Hisashi ouchi real photos

[fs][us] vetement, off white, FoG

2023.06.07 05:31 ohmyjoshisgosh [fs][us] vetement, off white, FoG

PayPal invoice only
Rep Vetement yellow raincoat Size like a XL? It’s massive. Zipper and snap button closure. Two pockets on waist/ sides. Good size hood with drawstring. It’s a real raincoat for sure.
$75 shipped.
Chest: 25”
Shoulder: 21.5”
Sleeves: 29.5”
Length: 41”
Rep OW shorts Size S, fits 30-34 easy. $70 shipped
Easy pair of black shorts. Comfortable terry material with boxy baggy fits.
Measurement: Waist 13-17
Rise 12.5
Inseam 7
Outseam 18.5
Thigh opening 12.5
Rep FoG mainline knit-ish hoodie Tag size S. $30 shipped.
Bought for my lady but not her style at all. Tts S or XS. The hood tho is kinda small. Overall it does has a nice weight and texture. Really not sure the batch. Check measurement pls.
Chest 22.5
Shoulder 22
Neck to sleeves 26
Length 23
Time stamp/ tagged photo
Maybe checkout my other postings from my profile or my grailed. https://grailed.app.link/wx5QawbUmAb
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2023.06.07 05:21 mrdoitman RAM upgrade advice - worth it? productivity benefit?


Context, Goal
The system is great as-is, and generally very responsive with productivity applications (multiple browsers, MS Office suite running, 3D print CAD, photo editing, 1-2 VMs). The RAM I have now was just some cheap Corsair LPX I bought in 2 different 2x16GB kits before I got into RAM overclocking. I think I got a little lucky being able to stabilize 4 sticks at 4000 Mhz N1 with decent timings for cheap RAM.
The itch for better has started again and I'm wondering if upgrading would make any real difference (even if just relatively minimal).

  1. Would going from 4000 Mhz at 19-23-23-45-650 N1 RAM to something like G.Skill 3600 Mhz 16-16-16-38 (before OC, ideally at 4000Mhz similar timings) have any noticeable impact?
  2. 2x is supposedly better than 4x for the IMC and channel efficiency - so would 2x 32GB be better than 4x 16GB?
  3. 32GB sticks don't appear to be available with timings as tight as 16GB sticks, but if I want 64GB total, then would 2x32GB or 4x16GB be better? It seems like I can get faster 16GB sticks so the IMC would be the limiting factor, so 32GB sticks might be better for optimising between both.
  4. Is the IMC constrained by speed (Mhz) and RAM timings, or just speed? So if I already know my 13700K IMC can do 4000 Mhz, would I potentially hit a limit on stable timings due to the IMC even if the RAM is capable of tighter timings?
Lastly... should I just consider making the jump to DDR5 at this point?
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2023.06.07 05:16 revodaniel I believe the whistleblower David Grusch, but we still need to be careful, we haven’t really seen any real evidence.

What revelations, right? It’s been a great week so far with the whistleblower David Grusch sharing details about the recovered and reverse engineer of non-human crafts. It really is a great time with what looks to, finally, be the news we’ve all been waiting for.
As some people here know, I’ve been very critical of claims without evidence. Because for over 70 years we’ve had claims without a single piece of evidence. One thing is clear though, these claims from David are very serious and sound credible. Also, some respected journalists like Ross Coulthart are leading the charge. I’ve been critical of Ross’s claims that he made in the past where he stated that this phenomenon might be humans from the future. I applaud his professionalism and his dedication to the topic though, especially the alleged 7 hours he took interviewing Mr. Grusch.
Another thing that is clear to me though, and some here might not like it but must be said, is that we still have no “real verifiable evidence” for the claims. Let me be clear, I’m almost 100% certain that Mr. David is telling the truth. I don’t think he would risk his life or career for some lie about flying saucers. But we need more. This is a step in the right direction, but to be 100% certain we need to see some certified documents or a video or a photo of either the crafts he is talking about or the beings he has reported killed while crashing.
I can admit when I was wrong, and this week has shut my mouth. It’s refreshing to be living in this moment in history. I just ask that we must not let our feelings overshadow our rational thoughts. Yes, we have a credible whistleblower that says we are not alone. But it’s also true that this same whistleblower hasn’t shown us any “real evidence” of the claims he is making. So, we really are trusting the reputation of Ross Coulthart and Leslie Keane. And, of course, David Grusch, and even though we really want this to be true and to finally realize we are not alone, we need a little bit more. We need evidence.
I’ve never been a debunker or an unbeliever. I used to believe blindly until I started to see that there was no real evidence for some of these claims. But now there seems to be some meat to this bone, and hopefully Ross Coulthart’s full interview reveals some real evidence. I just want to remain cautious because we’ve been lied to before where we finally think we have answers, and it turns out to be all fake.
I’m hoping in the coming weeks we have some better whistleblowers. We need people that worked or are currently working on these non-human craft. People that have seen these “recovered bodies” that David has talked about. It’s good to hear about people that have “heard from other people”. It’s better to hear from actual witnesses. I believe when we get those people talking, it’ll be showtime.
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2023.06.07 04:50 data-eng Need advice on issue with utility company

