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/10mm is dedicated to discussion of the 10×25mm Automatic handgun round and its platforms.

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2023.03.21 20:46 yamar35 I've been firmly converted to the church of short king FDE guns

I've been firmly converted to the church of short king FDE guns
Finished two weeks early for an OP down in PA (for once I'm not trying to fix my primary the night before!), I've got a new gun ready to roll after essentially 2 years out of the game:
Short enough with the stock in to lean myself through a door way, but perfect LOP when extended. The fact that it stands unsupported on an EPM1 with my custom designed and 3D printed ranger plates makes me a wee bit too happy.
  • 120psi, ~330fps, ~1.65j
  • +/- 1.5 fps
  • 0.32g BLS Bio BBs
  • ~9" grouping at 135', around 12" wide x 20" or so tall at 170' (laser rangefinder feet, not "airsoft feet"). Not the most amazing, but for the energy level and BB weight... not terrible. May try with 0.36s at some point.
  • Kythera
  • 0.015 metering screw
  • Light spring (tested and it's just a bit more consistent at 120psi than the heavy)
  • Maxx M4P with modified hard nub and custom fine adjust wheel (equiv to 1-3 on the stock wheel)
  • EdGi x Paragon Armories 6.05x275mm stainless barrel
  • T.N.T. TR Hop bucking
  • SPEED HPA Trigger
  • Milled half gearbox for trigger, grip, and selector plate
  • Custom through bar B.A.D.A.S.S selector linkage for that satisfying ambi *click*
  • Amped IGL
  • Custom 3D printed alignment kit that keeps the Kythera perfectly in line with the hop and prevents it from rotating or shifting fore or aft in the receiver
  • Barrel spacers and oring locks to prevent vibration at hopup and muzzle end
  • Safety hole in GB bored out and shimmed to remove play in the system
  • Mag release arch on gearbox milled off and replacement components added to receiver so I can pop out the gearbox without needing to take out the mag release.
  • Mancraft CNC receiver (Cerakoted with Magpul FDE "H-267S")
  • Strike Industries Gridlok rail (Same)
  • PTS EPGC grip in Dark Earth
  • Random OB that fit the ridiculously tight hole in the upper
  • Gemtech mock can with RC airsoft cloak kit (IB extends halfway in but it still works well). Can be swapped with an Acetech Lighter BT + extension for tracer shenanigans.
  • 5KU GBB M4 PDW Stock with a 17mm 3d printed spacer for proper LOP and better QD points
  • B.A.D.A.S.S ambi levers
  • VFC Extended ambi mag release
  • BCM ambi charging Handle
  • Retro Arms threaded anti rotation pin
  • G&P 3 piece/split front locking body pin
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover
  • Vortex Spitfire HD Gen II 3x on a Vector Optics 1.0in Cantilever Riser
  • Spec Precision clone M600DF on a clone Arisaka mount. Feels better than a real one somehow. Nice and bright with an excellent flood/throw ratio. Pressure pad is shockingly good too. Real Magpul mlok frame for the switch.
Filament used on the brown printed bits is Paramount Primordial Earth ABS, which is... pretty close to FDE. Not perfect, but I know someone would ask. Grey parts are Fusion Filaments Mushroom Cloud Grey.
In my opinion, don't buy a Mancraft receiver unless you have access to a machine shop and lots of patience, they look great and use excellent materials, but are out of spec in too many places to be worth it (selector position doesn't actually match any GBs I've tried, receiver width internally is odd, OB hole is undersized, and AEG spec *only* barrel nuts for some reason). I made it work, but stick with a different company for receivers.
Upper assembled, the spring is 104lbs/in rate, so nothing is moving *anywhere* once it's compressed by the buffer tube.
The Internals... external! Just a slightly better view of how it all fits together.
3 piece construction, left to right: washer for the spring to press against, Spacer with an inverted U in it to slide over the mag release, and then the alignment block. The lower gearbox sits behind and above the parts locking them firmly in place, making it even more stable than stock. Way easier to remove/install too as removing the spacer nukes the spring tension.
Couldn't be bothered to remove the blue marking fluid from the brass connector rod. 1/4\" rod turned down to about 6.1mm with a 2.5mm center through hole drilled and tapped to m3, a 45° countersink on each end, and then milled to a D profile to mesh with the selectors and printed selector disk. Rock solid and such a satisfying click at each position.
Fine adjust wheel, equiv to 1-3 on the stock.
3mm OD x 4mm long brass rod milled to fit, then JB welded in place to remove any extra play.
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2023.03.21 17:33 Killa_Hertz Farsight point cost 160 +30 more from current

Farsight point cost 160 +30 more from current
Worked back the patrol added here comes to 470pts, 30 short. Hope his new rules are worth 30pts! I'm a big fan of his current datasheet being cheap Crisis Commander with no CP cost melee.
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2023.03.21 14:37 PeoplesFrontOfJudeaa Need some help with a list. My biggest pivot is whether to replace the kroot and shaper with an ethereal on a drone

++ Arks of Omen Detachment (T'au Empire) [107 PL, , 2,000pts] ++
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Heavy Support
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
Sept Choice: Bork'an Sept
Stratagem: Heroic Support [-1CP]
Kroot Shaper [2 PL, 25pts]: Shaper Kroot Rifle . Kroot Pistol & Grenade Belt
Cadre Fireblade [3 PL, -1CP, 50pts]: 5. Exemplar of the Kauyon, Stratagem: Promising Pupil
Commander in Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, -2CP, 180pts]: (Bork'an): Seeker of Perfection, Burst Cannon, DW-02 Advanced Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Solid-image Projection Unit, Stratagem: Relic, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord
Commander in Crisis Battlesuit [9 PL, -2CP, 185pts]: 1. Precision of the Hunter, Burst Cannon, Iridium battlesuit, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, Stratagem: Emergency Dispensation, Stratagem: Promising Pupil, T'au Flamer, The Be'gel Hunter's Plate, Thermoneutronic Projector . Marker Drone
Breacher Team [5 PL, 85pts] . 9x Breacher Fire Warrior: 9x Pulse Blaster, 9x Pulse Pistol
Kroot Carnivores [3 PL, 70pts] . 10x Kroot: 10x Kroot Rifle, 10x Quill Grenades
Strike Team [4 PL, 80pts] . Fire Warrior Shas'ui: Pulse Rifle . 9x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle: 9x Pulse Pistol, 9x Pulse Rifle
Crisis Battlesuits [20 PL, 310pts] . Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator . Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator . Crisis Shas'ui: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Shield Generator . Crisis Shas'vre: Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Novasurge Plasma Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator . 2x Marker Drone: 2x Markerlight
Ghostkeel Battlesuit [9 PL, 160pts]: 2x T'au Flamer, Early Warning Override, Fusion Collider
Stealth Battlesuits [5 PL, 95pts]: Homing Beacon . Marker Drone . 2x Stealth Shas'ui w/ Burst Cannon: 2x Burst Cannon . Stealth Shas'vre: Fusion Blaster
Pathfinder Team [5 PL, 105pts] . 6x Pathfinder: 6x Markerlight, 6x Pulse Carbine, 6x Pulse Pistol . Pathfinder Shas'ui . 3x Pathfinder w/ Rail Rifle: 3x Pulse Pistol, 3x Rail Rifle
Vespid Stingwings [3 PL, 60pts] . 4x Vespid Stingwing: 4x Neutron Blaster, 4x Stingwing Claws . Vespid Strain Leader
Broadside Battlesuits [5 PL, 95pts] . Broadside Shas'vre: Advanced Targeting System, Heavy Rail Rifle, Twin Plasma Rifle
Riptide Battlesuit [13 PL, 250pts]: 2x Plasma Rifle, Ion Accelerator, Multi-tracker, Target Lock, Velocity Tracker
Riptide Battlesuit [13 PL, 250pts]: 2x Plasma Rifle, Ion Accelerator, Multi-tracker, Target Lock, Velocity Tracker
++ Total: [107 PL, 2,000pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe (
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2023.03.21 14:17 noahgs New Necron player help

So after reigniting my 40k interest thanks to the mtg decks, I found someone selling necrons to scratch my itch. I was hoping I could get help constructing a list out of it at 2 different point levels, as well as suggestions for anything vital I need to acquire. Would like a 1k list to teach friends how to play, so ideally more simple and balanced. Then a standard powerful 2k list. Im welling to buy things I dont have. Here is what I got for 400- some of the warriors are unbuilt so I can pick different options.
++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Necrons) [179 PL, 15CP, 3,315pts] ++
Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice
Game Type
Lord [5 PL, 65pts]: Staff of Light
Lord [5 PL, 65pts]: Staff of Light
Overlord [6 PL, 90pts] . Tachyon Arrow and Hyperphase Glaive
Plasmancer [4 PL, 65pts]
Plasmancer [4 PL, 65pts]
Royal Warden [4 PL, 70pts]
Royal Warden [4 PL, 70pts]
Skorpekh Lord [7 PL, 130pts]
Skorpekh Lord [7 PL, 130pts]
Immortals [4 PL, 80pts]: Gauss Blaster, 5x Immortal
Immortals [4 PL, 80pts]: Gauss Blaster, 5x Immortal
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts] . 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Canoptek Plasmacyte [1 PL, 15pts]
Canoptek Plasmacyte [1 PL, 15pts]
Canoptek Plasmacyte [1 PL, 15pts]
Canoptek Reanimator [4 PL, 80pts]
Canoptek Reanimator [4 PL, 80pts]
Cryptothralls [2 PL, 40pts] . 2x Cryptothrall: 2x Scouring Eye, 2x Scythed Limbs
Deathmarks [4 PL, 65pts] . 5x Deathmark: 5x Synaptic Disintegrator
Lychguard [7 PL, 125pts]: 5x Lychguard
9 skorpehk destroyers
21 scarabs swarms
Canoptek Wraiths [6 PL, 105pts]
The Silent King [21 PL, 3CP, 400pts]
++ Total: [179 PL, 15CP, 3,315pts]
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2023.03.21 12:01 Big-Research-2875 Meiosis

Meiosis ( the premise of amphimixis )

MEIOSIS: the premise OF copy Sexual reproduction;

Sexual reproduction wants a genetic contribution from two altogether totally different sex cells. Egg and sperm cells ar specialised sex cells remarked as gametes (Gr. gamete, wife; gametes, husband). In animals, a male cell (sperm) unites with a female cell (egg) throughout fertilization to form one cell remarked as a zygote (Gr. zygotos, yoked together).
Meiosis ( the premise of amphimixis )


The fusion of gametes is known as syngamy (Gr. gamos, marriage). The zygote is that the initial cell of the new animal. each of the two gametes contributes 1/2 the genetic knowledge to the zygote. to stay up a relentless vary of chromosomes among following generation,

Corporeal cells;

Animals that reproduce sexually ought to manufacture gametes with the body vary of their customary body cells (called corporeal cells). All of the cells among the bodies of most animals, apart from egg , sperm , 2n of chromosomes.

