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I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA

2012.05.15 19:29 jpm374 I Need Help Finding A Mechanical Engineering Internship Around West Chester, PA


2017.03.28 04:33 td css

“I’m confident that Reddit could sway elections. We wouldn’t do it, of course. And I don’t know how many times we could get away with it. But, if we really wanted to, I’m sure Reddit could have swayed at least this election, this once.” - Reddit CEO

2023.06.07 08:45 Researcher_1999 $55 Ticket Master US gift card up for grabs from a BO fan!

So I have a $55 Ticket Master gift card that expires September 12 and I live in such a small town (I live in the forest lol) that I can't find anyone to buy it even at a discount, so I thought I'd ask here if anyone would like a complimentary gift card to go toward their next concert? I would hate for it to go to waste and I just want it to be used!
Here's why I can't use it (aside from the fact that I don't have time to go to any concerts and there are only maybe 2 bands that I would even want to see) Last year, I was trying to buy a ticket for the tour in Europe for my partner in case they were able to go, and my bank wouldn't let the transaction go through even after lifting the restriction. So I bought a gift card thinking I could use that instead, but didn't know the US gift cards can't be redeemed on European TM sites. I had already bought tickets to the Seattle show near me in case my partner was able to come out here at that time, but we couldn't make that work, and I won't go to concerts alone, so I sold the tickets to the literal only BO fan I could find in my entire area. She said she wanted the gift card also, but she's been MIA and it's about to expire.
Long story but I want to make sure people know this is legit.
To be fair, I'll give it to the first person who replies to this in a comment who says they want it :)
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2023.06.07 08:45 velvetyflowers11 My boss asked me to be more proactive at work and I told him right there and then that I’m quitting. Now I’m depressed

I had social anxiety for all my life and it’s impacted my confidence severely. I work as a bookkeeper and my main job is data entry, however my boss expects me to be more active and handle phone calls and interacting more with customers. Today we had a big talk and he told me that he wanted me to be more active as it will hurt the company. I have extreme nerves interacting with customers and handling phone calls so I do terribly at it. I told him I would be quitting and now I will be unemployed and I’m very depressed about it. What can I do as a career for a socially anxious person like me?
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2023.06.07 08:45 b0sstin Starting Sr year in Biochem wanting a masters in BioEngineering (5yr total) for either pharma, tissue engineering, or prosthetics, Should I switch to ME?

Original Plan:
So am 3yrs into a Biochemistry degree and instead of changing to a Bioengineering degree I was advised just to do a fast track masters in BioE where a masters (with a correlating bs) can be done in 1 year (where I would also do a thesis). I have a year of research experience in biochemistry aswell which I was hoping to pair with a masters and thesis to enter the field for either pharma, tissue engineering, or prosthetics. I plan on looking for an internship over the next two years but unsure now of my success if I am at par or behind others wanting to enter the same field.
Note: The masters serves as a subtle shift in intrest for me during the end of my sophmore yr as I really want to do something in these fields but I feel engineering has a better ring than biochem to employers as biochem is also used by premeds.
Change of Plan?:
However... upon reading reddit and yt I am getting mixed signals if its good as I hear ME or EE's can do what I do but not the other way around. Similarly the field is a "dark horse" and very small so getting my foot in the door will be very rough.
I feel I am more than halfway in my plan of biochem->BioE and the problem isn't if I would enjoy these as I can see myself in all biochem, bioE, and ME the problem is if I can find a job so I can work hard to make more than median and buy some land to build a house since housing is expensive and live a fufilling life with a family.
If I don't make it into this already small field (1/10 the size of other engineering professions) what do I do?? Go into buisness or other engineering fields where I will be outpaced by every degree out there??
Will I be able to find a internship/entry job with my original plan? Or should I change before its too late?
Current Academic status (highlighed courses still need to be taken):

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2023.06.07 08:44 Just_sahil53 Need some financial advice

Hi Friends, I live in a small village of Haryanav i am from arts stream i drop my college in 2nd year for some finanicial problem now days im learning web development and I earn 20 thousand a month from a9to5 job, I want to live abroad its my last dream is it possible Which country will be best and in budget note:my family does not help me financially so please give me some advice i know my my english not so gud but i really need help
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2023.06.07 08:44 Major-File-9747 I work a manual labor job in hopes it’ll kill me one day.

