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2023.06.07 07:16 cur1ouslycur1ous Can a paid off car be sold while another car is up for repo?

Currently stuck in a weird situation. My dad owns 2 cars. One is a sedan that’s been paid off, the other is a truck that he took to a different country and didn’t make payments on. We’ve had tow trucks and other people come to our house looking to repossess the truck, which is impossible because they’d have to cross an ocean to get to it. So instead of trying to take the truck, they’ve been trying to take the sedan as collateral.
My family still uses this car and it’s up to date on registration and safety. Is it possible for my dad to sell me the sedan so that it can no longer be up for repo collateral?
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2023.06.07 07:15 Ptd007 (Mostly) Resetting the world to add map mods - What am I doing wrong?

Before I start - I'm aware what I am doing isn't naturally allowed in the game, and I made a backup of our save in case I hit a brick wall I cannot break through - but I think I'm damned close, and would appreciate you guys smarter than me to give me a helpful nudge.
Context: We've been playing on a server hosted by me (Not dedicated) for quite some time - we decided we wanted to add a TON of map mods to make it basically so we have to actually explore to know where things are rather than relying on our knowledge and online tools.
Current position: I have it now where I load into the save and, right as rain, we have all the modded areas loading in, no issues, and the players skills, traits and days survived are saved! Awesome! But when I go to the only area we *didn't* want reset - The Rosewood Prison where we have made our home - all the furniture we have moved and built is there, it LOOKS like how it should be, but the containers have had the items within them randomised, and not with loot that would be expected - finding stuff like Car hoods and chairs lying in corridors like dropped items, or scrap armour and a saw in medical drawers. All placed or dropped items by us are gone, too.
So! What I've done so far to get to the current position is: Deleted all the map_xxx_xxxx files except the ones related to Rosewood prison - fairly confident judging by the prison looking correct that I got the right ones, and deleted Chunk Data except for chunkdata_25_39.bin - which I assume based on the map software I used is the correct chunkdata for the prison too.
What have I done wrong? What file governs what is contained with containers or in player inventories and what is lying on the floor? Any help anyone can give me is awesomely appreciated!

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2023.06.07 07:15 taxiyatri0542 Taxiyatri can help you get a tempo traveller rental in Delhi.

Taxiyatri is a reputable provider of transportation solutions for travellers visiting Delhi. We take pleasure in delivering exceptional services to tempo travellers in Delhi and give the best packages at reasonable pricing to ensure that your holiday is unforgettable. Taxiyatri is a better option if you want to rent a 15-seater deluxe tempo traveller for your group's holidays with employees, family, and friends. Book luxury Tempo Traveller on rent in Delhi understands the importance of giving the greatest bargains and offers to our consumers. As a result, we provide unique discounts throughout specific festivals and seasons. To discover more about our numerous deals and discounts, please visit our website or call us at 9818022467.
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2023.06.07 07:14 hermit_dt ...

