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Street fashion is fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers.

2023.06.02 13:33 rcjewelry1 Why Do People Wear Silver Bracelets? Exploring the Allure of Wholesale Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets have been a popular accessory for centuries, adorning the wrists of both men and women. With their timeless appeal and versatility, these pieces of jewelry have stood the test of time. But what is it about silver bracelets that makes them so appealing? In this blog, we will explore the reasons why people choose to wear silver bracelets, and how wholesale silver bracelets, particularly sterling silver bracelets wholesale, have become a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts and retailers alike.
Timeless Elegance and Versatility
One of the primary reasons people wear silver bracelets is their timeless elegance. The lustrous shine of silver adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble, whether it's a casual outfit or a formal attire. Silver bracelets can effortlessly elevate your style, making them a go-to accessory for various occasions.
Moreover, silver bracelets are incredibly versatile. They can be paired with other silver jewelry pieces or mixed with different metals for a fashionable and personalized look. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and intricate patterns, wholesale silver bracelets offer a diverse range of styles to suit different tastes and preferences.
Symbolism and Meaning
Another reason why people wear silver bracelets is the symbolism and meaning associated with them. Throughout history, bracelets have served as powerful symbols of status, wealth, protection, and personal expression. Silver, in particular, has been regarded as a precious metal with mystical properties.
In many cultures, silver bracelets are believed to bring good fortune, ward off evil spirits, and promote healing and balance. Some wear silver bracelets as a symbol of love, friendship, or a token of a special memory or event. The significance attached to silver bracelets adds an emotional connection that makes them even more cherished and meaningful.
Health Benefits
Believe it or not, silver bracelets are also worn for their potential health benefits. Silver has antimicrobial properties, which means it can help prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin. Some people believe that wearing silver bracelets can aid in reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and alleviating certain ailments.
While scientific evidence supporting these claims may be limited, the belief in the healing properties of silver has been passed down through generations. Whether it's the placebo effect or a genuine belief in the metal's therapeutic qualities, many individuals choose to wear silver bracelets as a holistic approach to well-being.
Expression of Personal Style
Wearing a silver bracelet allows individuals to express their personal style and creativity. With a wide range of designs available in the market, from sleek and modern to intricate and bohemian, wholesale silver bracelets offer endless possibilities for self-expression.
People can mix and match different bracelets to create unique stackable looks or combine them with charms and pendants to customize their jewelry. Silver bracelets can be worn alone as a statement piece or layered with other bracelets for a trendy and layered effect. The versatility of silver bracelets allows wearers to showcase their individuality and fashion sense.
In conclusion, people wear silver bracelets for various reasons, including their timeless elegance, versatility, symbolism, potential health benefits, and as a means of personal expression. The availability of wholesale silver bracelets, particularly sterling silver bracelets wholesale, makes it easier for jewelry enthusiasts and retailers to access a wide range of designs and cater to the diverse preferences of customers. So whether it's for fashion, sentimentality, or even a touch of believed mysticism, silver bracelets continue to hold a special place in the world of accessories.
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2023.06.02 12:27 RohanKumar07 Importance of Pelli Poola Jada Accessories

Importance of Pelli Poola Jada Accessories
Pelli Poola Jada is a traditional South Indian bridal hairstyle that is adorned with stunning floral accessories. These accessories not only enhance the beauty of the hairstyle but also add a touch of elegance to the overall bridal look. If you are planning to adorn a Pelli Poola Jada for your wedding or any other special occasion, it's essential to choose the right accessories to complement your hairstyle. In this article, we will explore the world of Pelli Poola Jada accessoriesand provide useful tips on how to select and wear them.

Importance of Pelli Poola Jada Accessories
Pelli Poola Jada accessories play a crucial role in completing the bridal look. They add a pop of color, texture, and style to the hairstyle, making it look more glamorous and eye-catching. These accessories are carefully crafted with intricate details and often incorporate traditional elements like pearls, Kundan, and colorful beads. By wearing the right accessories, you can transform a simple hairstyle into a mesmerizing one.

Different Types of Pelli Poola Jada Accessories

Hair Clips and Pins

Hair clips and pins are popular Pelli Poola Jada accessories that help in securing the floral decorations in place. There are various types of hair clips and pins available in the market, each offering a unique design and style.

Decorative Hair Clips

Decorative hair clips come in a wide range of designs, including floral patterns, peacock motifs, and intricate filigree work. They are usually embellished with sparkling stones, pearls, and beads, adding a touch of elegance to the hairstyle.

Floral Hair Pins

Floral hair pins are delicate accessories that feature miniature flowers made from fabric or silk. These pins can be inserted into the hairstyle to add a natural and fresh element. They are available in different colors, allowing you to choose the ones that complement your attire.

Hair Combs

Hair combs are another popular choice for Pelli Poola Jada accessories. They are designed to hold the hairstyle firmly in place while adding a decorative element to it.

Decorative Hair Combs

Decorative hair combs are embellished with intricate designs, crystals, and gemstones. They can be used to secure the floral arrangements or add a hint of sparkle to the hairstyle.

Kundan Hair Combs

Kundan hair combs are a traditional choice for Pelli Poola Jada. They are crafted with Kundan stones and showcase exquisite craftsmanship. These combs are perfect for brides who want a regal and traditional look.


Headpieces are statement accessories that instantly elevate the Pelli Poola Jada hairstyle. They are usually worn at the center or on the side of the head, adding a royal touch to the overall look.

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is a popular headpiece that sits in the center of the forehead. It consists of a pendant and a chain that extends into the hair, giving a graceful and ethereal appearance. Maang Tikkas are available in various designs, from delicate to bold, allowing you to choose the one that suits your personal style.

