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2023.06.07 05:12 BabyBackFriedFish Just picked up a 340i brakes no bueno

Just picked up a 340i brakes no bueno
Absolutely love this thing, but at about 100 miles after I bought it, the front brakes started screaming when after they warm up. Also, when I am not applying brakes the front right will chirp with the wheel rotation (is this also a symptom of bad brakes?)
After checking the front rotors I noticed they have some pretty bad grooves. According to the services, the car says the brakes were serviced 4,000 miles ago. I took it back to the dealership and was told brakes aren’t covered in the limited warranty.
After arguing with them I just decided I’ll do the brakes myself. I can’t find any reviews on these rotors: so I was wondering if anyone here had any insight or other recommendations
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2023.06.07 05:11 call_me_whateva 3 yrs waitlisted.Spouse onboarded in one month.

Same location. There's no sense to this. I talked to several people from ic. It seems to me that there is no real que. He made an account for just to see what would happen at the bring of May and was offered to onboard yesterday. How can that be?
This is truly the only job that offers me the flexibility I need to be able to function within my life's responsibilities and scheduling. I just don't get it. No one has answers. I am curious if there's any advice out there or insight as to why this is seemingly the car for so many people.
Will deactivating my account and reactivating it in a couple of weeks offer me a better chance? I'm so lost on what seems like a hopeless pursuit. I have 3 extended family members who do IC in the area and they all make 6-800 a week working full time with no problem and say there's plenty of work available.
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2023.06.07 05:11 Chaos_Playhouse On Pride Month

If you are on this sub alot you'll see Christains posting about Pride Month lately.
Now I'm not a woke Christain coming to tell you that being prideful, and lustful is okay. After all this is a group that turned God's promise into a symbol of sin.
Although I'm not calling out anyone one specific, I see alot of these post and the tone seems confused. Not confused in the sense that anything they are saying is wrong, but in the sense that they are not seeing the full picture
So why am I making this post?
I'd like to offer, my perspective on Pride month and LGBTQ to start a discussion on what the real root issue is.
First I'm going to say what many others have said. Pride is the original sin, yes. What was so important about Pride though? Pride was the vehicle that introduced all other sin. What is pride though? Pride is giving into the temptation to be your own God. The only thing that separates humans apart from God is our inability to provide the unabiding love that the Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit can. This is why every other God is so pointless, and hedonistic sounding, because they are. A construction of the human psyche to project, and affirm they're own beliefs ultimately allowing them to become God on earth. Now there's nothing to biblically prescribe what gives God his omnipotence, but I believe it is himself, and Who is God? God is Love. This leads into my point of why the LGBTQ community is wrong in their beliefs.
The Pride movement is an attempt to fill God's role in being all loving, and all powerful.
However as humans we have not a single ounce of power, or love to provide. Love is only possible with the power God gives us to love through the Holy Spirit. Jesus is a manifestation of God's incomprehensible love that even when we defy a being outside of space and time, He still forgives us. Pride is the sin Satan needs a person to commit in order to abandon God. If you are not prideful, you are not a sinner. The truth is we are all sinners we all have Pride to some extent. If you've ever doubted God that's pride. I'm also not excluding myself from this.
The last thing I would like to bring to light, and truly what I hope people take away from this is understanding Satan's intentions. Now as Christians we all know Satan is the enemy and He hates us. Yet quite frequently I don't see anyone elaborate on this. If you've recently been on any Christian social media, or been listening to any conservative media, you've probably heard the term "Death Culture"
The idea is one that is fundamentally Christian. It is that the mostly left wing groups who embrace sin lead to nowhere but the destruction of humanity. I am in no way shape or form agreeing with the political side of this. I believe anyone can be saved.
I want to reiterate what original sin is once more. Original sin is the introduction of death to humanity through Satan and our acceptance of it, after being decieved. Satan is The Deciever, and The Destroyer of mankind, in that order. You have to be decived to be destroyed, and no one who is decieved knows the truth and what is the truth? Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life. Yet Satan cannot destroy The Truth itself so He must decieve, to then be able to destroy the decieved.
This is why I like the term "Death Culture", because it exposes Satan's deceitful nature. Let's compare what society teaches with what Satan's goal is that He's trying to accomplish.
Satan's goal: Take as many lives as possible, before His destruction.
Society: Have your own Truth (Jesus is Truth, and truth is objective, so Satan trys to decieve people to make them believe that Truth is subjective so they don't follow Jesus, Satan knows this appeals to the flesh, which is why Christians are called to die to ourselves)
Society: Love whomever you want (The deception that takes place here is the confusion of love and lust, once again Ties to the fact that without God we cannot love we can only lust. This is why the Death Culture loves freely, because they are actually lusting)
Society: Have homosexual relations (The deceit here is something I can't fully deconstruct in my mind but I think I can think about it somewhat logically, the idea that we can have sexual relations that are unfruitful (nonreproductive) is deceit into killing our race off.)
Lastly everything that society teaches leads people into depression, since they have a God sized hole to fill and decieved to believe the remedy is non-existent, or not God. Which ultimately will lead to much death.
There is no question in my mind When you look at the tragic amount of transgender deaths, that Satan has his hand in the LGBTQ community and Pride Culture as much as possible.
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2023.06.07 05:11 GAB78 Transmissions