I'm not really looking for legal advice (yet) but I couldn't find a better place to post this, please let me know if you have a suggestion for another sub! I think it's related and at some point, may come to that though so here it goes...
So I've been living in my current residence and with my energy company for the last 2+ years. Apparently when I moved in, no one ever came out to do an actual meter reading (I didn't realise this at the time - I'm pretty sure they said they came out so I never questioned it), but so my bills have always been based on estimates. The meters are confusing to me so I took photos of them at the time of moving in but didn't actually check that they lined up, so I'll admit that was my mistake (but I would assume their fault for not actually getting a reading, right?). For over a year, the bills have been pretty reasonable. In the last few months, I was told they were coming to do an actual reading again. Next bill I receive, my gas is through the roof. My bill literally says my usage has increased 631% since the same time last year. So I take photos of the meters again and figure out how to read them and finally notice that my first bill 2 years ago was wrong... as in both the readings (initial and current) where significantly lower than they actually were in my photo. Basically, I've been paying estimates based on wrong numbers but those estimates were fairly accurate in terms of how much gas I've used, but now that they have a real reading, they are trying to charge me for a huge difference that CLEARLY makes no sense. I've been in an ongoing dispute with them for over 2 months now trying to explain that my bill is incorrect. I sent the photos of my meter with the dates that the photos were taken and they sent a revised bill that was somehow more incorrect than the last one. I understand what happened is somewhat complicated (and I'm sure I haven't even explained it that well here, though I did provide them with numbers that help explain better), but no one is able to provide me with a reasonable bill/solution. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do at this point? For reference, I've paid every bill for the last 2 years on time and it's ranged from $150-220 per quarter and I've never had any complaints. My latest bill is $620+ and I'm getting questioned if more people have moved in, I've changed appliances, etc. (which HAS NOT HAPPENED) rather than understanding what I'm saying about the numbers.
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2023.06.07 04:39 DarthCatch22 June's Theme: Sit On My Face

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a steamy June as we dive into our next theme: Sit On My Face! This month, we're all about celebrating the art of pleasure and the intimate connection between partners.
For June's Theme, we want to see your most seductive and alluring photos that capture the essence of "Sit On My Face." Whether it's a real face or a stuffed animal, show us your irresistible charm and tease us with your captivating presence.
Remember to add the June's Theme flair to your post to enter the competition. The post that ignites the most passion and receives the highest number of upvotes by the end of the month will be crowned the winner and receive some extra special recognition.
So, get creative, unleash your inner temptress, and let the passion flow. Share your tantalizing moments and let's make June a month to remember. Let the games begin, and may the most seductive post win!
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2023.06.07 04:34 Desperate_Tennis_810 [ToTK] Link and Zelda's house