Matha Patti

Matha Patti is a headpiece that covers the entire hairline. It is usually worn with a center-parted hairstyle and adds a regal and majestic touch. Matha Pattis come in different styles, including single-tier, multi-tier, and side-tikka designs.

Hair Accessories for Braids

If you are planning to incorporate braids into your Pelli Poola Jada hairstyle, there are specific accessories that can enhance the beauty of the braided look.

Hair Chains

Hair chains are delicate chains that are attached to the hair and draped across the braids. They add a subtle and enchanting element to the hairstyle, making it look more intricate and captivating.

Hair Charms

Hair charms are small decorative pieces that can be attached to the braids. They come in various shapes, such as flowers, stars, and traditional motifs. Hair charms provide a playful and whimsical touch to the hairstyle.

Hair Accessories for Updos

If you prefer an updo for your Pelli Poola Jada hairstyle, there are accessories that can accentuate the elegance of the updo.

Hair Vines

Hair vines are flexible accessories that can be intertwined into the updo. They are usually adorned with crystals, pearls, and flowers, creating a delicate and enchanting look.

Hair Accessories with Chains

Hair accessories with chains are designed to be wrapped around the updo, adding a unique and contemporary touch. These accessories can feature beads, stones, or metallic elements, providing a modern twist to the traditional hairstyle.

How to Choose the Right Pelli Poola Jada Accessories

When selecting Pelli Poola Jada accessories, it's important to consider various factors to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look. Here are some tips to help you choose the right accessories:

Consider Your Hairstyle

Before purchasing the accessories, consider the hairstyle you are planning to have for your Pelli Poola Jada. Different accessories complement different hairstyles, so make sure the accessories you choose blend seamlessly with your chosen hairstyle.

Match the Accessories to Your Outfit

The accessories should match the color scheme and style of your outfit. Consider the embroidery, embellishments, and overall design of your attire to select accessories that complement and enhance the bridal look.

Pay Attention to the Size and Weight

Ensure that the accessories you choose are of appropriate size and weight. Heavy accessories can cause discomfort and may pull down the hairstyle, while oversized accessories may overshadow the overall look. Opt for accessories that are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Tips for Wearing Pelli Poola Jada Accessories

Once you have selected the perfect Pelli Poola Jada accessories, it's essential to wear them correctly to achieve the desired look. Here are some tips to help you:

Secure the Accessories Properly

Make sure to secure the accessories properly using hairpins, bobby pins, or U-pins. This will ensure that the accessories stay in place throughout the event and prevent any mishaps.

Avoid Overwhelming the Hairstyle

While it's tempting to adorn the hairstyle with multiple accessories, it's important to strike a balance. Avoid overwhelming the hairstyle with too many accessories, as it can take away from the overall elegance and beauty of the Pelli Poola Jada.

Coordinate the Accessories with Your Jewelry

To create a cohesive and harmonious look, coordinate your Pelli Poola Jada accessories with your jewelry. Choose accessories that complement the style and design of your necklace, earrings, and other jewelry pieces.

Where to Buy Pelli Poola Jada Accessories

Pelli Poola Jada accessories can be found in various stores specializing in bridal accessories and traditional jewelry. You can also explore online platforms and marketplaces that offer a wide range of options. It's advisable to purchase from reputable sellers who offer quality products and have positive customer reviews.


Pelli Poola Jada accessories are an integral part of the traditional South Indian bridal look. They add charm, elegance, and a touch of tradition to the Pelli Poola Jada hairstyle. By carefully selecting the right accessories and wearing them correctly, you can create a stunning and captivating bridal look. Remember to consider your hairstyle, outfit, and personal style when deciding Pelli Poola Jada accessories to ensure a cohesive and enchanting appearance on your special day.


Q1: Can I wear Pelli Poola Jada accessories for occasions other than weddings?
A1: Yes, Pelli Poola Jada accessories can be worn for various festive occasions, cultural events, and traditional celebrations.
Q2: Are Pelli Poola Jada accessories suitable for all hair types and lengths?
A2: Yes, Pelli Poola Jada accessories can be adapted to different hair types and lengths. There are accessories designed specifically for short hair, long hair, and everything in between.
Q3: How do I take care of Pelli Poola Jada accessories after the event?
A3: To ensure the longevity of your Pelli Poola Jada accessories, store them in a safe and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid exposing them to moisture or harsh chemicals.
Q4: Can I customize Pelli Poola Jada accessories according to my preferences?
A4: Yes, many sellers offer customization options for Pelli Poola Jada accessories. You can discuss your requirements and preferences with the seller to create a personalized and unique look.
Q5: Are Pelli Poola Jada accessories only for the bride, or can they be worn by other members of the wedding party?
A5: Pelli Poola Jada accessories are primarily associated with the bride, but they can also be worn by other members of the wedding party, such as bridesmaids and close family members, to create a cohesive and coordinated look.
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2023.06.02 11:50 Erwinblackthorn Drawn Together: A Postmodernist Martyr Pt1