All the talk on these cars is engines never hear anything about the tans. 6sp or auto
What are ppls issues they've encountered with them are are the pretty bullet proof
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2023.06.07 05:10 throwRApineapplerum Me (30F) and my coworker (35M) like each other, but the only way we can see each other outside work is for him to come home with me after the shift. I'm not comfortable with this for multiple reasons. Should I just call it off?

This coworker and I have been texting/flirting/surreptitiously making out at work for a couple of weeks. We've got to take it outside work if this is going to continue, but the logistics are difficult.
So the most practical way for us to get together would be for him to just come to my place when we get off work. He keeps hinting around for this to happen. But I'm not feeling good about that, for a couple of reasons:
I do like this guy and want to spend time with him. I'd be happy to have him over to my place for a few hours in the daytime, if that were possible. I've already tried to get him to go out with me for coffee but it didn't work out because of his car situation.
FWIW, I do not get the impression he's just after a hookup. It seems more like he's trying to jump to a stage of relationship that we haven't reached naturally. I also get the vibe that he might be a bit emotionally clingy.
So what's the best way to handle this? Part of me wants to just tell him it won't work out and we've got to stop. But I do enjoy his company when we're together, and we've known each other for years at this point and I really don't want to hurt him. I honestly don't know what to do and would appreciate any advice.
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2023.06.07 05:10 TheGeneralCat One Year Ago Today I Got My First Car, With Certainty I Can Say This Was The Best Car I Could Have Ever Asked For!

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2023.06.07 05:10 ogreatgames Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec: Mind-blowing Vehicular Simulation Racing Game - PS2 Game

![video](67ie28fl5y391 " A thrilling vehicular racing simulation game like you never played before. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #racing #simulation --
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec For Sony PlayStation 2. This is one of the most anticipated racing game and it is making history with awesome game performance. There are over 130+ high-performing and interesting fast cars to choose from including Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Chrysler, Honda, and Nissan. Complete challenging license tests and join tough racing circuit championships. Aim to finish first and leave competitors in the dust. In addition to that, there are over 13 incredible race courses featured too. Immerse yourself with outstanding realistic physics during heart pounding high intensity neck and neck race competitions. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.07 05:09 Splatulated is buying the season pass worth it if i own the base game + bloodlines already? ( didn't know the season pass gave you aiden to use in the base game when i bought bloodlines)

like is unlocking Aiden for use in the actual story mode worth it ? you also get wrench and 2 others with current sale would save like $40 vs buying them separately at $15 per character
do they get all the same gear / abilities they get in blood lines? does finsihing blood lines do anything for the base game at all if you buy the season pass??
is there any more DLC coming to give the season pass at full price $69.99 actual value?
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2023.06.07 05:09 Polyglotton73 [H] Curse of the Dead Gods, Grime, Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Hellblade, long list [W] Ghostwire Tokyo, Remnant from the Ashes, Honey I Joined a Cult, offers, lists

Looking for the following titles:
Sim-ple Life
Humble Heroines: Warriors, Dreamers and God Slayers
Best of Boomer Shooters: Bigger and Boomier
Humble Monthly June 2022:
Fanatical King Slayer Bundle:
Humble Bundle May 2022:
Humble Visual Delight Bundle
Humble Game Night Bundle
Humble Choice April '22
Fanatical Rogue Souls Bundle
Fanatical Favorites Bundle
Random Games:
Humble Stand with Ukraine Bundle
Fanatical Stand with Ukraine Bundle
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2023.06.07 05:09 kombuchababy164 Looking for recommendations for starter repair in Los Angeles

