdoba Retiro - (Santa Fe) - (Santiago del Estero) - Cevil Pozo (Tucumán)
Antes existían:
Constitución - Saladillo - Gral. Alvear Constitución - Tandil - Vela Constitución - Pringles - Bahía Blanca Constitución - 25 de Mayo Constitución - Miramar Constitución - Bolivar - Daireaux Constitución - Patagones Once - Lauquen - Gral. Pico (La Pampa) Once - Lincoln - Gral. Pico (La Pampa) Once - Santa Rosa Lacroze - (Entre Ríos) - (Corrientes) - Posadas (Misiones)
Incluso seguro muchos más, pero todos esos fueron suspendidos entre 2011 y 2017
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2023.05.29 21:00 cornfuckz Does anyone remember the old interior of Taqueria Santa Rosa on Mendocino Avenue?

I’ve been going there since I was born, and I remember the paint job inside used to be very different than what’s there now. I remember there being a woman on a balcony above the door, a man playing a guitar in a corner? and cockfighting roosters in front of the register. Then like 10-15 years ago, they had a fire, and repainted the interior to what’s there now. Does anyone else remember the old interior, or better yet have pictures?
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2023.05.29 20:47 orchidhaze Project Description Feedback for Application

Hi! I was looking for someone that would like to give me feedback on my project descriptions for the PMP application. I have struggled with them for so long and after reading this sub I think I have them kinda ok, but would be grateful for some assurance. :) Thanks in advance!

Medical office remodel
April 2016-November 2016
Context: I was Project Manager for a company which focused on both design and execution of construction projects.
Objective: Remodel a family home to adapt it for a new use as a medical office/clinic. The timeline was for 5 months. The main stakeholder was the homeowner, who was an eye doctor with the need for a consultation office.
Deliverables: Project charter, scope plan, WBS, full set of approved construction plans, risk and issues log, quality/inspection logs, weekly status reports.
The outcome of the project was the successful remodel of the residence, where the owner (a doctor) would use it as a consultation office/small procedure clinic.
Design and construction of two-story house
March 2017- March 2018
Context: I was Project Manager for a company which focused on both design and execution of construction projects.
Objective: Build a two-story home for a family of 4, starting from an empty lot. This project included design iterations and construction.
Deliverables: Project charter, scope plan, WBS, full set of approved construction plans, risk and issues log, quality/inspection logs, weekly status reports.
The outcome of the project was the successful design and construction of the residence, under budget and within the accepted delivery date.
Construction of motorcycle brand flagship store
April 2018 - November 2018
Context: I was Project Manager for a company which focused on both design and execution of construction projects.
Objective: Build a new flagship store for a motorcycle brand, which included retail for parts and accessories, a workshop for repairs, and storage.
Deliverables: Project charter, scope plan, WBS, change management log, full set of approved construction plans, risk and issues log, quality/inspection logs, weekly status reports.
The outcome of the project was the successful design and construction of the store, under budget and within the accepted delivery date.
Digital assets for educational webinar
July 2020 - October 2020
Context: I was Project Manager for a consulting company which produced an online educational seminar for business consultants. The main stakeholders were the project sponsor and the webinars’ presenters.
Objective: Deliver 8 30-minute video presentations to visually aid each of the webinar’s presentations.
Deliverables: 8 30-minute videos, project reports, lessons learned register, project dashboard.
Project outcome: The project exceeded expectations by using design iterations and full stakeholder engagement to guarantee a seamless delivery.
Digital assets for marketing campaign
November 2022 - April 2023
Context: I was Project Manager for an agency which delivered digital marketing solutions for an array of clients. The main stakeholder was the project sponsor.
Objective: Deliver a 2000-asset marketing campaign promoting the products of a sports brand, using new creative automation software.
Deliverables: 2000 social media assets (videos and stills), project information radiators, quality control reports, resources calendar.
Project outcome: The project exceeded expectations as the team was able to deliver a high volume of assets in a reduced time frame, maintaining quality standards.
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2023.05.29 20:39 Loud-Tumbleweed-8655 First slot red drum on the kayak!

First slot red drum on the kayak!
Santa rosa sound FL
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2023.05.29 20:10 EvaRaw666 El 29 de mayo de 1969 se inicia el Cordobazo, la pueblada más importante de la segunda mitad del siglo XX argentino. No fue la primera ni la más destructiva del periodo, pero fue determinante en el ciclo de revueltas populares que marcó el paso de la década del 60 a los años 70.