Part 2

Recently, I have been hit by a writing bug for a story I’m working on, where the entire thing will be a combination of Warehouse 13 and Kingdom Hearts. I want the story to be a critique of both how postmodernism functions and how it destroys contemporary culture by trying to subvert that which works and that which people enjoy. In order for me to write this story, I am required to study both postmodernism and satire of postmodernism, which has strangely led me to a little cartoon from the middle of the 2000s known as Drawn Together.
It ran for 3 seasons, had a direct-to-DVD movie, and vanished from the face of the Earth after that. Nobody dares to mention it and yet there are tons of youtube clips of it that are filled with praise in the comments. People love the show, yet nobody can mention its name without social backlash from the woke left. Why is that? Well, let’s get into what the show even is to begin with.
Like every chick who dresses as Harley Quinn for Halloween, it has some severe issues that are treated as normal.
Postmodernism was already popular by the time we hit the 2000s, and by this time we have had postmodernist media for about 40 years. An entire generation worth of rejecting modernism. With this, we gained a lot of different media styles and new genres. The internet was growing into something capable of creating flash cartoons, movies like Fredy Got Fingered popularized shock comedy and neo dada, we started to have shock jocks take over the airwaves with uncensored satellite radio, and soap operas for the ladies were being replaced with reality TV.
Postmodernism allows for a blending of media and real life to create a hyper reality where we can’t see where media begins and reality ends. Media is part of our lives, all day every day, in this highly connected and social media focused postmodernist era. Even now, we wake up to our pop music alarm clock that holds notifications to our social media and the only way to escape media is to leave society and never read anything. That’s impossible for most of us, so we’re stuck in this hyper reality where we’re always watching others and we ourselves are always being watched. We’re at a point in history where people can become popular by just filming themselves making a goofy sound, vomiting, or taking off their clothes.
Usually it’s all three.
This should concern everyone, yet we tend to embrace the absurd reality that is postmodernism and reality tv. Despite common belief, reality TV began with Candid Camera, a show from 1948 where people would be filmed while being at the butt end of a prank. This kind of filming was a look into how real people provide real reactions to things when they aren’t expecting certain situations, which is actually in relation to the neorealism film movement that was inspired by the poetic realism french film movement. We enjoy seeing pranks being done because we get to see a real person provide real emotion and it’s no different than seeing a fight break out in real life, or seeing a car crash. It’s that train wreck mentality that keeps us glued to the scene as shit gets real.
Or was it the shit that glues us to the train as our real mentality gets wrecked?
It’s the same reason we love to see game shows and court shows and Jerry Springer. Add in some sexual exploitation like busty Ukranians and you have Naked Funny, which is a show people search for without caring about any words being said, since it’s a show with zero dialogue but plenty of mouth watering mammaries. Have the exploitation be where people are horrifically injured or do something sensational, and you have Jackass. Have a bunch of people pretend to be outraged and engage in scripted events while living in a single house, and you have The Real World.
That’s right: it’s a show with fake situations and it’s called The Real World.
This type of “reality” TV caused a massive issue in media because it allowed incredibly fake situations to pass as real, and there was no way to counter it because people were convinced it’s real. Just like professional wrestling, just like any show featuring a magician and a paid audience, just like any porno, there is a mix of real things and fake things that create this ambiguous state of hyper reality. Yes, a person can actually be hit by a chair or a sledgehammer, but there’s no way someone is going to be trying to win a match by holding their hand over the head of the sledgehammer and lightly tapping the other guy with it. Obviously, they don’t want to hit their co-worker, unless they’re in a porn shoot with a white woman. That’s when it’s fair game.
Postmodernism is a term that postmodernists try to avoid defining, because of the main doctrine of postmodernism: there is no such thing as a truth that can be verified by human experience. This means that anything being stated must be an opinion and thus everything being stated is completely disconnected from one another. A postmodernist is unable to make a clear and definitive statement that is true, because it goes against their doctrine. Everything must be vague and open-ended. Everyone has an equally valid interpretation. With that kind of mentality, art can be anything we want to call art. Rules are there to be broken, especially if they are rules of a broadcasting network. The R rating, the X rating, the unrated, these are products of postmodernism, due to the intention to break rules.
Subjectivity, blurring of genres, juxtaposition, playfulness, skepticism of a grand narrative, intertextuality, irony, pastiche, appropriation; all of these things are what makes postmodernism appealing to the masses. There is no desire to make something good, so the goal is to do something else, like be blindly entertaining or blindly propagandist. There is so much art before postmodernism and so much established through modernism, like science, that the goal of the postmodernist is to deconstruct all of that and make it feel like none of it matters.
Despite all of the deconstructionism and subversion that comes with postmodernism, media still has to appeal to an audience, and an audience reacts well to archetypes. We don’t know who to cheer for if we don’t know who is the heel and who is the good guy. There can’t be drama if there isn’t some red haired succubus or pampered shrew to throw a wrench in the circle of hotties. And at the same time, we can’t have all of them being that type of person, or else there’s nobody to root for. In the most ironic way possible, postmodernism is required to appeal to archetypes even more than modernism, due to the demand for audience retention and interaction.
Every reality show had to have at least one of every archetype, but remember: it’s totally real, everyone. It just so happened that there’s only one sneaky bitch and there’s only one cool guy and there’s only one innocent girl and there’s only one slacker. It was by random, totally not on purpose, and you’re crazy if you think producers are controlling the environment of these shows in any way. Same goes for dating shows like Next. It’s obvious that these people with their one liners and bad acting are being honest with all of us.
If you didn’t get it by now: I’m being sarcastic, these shows are faker than lady boy tits and the apologies from Bud Light for advertising with such fake tits. And yet, people can’t stop watching these pointless shows. Even I enjoy it, because of how dumb it is. A big part of my life after school was relaxing late at night with MTV and watching stupid reality tv shows. Even respectable ones like Cops were dumb because the entire show was about police officers finding people breaking the law. The entertainment comes from people ruining their day or their entire life with one dumb act after another.
You’re probably wondering: What does any of this have to do with Drawn Together?
