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2016.06.29 03:03 mostinterestingtroll BLΛƆKPIИK 🇯🇵 [BORN PINK] WORLD TOUR in OSAKA - JUNE 3-4

BLACKPINK / 블랙핑크 (stylized as BLΛƆKPIИK) is a four-member K-pop girl group by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. The group debuted on August 8th, 2016. BLACKPINK is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group outside of Asia. Second subreddit: BeulPing

2017.07.03 01:12 AlienOvichO Elliott Wave Forecast

ElliottWave-Forecast has built its reputation on accurate technical analysis and a winning attitude. By successfully incorporating the Elliott Wave Theory with Market Correlation, Cycles, Proprietary Pivot System, we provide precise forecasts for 78 instruments including Forex, Commodities, Indices and a number of stocks & etfs from around the World. Technical Videos, Elliott Wave Setup .

2013.09.09 00:09 LukeyHear What to see and do Outdoors in Scotland.

Links and discussion on the great Scottish Outdoors. Maps, logistics, weather and planning ideas in the sidebar. Wild camp spot requests will be removed. Gear and Kit advice available at /CampingGear. Bothies are not a destination. Picture posts only to be used to illustrate an informative text-based post.

2023.05.30 16:54 Koltreg Tally Up The Shoes! (Event Wrapup/Breakdown)

I previously made the sneaker event day by day organizer as the "you can do 3 rounds of tasks without purchasing passes" and then I proceeded to ignore the organizer for myself after the first few days because I was willing to toss some money into raid passes to get things done quickly. (I will rebuild it for the next event)
As of today I have a few hours to wait until I am done with my 15th task set (all but 1 of the mushrooms near me were normal or special and since Tears of the Kingdom is destroying my sleep schedule, I didn't walk to my normal more populated area with more mushrooms) and at this point though I probably won't rush to complete the 16th step for multiple reasons, namely my set is complete.
Last week I ended up purchasing 2 Pikmin because I was getting impatient with 2 gaps, so I bought the Red and the White Pikmin to finish the collections. Ironically I didn't need to in the end but that's how they get you - with the FOMO, and having ... money you will pay... but I'm keeping the lights on in the office.
In the end though I hatched (including the purchases) 3 Red, 11 Yellow, 4 Blue, 5 Purple, 4 White, 7 Pink, and 2 Rock, so the randomness of the pulls are something I am very aware of. I also have an unhatched golden seedling currently and then the 1 I will get for finishing task 15, bringing me to 36 hatched + 2 unhatched. Out of the 36, 14 of them were rewards for finishing rounds, and then with the 2 I purchased, meaning I ended up with 20 random spins with Pikmin seedlings as rewards, out of some large number of spins.
I do really like the new event format but I agree a bit with the folks complaining that the way the first round starts with very short tasks is frustrating if you want to focus on movement - this isn't PokeMon Go after all, you should be able to just set it and forget it. I also have some more concerns about the next event since I have 0 hydrangeas - so I may feel the pressure to buy those and the new flowers, but I feel positive. I am also interested in the level 50 premium event pass and how that will work.
Anyway, let me know your numbers of Pikmin, thoughts on the event, and remember - stay hydrated and stretch
submitted by Koltreg to PikminBloomApp [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:53 maskgirlnft Neil Patel – Advanced Consulting / Marketing Program