El 29 de mayo de 1969 se inicia el Cordobazo, la pueblada más importante de la segunda mitad del siglo XX argentino. No fue la primera ni la más destructiva del periodo, pero fue determinante en el ciclo de revueltas populares que marcó el paso de la década del 60 a los años 70. submitted by EvaRaw666 to Republica_Argentina [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 19:05 TrulyTranscend 4.2.5

Update 4.2.5 is now live on Steam, Paradoxplaza and ModDB.

Major Features

- Restored Lone Star’s Hand Warband path’s previously incomplete Legion events and decisions. The additions from this include access to a small number of wargoals, a modest branching chain of new events and decisions for marching to Castra Sol Rubrum, the alternate ability to join Lanius’s Horde should Lanius form the Eastern Legion and the choice to serve as a subject rather than being annexed into Lanius or the Legion proper should Lanius be alive and loyal to Caesar.
- Made a round of touch ups to tech balance. More significant changes include melee equipment buffs, Knight and Scribe changes, small adjustments to many industry techs. The full details can be found here:


- Added several new character bios to Baudelio Ranchers, Guardians, Iron Alliance and Slags
- Added unique pictures to some downfall events
- Added 2 achievements “Judgement Day” and “Through the Fire and Flames”
- Added Mojave Territories back to the West Coast bookmark
- Added a leader description to Jack Vickers in Baudelio Ranchers
- Added 2 additional crossings between Rapids and Tohono Nation
- Added starting coastal forts, outposts and bunkers to parts of southern NCR and western Legion states
- Added a line of forts to NCR’s focus “The Crimson Caravan Routes” and two different lines to “Protecting the Boneyard”
- Added a line of forts to the Legion’s focus “Uniting the Wastes”
- Added a starting debuff to Washington BoS and The Cause lost when one annexes the other
- Added an army buff spirit to Hand Warband’s “The Masters of Texas” focus
- Added a spirit to the Legion’s “Legionary Training”
- Added a tech reducing Infantry Combat Width to the Legion’s “The Tip of the Spear”
- Added a starting timed debuff for Vault City tied to the 2275 Selection
- Added 10% starting stability to Vault City to partially offset the above
- Added a starting idea debuff for Shi which is gradually lessened by and related to the debates
- Added a temporary idea given to Shi by their early Navarro news event
- Added war support to the options for Shi’s Navarro Intervention event
- Added starting -10% Construction Speed to the NCR Economy modifier in exchange for -1% Consumer Goods
- Added 5% starting war support to TV Town
- Added 5% starting stability to Nuevo Aztlán
- Added 5% starting stability and war support to Tlaloc
- Added 5% starting stability in exchange for 10% war support to Shi
- Added 15% starting war support in exchange for 5% stability to Petro Chico
- Added starting Tool Procurement, Resource Production and 5% war support to Stormmongers
- Added more building slots and resources to a handful of Legion states
- Added a starting radar station to Weather Monitoring Station
- Added starting ports to: Ocotillo in Rapids; Needles in Mojave Territories; Dry Wells, Kingsman and Poston in the Legion; Tacna in Tohono Nation; and Santa Rosa plus both islands in Valle Bandits
- Added Reservation to the Legion research group at gamestart
- Added 1 military and civilian factory; 5% war support; and slightly more resources, infrastructure and building slots to Baudelio Ranchers at gamestart
- Added 1 starting civilian factory and slightly more resources, infrastructure and building slots to Cowboy Country and Tohono Nation
- Added 1 starting dockyard to Cowboy Country
- Added 1 starting anti-air and radar station to Rusty Hooks
- Added 1 more level of Air Base to Flagstaff, North/South Phoenix and San Antonio
- Added 1 starting outpost to New Canaan and New Jerusalem
- Added 1 starting outpost to Arroyo’s victory points
- Added more starting forts to Monterrey
- Added starting Scout Kit and Anti-Tank Rifle tech, 5% war support, +10% trade opinion,
Wasteland Militias law and 250 manpower to Arroyo
- Added additional influence and coercion for Arroyo as AI
- Added starting Anti-Tank Rifle tech and 3 more Naval Module techs to Gente Del Sol
- Added Asymmetric Warfare tech, Assault Canoes and a Spec Ops template to Navajo at gamestart
- Added Industry Planning, Construction Basics, Crowd Gear, the Wasteland Survival Training law, slightly more building slots and 10% stability to Iron Alliance at gamestart
- Added Mobile Maintenance Crews and more fuel to Two Sun at gamestart
- Added starting Power Armour Frame Hardening tech to Heaven’s Gate
- Added starting Lightweight Metals tech and more energy to Eagle Rock
- Added starting Caravan tech to Standing Rock
- Added 1 military factory, 10% war support and 450 manpower in exchange for 8% stability to Mad Trains at gamestart
- Added 1 starting military factory to Two Sun and Withered Dogs
- Added 1 division, full division equipment and the Funding the Army law to Scorpion’s Bite at gamestart
- Added starting Slashing Melee to Cypher’s Warband
- Added a scientific tech research bonus to NCR Hayes’s first expansion focus
- Added starting production to Californian Way and Baudelio Ranchers
- Added descriptions to Ejército Mexicano’s Cartel and Militia Blues spirits
- Added positive AI strategies for Arroyo and the choice in their 3rd event
- Added AI scripting for Mojave Territories to prepare for the First Dam Battle better
- Added localization for “Anti Air Weaponry Research Speed”