Hello all,
Recently my 2012 honda civic shit the bed and the starter is done for. I have AAA so I was able to get my car towed from the parking lot back to my driveway. He checked my battery and assured me that was fine, the starter was the issue. I knew I had a problem with my starter but I put off getting it replaced and now I desperately need to. Honda quoted me $1.3k for “starter replacement and assembly” now, maybe i’m wrong because I don’t know too much about auto repair.. but that seems INSANE to me? I would love to hear others opinions or experiences if you’ve also had to replace a starter in LA. Any shop you can recommend, especially near the weho area would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
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2023.06.07 05:09 cityrc 2020 Elantra

I was looking around for possibly a different vehicle I came across this car dealership for some reason they have like 15 2020 elantras, what's up with that? Have around 62 to 65,000 miles.
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2023.06.07 05:08 Psychological_Oven45 It’s bad again

I have been depressed since I could remember. 12 years old I think. Parents are emotionally detached. I’ve been with my partner for 10 years. They struggle with their own demons like depression, anxiety, eating disorder, family trauma. I was abused as a child. I feel like a burden. Everything is supposed to get better as you age. With blood sweat and tears I started a business 6 years ago. It was going great until Covid ruined my credit, took half my staff, and I took on tons of debt to try and keep the doors open. Same period I was diagnosed with celiac which isolated me. Most recently after my second round of Covid my asthma was exacerbated so badly they think I may have beginning stages of copd. I’m 30. I can’t open up without worrying and stressing my partner and I can’t keep it in without them knowing I’m bottling things up. My mother in law verbally attacked me while I was attached to a nebulizer machine a couple months ago. The man who raised me died in March, of copd. It was traumatic. He couldn’t breathe, and I watched him pass away and and them take him away. My family is in shambles now. I feel so alone. I have so much responsibility and I can’t even feel healthy or sound of mind enough to get anything done. Every day I go to work I want to die. Today I almost drove my car top speed into a telephone pole. The dark thoughts are back more than ever before. Someone please talk to me. The last time I posted some guy messaged me saying sexual deviancy could help my depression. I have sexual trauma so that’s a no go for me. I thought this person could help me at first but it really made me feel so much worse and grossed out.
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2023.06.07 05:08 Large-Surround-7897 RCD330 No Audio Help!!

I just installed an RCD330 with USB relocation. Everything went smooth and everything works flawlessly on it. EXCEPT I cannot get my audio to work. Bluetooth, radio, and car play do not play any music or video audio. However, the notification noise and GPS audio plays loud and clear. What can this be?
I attempted the resets and battery unplug reset with no luck. Any ideas?
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2023.06.07 05:07 klownfish I found myself in a bar