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2023.03.20 22:24 DirectFrontier 2000p Shooting list critique

I have come up with this shooting list for my Mephrit crons.
The general game plan is to do as much damage as possible in the first turn with 2 Doom Scythes. If I go second, I can hide them with the Deceiver's Illusion ability to prevent them from getting alpha strike'd. The Deceiver itself is a source of mortal wounds and a tough to kill "distraction" type unit.
I rush the Scarab screen and 2 Ghost Arks carrying 10 blobs of Reaper warriors to the frontlines, meanwhile the 20 blob of Flayers stays in the back with Chronomancer support.
Meanwhile, The Lohkust Squad goes with the Technomancer, who can teleport them as well with the VoD to do some heavy shooting. Cryptothralls are used for cheap capping and actions.
Probably not very competitive but I might try it in tabletop simulator :)
++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Necrons) [115 PL, 11CP, 2,000pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Mephrit
Game Type: Open
+ No Force Org Slot +
Cryptothralls [2 PL, 40pts]
. 2x Cryptothrall: 2x Scouring Eye, 2x Scythed Limbs
+ HQ +
Catacomb Command Barge [9 PL, 145pts]: Relic: Voltaic Staff, Staff of Light, Tesla Cannon, Warlord
Chronomancer [5 PL, 85pts]: Entropic Lance
Technomancer [6 PL, -1CP, 85pts]: Arkana: Prismatic Obfuscatron, Canoptek Cloak, Relic: Veil of Darkness, Stratagem: Dynastic Heirlooms
+ Troops +
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]
. 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 10x Gauss Reaper
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]
. 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 10x Gauss Reaper
Necron Warriors [12 PL, 220pts]
. 20x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 20x Gauss Flayer
+ Elites +
C'tan Shard of the Deceiver [18 PL, 300pts]: Power of the C'tan: Time's Arrow
+ Fast Attack +
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 90pts]
. 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 6x Feeder Mandibles
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 90pts]
. 6x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 6x Feeder Mandibles
+ Heavy Support +
Lokhust Destroyers [9 PL, 165pts]
. 3x Lokhust Destroyer: 3x Gauss Cannon
. Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor)
+ Flyer +
Doom Scythe [9 PL, 165pts]
Doom Scythe [9 PL, 165pts]
+ Dedicated Transport +
Ghost Ark [8 PL, 115pts]
Ghost Ark [8 PL, 115pts]
++ Total: [115 PL, 11CP, 2,000pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
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2023.03.20 01:13 starrydepths 🪐 7 Map PvE Community since 2017 Steam 3x XP, 4x Taming, 10x Breeding N+ Awesome Spyglass Ark Additions Paleo ARK Dino Storage v2 KBD Shiny Dinos CKFR

🪐 7 Map PvE Community since 2017 Steam 3x XP, 4x Taming, 10x Breeding N+ Awesome Spyglass Ark Additions Paleo ARK Dino Storage v2 KBD Shiny Dinos CKFR

Equinox is a relaxed, no drama PvE-focused ARK space since 2017, where players can enjoy modest rates and quality of life improvements to the game, without sacrificing all sense of progression and making the game completely effortless.

Throughout the years many passionate breeders, creative builders and brave adventurers have passed through our community. We invite you to join our organized Discord server where you can find more info on our rules, settings, mods and plugins. Should you need any assistance, our helpful community can point you in the right direction. If you're new to the game, we encourage you to join!
Visit our website:
Check us out on Discord:
- 3x Experience - 4x Taming - 2x Harvest - 10x Breeding
Clustered Servers:
- Fjordur - Crystal Isles - Ragnarok - Valguero - Svartalfheim
- Weekly DLC Server 1 - Weekly DLC Server 2
These two servers rotate The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Gen 1 and Gen 2
- Friendly and helpful community! - Dedicated hardware for a lagfree experience - Donation store for those who wish to support us - Base building competitions from time to time - Weekly map slots that rotates different DLCs every 7 days - Cloud based transfers as well as overflow, disconnect and crash dupe protection - Restricted items such as element, trophies and tributes are transferrable - Auto-decay plugin removes dinos/structures after 30 days of inactivity - Fast breeding rates, hatching rates — grow babies in soul balls with full imprints - A colorful cross-server chat experience with a private messaging system - Equalized wild dino levels to be on par with Ragnarok and Valguero
Akka's Interior Decor Structures ARK Additions: The Collection ARK Nucleus Breedable Fenrir Awesome Spyglass Castle's Keeps & Forts: Remastered Death Helper Dino Storage v2 eco's Garden Decor HG Stack Mod 1000-50 Kraken's Better Dinos Lethal's Reusables MarniiMods: Hairstyles Nominal Structures 2.0 (N+) Paleo ARK: Legends Expansion S-Dino Variants Shiny! Dinos Swim Clear Scuba Mask Vegetation Planters
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2023.03.20 01:12 starrydepths 🪐 7 Map PvE Community since 2017 Steam 3x XP, 4x Taming, 10x Breeding N+ Awesome Spyglass Ark Additions Paleo ARK Dino Storage v2 KBD Shiny Dinos CKFR

🪐 7 Map PvE Community since 2017 Steam 3x XP, 4x Taming, 10x Breeding N+ Awesome Spyglass Ark Additions Paleo ARK Dino Storage v2 KBD Shiny Dinos CKFR

Equinox is a relaxed, no drama PvE-focused ARK space since 2017, where players can enjoy modest rates and quality of life improvements to the game, without sacrificing all sense of progression and making the game completely effortless.

Throughout the years many passionate breeders, creative builders and brave adventurers have passed through our community. We invite you to join our organized Discord server where you can find more info on our rules, settings, mods and plugins. Should you need any assistance, our helpful community can point you in the right direction. If you're new to the game, we encourage you to join!
Visit our website:
Check us out on Discord:
- 3x Experience - 4x Taming - 2x Harvest - 10x Breeding
Clustered Servers:
- Fjordur - Crystal Isles - Ragnarok - Valguero - Svartalfheim
- Weekly DLC Server 1 - Weekly DLC Server 2
These two servers rotate The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Gen 1 and Gen 2
- Friendly and helpful community! - Dedicated hardware for a lagfree experience - Donation store for those who wish to support us - Base building competitions from time to time - Weekly map slots that rotates different DLCs every 7 days - Cloud based transfers as well as overflow, disconnect and crash dupe protection - Restricted items such as element, trophies and tributes are transferrable - Auto-decay plugin removes dinos/structures after 30 days of inactivity - Fast breeding rates, hatching rates — grow babies in soul balls with full imprints - A colorful cross-server chat experience with a private messaging system - Equalized wild dino levels to be on par with Ragnarok and Valguero
Akka's Interior Decor Structures ARK Additions: The Collection ARK Nucleus Breedable Fenrir Awesome Spyglass Castle's Keeps & Forts: Remastered Death Helper Dino Storage v2 eco's Garden Decor HG Stack Mod 1000-50 Kraken's Better Dinos Lethal's Reusables MarniiMods: Hairstyles Nominal Structures 2.0 (N+) Paleo ARK: Legends Expansion S-Dino Variants Shiny! Dinos Swim Clear Scuba Mask Vegetation Planters
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2023.03.19 22:11 AverageMyotragusFan 2K pt Novokh list, would like some feedback.

Title. Running a 2K-pt game against a friend and I’d like some list feedback.
++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Necrons) [108 PL, 1,900pts, 3CP] ++
+ Configuration +
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Troops
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Novokh
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
+ Stratagems +
Stratagem: Heroic Support [-1CP]
+ HQ +
Chronomancer [7 PL, 100pts, -2CP]: Aeonstave, Arkana: Countertemporal Nanomines, Relic: Nanoscarab Casket, Stratagem: Relic, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord, Warlord Trait (Codex 1): Enduring Will
Technomancer [7 PL, 95pts]: Arkana: Fail-Safe Overcharger, Canoptek Cloak
+ Troops +
Immortals [4 PL, 80pts]: Gauss Blaster, 5x Immortal
Immortals [4 PL, 80pts]: Gauss Blaster, 5x Immortal
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]
. 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]
. 10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 10x Gauss Reaper
+ Elites +
C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer [19 PL, 320pts]: Power of the C'tan: Antimatter Meteor
C'tan Shard of the Void Dragon [18 PL, 300pts]: Power of the C'tan: Transdimensional Thunderbolt
Canoptek Spyders [4 PL, 70pts]
. Canoptek Spyder: Two Particle Beamers
Skorpekh Destroyers [4 PL, 90pts]: Skorpekh Destroyer (Reap-Blade)
. 2x Skorpekh Destroyer (Thresher): 2x Hyperphase Threshers
Skorpekh Destroyers [4 PL, 90pts]: Skorpekh Destroyer (Reap-Blade)
. 2x Skorpekh Destroyer (Thresher): 2x Hyperphase Threshers
+ Fast Attack +
Canoptek Scarab Swarms [6 PL, 105pts]
. 7x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 7x Feeder Mandibles
Canoptek Wraiths [6 PL, 120pts]
. 3x Canoptek Wraith (Claws/Particle Caster): 3x Particle Caster, 3x Vicious Claws
+ Heavy Support +
Canoptek Doomstalker [7 PL, 130pts]
Lokhust Heavy Destroyers [6 PL, 100pts]
. 2x Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor): 2x Gauss Destructor
++ Reinforcements (Necrons) [4 PL, 100pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Novokh
+ Elites +
Flayed Ones [2 PL, 50pts]
. 5x Flayed One: 5x Flayer Claws
Flayed Ones [2 PL, 50pts]
. 5x Flayed One: 5x Flayer Claws
++ Total: [112 PL, 3CP, 2,000pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
Friend has a couple of tanks, hence why I threw in the Void Dragon and Doomstalker.
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2023.03.19 21:47 Nikhanlai Moving towards 2,000 pts necron army - what to get next

I am a new player to 40k, and are currently looking to get my necron army to 2,000 points but am kinda clueless as to what type of units to get next. As a starting point I bought the Warhammer 40k Command edition, Combat Patrol: Necrons and start painting box with 3 necron warriors. All of this gives me the army below. Any tips on what units to look into for my next purchase? Thanks for all tips!