Well, imagine all of these reality shows mixed into a cartoon and then each cartoon archetype is from a different type of cartoon. That’s Drawn Together, and the show gets more insane from that point on. The eras of cartoons are represented by the cast members who are to live in one house, as a satire of things like The Real World and as parody of cartoon archetypes. You have Princess Clara(a parody of the Disney Princess), Foxxy(a parody of 70s mystery solving cartoons like Scooby-doo), Xandir(a parody of 80s Nintendo and action cartoons), Wooldoor(a parody of 90s style Nickelodeon shows like Spongebob), Ling-Ling (a parody of anime like Pokemon), Spanky(a parody of internet cartoons from the early 2000s), Toot(a parody of 1930s black and white cartoons like Betty Boop and Popeye), and Captain Hero (a parody of 90s superhero cartoons like Batman Animated Series and Animated Superman).
These character types are all based on their known stereotypes when it comes to appearance, with their appearances never really mixing since these are all different types of cartoons from different styles. You never see a Pikachu with a Batman, or a human unmasker talk to a video game character, or a human princess from a fairy tale talk to a farting pig from the internet. These things never happen in their environment because these things don’t mix. Then the show puts all of these unrelatable characters into a single house to provide random challenges in the same way reality tv does in order to juxtapose the genres.
The art styles also are juxtaposed. Captain hero is drawn with a square jaw, while Toot is drawn incredibly circular and with a giant head. Woldor has giant white eyes while Foxxy only has pupils. Xandir and Claira are drawn rather similar, but even they have their differences with colors and the thickness of the outline. To the untrained eye, these are easy to miss, but to the artist, these are great homages to the very style something is drawn in. An important part to note is that these are all based on other things and are meant to represent them as symbols. There’s no reason for any of this, yet the show does it anyway.
This is what postmodernism is all about: doing things for the sake of doing it. Juxtaposition is a big part of postmodernism. Blending genres and mixing them around is a big part of postmodernism. Subverting tropes to claim originality is a big part of postmodernism. Non-sequitur is a big part of postmodernism. This entire show is one of the most postmodernist things you can find out there and I love everything about it.
You might be thinking “Is Erwin sick? He talks day and night about how postmodernism sucks and then says he loves Drawn Together. Is this an imposter?!”No, it’s me. I’m simply able to understand the purpose of the show, and I love the meta attempt in all of it: the show is a postmodernist attack on… postmodernism. Everything in the show is designed to be a massive middle finger to how postmodernism functions, by being the dysfunctional postmodernist mess it is. From how meaningless the challenges are, to how characters can never die all the way, to how 4th wall jokes stop the show, to how there is a mundane message tacked on at the very end. Everything in this show is a jab at postmodernism, but at the cost of the show’s own integrity.
In the story I’m working on, I would be required to present postmodernism in it so that I can critique it. But, if my entire story revolves around only that, then I would be presenting postmodernism the entire time, which means I can’t separate the thing that I’m attacking from my work, just how a story about the evils of racism would have to feature a racist. Postmodernists attacking postmodernists is the same as a racist saying “racism is fine, but only in the way I do it.”
But is all postmodernism really the same? The show is hated now, after all, right?
Yes, it’s hated now, because it(ironically) went against the grand narrative that postmodernists currently hold, but it was part of the narrative that was held during the early 2000s. Barely 20 years ago, less than half of a generation, millennials were being raised by exploitation. I know that the postmodernists hate it when I use this word to describe nearly all of postmodernism, but by definition, it’s exploitation. You can blame the 80s for this, because once home media became popular, we had movies that went straight to VHS and then later DVDs that were able to push the envelope.
That’s what postmodernism started as: a way to push the envelope.
South Park and Simpsons didn’t do things that were part of the status quo. They went against it to then become the status quo right after. In fact, there’s an amazing joke from the show Bevis and Butthead(another example of postmodernism) that captures this phenomena perfectly, where the two go to a radio show because they were the only caller, and then they influence the radio show by saying stuff sucks and stuff is stupid.
Their own stupidity and negativity was seen as a sort of punk culture by the viewers and so they demanded the radio host, who was angry at them, to do the same. And so, the next day, the radio host does exactly what he threw Bevis and Butthead out for doing. This complete hypocrisy that somehow there are rules, but they can be broken if the money is there, is something Drawn Together also tackled.
The entire first season was all about having pointless challenges with a character called Jew Producer, who was a parody of both Richie Rich and Donald Trump. How did they connect these 3? Easy: Donald Trump had a show called The Apprentice, Richie Rich was a cartoon, and a Jewish producer is a Hollywood cliche that's entirely true. A lot of Jewish people produce Hollywood stuff and TV shows. I don’t know why this is a controversial statement or why the left always gets insulted by that fact, but they constantly freak out the second someone mentions that someone like Harvey Winstein exists.
While I’m talking about controversies, Adam Carolla, the voice of Spanky, was blacklisted by Hollywood because he decided to do the cardinal sin of… demanding free speech in a country with free speech as a constitutional right. I know, how dare he! It shouldn’t surprise us that the former hippies who ran Hollywood on the backbone of free speech and demanded freedom of expression are now against… freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Meanwhile, Tara Strong, a proud jewish woman, voices a character like Princess Clara, with Princess Clara being a racist, homophobic, anti-semite who is also in a sexual relationship with her father.
So, let’s recap: a jewish woman is able to do the voice for such a terrible thing, yet an Italian male comedian is not able to ask for the acceptance to joke about such topics.
Why is this even a thing?Well, at first it really puzzled me, but like when we saw the left defending drag queen acts in front of children, it finally clicked. The problem in Hollywood isn’t that something terrible is said or written or put in a show. A white princess saying terrible things is normal to them, because that’s how they view white people. Their fear is that something might make a non-white person look bad. Something might make the LGBT look bad. There might be an “uncomfortable truth” revealed in a chain of unregulated jokes.
One of the most profitable postmodernist comedians around, Dave Chappelle, was canceled over making trans jokes, despite being a good friend of a trans person who killed themselves after… trans advocates hated the trans person due to being friends with Dave Chappelle. The woke are disgusting people, to put it bluntly. Zero people were harmed by Dave’s comedy, yet the woke harassing people has a death toll that’d make Pol Pot take notes on their efficiency.
So the difference between Tara and Adam is that Adam wants to make jokes about anything, while Tara is just doing her job and reading the script. The free thinker is the threat, while the obedient follower is not. That’s why Tara still gets jobs and Adam is off doing a podcast and somehow still making millions. I’m sure he’s wiping his tears with gold bullion over the thought of no longer being able to do voices for farting animated pigs.
