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Boston crab and the like.

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2017.06.05 10:17 joshoclast It's time for RGD mod favourites (May 29 - June 4)!!

Running slightly late <.< but here's this weeks mod favourites!
Selections from CasualtyFriday:
Submitter evolution1690 artist vinnington, Permalink
Submitter [deleted] artist hairdryers, Permalink
Submitter makeamericask8again artist DUMBOyBK, Permalink
Submitter Werten32 artist Dm7755, Permalink
Submitter pubestic artist Jidesia, Permalink
Selections from joshoclast:
Submitter tanglewood474 artist parsnips, Permalink
Submitter tentacularly artist GivemetheboxMarty, Permalink
Submitter realmealdeal artist pro_ajumma, Permalink
Submitter gigabored artist Rammrool, Permalink
Submitter prinzeschen1208 artist rasteniya, Permalink
Selections from rikarae:
Submitter Werten32 artist twicefromspace, Permalink
Submitter Ghostyle artist sikefoo, Permalink
Submitter kelbrav1824 artist Plutophobias, Permalink
Submitter TheCockKnight artist lesmau, Permalink
Submitter Palonirya artist Jittai, Permalink
Selections from waffleandbear:
Submitter Alanisthefairy artist cheerduck, Permalink
Submitter evolution1690 artist smokeybeard, Permalink
Submitter Morvana artist FinaSusu, Permalink
Submitter Master_Of_Puppers artist NudeVendetta, Permalink
Submitter ColoradoTravel09 artist Astrolline, Permalink
CasualtyFriday: Submitter realmealdeal, Permalink
joshoclast: Submitter Waridi, Permalink
rikarae: Submitter phade99, Permalink
waffleandbear: Submitter pubestic, Permalink
Hope you all have a great week!
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2015.02.22 14:59 ItWillBeMine It's time for RGD Mod Favorites (February 15 - February 21)! See inside for details.

Too much....good art....can't just...pick choose. :'(
Selections from Chokeberry
Submitter mini5, artist mooshroo, Permalink
Submitter 135scruff, artist askorigo, Permalink
Submitter DVDJunky, artist strangedigital, Permalink
Submitter REALLY_SLOPPY_LUNCH, artist BootstrapBuckaroo, Permalink
Submitter kleep, artist who-died, Permalink
Selections from fivepmsomewhere
Submitter digdug04, artist thefutureeye, Permalink
Submitter bingbong4lyfe, artist The_Drawist, Permalink
Submitter Kitkatmuffins, artist funisher, Permalink
Submitter TheKittenButcher, artist oekaki, Permalink
Submitter CreationPropoganda, artist not_safe_for_worf, Permalink
Selections from heyryaaan
Submitter digdug04, artist Onomaya, Permalink
Submitter bingbong4lyfe, artist thefutureeye, Permalink
Submitter WhimsieandWonder, artist Jubhubmubfub, Permalink
Submitter moulinroux, artist ezepeezy, Permalink
Submitter kleep, artist FinaSusu, Permalink
Selections from ItWillBeMine
Submitter ughzubat, artist ukraine_not_weak, Permalink
Submitter eperiod, artist amandarrrr, Permalink
Submitter kayrakitten, artist AlligatorCreator, Permalink
Submitter TheKittenButcher, artist westopher718, Permalink
Submitter EmptyElephants, artist Gudski, Permalink
Selections from sgt_mary_mary
Submitter sailorchell, artist Enevon, Permalink
Submitter DuckCommand, artist heyryaaan, Permalink
Submitter NatetheSk8, artist mikdim, Permalink
Submitter Annabanana931, artist kikilee22, Permalink
Submitter kleep, artist JustOkCaiters, Permalink
Selections from yowtfyo
Submitter loran2134, artist mcstevie, Permalink
Submitter Annabanana931, artist semily444, Permalink
Submitter digdug04, artist MiLSturbie, Permalink
Submitter stevouz, artist DormatoryMoss, Permalink
Submitter caraeeezy, artist Enevon, Permalink
Don't forget that the artists prefer high-quality/interesting photos to boring/low-quality photos! Here are some of our favorite photo submissions from last week:
Chokeberry: Submitter Natethesk8, Permalink
fivepmsomewhere: Submitter creationpropoganda, Permalink
heyryaaan: Submitter alittlelovebird, Permalink
ItWillBeMine: Submitter WhimsieandWonder, Permalink
sgt_mary_mary: Submitter digdug04, Permalink
yowtfyo: Submitter DuckCommand, Permalink
Congratulations to all who were selected, and thank you to everyone who participated this week!
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