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2023.03.21 22:10 AmazingChickenWings Thank you to the Fatfire Reddit Community. My new plan after meeting with a financial planner.

Hello, I was the recently retired 63 year old anesthesiologist who asked about a week ago about possibly doing a reverse mortgage on my house for retirement income. This was my post where I also listed my current assets. After reading the comments I learned a lot and was not as financially literate as I thought. Also received plenty of private messages, including one from a fee only fiduciary financial planner from South Florida. Some of the messages were also not great, someone wanting me to invest in a film production company and one saying they were an underage girl asking me to send them money, among other beggars. Also I don’t need a realtor, I have one, thanks.
After looking at the reviews of the financial planner who messaged me, I ended up hiring him and we had a 2 hour meeting yesterday to make a plan for me (I will still be managing my brokerage account). He started out explaining to me how bad of a deal reverse mortgages are, so I won’t be doing that. Now my wife who passed 4 years ago from breast cancer, was also a physician, and between the 2 of us we were making about $1m/year. She was the one who managed most of our investments, was more financially savvy than me and encouraged saving. Without her I would still be in the OR dealing with the rude ASA 3+ patients that populate the South Florida area. Our income and previous lifestyle and the fact we had over $5 Million in stock market investments, led me to believe for whatever reason that I could spend $35k/month in retirement indefinitely. After our meeting and from the comments on this forum, I learned that was reckless and not sustainable.
Also, a lot were asking how much I spend on women a month. It is around $7.5-10k/month. Around $2.5k/month at the strip club and $5-7.5k/month to my sugar baby all in, whom I see 3-4x a week and travel with. It should also be noted she is in her late 30s who is not financially dependent on me, a lot were suggesting I was some creep dating college aged women or paying their college tuition. Another big part of my budget was Poker, I’m apparently not a great player and playing pretty high stakes, playing $5/$10 no limit holdem, where I could lose or win $3-5k/night, but now I’m just gonna start playing $2/$5 no limit holdem instead. $5-$10 Stakes make no difference in my lifestyle if I win and should reduce my monthly losing now that I’m lowering stakes. Poker is my only gambling, I’m not one of the old timers at the slot machines and thankfully don’t bet on the Knicks.
So this is the plan that we formulated. I’m going to sell both of my houses and my boat, which will be listed by the end of April after I return from my vacation in Bonaire. I will also join a boating club instead of owning, as i'm getting older, this is a better option. The sale of these 3 things will reduce my monthly expenses greatly, they are money pits. I am hoping to gross $6 Million from the sale of these 3 things. After realtor fees and long term capital gains taxes our goal is to net a minimum $4.5 Million on all 3 things, possibly a little more. I also realized there are condos that I like in Miami that aren’t overly expensive. I live by myself, I don’t need a huge place. I found a beautiful condo overlooking Miami’s Margaret Pace park in the Edgewater neighborhood, 2 bedrooms, for only $750k. This move by selling those 3 things and buying this condo or something similar, will save a minimum of $7000/month. This will also leave me an excess of $3.75 Million to invest.
Now for my monthly budget. We decided that we are going to reduce my $35k/month budget to a very strict budget of $250k/year (around $21k/month), which I intend to follow. I should be able to continue how I am living but now not throwing away tons of money on property/boat maintenance. Now there was also a lot of talk about how it was unfair I was blowing a lot of money on women and not my daughter. I do have a different view on inheritances, where you should be able to get maximum enjoyment with your money and anything you die with is a bonus for your heirs. However, I see other peoples point and I decided after all 3 things sell I’m going to gift $200k to her to pay off her condo mortgage, hopefully by September for her birthday, I’m sure it is also what my wife would’ve wanted and won’t make a big difference in my financial situation.
After buying the new condo and the gift, this leaves me with roughly $3.5 Million, which we decided will be invested in the following. $1 Million- VT, $1 Million- SCHD, $1 Million- DGRO, $250k- VOO, and $250k- VXUS. His goal for me was to have a diversified portfolio that would give me good dividend income but also have the potential to grow in share value. I asked about bonds and treasuries, but he told me at my NW diversified ETFs would be the better investment as they have better growth and it is unlikely even with a 30% stock market drop I would ever go broke. This should increase my taxable account from around $4.2 Million to the $7.5-$8 Million range. My taxable account should also be producing roughly $125k/year or $10.4K/month in dividends, plus my $2.5k month social security payment. For the remainder I’m gonna be withdrawing from my 401k, the plan is to withdraw $15k/month (current value around $1.1 Million in SP 500 funds), obviously, however this is taxable income. Should give me a gross of roughly $28k/month before taxes. This should give me at least 7-10 years, where I’m living off 401k withdrawls, taxable account dividends, and social security. So hopefully in this 7-10 years my taxable account appreciates as do the dividends.
He also recommended to diversify from my HCA holding, however I’ve decided to pass on that. It would trigger a lot in capital gains taxes, which I will be paying a shitload this year on the house, and with the current valuation and the fact we have an aging population I’m confident on the position, think it will easily double in the next 10 years. If it goes down 50% that would be my own fault and I’ll have to deal with the consequences and decrease my monthly budget. However this stock isn’t crazily overvalued compared to earnings, like a Tesla stock or a Bit Coin, so I feel safe with it. Also he said the MSGS position isn’t the smartest, but once again it’s a company I like, I grew up watching the Knicks game every night, and he understood that, plus it’s a small position.
Once the 401k is depleted I will start selling the HCA first, if dividends aren’t covering my expenses, as that has the least diversification. For now I’ll keep the BRK.B, as it is diversified, but is possible over time I’ll convert it to a dividend fund, like SCHD, if I need the income, if not my daughter can inherit it. Ideally don’t sell because that also has decent unrealized gains. Hopefully everything appreciates in the meantime, my planner said in 7-10 years, once the 401k is depleted, it is very possible my taxable account could be valued in the $15 Million range, if I don’t sell anything. Regardless, it looks like with my new plan I will have a good retirement, how I want to live it, which is large, and also have a good chunk left over for my daughter and possible future grandkids. Thanks again to this Fatfire Reddit community and also my financial planner I met due to my previous post on Reddit.
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2023.03.21 22:09 MST3Claye Very bouncy albino deer/buck(?) at the north city limits of Saint Denis?