This also touches on why some people in hyrule don't seem to know Link, even if you spoke to them in Botw, but I've seen some questions on the topic of whether or not Zelda and Link have been living together, seeing as Link's house from botw is owned by Zelda in Totk.
based on the fact that the Champion's photo hangs in the house if you hung it there in Botw, the house quest is considered canon to totk, alongside the Tarrey town quest, as Hudson and Rhondson know who Link is in Totk.
it's been pointed out that the people of Hateno village don't seem to recognize Link, alongside many other people in Hyrule who Link would have spoken to in Botw. However I don't think this is an oversight on the dev's part.
Mainly because, Link as an individual wasn't really an important person as far as botw's setting was concerned. Link didn't really introduce himself to people when he spoke to them. from the perspective of the average citizen of hyrule, Link was just a random traveler who did odd jobs for them six years ago. rarely if ever did his name come up in conversation. Hudson remembers who Link is, because Link set up his wedding, but Bolson doesn't seem to, because Link was just one of dozens of clients he's built houses for. And six years feels like the appropriate estimate for passage of time, not just because it lines up with the real world gap between the games, but also the age of Hudson's daughter Mattison, who looks to be around six years old.
It's not really surprising that most people don't remember him. Most people probably never saw Dark beast Ganon, or would have understood what the divine beasts were actually doing when they fired on Calamity ganon. And very few people probably saw Link fighting it in Hyrule field. also keep in mind, while the sheikah camera exists, it still isn't mass produced, readily available technology, so given the medieval nature of Hyrulian society, most people who have heard of the Knight who seals the darkness have probably never seen him in person or know what he looks like. All the Yiga clan know about Link is that he's a blond knight traveling around Hyrule. Most of them try to check to make sure before they attack. the people who do know who link is in Totk, are mostly just the important people who would have had a vested interest in Link's identity, like the main characters, the Knights at Look out landing, the Sheikah, the Zora and some of the various citizens of Hyrule like Traysi, Hudson, Buliara, Bludo etc. Hestu and the Koroks seem to have forgotten him, but they seem to have bad object and people permanence by their very nature as koroks. I doubt Hestu has any sense of time or people, seeing as he's basically a spirit himself, and probably forgets every one he meets after enough time's past, especially considering the vast minority of people, if anyone at all besides Link can see him.
Now back to the main topic, considering that the people of Hateno call the house "Zelda's house" and the sign that denoted as Link's house is gone, It seems that Link gave Zelda the house for her own, as a permanent residence seeing as it was a convenient location he already owned, and Hyrule castle still wasn't fully hospitable, nor a place she'd want to live in.
As for whether or not they live together, I'd say yes, but not all the time. Seeing as the school children who often play in Zelda's house don't really know Link, I'd say he's not really there during the day time. I think Link has a "Sonic the hedgehog-esque" living arrangement. In Sonic games, Sonic technically lives with Tails most of the time, but also spends a lot of time on solo adventures, and doesn't really live in one specific spot for extended periods of time. I'd say Link's probably the same. he usually spends the night at the house, sleeping on the floor with his sword at the ready, but spends most of his days out monster hunting, training or keeping guard from afar. Link's job as Zelda's bodyguard does require him to blend in the background, so he's probably not noticed by the people of Hateno very often.
Considering botw's ending shows Link and Zelda setting off to check on the divine beasts, and that the people at Look out Landing had been looking for Link and Zelda, it seems Link had been escourting Zelda around Hyrule following the calamity's aftermath, but just as her bodyguard, and probably rarely if ever spoke to any one aside from her, and they probably had Captain Hoz and some other volunteer knights as an entourage. Look out Landing had probably been set up for a good while before Link and Zelda actually embarked underneath the castle, maybe even a few years.
Considering that Zelda had his hair band and refurbished tunic hidden away and talks about how she's hidden the tunic in the castle, with the expectation that he'll go there and solve the puzzle she's set for him, it seems that they are in close proximity most of the time, but that Link does go out on his own frequently enough that Zelda could set up the puzzle without his knowing, and that Link could be expected to go the castle by himself at some point and find the puzzle. And considering the fact that she'd go out of her way to set up the puzzle at all, it seems they have a close enough relationship that she'd take pleasure in setting up surprises and things for him.
Considering there's only one bed and one pillow, I doubt they share the bed, but I'd say Link would insist on sleeping on the floor with a sword at the ready anyway, because he's that committed to his job. Link's characterization in botw and totk is that he's a soldier first and foremost, so I's say he's maintained most of his knight instincts and practices even though they've more or less ceased to be relevant.
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2023.06.07 04:14 immerVR The origins of front-facing displays on HMDs: IEEE VR 2016 research paper

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2023.06.07 04:11 Darmanarya The Yotul Models chapter 4

((This train wreck is a fanfic of "Nature of Predators" by u/spacepaladin15. Edit: Reddit please stop eating things like the who and when.))