Hot dog. So much I want to say, that I feel I should say nothing. But I've been doing that..
I have no idea why, but it happened. I was my younger, free, not caring what people thought self when I didn’t drink; at the bar drinking.
I shelled it up at some point; my inner me. Then once I stepped foot into a bar, or anywhere drinking honestly, I came alive. It was “me” again. Could talk to anyone, anywhere. “Oh that girl? Watch this.” “This guy next to me? He’ll be our best friend before the nights over.”
That was with friends or S/O's. Then when the time came, they either couldn’t or wouldn’t go out, I realized I could do it easier solo. Its not like I was/am shitty when I drink, they just didn't like I did/do, so over time it was just me.
I mean, I can fucking talk. Most of its bullshit, cause, for the most part, it’s a clean 50/50 that I care what you’re saying. But as long as you're there with me, lets do this. I don't think I'm a complete asshole for this; met many lifelong friends that I have to this day. Granted, most are drinkers, but plenty are not. Do with that info what you will.
I'm 35 now, 36 in November. First sip was around 11-12 years of age. Not a full beer, or drink; a sip. Then I moved at 14. Went to a new highschool, down south, where I stood out coming from up north(I'm actually born in Florida, but moved up to Jersey around 7, then came back). Probably doesn't matter, but maybe it does, mentally? Most hated me, at best, the rest were people who were doing drugs, but accepted me. Weed, pills, drinking, I was around it; and dabbling.
I got heavy into smoking weed throughout highschool. I was around 19 when alcohol really took ahold in my life, as I always hung around the older crowd; I had access. I mean, I drank every other weekend or so. By 21, arrested, parked on a median in front of a college my friends went to. I, not able to afford college, loved to go to their parties. Women, drugs and alcohol. What more could a young guy want? Got "lucky," school didn't press charges for running over the two small trees. I didn't hurt or kill anyone. Was just me, in my truck, with my own thoughts and faults. Looking back, maybe I needed some kind of major charge. I don't mean that I should have hurt anyone, I am a bit of a softy, and that would kill me if I did harm to someone that wasn't a threat, but from my own shitty actions. I don't know, cause I didn't stop. Drinking and driving for sure slowed down, but didn't come to the end it should have. How could I still do this, knowing I could hurt other people? What the fuck dude? WHY?! Well, maybe I am the asshole I didn't think I was. I kept on.
8 years later, I come to arrive again in Florida, 2 more DUI's back to back in a few months time after leaving Alaska(tried to escape, not knowing it was/is my mind that I was trying to run from). I could tell you the excuses, or not, but now I'm figuring out I am the asshole I didn't think I was. So I will briefly. The 2nd DUI, 28 years of age, got too drunk I didn't want to drive home. I was sleeping in my truck, windows down, getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Florida in july is a bitch. So, windows up, AC on, took shoes off, reclined driver seat. Most of you should know where that lead. SLEEP IN ANOTHER SEAT!! I digress..
3rd DUI, still 28, leaving Carrabas, 3 beers deep, so nothing major(hah). My ex, maybe 5ish(a bottle and a half of wine), cause that's what we did. We wanted more to drink at home, so went to Publix on the way. At this point I say I don't want much more to drink, we can get her more wine, but I had a bottle of whiskey at home. Well for some reason that flicked a switched with her, saying, I think she drinks more than I do, and my problem isn't hers. Well it wasn't like that a all, as I drank way more than she does. So I was kinda caught off guard. We both had/have many mental things going on at this point in life with family dying, losing work, all types of shit. Needless to say, we do not make it into publix, and Im pleading with her to get back into the truck in the parking lot. She does; I'm relieved. Yelling along the way, we make it to her apartment. I pulled out of her complex speeding to 45, in a 35, trying to keep her from beating up my car anymore, but right in front of a cop. Was sober enough, but he brought backup that told him I have previous DUIs, and that he wanted to run a test. Well, I said fuck that, like I always did/do, and now I'm sittin with a 10 year suspension. This is no blame on her, as I do miss and love her dearly, but I had to leave; I have a problem.
35 years of age, I drink. Whenever I am bored. Whenever there is nothing to do, knowing there is plenty to do, I would still go to the bar. I own a business, try my best to stay busy with work, but fuck. No hobbies, no nothing. Work or drink.
Met the most amazing woman I could have ever imagined. Was in love with me, seemingly as much as I was with her. My fuckin drinking killed it, cause I have nothing to offer. As I said, my hobbies are zilch, unless its drinking. She also drinks, but not like me. So yea..
All I'm saying is, reading what y'all have to say sometimes, really fuckin helps. I would say I have no idea how I got here. But I fully see it, and fuck me, do I want to change it.
Id say, IWNDWYT, but I don't want to lie.
So I guess I will say I lost myself in a bar.
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2023.06.07 05:06 HalfACokeCan [WTS/WTB] Romeo 5 , 5x Ak mags, CMMG conversion kit, SBA 3 FDE, misc Glock stuff, muzzle devices


