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2010.07.22 18:47 witewater Old Man

Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr., (also known by the nicknames The Old Man and The Appraiser) (born March 4, 1941), is a Las Vegas businessman and reality television personality, best known as the co-owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, as featured on the History channel series Pawn Stars. Harrison is the co-owner of a pawn shop with his son Rick Harrison, which they opened together in 1989. Harrison is usually referred to by his nickname, "The Old Man", which he earned at age 38.

2023.06.01 07:09 Rex-A-Vision Why > "Fight Test" by The Flaming Lips < was the perfect song to end the series on...

Not sure how many Flaming Lips fans or music aficionados are here of if it's been mentioned yet but the song is about a man regretting a moment of cowardice and inaction for the rest of his life. In his mind he defends the choice as keeping one's cool was a virtue, which Ted clearly did for much of the series and, obviously most of his life. His relentless, robotic cheerfulness prevented him from expressing his true feelings clearly caused a strain on his marriage, and stunted him as a human. The sessions with Doc and so on enabled him to tell Michelle it made him mad she was dating their ex-therapist, to fight when the team needed him to fight and to fulfill Rebecca's literal one request from him..." to care enough fight back against Nate's slander and Rupert's scum baggery, or at least to try. In the song the narrator goes to his grave regretting his decision not to fight for his one true love yet our man Ted won't suffer that fate so, of course, the song ends early. As a music writer, a Flaming Lips devotee (One of the ten best bands to ever exist, trust me) and, of course, a true Lasso geek I thought I'd share...
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2023.06.01 07:09 Col_Pol I (22M) feel it fading with my (22F) gf.

I (22M) have been dating my (22F) significant other for almost 4 years now. We met in college, things got hot and heavy fast there were sparks, flames, and everything nice, we even lived together during covid. She then moved to a bigger city to continue her education while I stayed at our small town college to finish up my degree. Sure there was distance but for a 2 hour distance couple there wasn’t anything bad about it at all other than missing each other and the occasional miscommunication. I have recently graduated and moved back in with her and things just aren’t the same anymore. She is constantly berating me on things I choose to do, even as simple as what I choose to put in the trash, when I decide to do laundry, when I go see my parents, and so many other things that just seem like there should be no issue. Every time I make one correcting comment to her she snaps at me saying how there is such a logical reasoning for her to do it, but when I use her logic in my cases everything goes south for me. We also have goals that seem to be growing apart, she wants to move back close to her parents, and I want to stay here in the city, she doesn’t want kids, I do. She also is very opinionated on everyone in her daily life, from her friends to complete strangers, one mistake and they’re the worst person on the planet, in the short term she is quite hateful to others if the even look at her the wrong way, even if they have good intentions. My main issue I have is that she has helped me in significant ways such as keeping me afloat financially through the beginning of covid (2 years ago), given me gifts of decent monetary value ~$450, and has become increasingly close with my family. I truly don’t know what to do, as we had a strong flame at first, and then it was made clear to me that we have two different goals in life and she expects me to follow hers, and that mine are set to the side. The other issue I found was how spiteful she can be to others (I have pointed this out to her multiple times), and I am a person who simply doesn’t understand hate, and it simply bothers me to no end,(she also knows this) and I’m lost with what I should do. What is the best way to move forward with this situation?
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2023.06.01 07:08 aoyuhang20 Looking for a bud to message me like you’re my long time best friend. I’ll ask you for if just this one time, I can jerk off to your girl. Dm or Kik @ mahfud22

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2023.06.01 07:08 JoeyBLicious WIBTA if I refuse to pay for an unsatisfactory job?