- Changed the icons for vehicle techs Mobile Assault Weaponry and Improved Turrets
- Changed the localisation and icon for Wasteland APC’s to Great War APC’s
- Changed the localisation and icon for Wasteland Bus to Wasteland APC’s
- Changed maximum and minimum opinion from +/-100 to +/-200
- Changed high stability factory and dockyard output from up to +12% to up to +15% and mobilization speed from up to -20% to up to -15%
- Changed high war support mobilization speed from up to +100% to up to +50% and Core Attack and Defense from up to +8% to up to +10%
- Changed base monthly population gain from 0.016 to 0.015
- Changed base suppression needed per 1% resistance from 0.38 to 0.35
- Changed the wartime building destruction cooldown from 25 to 20 days
- Changed the scale of land unit experience gain from 0.07 to 0.06
- Changed the maximum shore bombardment bonus from 0.25 to 0.3
- Changed base damage output in Air Combat to be 25% higher
- Changed maximum planes in air combat simulation from 500 to 750, making the peak lethality of air combat higher
- Changed enemy bombing war support penalties to have a lower cap (60% to 50%), but scale 33% faster
- Changed the base enemy air superiority penalty from -18% to -20%
- Changed outpost and coastal fort construction cost from 700 to 800
- Changed Naval Base construction cost from 3000 to 2500 and added a per-level cost of 500
- Changed the modifiers on some industry techs slightly
- Changed the base coring cost from 25 to 30
- Changed “Large Territorial Administration” factory output from +10% to +5%
- Changed Trade Law levels to give +5% less Trade Tariffs
- Changed decision State Funded Radio Programming’s effect slightly
- Changed the start caps for established organizations from 50k to 25k
- Changed the AI to produce more aircraft under some conditions
- Changed the Scorched Earth operation to be cheaper
- Changed Reno and Vegas tourists to add 1k more caps and 2k more bonus
- Changed traits Fortification Expert and Fortification Engineer to be weaker
- Changed trait Armaments Organizer to be stronger
- Changed effects of some Settler and Raider start events to be weaker
- Changed NCR, Shi, Valle Bandits, Three Rivers, Vault City and Washington BoS starting resources to be slightly lower
- Changed some Arroyo crisis events to occur slightly sooner
- Changed Tlaloc and Diana’s “God from the Machine” to be slightly weaker
- Changed Lost Hills’s Knight and Scribe intros to grant a stronger final modifier and be auto completed soon after “The Paladins” rather than requiring manual completion
- Changed Lost Hills Training Facilities to now affect all units
- Changed some Lost Hills decisions to last longer
- Changed Lost Hills’s “Council Reforms” and “Preparing for the Ceasefires End” to add 1 more Administration Center capacity
- Changed Lost Hills’s “Our Right” branch to have more flexible prereqs
- Changed Lost Hills’s NCR cooperation decision to cost 100 less
- Changed Lost Hills’s Paladin Sway idea to add +5% more political power
- Changed some Lost Hills foci in the NCR War, WMD and Scavenging branches to be stronger
- Changed Lost Hills’s starting resources to be higher
- Changed two Lone Star advisors and some Hand Warband foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed the shared Attis Army capstones to be slightly stronger
- Changed Cerberus’s resistance and compliance bonuses to be in their modifier--rather than traits--alongside added -50% trade opinion
- Changed Cerberus’s Attis and Shale Traits to grant supply consumption -15% and production efficiency base +15%
- Changed Ironmongers’s Mastersmiths law to grant 1% less conscription and its starting debuffs to be slightly higher
- Changed The Cause’s ATA focus to also upgrade Glorious Purpose and changed other foci very slightly for balance
- Changed Washington BoS starting -20% compliance and +10% war support modifiers to -5% political power and +10% war stability
- Changed some Washington BoS foci to be weaker
- Changed a Washington BoS unit to start on Capitol Hill
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s Cartel and Militia Blues ideas to be added at gamestart and changed the events that start their branches to add 5% stability or war support
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s Zapata Alamo Chapter event to be 40 days later
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s “Superior Mechanization” and “The Liberation of Texas” foci to be weaker
- Changed Ejército Mexicano’s Ironmongers wargoal to be locked till Tlaloc’s death
- Changed some Standing Rock foci to be stronger and added intermediate electronics and construction tech to the tree
- Changed Shi’s starting production and templates to be slightly better
- Changed some Shi foci slightly for balance - Changed Shi’s “Big Trouble in Little California” to need 2 prereqs instead of 1
- Changed Two Sun’s vehicle bonuses to be stronger
- Changed Legion AI to be far more likely to avoid the civil war for a leader with max glory rather than choosing randomly
- Changed the Legion’s “Raider Rumble” to only raise resistance temporarily
- Changed the Legion’s Dam Loss branch to be much stronger and have some added effects
- Changed the Legion’s Legion Training spirit to no longer buff speed in exchange for buffing all special forces rather than only spec ops
- Changed the Legion’s autonomy laws to reduce license cost more
- Changed the Legion’s “Commercial Dock Development” to reduce invasion penalty more
- Changed the March West event to make any subject of Lanius’s be Caesar’s rather than being freed and removed from the faction
- Changed the Lanius Caesar’s Warden trait to be weaker
- Changed Lanius and Vault City to get the “Prioritize Consumer Technology” decision instead of “Basic Hygiene Education”
- Changed some Vault City pre-election and Lynette foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed some New Mexico states to have slightly less water
- Changed Lynette’s “The Patrolmen” recovery rate buff to infantry defense
- Changed TV Town’s starting infantry and militia templates to have 2 more battalions
- Changed TV Town’s “Stopping the Sandman” to take 15 less days
- Changed TV Town’s starting spirit to add -15% lack of resources penalty and no longer add -15% division experience