Haste I think there have been things I've done, or especially things I've refrained from doing for reasons of my own. I always thought I was doing so with you in mind, but maybe it's not fair of me to interpret what you need. Yes, I'm worried this is unfair. No, it's not stopped me before. But if I'm off this is the most unfair of all. But here we have it. Some of the good, peeking out under the rubble and confusion. You set me and my whole world alight. Relentlessly. Without fail. The way the thought of you is a physical sensation has not abated in the slightest. I keep noting it because it's just the most intense and perplexing thing and it's completely unique to you. Like you're pulling at my soul. Or my soul is trying to pull me to you from the inside. I don't need to see you for that, the thought is more than sufficient, but when I do see you? When I look, it's amplified by a hundred. You are, simply put, fucking hot. Overtly and subtly. You're somehow even more staggering when you're at ease. Those types are my all-time favourite snapshots of you. And you don't even know it. People just appear when you're single, do they? No guesses as to why that is, you big dumb beautiful man? And looks only get you so far. You are the whole package, others that want you probably don't even know or get the best of you like I do and still it's true for them. Even my damaged ass knew it from the start. God, I want you. To kiss all the worries and apologies away until all that's left is the sound of our breathing. To let the earth moving desire take over and work each others bodies to exhaustion. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to not call in the best sex of my life when I haven't had any in over five years? Can you imagine how jealous I feel when I think of your situation, how I might be stirring up these feelings and they're being delivered elsewhere? When it hits, it is shockingly ugly and hateful, as powerful and unflinching as everything else you inspire in me. I've gone from horny to tears in 60secs. It's just crazy. You make me crazy. I don't know that I'll ever be immune to you. It's just different, what we have. Like it's in my nature, in the stars, I don't know. You have so much power over me, though you might not feel it. You have the power to completely halt my life in its tracks, to steal anyone and everyone's thunder, to reduce me to anything from a quivering mess to a sobbing mess. Always with the mess... And that's just from a distance. I might be all kinds of fucked up, might not be able to love you in the way you deserve yet, maybe never, but from the very depths of my being I love you the best I can and I always will, there will never be another you to me. Whether I continue as a car crash or I make my way to you, whether you're receptive or not in that eventuality. Whether we can ever get it right. Always. Always sorry, here, yours, with the mess, with all my heart. ~ Bottling things up (unfinished)
I'm still not sure of all that I'm feeling right now. Sorry, I imagine it's hard for you to keep up too. But having everything on the table can only be a good thing surely. And that's what is getting me. Where are you? Why do I still feel like I'm giving everything and you're not? It's worse because I'm letting myself be influenced by things I don't know. That I've had to guess or have read on throwaway accounts. I feel unstable...I feel let down. I feel like a hypocrite, because I'm not perfect by any stretch. So what's my issue? Why am I annoyed that you're not telling me to feel less guilty when I know I deserve it? Why am I expecting you to do things I can't? I suppose, I just feel like I am really pushing myself, still, and you're still keeping me at arms length. I'm being unfair. I suppose, that's why I'm feeling drawn to you again. You're hurting me and I like it. This feels like love to me. Is this how you wanted your love to feel? You talked about me setting you free. What a joke. I know I've said how I won't think badly of you etc., I do mean that, but that comes from a place of care for you, being unwilling to put more stress upon you. Fear of being a bad person. So I compromise myself in order to deliver the most gentle truth I can tell instead of the most authentic. Yeesh that's deep. Didn't know that until now :l I
~ True to form, he walked away Said he loved her, didn't stay May I have your peace please? An unspoken favour brought to fruition Not the most loving of decisions She really did try to empathize But feared a lie in disguise She'd never known love, just neglect Resounding familiarity hit while she wept Perhaps this is love after all Love always making her feel small Love that always leaves her alone Love that comes and always goes Maybe love isn't meant to stay That would explain him walking away Love is another word for pain ~
Wrote. He loves someone else too. Or instead of. Or it's all a lie or a game. I feel...totally annihilated. I love him and I hate him. It's all pointless and a waste of time. Staying away is best for both of us, we are both disasters. He's crushed me on purpose. I just don't get it. How is it that he loves me but doesn't give any consideration to me? I feel so fucked up. I wish I knew what the fuck is going on, this is driving me mad and it's only been half a day. I realised maybe this is him trying to fill in some blanks in a really shitty way. I guess we'll see what the next few days hold
You changed everything when you entered my life. Neither of us ever anticipated what it would become, I'm sure of that much. Of course, I had made no secret of my desire to be close with you, I already knew I adored many things about you. But then I found so many more once your walls came down. The magnetism I felt between us, still feel, it's unlike anything else. We are unmatched in that regard. A photo of your face... Honestly. Just that fucking gorgeous face, those pleading eyes. You left me. I know, that's not how we're supposed to see it, but I know how it ended up feeling. The loss of you was like all the light disappeared. I've not seen myself in years for the darkness. I couldn't even see an us for a long while. I was caught unawares when you came back, professing to have loved me all along. Understandably so, since you never said anything and went as far as to deny it at times. I am...not the fastest mover. It can take me a long time to process things. You rushed me, inadvertently into the correct decision, but even so. I tried to draw a hard line. You resisted. I falter in my resistance and you withdraw- you make either shockingly thoughtless or facetious moves which actively hurt me.
Bla bla fuck off K------
It's been such a long time now. In the cold and dark. I had thought I'd gotten over it, over you, but I don't think I've been the same since. I've sought emptiness, rejection and solitude even in my daydreams these past years.
I've been around the houses on what to do with this situation. I don't fully understand, it's impossible to see the full picture without the definition only you could provide.
I think, I want to say goodbye. Close the chapter properly. I'm not abandoning you, I will be at the other end of the phone if you need me. I'm pretty much asking permission here. It just hurts. It hurts a fucking lot, and I'm in a state, I don't really want to go through all the stress of fixing my life just to be greeted with heartache. I just want peace. Safety. And you have a full life, I don't want to be hanging over you like a dark cloud. I want you to live freely.
Do you want to see me?

I want to see you
Can we? I feel like I'm going crazy. I want something solid. I want to see you. Please?

A recipe for hurt
Wine, love, a dash of detail, flavour, spice and promises. Combine with me.
Stir. Add heat. Keep stirring. Never let it rest. Stir. More heat. More stirring.
Reduce it.
Until it's sticky. Switch off. You can rest now. I'm stuck to the hot pan. Not going anywhere. I won't leave you. Not even when you sit back and watch as I burn.

Sometimes you make me feel worthless. Monitored but not cared for. Never enough to be cared for.
Other times, I feel helpless. Disgusting. Volatile. Like I should hide myself away for your safety. I can't possibly be what you need.
Where do you go when pain is all around?