Neil Patel – Advanced Consulting / Marketing Program

Neil Patel – Advanced Consulting / Marketing Program


The Most Advanced Business Framework Ever Assembled Dear Friend,
If you are interested in getting more customers, maximizing lifetime-customer-value (LTV) and scaling your business, then this may very well be the most important letter you will ever read!
The fact of the matter is Marketing is the ONLY highest-leverage activity in your business, where you can increase your results by 2x-10x in many cases, without spending any more money or time.
Marketing is the KEY money-maker in your business.
Most activities inside a business cost money, instead of making money. Of the things that do make money, marketing makes the most money. Plain and simple.
Here are some Marketing Examples from my businesses:
Crazy Egg: I’ve built the industry leading SaaS program that tracks and optimizes the User Experience of more than 2 Billion Visitors every-single-month, and serves clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local mom-and-pop shops. KISSmetrics: I’ve raised about $17,000,000 dollars for KISSmetrics and grew the traffic from ZERO to 1 Million Visitors a month in the hyper competitive B2B space, which is rare. Hello Bar: Reaches in excess of 350+ million people a month and it’s used by every major high trafficked blog in every industry imaginable! Google: I was recently hired by Google to help get more customers for Google AdWords. I can’t give out the specifics but let’s just say, it’s going really, really well. Quick Sprout: As a side, My Personal Blog – Quick Sprout. Reaches an extra million unique visitors a month. I am pretty sure I can do a lot better, if I tried there ? I Can Has Cheezburger: I helped them grow and scale from a tech start-up to over 500,000,000 pageviews. (Yes, that’s 500 million pageviews.) Timothy Sykes: Went from making $50,000 a month to an extra $1,200,000 a year in profit as a direct and documented result of working with me. Press & Media: I’ve been featured on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, MSN, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine and countless others. Stellar Repute: I have also worked with Thomson Reuters, Airbnb, Reebok, VMware, Gawker Media, Tech Crunch, Intuit and Inc Magazine. Just to name a few more. Keynote Speaker: I’ve spoken at TEDx, Ad:tech, SMX Advanced, Web 2.0 Expo, Awesomeness Fest, Empower Network and Traffic & Conversion Summit. (This is excluding Fortune 500 speaking engagements.) I am fortunate enough to regularly work with Fortune 500 brands AND 10-Figure businesses ($1+ billion dollar.)
So, I get to see firsthand what really works.
And I’ve poured all my knowledge and know-how into the 22-step Advanced Consulting program. I honestly believe it is the Crown Jewel of Marketing:
Act I – Converting Customers
The “Cold” Sales Process
This single sales process is used by the likes of AMAZON, MCDONALDS and other Fortune 500 brands too numerous to list. This is the #1 reason for most category leading brands & businesses.
“Competitive Intelligence” I’ll expose how to “uncover” your competitors’ most profitable campaigns and use their data to essentially guarantee cash-in-your-pocket. “White Hot Lead Magnets” Want to convert 4X as many leads? A persuasive lead magnet is the answer. This one change can easily double most businesses overnight. “The Right Tripwire” How to select the right “Tripwire” for your business. (Includes 14 examples you can model after.) “Pre-sale Upsells” Simple check box add-on can pay ALL your overhead every month. This is a simple change to make, no matter how non-technical you are. “1-Click Upsells” Understanding how to put the upsells in place will be critical to your SURVIVAL in the future. Who else is going to show you this? “Physical Copy Upsells” 40% conversions on an upsell? Yes! If you sell digital information you NEED this upsell, but if you overdo it you’ll hosed for sure. we’ll show you the right way. “The Bundle Offer” If carrots cost $1 wouldn’t a basket-full for $2 be a slam-dunk sale? That’s the bundle offer, (HINT: It works because people can easily do the math in their heads.) “High-End Upsells” Big ticket upsells and downsells can totally change a slow day into a major gain. (HINT: You can offer $1,000 upsells on $1 trial offers with a typical 4% conversion rate. You can do the math on that.) “Underground CPA Files” CPA offers are a great way to monetize your leads. Whether you’ve been marketing with CPA for years, or totally confused about how it all works. we’ll show you exactly why it’s the fastest, easiest & most effective way to convert leads into money. (w/ Video + Mindmap) “Strategic Backend Promotions” Don’t have a high-ticket backend product? Promote someone else’s and start raking in cash on the back end of your sales. We’ll show you where to find the highest converting offers and make the JV deals to assure the highest payout. Note: Upsells, downsells, cross sells, and 1-click upgrades can make you TEN TIMES as much money as your initial sales do – The Marketers who don’t do these are amateurs. I don’t want you to be one of them.
Crafting An Offer They Can’t Refuse!
“How to turn lookers into starving buyers by creating ridiculous offers that kill your competitors and have JV partners begging to promote your stuff”
“Customer Profiling” Use our profiling sheet to hone down to EXACTLY who your customer is, and where you can find them online and offline. [Sheet Included] “Identifying Needs” The psychological model that determines your customer’s true Reason Why. It’s easy, fast and you’ll be shocked with the answer 80% of the time.
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2023.05.30 16:53 nickrod9 My bengal kitty