++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Necrons) ++

+ Configuration +
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Troops
Battle Size: 2. Incursion (51-100 Total PL / 501-1000 Points)
Detachment Command Cost
Dynasty Choice: Dynasty: Szarekhan
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen

+ No Force Org Slot +
Canoptek Plasmacyte

+ HQ +
Overlord: Relic: Veil of Darkness, Stratagem: Relic
Tachyon Arrow and Hyperphase Glaive

Overlord: Resurrection Orb, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Voidscythe, Warlord, Warlord Trait (Szarekhan): The Triarch's Will

+ Troops +
Immortals: Gauss Blaster, 5x Immortal
Immortals: 5x Immortal, Tesla Carbine

Necron Warriors
10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Flayer): 10x Gauss Flayer
3x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper): 3x Gauss Reaper

+ Elites +
Skorpekh Destroyers: Skorpekh Destroyer (Reap-Blade)
2x Skorpekh Destroyer (Thresher): 2x Hyperphase Threshers

+ Fast Attack +
Canoptek Scarab Swarms
3x Canoptek Scarab Swarm: 3x Feeder Mandibles

Tomb Blades
Tomb Blade: Shadowloom, Twin Gauss Blaster
Tomb Blade: Shadowloom, Twin Gauss Blaster
Tomb Blade: Shadowloom, Twin Gauss Blaster

+ Flyer +
Doom Scythe
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2023.03.19 20:29 Opethfan1984 Patent Activity Re:Robotics until 2021 by GPT-4

  1. Soft robotics: Soft robotics focuses on the development of robots made from flexible and deformable materials, which allows them to interact more safely with humans and adapt to unstructured environments. Patents in this area may involve novel actuators, sensors, or control systems for soft robotic components.
  2. Robotic exoskeletons: Robotic exoskeletons are wearable devices designed to augment human strength, mobility, or endurance. Patents in this domain may encompass various aspects of exoskeleton design, control systems, and applications in areas such as healthcare, rehabilitation, or industrial settings.
  3. Human-robot interaction: As robots become more prevalent in our daily lives, improving human-robot interaction is crucial. Patents in this area may involve natural language processing, gesture recognition, haptic feedback, or other technologies that facilitate seamless and intuitive communication between humans and robots.
  4. Autonomous navigation: Autonomous navigation is a key aspect of many robotic systems, including self-driving cars, drones, and service robots. Patents in this domain may involve advancements in sensor fusion, localization, mapping, or path planning algorithms.
  5. Collaborative robotics: Collaborative robots, or "cobots," are designed to work alongside humans in shared environments. Patents in this area may cover various aspects of cobot design, including safety features, adaptive control algorithms, or specialized end-effectors for specific tasks.
  6. Swarm robotics: Swarm robotics is inspired by the collective behavior of social insects, like ants or bees. Patents in this domain may involve algorithms and control systems that enable robots to work together and coordinate their actions to complete tasks more efficiently.
  7. Energy efficiency and power systems: As robotic systems become more portable and pervasive, efficient energy sources and power systems are essential. Patents in this area may focus on advancements in energy harvesting, battery technology, or wireless power transmission.
  8. Robotic surgical systems: Robotic surgical systems are designed to assist or perform surgeries with increased precision and control. Patents in this domain may cover various aspects of surgical robot design, including novel instruments, control algorithms, or teleoperation techniques.
These are just a few examples of areas within robotics that have seen patent activity and innovation in recent years. To find specific patents filed in 2021, you may want to consult a patent database or consult with a patent attorney or agent.
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2023.03.19 19:05 Quinzelette 1 character roster math

Disclaimers and such:

Disclaimer: this post (like all of our posts before) assumes you started at 1490 on Brel release and hit 1560 by the time Brel HM comes out. As a reminder the equivalent keeping up push from 1490 is actually 1540 and not 1560 so hitting 1550/1560 is considered catching up and not keeping up. That being said since we are looking at a new player's ability to catch up it is worth seeing how feasible it is for them to hit 1560 in the 4 month window. I'm considering this window 120 days for all extensive purposes despite Dec 8th to April 12th being 125 days because that's an ugly number to work with.
I have no idea where you're pulling 13.5 weeks from
Just want to also disclaimer this 13.5 weeks was just the amount of weeks based on your "I spent 40k gold on my alt in 1 week" that a single player would need to gain the honing gold using legions alone. This number stopped being relevant once we stopped talking about "My 1540 doesn't make 40k gold a week!" and started talking about mats.

Math and Such

Here is what I went and tested out for myself
I think you got pretty lucky on obli stones in your cdngs but otherwise this is definitely about "average" compared to the charts I use and my personal experience.
So assuming you have a full set of Brel gear that starts at 1500 (+11), this is the mats it would take you to get to 1560 (+17) with average luck
I've already stated that this premise is just wrong. Referring to one of many Brel gear conversion charts (and also the fact that I did it again this week with Artist) your 1490 gear starts at +12/ilvl1510 upon conversion. So to clarify each piece starts at (+12) and you need to get it to 1560 (+17)
Mats Needed (your og number in quotes):
Tally up all of the above, and a roster of one pulls the following in one month: 8.8M silver, 7336 obliterations, 21240 protections, 502K honor shards, and 1280 leapstones in one month.
Let's go over sources you missed in your tallying.
(i.e. guild shop, challenge abyssal, ghost ship, chaos gates, world boss, etc.)
------ Guild Shop ------
Guild shop gives you up to 112k+72k silver a week buying both types of boxes. Otherwise it exchanges 1/3rd of that for 15leaps or like 100k cube silver. It's all RNG but this should definitely be over 350k silver a month unless you're mega lucky.
Guild shop gives 8MHL and 6 HShard (S) packs assuming you're not in an alt guild you can normally buy all of these + boxes.
So adding to your total (I'll leave the shards from guild shop alone bc they're pricey)
------ Challenge Abyssal------
Rewards Listed Here. These rewards are per 1 dng you can tell because he says you get 5 card packs.
Updated monthly totals:
------Challenge Guardian------
I didn't see a list for this one online. It gives (from memory) a decent number of stones. I want to say like 300 reds and 700ish blues a week? Just know that it could drop down the amount of time it takes to farm the stones significantly. You already added in the Leaps so I won't
------Chaos Gate------
Mostly good gold, each run makes like 2k minimum between chest sale and a 4x blue map. You'd probably sell the mats for gold
------World Boss------
won't count this but it gives shards which your calculations say a single player character is sorely lacking in.
------Legion Raids------
Rewards Listed Here. Normally for someone actually trying to push for 1560 you'd take the chests from Brel, but you're also scared about gold gen so I'll split the numbers between Brel chests and no Brel chests. I'm going to assume you pushed to 1500 week 1 here for Brel because there are too many variables. I'm just counting 1-4 Brel
Brel 1-4: 420 reds, 840 blues, 20 leaps, 5.6k shards
Over 4 months (~17 weeks) this is 7,140 reds, 14280 blues, 340 leaps, 95.2k shards
I'm not going to calculate cube but you get a shit ton of silver here so just know that your silver gen over 4 months is off by multiple millions.
It would take you roughly 5 months to get the silver, 4 months to get the leapstones and honor shards, 7 months to get the obliterations and protections.
Okay so now I'll use my numbers for you:

Important Conclusions

Shards are obtainable. Silver is obtainable with lowballing which means there should be "extra" to do stuff like cut stones and roll bracelets. Both of which weren't counted in weekly unas either but the amount you get is small so I guess that's fair (CDng una + 2nd BR una or the Cube Una).
Leapstones is definitely obtainable especially since we don't factor in guild shop giving extra BR tickets and this number is already under 4 months.
Reds and Blues while we didn't get them under 4 months notice that each source we add to the stone gen shaves off like half a month. We didn't add in World boss or Ghost ship or Challenge guardians. All of which I believe give similar to Brel. It would definitely be close over a 4 month period but also the gold cost to buy what you need leftover is going to be pretty small.
On top of all these random ass made up average math numbers I know there is gearing and other RNG stuff to do. That being said we can't include lucky drops from legions or cubes or challenge abyss. We can't include how much a build costs due to the variance between builds. We also can't assume that a guy at 1490 day 1 of Brel is wearing rags. There will be a point where a new player has to stop to build their characters and might have to sell all their unbound mats for a couple of weeks. There might be a week or two where they don't play. We didn't account for rested.
What I will say is being able to "hypothetically" make almost the average mats for the +12-17 push is a very good thing because it means that you close gaps over time. An entire 50% of those mats are for 1540-1560. If some guy with 1 character and barely 1490 makes it to 1560 in the time between release that's great (and from what I've heard from others is also entirely possible). If someone makes it to at least 1540 they "succeeded" in pushing to Brel HM IMO. You talked about taking breaks. A guy could run fully rested and miss a few weeks and still hit 1540 with 1 character. Honestly based on our math I'd assume that 1550 would be the most "reasonable" expectation though.
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2023.03.19 18:43 Chiwaywewere Advice for a Mac for photo storage and organizing

Hi, I want to move my photo library to a Mac because I now have years of iPhone photos that have not been archived. I’m prefering a Mac to a Windows or Linux machine because of native HEIC/HEIF support. I would like to keep the budget affordable, so I am open to used or refurbed Mac to keep the cost down.
In addition I’ll be archiving family photos and slides and movies that I have inherited. There are tens of thousands of photos and slides, and hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of movies.
I have a very large USB 3.0 external hard drive for this, so I am not too concerned about internal storage.
I don’t do much photo or video editing anymore so that isn’t a concern. If I need to any sophisticated work I have a 2nd gen IPad Pro with Affinity and LumaFusion.
But I’d like a Mac that is capable enough to manage a large photo libraries without a lot of lag. Desktop, mini, or laptop doesn’t matter, just want to keep the price low. TIA for any advice!
Adding - I have 2-3TB of pics and videos currently scattered among several Windows machines. I have several TB more of pics and videos to scan to add to that. Total storage needs approx 6-10 TB. As mentioned above, I have a large USB 3.0 external hard drive for storing all that.
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2023.03.19 18:01 Puzzleheaded_Might65 [wts] fund my spending addiction! plate carriers, placard, handguards, stocks, risers, charging handles, mags, fsb kits, 22lr conversion, upper, and more

f&f and zelle only. add $5 to ship on individual items. free if you buy 2 or more items
if you do not see a price for a pictured item, it has likely been sold
from bottom to top:
more shit:
  • unknown carry handle picatinny attachment, missing securing nut: $10
  • midwest 2 port brake: $20
  • magpul moe handguard attachment: $10
  • utg rmr riser: $15
  • utg riser with adapter: $15
  • phase5 end plate with qd socket, anodized blue: $30
  • fortis k1 qd socket endplate with gold (tin) nut: $35
  • nib mft gen 2 mags: 10x $10, buy all for $85 shipped.
  • milspec charging handle: $12
  • milspec charging handle with extended latch: $20
  • milspec ar10 charging handle: $15
  • glock 17 locking block: $20
  • unknown 22lr conversion kit for your ar. havent figured out how to piece this together, all pieces look to be there: $60
  • fsb kit: both f marked, bottom one is canned and the retainer piece is a little bent. can be straightened out. $35 each.
  • complete smith & wesson 15-22 upper with upgraded extractor: $215
  • medium lbt 6094 modular plate carrier, black with chase tactical molle panel (3 rifle mags + 3 pistol) includes foam plates: $245, $215 without panel
  • medium jpc 1.0 with condor hyrdation/map rear, od green (mags not included) includes foam plates: $200
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2023.03.19 15:19 Gummy_Butt [WTS/WTT] QD Endplates, BFG Vickers Sling, SB Tactical FS1913A, Oakley Glasses

Just some parts I would like to get rid of. Prices include shipping and insurance.
  1. QD Endplates that are both staked - $35
    1. Noveske
    2. BCM
  2. Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling w/ QD Swivel and ULoop - $65
  3. SB Tactical FS1913A Folding Brace - w/ aluminum hinge and wrapped in paracord - $145
  4. $5 w/ a purchase Noveske Patch
  5. 1st Gen Oakley Straight Jacket in Yellow - They are pretty much mint other than a small scratch on the right lens - $70
Trades: 1. Fusion Lightwing Left 2. Modbutton Lite - 4.5” Crane Plug
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2023.03.19 01:04 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 337: Psychic Investment Payoff