So, I’m a musician & producer and I’ve just finished a long labour of love for my personal project — a single I wrote for my band which has taken just over a year to complete from the track itself to the music video.
I’ve gone above and beyond for this song, hiring some of my personal childhood heroes as session musicians, a Grammy winning engineer to mix and master it and even went so far as to seek out a pair of talented young filmmakers to direct the music video. It’s been an arduous process with a lot of frustration along the way, but we’re finally in the home stretch and are mere days away from finally releasing it to the world.
The only thing remaining was to get the cover art done for the streaming platforms; it’s not really the biggest priority as the majority of the visuals were going to be provided by the music video but, I still wanted something cool and also to give another artist a chance at putting in their grain of sand toward this large art project.
We got the music video back a few days ago after several delays so I finally had the visual elements to pass onto whichever artist was going to do the graphic design.
I decided to turn to freelancing websites and landed on Upwork. I placed my ad with exactly what I wanted, along with stills and assets and had several people apply.
One guy’s resume caught my eye and he had kind of that cyberpunk vibe I was looking for. We agreed on a price, which at first I found kind of exorbitant for a freelancer website (he originally wanted to charge $500 for an estimated 12 hours of work) — I had a budget of $250 which I compromised on and bumped up to $300 for him; which I don’t mind anyway. I am willing to pay if it means I’ll have a product that’s nothing less than spectacular - and his work seemed legit.
But this morning he sends me the first draft, and I felt instantly offended. It is extremely obvious that the artwork had been done with an AI generator with the band logo and a crappy font slapped on and I have no idea how to move forward from here. I have no issue paying that money for art that’s been painstakingly observed and has obvious love and skill put towards it. But right now I’m feeling extremely ripped off and am withholding the money until I can get in contact with him to figure out how we can move forward.
For perspective, the Grammy-winning engineer charged me $500 for a world class mix.
If I had wanted AI art for my cover, I could’ve gone and done it myself; This is just another setback for this production and we’ve burned so much money on other peoples mistakes that this has kind of been the last straw.
The one thing I’m sure of is I do not want to dump $300 or even $100 on a product I’m not going to use. Ideally I want to cancel the contract so I can find an artist who can actually do the job I need — but I feel awful reneging on a contract in general. Would I be the asshole for wanting the best for my project?
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2023.06.01 07:08 SlinkySlekker Futurology

What do you think if the BBC series, “Years and Years,” (2019)?
In America, it’s on HBO/Max.
Very fun/interesting/scary/weird to compare the show’s near-future imaginings against reality’s timeline. Curious of the impression it made, and whether you’ve seen it since 2019, when it aired. They missed the pandemic, but got the “Work From Home” movement timing right, as well as the “Return to Work” backlash, but the reason was related to Trump nuking China in his second term. Which, God willing, will never happen.
But I recommend it, if you haven’t seen it. I kept giving up on the first episode over the years b/c I worried it would be sad. Oddly enough, the nightmare of our present lived-reality made it easy for me to watch, now. The parallels are uncanny, but many were foreseeable. But some are just really clever.
In any event, it’s worth a watch for those who see patterns, make connections, and tease out future events.
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2023.06.01 07:08 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (2022 New Version)

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2023.06.01 07:07 kneejee lost and hopeless

this week i had a state required test for my job. all weekend we argued & he almost kicked me out. so i couldnt sleep well, misremembered my testing date & had to rush to my test that morning. i didnt get to review my notes like i planned on beforehand. not an excuse but i couldnt focus at all. luckily i can retake the test! however, if you pass this test first attempt you get a bonus. i am not receiving the bonus :( which is disheartening. i do not drive- saving for a car has been near impossible with me having to help his every financial crisis. god forbid i bought myself 40$ crocs w my own money tho ..... lmao. now my issue is, if i move back with family- i have to stay in my sisters attic. i am about an hr away from home, and only have a handful of acquaintances ive made here. i have a black fluffy fat headed cat whom is the only thing keeping me alive. i dont want to have her to be cooped up there all day my sister is allergic to cats. im not sure what a transfer in my company would look like bc i know positions are slim in that area. i feel like the worst cat mom ever. why did i ever move here? i want to stay and try to pan out my car situation- but its easier said than done. im in so much pain. i dont know what to do. him threatening to kick me out after he lied to my face shell shocked me. i didnt know what to think or do. i wouldnt of had money, a home, or anything. im scared as fuck. now i want to leave- but on better footing. but i hate the routine of waking up like my soul is gone.
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2023.06.01 07:07 pygmypuff7 Done but can’t rip off the band aid