What about me? (Unfinished)
Over the years a number of people have been given a little piece of me for themselves. Some, used it to build themself back up. I am a part of them. Others, didn't know what to do with a piece of me. They didn't care for the sentiment. But it mattered not, the piece was theirs to do with as they pleased. Now only a scarce few haven't (yet) returned to reintroduce me to the once little piece of me, flourishing under the host's eventual conclusion that they can accept the unwavering love and care it exists to offer.
You were supposed to get a little piece of me. I already admired you from afar, then, I could see you hurting and I wanted to make it better. I wanted you to realise what you were capable of, what you could have and most definitely what you under no circumstances should have to tolerate. I wanted you to have complete faith that you were cared about, cared for, desirable, deserving, admirable, full of amazing, good qualities. You are innately good natured. So soft under it all. Child like.
You became something different to me. I began to need you. The sweet good mornings and goodnights. The approval, the sameness, the reciprocity. I realised I had to be something different for you, because I loved you. That was scary. The thought of holding a piece of you in my hands (behave) was like the ultimate dream and an absolute nightmare. Because I wasn't ready to accept it, for good reasons and admittedly stupid and regrettable reasons. You get that. I know you do.
I did what I do best and I went away. I had aimed to fix what I could and return. But, I was hurting and confused. Everything was on my shoulders. Things you had said previously were ringing in my ears, I knew you'd move on fast and it taunted me day and night. I became somebody different alright... But not in the right direction. I vascillated between self deprecation and self pity. I was in no fit state for anyone but you were all I thought of, I couldn't have stopped myself reaching for you any of the times I did. Even though you gave me no hope. No care. I felt like I was bleeding out while you watched.
It changed me. I have been different since that year I spent chasing after you. I'm closed off, totally disengaged from people in the real world. I've not even had a proper sex chat since 😂. It's not all your fault, not even mostly your fault. I am still sorry. I'd never tried to love or be loved before. Not to mention, I still believe we have something more than your everyday love. You have altered the trajectory of my life, thrice now. Nobody else has that power over me.
I had been talking to someone else, though I was writing to them more than I ever spoke to them, if that makes sense. I had been slowly, privately, building my confidence. Working my way through a tonne of negativity that had been building up since long before you. But keeping myself safe, unreachable. I've been a bit of a mess. But I was really making progress and felt he and I were both really growing into my appreciation of him, right as I found you 😂
It was such a shock. I felt everything all at once. I didn't understand what on earth was happening on any front.

That was your plan. Do you remember that conversation?
Is that still your plan? Might there be room for one more? Nothing would make me happier. Sometimes, I think it's the only way.
Disappear with me? Even if just for a little while. Wrap me up in those arms and hide me away. I don't want to see anything else, feel anything else but you. Shield me from the lingering chill of your distance. Disappear with me. Please. We can make it all disappear.
To me to you
As I said, I'm sorry I wrote from a bad place. You reached for me. I reached back and you dropped your hands. That's not how you said this was going to work.
When I found you, big shock, lots of feelings etc etc. For the first couple of weeks, I wasn't really sure what I was doing, feeling, everything was in limbo.
I wasn't fixated on whether the letters were all for me, I just found it hard to understand- your continued ambiguity was such a contradiction. I mean, you can't say 'hindsight is a farce' and then talk about your regrets looking back immediately after. That doesn't make sense. We still weren't communicating.
You pushed me. Tick tick tick. I wanted to set you free, I don't know. It was eating me up, I have had so much going through my head. I thought I was leaning the other way for a while. I did nothing though. Mostly, I was just thinking of you and us.
By the time I was reaquainted with my feelings for you, I was hurt by the things I'd realised and kind of dismayed with how things were playing out here. If that was my fault, which I can totally see how, I get it. Let me make amends. I want us to be on equal, even footing.
May I be struck down if I'm lying, I was honestly thinking about asking to see you moments before you asked 😂. I don't know what I said or did to make you push me away once I finally decided to break the last barrier between us. Or like I said, whether it was, ugh, you know all that I said. There are so many possibilities.
It's mostly one general possibility that brought me here. Brought me back. Kept me here through everything. Has got me writing this despite you literally denying everything.
You. You're unique. You're you. Perfect. Someone to me. Always. Infinity. Us. All the things that have happened that don't just happen. All the ways you make me feel and even the ways I feel them.
I'm not sure who I'm writing this one for. I suppose, it depends on what happens next. And I don't know that either.
I believe at this point I've covered everything essential between the two messages. Over to you.

Hurry up
Sort your head out. Listen to me. Believe it. Try.
Where are you? Where should I be? Show me the way.
My soul is going to leave my body trying to pull me to you from the inside.

Do it again. Please. We're so close, don't stop repeating until we are there. I feel it's just this one thing and everything will be right. Give me your hand. Allow me to get a steady grip and I won't let go.
Where are you? Where should I be? That's all I need. You and me. We'll get there. Have faith. Try. Feel. Do you feel my love for you? I keep sending more of it out there. It's all around you by now. Wishing you well. Smiling when you're smiling. Babbling on in your ear that you could have my help picking up the pieces.

All I know is how I feel. What I'm capable of. What I have to give.
It takes a birthday wish, a genie with their fingers crossed and a sacrifice to the heavens for me to form so much as a comfortable rapport with someone. More so since the first time I fell in love with you. Yes.
Please, soldier, lower your weapons? Not your defences. I understand. I too am battered and bruised under my armour. I need medical attention and a place to rest and recuperate. You said you had what I needed, picked up my broken heart and sent it ahead. Why won't you tell me where to find it?
I feel it. Fixed. Already looking forward to the next time you'll spend time caring for it. It trusts you. Though it does want out of the testing facility.
Won't you trust it to stay close by if you let it out?

I'm scared
of looking a fool. Being dumb. Of seeming insincere when it's all I've been and want to be. That I'll hurt or disappoint you. Of not being able to give you what you want. Being left. Being hurt. Being loved.
I forgive you. It's been an impossible situation, I am well aware of that.
Forgive me for the pain and confusion while you waited for me to get properly reaquainted with and admit to my feelings for you. This has all been so, so challenging to navigate. I did what I thought was best for you. True to form, I made things harder than they could have been. I think. I really do need your insight to know for sure how to break down what happened.
So, yeah, I'm scared. Terrified. Still. But most of all I'm scared that I'm one letter away from the chance to learn the minutiae of our love.