Memory transcription subject: Yotul exchange subject Ouon.
Date [Human standard time]: August 22, 2136
I blinked at the human. “What do you mean history? Its just a train? I mean, I miss being on them a ton and think it's kinda speh how they took them all away, but they were old.” I pointed out as I watched the steam train run into a tunnel.
“Well. One thing you learn when building models of historical things is that each country- uhm- that is groups on Earth, have different styles and things they want their trains to do. America used to prefer the most elegant, rugged, and mass-producible of all back in the day while Japan in the 20’th century valued speed, reliability, and as smooth a ride as possible. Each time period also had their own trains.” He pointed to one of the big ones. “This is a 20th century American train called the EMD SD70ACe.” He rattled off a bunch of letters and more that meant almost nothing to me. “It was made to be far more durable than most others while focusing far more on efficiency.”
He then motioned to the train finally coming out of the huge tunnel. “This is an American classic. The 4-4-0. It's based on the Roy O. Disney No. 4. Its not set up the same as its real counterpart, but after a… discussion.” He Glanced at Sally who shrugged. “It was decided we would make it a luxury liner to still be able to showcase it.”
I blinked and rubbed my head a bit. “Wait… is that a human name? Was it named after someone famous?” I asked, watching its beautiful red and green snake through the mountains. “Well. It is actually running at a park on Earth right now to take people around.” Jack explained as he watched it move about. “And in fact it's a great example! It was named after one of the founders of the American mega-corp disney. It was bought and made to look beautiful to transport people around a big park. Really though it was there to look beautiful and be a big tourist attraction. It was very outdated for the time, but that was the point.”
What? “Wait, if it was outdated then why use it?” I asked, finally looking up to my human partner. “Simple: People liked how it looked and it reminded them of a very important time in America when we were growing into the superpower we are today. For some people, like me, America would not have existed without the 4-4-0, so we honor it whenever we can. For others, many MANY cool stories happen on or around 4-4-0 trains, so they keep coming up in movies. And some pay a TON of money to ride on them through mountains and stuff. Sure the cars are mostly more modern for safety and comfort, but people want to experience what it was like to live in those old days so they pay to ride in the outdated cars.”
He then pulled up photos on his pad of an American tour company operating in the mountains. I snatched the tablet the moment I saw the first few photos and started looking at them one by one. It…. it was my trains! I could see that ornate red carpet, the sleeper cars, the tiny bathrooms, the small chair I sat on for HOURS reading whatever speh I could get my paws on. It was all there! The price was… high, but you could ride it NOW! And the humans were FTL level!
I handed his tablet back to him and watched the train chug along. “Then… why did we have to get rid of ours? I mean. I never thought of what I worked on being important. Sure it was one of the heights of our tech pre-uplift, but I never thought about it being important to history.”
“The fact it was the last thing you all made should make it even more important. I don’t know why the feds did it-” Jack’s strong hand patted my shoulder. “-but maybe we could do something?” He looked over to Sally.
“I know what you are going to propose, and I am ALLLL for it!” She said as she held a thumb up. “But we gotta ask Leon too. I mean, I love kitbashing and all but you and Leon are the ones that are best at it. I just get the interior sparky shit to work.” She laughed a little before the door opened up again.
“Hey everybo-” A human with shoulder length blond hair walked in with a female Dossur head poking up out of his lab coat. The moment the Dossur saw Sally she hopped out and skittered up to her. What I had to guess was leon froze seeing the tilfish who stared back. He took a deep breath and I covered my ears expecting another scream. It seems humans were sca-