We have been married for almost 13 years. No kids. Both have successful careers, financially secure, and overall have a great life. It has just come to feel as if we are just roommates that sleep in the same bed. There is no spark, no chemistry, no emotional connection or intimacy of any kind. It’s been this way for several years, but we have just been on autopilot with careers and life.
He doesn’t take a lot of initiative around the house or really in much of anything outside of work. He also doesn’t follow through on the little things - like if I ask him to change a light bulb, it’s “I’ll do it this weekend” and 3 months later I just do it because I’m tired of looking at it. He has said that he doesn’t think you need to “date your spouse” because you’re already married, and that he doesn’t see me as his best friend because I’m his wife.
In January, I hit a breaking point - no one big thing happened, just death by 1,000 cuts. I sat him down and had a long talk about the things that were bothering me and how I felt a lack of connection and if things didn’t improve, I didn’t think I could do this anymore. He was pretty unemotional and just said he knew what he needed to change and would do it. The next morning, he broke down and confessed that he had stopped trying in our marriage nearly 10 years ago because he’d become resentful towards me over a career opportunity decision I thought we’d made together for the best interest of us as a couple. He harbored this resentment for years and admitted that he just didn’t make an effort because he was pissed off and got lazy. I feel very betrayed that he harbored all this for so long and didn’t make an effort to maintain our relationship and took me for granted.
We have been going to couples counseling for over three months, I have been doing individual counseling as well. I asked him to also do individual counseling and he said he would but never followed through. We have spent time apart and gone on an international trip together. He has been trying - taking more initiative around the house and trying to be more attentive (asking if I need anything from him and things like that). But after all this I’m still just not feeling it - everything feels forced and awkward. I just feel like it is too late.
I have love for him and I do care for him. I just am no longer in love with or attracted to him (because we have no emotional connection). I feel so much guilt because he seems to want to keep hanging on but my heart just isn’t in it. Any advice on how to end things with someone who isn’t a bad person, just not the right person for you anymore?
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2023.06.01 07:07 yoyohydration Skater(s) involved in the making of "Girl Picture"/"Tytöt tytöt tytöt" (2022)?

I just watched this movie with a friend; it's a Finnish coming-of-age film with one of the three main characters being a figure skater. I was wondering if anyone knows whether there was an elite skater who did the stunt-doubling—and if so, who it was—or if the stunts were created with CGI. I know Loena Hendrickx had done some stunt work for a different Finnish movie, but it looks like that one is titled "Free Skate." Google isn't turning anything up so I figured I'd ask here!
(Would recommend "Girl Picture," by the way! Lovely movie with some really compelling performances, IMO. The figure skater character's story is a little on the trope-y side—without spoiling much, the setup to her character arc is that she's suddenly, out of nowhere, struggling with her 3Lz that used to be her best jump, and that she's perfectionist in an unhealthy way with regards to food and overtraining. Idk, I know these things can be accurate but I found both of those plot points to be mildly eyeroll-y. But it was refreshing that the requisite Big Stressful Upcoming Competition the film showed her preparing for wasn't the Olympics; it looked to be Finnish nationals, where the spot for Euros was going to be allocated. Just really nice to see for me, coming from the US, where it seems that the only thing anyone knows about skating is that you can go to the Olympics with it. And I also found the rest of the film beautiful and touching, with a wonderful sapphic romance that wasn't bogged down by the rote narratives around coming out or facing homophobia [which can obviously be important to see represented; it just gets tiring when it's Every Movie]. Anyway, here's some reviews in case you're interested!)
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2023.06.01 07:07 PeaGroundbreaking403 [A4A] Staying the Night with a Host who is Bad at Hiding their Insanity [Yandere?] [Possessive] [Creepy in an Awkward Kind of Way] [Sophisticated and Smug] [Lighthearted]