Hi everyone, this is on the PC. I also realize, pictures or it didn't exist. I'm a few missions into Chapter 6 and I was heading into Saint Denis from the north and heading into town where it's the wooden walkway/bridge, mud, puddles and sparse trees everywhere except to the west. This was in the evening heading into night. I see this white deer hopping all around to the east. It crosses the pathway ahead of me and into the swamp area. I tried to get a good view of it to study it, but it was jumping a lot. I lost track of it, because... Of course... A very dense fog rolls in. Never saw it again.

I guess it was an albino deer? I've looked this up and seen mention of a snow buck, but it doesn't seem like it would spawn just north of Saint Denis.

Love this game!! I got it on the PS4 when it originally came out, but stopped playing it right before Saint Denis opens up. Ended up getting it on Steam for the PC during a sale and have been loving it ever since!
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2023.03.21 22:08 JelCapitan Need help with labor laws in Kentucky

So i work as a service technician and spend my days driving from one customers home to the next the whole day. I stay extremely busy and prefer to just work through my day and technically take my lunch when I get home at the end of the day. My company does not provide a paid 30 min lunch break but does require one and they’re now telling me I have to stop working in the middle of the day and clock out for 30 minutes instead and waiting until I get home. I’ve looked into Kentucky labor laws and have got mixed answers on wether this is legal or not. If not could someone help me find an article stating so? Thanks you!
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2023.03.21 22:08 Additional-Monk6669 Looking for guidance to start my career in car sales

Hello everyone, Hope all of you are doing well. I am a student in British Columbia, Canada and really interested in working in Car sales. Can anyone please guide me as to how I can start in this field? I consider myself an honest person and someone who has integrity. My plan is that I want to work by following those principles too. I will really appreciate any kind of guidance I can get.
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2023.03.21 22:07 Glad-Canary8889 AITA for "abandoning" my girlfriend during an argument with my parents and letting her leave without me?