I jumped and looked at the human with my fur standing up. One: That was a very happy yell. Two: That was a very happy word. I looked at the other two humans and they looked at each other for a moment before moving their heads side to side.
“Yesyesyes an insectoid species! I was worried that all the aliens would be soft, cute mammalians! Nothingwrongwiththat but this is farrrrr more cool inmyhonestopinion!” His words were coming out fast and blending together in the translator as he walked up to poor, poor Xelo. She was rubbing her antenna before Sally passed her back the coins with a sigh before getting in Leon’s way.
“Alright alright. I knew you liked freaky things but this is a bit of a surprise.” She said trying not to step on the Dossur. “Give the girl her space and let her warm up to you. You know the drill by now. Poor thing was shocked when Freddie squealed at it.” My human let out a deep breath of air and crossed his arms. It was clear he didn’t like being reminded of what he had done.
“FIIINE!” Leon said lifting up his arms. “I will talk to her later.” He then looked over at me, waved, then stepped back from poor Xelo who was looking between us all.
“Hey! Tall lady! I’m Fige! Fee-d-je~!” The dossier called out from her feet. “Mind picking me up? Bit small!” Sally nodded and picked her up, lifting her up to her chest height in one hand. While Sally was looking down at Fige, the dossur was looking right ahead. What was she-ohhhh. Really?
“Heya Fige! I am sally! I read your kind were small but didn’t expect THIS small!” She said with a laugh. “Man. I just want to put you in my po-”
“If you are offering your chest pocket PLEASE!” The small female called up to the huge human. “I mean, it-” She rubbed one of her ears then shook her head. “Ah brahk it. I wanna ride against that comfy looking chest. I have never SEEN mammaries that big before!” She squeaked out motioning to the human’s chest. “I have dated lotsa females from lotsa species, but good grief! My fear left the moment I saw those things!”I thought I was a bit open. What the speh!?We all looked to Sally who laughed long and hard. “Oi! Freddie! Seems like we BOTH lucked out!” She said before moving the dossier towards her coat pocket, only to put her right on top of the “pair!” The dossur squeaked in surprise before squeaking in pure joy. “Ohhh yeah! Humans are just fine in my book!” She called out while Sally was laughing hard.
“Oh damn, this feels…. Weird. Still. Not gunna pass up a chance to connect with an alien species lesbian! Hell I like my women short but this is a new level for me!”Both Freddie and Leon shook their heads side to side while looking down. “And she fussed at me!” I heard Leon mutter while poor Xelo just looked around practically tugging her antennae off in confusion at the chaos in front of her.“Wait. what is this?” Fige asked before hopping down onto the table. While Xelo let out a clatter in protest fearing the stuff was fragile. It held up though thankfully.
She skittered about looking at the trains, poking at the wires that were carefully hidden, then tapping the tracks. “Fascinating! The trains must be powered through the tracks and controlled through it leaving enough room within for all this decoration! I didn’t expect predators like yourself to be able to work on such small and fragile electronics like this!” She then watched the cargo train roll by before hopping onto one of the flatbeds to ride around.
The humans didn’t protest. At all. In fact they took out their datapads and took as many pictures as they could! Fige, to her credit, ate up the attention and even posed some as she laughed enjoying the ride. Lucky little squeaker.
Still, after a while we all just sat together at a table they cleared off. Drinks and snacks scattered over what had been a workstation. “Alright. So now you all know what scale models are.” Freddie said with a smile. “And nobody had a… too big of a reaction to us so far! So far so good!” he laughed a bit as he sipped his soda.