While on an evening stroll, you somehow wound up in the middle of nowhere. You try to retrace your steps back home, but you give up when an unforecasted, sudden downpour soaks your jacket. You pace towards the only building in sight– a cartoonishly foreboding castle– and knock on the door. The stoic soul inside calmly invites you to a cup of tea, ignoring your frantic request for directions to the nearest phone booth or motel. You shrug and enter.
Addtl info:
Monetization is A-OK and editing the script is allowed, especially if you just want to swap a few words around (e.g. replacing 'sugar spouse' with 'sugar father' or 'glucose guardian').
“Are you enjoying the tea, old sport? I’d like to think it’s ‘a special herbal mix’ I came up with, but at the end of the day, it’s just black tea mixed with green tea and a tinge of lemon juice [forced chuckle]
“Now then, let’s get to business. I know you’re not here just to sip on a hot drink… You’re here because you’re lost, aren’t you? And I don’t mean that in a figurative or a poetic sort of way… You went off the path and found yourself in a place you’re unfamiliar with.”
“Oh yes, I’m quite the astute one, you see. I’m a doctor at the top of my field and as such, I have a talent for shedding light on the ambiguous.”
“Of course, my dear, I have a doctorate in Art History, so yes, I am a doctor despite all those times my parents have called me solely to tell me how I irrevocably f*cked up my life. You really learn to trace patterns from the characteristic formal qualities of pieces from each artistic movement when you’re as experienced as I am. The rebellious but actually kind of boring quality of Impressionism, the exaggerated curvatures of female sculptures from the Neolithic period, ect., ect. So, you see, the common fool couldn’t have discerned one’s backstory during a limited frame of time as I have time and time again on a daily basis.”
“Hm? You said multiple times that you needed directions? Well, I apologize, but as they say– ask not what they can do, but what you can do. Perhaps take this misunderstanding as a sign to speak less softly next time. A lovely voice like yours shouldn’t be lost in the cacophony of nonsense we call normal conversation.”
“...My ‘passive-aggressiveness’ is besides the subject of interest at hand. What we should really be discussing is the fact that you’re all lost and cold–and not to mention, completely drenched from the rain, now that I think about it… Tsk, tsk, tsk… what a massive blunder on my part! This calls for a change of clothes! Wouldn’t want you to catch a cold, now would we? Here, take this neatly folded, matching outfit that looks really good on you and is conveniently in your size. I always make sure to keep a spare set of luxurious robes around for extremely specific and situational occasions such as these.”
“You think that’s odd behavior, now do you? …You think it’s almost as if I expected you to come? …Well, you see, old sport, it’s customary in my culture to address a guest’s exact needs before you even meet your guest.”
“Indeed. It’s a tradition from, uh… New Jersey. I highly doubt such a tradition would raise an eyebrow when weighed against literally everything else from New Jersey, so you should probably stop asking about something that’s most likely trivial in the grand scheme of things. Let’s change our discussion topic to something, I don’t know, practical. Let’s start thinking about our next move, or perhaps even our future togeth— I mean your future. You’re the guest after all, haha. What sort of host would I be if I were more concerned with my own, non-romantic-in nature goals?”