But what exactly makes Drawn Together hated?
To be honest, I didn’t even know someone could hate the show until I was around 20 or so. Some online people I chatted with told me how offended they were by the show and I never understood what offended even meant until that era. I watched the show throughout my teen years without a care in the world. To me, it was another adult animated show that tried to do anything offensive and it was funny all around. Some of the subject matter, contains but is not limited to:
All of these things are put in the show to offend us, because the show intends on making people go “ew”. If the constant vomit, blood, shit, piss, burps, farts, cum, sweat, and queefs aren’t a dead give away of them trying to gross the audience out, I don’t know what is. The point of the show is to do exactly what the 90s and early 2000s is all about: doing stuff that is gross so you laugh at how gross it is. Nickelodeon was notorious for this intention of grossing people out, to the point where they would throw green slime around just for fun. As fun as it looks to be drenched in green slime like a Leprechaun bukkake, the goal is to make the audience say “ew… cool!” because that is a male oriented reaction.
And this is where we find the split in postmodernism. When postmodernism began as a means of subverting modernism and regulations, it quickly became a cesspool of creative INABILITY thanks to the woke taking over. We went from freedom of expression to being required to advocate, which is a detriment to comedy. Recently, we had a controversy over a show called Big Mouth, which was hated by the right for being considered pedophilic and indoctrination, because the characters were teenagers dealing with puberty monsters and were depicted as being sexualized.
This is one of the many areas the right is losing the battle on, because so many of them are trying to be Platoist or Mohism, meaning they want some kind of hyper utilitarian and aesthetic free environment due to a hatred of art. Plato believed that art was an “imitation”, that it was a “copy of a copy of a form”. It was a corruption and perversion of reality, thus he saw art as evil. Mo-Zi, a Chinese philosopher who shared a lot of his views, also saw art as a pointless distraction because it’s not the responsibility of the government. These kinds of “right wingers” are accidentally falling for philosophies that pave the way for socialism, so it’s hard to take their positions on art seriously when they can’t see how brainwashed their approach is.
I’m going to go with the Jews on this one and say that art is very important, and so is freedom to make art.
Big mouth is not a show that I will say is one of my favorites, but it’s nothing as how the right wanted to depict it as. Obviously these are just people who wanted the next Cuties outrage and they had a swing n’ a miss. The left, on the other hand, is able to say something like Drawn Together is offensive to them and so it must be canceled. And lo, we have the tumblr people unable to reblog about it, we have reddit radio silent about it, we have twitter people afraid to meme with it, but then it’s still prospering in places like youtube.
People want to watch it, but nobody is brave enough to talk about it in fear of being canceled.
The show is a Martyr in two ways:
  1. It is a postmodernist work attacking postmodernism
  2. It is a dead form of comedy due to both the left and the right trying to cancel things like it
I already went over the second point by talking about Big Mouth, but I will quickly reiterate: the right and the left want to cancel things that are offensive, but for different reasons. Something like Drawn Together would be hated by something like Daily Wire, and yet I am a conservative who loves the show. I understand that the show is making fun of stuff, I understand it’s gross out humor and pointless nonsense. I love that it’s aware of what it is, to the point where they had an episode where Spanky goes to see their #1 critic and it’s a Jewish, conservative, pro-life, born-again, overweight, Asian, homophobic, lesbian broad who cuts herself.
He then straight up tells her that she’s not their audience, so her opinion doesn’t matter on whether or not the show is good. And he’s right, if you aren’t the audience for something, why should anyone listen to your opinion on the thing you instantly don’t like? It’s like if I had an opinion about which sports team is better. I am 100% uninformed about anything sports related, and the only sport I ever willingly watched was professional wrestling. That’s a sport, right?
Either way, the show is aware that it’s offensive. It’s proud to be offensive. Each character has their own way of offending, both when it comes to a group and when it comes to art itself. This is when postmodernism kicks in and subversion is used to create a surreal environment suited for satire and parody.
As a quick reminder: Satire is when a subject is critiqued and parody is when a subject is used for a joke. An example of this would be where satire is when Scream uses movie tropes to figure out a murder and parody is when the alien from Signs pees with his finger in Scary Movie.
Princess Clara is the Disney princess. Usually a Disney princess seeks a prince to live happily ever after, and she is pure of heart. They subvert this by attaching a bit of reality to the word “princess” and have her in a sexual relationship with her father because princesses would sometimes do that to keep royalty in the family. She’s also a racist and Christian, because royalty in Europe was Christian and it’s “old fashion” for a rich white girl to be racist. Although they keep her desire to sing, the lyrics are still going to hold her views about people, so the humor comes in how she delivers terrible things with a cheery tone. Her character is meant to make fun of traditionalist people, all while using the Disney princess as a face.
With the way wokeness is going, I don’t see a difference between Clara and the current Disney princess now.
Foxxy Love is the Hanna-Barbera style mystery character who is meant to solve crimes, most likely inspired by Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats. She suberts the role by causing crimes and being a degenerate all over. She is a slut, she acts ghetto, she constantly has abortions, you know the deal. This juxtaposition comes from the fact that Valerie is meant to be a hippie musician, and black women on reality TV are depicted as ghetto thanks to shows like Flavor of Love. And for those who don’t know, hippie musicians are usually promiscuous and incredibly loose, with zero regard for decency or sticking to one sex partner because they are all about second wave feminism.
Again, ironically the woke have caused this subversion to be their intentional norm for a lot of black female characters, only they see it as virtuous instead of comical.
Wooldoor Sockbat is the Nickelodeon style hyperactive loony toon who is meant to be both stupid and gullible. There’s not much subversion here with personality, but it’s all with how far he’s willing to go with his zany humor, such as randomly threatening to suck someone’s dick and having giant tits out of nowhere, which he will then squish into the camera while crying. He’s meant to be loud and random, just like Spongebob or Stimpy. However, with the way Spongebob has become after their first movie, the only thing separating Wooldoor from something like Spongebob is direct word usage.
Plus, Ren and Stimpy had their adult party cartoon reboot made by the creator, so doing something gay and entirely disturbing is nothing new for that kind of character. I still can’t believe that it came out in 2003. In fact, I can’t believe Ren and Stimpy was on Nickelodeon with the stuff they put in there. But, that’s the appeal of Wooldoor, because he does the stuff people have been doing with characters like him for years. I would even say he’s not much of a satire since he’s so close to the content he’s meant to make fun of.