My (26m) parents both are involved in the political world. A lot of their friends work in that field and their own jobs are what I would call politically adjacent. I was brought up to follow a similar path until around 14 when I told my parents that I had no interest in that world at all. They, surprisingly, accepted this. I play nice at the parties my mom asks me to attend for her and make my rounds talking about the economy and policy changes, then I leave that side of my life behind.
All of this is to say, we don't typically talk politics when I go home for simple visits. My parents are free to talk about it in front of me, but they know I don't usually contribute anything. When my girlfriend and I drove up for a weekend stay with them, I didn't foresee any issues. This was her second time meeting them and our first time staying with them for any extended period of time other than talking over dinner. Prior to introducing them, I warned my girlfriend that the conversation might go in that direction and that she wasn't required to jump in to say something if she didn't want to. My warnings weren't necessary because nothing happened that time.
Last Saturday, however, our second night at my parent's home, things took a turn. It was my parents, myself and my girlfriend, and long time family friends of ours there, including one of my best friends. I was out of the room getting a drink when I heard raised voices and my friend joined me in the kitchen to tell me that my girlfriend had gone off the rails.
For context, I would describe my parents are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I came out as bisexual years ago and never had any pushback. Their worst offense is being ignorant, but they actively work to educate themselves and eagerly donate to minority centric charities. I don't engage with them politically just because it doesn't interest me, not because I'm offended by what they say, so this all came out of left field. My friend said he hadn't caught the comment that started everything, and I didn't want to go in and involve myself.
My girlfriend joined us in the kitchen around 10 minutes later and told me I had ruined her night by "abandoning her by hiding out in the kitchen with a snob" and not backing her up. I told her she was being rude, and that I had no interest in arguing politics, especially if it didn't have to do with a social issue, and that her fights were not mine. When I asked her what had started it all, she ignored me. She ended up getting an Uber home the next morning while I stayed for the day.
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2023.03.21 22:07 shadowfax416 'I demand you provide a sample': Barrie man ordered to give breath sample at home after driving complaint CityNews Toronto

So if you ever drive home and have a drink as soon as you get home, you can get a DUI? And what if you just don't answer the door until two hours and 1 min? They gonna fine you for being in the bath or they'll kick down the door?
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2023.03.21 22:07 BeautifulMaybe Update On Season 7 Of Expedition X.

If you missed my last update post on Season 6 please check it out.
Vernal, UTAH (Skinwalker Ranch... Well Kinda)
Ireland And England (Hellfire Club)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Witches)
Chester, England (???)
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2023.03.21 22:07 Esac90 33/PST/PC - Looking for new buddies who play FFXIV.

Hey there everyone. It's my first time playing FFXIV after years of not playing and I mostly do things related to MSQ stuff, just like playing along side others. I'm on Aether, I have a 31 lvl tank on Siren and a lvl 20 dps on Jenova. I'm in the PST timezone, and while I'm a full-time college student I'm at home most days. Evenings would be the best times to play, or setting a day aside to do stuff.
It'd be nice to meet more casual players who wouldn't mind helping me do MSQ dungeon stuff (tank can be intimidating, but I guess I could just run my dps alt to see how it is). I do want to get better at being a tank though!!
Outside of that I do art/character designs for fun, play fortnite with my controller on pc, big fantasy, anime, and sci-fi nerd. Also writing things like short stories.
Thanks for reading!
for the record I never finished ARR, that's kind of one of my goals. I'm looking for others that either didn't finish ARR or wouldn't mind just hanging around while I did the msq stuff, lol.
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2023.03.21 22:07 GreenishWombat Looking for a particular kind of gameplay loop

Basically what I have in mind is a game where you have a home are with base building and characters to interact with but then you travel outside of that hub into procedurally generated locations to fight enemies and scavenge for materials to bring back to fuel your base building and other gameplay elements at your home location. Kind of like Reccetear or Rune Factory 4 in the combination of home base and adventuring combo.
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2023.03.21 22:07 Separate-Exercise-40 We are unknowingly, travel partners. I am 19M she is 19F as well I think, should I start conversation with her, I find her cute, she glances at me.