“Now then, allow me a moment to retrieve my reading glasses and a sufficiently large piece of parchment for writing so we can put a few items on the docket… . How do you like your eggs? Shaped like hearts or decorated with XOXO’s written with ketchup? Do you like eggs? It’s alright if you don’t. Tell me all about your dietary restrictions; I promise I’ll find a way to work around them. What’s your stance on keeping a pet around? Are you open to pre-marital… Oh? You have something to say about the robes? Ah, I just knew you loved them! You don’t have to ask me twice— or at all. I can read your thoughts like a book. Yes, you can keep them! I had a hunch that you were just too shy to admit your gratitude towards my gift, and by extension, me.
“Oh… um. I-It seems my guilty conscience has won this time… I can’t bear to withhold the truth from you any longer… The robes I gave you does indeed have ‘My Beloved' lovingly embroidered on it in cursive. And yes, stitching conveniently sized clothing for attractive strangers is not a tradition from New Jersey, as fitting as that phrase would be in the headline of a magazine from New Jersey. Personally, I thought it was a good excuse considering the whole U.S. is a mess from top-to-bottom… I just…
“...I really didn’t expect you to arrive at this very moment. I never expected… anyone to come along besides the occasional mailman. Have you tried living somewhere with no neighbors around? It’s like being stranded on an island except I have access to water, a dope manor, electricity, food rations, and actually– this is a dumb analogy now that I think about it, so I’m just going to get straight to the point now–I’m touch starved.”
“For months I’ve played the part of the damsel in distress, waiting for someone to come rescue me from this figurative ivory tower. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve started to fantasize about being the sugar spouse of one whom I could have exclusively – a reciprocal relationship where we could build each other up on a foundation of affection. From the moment I saw you from the fish-eye lens on my front door, I knew you had potential. If I had you in my good graces and proved my own potential… I’d be able to convince you to stay with me. Our little sapling, our heuristic bond – it could have blossomed into actual love.”
“Hphm. I see how you’d be able to find love if *you\* didn’t live in ‘Dracula’s childhood home,’ as you put it. I presume a personality like yours is endearing enough to pull anyone in, but a creepy loner like me? I’d end up… hurting someone. I’m not exactly the most sensible emotionally, and I’m not as modest or patient as you are… For a second there, I was happy. I thought I had a chance to prove myself wrong and form a sincere human connection with you. But I blew it, unsurprisingly… The only real thing I gained from this experience is regret and affirmation that seclusion really is the best route for me…”
“But, still, I am your host nonetheless and you have nowhere else to go. Take this hammer and set of nails so you can board yourself up in my bedroom for the night, lest I be tempted to cuddle you in your sleep. Also, take this shovel so you can dig yourself an escape route. I’m sorry you had to put up with me”
“...You think I don’t need to apologize? But why? I’m a socially isolated stranger with morally questionable intentions. Can’t I make a good decision in my life just this once? …You want me to actually cuddle you in your sleep? You know that’s just a hypothetical possibility, right? A possibility I specifically mentioned because it was weird and something you should want to avoid? What sort of malevolent force is possessing you to say that? “
“You think it’s the least I could do to make up for ‘wasting your time?’ W-well, when you put it that way… It’s only proper. Some might say it’s even… my duty to cuddle you – a good host should always oblige requests within reason… But only for a few seconds, ok? I don’t want to overstep another boundary; I’ve already broken like a hundred during your stay.”
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2023.06.01 07:07 bunn1es_ 16F looking for new friends!! : ))