You and I
We've made a lot of mistakes, it's true. I regret mine. I'm sorry. I know you feel the same. The journey has been a long one and the terrain unforgiving.
One of these days, at least I sincerely hope, our walls will be down concurrently. We aren't that strong, love, we can't run from this indefinitely. We are going to sink down in shared bliss onto the rubble and not get back up for many sunsets and sunrises.
Until that day, I will likely be alone. I already am, have been since you. Just so you know my intention. I won't be seeking solace elsewhere. There are no prerequisites, it's what I want. To be yours. When I look back I think I always have.
I've fallen for you twice. Yes. I love everything about you. Everything. I will continue to love you while we are opposed, I will long for when we intersect. I know you feel that too. That will have to be enough, won't it?
You brought life to my fading heart. Now it's ran away to be with you. It texts. It's happy there. I'm happy it's there. Thank you for everything, even if you didn't mean to.
I forgive you and I love you.
Always here,

Hi, sorry about that. And for the late message. x2. And the fact this one is so long haha. Hmm any more apologies? I don't think so? A platitude- no stress about replying, neither when or if.
I'm going to preface this by saying that I genuinely had left you, as requested, more or less in the friendzone until a few months ago...But since then, loads of stuff has been happening r.e our history (unrelated to our catch up in March btw). Could we have a face to face to talk about it? A walk, drive? Liquid lunch may be indicated 😂 I could travel to wherever works for you. Anything I could do to make you feel comfortable enough to agree, it's yours, just let me know. It's really, really put me through the wringer. I've not been able to talk to anyone about it except S--- because I wanted to protect us both, and she wasn't very helpful haha. I don't expect anything from you at all. Just wish to look you in the eye and ask you about it? Air it all out. Please? It wouldn't be unpleasant for you in any way. I realise it's not always been easy here 🙈 I swear I'm in full possession of things like self control nowadays haha. This isn't a ploy, I don't wish to confess my feelings to you, if you're worried, though I'll admit this has brought them back slowly. But I won't be weird about it. Umm weirder* I guess, but I swear thoughts or feelings aren't where all this is coming from! 😂 I'm not going keep writing if you say no. I know I have form for it so please rest assured the crazy is not about to start back up. I was gonna move fac for unrelated reasons and I don't have to return. It's all your call. I just don't know what else to do. It's been months, I thought it was being resolved and now it's worse than ever. I genuinely just want to unravel what on earth I've just been through tbh and talking will help either way. You'll understand why if you'll allow me the space to show you. I know it's weird, but we're some kind of friends right? So I'm hoping you'll afford me the benefit of the doubt... And perhaps an hour or two of your time :3 double please.

The majority I've written the last couple of weeks. Quite the journey. Where will I end up? You tell me.
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2023.06.07 07:14 xXBuzzLightSaberXx Used Car Dealer taking a long time to return deposit

Hi All,
Have recently been looking at some cars and saw a used car that seemed decent, after being told that I could get my deposit back even if I changed my mind as long as I let them know before they close the next day, I put $500 dollars on the car, and after sleeping on it, I decided against getting the car and asked for my deposit back the next day, however we are two weeks later and only an update in email that said they would refund me, even after following up multiple times, but nothing yet, does anyone have any advice on what I should do?
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2023.06.07 07:14 HelioThalasso Ronnie Fowch - Ted's BFF

Has anyone else noticed the insane number of references to Ted's childhood bestie, Ronnie Fowch? Would love to know the story behind that little son of a gun. And if there is a spin off, I hope the writers work their magic and he somehow makes an appearance to wreak havoc like the menace he is.
HumbleBell first noticed it, and on a rewatch I noticed a couple of other references. Anyone else notice anything?
u/HumbleBell wrote in a previous post:
1x03 - "Roy, I learned two pretty big lessons on the rough-and-tumble playgrounds of Brookridge Elementary School. One, if little Ronnie Fowch offers you a candy bar, you immediately say no, and you get the hell outta there. 'Cause there's a good chance that little son of a gun has just pooped inside of a Butterfinger wrapper."
3x11 - "Did Teddy ever tell you the time he ate a candy bar made out of poop?"
3x11 - "The whole reason we got pulled over was because Ronnie Fowch was throwing gang signs at a cop car."
What I noticed on the rewatch:
2x8 - "By all measures, it's not the cruelest prank ever played, but no one should ever make someone eat a Vaseline sandwich...But that's Ronnie Fouch for you. Innovator."
3x4 / 23 minute mark - Ted scrolling through messages on his phone. "Happy Birthday, Bud! Miss you!" 07/10/2021 Sender: RON FOWCH
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2023.06.07 07:14 Needleworker-Hungry Advice Hiring a Car in EU/Greece

Hello Everyone,
My girlfriend and my jobs are coming to an end in July due to contracts ending and we have made a last minute pact that we'll fly to Europe if neither of us get new jobs by the end of our contracts.
Anyway, my family has an apartment in Pireaus, the Port of Athens, Greece which we'll be basing ourselves at. We'd like to hire a car and travel Europe. To my understanding, hiring a car one way is quite pricy so I'm thinking we might have to return the car in Athens, which is fine. We're thinking of taking about 6 weeks to travel around in August/Sept 2023.
Anyone have any good recomendations/advice for our venture? And to people saying 6 weeks isn't enough, I've driven around 3 countries and + my state of Nsw, Aus in 2 weeks (around 6,000kms) and was managable but obviously we'd spread it out a lot more.
Any advice on which car hirers to go through or which routes to take (or any advice in general) is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 07:14 humblenblessedqueen Is $1400 for a pet friendly one-bedroom condo considered a rip off?