Xandir Wifflebottom is the 80s action cartoon parody, as well as early video game cartoons. During the 80s and 90s, we had a lot of Nintendo shows like Legend of Zelda, which took after plot scripts like Transformers, GI Joe, He-Man, and other product placement shows during that time. Only a few episodes of Drawn Together make fun of these simple action plots, but this connection between the merchandise advertising shows and video game cartoons is important, since they are the same thing, and it’s a product of postmodernism. Shows during the 80s and 90s that were simply there to sell something with the show, whether it was a game or a toy, were part of this media and real life blur. His gayness comes from how people viewed both He-Man and Link, since Link was a feminine looking elf and He-Man was a muscular dude who didn’t wear a shirt when he’s fighting.
This one is kind of interesting since it touches on the subject of queer coding. The left is so desperate to feel like the LGBT is represented, they will declare something is gay because it “feels gay”. This feeling is based on whoever is attracted to a fictional character, so if gay men are attracted to He-Man, or if they like his outfit, then that means he’s totally gay. Link is a character who has sadly been considered a “gay icon” by websites like Polygon, all because the designers made him rather gender neutral in later games in order for him to appeal to a female fanbase that was growing. And when they say gender neutral, they mean “he’s not muscular and he has a pretty face”, similar to practically any 00s alt rock band memeber.
Apparently, having that and then having gay people make gay fanfics about the character instantly means the character is gay. The show made fun of this queer coding nonsense by making Xandir a raging homosexual that is constantly killed like a Mortal Kombat character.
Captain Hero, my favorite character, is the comic book show hero that we all know and love. He’s meant to save the day from evil villains, but they subvert his role by having him be entirely useless and usually the cause of mass destruction. He has superpowers, but he’s so stupid and useless that he doesn’t use them most of the time, like when he is immune to bullets but he still grabs a random woman to use her as a “hero shield” when getting shot at. His character makes fun of how postmodernist super heroes try to depict the classic hero as a terrible monster or some kind of morally warped anti-hero. This is due to how Batman went from whacky detective to psychotic nut job during the transition from the 60s to the 80s, thanks to influences like Alan Moore’s Watchman and Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. His character is more like a Superman, which the Bizzaro Superman comics have covered that kind of thing to make way for a super powered idiot who has sex with corpses.
Why does he have sex with dead bodies? Well, because he’s “alien” to us, the point of the joke is that he’s so super powered that he can do whatever he wants, and uses his powers to have sex with something that can’t fight back. Kind of a “he can have any woman he wants, but he would rather have sex with a rotten corpse” kind of thing. Or maybe it’s making fun of how Superman cares about Lois Lane even though she might as well be a rotten corpse to him, because she’s a human and he’s an alien. Either way, it covers a big problem we started to get in the 90s where superheroes were quickly becoming hyper violent assholes who do anything disgusting for the sake of shock value.
Ling-Ling is basically a Pikachu, but here he will battle with anything and cause gory deaths upon his opponent. The joke is that kid shows featuring these little monsters, like Pokemon and Digimon, will have zero blood, and yet the attacks they do are strong enough to cause giant explosions. Thankfully, these go past the typical Dorkly joke and Ling-Ling will also have jokes centered around being Asian and have a made up language that sounds Japanese because he says “kitowa” a lot.
Just like Xandir, Ling-Ling is treated like a punching bag by the others in nearly every episode, and I think it has to do with the video game relation, since Pokemon began as a video game and the show was there as a way of advertising the product. Plus, during the 00s, there was little respect for something like anime, no matter how much someone knew about the golden age of 80s anime.
Spanky Ham is something I’m not really sure what influenced him, but it’s said it might be an early flash cartoon called Evil Piggies. However, there is a flash cartoon from 1997 made by John K, the creator of Ren and Stimpy, called The Goddamn George Liquor Program, that seems more in line with Spanky’s scat fetish. Early internet cartoons usually had people’s faces done in a South Park style, where the mouth moved by cutting the bottom half off and moving that up and down. When I went on Newgrounds during that time, all I would see were stick figures, parodies of existing cartoons, and something like Ctrl+Alt+Del where the characters were drawn as humans in that typical web comic style. He might have also been inspired by Happy Tree Friends, which first came out in 1999, so the idea of cute animals dying randomly, and the crude humor of The Goddamn George Liquor Program might have caused a farting pig to come into fruition.
The joke is that he’s a pig who likes to drink and have sex, as well as be disgusting, but then somehow he’s also like Ren where he has schemes to make money. I forget if there is a word for this kind of character, but he’s the Squidward type who always gets harmed by his own greed. There is also a lot of Fritz the Cat in his character, which was an animated movie based on an underground comic about a cat who would go on sexual escapades. This “cartoon animal doing adult stuff” has been a joke since the 60s, and even Howard the Duck had issues with what Nostalgia Critic calls “duck boobies”. Speaking of adult ducks, there is even a show called Duckman that was made by the same company that made Rugrats.
People treat Bojak Horseman as this hip new thing when it’s simply part of a long line of animated foul mouth farm animals wearing suits.
Finally, Toot Braunstein is the representative of silent cartoons. Betty Boop was seen as sexy for being curvy, and the joke is that Toot is just plain fat and old, with her body hair and repulsiveness, as well as her tits always sagging to her cankles. She is always harming herself because of a self-esteem issue, caused by her weight and age, which is joined by an alcoholic problem due to her being from the roaring 20s. The joke is that she’s that girl in every reality TV show that is completely disgusting to look at, but she’ll see herself as a hot chick despite hitting the wall so hard that illegals can pour through the cracks. Plus, people believe Betty Boop was based on Clara Bow, who was a flapper “it girl” who suffered from hard drug use, schizophrenia, and was constantly rejected for being too fat.
Toot is the only one in the list who’s not directly a product of postmodernism, but there was a particular charm to rubber hose animation(gained its name for how limbs acted like rubber hoses) that continued onward to create things like Ren and Stimpy, Loony Toons, Tom and Jerry, and even some movies that tried to revive properties of the 30s. The Popeye movie is a great example as to how studios in the postmodernist era tried to desperately mix live action with cartoons, and same goes with Who Framed Roger Rabbit with how it was a movie that mixed live action with rubber hose animation.
Part 2
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2023.06.02 11:36 ReadyPlayerOnes Mikaela outfit mix-n-match ideas, for those who are bored of their cosmetics or can't afford a full set