Hey all, looking to offload some stuff Ive gathered and have laying around. Please comment then chat/pm. All prices are shipped CONUS. Let me know any questions/additional pics and im open to negotiate/package deals. Feel free to make an offer if my price is way off. NO BAN STATES for the mags. Paypal FF or GS ( you add fee ), zelle, apple pay. Items- Romeo 5 – 110$ Light salt comes with everything it came with new except for the tool ( disappeared on me) SBA3 FDE - 70$ couple scratches here and there, overall good condition TRUGLO TFO Night sights - 55$ taken off my glock 19 , good condition CMMG 22lr Conversion Kit - 150$ comes with 2 25rd mags a little carbon build up, probably been through 200 rounds. If I ever find the third mag ill send it to you for the cost of shipping KVP FDE Linear Comp 1/2x28 22cal - 30$ I tore this thing up with a wrench....sorry 5 Yugo Ak Steel 30 RD Mags - 70$ Never used them, sat in my ammo case Glock 17 OEM GEN 5 17RD mag - 25$ BNIB Glock 19 GEN5 OEM Barrel - 60$ Used, probably close to 2500 rounds through it Spider Concealment Sidecar Glock 19 Holster - 30$ AIWB rig, mag holder Concealment Express Glock 19 Holster Carbon Fiber Pattern - 20$ Very much prefer to add these in, price shown is individual prices. 4 Prong 22. Flash Hider - 10$ OMNI 30. Muzzle Brake - 15$ AK Slant Brake - 8$ Carbine Buffer - 8$ Trades/Buy Starting a new build so I need a few things. MBT-2S curved - 80$ 15in MLOK Handguard - 50-100$ I have no clue show me what you got Nickle Boron BCG - 75$ Radian Raptor Charging Handle - 60$ Griffin Armament 1/2x 28 22. Minimalist Muzzle Device - 50$
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2023.06.07 05:06 Quick_Barber_3572 Painful stabbing pain during sex out of nowhere - bc pill?

Hi all, had a really upsetting encounter with my boyfriend tonight and was wondering if anyone might have any insight
I was on continuous birth control for around 9 years, I've been off for 6 months now and the sex has been great since then (way better than when on the pill) I decided to try to go back on temporarily to skip a period as we have a road trip coming up and nothing sounds worse than being on a 2 week trip in a car dealing with that. I started back on 2 days ago and today when we went to have intercourse it was - to put it mildly - excruciating. It felt like maybe he was bumping my cervix based off what I've read (a really sharp pain, I am still in pain even now) and I was wondering if anyone has had this happen with the pill as it's not something I experienced before even when on it previously. Of course it could be something else entirely but the timing seems too strange to be a coincidence
Thanks so much for your help
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2023.06.07 05:04 Gromieee 2019 Jetta SEL Key fob

Hello Reddit!
So I unfortunately lost my key fob today and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get another one that will work. I have tried looking on VW's website but all I've seen on there are previous gens fobs with the side opening key, but my car is all keyless.
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2023.06.07 05:04 Old_Research4358 AITA for wanting to go onto a trip my girlfriend does not approve of?

This might be a tad bit winded. My girlfriend (22F) and I (22F) have been together for about 3 years now. We have both experienced very turbulent lives with some abusive influence from either past flames or parents. Our relationship has had many ups and downs, and I feel my inexperience in relationships and her traumatizing experiences with relationships has doomed this relationship from the start. We have had an issue with trust, as it is hard for her to come by, since she has had cheating partners in the past. I have not once attempted any sort of infidelity, nor give her any sort of hint that I might be unfaithful. I love her and our relationship very much. However, she has a hard time when I make new friends that do not come from a mutual friend group. I have a few hobbies outside of our relationship, and I fear it’s pushed a wedge between us. Recently, I made a new friend at one of my hobbies, and I have noticed old behaviors popping up. She is avoidant of this friend during any interaction that might take place. She got angry at me when I let this friend borrow my practically unused car seat during a time of need (Arguably, this was early on in the friendship so it was understandable). Recently, I planned a small trip to go with this friend and others to a neighboring town for our hobby, and I could tell it bothered her. I do not mean to alienate her, but she has made it clear she does not enjoy this hobby on multiple occasions. On top of these hobbies and work, I recently took on quite a big school load, but I know that if I get everything I need done, this trip will be doable with my schedule. Thus, with that backstory, we get to the part where I need advice. We were lying in bed together, scrolling through social media, when she spontaneously mentions a trip to a city about three hours away. She loves this city, she grew up there and it means a lot to her. We have not been for a while, but the summer holds quite a few possibilities. However, she wanted to go this coming weekend, a day before my planned trip and the day most of my schoolwork will be due. I shut her down pretty quick, and honestly was a little miffed she didn’t consider what I had planned. This caused her to be quite upset, inferring that I was choosing my new friend over her, which is a fight we have had often over the years. I worry she has not changed despite promising to work on these issues. I try to tell her why we can’t go, which only made things worse. Am I the asshole here? Is there something I am not seeing due to my naivety? I want her to see the whole picture on why she’s behaving the way she is, but she can only focus on me choosing other things over her.
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2023.06.07 05:03 cy_narrator Will the Hammer with screwdriver trick still work in modern bikes?