hii! i’m from the usa and i’m a 16 yr old attending highschool. i basically just joined reddit and i’m looking for new ppl to talk to! im interested in music, staying active, journaling , shopping, etc!! pls do not be dry when talking 😭 .. i promise to try and respond to everybody! send me a chat 😆😇
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2023.06.01 07:07 roaminpizza1 Home Party Catering Near Me - Roamin Pizza

Simple things like stringing coloured lanterns between trees can have a big impact. Use a combination of twinkly lights and lanterns. To form a wall of twinkly lights, erect two posts and string cascading lights between the two poles in horizontal rows. Or hang your string of fairy lights in vertical rows from a high tree branch. For outdoor stair areas, place battery-operated candles inside transparent paper bags or place tea lights in jars, one or two on each step. Tea lights can also be placed in jars and hung from tree branches creating a wonderful atmosphere
mobile wood fired pizza truck, pizza van hire wedding, home party catering near me, pizza oven food truck
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2023.06.01 07:07 Shivaproducts01 Boosting Efficiency with Cartridge Heater: Reducing Energy Consumption in Heating Processes

Boosting Efficiency with Cartridge Heater: Reducing Energy Consumption in Heating Processes
For heating operations in a broad variety of sectors, such as injection moulding, packing, and sealing, Cartridge Heater are a common and widespread kind of heating equipment. Because of their reputation for great efficiency and precise temperature control, they are an excellent option for applications that call for heating components to achieve and maintain certain temperatures.
Cartridge Heater
The following are some tactics that may be used if you want to minimise the amount of energy that is consumed in heating operations:
Insulation should be optimised
Ensure that the heating equipment and the components that surround it are insulated in the appropriate manner. This limits heat loss to the environment, enabling the heater to run more effectively. It is possible to reduce the amount of energy that is lost by the use of insulation materials such as ceramic fibre, mineral wool, or high-temperature insulation blankets.
Use temperature controllers
Employing appropriate temperature controls helps maintain the optimum temperature level without unnecessary heating. This prevents the vehicle from overheating and reduces the amount of energy that is consumed. Temperature controllers of the modern period are able to give precise control and may be programmed to alter the degree of heating depending on the needs of the process.
Put in place different zones or partitions
Consider employing zoning or partitioning tactics in your heating process if it includes many portions or huge regions to be heated individually. This gives you the ability to heat just the portions that need it, while maintaining a lower temperature across the remainder of the room or even turning off the heaters entirely. You may considerably cut down on energy use if, rather of heating the whole area, you heat just certain zones inside it.
Choose heaters that are efficient in their use of energy
When shopping for a cartridge heater, be sure to choose ones that have a low impact on the environment. Look for heaters that have modern designs, high-quality insulation, and effective heating components. This will ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. Not only do heaters that are efficient in their use of energy cut down on total energy consumption, but they also improve the overall performance of the heating processes in your home.
Time spent heating should be optimised
Analyse your heating process and determine if the heating time can be optimised. There is a possibility that the heaters are being run for longer periods of time than are required. You are able to cut energy consumption by determining and minimising the amount of needless heating time, which allows you to do so without compromising the effectiveness or quality of the process.
Regular maintenance
To guarantee the best performance from your heaters, proper maintenance is required. Always make sure the heaters and the areas around them are clean, check for any signs of damage or wear, and swiftly repair any components that are malfunctioning. A heater that has been properly maintained will function more effectively and will use less energy.
Optimisation of the process
Conduct a thorough analysis of your entire method of heating to locate any inefficiencies as well as potential growth areas. Things like insulation, air circulation, heat distribution, and methods for heat transmission should all be taken into consideration. You may realise larger energy savings and boost overall productivity if you optimise the process as a whole.
Implement automation and control systems
There is potential for large energy savings to result from the incorporation of automation and control technologies into the heating operations at your facility. These systems are able to monitor and regulate heating operations based on data collected in real time, making adjustments as necessary to achieve optimal levels of energy consumption. The elimination of human mistake and the maintenance of stable heating performance are two further benefits of automation when you purchase it from Cartridge Heater Manufacturers in India.
When it comes to heating operations that employ heaters, you may successfully cut down on the amount of energy that is consumed by applying these tactics. This will not only result in cost savings, but it will also help to sustainability initiatives by reducing the negative effect that your business activities have on the surrounding environment.
If you are looking for durable heating equipment then Shiva Products is the one-stop solution where you can any kind of heater making them an the ultimate Cartridge Heater Supplier in India.
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2023.06.01 07:06 blacksmithinghelp Looking for a partner for a fxf romance

Hey there, if your reading this thsn that means my super basic title got you interested which is awsome! As my super basic title suggests I am looking for a partner to do a fxf lesbian romance plot. I have a couple ideas in mind which I am up for sharing if your interested, but some basic plots I feel like we could make really unique are:
Best friends turned lovers
The foreign exchange student
The new student
The outcast x the school star.
And if you have any ideas feel fee to share!
If my idea interested you than awsome but here are some things you should probably know about me:
I consider myself literate and I tend to tyoe around 4 paragraphs, and I do sometimes go over the discord word limit. Oh and I only rp on discord.
I reply fairly fast, but I do work thursday-monday so my responses will be slow on those days. Sometimes stuff comes up in my personal life and I habe to stop role playing, sometimes I just completly forget tk tell my partners but most of the time I remember to tell them whats going on.
If your interested feel free to dm me or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.🙂🙂
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2023.06.01 07:06 Monke-incog-1276 What the hell is this thing

What the hell is this thing
I live near the area of Ashford, Alabama. I was walking in my kitchen a few mins ago and I saw my dog sneeze on this thing. Ofc I was freaked out cause this thing was large compared to a lot of spiders I have seen. it got back up a few minutes later and I squished it just to be safe. I think it's a brown recluse but am not quite sure. Someone help me out here .
This is post sneeze, pre squish.
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2023.06.01 07:06 Former-Wrap-7273 Am I the problem?