Mikaela outfit mix-n-match ideas, for those who are bored of their cosmetics or can't afford a full set
Here are just a few mix-n-match outfits I've put together for Mikaela, I love her outfits but sometimes I just want a bit of a change so I thought it would be fun to come up with outfits utilising items from different sets, as well as some of the cheaper bottom options. I usually use her bun or ponytail in every outfit because I just prefer them, but I gave a couple of options with hats, too!
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2023.06.02 10:59 five-elements6774 The Best Women's Kolhapuris: A Perfect Blend of Style and Tradition

The Best Women's Kolhapuris: A Perfect Blend of Style and Tradition
Kolhapuris, named after the city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, India, are renowned for their unique and exquisite designs. These handcrafted sandals have gained immense popularity, not only in India but also worldwide, for their comfort, durability, and unmatched elegance. While traditionally worn by men, Kolhapuris for women have evolved to encompass a diverse range of styles, colors, and embellishments, making them a must-have footwear choice for fashion-conscious women. In this article, we will explore some of thebest women's Kolhapuris available, which blend the timeless charm of this traditional footwear with contemporary fashion trends.
  1. Tula Kolhapuris:
Tula Kolhapuris are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. They feature intricate embroidery, beadwork, and mirror work that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Made from high-quality leather, Tula Kolhapuris ensure durability and comfort. Whether you're attending a wedding or going for a casual outing, these Kolhapuris are versatile enough to complement any ensemble.

  1. Pastel Palette Kolhapuris:
For those seeking a subtle and elegant look, Pastel Palette Kolhapuris are an excellent choice. They come in soft hues such as blush pink, powder blue, mint green, and lavender, which effortlessly blend with both ethnic and contemporary attire. The delicate designs and minimalistic embellishments make them a perfect match for a breezy summer day or a chic evening gathering.

  1. Kolhapuris with Metallic Accents:
To add a contemporary twist to traditional footwear, Kolhapuris with metallic accents are a popular choice. These sandals incorporate metallic shades like gold, silver, and rose gold, giving them a modern edge. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship with a touch of glamour makes these Kolhapuris a standout option for parties, festivals, and special occasions.

  1. Block Heel Kolhapuris:
For women who prefer a bit of height and added support, block heel Kolhapuris are an ideal pick. These sandals feature a sturdy block heel that provides comfort without compromising style. The combination of intricate designs and a raised heel creates a fashion-forward look, making them suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

  1. Kolhapuris with Ghungroo Embellishments:
To embrace the charm of traditional Indian anklets, Kolhapuris adorned with ghungroo (tiny bells) embellishments are an excellent choice. The soft jingling sound adds a playful and festive touch to these sandals, making them perfect for celebrations like weddings, festivals, and cultural events. With their vibrant colors and intricate detailing, these Kolhapuris showcase the rich cultural heritage of India.