I will try to give full background and case study to help me with this matter. I don’t like to talk about this stuff usually. However, as I am a stranger to you guys and vice - versa, I feel a bit more comfortable and I hope I find my answers.
1# My characteristics:
I am a 19 year old guy, I am from India (she is too) currently living in Toronto, ON (this info will be needed later). I would not describe myself as the “most handsome guy in the area” but I would like to call myself decent looking, no prominent jawline but a decent cute face, I have nice thick beard which I keep very much trimmed. I am 5ft 9in and dress quite well.
2# social skills: I am pretty decent at conversations just a bit bad at starting them.
3# The case: I work at this shop where I finish my work at around 12:30 and start for home at around 1 and I reach this subway station where I have to catch my bus home. Now I use the TTC which is usually extremely sparse at nigh and sometimes you have to wait for 1 hour for the bus, now there is this girl who always takes the same bus at the same time. At first I was standing right of her when I caught er catching glances at me and even while on the back when I would be sitting at the back seat, she would turn around quite a bit. Now to clear the confusion, the next few days, I stood on left side and yes, she turned left and many times when the bus arrives she turns back to look at me (there is no one else left there) this has happened a few times. We even get off at the same stop and she even chooses the door which I choose to exit. She even turns back to look when the bus goes and we are on our ways and this is very consistent. Last night I say on the seat adjacent to hers and low and behold, she was very much staring /looking at me. She never tries to speak with me maybe she is shy cus I have rarely seen her speak. I find her really cute but I dont know if I should start talking to her cus she has not done it yet. Keep in mind its late at night and its very quite so everyone can hear everything. i have a bit of social anxiety though. I have had a couple of relationships before and had a breakup 4 - 5 months ago which I think I am over at. Please I need help asap. Thank you..!
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2023.03.21 22:07 ThrowRA82993jrj I (18M) spent the night at my friend’s (F20) house following a party after she asked me to stay. Now she will barely talk to me

A few days ago I was at a party which involved many of my friends including the one I mentioned in the title. nothing seemed too off at the party, we both were a bit drunk and flirted a fair bit. When the party started winding down we head out with a group of people, then she asked if I could walk her home. Being a good friend I would never say no, and on the way home she asks if I can crash. By this point I’m a bit suspicious but I agree since I really liked her and it would be nicer than walking all the way back to my place. We get there and she invites me into bed where we made out, but nothing more.
In the moment she made it clear to me that she did not want anything serious but was interested in continuing this. I expressed the same and told her I had never been in this position before and have never made myself this emotionally vulnerable. I believe that this instance caused me to catch feelings as I already admired her deeply and was interested in pursuing a relationship of any sort with her.
The following few days we keep talking and make plans for Friday night. The plans did not end up happening as she had some stuff that she was dealing with, which is very valid. It was after this day where she kind of started becoming more and more distant to the point where she will straight up not even talk to me, despite us being in the same space frequently.
I have felt a number of different emotions, and overall confusion since there has just been no explanation. Regardless of whether the truth be good or bad, it would be nice to hear it.
I asked her if she had wanted to meet to talk to which she agreed, but did not set any date. Since then i’ve taken a step back until she hopefully reaches out to me. I’m not really sure what could explain why she started started being distant, and was wondering if anyone could offer some additional insight. I just want our friendship to return to normal.
tl;dr I spent the night at my friends house following a party, things were looking really nice afterwards, but now she will not talk to me.
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2023.03.21 22:07 Cantescape67 Honestly I'm confused as to what my type is

I can't figure out my exact mbti type. I have come to the conclusion that I am a mix of 2 or 3 types. My results were at first infj, then enfj and last intj. If anyone wants to type me here's some info about me :
I'm social and can communicate with other people depending on the situation.
I trust my gut and my feeling but I also trust data, analysis, logic and facts in order to make a decision. Therefore I take into consideration how I feel about it. How others feel about it and what impact it might have to them. And also analyze things with subjective perspective and intuition along with logic.
I hate fake people and people who fake around me to show that they like me while they don't actually do.
I understand if someone is lying to me or using me. I can also relate to others with feelings, experiences, logic and analysis.
I like seeing always both sides of the coin. Feeling and Logic. Experience and Subconscious knowledge. Black and white
I believe everything that I experience can be used to learn something, create a new theory, re evaluate something or empathize with someone. Like a Snake's poison can be both lethal but yet a strong medicine
I enjoy socializing but I need my personal and alone time to recharge. I don't mind going out with friends or meeting people, but I need some days to stay home and focus on my own personal goals and recharge.
I don't go to huge parties or events unless I really feel like it. For example if one of my friends hosts a house party I'll go and have fun. But if an open - invite party is taking place I'd rather do something else.
I also like listening to music mostly rock and metal and also classical music
I like planning ahead and place deadlines but I can be flexible if needed and always prepare myself incase a change is about to happen or happening.
Sorry for the long text I'm just confused to what my exact type is. If anyone wants to help I appreciate it.
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2023.03.21 22:06 Creative_Sherbert228 I'm Moving Out to Save My Marriage