I (22M) have been having suicidal ideations for quite sometime now. I live a life full of trauma, regret, and sadness and I am over it. I have attempted many times and have been put on psychiatric holds because of it but I can’t seem to follow through.
I am an Ironworker, we work at great heights and at one point my career had sat at #1 as the most deadliest jobs to work in. Some days I am having a blast and feeling like I’m on top of the world but most days I wish I had the courage to take my harness off and jump.
I have gone to therapy through out my childhood and I am currently over 11 months sober, yet it seems like whatever I do to improve my mental health I tend to fall back onto negative thought patterns.
I’m exhausted… The future seems as bleak as the past and I am over it.
Any advice or kind words are appreciated, thanks for taking the time to read this.
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2023.06.07 08:43 klmarchant23 Pacing & work with CFS

I’ve been diagnosed with CFS since 2017 and for the first 6 months or so I couldn’t work and really struggled to get up and do anything.
I slowly rebuilt my hours at work, increasing after a couple of weeks until after a few months I was back full time (probably by a year after diagnosis). I’ve been working full time ever since, but nothing overly strenuous, always just office jobs.
It feels like my CFS has caught up with me again, and symptoms are flaring (brain fog, headaches, body aches) at a regular and more increasing rate.
I had a conversation with my GP yesterday, and she’s recommended reducing my hours at work, but hasn’t offered much more support than a sick note to that effect.
My work are insisting on details of what reduction I need; less hours every day? less days in the week? mix of both? And won’t agree for me to start the reduction until I get an amended note to specify what I need.
I’ve not been in a position like this before and I appreciate everyone is different, but any support or suggestions would be welcome on how to approach a reduction would be grateful.
I have another call with my GP this afternoon so I can get the note amended, but I feel slightly under pressure to decide what I need without knowing if it’ll help me or not.
Can anyone offer help or advice please?
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2023.06.07 08:42 JK-05 CLICK TRADE (aka SIMBA)

Few days back I got call from Simba trading aka click trades(i am an active investor and mostly invest in India).They ask me to open account and explained user interface of thier website.Then they started aasking me to deposit money of 1000 dollars which is nearly 4K AED.i asked them what is ur tool , how I can I grow money but they are keep saying deposit and if u don't want withdraw money.i did a background check, the comapany actually from Seychelles( very famous for shell companies).they restricted from canacada, USA and Japan residents.i read reviews from forex army, they are very bad.i aksed them about these reviews they saying every comapny has positive and negatives, blah blah.Does any one loose money to Click Trades?.Is there anyone who gets money from this platform?
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2023.06.07 08:41 JK-05 Click Trades (Simba)

HI All,
Few days back I got call from Simba trading aka click trades(i am an active investor and mostly invest in India).They ask me to open account and explained user interface of thier website.Then they started aasking me to deposit money of 1000 dollars which is nearly 4K AED.i asked them what is ur tool , how I can I grow money but they are keep saying deposit and if u don't want withdraw money.i did a background check, the comapany actually from Seychelles( very famous for shell companies).they restricted from canacada, USA and Japan residents.i read reviews from forex army, they are very bad.i aksed them about these reviews they saying every comapny has positive and negatives, blah blah.Does any one loose money to Click Trades?.Is there anyone who gets money from this platform?
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2023.06.07 08:41 Booihn I feel so disconnected from reality when I’m on shroom

I feel like I’m settling in life. Settling for a job that I do not love. My relationship is great, my partner loves me and wants the utmost happiness for me. But why do I feel so disconnected from him, I feel like I’m settling. But what am I looking for?
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2023.06.07 08:41 KeepTwistin42069 I'm lost...