“Now. Wanna help us make more?”

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2023.06.07 04:09 immerVR The origins of front-facing displays on HMDs: IEEE VR 2016 research paper

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2023.06.07 03:50 The_Arab_Hoe Desntiy's YouTube LIVE Q&A - Mega Thread 📣

Hey Gorls,
Please post and discuss Destiny's live Q&A here!
Edit: Well that sucked. For anyone who missed it there was no real tea spilled. Lots of 'I don't know/Probably' responses. It appears Amber got to her or they've had a conversation. The only real thing that was confirmed was that Destiny did in fact send Amber a photo of her mother.
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2023.06.07 03:42 speedtriple1050 Resilient E bike survives car crash accident with minor scratch. ET cycles T1000 with pics of customizations and photo after crash. Gallery collection before and after with close ups.

Resilient E bike survives car crash accident with minor scratch. ET cycles T1000 with pics of customizations and photo after crash. Gallery collection before and after with close ups.
I was riding at about 33 km/h when I went to pass a stationary car that was halted in the right lane where vehicles normally drive. It was there without moving for long enough that I didn't think anything of it besides from "This is strange". There was a car parked right beside it on the shoulder to the right as well. Instead of riding around the motionless car, I went between in and the parked car beside it. Unfortunately for everyone, the passenger in the laft side car opened her door at the moment I was riding though. I didn't even have time to hit the brakes hardly if at all. Instantaneous 30km/h to zero crash into inside of door. It ripped off the other cars mirror. The lady was not hurt. My bike was only scratched on the left side mirror which was weird. No other damage at all. The button component thing was moved around the handlebar as it was twisted, but it was easily moved back into position. Seemed like a miracle that all was good. The only thing that sucked for me was that my left knee was bloody and swollen. Its ok 4 days later though. No real damage either. All I had to do with the bike was remove and reattach the front tire after saying a quick prayer to the Gods. It was making a squeezing noise, but when I put it back on, all was fine. It was actually a good thing in a way, I say this because it's the only way I was going to take the chance of flipping my bike upside down. Ive been hesitant to do this because of the fake exhaust I screwed into the back. I thought it might bend or break off with the weight of the bike. Turns out that it's strong enough to hold the weight of the bike even to balance and rotate the bike on the exhaust as a pivot point. I'm impressed with my design almost as much as the design of the bike itself. The strength of it must be high considering that it came out of this crash unscathed. In my other post earlier, I listed all the aftermarket components of my customized bike for y'all to see. Total of 35. I missed mentioning 2 of them. In the one pic with the scooter and the bike side by side, it's an Apollo V2 Phantom. Worth close to 2500$ Can, same with my T1000 before the custom seat and accessories installed. Hope my post was worth a read and you could appreciate the photos. Happy riding and good luck to stay safe on the road. Cheers!
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2023.06.07 03:21 Culture-5800 Should I Be Concerned? - Extortion Attempt

Hi all - throwaway account here for obvious reasons. Here's my story: please let me know if this is something I should be concerned about.
Just two hours ago I exchanged numbers with a person I assumed was a girl from Whisper. We exchanged sfw photos and a little about our personal lives, then things turned to sexting. Being mildly cautious, I gave this person a fake name and the name of a competing business in the same industry as my real job. Long and short of it is, this person turned around and demanded money or else they would post a collage of our messages to social media accounts. This collage includes my real phone number and photos, and the fake name and business I don't work for.
I've already followed the guidelines in this subreddit to file a claim with the IC3 and ran the images I shared through StopNCII.org. Should I be reasonably worried that this person will post this information in places where it will affect me or my actual job? Maybe I'm overreacting but this is the first time I've been faced with this so any reassurance or direction would be very much appreciated.
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2023.06.07 03:02 Dano_to_the_mano24 Real photos from outside my team hq!

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2023.06.07 02:58 cheapfreckles real or fake?? lmk if i need more photos please

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2023.06.07 02:56 rockman662022 67 Fresno California 559 areas - Are you LOCAL to me? Can I be your Soulmate? I'm a single versatile bottom man looking for a single top man age 30 & up, to become my soulmate & boyfriend. You are looking for an older man in Fresno, Clovis & Madera-to-Mariposa. DM me, be serious, we can make it work