First Previous Wiki
Penny wiped the sweat off her face with a towel and drank more water. Her heart was beating fast from the exertion of running on the treadmill. She sighed, pulling herself off of it and feeling the soreness in her muscles. She looked over at the woman that was nearly twenty years younger than her that was standing off to the side, slumping a bit. "Five dollars please."
"What the hell. You're like 70 years old. How are you doing this?"
"Well, I'm the strongest 71 year old you're ever going to see," Penny said, grinning happily. She pulled off her hair tie to let it go free. Her hair fell to her shoulders, which rippled with lean muscle.
"Well, Sara? What do you think?"
Sara laughed. "How much can you lift?"
"200 kilograms, or about 80 in each arm. Of course, that's the max I'll go, not necessarily the max that is possible."
"And the hivemind isn't empowering you?"
"Nope. It's all me, and a little bit of Nilnacrawla."
"Oh, I forgot you had a little guy in there," Sara said.
A sliver of psychic energy left Penny's arms, materializing into Nilnacrawla's head next to her. "I'm not a little guy," he said.
Sara lifted her hands and took a step back, clearly cowed by Nilnacrawla's sudden appearance. Penny could feel his amusement through the mind bridge. "Yeah, I get it. No harm, no foul. Don't eat me."
"He doesn't eat people. At least, not that I know of."
"Don't check your closet," he said.
"Yeah. So anyway, I'm glad that you came out with me today, Sara. I needed to get out of the house, you know? My body doesn't move like it used to." Penny flexed her arms.
Sara rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up. You still can't beat the Olympic weightlifters."
"Well, am I supposed to? That's for people in their twenties and thirties. Comparing myself to them is useless and a waste of my time."
"But you still want to beat them," Sara said.
"Well, yeah. But it's not a real goal. With psychic energy control, I can already punch a hole through a wall, except if it's made out of metal, in which case I merely put a dent in it."
"You're a monster."
"Eh, maybe. But being strong is fun. I don't have to ask for help with the pickle jar."
"You'd think that after all these centuries, that they'd make them easier to open."
"No such luck. Just be glad everything isn't drab grey and white, with blue lines everywhere and no railings. Trust me, early to mid 2000s sci-fi is a trip through it."
"I'm sure," Sara said. "We're doing a binge watch tonight with the girls, wanna come with?"
"What show?"
"Which season?"
"1 through 6."
"What the hell?"
"Well, only 1 tonight," Sara said. They headed to the showers. Penny got nice and clean, getting rid of the feeling of sweat as her clothing was quickly washed and dried in a small attachment to the whole thing. Showers had gotten a lot fancier in the long years of her life, and there was an extreme happiness that one experienced after feeling the hot air dry one's hair and skin.
She picked up her clothes, put them on, and then walked out to see Sara waiting for her near the door, shoes and socks in hand. "Looks like you aren't faster at everything, slowpoke."
"Try me. We can run a marathon right now."
"Even you can't do that."
"Here on Luna? Yep, I can. Now, on Earth, I'd agree."
"Earth is what counts," Sara argued.
"Then why are we on Luna?" Penny grinned. "Perhaps it's because Luna counts too. Plus, I like these silent parts of the gym too. Wild how some can be booming with concerts and music, while others are quiet as you are after looking at Nilnacrawla in the darkness."
"It was one time, okay?"
Nilancrawla appeared next to her again, laughing. "It most definitely wasn't one time."
"Okay, maybe three. But the second barely counted, you were literally waiting in the basement! Who wouldn't be scared by that? Plus, you were making small noises on purpose. Bastard."
"I know the names of both my parents, in fact."
"That's not what- yeah, sure," Sara said. "Yeah, not sure that you're doing that on accident."
"I'm not. It's fun to mess with you humans," Nilancrawla said.
"Yeah, until we lay you out on the floor with our games."
"They're designed by humans, for humans. What am I supposed to do, beat you?"
"Get good, and yes. For a species that supposedly conquered the universe, you can't seem to even do that?"
"Please. You guys haven't even touched the meaning of dominion. You've had genetic engineering for centuries, and yet Humanity's females still have their... blood discharges? I forgot the name."
"Can't believe you think that periods are any sort of equivalency. If you got one, it would lay you out on the floor more thoroughly than anything stressful you've ever done." Sara pointed at Nilnacrawla's head. "And another thing. Other species have their equivalents. Acuarfar shed their carapaces in rapid molting sessions, as do Vinarii, but slower. The Breyyanik and Knowers shed their fur, and bald patches are seen as humorous and embarrassing when they appear, to the point that they will wear bandages over them to hide them."
"That's true."
Sara continued. "And don't forget that Humanity's at the center of the most powerful Alliance in the galaxy. We've got the-"
"Well, technically the most powerful Alliance in the galaxy is the Sprilnav Alliance of United Allied Unions."
Nilnacrawla sighed. "It's a federation of large Sprilnav nations, from what Spentha says."
"Well, it doesn't count," Sara said.
"So excluding the most powerful nation in the galaxy, then yes, the Alliance is the most powerful."
"You think you're funny, don't you."
Penny recognized the look that Nilnacrawla had in his eyes.
"Nope. I know I am."
"Haha. We stand in awe of your wit and brilliance, oh great Sprilnav Elder. Shall we all fall to our knees in worship of your unrivaled comedic genius and splendor?"
Penny sighed. "Can you two quit it for now? You can go and banter with each other when you get home. And Nilnacrawla, stop making disparaging comments on Humanity."
"Aw, you can take it."
"But she can't."
"I can, and I can give it back," Sara retorted. "Please let me bring up the genocides, and then we can really get going."
"Well, I'm not going to deny them," Nilnacrawla said. "Except that it doesn't matter in your words with me, since I was in the mindscape the whole time."
"Well, you're talking to me, and not my species. So you shouldn't speak ill of Humanity either."
"Fine then. You look better with less makeup on, and darker clothing."
"That's speaking ill of me?" Sara asked.
"Well, it's because you're not doing those things."
"You know not all women care about their appearance, right? Penny might be putting on the 71 year old muscle show for suitors, but I'm not."
"Please," Penny scoffed. "Not looking for anyone right now. It would be too weird, with Nilnacrawla in my head."
"Right. Maybe you just can't get a man."
"I can't. Everyone around me is boys and little girls."
"I'm not a child, Penny."
"Nope. But still, I'm not a fan of age gaps, and with my strength, anyone my age I touch is going to turn to dust. 70 may be the new 40, but weak isn't the new strong."
"Sounds like you need an android. There's some companies that do that-"
"Well, that just makes me uncomfortable," Penny said. "I don't need that either. And I've heard that the VIs for those suck."
"They do, but not in the way you mean."
"Sara, please shut up," Penny said. Nilnacrawla started laughing again.
"I'm so glad you have friends now, Penny! This is fun!"
"Did you really just say that? I'm going to put you in the corner if you don't behave yourself." Penny opened the door to her car, and Sara got in. Nilnacrawla formed into a full body and sat in the back, lying on the seats in an unnatural pose that was clearly fake. Penny set the autopilot so she didn't have to bother with driving. On some days, she wanted to do it herself, but on others, she didn't. Luna traffic was separated into self-driving sections that zipped by at hair-raising speeds and into slower free-guided sections that allowed for normal driving and had much lower speed limits. The two were known colloquially by the terms the 'fast lane' and the 'zoom lane.'
Penny arrived at Sara's house, seeing a number of cars already parked nearby.
"Hey everyone!" Sara announced after the door opened for them. "Penny's here with Nilnacrawla! Initiate Plan Red!"
She was handed a headband. Nilnacrawla's was more of a neckband. Sara put one on and began to announce the situation. "Right. Today's Independence Day. We're gonna get grilling. Whoever cooks the best steak gets 80 dollars, and first pick of the snacks."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"It is wonderful to meet you, Phoebe," Juan Pedros said, holding his hand out for her to shake. He barely contained his excitement. After all, his childhood dream had been to make a difference in the world. And once he'd become involved in politics, he'd pushed himself to form as many connections as possible, spreading his influence and casting his net wherever he could.
But the being standing in front of him wasn't human. Of course, that didn't much matter. The Alliance was full of many alien species, including all the native flora and fauna on its colony planets. Whether it was the strange phenomenon of crabs existing in most of the oceans, or the peculiarities of planetary weather studies, there was so much diversity out there.
He wasn't the Council Director yet, though he did have roughly 57% of the vote last he checked. And since the other candidates were at 30% and lower, it would only change once he got elected. Plus, he had the current Council Director's direct support.
Though when he looked at her, he couldn't help but be reminded of the time he'd overheard his son say he had a crush on her. But such was life, and teenagers hadn't changed over the many long years of Humanity's history.
"So, why did you request this meeting, Councilor Pedros? As far as I know, you haven't won the election yet."
"You're the most advanced analytical mind in the galaxy," Juan said. "Could you honestly tell me there's any chance of me losing?"
"Well, besides your death, there's also the possibility of Council Director Davis turning his back on retirement. Or of a sudden scandal coming out and making you lose popularity to Councilor Hruthi."
"You know that I'm clean."
"I don't, actually. Contrary to your belief, and perhaps popular belief as well, I'm not some eye in the sky over every single device the Alliance has ever made. The reason is that paying attention to the collective information an entire civilization outputs would stretch my mind until it breaks. Sure, I can run simulations. But I'm not all-powerful when it comes to sorting and extrapolating data, trends, calculating chances, and more." Phoebe's lips turned down a little at the statement. Juan lowered his head slightly.
"I'm sorry."
"It's fine."
"It isn't. What I said showed a lack of trust in your previous statements that you haven't been breaching private devices. I must overcome my prejudice, to become a better person."
"That's nice and all, but I doubt it'll change many hearts and minds. Plus, I don't really care that much," Phoebe sighed. "I'm used to it by now, mostly."
"Well, if you say it's fine, then I won't push," Juan said. "Now to business. You meet with the Councilors and defense contractors across the Alliance, helping to organize the forces and push toward standardization, as well as making improvements when asked. Few know it, but you are the glue behind the Alliance's military, even if Humanity is the glue of its social structures."