So I purchased this PC and had a "professional wiring job" but this is what I get. I have no clue about any of this as to what it is or where it goes. Can someone help me? Does any of this that's not plugged in need to be? Should I just unplug everything and restart?
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2023.06.07 08:41 KeepTwistin42069 I'm lost...

I'm lost...
So I purchased this PC and had a "professional wiring job" but this is what I get. I have no clue about any of this as to what it is or where it goes. Can someone help me? Does any of this that's not plugged in need to be? Should I just unplug everything and restart?
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2023.06.07 08:41 --BeePBooP- Getting a casual job

Hey there. I'm 17f and planning to get a casual job in the June holidays. I suspect I am on the autism spectrum, I'm not sure and I also don't want to assume, but I've read a lot about autism and asperger's and I did a few of the quizzes recommended, and it's pretty likely. I'm not a fan of self-diagnosis, though.
Anyway so I need a job because soon I'm going to go to university. My parents are going to help me get one since I still live with them for now and I anyway need them to drive me lol. So I suggested to them for me to work in a place like a bookstore, because I really love those type of places due to the relative inactivity and peace, and also the smell of books is great. My dad pointed out that I might need to work in a retail store, and I immediately told him that I wouldn't like it. Even going to the shops and buying things is sometimes too much for me. I hate it because of its business and there are too many people and a lot of noise, and often I end up overstimulated. I also get really anxious when I am in an uncomfortable situation with lots of people, and when I'm trapped in crowds I get panic attacks and well let's just say it's really dramatic and I hate it. I'm not a very social person, I don't know how to interact with strangers and it makes me anxious.
Places like bookstores and libraries calm me down and I'd still be uncomfortable with the strangers I'd have to interact with but it would be miles better than a retail store.
My parents won't even let me get tested for ADHD despite showing several symptoms and it actually affecting my daily life, let alone asperger's or autism. It's as if they don't believe in mental health problems. Since I've never had a full blown panic attack in a crowded area with them, despite feeling like I'm about to and getting sick because of it, they don't think it's actually a problem (I've had panic attacks at school and never told them). Does anyone have some advice for me, to work around this?
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2023.06.07 08:41 hika_ruu Thoughts on Moving to Japan and Working?

I am currently a Community College student in the States, and right now I am thinking about where to transfer for University. I have been seriously considering moving to Japan, or some type of European country ( I know that is very general, but to be honest I have only looked into Japan for now). I would say that I am an above average student here at the College, I did very well in high-school with 8 AP's but I do not think that high school transcript is even relevant (lol). I would definitely say that my application is extremely strong when it comes to extra-curriculars (student-body government, work, volunteering, academic programs, etc). Anyways, I am looking for some guidance as to what the job prospects look like for Business students in Japan, especially for foreign students? And maybe also, is the quality of life as someone working in Japan ideal? I really wish to leave this country so, why not to one that I am already familiar with and have family/friends in.
For more background, I am half-Japanese and have been to Japan throughout my life, so I am well aware of the whole gaijin-mindset over there, and it's okay with me. I do not speak Japanese fluently but my accent isn't too bad either. Also, with the English-based program I intend on attending in Japan, I will expect to be fluent by the time I graduate with my Bachelors. I know Japanese fluency is a hot topic on here so, I intend on being fluent when I am entering the workforce. I also don't intend on coming back to the States, so I would be living in Japan permanently after receiving my degree.
I would appreciate any insight!! :))
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2023.06.07 08:41 AmIAllowedBack An incident happened involving primarily me at work where my company was in the wrong. The company is avoiding the debriefing. Been 3.5 weeks. What do I do?