Hey guys! A few days ago i brought home my cute little 14 week old Bengal cat, Tzavi. I love him to bits, but i realised that he has become extremely clingy, like follows me everywhere, gets super jealous if i watch tv or use my phone, wants to cuddle every two seconds! Although i love this, should i entertain this or is this because hes just a baby at the moment? Should i let him sleep in my bed or put him in his bed?
He has learnt to use his litterbox and i was so proud of him, he has insane zoomies and i mean insane, jumps from wall to wall, climbs everything and wants to scratch and bite everything. Is there things i should/shouldnt be doing with him?
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2023.05.30 16:52 lunchboxthegoat 99 players / 99 days: #88 Randy Moss - Marshall

I'm doing three today because due to holiday/weekend things I miss Sunday and Monday
Counting down to the beginning of the season - I'm going to attempt to do one player per day for the next 99. The players will be random. Use this thread to celebrate and Talk About Some GuysTM
Randy Moss was an all-everything-world-destroying FORCE at WR. Although his story almost never got a chance to unfold. He was originally committed to Notre Dame. Lou Holtz said "Randy Moss was the best high school football player I've ever seen." He was involved in a fight and criminal conviction which led to ND denying his enrollment. He eventually did enroll at Florida State. Bobby Bowden said of Moss "He's as good as Deion Sanders. Deion's my measuring stick for athletic ability and this kid is just a bigger Deion." Due to NCAA rules he was forced to redshirt for his 1995 Freshman year. After the season he tested positive for marijuana, violated his probation and was dismissed from Florida State.
Randy transferred to Marshall University - about an hour away from his birth place in Rand, WV. Marshall was then 1-AA which meant Moss could finally start his collegiate career. He began his career at Marshall in 1996 by setting records with 14 games with a TD reception, 14 consecutive games with a TD reception and tying Jerry Rice's record of 28 TD receptions in a season. This on 78 catches for 1709 yards (an NCAA record for Freshman at any level). He was also the leading kick returner in all of I-AA with 612 yards for a 34 yard average. Marshall went undefeated and won the 1-AA title.
The 1997 season saw Marshall make the jump to Div 1-A but this step up in difficulty didn't stop Moss. He went on to haul in 96 catches for 1820 yards and 26 TDs. He was a consensus All-American, MAC champion, MAC Offensive Player of the year, Biletnikoff Award winner and finished fourth in the 1997 Heisman voting. He scored at least one TD in every single game he played at Marshall. He finished his career with 28 GP - 174 REC - 3529 YDS, 54TD. He went onto a Hall of Fame NFL career as well.
Here's a ~5m highlight video in certified PotatoVision
submitted by lunchboxthegoat to CFB [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:51 10throwawayantsy Which of these was SA ?