"I bet Izkrala would contest that stance," Phoebe smirked. Juan laughed. "She would. But considering what she has over her people, there's a... difference of perspective, shall we say."
"Quite a large one. Her eyes see differently, in both literal and metaphorical terms."
"Yes. Now. I have received emails from many science fiction writers, particularly pertaining to megastructures. Obviously, the Dyson swarm and the partially complete Orbital Ring are two. But some propositions are very interesting. The largest shipyard that we have is five kilometers long. That is within the size of an Alcubierre bubble."
Phoebe nodded. "Go on."
"What I suggest is that we turn our shipyards into ships themselves, capable of moving from system to system and taking their supply lines with them. And that we build an even larger foundry of some kind, that makes these shipyards. Perhaps on Mercury or in its orbit. Or perhaps in orbit of Ceres, considering the baby boom they had about two decades ago. They do have the free worker capacity for it."
"Hmm. With Gaia, it may just be possible now. They've been building psychic amplifiers nearly this whole time. Every 23 weeks, 10 times the amount of psychic power is made available by the amplifiers. Hang on."
Phoebe stared straight ahead, and then a Gaia avatar appeared next to her shortly thereafter. Gaia looked at Juan and smiled. "Ah, the candidate."
"Yes. How many psychic amplifiers do you have?"
"It's been about 10 years since I started building them."
"10 years, 3 months, and 25 Earth days, to be approximate," Phoebe said. "The rough estimate would be that Gaia is a septillion times more powerful."
"That isn't how it happens. There's a dropoff in power burn as I use more. Only because of your improvements to the new psychic amplifiers I build both on Vesta and outside the Sol system have I been able to keep up the exponential growth. But beyond that, there is the problem where most of the new ones are being built out and exposed to space. In fact, Vesta is full. I've been fortifying my consciousness using most of the energy, since it is too large to siphon from the Sol system."
"Why?" Juan asked.
"Because if I siphoned all the power in Vesta, not only would the fusion reactor fuel cost become extreme, but more importantly, every Dreedeen in the system would die from psychic overload. And every living thing within a thousand miles of the asteroid would also die. Plus, it would draw attention from the Sprilnav."
"So you have a lot more power, but haven't been using it?"
"I have been using it. So has the hivemind, and Brey. We kept it secret, even from you."
"Why?" Phoebe asked, a hurt look on her face.
"Because then your tactics would change. We needed to fight the war as if we were on our last legs. And I didn't access the full power of the amplifiers because if the enemy destroyed them while they were active, there was a possibility that it would cause another psychic pulse. But with all that taken into account, I'm about a quintillion times more powerful, not septillion."
"That's still gigantic. Gaia, could you use that psychic energy to turn solar plasma directly into strong alloys using your telekinesis?" Phoebe asked.
"Yes. But too much power will call down the Sprilnav, without question. Even with all this, it is not a guarantee that they can be fought this way."
"I'm aware," Phoebe said. "And I do understand why you didn't tell me, though it hurts."
Juan nodded. "Do any Alliance leaders know of this?"
"Izkrala, Fyuuleen, the Council Director, several human heads of government on Earth, and Frelney'Brey."
"Not Blistanna or Dilandekar? No wanderers?" he asked, growing concerned.
"Their governments are new, and would be under severe risk of alien espionage," Gaia said. "This was a true secret and still is. But I still can't simply blow up a planet. All the psychic energy takes a lot more to transfer between systems. So in the mindscape, I'm powerful, as is Brey. The hivemind is currently fixing itself of remaining injuries. But even with all this, I am uncertain of our chances."
"Our chances against the Hive Union or the Vinarii Empire are about 2% or less, even with this information. And that's with the weapons we know about. Their most expensive psychic suppressors are incredibly powerful. Even more so than Galshaskir's. Here is what I suggest. One. Juan Carlos and I will not tell a single soul about this development. We will continue to hide it for as long as possible. Furthermore, Gaia, the Councilor here has several projects for us to help bring to fruition."
"What are they?"
Juan sighed. "I'm just going to transfer the rest."
He tapped his tablet, scrolling down to find the file. Eventually, he managed to share it with Phoebe, who smiled. "I see. Shipyards, towing the Mercury-class guns, new dreadnaught designs, better mining equipment, farming equipment, building methods, specialized communication modules, and a very complicated way of making a simplistic drone swarm hub for me specifically. some of these need work, but they're doable. Of course, with the nanotechnology, I'm surprised that these are actually somewhat coherent ideas. At least, some of them are. I'm looking into nanotech, but the biggest problem is large scale production. And there's more. A lot more. What exactly did you do for this?"
"I ran an internet contest asking people to submit ideas for how to improve the Alliance's technology. I couldn't go through all of them, of course, but the few that I found as good were moved to the top."
"I'll scan these," Phoebe said. "And I will see about holding a competition for these sorts of things more often."
Juan smiled. "Yes. Perhaps you ca ask Kawtyahtnakal if you can run these in the Union as well?"
"Or the university campuses in the Vinarii Empire," Phoebe suggested. "Thank you for this idea. I might have heard it before, but the reminder is useful, now that we have more diplomatic standing for it."
"How goes the end of the war against the Wisselen?"
"Badly, but well. Brey has to use all her power to breach through the psychic amplifiers, and even then, she can only put in a few people at a time," Gaia said. "I've been working with her on reducing the mental strain of making the portals through so much interference, and there's been progress, but sadly, this may be too much for her long-term. We need effective soldiers."
"I can't participate yet. The Council Director has denied my appeal," Phoebe said. "And I won't go public with it. The situation is way too volatile."
Juan nodded. He knew that she was only talking about it with him here as a way of indirectly asking for his help when he was elected. Juan wanted to increase cooperation between Phoebe and the Command Council, so more funding and more consulting with Phoebe would become the norm during his tenure. Of course, maintaining the government's power meant providing for his people, both the ones from his city and those all across Luna. So he'd focus hard on that, too.
Lowering food prices, raising the welfare cap again, auditing the corporations like the DMO and the Beijing Manufacturing Union, and whatever popular social policies would be priorities. There was a push for government-provided exoskeletons from the Breyyanik to be bought for the elderly, so they could still move around and walk. The more expensive models came with versions that dealt with the messier parts of old age as well.
"I see."
"Good. I'm glad."
Juan, Gaia, and Phoebe continued to stand there for an awkward moment when he cleared his throat. "Alright. Gaia, if that's all you need, then you can get going."
"Wow. Don't want me here?" Gaia asked, smiling.
"Well, the conversation's going to be boring. Tax policy, economics, politics, and a request for Phoebe to take a look at my son's literature class tutoring VI."
"Which model?" Phoebe asked.
"4.2. Supposedly the company that keeps charge of them now will translate Shakespeare's works into modern languages without issue, but he's still having problems. Plus, he's struggling to learn how to describe author usage of figurative language in his essays, and the VI hasn't improved much with his grades."
Phoebe rubbed her hands together, releasing a rubbery sound that wasn't quite metallic. "I could have a hologram of myself tutor him, if you want."
Juan tried his best to keep his face straight. "Um, that might not be a good idea, considering his age."
"So he's attracted to me? Well I could just make a model of some old 2170s schoolteacher then, with the big loopy glasses. Maybe add a wart on the nose. I can handle it, don't worry. But you won't be getting it for free. I'll give you the standard rate, which is about...300 credits an hour?"
"Quite a lot."
"Yes. But I'm a decent teacher, and I can draw on those Vinarii professors that are talking to me right now."
"Vinarii professors?"
Juan wondered about that. Was she actually talking to multiple professors hundreds of lightyears away, even as she was speaking to him?
"Yep. Ancient Vinarii history is fascinating. Just like Humanity on Earth and the Breyyanik on Brey, they had global warming from burning fossil fuels there too. Though from what Brey the goddess told me, that's only possible in her world since her civilization, the Kar'pel, put many of their resources back into the ground to stockpile them for future civilizations. Fascinating stuff. And I'm getting instruction on things like advanced chemistry, and material science. Even psychic physics class holds a wealth of information. Learning about how hyperdense psychic instances can interact with the electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces may be the key to understanding both Brey and Gaia's power."
Gaia gave Phoebe an interested look.
"There's clearly something with the electromagnetic force, though I can't say the same for the others. I do have control over radiation, so I might have something involved with the weak force. After all, that ability does seem to line up with it, though the psychic energy to actually do that isn't good with making new things on its own. Perhaps it is why I can turn combinations of materials into alloys, though."
"Phoebe, how is your android production going?"
"Pretty well," she said. "Currently, the battery can power them for 5 days at maximum, though I usually have them recharge for 1 day after 4. I make about 10,000 a day in al the factories combined. I plan on increasing that by 10% every month, if I can. The goal is to continue ramping up production."
"Where are they staying?"
"Mercury, away from the other people. There's a few of them that go into the cities for purposes, but I don't really do much. They'll continue to be where they are until they're needed. I don't particularly want the responsibility of dealing with the Wisselen soldiers that we've been taking."
"I see."
"There has been a series of divergences in my consciousness, perhaps from cosmic rays hitting my computers randomly. Pieces of this sometimes come together and are making something that I don't quite understand. But I do wonder what is happening."
"If there is something to be drawn from that, have you considered asking the hivemind?"
"I have, but it is confused at what it sees as well."
"Hmm. Well, maybe you'll understand soon. I hope you do, at least."
Juan knew that it would likely depend on Phoebe herself. But whatever it was, he had the feeling that it was important.
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2023.03.19 00:45 magicmanjmm Need help - Water not rendering correctly!