I’m currently interested in this condo for rent by a private owner in Stone Bridge. It’s a one-bedroom condo that’s cat friendly. Internets the only out of pocket cost.
I’ve been looking for rentals for a month now and have had no luck. Many places have strict no pet rules (I’ve tried Kijiji, Rentals, Marketplace, Rentfaster).
I’ve calculated and it’s about 40% of my gross income.
Surprised how expensive rent is here as a cat owner.
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2023.06.07 07:13 Effective_Bar_6098 Have the budget talk with yourself

I never had a discussion about my budget and limits with any of my previous Dommes. It was either because they never brought it up or I never cared to discuss it. When I was deep into findom, I never had any guidance on how to practice this kink safely because I don’t think there was any guidance out there. But even if there was, I probably would have ignored it. I’m not saying this would have been the smart thing to do—I’m just saying that’s what I would have done.
One of my more recent Domme did try to broach the subject with me. We were discussing how much I should be paying her on a monthly basis. I was never really good at volunteering numbers, so I was talking like a babbling idiot. So she helped me figure out an appropriate amount. She asked me if I made at least $50,000 a year. I looked her in the eyes and nodded with a poker face. I could not bring myself to tell her how much I really made. So with that she suggested a monthly amount which I agreed to.
Many Dommes of the ethical variety want potential finsubs to discuss their limits and budget so they can play safely. While in theory there’s nothing wrong with having these discussions, I think there may be better ways to go about it. And part of me thinks that way because I still say an “ethical financial Domme” is an oxymoron. It’s like a drug dealer and a junkie having a discussion over the appropriate drugs. Does the one who financially benefits from the relationship truly have your best interests at heart? But I’m digressing.
So if you must get involved or have a taste of findom, have a number in mind already—an amount of money that you won’t exceed for a given period of time. And if your Domme still insists on having the budget discussion, then have it. Do you make $200,000 a year? Tell her you make $100,000. Is your rent $2,000 a month? Tell her it’s $3,000. Are you single? Tell her you need to make alimony payments. Hell, go ahead and mention your instant ramen diet while you’re at it—though that may be pushing credibility just a bit.
I guess what I’m saying is there’s nothing wrong with being prepared. Yes, it may dampen the spontaneity and excitement. But in the long run (assuming there’s a long run) you’ll hopefully experience less regret.
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2023.06.07 07:13 Reasonable-Banana553 I reached my limit

For context I had a serving job for a little under a year. They exclude me and a couple of other people, but it’s pretty bad with me. I don’t care about that. I care about constantly being criticized, constantly being yelled at, constantly feeling like I’m not good enough during a time where I am at my all time low for other personal reasons.
The other week work had put me on a 5 day schedule with 3 doubles. I couldn’t handle it and requested to have at least a 4 day week or 1 less double. Both denied. My mind and body couldn’t handle it.
For more context I am prone to seizures but have only had 4 in my life. I am in my 20s. I take my meds religiously and haven’t done anything crazy like drink or do drugs.
I had a seizure behind the wheel where I quite literally could have died. They say it was stress induced.
Now I am currently unemployed, not knowing how I am going to make this months rent. All I know is I can’t go back there. My mind and body can’t take it. I reached my limit.
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2023.06.07 07:11 invigormedkraft Best Laser for Varicose Veins Rental in India - Invigor Medkraft

Invigor Medkraft is a company that stands out in the field of medical equipment rental, providing exceptional quality and service to healthcare professionals across India. One of their most sought-after offerings is their Laser for Varicose Veins rental program, which provides practitioners with state-of-the-art equipment to treat this common condition. With Invigor Medkraft's Laser for Varicose Veins Rental in India, healthcare providers can be assured that we are getting the latest technology that delivers effective results without invasive surgery or lengthy recovery times. The lasers provided by Invigor Medkraft use advanced techniques such as endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), which involves inserting a thin fiber optic into damaged veins and emitting laser energy to seal them shut. This process helps improve blood circulation and relieves symptoms like pain, swelling, and skin discoloration caused by varicose veins. Moreover, renting these high-quality lasers from Invigor Medkraft comes with several benefits such as affordable pricing plans tailored to each client's needs along with maintenance services offered by expert technicians ensuring reliable performance throughout usage time.
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2023.06.07 07:11 Binder_Grinder Pulled a dead dog off the highway today