All year I've been reminded that I'm replaceable and unwanted.
Before the end of last year, I got betrayed by someone i thought was gonna be my ride or die. He had confidently said he will support me in a election where we need to have a partner as he knew I could not find anyone. I trusted implicitedly after questioning him to the point of slight irritation. He then ditched me suddenly for a better position close to voting week. After the betrayal, he did not even apologise, but tried to explain how its not the rivals fault (because he was friends with the rival and he thought I believed that the rival tried to set me up, a conclusion that I never came to my mind) and made excuses for himself. It felt like he was protecting thebother friend more than me as he clarified that the rival was not involved instead of just apologising. I was mad that he took away my options for partners by being so confident, then taking them away again by selfishly dropping out when I relied on him the most. He received no backlash throughout as all our mutual friends thought I kicked him out instead (making me the villian). He then tried to find a replacemebt, but when I contacted the replacement, he was turned down the offer after being on the fence. Essentially, the replacement was just his escape route. This year, he hangs with new friends instead, only coming to me if he has no one with him, while making no effort to regain my trust.
At the start of this year I held a deputy role for someone in an organisation. I was promised an equal partnership so I placed a lot of faith in him, but I soon realised he tends to tank a lot of the work himself. Initially, he joked that we do not work well together, before fully using it as his reason for leaving me out of meetings, discussions and decision making for the rest of the year. The shift started after I made the mistake of giving my opinion the one time he did not ask for it when he did not ask, in a conversation thread where he asked for my opinions twice directly before. I declined to give my opinions after the event to avoid worsening the situation before we talked things out. However, I've been rejected a few times after initiating. Throughout the rest of the year he kept coming up with reasons why I wasnt adequate e.g. "I feel uncomfortable joking with you", "I feel you're too controlling" etc. I kept stepping back after each feedback e.g. stop making jokes, stop giving my opinions, to avoid detoriating the relationship further. However, his image of me did not change. He moved on to more excuses, inviting his significant other to discuss work stuff instead of me, leaving me out of discussions only to update me after, asking me for any suggestions only to then fiercely defending his ideas (basically asking me for suggestions is just for show). Things come to a boiling point when he threatened to leave after I initiated a talk a third time. His reasoning was because I invited the organisation head as the moderator and he felt he would be interrogated by us. After that, he fully discussed work plans with his friends instead of me, suggesting we split projects to avoid discussing altogether, and finally dropping the bombshell which is that he feels uncomfortable discussing with me and only me while he is fine with everyone else. This impacted my self esteemed a little because it felt like i was the problem, although logically I have been making all concessions to him. This also made me unable to function as the department's second in charge, because all projects go to him as the head and I cant do anything without him delegating things to me via discussions. The wording is another issue as it implies sexual harrassment especially in this social climate.
After fully isolating me, he went on to be praised as the organisation's best member, the team cannot live without him etc. It felt like he sacrificed me to make it look lile he contributed the most. It really stung when he got close to my friends after he threatened me and my friends know about the event too. Remember the first guy? Yup, he is now the closest person to him. Can you believe it?
Towards the end of the year I tried to put our differences aside and help my dept organise a birthday party for him in secret while he wanted me to write thank you cards to the dept. As I needed more time since im focused on organising his birthday party, I asked if there are other dates we can give the farewell cards. He just casually suggested we split our gifts even though we are partners on paper. It felt like a slap to the face, especially after a year of implying he wanted his friends instead of me and constantly keeping me out of the loop for projects. I started to wonder why am I doing his bday party.
How do I move on from such people? Am I the problem here?
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2023.06.01 07:06 KnopeKnopeWellMaybe The Teacher

I held off on listening to this song because it was released right before Memorial Day Weekend, which is a hard weekend for me.
I lost my mom 40 years ago this year right before Memorial Day Weekend, and all I remember is being with family (and not the best part of them) and trying to grasp what the next step was.
This song hits home 40 years later perfectly.
(Side note: I do see a therapist, because my father felt it was a sign of weakness then. And it helps.)
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2023.06.01 07:06 blacksmithinghelp Looking for a fxf romance!