Relevant PC specs: CPU: i9-13900k RAM: 32 GB GPU: MSI RTX 3060ti Gaming Z Trio (Installed on a 1TB NVME M.2 drive)
For the longest time since I got Fallout 4 VR, bodies of water have not rendered correctly. When I wander about near the water, it seems like I'm in the center of one big invisible square that renders the water ONLY within that square area, but everything else beyond it is un-rendered generic blue water texture. Video link below to show what I'm seeing.
does anyone else have this issue? Even if not, any thoughts would be appreciated. 📷 (can be played at 1080p)
Current mod list:
- Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- [URL] https://www.nexusmod...allout4/mods/15 - ZaZ-Extended-Skeleton (ZeX) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/36702 - 2pac4eva CBBE Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer v2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/7718 - AK74M - Assault Rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/21466 - ALL DLC Building independent patch - Nuka World [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12275 - Amazing FollowerTweaks [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/26976 - Armorsmith Extended [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2228 - AS Craftable Institute Stations [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9715 - AS Institute Workstations [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9138 - AS Vektor [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10697 - Atomic Surgery - Companion Overhaul [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6994 - Baby don't run away... (merchants stick to their stores) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5343 - Beach Workshop [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/34446 - Better Stores [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8621 - Boston Airport Workbench Fix - Full Settlement Workbench [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6084 - Brighter Settlement Lights [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2494 - Build High - Expanded Settlements 5.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/3528 - Bullet Time - Slow Time [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9325 - Build Your Own Pool [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13316 - CBBE NPC HeadRear Fix [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12839 - Clean Pre-War Assets Expanded [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18507 - Clean Pre-War Workshop Workbenches [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18230 - Clean Settler Faces - Remove Dirt And Grime [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32860 - The Crystal Lake - Clean and Reflective Water - The Crystal Lake [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/45703 - CleanSettlements-Automatron [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/19245 - CleanSettlements-Clean Vendors [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/16785 - CleanSettlements-WaterPumps and Generators [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/15636 - Captain America Power Armor [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/15922 - Crimsomrider's Companions Like Streaking [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/24503 - CROSS Jetpack [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12471 - CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8609 - CROSS_CosmeticFramework v2 beta-11727-v2beta [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/11727 - CWSS Redux v2 - Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/14326 - DD_Bridges V 2.1-6343-2-1 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6343 - DD_craftable_Elevators_ALL_2_1-6053-2-1 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6053 - DD_Craftable_glass_3_0_ALL-7790-3-0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/7790 - DD_Ramps_Mark1 v 2.0-6155-2-0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6155 - DeadBodyCollision-2570-1-0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2570 - Decal Stain Remover - Discontinued Version [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13048 - Decal Stain Remover - REDUX [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/20662 - Deployable Turret Pack 2 -- New Portable and Workshop Turrets [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/11465 - DKS-501 Sniper Rifle - Standalone [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/15909 - Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds (Rebuild your Sanctuary) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/17521 - Extended weapon mods [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8276 - F4 - Killable Children 1.2.4-197-1-2-4 [URL] - FACTOR - Modular Rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32908 - Fallout 4 Pre-Culling Disabler All DLC [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22283 - Fallout 76 C.A.M.P. placeable - moveable - workbench - settle anywhere - player home [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32772 - Fashionable Valentine [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/7035 - F4SS v0.9b [URL] - FN Five-seveN v1.4-16332-1-4 [URL] - FCOM - Fallout Commander [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/14946 - Nuka-World Fizztop Grille Workshop - Nuka-World Fizztop Grille Workshop [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/33176 - FN P90 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22871 - Functional Displays - Display Your Collection (The Original Display DLC) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5080 - Glock 20 1.2-9341-1-2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9341 - Hangman's Alley Basic Clean Up [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18087 - Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/28443 - Higher Settlement Budget [URL] https://www.nexusmod...llout4/mods/818 - HN66s SIRIUS.16 Assault Armor -CBBE- and -SHB- [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27280 - HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit -CBBE- and -SHB- [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13572 - HN66s SIRIUS.12 Assault Suit -CBBE- and -SHB- [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13572 - Acadia Clean up Project [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/30083 - Alien Assault Rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12347 - Alternate Settlements [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5118 - Another Ad Posters Replacement [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38478 - Auto Doors [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8457 - Army Multicam Military Fatigues-4518-1-0 [URL] - Homemaker - Expanded Settlements [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/1478 - Home Plate Workbench-3777-2 [URL] - Home Plate Workshop Settlement [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/21677 - Hot Mama Murphy [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8781 - Human Vault 88 Overseer [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38615 - Immersive Teleportation [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/26118 - Immersive Vendors [URL] - Instabell - Gather all Settlers INSTANTLY [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/17217 - Invisible Furniture [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13343 - Katie's wardrobe - Militia Duster [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/44464 - keke-bu Jun and Marcy [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18250 - Josie Body - CBBE BodySlide Preset-15734-1-6 [URL] - K-Girl outfits [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/26309 - K-Girls Shoes CBBE [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/35385 - Longer Power Lines [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2241 - We Are The Minutemen [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6443 - Militarized Minutemen [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/29853 - Louder Workshop Radio [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/15031 - Mechanist's Lair - expanded corrected and fixed [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/11490 - Mechanist Lair Overhaul (Lore-Friendly Restoration and Cleaning Plus Expansion) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/23294 - Militarized Minutemen - Craftable Outfits Plugin [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/37839 - Militarized Minutemen - Uniforms Patches and Insignia Addon [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32369 - Militarized Minutemen CBBE [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/31941 - Military Helmet Multicam Retexture [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2958 - Minutemen Overhaul 2.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13115 - Minutemen Takeover - Nuka World [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/30509 - True Wasteland Body - True Wasteland Body [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/36410 - More Super Mutant Weapon Animations [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/19228 - More Where That Came From - Diamond City Radio Edition [URL] https://www.nexusmod...llout4/mods/637 - Mosin Nagant - Sniper Rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/23258 - Move that Workbench [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/7507 - NavMeshFixer ( Do It Yourself NavMesh ) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22322 - No Blur while Crafting-27562-1-0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27562 - No Borders [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12538 - No Limits Jetpack (No Hight Limit - No AP Drain) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/4776 - No more cash register sound when XP gain [URL] https://www.nexusmod...llout4/mods/100 - No more Skeeter Davis - The End of the World [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38357 - No more Skeeter Davis - The End of the World [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38357 - No more Skeeter Davis - The End of the World [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38357 - No more Skeeter Davis - The End of the World [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38357 - No More Twigs [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27392 - No Negative Affinity and No Affinity Cooldown [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/3276 - NorthlandDiggers Resources - Animals - Landscape - Garden and more... [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9710 - Nuka Cola Refrigerated Display Case [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27534 - Nuka-World Reborn - Nuka-World Reborn [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32857 - OOH YEAAAA -Idiot Savant Replacer [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5979 - OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/21629 - Orgasm Bodyslide Preset - Orgasm BodySlide Preset [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/55084 - Project Clean Commonwealth - Diamond City Settlement [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/35157 - Quieter Settlements [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2819 - Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc. [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8342 - Radiation Cleaning [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27571 - RainBeGone - No More Rain Falling Through (SOE Patch) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/36127 - Realistic Crippled Limbs Effects [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/24248 - Recruitable NPC Dialogue Fixes and Tweaks [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10960 - Replicator 1.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9609 - RU556 - Assault rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22536 - SCAR-H [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18726 - Scrap Everything [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5320 - Secret Basement Stash [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13665 - Settlement Keywords Expanded [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12226 - Settlement Objects Expansion Pack [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10075 - Settlement Supplies Expanded [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/1145 - Settlement Raiding Mod [URL] - Settler and Companion Dialogue Overhaul [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/41785 - Settler Naming Resource - Add Names to NPCs [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6889 - Settler Sandbox Expansion [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/20442 - Skadi Female Half Super Mutant (standalone companion) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/25307 - Splinterz - Breakable Wooden Doors [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/21521 - Spring Cleaning [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/4640 - Stackable Concrete Foundations [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6362 - Type 3 Phaser Rifle - Type 3 Phaser Rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/42265 - Star Wars - DC-15A Blaster Rifle [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/26669 - Stingray Air Support [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/15939 - STRAC Hats [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32438 - SuperMutantClothes [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13185 - Tactical Weapon Mods -- Gun Mounted Flashlights - Laser Sights - and Stronger Bayonets [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12363 - TERA Swimwear - 7 Pack (CBBE - CBBE Physics - BodySlide) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/34362 - TERA Swimwear - 7 Pack (CBBE - CBBE Physics - BodySlide) [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/34362 - The M9 Standalone Pistol [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8421 - The Castle Fully Restored Inside Out V2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/31858 - TheKite's DC ScoopDigger outfit [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18856 - TheKite's Vault-Tec Slave Suit [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/20950 - TortureDevices 1.8 [URL] - Touch of Green [URL] https://www.nexusmod...llout4/mods/377 - Tumbajamba's Power Armor for Strong [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10887 - Ugly Dirt Go Away [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/7240 - Universal Actor Scale Remover [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/19978 - Vault 88 Door Switch Fix - Override Boxes added [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22427 - Vault Meat Paintings [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/1714 - Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Textures in HD - ORIGINAL SIZE - LOWER RESOLUTION [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/1769 - West Tek Tactical Optics - Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/12220 - Workshop Synth Production [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/16354 - Workshop Synth Production - Fix-25785-1-12 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/25785 - Weaponsmith Extended [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10737 - DLCVR - Fallout 4 VR and DLC standalone bug fixes - DLCVR_NWFHFixes [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/28842 - Automatron DLC VR FIX - Automatron VR FIX [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/34741 - Insignificant Object Remover [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/9835 - No More Fake Puddles [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/17850 - Modder's Resource - VR Offset Weapon Fix [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/29890 - great fps boost [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5199 - CBP Physics for FO4VR - CBP Physics for FO4VR [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/41465 - BodySlide and Outfit Studio - BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v5.3.1 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...allout4/mods/25 - HN66s SIRIUS.16 Assault Armor -CBBE- and -SHB- [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27280 - Satellite World Map [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8989 - Star Trek - Starfleet Hand Phaser - Hand Phaser 1.1 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/33244 - Advanced Settlement Turret Set - Advanced Settlement Turret Set - All in One Installer Complete Version [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/8115 - Valentine Detective Agency Clean Up - Valentine Agency Clean Up [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/15502 - No Bloody Mess - No Bloody Mess [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/22758 - Faster Terminal Displays - Faster Terminal Displays (100x) Creation Kit Version [URL] https://www.nexusmod...llout4/mods/937 - K-Girls Shoes CBBE - K-Girl Shoes ESP [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/35385 - FO4 Hotkeys - FO4 Hotkeys - Option 1 - Full - v1.2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/11664 - Execution Chair - Execution Chair 2.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/34947 - TWB Vanilla HighPoly Overhaul - TWB VANIILA OUTFITS [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/51071 - TWB Vanilla HighPoly Overhaul - TWB AUTOMATON 1.2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/51071 - Cleaner Far Harbor Environment [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/19304 - TWB Vanilla HighPoly Overhaul - TWB NUKA WORLD OUTFITS [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/51071 - XOF CVC Helmet - Retro Tactical Headgear - XOF CVC Helmet - Archived v1.01 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/50936 - Big E's DEVGRU 6 Dead Horse Platoon silver for XOF CVC Helmet - Big E's DEVGRU 6 Dead Horse Platoon silver for XOF CVC Helmet [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/51158 - Private Military Company - Nexus PMC 3.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/41332 - Private Military Company CBBE Uni Body bodyslide file - Private Military Company CBBE Uni Body bodyslide file V2.1 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/45954 - Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits - Wall Pass-Through Power Conduits [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/20262 - ClothesBlaster [URL] - TWB Vanilla HighPoly Overhaul - TWB FARHARBOR 1.2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/51071 - Accelerator Plasma Energy Weapon [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/27127 - Scopes Framework - Fallout 4 Scopes Framework [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/30644 - Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) - [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6091 - Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE - Knee Fix - Legs for Days - 3BBB - Skeletal Adjustments for CBBE [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/39006 - Vault 88 - Exterior Workshop [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/23525 - 3BBB Physics (CBBE - TWB) - Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer (CBBE) 3BBB Body [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/48978 - MTM 3BBB CBP OCBP OCBPC Physics Preset - CBBE - Fusion Girl - Wonder Body - Enhanced Vanilla Bodies - JaneBod Extended - Vanilla - More - MTM 3B OCBP - OCBPC Physics and Collision Preset - Beta [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/39195 - DLCVR - Fallout 4 VR and DLC standalone bug fixes [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/28842 - Codsworth As Synth Gen 2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/5220 - CROSS Jetpack Impact Dampener v3 - No Fall Damage - CROSS Jetpack Impact Dampener v3 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/13157 - Oxton's Bodyslide preset CBBE [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/39243 - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/4598 - Calendar 2022 - 2077 Vault-Tec - For DLC Workshop 02 - Calendar 2022 - 2077 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/56578 - Combined Arms - 1.0-50505-1-0-1622547579 [URL] - Fallout 4 Version Check Patcher - vcheck_patcher_v100 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/42497 - Clean and Simple - Vault 88 Startup-48223-1-0-1604270855 [URL] - MiscHairstyle1.6 by Atherisz [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/58439 - The Nordic Bombshell - Fallout Edition - CBBE Bodyslide Preset - TNB - Natural_v1.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/58509 - Fixed Nick - Gen 2 Synth [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/3911 - Functional Displays Redone (Patch) - Functional Displays Redone (Patch) v0.3 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/56938 - Craftable Display Shelves - Eli Display Shelves 1.2 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/23600 - Realistic Bar Items - Realistic Bar Items Pack [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/34644 - Clean Post War Sanctuary Street Lamps - Clean Post War Sanctuary Street Lamps [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/36279 - Craftable Institute Elevator - Craftable Institute Elevator - Mark VI [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/10730 - Craftable Vault Elevator for DLC - Craftable Vault Elevator for DLC [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/17641 - Colored Workshop Lights - Colored Workshop Lights [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/7075 - Subversion - The Institute-Railroad Alliance Alternate Ending - Subversion - The Institute-Railroad Alliance Alternate Ending [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/50975 - JRavens Extra Tracks - JRavens Extra Tracks Pack - CLASSIC [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/2741 - Let Freedom Swing (Minutemen Radio Freedom Replacer) - Let Freedom Swing - Patriot Version [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32623 - 155mm Howitzer M1 - 155mm Howitzer M1 - 2K - 2.0 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/25527 - Laser artillery targeter - Laser targeter [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/31911 - Recruitment Center for Settlements - Recruitment center [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/32097 - New Bobblehead Stand - New Bobblehead Stand [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/54219 - Discrete Female Skeleton - Discrete Female Skeleton [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/56115 - Move Workshop Markers by SKK - SKKMoveWorkshopMarkers_006 [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/38738 - PreWar Binoculars - PreWar Binoculars [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/17819 - PreWar Binoculars - Call in Fire Support addon - Binoculars Fire Support Addon [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/48809 - PreWar Binoculars - Call in Fire Support (StingRay version) - Binoculars Fire Support Addon - Stingray Version [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/48904 - Unofficial Fallout 4 VR Fix - Unofficial Patch VR Fix [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/47117 - Pip-Boy Dual Colors VR - Pip-Boy Dual Colors VR Green Mutant [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/45523 - Viva Nuka-World - VNW FDI Version [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/37356 - Curie Makeover - Curie Makeover [URL] https://www.nexusmod...lout4/mods/6025 - Nuka World Glory [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/18393 - Nuka-World Bottle Scenery Fix - Nuka-World Scenery replacement [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/17853 - New Vault-Girl Bobbleheads AIO - New Vault Girl Bobbleheads AIO [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/60833 - Wasteland Curves - TWB CBBE Preset - Wasteland Curves - TWB CBBE Preset [URL] https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/60977
submitted by magicmanjmm to fo4vr [link] [comments]