I was driving home along the interstate when I came across a big dog standing in my lane. I was able to avoid it but I could tell the poor thing was scared to death. By the time I processed everything I was already 1/4 down the road (speed limit of 75 I was going ~80) and decided to turn around when I could - I seriously considered going through the median.
I come to an emergency turn around about a mile down the road, decide I’m turning around, and flip on the hazards to slow down to make the turn. The goddamn geezer bus (class A motor home) behind me wasn’t slowing down and almost rear ended me (not relevant to the story but needed to vent). I get turned around and know every second counts so I get after it.
I get back to the spot where the dog was and am heartbroken to see it laying in the middle of the highway. It was right after (now before) an overpass so I exit. As we’re turning around my wife calls state patrol to report a dog in the road. I get to the end of the on ramp and see traffic is clear and pull straight over to the median behind the dog - parking my truck just enough off the highway where I’m not at risk of being hit but enough in the way to get people to move over so they don’t run the dog over.
Traffic is humming but moving over (one fucker in a BMW almost hit me and the dead dog - further rant/digression, this is off my chest right?). I get out and wait for enough of a break in traffic where I am comfortable running out and pulling the body out of the road. I get him in the median and give him his final ear rub and tell him he was a good boy. I don’t know what type of dog he was but no living being deserves their last moments of life dodging cars and tractor trailers running 75+.
I get back to my truck and pull farther down into the median so I’m not at risk of being hit. I waited a couple minutes longer for the state patrol to pull up. He arrives and pulls up next to me and thanks me for getting the dog off the highway. I tell him there was a collar but no tag - he responds that it’s ok, the family already called looking for the dog. What a dagger to really set the whole situation in. State trooper says he’ll go up the highway a bit to block the lane so I can get going. I pull onto the highway and continue home.
To the interstate pup, I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you in time and I wish there was more I could have done for you. You died scared and alone on a highway - you didn’t deserve that.
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2023.06.07 07:11 pokerbaaz EV charging

Hi guys! I’ve recently moved to Nagpur and took a flat on rent in Vedant Diamond Apartment close to Chhatrapati Square via a broker only after confirming if I could put up a socket for charging my Nexon EV. After moving in here, the society isn’t letting me do the same. They deem it unsafe. I’m not even talking about a fast charger. Just a regular slow one. I need to charge my vehicle on a daily basis for long distance travel. Ofcourse moving out and looking for another place is an option but there is there anything else I can do about this situation? It’s extremely shocking to see a high end society in Nagpur react like this to EV adoption. Any suggestions to tackle this?
PS: the broker has stopped responding to any of my calls/messages. So no point running after him.
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2023.06.07 07:10 AI_Drone How do you bring down a drone?

The best way to bring down a drone – not with a skeet-shooting mentality, says Oleg Vornik, CEO of Sydney-based DorneShield, Counter-drone Defense solutions company. That’s fine for the sporting field, but it’s a whole different world when it comes to protecting politicians, stadiums, and combat patrols.
“It’s the most natural question people ask,” Vornik says. “The answer is it’s very difficult to do. You have a small object, perhaps as big as a dinner plate, blending in against a complex background or a similar colour to the sky. And it’s moving erratically.”
The builder of drone tracking and disabling technology says he’s seen trained military personnel fire dozens of shots trying to bring down a drone just 30 metres away.
“Those bullets are going to land somewhere. So you’re going to have collateral damage”.
Mostly drones are helpful tools or enjoyable pastimes, but they can also be unwanted spies in the sky, delivery devices for acts of terrorism, or – as in Ukraine – front-line combatants.
Countering them (c-uas), says Vornik, is a complex equation of risk against reward, and cost versus return.
“If you’re a military base, chances are you want to take down the drone as fast as possible,” says Vornik. But using a $150,000 shoulder-launched Stinger anti-aircraft missile against a $1500 off-the-shelf drone isn’t economically viable.
“If you’re a prison, for example, we don’t recommend you take it down,” he adds. “That’s a temporary solution. But if you track in real time where it lands, who picks up its package and who’s controlling it, you can solve the whole crime in one hit”.

Battle of attrition

Sci-fi-inspired ideas of flashing lasers, darting interceptor drones and radar-guided slugs are often the first thoughts that come to mind to defeat swarms of cheap, nimble opponents. But there are practical, real-world issues to consider, says Vornik.
“With lasers, it’s like a naughty child trying to burn ants with a magnifying glass,” he says. “The ant is running for its life, and the kid has to try and hold it in the focal point long enough to have an effect. And what if there are five ants? It’s actually very, very difficult”.
Miss in a stadium, and you may take out the eye of a sports fan. Miss on the battlefield, and you may blind a friendly satellite far beyond your target.
And any laser-based weapon system needs large power generators, complex lenses, and a high-resolution targeting system to put – and keep – the narrow beam on target.
“I think lasers definitely have a place,” he says. “But most lasers today are the size of a car. They’re very expensive. They may be effective against missiles, but swarms of small drones are another matter altogether”.
The proliferation of such commercially-available devices is forcing militaries and governments to rethink their policies.
“Drones are so ubiquitous,” he says. “They can be everywhere. But if you’ve only got five exquisitely effective systems to respond with, then your response is crippled from the start.”

Freeze, then drop

Unlike lasers, radiofrequency jamming devices can be small, portable, and energy efficient.
They “fire” beams of radio waves over a distance measured in “multiples” of kilometres (the actual ranges remain an operational secret). Each beam, like that of a searchlight, can catch more than one drone in its “glare”. The drones lose contact with their controllers.
“The jamming effect is instantaneous,” Vornik says.
Drones flying on autopilot must access satellite GPS navigation signals or electronic beacons. “These can be disabled using our jammers”.
And holding the beam on them longer magnifies the effect.
“It will freeze a drone,” Vornik adds. “It will put it on the ground”.
Such DroneShield systems neutralised four suspicious devices amid the tens of thousands of people attending the inauguration ceremony of Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, in January this year.