- Changed New Vegas’s Jewel of the Mojave spirit modifiers slightly and changed its percentual conscription malus to be flat
- Changed New Vegas’s Robotics Genius to grant 10% less fuel capacity in exchange for -2.5% securitron cost
- Changed New Vegas’s starting securitron template to be better
- Changed New Vegas’s starting event factories to be slightly less
- Changed NCR AI to pick Kimball 5% more (now 40%) and Hayes 5% less (now 20%)
- Changed NCR Dollars to give +5% less Trade Tariffs
- Changed NCR’s Self-Sacrifice Myth to be weaker
- Changed NCR’s Military Complex debuff event option somewhat
- Changed the NCR’s Hub crisis debuff to be slightly higher
- Changed NCR’s “The Sentries of Shady Sands” to grant a stronger, more specific fort line
- Changed some NCR government laws; some Moore spirits, traits and expansion branch foci; and some Hayes expansion branch foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed NCR’s Dornan general and advisor, Oscar Stone advisor and Admiral Doherty advisor to be slightly weaker
- Changed some NCR Hayes main branch foci to be stronger or shorter
- Changed NCR’s “Roaring Economy” to take 60 days and add 5% less war support
- Changed NCR’s “Retool the Ranger Corps”, “Denounce Kimball’s Rhetoric” and some post-election Kimball and Allgood foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed NCR Moore’s BoS decisions to cost more
- Changed the NCR Civil War “Ranger Divide” idea to grant more debuffs and be removed in Calhoun’s main tree instead of the expansion tree
- Changed Californian State and Californian Way to get -10% stability at the Civil War’s start
- Changed Californian Way to get slightly more of the NCR’s units and stockpile in the civil war
- Changed Mojave Territories’s starting spirit to add 5% less war support
- Changed some Mojave Territories’s civil war branches to be slightly weaker
- Changed some NCR puppet tree shared and country unique foci to be weaker
- Changed MacArthur’s upgraded Salvatore advisor to be slightly stronger
- Changed MacArthur’s Chicago foci to bypass if a people nation
- Changed some MacArthur advisors and lower foci to be weaker
- Changed MacArthur’s APA/Vertibird stockpile from 50 and 20 to 30 and 15 respectively
- Changed some MacArthur focus prereqs slightly
- Changed MacArthur’s APA purchases to cost 2 more energy
- Changed MacArthur’s starting Outsider Law to add +1% more resistance target
- Changed some The Last Patrol foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed the TAA’s Rio rebellion branch to add 5% less net war support
- Changed some early Texan BoS ideas slightly for balance
- Changed Alamo Chapter’s Emergency Production spirit to be slightly stronger
- Changed Alamo Chapter’s Alamo Defenders to have less battalions but more support companies
- Changed Alamo Chapter to have 300 less extra guns
- Changed Alamo’s “United Texan Front” focus to require all 4 of its prereqs rather than only 1
- Changed some Reservation Willem main path foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed New Canaan’s Defender Priest advisor to be stronger
- Changed some later White Legs foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s starting research speed bonus from 5% to 2.5%
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s “Raw Poseidon Energy” and “Walking Artillery” to give 1 less factory
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s Aggressive Policy buff to be for Hardin rather than Veronica
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s manpower from Veronica’s path to be lower
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s “Victory at Sunburst” focus to add 5% less stability and war support
- Changed some of Mojave Chapter’s weaker post-sunburst foci to be shorter or stronger
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s “Enlist the Families” to add 3 less civilian factories
- Changed Mojave Chapter’s Securitron Vault decision to have higher cost and duration
- Changed a small number of Mojave Chapter’s strongest Big MT and Sierra Madre foci to be slightly weaker
- Changed Montana Chapter’s post Fort Verity foci to take 5 more days
- Changed Montana Chapter’s “No Problem is Too Great” to add less infrastructure
- Changed some Montana Chapter foci to have slightly more prereqs
- Changed a few Eagle Rock industry and blimp bonuses to be slightly weaker
- Changed Eagle Rock’s starting blimp stockpile from 24 to 15
- Changed a few Shale’s Army foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed Three Rivers’s “Buy The Latest Model” to add sophisticated power armor tech and APA schematics rather than free APA
- Changed two Three Rivers doctrine buffs to be smaller
- Changed Hangdogs’s “Open The Box” to take 40 less days
- Changed Hangdogs’s “Big Wrenches” and “The Army of Denver” to be slightly weaker
- Changed many Desert Rangers NCR foci and Snake Vargas’s leader trait to be weaker
- Changed Desert Rangers’s capstone to take 30 more days
- Changed some Maxson Chapter advisors and foci to be weaker
- Changed Maxson Chapter’s Vault 0 capstone effect to be smaller
- Changed some Gente Del Sol advisors and early ideas slightly for balance
- Changed Gente’s 3rd event to add 1 less arms factory in one option
- Changed two Gente research bonus foci to be weaker and two weapons foci to be stronger
- Changed the strength and order of Eighties’s “Life is a Highway” branch foci slightly
- Changed “The Devils of Utah” for Eighties and “The Eternal Quest of the Pure” for Rotpurgers to grant -5% more Trade Opinion
- Changed start spirits for Baron’s Eyrie, Bismarck, Coal Consortium, Metal Mouths, Niitsitapi and The Pursuant to be weaker
- Changed Max Sec’s tiered NCR spirit to be weaker
- Changed Overwatch Tock’s description to be shorter
- Changed the NCR Baggers unique puppet branch to be disabled
- Changed the Snowmads and Mad Trains formables to have slightly weaker effects
- Changed the New Mariposa formable to add compliance and reduced resistance rather than coring every respective state
- Changed the Legion’s Phoenix branch tithe foci to add more caps - Changed some top-half Navajo foci to be slightly stronger
- Changed Snowmads’s leader trait to be weaker
- Changed Iron Alliance’s formables to grant stronger, slightly altered effects
- Changed Lanius’s focus “A False Goddess” giving wargoals on Twin Mothers even after they’ve fled to Paradise