67 Fresno California 559 areas - Are you LOCAL to me? Can I be your Soulmate? I'm a single versatile bottom man looking for a single top man age 30 & up, to become my soulmate & boyfriend. You are looking for an older man in Fresno, Clovis & Madera-to-Mariposa. DM me, be serious, we can make it work!
Hello! If honesty and good times are what you look for in a man, you might want to try me on for size!
It's better if you read all of this post. If you DM me and start the conversation with idiotic abbreviations and single words like "Hey", "HMU", "Sup", "WYA", etc, then I will ignore you. It only takes a minute to type something like "Hey, I saw your post on the _________ subreddit and I am interested in you." or "Hello, I liked your selfie photo on the subreddit ____________, I might want to invite you over here to my bed for a little fun. Let's chat about that and maybe make plans to meet."
This should not be like rocket science. It's just one man making a connection in-person. with another man. Eyes meet eyes, a hand in a hand, a passing glance means "I could really use a hug right now!". You can't make a real connection online, you never know who is REALLY at the other end of a chat. Years ago, Covid changed the way we look for a lover. Well, guess what? Covid is almost finished. There is no longer a need to hide in the corner from some virus.
I've been on Reddit for months now. I know how it works. My karma is over 1200, so I am not the kind of Redditor that gets complaints or is nasty in comments... I always endeavor to say the right thing and treat people the way I want to be treated. I'm not looking for someone to use. I've been looking for a top man to meetup with for a long time, because no one believes in honesty anymore, no one wants to meetup in person, all they want is to get into a chatroom with you. I'd rather get into your bedroom with you!
I'm no bot. I'm me, and if honesty and good, satisfying sex are what you look for in a man, you might want to try me on for size! I am a versatile bottom for you when we do finally wind up in bed, it would be perfect if you were a top man for me! Either way, when it comes to making love, I just want to make a man feel happy, contented, satisfied and wanted. I'm masculine. I'm clean, passionate and I'm YOURS, Baby!
I know, you have read all of my postings and it looks like I'm looking for a variety of interactions, like a quickie or a cum-in-go or a FWB or Fuckbuddy or even an LTR. I post on different subreddits, as many as I can in order to have the best chance at finding someone real, truthful, brave and ready to invite me into bed. If I do meet someone and wind up in his bed, it might be my desire to change an NSA fling into an LTR love pact. Yes, I do say "No" to many men because they are too flaky or not single or not hosting or not a Top or under age 30 or they really want a man to be their ATM machine. No, I won't do it in a car or in a public restroom or anyplace except in a bed. So, sue me if I want comfort and safety when a man is fucking me!
It's all about in-person for me. Sure, we will exchange PMs or have a DM chat, but just to learn about each other and see if we match before we meet in-person. It seems most Redditors just want to remain anonymous online... that is not for me. WE are not afraid of Covid, I believe it has been beat and that quarantines are a thing of the past.
Look, all I want is that you be single, with no spouse or partner or mate... I want you to be an adult with some degree of intelligence and sophistication at least 30 years of age, be self-sufficient and not looking for someone to be your ATM machine or a wallet-on-2-feet. Of course, to match me you need to live in the 559 areas I mentioned, not be a smoker, not have a need to get high on drugs and not have any STDs.
Sure, I am choosy, and I ask a lot, but I'm worth your effort. Send a PM message or send a DM invite to me so we can see if we match and then make plans to meet in-person. Maybe we can both stop looking and start having fun together!
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2023.06.07 02:54 behyot [WTS] Synapse, Iron Wolf, TAK, GM Ace Biblio, Boker, Baklash, Hound