My job has me working between two states. I usually visit the other state every 4-6 weeks. My husband and I have been married for over 20 years, sleeping in separate bedrooms for over a year (started out because he snores so bad I couldn't sleep), and we feel more like roommates than lovers. We've also been dealing with a lot of marital issues, and have been in counseling for months now, but it's not helping because outside of that one hour a session he doesn't want to do the work.
He has a lot of past trauma and loss that he's never really dealt with, which is now affecting our marriage. He's antagonistic, loves to push my buttons, and we can hardly communicate without the conversation turning into an argument. I feel like he needs to deal with his stuff before we can really dig into our stuff as a couple.
So, I suggested that maybe I should get my own place in the other state that I work in. Instead of traveling there and living at home, I'll live there and travel home. This will give us the space I think we need, will allow him to do his own counseling, and hopefully will make the time we do spend together more meaningful.
Being totally honest, I cannot WAIT to get my own place. I have never lived alone in my life and I'm in my mid 40s. I crave some peace and quiet. But I'm nervous! I don't know if this will save our marriage or kill it.
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2023.03.21 22:06 Sloppyjoses Rash on Hand, 33yo Hispanic Female
My girlfriend is a 33 year old hispanic female located in the northeast USA. Her height is approximately 5’7” and weight is approximately 155lbs. She’s a non-smokenon-drinker. She currently takes the oral contraceptive, YAZ, every evening. She has been diagnosed with PCOS but is in otherwise good health. She has no known allergies. She does suffer from very dry skin on her hands.
For the last month she’s developed an itchy red splotchy rash on her right hand. She works in food service and wears gloves for 8 hours a day. She changes her gloves multiple times a day and practices good hygiene. At the onset of the rash she was treating a ringworm on her belly. She treated with Lotramin. Also while treating the ringworm/ developing this rash she developed a UTI which was successfully treated with a 5 day course of Macrobid. I feel the rash looks suspiciously of contact dermatitis. Maybe from the dry skin and glove use? Anyways, before we make a costly Derma visit, I was curious if this looks like something we could treat at home? Second link is what the rash looks like after removing her gloves. Thank you!
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2023.03.21 22:06 _Antonius_ Found one for sale in California for $950 if anybody wants it.

Found one for sale in California for $950 if anybody wants it.
He says he'll go down to $750 on it. Trying to move out of state, looking for a good home for it.
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2023.03.21 22:05 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download

[Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download
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Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree

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2023.03.21 22:05 pugluvr67 experience with /that/ group