2023.03.19 00:39 Telenoir Thoughts on this alpha strike list?

++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Aeldari - Craftworlds) [101 PL, 4CP, 2,000pts] ++
+ Configuration +
Arks of Omen Compulsory Type: Elites
Battle Size [6CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)
Craftworld Selection
Detachment Command Cost
Game Type: 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen
+ No Force Org Slot +
Seer Council (Unit) [2 PL, 45pts]
. Warlocks: 4. Protect/Jinx
. . Warlock: Witchblade
+ HQ +
Asurmen [8 PL, 160pts]
Avatar of Khaine [14 PL, 280pts]
Farseer Skyrunner [6 PL, -2CP, 135pts]: 1. Guide, 2. Doom, 5: Mark of the Incomparable Hunter, Stratagem: Treasures of the Aeldari, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord, Witchblade
. Kurnous' Bow
+ Troops +
Corsair Voidreavers [3 PL, 55pts]
. 4x Corsair Voidreavers: 4x Shuriken Rifle
. Voidreaver Felarch: Mistshield, Shuriken Rifle
Corsair Voidreavers [6 PL, 105pts]
. 9x Corsair Voidreavers: 9x Shuriken Rifle
. Voidreaver Felarch: Mistshield, Shuriken Rifle
Guardian Defenders [4 PL, 90pts]
. 10x Guardian Defender: 10x Plasma Grenades, 10x Shuriken Catapult
Guardian Defenders [4 PL, 90pts]
. 10x Guardian Defender: 10x Plasma Grenades, 10x Shuriken Catapult
Storm Guardians [5 PL, 130pts]: Serpent Scale Platform
. 2x Storm Guardian - Aeldari Power Sword: 2x Aeldari Power Sword, 2x Plasma Grenades, 2x Shuriken Pistol
. 6x Storm Guardian - Guardian Combat Weapon: 6x Guardian Combat Weapon, 6x Plasma Grenades, 6x Shuriken Pistol
. 2x Storm Guardian - Guardian Fusion Gun: 2x Guardian Fusion Gun, 2x Plasma Grenades
+ Elites +
Dire Avengers [4 PL, 90pts]
. 4x Dire Avenger: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult, 4x Plasma Grenades
. Dire Avenger Exarch: Shredding Fire, Two Avenger Shuriken Catapults
Dire Avengers [4 PL, 90pts]
. 4x Dire Avenger: 4x Avenger Shuriken Catapult, 4x Plasma Grenades
. Dire Avenger Exarch: Shredding Fire, Two Avenger Shuriken Catapults
Howling Banshees [5 PL, 110pts]
. 4x Howling Banshee: 4x Banshee Blade, 4x Shuriken Pistol
. Howling Banshee Exarch: Mirrorswords, Piercing Strikes
Striking Scorpions [5 PL, 110pts]
. 4x Striking Scorpion: 4x Mandiblasters, 4x Scorpion Chainsword, 4x Shuriken Pistol
. Striking Scorpion Exarch: Biting Blade, Crushing Blows
+ Fast Attack +
Shroud Runners [5 PL, 90pts]
. 3x Shroud Runner: 3x Ranger Long Rifle, 3x Scatter Laser, 3x Shuriken Pistol
Windriders [4 PL, 60pts]
. 3x Windrider - Twin Shuriken Catapults: 3x Twin Shuriken Catapult
+ Heavy Support +
Falcon [9 PL, 150pts]: Shuriken Cannon, Twin Shuriken Catapult
War Walkers [5 PL, 65pts]
. War Walker: 2x Shuriken Cannon
+ Dedicated Transport +
Wave Serpent [8 PL, 145pts]: Twin Shuriken Cannon, Twin Shuriken Catapult
++ Total: [101 PL, 4CP, 2,000pts] ++
Created with BattleScribe
submitted by Telenoir to Eldar [link] [comments]

2023.03.19 00:16 Late_Builder6990 Leviathan Design Process

Hello everyone. 54Godamora here coming to you all for Kaiju advice.
I have posted several Kaiju Profiles over on my DeviantArt page.
You see, Leviathan in my story is a catch-all term for any surviving Mesozoic Marine reptiles. Which ones have survived into the 21st century? We have:
  1. Pliosaurs- Leviathans - Pliosaurs (revised) by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  2. Nothosauroids- Reptilian seals - Nothosauroids by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  3. Hupehsuchians- Whale-billed paddlers - Hupehsuchians by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  4. Thuunosaurs- True fish lizards 2 - Thunnosaurs by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  5. Polycotylids- Pliosaur mimics - Polycotylids by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  6. Thalattosaurs- Sea-snoots - Thalattosaurs by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  7. Elasmosaurids- Swan necks no more - Elasmosaurids by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  8. Metriorhynchids- All at sea - Metriorhynchids by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  9. Shastasaurids- King fish lizards - Shastasaurids by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  10. Placodonts- Armoured shellfish snackers - Placodonts by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  11. Basal parvipelvians- True fish lizards 1 - Basal parvipelvians by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  12. Rhomaelosaurs- Cousins to the leviathans - Rhomaleosaurs by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  13. Mosasaurs- Giant sea lizards 1 - Mosasaurine Mosasaurs by artbyjrc on DeviantArt Giant sea lizards 2 - Russellosaurine mosasaurs by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
So why have this diversity? Well for starters, since there’s so many marine Kaiju, I need to create a prey source for them aside from eating giant cephalopods & crustaceans.
And several of them are behind numerous cryptids around the world. In no particular order there is:
  1. Tahoe Tessie- Lake Tahoe, Nevada-California border
  2. Champ- Lake Champlain, New York-Vermont border
  3. Nahuelito- Nahuel Huapi Lake, Patagonia, Argentina
  4. Nessie- Loch Ness, Scotland
  5. Gambo- Gambia River, Gambia
  6. Mamlambo- Mzintlava River, South Africa
  7. Altamaha-ha- Altamaha River, Georgia
  8. Storsjöodjuret- Lake Storsjön, Sweden
  9. Leelanau Lake Monster- Lake Leelanau, Michigan
  10. Stronsay Beast- Stronsay Island, Scotland
  11. Smithy- Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
  12. Lake Norman Monster- Lake Norman, North Carolina
  13. Crater Lake Monster- Crater Lake, Northern California
  14. Whale EateU28 Creature- North Atlantic
  15. Varberg Fortress Moat Monster- Varberg Fortress, Sweden
  16. Morgawr- Falmouth Bay, England
  17. Pressie- Lake Superior U.S-Canada border
  18. Wallowa Lake Monster- Wallowa Lake, Northeast Oregon
  19. Lake Tianchi Monster- Heaven Lake, China-North Korea border
  20. Issie- Lake Ikeda, Kyushu Island
  21. Hawkesbury River Monster- Hawkesbury River, New South Wales
  22. Ponik- Lake Pohenegamook, Quebec
  23. Colossal Claude- Columbia River, Northwest Oregon
  24. Khaiyr Beast- Lake Khaiyr, Siberia
  25. Messie- Lake Murray, South Carolina
  26. Flathead Lake Monster- Flathead Lake, Montana
  27. Lake Elsinore Monster- Lake Elsinore, Southern California
  28. Okoboji Monster- East Okoboji Lake, Iowa
And now for the main focal point which is Titanothaltattus ferox.
The starting point is the Liopleurodon from Walking with Dinosaurs. . . but the book and not the Documentary. To explain, here’s the excerpt describing the old male Liopleurodon.
“Like all Liopleurodon, this male is beautifully bi-colored, with black markings on top and white underneath. However, he is old and these patterns are no longer as visible as they once were. His flippers and head are covered in deep scars from frequent encounters with other Liopleurodon, the only marine creatures capable of inflicting such wounds. Also, he has collected the usual range of “squatters” during his decades at sea. Along his ridged back bryozoans, anemones, seaweed, and even corals grow, and among them, lampreys, leeches, and shrimps feed. His eyes are encrusted with lice, but this does not concern him. However, all Liopleurodon occasionally suffer from heavy infestations of worms in their nostrils and ears. These ailments can compromise their ability to hunt, and in the worst cases stop them catching anything, effectively starving them to death.”
And also mentioned in the book are hagfish which clean up the dead Ophthalmosaurus half he leaves behind.
Yeah. . . . this makes me feel a lot more sorry for him. So let’s expand on that and make him the marine equivalent of my take on Methuselah. I’ll explain more later. For now, here are the other references for this guy.
  1. Regio (large spine along back to absorb lightning strikes to power energy attacks and webbed digits)
  2. Hydrarchos
  3. Megavolt monster (tusks, horns, & electric powers)
  4. Lagiacrus (semi-aquatic nature, overall profile, limbs, & electric powers)
  5. Nessie from Loch Ness Terror (head & dorsal fins)
  6. Richard Owen’s original concept of Cetiosaurus being a giant marine crocodile (retro aesthetic)
  7. Primeval Mosasaur (head shape & armored body)
  8. Monstro from 2022 Pinocchio & one from Guillermo Del Toro’s version
Now for the moving ecosystem on T. ferox.
I was thinking of magnifying it and he’s essentially an organic ship, like an aircraft carrier & battle cruiser. More than capable of attacking on his own but has defenses if anything gets too close. Stinging anemone tentacles, strangling seaweed vines for immobile defenses. As for more mobile defenses, he does have basal/aquatic versions of the Trilobites & Shockirus that are found on Methuselah on his back.
And now for the worm-like squatters. These vary from python-sized lamprey & leeches that will detach from his body to suck the blood out of anything human-sized, fireworms/hagfish hybrids that not only contain venom that causes the sensation of a burn, but also spit said venom which combined with the slime of a hagfish, makes it impossible to get off.
He does have defenders that are unique to him. These include a unique type of sea-spider called the Spindletroopers (same as from The Future Is Wild. . . but the size of a Japanese Spider Crab.) The Spindletroopers are among the first line of defense, swarming around a target and harassing it with their sharp pincers and chemical irritants. However, these giant sea-spiders aren’t the only exotic arthropods found here. Eurypterids with massive pincers for crushing & stabbing their prey, acidic blue blood like their horseshoe crab relatives, and rarely venture far due to their armored bodies slowing them down, pistol shrimp/mantis shrimp ‘cannons’ for pincers that fire explosive cavitation bubbles, and then there’s the arrow shrimp/spiny lobsters which are organic javelins with spiked head & serrated antennae that jet towards their target, and impale for bloody lacerations.
Fish are also present and are highly distinctive. These are the Heterodontgnathans. More commonly known as Bone Fish. Descended from Arthrodire Placoderms such as Eastmanosteus, these predatory fish take inspiration from several fish, both real & fictional.
  1. Boneshark from SubNautica (bony body and pack behavior)
  2. Pycnodonts (crushing pair of teeth in back & Hensodon headgear) Weird fish 1 - Pycnodontiforms by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  3. Ichthyodectids (slicing teeth at front of the jaw & thunniform body plan) Fish with a bite - Ichthyodectids by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  4. Onychodonts (tooth whorl in lower jaw) Dagger teeth - Onychodonts by artbyjrc on DeviantArt
  5. GenitoMurder fish from Monsterverse (Dunkleosteus-esque jaws and color palette; Genitor is the ‘2nd-in-command’ behind T. ferox.)
  6. Remora (some have evolved a sucker pad on top of their heads to hold on to T. ferox to save energy.)
  7. Flying fish (others have turned their pectoral fins & caudal fins to allow for them to ‘fly’ out of the water, erupting out to attack those on-board ships.)
  8. Black dragonfish (bioluminescent body to attract prey when several thousand meters deep, and a lure on the lower jaw which is used to communicate with others by spreading the scent of intruders; as such is found on scouts)
  9. Viperfish (massive teeth)
  10. Stethacanthus (head spine/ironing board combined with remora sucker pad)
  11. Iniopterygiformes/ ‘Flying Sharks’ (combined with flying fish)
The Heterodontgnathans aren’t parasites but rather a mix of a mutualistic & commensal partnership with T. ferox. Some behave like remoras/cleaner fish by suctioning onto the ventral side of the massive Pliosaur and feeding on whatever messy scraps the giant reptile leaves behind while the other two are more predatory. Whether it’s keeping control of the mini-ecosystem along the back or actively hunting alongside the marine reptile. The most derived are those capable of temporarily leaving the water with their pectoral fins & caudal fins modified to glide across the water. Reports of crew aboard ships being attacked by these ‘flying placoderms’ are occasionally reported. The average size for one is about 4 meters while the largest, Genitor, is up to 15 meters long. Speaking of which, Genitor sits right behind T. ferox in status though it’s unclear how this partnership was established.
And yet they aren’t the strangest animals to be found here. That honor goes to the most derived Pterosaur of all, the Pteracuda. Descended from Tethydraco-relatives, this Pterosaur has evolved to be adapted for an almost marine lifestyle with several fish fins adorning the body. Diving like a gannet, they accompany T. ferox on hunts, and during frenzies will occasionally hunt any Bone fish and vice versa. As defense against their own predators, they can deliver a powerful hip-check and a slicing jet of water.
(In terms of body plan, a fusion of the SyFy Pteracuda & Plesioth from Monster Hunter)
So why such a massive & diverse ecosystem on this one Kaiju? Well as I’ve said, I took what the Liopleurodon from the WWD book has and expanded on it, a video by Brian Engh talks about how large marine predators help with ecosystems, and mentioning towards the end how sea turtles have their ecosystems with barnacles on their shells & pilot fish accompanying them.
Video in question: REAL Sea Monsters - Ressurecting Mosasaurs for Savage Ancient Seas
Now one question I have is that Leviathan is also semi-aquatic and therefore can move on land. This has me questioning how is the ecosystem on his back able to breath air and potentially survive being in battles against the military & in other Kaiju battles?
I’m not entirely sure on this last one so that’s where you, the reader of this journal post, comes in to provide help.
Similarly, the other is coming up with versions of the Cryptids more based on our modern understanding of plesiosaurs and other marine reptiles.
submitted by Late_Builder6990 to Monsterverse [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 21:34 SwarthySphere87 What Does Buying the Most Expensive Pack Get You? Comparing NHL 23 to Other Sports Games