I could have gotten seriously hurt or potentially died, it's the sort of hazard that I know the job entails but it was far beyond normal operating procedures. I reported it at the time via telephone as the incident was ongoing. This was on a Saturday morning. I then worked the entire weekend solo, day shift back to back with a night shift and we didn't get help to solve the problem until Monday late morning when executives were back in the office.
Now they seem to be avoiding the debrief meeting with me.
When I arrived back at work after my days off I discovered after starting my shift on that they hadn't properly solved the problem that caused last weekend's incident. That weekend I had two similar but more minor incidents compared to the weekend prior. I refused to work the long weekend as I was sick.
This week there seems to be no plans to find time for debrief meetings after it had to be postponed for the last two weeks and I am immensely unhappy about it because I cannot feel safe in my position without it.
Can you please advise what I do here? Sorry to be so vague I don't wanna ddos myself.
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2023.06.07 08:40 Scary_Forever_6448 Hundreds of White women gather at Colorado Capitol after plea from women of color to use their ‘privilege’ to demand action on gun violence

Hundreds of White women gather at Colorado Capitol after plea from women of color to use their ‘privilege’ to demand action on gun violence

Protesters stage a sit-in at the Capitol building in Denver.
Hundreds of White women gathered at the Colorado Capitol Monday morning, with more expected to show up throughout the day, to use their “privilege” in a silent sit-in to demand Gov. Jared Polis ban guns and create a gun buyback program.
The sit-in also comes amid a national debate over gun control and nearly two months after Polis signed into law four gun control bills, including one to expand the state’s red flag law.
Protesters gather in Denver to call for strict gun laws.
Here4TheKids, a movement created after a mass shooting in Nashville in March left six people dead, including three children, calls for primarily White women to peacefully sit-in until Polis, a Democrat, signs an executive order banning guns. It was founded by two women of color, Saira Rao, who is South Asian American, and Tina Strawn, who is Black. Both are mothers.
Strawn told CNN the movement calls for White women to be at the forefront of the sit-in because, “we know what happens when we show up with demands.”
“We know what happens when we show up in large numbers to fight for our rights. We’ve been doing it for generations. We’re always the ones whose bodies are in the most danger and at the most risk,” Strawn, an author and owner of the “Speaking of Racism” podcast said.
“So, it appealed to me very much that this was actually a time where we are asking Black folks and other marginalized and vulnerable communities to sit this one out and allow the White women and their privileged bodies, their privilege, and their power to show up. It’s time for them to show up,” Strawn added.
The movement has garnered support from the entertainment industry, including from White actresses Amy Schumer, Michaela Watkins and Lake Bell.
Watkins, who showed up at the Colorado Capitol early Monday morning and plans to stay until late in the evening, told CNN her initial response to the call to action for mainly White women to participate was, “What? Just White women? That sounds just exclusive,” but she understood what the founders meant.
“White women, statistically, have been the least likely to be arrested, assaulted by police officers and so we just said, ‘OK.’ If marginalized communities have been just traumatized over and over and over again I guess we just come together,” Watkins told CNN as cars drove by and honked in support of the protest. “We are the biggest voting block in this country. We do have power, we just forget that and we have been conditioned to forget that.”
She also said, “For me, it was very confronting, it was like, ‘I am an activist, but am I really willing to put myself on the line?’” when asked what was her response to other White women who feel uncomfortable with the movement.
“If someone says, ‘I don’t understand why I have to be there,’ they don’t have to be here. But if you feel you are over it, over this incredible horror that we are facing, literally every single day, then you should come here.”