Idk how I feel about anything anymore. I'm kind of numb and detached. I do dissociate a lot and prob drink too much. I had issues with cocaine, over-used psychedelics which kind of fried my brain, and had a horrible sex life. But honestly now I'd consider myself very successful financially/academically. Anyone that has ever harmed me is kind of a loser now. So i dont know. i dont know what to think or feel.
Situation 1) My cousin was my age and forcibly fingered me. I was 10. We did other shit and i guess i 'agreed' but I did not enjoy myself. My cousin regularly told me how secretive everything was and encouraged me to make videos. When I confronted my cousin about it later they said I was remembering everything completely wrong and that I was a fcking liar. This whole situation grossed me out to the point where I wish I would disappear when I think about my participation
Situation 2) I was 14 and this guy made me put my hand in his pants when I was kissing him. He's kind of a loser now with a mullet and i dont really think about this much at all
Situation 3) I was 15 and an 18 yr old online wanted to take me on a 'date.' When i gets there he pushes me into a car and starts kissing me. I gave him head but then he wont let me leave and keeps making me continue when im trying to leave. He'd ask if im ok but would twist my arm when i tried to go. i told him i wanted to leave repeatedly. After i left he blocked me on social media and moved to another state. I reported this to the police and they said it was a "mildly serious" case. After this event I tried to k word myself, then got into a decent relationship I completely ruined, and developed a brief stint dependency on cocaine at 16.
4) FWB would randomly take the condom off in the dark without notice. Or he would put it in my ass when i was too high to really respond, but eventually took it out when i told him to.
  1. Dude I was hooking up with regularly called me stupid. He held my legs down and made me have sex without a condom. Then he cuddled with me after. He told me he [email protected] me and smiled. the next few days he was really paranoid i would go to the police. he got more sexually vanilla and i got mad at him about this and insulted his manhood. I was a mess idk.
  2. Dude took off condom intentionally and finished in me without warning, then stalked me for a bit because we 'connected' so much.
  3. i went to guy's house and he was much uglier in person. I told him previously about bad sexual experiences in a vague way. He's insistent about making out with me immediately and making me get on my knees to blow him. He returns the favor and it wasn't unenjoyable but he grossed me out in general. Guy becomes obsessed with me and also wouldnt leave me alone. i dont think about this a lot but i think its gross
8.I kept getting groped at a party and i was embarrassed so I went home with him and just had sex with him. At the time, this was a logical thing to do
9.I told a guy to stop during sex. He said he just needs "a bit more" but i punch him in the throat instead.
  1. im rly high and dont know who i am. i have unprotected creampie sex with a guy while im at least partially passed out. but he did check in with me a lot. we begin dating. He gets obsessive and jealous. He would threaten to hit/rape me if she didn't have sex with him (in a calm voice). He'd also tell me how worthless i was when we cuddled together. But sometimes he'd also be caring and understanding if i didnt want sex. He got very mad at me (we both cheated on each other) and inflicted pain leading to me crying and getting a migraine, then left and cut off contact with me. Though ,he did try to reconnect many times. in the months after this I thought everything I said was so stupid and wrong I barely spoke
11.Guy puts in it when i kept telling him not to without a condom. i got chlamydia.
Other Maybe Concerns
-at 15 i made out with college aged men
-at 15 yr i kept getting felt up by grown men on acid at concerts repeatedly
- at 17 2 hs boys surrounded me and begged me to kiss them and touch them. it was night so there was no one else on the beach
submitted by 10throwawayantsy to rape [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:51 boldjoy0050 AA D1 pass 14 day rule

The travel planner explains this pretty well but I wanted to make sure so I don’t accidentally burn an additional D1 pass.
If you fly the following route, will this only use a single D1 pass?
6/2: PHX-CLT
6/6: CLT-PHX
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Active loans

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REQ (£30) (Repay £40 May 20th)

Post contents

Just needing a little help through to the weekend after rail strikes cost us quite a bit getting back from a trip away last week.
May be able to repay earlier if Transpennine do refund the tickets too, which they should, evidence of this refund claim can be provided.
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2023.05.30 16:51 maskgirlnft Dream Real By Mike McNally