hi! for personal reasons i’m going to keep me and what show i went to private, but it was one of the september shows on the NA tour. these people know me, i know them, and i’m friends with some of them still (thankfully the ones i gravitated towards didn’t go to the aus/nz shows).
i flew across the country for my (SINGULAR) show because they weren’t coming to my city. i want to start this off by saying i know i’m privileged, there’s certain circumstances that make travelling east for me, and i’ve travelled for bands before, but never followed them. my parents were with me on this trip and staying in a hotel a street down from the venue, so as soon as we got off the plane, we hopped in an uber and RIGHT as the uber pulled up to the hotel i went to the arena. this was 6pm the day before my show, and there was a show happening that night.
before this i had never camped out, but i saw posts online of people camping out for two days beforehand so i really wanted to secure a good spot in line as i just got off an 8 hour flights and spent my life savings on this trip. i like waiting in line as is, so camping out was cool with me because mcr is like the one band i’d do it for.
get to the venue, there’s one other person in line. we introduce each ourselves and stick together that day/night, at this point it was 6pm and nobody else got in line until that night BUT when people started lining up.. they were going in front of us. i know they saw us because we were right beside the door with a blanket, the other person was on an air mattress, etc. but walked right past us. so yknow, i go up and introduce myself, tell them i had been there since 6 pm and already started a numbering system for when people show up. they start kinda pushing on me being like “well if you were here since 6 why weren’t you sat here” so i let them know security told us to sit there, as there was a show going on…………i could tell they were REALLY annoyed despite only being two of us. the people who came after they were so nice and we chatted but this group of people specifically did NOT like me telling them “what to do”. of course we got our spot and the numbering system in place, but that night /i/ was kind of cast out while everyone else talked to each other. at that point i thought it was just my social anxiety making me think they were giving me attitude, casting me out, etc. which honestly really upset me because i love making friends at concerts!!!!! until i saw these recent posts about them.
the next day they were a lot better, i spoke with them a good majority of the day but still kind of got that outcasty feeling and didn’t know why.. new people kept on coming up to them and they were treating them so nicely but i wasn’t receiving that same energy? because i kindly let them know we were in line before them i guess???? there was one person who made me feel really at home within that group, so much so they invited me to come with them to their next shows (i didn’t because i was BROKE after that trip alone) so i thank them, but their friends did not. like at all.
it comes to the point where we’re getting let into the venue and they are LITERALLY shoving past me, who was already in front of them, to get a better spot, running, getting really pissy at security for being slow, etc. and it got SO overwhelming because before this the only shows i’ve been to were small ones and i had no clue what i was doing. at one point i got lost trying to find my way to floor because we had to go through so many doors so i asked one of them for help and THEY TURNED BACK, LOOKED ME UP AND DOWN AND IGNORED ME. i also want to specify i am autistic and once again, riddled with social anxiety, so i was on the brink of tears trying to figure all this out but ofc they had an advantage because they were doing all of this the night before.
i don’t know how but i somehow ended up making it to the floor FIRST by the help of security and plopped my butt down at centre barricade. all of them came out, i don’t know if they reacted to me being there first or anything because i was too busy freaking out i was actually about to see my favourite band, but guess what happened!!!!! same exact thing that happened in line!!!!!!!!! i got alienated. i was no longer around the person i originally sat with either and i was surrounded by the brigade, so i kinda had to just sit there silently and awkwardly until the openings came on, which they QUITE LITERALLY SLEPT THROUGH. like not even on their phones. they had their head down in their arms on barricade and they napped.
no issues with them during the concert, it was fine, but i recall talking to one of them about how i wanted a setlist that night because within the 40 shows i’ve been to in my life, i’ve never gotten one. the girl told me she’s gotten multiple set lists from mcr ALONE and that she’d try to get me one.. but when the time came, the security guard was coming up to me to hand me the setlist, but she grabbed it out of his hands :-)
so yeah, that’s my experience with the brigade. i genuinely believe if i hadn’t started the numbering system, which i somehow managed to keep going until the line made its way around the building, they would’ve pulled the shit they were doing in aus. i would also like to specify that this was one out of four of the shows my country got, similar situation w the australian tour, and once again; they didn’t let the locals get barricade. i know i wasn’t a local as i was across the country, but at least i was a citizen LOL.
TLDR; the brigade is mean and extremely passive
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2023.03.21 22:05 ppr1227 Is it unreasonable to expect my neighbor to ask permission before tapping my sugar maples this year?

I moved to my place last year. I have 14 acres in a small town. There a farm on my eastern boundary and 5 homes on my northern boundary. There is also a creek running through the property, around 50 feet down hill from the northern boundary. There is no bridge so I don’t get to that side of the creek often, though I can access it from one street over.
Last year, my neighbor on the other side of the creek asked if he could tap a couple of maple trees to make a small batch of syrup with his kids. Of course, I said yes. He also said he would give me some syrup and gave me a small mason jar of it-somewhere around .75 cups. He continued tapping and boiling for a while but did not give me anymore.
This year I was expecting him to ask again and would have given him permission happily. I thought it was cool to have syrup from the property. He’s seems like a nice enough guy and his kids are really well mannered. I found myself a bit shocked to be out for a hike on the property and seeing his sap buckets on my trees. I texted him that I was surprised to see the buckets. He texted back with an apology and acknowledged that he should have asked. He said he would take them down. I told them he did not have to take them down but I do expect to be asked if he wants to tap in the future. Since then, I’ve found myself very annoyed about this guy and feeling disrespected. Since I moved in, I’ve let them tap my trees (twice now), he asked if he and the kids could come hike my trails and I gave them a tour followed by lemonade and homemade cookies, I had extra apples in the fall and gave them an apple cake. Last fall, when I had a bunch of ash trees cut down, he asked if any firewood was available and I told him he can help himself to as much as he’d like from the log pile. I feel like I’ve been kind and generous. Meanwhile, they never reciprocate - haven’t even invited me over for a twenty-five cent cup of coffee. I try to be a good neighbor but I’m feeling like a sap (pun intended) since I discovered the buckets. Is it unreasonable to expect them to ask to tap my trees, even if I gave permission last year?
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