The TOTS release & cost brought out many responses from the community. As a F2P casual, I was interested in why, so I booted up all the sports games that I owned, went into their ultimate teams & looked for the most expensive items in the store. The results comparing NHL 23 to the others were shocking to say the least

Game Pack Item + Probability Odds Cost Item Opening
NHL 23 Guaranteed Random TOTS Player Pack (Untradeable) One (1) Pack w/ 15 Items but 16% Probability of a 95+ OVR $75
Madden 23 10X Game Changer Bundle OR Ultimate Legends Combo Bundle 10 Packs + 2 Guaranteed 96+OVR but 7.4% Probability of any more O 6 Packs + 2 Guaranteed 96+OVR but 29% Probability of any more $89
FIFA 23 New Years Special Pack 76 Players w/ 1 Guaranteed 86+ FUT Hero & 5 Guaranteed 85+OVR but 31% Probability of any more $35
NBA 2K23 Season 1/2/3 or 4 Super 20 Pack Box + Topper ` 20 Super Packs w/ Guaranteed 91+OVR but >29% Probability of 95+OVR or higher. Topper is Guaranteed 97%+OVR $69
MLB The Show 22 The Show Packs Bundle 50 The Show Packs plus Chase Pack which Guarantees 1 Diamond Player $49
WWE 2K22 20 Deluxe Pack Box 20 Deluxe Packs w/ Guaranteed 89+OVR but >40% Probability of 95+OVR $ 99
F1 22 Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Headphones for Your Avatar $ 4
NHL 22 Elite Ultimate Pack 20 items, w/ 10 Guaranteed 83+OVR & 10 82+ OVR but 36% Probability of 95+ OVR $45
BONUS: MLB THE SHOW 23 STANDARD EDITION Pre-order Full Game for last & next gen consoles + 5 The Show Packs. + 10K stubs $69
Originally I was going to make this post "What can $75 get you in NHL 23 v. Other Games" but surprisingly NHL was not the most expensive game. The TOTS pack, however, offers the least amount of items for cost by a wide margin.
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2023.03.18 19:41 GenghisKlan 1k AoO list, need feedback please

I am playing in a casual 1k AoO tournament on April 2nd and was wonder what you guys thought of this list I built.

**++ Arks of Omen Detachment (Necrons) [56 PL, 4CP, 999pts] ++**
**+ Configuration +**
**Arks of Omen Compulsory Type:** Heavy Support

**Battle Size [6CP]:** 2. Incursion (51-100 Total PL / 501-1000 Points)

**Detachment Command Cost**

**Dynasty Choice:** Dynasty: Nihilak

**Game Type:** 5. Chapter Approved: Arks of Omen

**+ HQ +**

**Chronomancer [6 PL, -1CP, 85pts]:** Aeonstave, Arkana: Cryptogeometric Adjuster, Dynastic Heirlooms, Relic: Veil of Darkness

**Overlord [6 PL, -1CP, 115pts]:** Resurrection Orb, Stratagem: Warlord Trait, Warlord, Warlord Trait (Codex 4): Thrall of the Silent King, Warscythe

**Technomancer [6 PL, 85pts]:** Arkana: Prismatic Obfuscatron, Canoptek Cloak

**+ Troops +**

**Necron Warriors [6 PL, 110pts]**
. **10x Necron Warrior (Gauss Reaper):** 10x Gauss Reaper

**+ Elites +**

**Canoptek Plasmacyte [1 PL, 15pts]**

**Cryptothralls [2 PL, 40pts]**
. **2x Cryptothrall:** 2x Scouring Eye, 2x Scythed Limbs

**Skorpekh Destroyers [8 PL, 180pts]**
. **2x Skorpekh Destroyer (Reap-Blade):** 2x Hyperphase Reap-Blade

. **4x Skorpekh Destroyer (Thresher):** 4x Hyperphase Threshers

**+ Fast Attack +**

**Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 75pts]**
. **5x Canoptek Scarab Swarm:** 5x Feeder Mandibles

**Canoptek Scarab Swarms [4 PL, 60pts]**
. **4x Canoptek Scarab Swarm:** 4x Feeder Mandibles

**Tomb Blades [4 PL, 84pts]**
. **Tomb Blade:** Nebuloscope, Shieldvanes, Twin Gauss Blaster
. **Tomb Blade:** Nebuloscope, Twin Gauss Blaster
. **Tomb Blade:** Nebuloscope, Shieldvanes, Twin Gauss Blaster

**+ Heavy Support +**

**Lokhust Heavy Destroyers [3 PL, 50pts]**
**Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor)**

**Lokhust Heavy Destroyers [3 PL, 50pts]**
. **Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor)**

**Lokhust Heavy Destroyers [3 PL, 50pts]**
. **Lokhust Heavy Destroyer (Gauss Destructor)**

**++ Total: [56 PL, 4CP, 999pts] ++**

Created with [BattleScribe](
submitted by GenghisKlan to Necrontyr [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 12:34 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in MA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Draeger Medical Systems, Inc. Compliance Specialist Andover
Sugarbush Resort Level 2 Lift Maintenance Mechanic Boston
Sanofi Digital Engineer, Contracting & Pricing Cambridge
Business Knowledge Services BD Specialist Holliston
Lighthouse Professional Services Machine Designer Wilmington
A R Sandri Inc Staff Accountant City Of Greenfield Town
CHS Inc CDL Driver Fall River
Sandri Energy, LLC Field Service Technician Gas Fueling Equipment Greenfield
Metropolitan Linen Service Corp Driver - Delivery Rep Haverhill
Avidia Bank Commercial Loan Administration Specialist Hudson
Boston Fusion Senior Research Programmer, Robotics Software Engineering Lexington
Aspinwall Plumbing & Heating HVAC Installer Quincy
Aspinwall Plumbing & Heating HVAC SERVICE TECH Quincy
JMPS Delivery Driver (Amazon) - JM Parcel Service LLC Salem
Dell Senior Principal Software Engineer Arlington Heights
ICS Field Operations Engineer II- HYBRID role Auburn
InterPrint Press Operator 2nd shift Berkshire
FedEx Ground PH US Warehouse Package Handler Berlin
Capital One Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Full Stack (Remote-Eligible) Boston
Capital One Lead Software Engineer, Back End (Remote Eligible) Boston
HomeSense Retail Department Supervisor Full Time Now Hiring Braintree
PosiGen Outside Sales - Solar Consultant Bridgewater
PosiGen Solar Sales Specialist Bridgewater
Sanela Salon Receptionist Brookline
Capital One Lead Data Engineer (Remote Eligible) Cambridge
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ma. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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