Dream Real By Mike McNally

Dream Real By Mike McNally


I’ve been dreaming about starting a podcast for a while now. Today I finally pulled the trigger and made it happen. In this pilot episode a lay the ground work of what you can expect for this show, who it’s for and why I do it. I hope you enjoy it. For show notes head over to
Contains: Ep 01 – The Dream Executive (Mike McNally).mp3 Ep 02 – The Power Of Events & Podcasting (Vernon Foster).mp3 Ep 03 – Live Now, Thrive Later (Simon Whyatt).mp3 Ep 04 – Embrace The Thing That Makes You Different (Stuart Russell).mp3 Ep 05 – Can’t Make A Living – Make A Difference (Donald McCormick).mp3 Ep 06 – The Power Of Sport (Andrew Jenkin).mp3 Ep 07 – How To Live A Life Of Orgasmic Splendor (Greg Swann).mp3 Ep 08 – The Truth About Retirement & Travel (George Burton).mp3 Ep 09 – Meditation, Self-Development & Living With Buddhist Monks (Jure Sutar).mp3 Ep 10 – The Fundamentals of HIT & The Principles Of Exercise (Drew Baye).mp3 Ep 11 – Every Day Is New Life (Karen Willis).mp3 Ep 12 – Crowdfunding, Music, Anxiety & Politics (Andrew Nicol).mp3 Ep 13 – Blogging, Meditation & Morning Rituals (Mike McNally).mp3 Ep 14 – How To Be Happy – A Practical Guide (Mike McNally).mp3 Ep 15 – The Most Important Question You May Never Ask Yourself (Mike McNally).mp3
+ Videos Andrew Jenkin – The Power Of Sport _ Dream Real.mp4 Andrew Nicol (Black And White Boy) – Crowdfunding, Music, Anxiety & Politics _ Dream Real.mp4 Donald McCormick – Can’t Make A Living_ Make A Difference _ Dream Real.mp4 Dream Real – MP3s Drew Baye – The Fundamentals of High Intensity Training & The Principles Of Exercise _ Dream Real.mp4 Ep 014_ How To Be Happy_ A Practical Guide.mp3 Ep 015_ The Most Important Question You May Never Ask Yourself.mp3 Episode 13.mp3 George Burton – The Truth About Retirement & Travel _ Dream Real.mp4 Greg Swann – How To Live A Life Of Orgasmic Splendor _ Dream Real.mp4 Jure Sutar – Meditation, Self-Development & Living With Buddhist Monks _ Dream Real.mp4 Karen Willis – Every Day Is New Life _ Dream Real.mp4 Mike McNally – The Dream Executive _ Dream Real.mp4 Simon Whyatt – Live Now Thrive Later _ Dream Real.mp4 Stuart Russell – Embrace The Thing That Makes You Different _ Dream Real.mp4 Vernon Foster – The Power Of Events & Podcasting _ Dream Real.mp4
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2023.05.30 16:50 ResponsibleQuarter84 Sod Question

Sod Question
I planted sod where trees got removed. Grinded stumps, removed chips, put down top soil, fertilizer, then laid sod down. It’s been a little over six weeks. Sod looked amazing for the last 4-5 weeks but I went out today to check moisture of soil and to water and noticed semi dead patches right in the middle of the circle where I planted the sod. I followed a strict watering schedule. I’m in NJ so I’ve been watering it the last week or so every other day or every two days depending on air temp and sun exposure since it seemed set. Do these patches look like it’s from over or under watering? Might put down some light starter fertilizer.. just not sure if there’s something else I need to do.
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2023.05.30 16:50 Qihai7 BBT dip after FET

Hi all!
First time posting, so first of all thank you for the advice and love in this community, it’s been a massive help navigating this journey.
Wanted some advice or experience with measuring BBT? I’ve been wearing the new Apple Watch for a few months, and it’s been great getting all this data. Have been able to really see the ovulation spike this time on meds for our first FET (PCOS so normally it’s a bit of a wiggle but no real spikes)
We’re 6dp5pt and this morning woke up to a massive dip. Below baseline even. Are we out? Don’t feel up to discuss this with anyone personally yet as I have to wait until day 14 to test officially, but would love to hear some experiences from you all 💖
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2023.05.30 16:50 TheMartianCat1 Moving and Long Gift times