Hey there, if your reading this thsn that means my super basic title got you interested which is awsome! As my super basic title suggests I am looking for a partner to do a fxf lesbian romance plot. I have a couple ideas in mind which I am up for sharing if your interested, but some basic plots I feel like we could make really unique are:
Best friends turned lovers
The foreign exchange student
The new student
The outcast x the school star.
And if you have any ideas feel fee to share!
If my idea interested you than awsome but here are some things you should probably know about me:
I consider myself literate and I tend to tyoe around 4 paragraphs, and I do sometimes go over the discord word limit. Oh and I only rp on discord.
I reply fairly fast, but I do work thursday-monday so my responses will be slow on those days. Sometimes stuff comes up in my personal life and I habe to stop role playing, sometimes I just completly forget tk tell my partners but most of the time I remember to tell them whats going on.
If your interested feel free to dm me or leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.🙂🙂
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2023.06.01 07:05 kaikulapp [Discussion] "One of the best way that sustains me for self-improvement is connecting with another buddy to keep sharing their progress and goals for the next ahead."

What do you think about that statement. Appreciate any other method for sustaining self-improvement.
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2023.06.01 07:05 JustPassingByKek Employer Appeal

I have a phone call appeal later this month and need as much advice as I can so I don’t feel as anxious about the process.
I just found out yesterday that despite qualifying for benefits late October my old employer (to my understanding) appealed the benefits in favor of misconduct.
I can genuinely say that nothing I did was on purpose. I also felt that with the new manager with the way things were managed from lack of help in the store to miscommunication. Aided in the stress and mistakes that ended in me getting fired.
I honestly can say I did my best for 4ish years. Never taking a day off intentionally. Even later trying to prove just how much I did around the store with long lists I had done through out the day.
I got hired from the bottom and became a lead.
While there is one situation I could understand although I admit accidental.
There were also a time where he tried coaching me for not responding to radio calls. ( I told him I promise that wasn’t the case and I was always on board he tend to not have his in and just based it on assumptions)
But before the final days where it got really stressful SM had told the DM(that was upset) that it was my fault signs didn’t go up in time. SM was the one who told me a day prior it was as important as another job and didn’t want me to do my duties. I did have people who overheard it and felt bad I was thrown under. I don’t think they would witness for me as they probably still work there.
There was also a point where he tried asking me to step down. I remember asking him if there was anything I could do instead that would get similar pay. My family had just moved so I can’t risk missing bills. He said he can’t guarantee that. So I told him I can’t. As much as the job was getting stressful from inside drama and trying to make sure I showed my best performance. (Though I’m sure I can’t mention that as it’s off topic in the hearing. Especially with no proof)
So I ask this How was the phone hearing for people with similar situations? What do I do if I have no proof to submit? Or does anyone have any idea of what I can submit. I plan to be as truthful and calm as I can. Just really need advice.
I have a part time job currently and have been working to pay off one of my major bills by the end of this year so I can officially get back on my feet I don’t tap into EDD if I don’t have to. The holiday season just slowed down so it’s a little rough right now.
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2023.06.01 07:05 eKek__ I have a sort of problem.

I've recently been going to work at a Butcher shop. I'm 16 years old and normally you will need a qualification to become a butcher. I went to the owner of the butcher shop since my mother shown me they were looking for apprentice butchers and I was like, hmm maybe I'd like that. I've been going there every saturday and I don't get me wrong it's great working there, but I sort of feel it may not be what I want to do as a career for the rest of my life.
What I've noticed is that I'm standing all day from 9 - 5:30 and it's difficult for me as I have very bad pains in my back.
The thing is, he's going all out for me. There's no courses for butchery near me at all, the closest college that does a level 3 in butchery is like 2 hours away and it would be difficult to get there every day. So he's contacted colleges closer to me that maybe they could sort things out to start a butchery course so I can get the qualification.
Again like I said it's great working there, but I don't see myself working as a butcher. I'm pretty sure he's already contacted the colleges and he may have something in place for me.
I'm really unsure what I should say as he's really happy that someone my age "wants" to be a butcher. All though it's really hard on me, physically.
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2023.06.01 07:05 AppORKER Me after a small power outage ruined my 2 week streak of doing the auto shop contracts at 3x

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