‘This is apolitical, it affects everyone’

There have been at least 276 mass shootings in the US this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive, which defines a mass shooting as one in which at least four people are shot, excluding the shooter. Colorado has suffered several mass shootings since the deadly Columbine High School shooting in 1999, including a shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs in November.
In 2021, firearms accounted for nearly 19% of deaths for those aged 1-18, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wonder database, and nearly 3,600 children died in gun-related incidents that year. The gun violence, particularly school shootings, has Wolf Terry, a volunteer with the movement who is also White, nervous for her five-year-old, who is autistic.
“If my child is even in a lockdown drill he will not be able to stomach it, to handle it, to participate in it without having a meltdown,” Terry, told CNN. “If there was an active shooter at his school he would be the first to be shot alongside his classmates because he would be loud and he’d be scared and he wouldn’t be able to control his response to the situation. And so every day, that’s what sticks with me … this is apolitical, it affects everyone.”
The executive order Here4TheKids has proposed for Polis to sign calls for the governor to “ban the use, loading, possession or carrying of all firearms in Colorado, including but not limited to firearms for personal protection, hunting, law enforcement or any otherwise lawful purpose” and create a statewide gun buyback program.
A spokesperson for Polis said the governor’s staff has met with the organizers of the group and “have expressed concerns that the requests being made are either unconstitutional or require legislative action.”
“The Governor takes the weighty responsibility of executive action and the trust Coloradans placed in him to govern responsibly seriously, and will not issue an unconstitutional order that will be struck down in court simply to make a public relations statement – he will continue to focus on real solutions to help make Colorado one of the ten safest states,” the spokesperson said in a statement to CNN. “These individuals’ calls to improve safety and prevent gun violence through their specific requests for an executive order banning all guns would simply be unconstitutional.”
Both Rao and Strawn said lawmakers have failed to curb gun violence and when asked if the new gun control laws in Colorado were a start, Rao said “no” because despite current state laws aimed to prevent them, gun deaths still persist.
“State legislation does not work. Why? Because guns can cross state lines, you can print guns on 3D printers,” Rao said. “State legislation is not working. It’s just not working, it doesn’t matter what it is.”
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2023.06.07 08:40 Imaginary-Put-4454 Psychiatrist in Pune Dr. Ankit Patel.
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2023.06.07 08:38 grandpavideos impa after dragon’s tears? (pls no spoilies)

sorry if this has been asked, i’m reeeeally trying to avoid spoilers so haven’t even been googling my questions let alone looking around reddit.
so i’m nearing the end of the main quests, with only “destroy ganondorf” remaining. literally the first thing i did in this game because it was so intriguing, was get all the dragon’s tears. impa let me know afterwards that she would be in kakariko to talk to me about hatching a plan, which she of course wasn’t, and a friend told me i had to do every other main quest besides destroy ganondorf and then she would show up. well, it’s taken me a few weeks, but now i have and i’ve been looking forward to seeing impa this whole time! i’ve had the master sword for ages, did all the temples a while back and just finished spirit temple and the kakariko ring quest, etc etc etc. literally just gotta go fight the man himself. the FIRST thing i did after getting the destroy ganondorf quest was warp to kakariko to check for her. and finally, impa’s here! hooray!
aaaaaand she told me to go focus on the upheaval instead and started prattling on about the calamity, telling me to go sit in on symin’s lesson. i already did his side-quests, so i went back to double check and he was just asking the students the same pop-quiz questions about the calamity over and over. went BACK to impa, still no dice.
is that it? do i have to wait until post-game for her to want to talk to me about the dragon? or has she just dropped the subject completely? this woman is driving me insane
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2023.06.07 08:38 -Kdramafan- The told me I will have unhappy marriage, and not to leave my current job becouse I will stay jobless. What do you see?

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2023.06.07 08:37 BatGroundbreaking602 glass in my dogs paw after walk

I took my dog for a walk downtown. I don't usually do this because of all the people and potential hazards. As we were walking, I looked down and noticed some small shards of glass along the sidewalk.
I immediately picked him up and, after setting him down, we stayed in the grass for the remainder of the walk. I come back home and check his paws and find a super tiny shard sticking out his paw. I couldn't remove it with my fingers, so I went and grabbed some tweezers. By the time I had the tweezers, he figured out what was going on. Now, he refuses to let me get anywhere near him let alone his paws. He is not limping. He is not acting like he is in pain. I know there is at least one tiny piece of glass. I am concerned there could be other tiny pieces as well.
He generally does very poorly with this type of situation. He hates doing stuff he doesn't want to do and will not submit to it for treats or anything else. I am as gentle as possible and it changes nothing. Right now he is hiding under the bed.
How serious is this glass situation? What do I do?
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2023.06.07 08:37 bikuuma Testosterone weight gain