Moving and Long Gift times
So I recently moved from California to Massachusetts and I now all my gift times are crazy. It’s like goodbye I’ll see y’all in a month.
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2023.05.30 16:49 maskgirlnft 21 University – Education for Ideal Man

21 University – Education for Ideal Man
21 University – Education for Ideal Man


What is 21 University?
21 University is a video streaming service for men that provides the best videos in the world on self-improvement, dating, health, philosophy and more; all in a tightly focused, perfectly designed, distraction free environment.
This takes the form of an online university designed to inspire self-education, the achievement of your own life, and the actualization of your own ideal man.
“21 University is undoubtedly, one of the single most valuable investments you can make in yourself and your future. If you want to become a better version of yourself, there’s no other resource that I know of ANYWHERE that tops the experience at 21 University.” Tim F. – 21 University Member Exclusive Videos Immediate access to this 100% exclusive content is included with your membership Exclusive Video #1: Nick Sparks Live Stream
Duration: 01:13:31 Exclusive 1
In this live stream, Nick Sparks and Anthony Johnson discuss a variety of topics that will help you get better with women. The most valuable parts of this conversation are Nick’s immediately implementable pieces of advice that are sure to help viewers reach their goals. Exclusive Video #2: Sasha Daygame Live Stream
Duration: 01:25:19 Exclusive 2
In this live-stream filmed at 21 Convention studios, Sasha Daygame sites down with 21 University founder Anthony Dream Johnson to answer a wide variety of questions and answers from 21 University students, live! Exclusive Video #3: Socrates Live Stream
Duration: 01:26:26 Exclusive 3
The first ever 21 University live-stream, with 2014 keynote speaker Socrates. And checkout these permanent bonuses below … All Bonuses
“It’s making me ask questions of myself that I hadn’t considered, or honestly wanted to face. Inspiring stuff!” James A. – 21 University Member Why 21 University? 21 University IS For …
Men who are pursuing the highest vision of their life. Men who are ready to step up and better themselves. Men who plan for the long-term. Men who think for themselves.
21 University Is NOT For …
Men looking for an easy fix. Men who have no interest in becoming the Ideal Man. Men who don’t question the status quo. Men who choose to live a life of quiet desperation.
I’m proud to have built The 21 Convention over the past nine years. I’m even more proud to have made a small dent in the universe with hundreds of incredible videos from the event, and over ten million people reached.
But what I’m most proud of is to have applied the videos to my life, to walk my own talk, and enjoy those results in real life, every day. Anthony Dream Johnson, CEO & Founder of The 21 Convention
Livestream 1 – Socrates.mp4 Livestream 2 – Nick Sparks.mp4 Livestream 3 – Sasha Daygame.mp4 Livestream 4 – Steve Mayeda.mp4 Livestream 5 – Robbie Kramer.mp4 Livestream 6 – Edward Druce.mp4 Livestream 7 – Wade Alters aka Brad Branson.mp4 Livestream 8 – Brent Smith.mp4 Livestream 9 – Marcus Oakey.mp4 Podcast 1 – Damien Diecke.mp4 Podcast 10 – Dr. David Tian.mp4 Podcast 11 – Anthony Johnson.mp4 Podcast 12 – James Marshall & Sasha Daygame.mp4 Podcast 13 – Nick Sparks Book Special.mp4 Podcast 14 – Doug McGuff, Bill DeSimone & Skyler Tanner.mp4 Podcast 15 – Socrates & Greg Swan.mp4 Podcast 16 – Nick Sparks & Steve Mayeda.mp4 Podcast 17 – James Maclane & James Marshall.mp4 Podcast 2 – Skyler Tanner.mp4 Podcast 3 – Robbie Kramer.mp4 Podcast 4 – Mark Ottobre.mp4 Podcast 5 – Ed Aiken.mp4 Podcast 6 – James Marshall.mp4 Podcast 7 – Mark Alexander.mp4 Podcast 8 – Liam McRae.mp4 Podcast 9 – Keith Norris.mp4
Documentary #1 – An Attendee.mp4 Documentary #10 – Jason Savage.mp4 Documentary #2 – Right Hand Man.mp4 Documentary #3 – Steve Mayeda.mp4 Documentary #4 – DJ Fuji.mp4 Documentary #5 – Adam Lyons.mp4 Documentary #6 – Drew Baye.mp4 Documentary #7 – Socrates.mp4 Documentary #8 – James Marshall.mp4 Documentary #9 – James Steele II.mp4
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2023.05.30 16:49 pl12365 Robert Predator Orange, 6 wks