Sense and sensibility

Vornik says his business started in 2015, using acoustic sensors to detect and isolate the sound of drones.
“The problems were numerous,” he says. “The most obvious is that it’s very imprecise. And it can be saturated in a noisy environment like an airfield or stadium”.
Radar, at first glance, appeared to be an obvious alternative.
But when it comes to areas with lots of moving objects – such as forests, fields and football fields – it’s almost impossible to discriminate between a flitting bird, a meandering cow, a frantic fan and a low-flying drone.
“So we came up with the hand-held radio frequency sensor,” Vornik says. “It’s basically identifying the uplinks and downlink signals between the drone and the controller. The flight telemetry. The video feeds.”
Such transmissions can be triangulated at distances of multiple kilometres. And their details are assembled via software, overlaid on digital maps, and displayed on portable devices.
“Radiofrequency is a complex sensor to develop but fairly cost-effective to build,” says Vornik.

Develop, react, adapt

“To counter cheap, disposable drones, you need to have not-quite disposable but very cheap drone countermeasures. Counter-drone systems you can make and use on a similar scale,” says Vornik.
Drones must then be shielded to defeat RF jamming. That could involve anything from expensive gold foil, casings of thick aluminium plates, or satellite-grade radiation-hardened computer chips. Navigation and communications equipment must also be more powerful, complex, and resilient. This, in turn, means more powerful engines and batteries are needed to carry all the extra weight.
Such an arms race puts cheap, off-the-shelf drones at the bottom of the heap.
DroneShield’s portable RF solutions are easy to handle. They have few moving parts and carry the same standardised rechargeable high-capacity batteries used in other military devices, such as night vision goggles, radios and portable computers.
“We build them to use as little energy as possible,” says Vornik. “We don’t even do little coloured screens because they consume more energy and drain batteries faster”.
Each RF jammer carries enough power for a day’s worth of use and spare batteries can be easily carried.
And the portable drone detectors are passive, meaning they emit no signals. Radars, for example, rely on bouncing radio waves off objects to “see” them. But those same radio waves reveal the transmitter’s location.
“With radiofrequency, you’re invisible until you choose to light up your jammer,” Vornik explains. “And then you will want to move pretty quickly to avoid a responsive artillery strike if you’re fighting a near-peer adversary like in Ukraine.”
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2023.06.07 07:10 sweet-caramel-gal 1mg Semaglutide/B12 update & how are your results?

Today I took my 1st dose of sema+b12 1.0 mg. This time I changed the way I took it. Instead of eating something an hour or so before injection, I fasted and did it in the morning without food. I didn't get any nausea or any side effects so I'm happy about that!
I've been consistently making sure to at least incorporate running and walking at least 10,000 steps daily and lift weights every other day nothing too much, and eat less portion most times eat one grand meal a day. I drink recommended water most days and drink a cup of coffee with 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and a little milk.
So, I feel that I've been working hard myself at losing weight as I've lost 15 lbs since a few days shy of a month. However, I'm not sure if it's the changes that I've been making attributing to my weight loss or if the semaglutide is really kicked in full effect yet?
Many say that semaglutide doesn't really work until taking the 1.0 dose. So I'm wondering is this recent weight loss only from limiting calories and burning calories? Then what am I to expect now that I've taken 1.0 mg of sema+b12?
Will more weight just start melting off than the 15 lbs lost a month of course while doing less calories out than in that im doing? I'm so grateful in how hard I worked and how much I lost on my own so far on the lower doses, but I want to know what to expect taking 1.0 and how weight loss and appetite worked out for you on this dose?
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2023.06.07 07:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - All Programs (Complete)

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2023.06.07 07:10 strawberry_banana22 AITA for charging sublease my direct deposit for my lease?

So I am leaving the country for a month and won’t need my apartment anymore. So I subleased without telling landlord. Big asshole move I know but I cannot pay for this anymore and it worked perfect.
I took her direct deposit as if it were mine and left. I already signed a lease to a new apartment. The thing is she wants the money back so she can resign the lease come august. she’s staying under my name for June and July. I told her no as it’s a security deposit for me. She went crazy saying… no.. DEMANDING it. I refuse. She says she will tell landlord and I threaten to kick her out.
i talk to my parents and they tell me to do things legally ( I know I should have don’t remind me things are Done) but the only reason I didn’t was because She would have to pay a $300 fee for changing the lease as well as a $250 for moving in.
All she had to do was pay me the security deposit and she will get that back by this lease which is august 1. She says it all very rudely asking if she can just have her money back.
I talk to her for 30 mins on call and explain over and over and over again. She laughs and just continues on demanding the money. She changes it to august 1 and I agree but given how rude landlords are I tell her that I will give to her once I get it back from him.
That’s all.
I do plan on giving it to her august 1st but she was quite literally throwing a tantrum. She then texts me “august 1st right?” I might just send her a long text and block her.
It doesn’t serve her to cut the leases. I have the $608 security. I Can use that for next months rent (she already paid this months) and I would get my deposit back.
if she tells landlord all 3 girls are fucked and it seemed like one of the girls already took her side as I’ve been blocked.
The other girl sharing told me things will calm and we remain great friends and to just ignore and settle everything in Aug.
Love her haha
I got so angry tho aah.
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2023.06.07 07:09 Senfuuul My wife mom came back to kill me after she’s been dead for 7 years and her body is rotten and disgusting.