- Fixed the assign medal unitview GUI quick button not being visible
- Fixed the retain cores popupwindow GUI checkbox for releasing countries not being visible
- Fixed sphere state ownership checks for subject countries not accounting for the state being owned by another subject with their same overlord
- Fixed an error leading certain coring related modifiers to have been dramatically increase
- Fixed the Steal Army Supplies operation not rewarding equipment properly
- Fixed the NCR getting locked into the Bull’s Demesne if the Legion Civil War occurs and they are unable to capture all of Caesar’s core territory
- Fixed Culto Al Sol having no advisors and no caps income
- Fixed some Reno/Vegas tourism localisation
- Fixed Mojave Chapter’s Legion targeted defense modifier not applying due to a coding error
- Fixed some Mojave Chapter foci having lower durations than intended
- Fixed Gente Del Sol’s 3rd event having an option with no effect
- Fixed an exploit where Troll Warren could take its Bone Dancers and Chemult Station wargoals despite taking the non-aggression pact
- Fixed the Lone Star and Hand Warband theorists having swapped bonuses
- Fixed various NCR, Caesar’s Legion, Standing Rock, Stormmongers and Montana Chapter foci and decisions which lacked wargoal alerts/triggers or proper state control triggers
- Fixed some compliance or resistance effects which mistakenly used decimal values
- Fixed Honduras’s AI Defense Focus being erroneously high
- Fixed an oversight which made AI weights for certain sets of manpower laws too high or low
- Fixed a bug that led certain nation AI scripts for diplomacy or armies to malfunction
- Fixed the Hand Warband focus “A Slave To Be Admired” not giving a commander
- Fixed the NCR being able to try and push investments on the Mojave Territories
- Fixed Troll Warren being unable to progress in their tree if the Marrow Drinkers annex the Carcass Walkers before they do
- Fixed Eclipse Uprising receiving generic advisors