Robert Predator Orange, 6 wks
I have worn these just about every day and have used them hard in the six weeks since receiving them. They've had one treatment with obenauf grease. I've been gardening in wet areas and am slightly concerned about the heel stack and midsole getting too wet, but that may just be my preoccupation. I will probably wax the edges and heel stack area soon as a result. I can where these all day and they feel great, which I chalk up to the high arch support and superior build quality. These are 14.5B on the 55 last. I was a little disappointed to find that the uppers used on these are size 12, which throws the proportions off a bit. Still, I am a happy customer and would buy these again!
submitted by pl12365 to NicksHandmadeBoots [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:48 Inevitable-Class2602 refund

i wanted to refund the game, i bought it to play with friends but most of em aren't in the minecraft mood most of the time, so haven't really played it, bought it on may 22nd and i requested a refund on may 28th, which is way less the 14 days, they denied it for somereason, pls help.
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2023.05.30 16:48 watarame Anyone has any review on the Super V3s ER?

Anyone has any review on the Super V3s ER?
yea anyone has got any info on this model? Doesn't seem to be a really popular model, but the main difference between this on the regular V3s model just seems to be the bigger battery, and it's actually samsung cells. The V5, normal V3s and others use generic cells. I just ordered it cause the specs seem great but I do wonder how it's going to feel like since my previous board with the backfire G3 which is really like, but my roads are shit and I wanna have these 105 cloud wheel copies
submitted by watarame to MeepoBoards [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:46 tt_222 Egg Retrieval Today

CW day of retrieval results
Just leaving my egg retrieval now. We got 14 eggs. Now we wait — the worst part. 🤞🏻
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2023.05.30 16:43 coffee_N_kitties My first BFP chart 🥹

My first BFP chart 🥹 submitted by coffee_N_kitties to TFABChartStalkers [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:42 FrontpageWatch2020 [#484+37614] Megalodon tells me about her day [r/Catswhoyell]

submitted by FrontpageWatch2020 to longtail [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:42 ToxicityDeluge CR 8 hunter

CR 8 hunter
I am balancing this. Appreciate any feedback. Think a tree jumping and hunting jaguar.
submitted by ToxicityDeluge to DungeonsAndDragons [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 16:41 BroKing Can't Stack with Xverse

I used to be able to stack with Xverse, but the past few months I haven't been able to. The mobile and dekstop app says I have to wait until the next period opens in 14 days. I wait 14 days and it's closed immediately and never gives me the chance to stack. What gives?
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2023.05.30 16:40 GradExpertUK It's ridiculous that we are expected to apply to over a 100 jobs