Disclaimer: For curiosity and education purpose only. You will fall into issues with the Traffic police if you try it, even if it may be your own bike. And if you take a bike in this condition to any workshop, the first thing they will do is inform the police. I cannot be responsible for your actions. Dont even think of trying it.
So I was wondering if the old screwdriver and hammer trick still works in modern bikes. This is done as follows:
First, they put a large Minus screwdriver as alignment with the keyhole.
Then they will hit the screwdriver butt with the hammer forcing it to break the keyhole and get inside
Then they twist the screwdriver and turn the engine on.
My reasoning for asking this is if there is a risk of it getting stolen this way. You ofcourse need an organized crime group to do this as no workshop would want to replace the keyhole without informing the police so local tyapes just cannot do it.
I have heard modern bikes like Harley have safety measures preventing engine from turning on if the keyhole is broken but thats for Harley.
Also what of cars? Before someone goes mad remember that bikes and cars also fall under technology so theres that.
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2023.06.07 05:03 SonicRecolor What was the obsession with gang-symbols at Schools?

Maybe I was just in a really boring Primary-Intermediate-HighSchool; but I never heard of the whole obsession the staff had with Gang Symbols and Gang Imagery. Like I've heard teachers finding Hello Kitty Band-Aids to be gang symbols? Was there like some big wave of School Gangs in the early-mid 2000s that I wasn't aware of?
Like the only problem I had at the Primary-Intermediate level were bullying(and that was rare) and at most; two kids rolled up a piece of paper and tried to smoke it.
At the high-school level, it was pretty much the same; bullying and the occasional kids smoking weed or accidentally lighting the bathrooms on fire, maybe. Though my high-school did enforce a uniform policy so gang shirts couldn't really happen I guess, the most restrictive the high school got was banning unnatural hair colors(funnily enough, one of the Staff who gave that speech had blue hair)
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2023.06.07 05:03 Rev-3li This lady is a fake that’s been getting money from tik tok supporters while she’s a horrible person who faked all her withdrawals and lied to everyone

This lady is a fake that’s been getting money from tik tok supporters while she’s a horrible person who faked all her withdrawals and lied to everyone
To explain this will take a second. She moved in very close to me recently about 5 months ago and I know the people who live there very well. She came here and bummed off everyone to get drugs and alcohol and made their house a very bad place. She moved her 4 kids in with her who she constantly belittles and calls terrible names(youngest 5) and let’s them run the streets while she talks on the phone about giving guys blowjobs and being nasty(I’ve heard it from my house, that’s how loud she talks about it). She said she’s “detoxing” and made countless tik tok videos about it and started getting support and money sent to her from it. During the videos she is shaking and acting like she’s going through with drawls and as soon as it’s done recording is smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and calling her kids names and ignoring them while she drinks. She constantly leaves her kids alone to perform sexual acts to men in their cars in front of the house and is overall just a terrible person. She’s drove drunk with all of her kids and has also ran one of them(her youngest daughter) over while drunk. Don’t believe me then check the kern county police records in California. She’s a fake and a liar that gets praise for being a “great person” online. Please flag these tik toks and help her get exposed for who she is. Her name is heather dysart from Bakersfield CA, she goes by nicki Nicole on Facebook if anyone wants to say anything. Tik toks are from her sisters page that you can see in the picture if you want to report
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2023.06.07 05:02 sunnyxxxxxxxx Someone hit my car and didn’t leave a note

I walked to my car and I saw a piece of it lying on the ground. Despite me parking in the back of a parking lot with at least two spaces open next to my car (plenty of space), someone hit the side corner of my car and didn’t leave a note. The damage isn’t that bad, I’m mostly bothered that the person who did it didn’t leave a note and didn’t try to own up to their mistake. I reported it to my apartment complex and college police but idk if the cameras will get a good view on where my car was at. Disappointed that people will cause a problem in someone’s life and not doing anything about it other than protecting their-self from something that’s entirely their fault. I’m in college along with the other people in my complex and I am disappointed that I have to go out of my way to deal with this now on top of a busy schedule.
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