- Removed 5% starting stability, 2 military factories and 1 civilian factory from MacArthur
- Removed starting Automation tech and 1 infrastructure from Vault City
- Removed starting Ohm’s Law from Ejército Mexicano
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure in 10-Signs for the Legion and Fort Lyon for Maxson Chapter
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure and 1 of each factory from a Manitoba state
- Removed 2 starting infrastructure from Los
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure and military factory from Bitter Springs in Mojave Territories
- Removed 1 starting infrastructure from: Eden, Ashton, Hopeville, Arroyo and some states for Shi and Sky Reavers
- Removed 1 of each starting factory from Timberline
- Removed 1 starting civilian factory from Navarro Territories, Sky Reavers, TAA, Stormmongers, Rupertsland Trading Co. and Old Believers
- Removed 2 starting civilian factories from Batford Brigade
- Removed 1 starting military factory from Hangdogs, The Pursuant, Baron’s Eyrie, Three Rivers and Whitecourt
- Removed 5% starting stability from Vault City and Whitecourt
- Removed 5% starting war support from Mojave Chapter and New Vegas
- Removed 3% starting war support from Lanius

Technical Changes

- Added more AI event choice scripting for NCR, MacArthur and Texan BoS
- Added a debug decision to spawn Alamo Chapter for Texan BoS
- Changed Alamo’s AI focus plan to be more optimal
- Changed minor parts of some nation starting production for quality of life
- Changed minor parts of AI army composition and research behaviors to be more optimal
- Fixed misc. localisation errors for many nations
- Fixed missing bypasses for select wargoal foci
- Fixed some unused and inaccessible NCR focuses still being enabled in the code
- Fixed missing localisation for certain modifiers
submitted by TrulyTranscend to OldWorldBlues [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:47 Imaginary-Course3169 26 [M4TF] South Constant Buddy

Looking for a trans/fem passing na nasa south. Around alabang or santa rosa lang sana.
About me:
About you:
Has a place or willing to split
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2023.05.29 17:01 rayskicksnthings Two hospitalized after pickup rollover at Santa Rosa intersection

Two hospitalized after pickup rollover at Santa Rosa intersection
Was driving home from Costco when a cop turned his lights and sirens on behind me. Thought I was getting pulled over but he was just responding to this. They really need to do something to slow drivers down between yulupa and Summerfield on hoen.
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2023.05.29 14:41 LLF19 Sunset catamaran?

Recommendations for a sunset catamaran/cruise near Santa Rosa Beach? Celebrating our moms 60th and want to add in fun activities while we’re there.
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