For me personally I don't live to work, I work to live.
Idk if it's the current current macro climate or something else but everyday on subreddits I see people are being successful in 1 every 100, 200 even 300 applications...
I did some digging to see if this was the case:
  • On average, employers received 39 applications per graduate vacancy in 2022 which is inline with 2021, 2020. For 2023, a lot of companies have forecasted they will increase hiring of graduates - cheaper work, will stay at company longer etc. So even though the macro environment is not the best it isn't too dissimilar to previous years.
  • Recent stats show that it takes about 100-200+ applications to receive one job offer! You have an 8.3% chance of getting a job interview from a single job application. That means it takes 10-20 applications to get one interview and 10-15 interviews to get one job offer. That's a lot of applications...
I feel part of it is due to a scatter gun approach when applying but it is still absolutely ridiculous to expect people to apply to many jobs especially if they are studying, working, have people dependent on them. I shouldn't need to research, tailor my CV etc to get a job. The truth is people seek jobs for income, less stress, this job is just closer to where they live, etc.
However, having found myself trying to find a job recently these are two strategies I think are helpful when applying to 100+ applications:
  • (An approach alongside studying) If you allocate 40mins a day to complete 2 application that's 40 applications a month (not inc. weekends), 100 applications within 2.5 months - you only need 1 company to say yes!
  • (The approach I used when I was searching after uni) It was to treat it as a full time job while working my part time job so applied for around 20 hours a week. It took me 5 weeks to get a job offer I was happy with and around 150 applications. So 30 applications a week, 6 applications a day - this included cover letters, researching the company to give tailored responses etc.
The playing field is super competitive so it's important to prepare and manage your time accordingly so you can strategically apply to graduate jobs.
Curious on how many applications is took other people? Are there any other successful strategies people have used?
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2023.05.30 16:40 I__Zackk Steam download speed extremely slow

My steam download speed have been awfully slow lately and I have no idea why.
I realized the problem when i started downloading Destiny 2 three days ago and I noticed the awfully long download time (12+ hours) so I checked the download speed and for some reason it is stuck at around 2.4MB/s. (Disk Usage is identical to the download speed aswell)
I wanted to find out what the problem was so I went over to Epic Games and started a download for a random game and sure enough I got my usual download speed of 10-14 MB/s so I'm pretty sure this is an issue I have only with steam since Epic Games works just fine.
I went on the internet and contacted steam support about the issue to try and resolve it but nothing worked, I've checked all my Downloads settings in steam and made sure I'm not limiting my download speed in any way, I have changed the Download region to some other regions close by and I've cleared the download cache but nothing worked.
I did a network speed test right before writing this and here are the results: Download Speed: 106,36 Mbit/s Upload Speed: 10,83 Mbit/s Answertime: 5,65ms
Like I mentioned before I did reach out to steam support where I was redirected to four different articles which they thought might help me and said if these articles doesn't help I should go to a diagnosis/repair shop. Here are the articles they mentioned: Slow Downloads and Connection to Content Servers, Troubleshooting Network Connectivity, Required Ports for Steam, How do I diagnose and report network problems?
In the "How do I diagnose and report network problems?" article it mentions doing a ping test which i performed with my routers IP and with youtube.com. Here are the results of my ping tests:
ping -t youtube.comPackets: Sent = 86, Received = 86, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:Minimum = 6ms, Maximum = 236ms, Average = 104ms
ping -l 1300 youtube.comPackets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:Minimum = 16ms, Maximum = 164ms, Average = 60ms
ping -t "my router adress"Packets: Sent = 55, Received = 55, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 139ms, Average = 46ms
ping -l 1300 "my router adress"Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 49ms, Average = 12ms
All of the above tests were made while downloading Destiny 2
I don't really understand how to check if the ports in the "Required Ports for Steam" article are open so I haven't done that and I also don't really understand how to open the configuration view in windows defender firewall so i skipped the troubleshooting steps for the "Using a Firewall with Steam" article.
I don't have any anti-virus software other than the default Windows 11 Virus & threat protection.
If you have any further questions about anything or would like me to do some further diagnosis and/or troubleshooting then please tell me how and I will get to it as quick as possible.
Any help or attempt at help is much appreciated =)
Edit: Heres a link to a photo of my Resource Monitor window while steam is downloading Destiny 2 https://imgur.com/IV62TPB
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