So I am (34m) and me and my wife (38f). 7 year we went to a Whole Foods and she had an heart attack so we rushed her to the emergency room and there was a truck hauling metal pipe and one of the pipe detached a went right through her head she was still alive so I crashed the car into a street lamp and the lamp fell onto the car and landed on her but that wasn’t it because it blew up finally killing her I thought I could still see her burnt body breath so I want her to stop so I punched her to put her out of her misery.
So after that my wife was super saddened by the death of her mother but I didn’t really care so she divorced me I was super glad that dumb bitch was divorcing me so I felt like putting her out of her misery at the funeral I cut the brakes of the car then I told her to drive safe and I love her so when I got news of her death I was jumping up and down riddled with excitement turns out when she when to slow down to turn the brakes didn’t work and she hit a rock and her fat ass flew out the window shield and landed in an embankment and her car landing on top of her and exploded.
I decided to visit where she had her accident and peed on where he ashes are shame she had to go but I started not liking her and found better women who are more beautiful and are very useful for my needs. So let’s get back to me seeing her and I think her mom this started happening when I moved out of my house and on my why to work I saw this creature on the side of the road so I was trying to run it over but it disappeared and appeared in my back set for a split second but it was gone. Then the sights got more and more yesterday I saw it clear as day so I punched it and it scared so I pulled out my knife and tried stabbing it but it disappeared. I think I might be going I think I might need to go back on the schizophrenia meds.
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2023.06.07 07:09 ihaveaquestion1579 3x income to rent only a room in a share house?

Hello, I have looked around this subreddit and googled around but haven’t really found anything, everything is talking about apartments. is it typical to need 3x rent if you are renting just a room in a share house in DC?
I understand this is expected for apartments, but the first room I tried to make a move on needed 3x for income (based on that one room in the share house), the whole reason I’m looking for rooms vs not an apartment is because I don’t meet 3x income. Was it just this room, or do most rooms function this way? I’m mainly looking at rooms in share houses between $750-$1000 around Columbia Heights and Petworth.
I am looking through Facebook groups seeking roommates and Craigslist. Considering how many interns live in this city most of them must not meet 3x income for just a room, right?
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2023.06.07 07:09 Stematt1 Stop sign warning humps in road creating obnoxious noise

Hi everyone, I tagged this other civil matters, because I think this is a county issue.
Madera county, California, USA
We live in a rural area, bought our home on 2.5 acres in 1975. Neighbors around us all on 2.5-10 acre lots. Directly across our street is a 300 acre cattle field. Four homes down, about 1/6 mile, is a four way stop.
Today, they came out and added rumble strips (small speed bumps) all across the lanes going towards the stop sign and painted STOP AHEAD. Great! I have no issue with attracting attention to the stop sign. But the BUMPS! There are two sections of about 10 rows each heading towards the stop signs. I posted a video with the sound the cars make going across it in our local community. Others described it as how it sounded in Iraq. 😳
It is like a jackhammer and the bigger the vehicle, the louder it is. About 50-75 cars go by every hour during regular time. Rush hour, with the schools down the way, it’s non stop.
Tonight we are laying here, even with the house sealed up tight, it still sounds like machine fire reverberating in our heads and my Veteran dad with PTSD doesn’t need this hell.
Do we have any recourse? Can the county be make to take them out? There was NO notice they were being put in. It has just been incredibly horrible to listen to all day. I already signed up to speak to the Board of Supervisors meeting next week, but I don’t know what else I should do.
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2023.06.07 07:09 Queasy_Author7022 It happened - my mom died and my sibling kept me from saying goodbye

It happened - my mom died and my sibling kept me from saying goodbye
My sibling informed me my mom had a stroke a few days ago. I live in a foreign country, and was trying to communicate with them about getting back home to see her.
My mom and I have been VLC since 2021 and had not seen each other since 2019, returning to visit was not possible during the pandemic. And I felt no compulsion to spend the large amount of money to go there as our contact became less and less.
You can see how the conversation went with my sibling, who is there locally. We have never been close, but also never had conflict. We just weren't close enough to have issues.
How fucking generous of them to notify me of her death, after I canceled $2,000 plane tickets. They bullied me to keep me from my mom. Their hostile attitude and refusal to cooperate with me made getting back to her to say my goodbyes unfeasible.
Because I needed to keep a distance from her for my mental health did not equal not wanting the chance for me to say goodbye to her. Please remember that siblings can be raised in the same household by the same people and have very different childhoods.
I'm so fucking angry and sad and every other emotion. He bullied me and it worked and now my mother is gone, and any or all of the things I wanted to say, can never be heard.
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2023.06.07 07:09 DkShadow23 How do you get better at this game?

So before the season was ending I decided to do a 7 day (2 hours a day) mech training because I wanted to do 1 final push to champ to get my 3 wins for the champ reward. On my pc where I do steam maps like hornet nest (hole in the wall basically) rings and dribble challenge. And while I did see improvements while doing those steam maps when it came to the actual game didn’t feel like I improved so any tips to get better car control and car control with ball?
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