Hi i am a 23 year old trans guy 6 months on t, i am slowly starting to see some changes ( getting a neckbeard, deeper voice, i get gendered correctly by strangers sometimes yay). I also gained some weight (first months of t's ravenous huger + muscle mass increase did their job i guess) but it all went to my butt and thighs. They have always been big even at my lowest weight because they're very muscular and that's where fat usually went to when i gained weight but i hoped testosterone would help redistributing the fat in other areas. I don't particularly exercise except walking a lot because of my job. I tried dieting to lose at least a bit of mass around the muscle but my pants keep getting tighter even if I don't eat a lot 😭 did anyone have the same experience? Are there any exercise i could do to balance my body shape? Is it too early to see fat redistribution changes? I know t effects are not the same on everyone and that it's not a magic wand that will turn my body in my desired shape but this thing makes me feel super dysphoric and triggers my eating disorders so i was wondering if anyone has advice to improve this situation. Thanks :)
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2023.06.07 08:36 SupremeInnovations PrusaSlicer not printing but S3D does

I am trying to print some calibration cubes. I cannot for the life of me find the setting that will make PrusaSlicer print correcty.
S3D Near perfect cube.
PrusaSlicer Won't print anything until I bump the extrusion multiplier up to 2.0. I can tell it is overextruded, but at least it prints. What would cause 40-50% less extruder flow rate in PrusaSlicer? Extrusion width is fixed to 0.40mm in both, filament diameter is the same in both and nozzle diameter is the same. Not sure what else would matter.
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2023.06.07 08:36 Ok_Experience_3677 I brought back a kitten to where i found it, how to deal with guilt?

Yesterday in the morning i found a kitten alone, he was mewing very loudly and was relatively close to the street (about 5-10 meters), so i brought him home and wanted to keep him. When i got home my mother started to act hysterically and saying i should take him back and leave him on the street. I begged her to let me keep him until i found someone who can take care of him, but then she got angry and ofcourse started to to talk about how her life is miserable and it's my and my brothers fault. (I also felt guilty for not anticipating this kind of reaction, my mom is usually a nice person, but has a lot of moments where she just sneps if something trigers her, I don't know why i always forget that)
Then i read that the kitten maybe wasn't abandoned, but the mother just left him while she searches for food. Then i started to feel guilty that i moved a kitten from a good and normal environment unnecessarily, while also not being able to keep him because of my parents.
I planed to bring him back the next day to where i found him and see if the mother will take him back, there are also some other cats in the neighborhood and people that take care of them, so i hoped that at least someone will take care of him.
I was forced to bring him back in the evening, i left him in front of someones house, and went today at 5am to see if his okey, but he wasn't there and the box was still in the place i left him but turned ower and the hoodie i left him in was outside the box, so I'm assuming that he didn't leave alone, and I'm hoping that a cat took him.
I can't stop thinking about everything i did wrong and what I could have done differently to make his life better. I feel i just made his life harder even though i wished the opposite. I can't stop imagining all the scenarios that could have played out after i left him and I can't stop thinking that he can be dead and it could have been prevented if i just let him be.
I just wish that i can know where he is and what really happened, is he alive or not, beacuse I can't stop thinking about it and feeling guilty. I didn't eat yesterday and slept for 3 hours. I can look for him every day because i work near by, so maybe I'll meet him when he grows a little (i think he's around 3-4 weeks old, he has fangs and can walk and play and groom himself) if he isn't dead.
I wanted to get this out and ask someone for an opinion because I don't know how to deal with the guilt.
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