Hello! Looking to let go of a few more of my knives I don't use, I just got some real quick pictures but if you're interested in one and want better pics or a video let me know.
Paypal FF is best but could use other payment methods if preferred. Feel free to reach out with trade offers but I'm trying to slim down my collection so will likely just want to sell.
Timestamp and pics
Vero Synapse - Gen 2 with black micarta and M390 blade. Purchased here on the swap, still in excellent condition as I haven't used or carried it. Awesome little knife, just doesn't take the place of any that I choose to carry. Includes pouch with COA and stickers. I paid 340 for it but not sure how much they've come down in price. SV 300.
Berg Iron Wolf - Newer version with brown micarta and black DLC blade. I took this on a trade, great knife but a little too big for me. Like new condition, I don't think it was ever carried or cut with. SV 250.
Chaves TAK - Titanium version with M390 tanto blade. Another one I took in on a trade, awesome little tank of a knife, I really like the aggressive feel of the jimping on the blade. Selling because I don't think I'll ever choose to carry it over my halftrack. Like new condition with box, this must have been from before they started including and extra clip because this only has the skull clip and no slot in the box for an extra one. SV 180.
Giant Mouse Ace Biblio - Burgundy micarta scales and M390 blade with flipper. Purchased here on the swap and haven't carried or cut with it myself. Does have a slight mark on the blade that I couldn't get to show up in photos easily but otherwise it's in great condition. For some reason this came in a box for an Ace Grand so that's what I'll send it in. SV 130.
Boker Plus Exskelibur Cocobolo - Purchased here on the swap, seems like it's seen a lot of use but still has plenty of life left. I bought this because I was considering purchasing a Burger EXK which this is very similar too, I only carried it a couple days then it's just been sitting in my drawer. No box or anything with this one. SV 40.
Civivi Baklash - Green G10, purchased here as a user, I never ended up using it myself. Has slight scratches on both sides of the blade, otherwise seems to be in good condition. Sharpened by previous owner. I didn't care for it because it has an incredibly light detent, still flies open if you give it a good lightswitch flip though. No box or anything else. Barely seems worth selling with the cost of shipping but it's still a solid knife, if someone wants to add it on to the purchase of another knife would be a good deal. SV 25.
Boos Hound - Purchased this one as a user and haven't done anything with it. Has some marks on the scales and blade and previous owner sharpened it which is a little uneven in some parts but can only tell if you look closely, overall great knife for a user. I can't find the box or anything else for this one. SV 100.
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2023.06.07 02:54 moonstarfc Influx of buyers asking about color and requesting more photos

Recently I've had numerous prospective buyers message to ask if the colors in the photos I provided are accurate to real life, or also, ask if I could upload more photos that would represent the item's real color.
Now I can't claim to be perfect but over 3 years of reselling I've never had any kind of negative feedback or return opened claiming the colors in the photos were off. I work night shift so I can't usually get natural light but I have a photo table with neutral gray background, use natural light 5000k bulbs, and I use pro mode on my Samsung phone, so I think my colors are usually pretty accurate and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this.
One buyer who asked about color ended up accepting the offer and rated 5 stars so no issues there. Today I get a message from another prospective buyer, who maybe didn't mean to come across as pushy. But she was requesting me to retake photos at certain angles outdoors in natural light, or inside with natural light next to a window, with no flash. Then added "Please send ASAP!!" This is a listing with both the Revolve stock photo, and 10+ closeup photos of the real item, on my photo setup. I explained my photo process and advised her that her message came across as demanding.
I never know whether to be suspicious of these people or whether they are setting me up for a return case based on color as I never know how my photos are coming across to them on their screen. So I just blocked her. I probably never should have responded to her because now her mother is sending me harassing messages from another account telling me I insulted her daughter by calling her demanding. Honestly I'm more irritated that I entertained a conversation with an actual child but how would I have known that?
How do you all respond to these questions about color? And do you block these people too? I lean towards just blocking because I've sold on Ebay many years and use the block list liberally, and I don't really rely on the money so I'd rather just miss the sale. I should probably just block and ignore moving forward.
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2023.06.07 02:49 justanotheruser991 I don’t always look like my dating pictures

A couple months ago my friend who is a photographer took pictures of me. This was the first time I’ve ever gotten high definition photos of myself and I was surprised. I didn’t know I looked that good/decent. At the same time I don’t think I look like that all the time.
I had a fresh haircut and also had good clothes on. Which I usually don’t do.
I tested it and went ahead and used these pictures on tinder. In just 1 day I got more likes than 2 weeks with regular photos.
I feel that even though the pictures are unedited, I don’t think I actually look that good.
I don’t want to misguide people if they see my photos then see me in real life. I might look worse. (Or not maybe I’m overthinking).
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2023.06.07 02:32 CeFurkan Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos

Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos submitted by CeFurkan to bigsleep [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 02:32 CeFurkan Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos

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2023.06.07 02:32 CeFurkan Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos

Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos submitted by CeFurkan to sdforall [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 02:32 CeFurkan Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos

Which images are AI, or real, make a guess leave a comment - Hopefully new amazing workflow tutorial video coming soon - these are my photos submitted by CeFurkan to aiArt [link] [comments]