Women's Kolhapuris have come a long way from being traditional footwear to becoming a fashion statement that combines the best of tradition and style. With their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and unmatched craftsmanship, Kolhapuris add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether you opt for the exquisite embroidery, pastel hues, metallic accents, block heels, or ghungroo embellishments, there is a perfect pair of Kolhapuris to suit every occasion and personal style. Embrace the rich cultural heritage of India while stepping out in comfort and style with the best women's Kolhapuris.
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2023.06.02 10:54 five-elements6774 The Finest Women's Juttis: A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Style

The Finest Women's Juttis: A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Style

Juttis, also known as mojris, are traditional Indian footwear that have gained immense popularity worldwide due to their unique and exquisite designs. These flat, slip-on shoes are a reflection of India's rich cultural heritage and are now available in various styles and patterns to cater to diverse tastes. In this article, we will explore thebest women's juttis,combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion, offering a perfect blend of elegance and comfort.
  1. Finesse in Embroidery:
When it comes to women's juttis, intricate embroidery work is the hallmark of excellence. Artisans employ various techniques like zardozi, gota patti, and thread work to create mesmerizing designs. Juttis adorned with delicate floral patterns, peacock motifs, or geometric shapes showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail that make them stand out from the rest.

  1. Vibrant Colors and Materials:
Juttis are available in a wide array of vibrant colors, ranging from rich jewel tones to pastel hues, catering to every woman's preferences. The choice of materials, such as velvet, silk, leather, and suede, further adds to the charm and durability of these shoes. Be it a traditional wedding or a casual outing, you can find a pair of juttis to match every occasion and outfit.

  1. Contemporary Fusion:
The world of fashion constantly evolves, and juttis have embraced this change by incorporating contemporary elements into their designs. From juttis adorned with modern embellishments like sequins, beads, and mirror work to those featuring trendy prints like animal motifs or abstract patterns, these fusion styles cater to the fashion-forward women who seek a blend of tradition and modernity.

  1. Comfort Redefined:
Apart from their aesthetic appeal, juttis are known for their exceptional comfort. Crafted with soft, breathable materials and flexible soles, they provide a snug fit while allowing your feet to breathe. The comfort factor makes them ideal for long hours of wear, ensuring that you can dance the night away at weddings or stroll around comfortably during casual outings.

  1. Versatility in Styling:
One of the greatest advantages of women's juttis is their versatility. They effortlessly complement a wide range of outfits, including sarees, suits, lehengas, skirts, and even jeans. Whether you want to add a traditional touch to your contemporary ensemble or complete your ethnic look, juttis prove to be the perfect choice, enhancing your overall style statement.

  1. Ethical and Sustainable:
In recent years, the demand for ethically crafted and sustainable products has grown significantly. Many jutti brands are committed to supporting local artisans, promoting fair trade practices, and using eco-friendly materials. By choosing these brands, you not only contribute to preserving traditional craftsmanship but also make a positive impact on the environment and communities.

Women's juttis have evolved from being traditional ethnic footwear to becoming a global fashion trend. The perfect blend of tradition and style, intricate designs, vibrant colors, and exceptional comfort make juttis a must-have for every woman's wardrobe. Whether you opt for classic designs or contemporary fusion styles, these exquisite shoes add a touch of elegance and grace to any outfit. Embrace the artistry and craftsmanship of women's juttis, and step into a world where tradition meets fashion.
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2023.06.02 10:11 Wearstudio Embrace the Sunshine with Our Mesmerizing Summer Collection

Introduction: As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, it's time to refresh your wardrobe and step into the summer season with style and grace. Our exquisite summer collection is designed to make you feel confident, comfortable, and effortlessly chic. From breezy fabrics to vibrant hues, we have curated a selection of fashionable pieces that will keep you cool and trendy all summer long. Let's explore our summer collection and discover the must-have items for the season.
  1. Embracing Lightness: The Power of Breathable Fabrics As the mercury soars, it becomes crucial to choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. Our summer collection features an array of materials like cotton, linen, and chiffon that allow your skin to breathe, keeping you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Experience the sheer delight of airy dresses, flowy tops, and relaxed trousers that are perfect for lounging by the beach or enjoying a stroll in the park.
  2. Captivating Colors: Radiate Positivity with Vibrant Hues Summer is all about embracing the vibrant energy of the season, and our collection is a celebration of vivid colors. From tropical prints to bold solids, our summer collection brings a splash of liveliness to your wardrobe. Dive into a world of sunny yellows, playful pinks, and refreshing aqua blues that will instantly uplift your mood and turn heads wherever you go.
  3. Effortless Elegance: Stylish and Comfortable Outfits Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for style? Our summer collection is a perfect blend of both. Discover a range of effortless outfits that seamlessly combine fashion-forward designs with ease of wear. Slip into flowing maxi dresses that effortlessly transition from day to night or opt for chic jumpsuits that strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. Explore versatile separates like lightweight blouses and shorts that can be mixed and matched to create multiple stylish looks.
  4. Beachside Glamour: Swimwear and Resort Wear Planning a getaway to the beach or a luxurious resort? Our summer collection has you covered. Dive into our stunning range of swimwear and resort wear that will make you feel like a glamorous sun-kissed goddess. From flattering one-pieces to trendy bikinis, we offer a variety of swimwear options to suit every body type. Pair them with our stylish cover-ups, kaftans, and sarongs for a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  5. Accessorize in Style: Complete Your Look No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories, and our summer collection offers a treasure trove of options. Enhance your ensemble with statement earrings, oversized sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats that not only provide sun protection but also add a touch of glamour to your look. Don't forget to explore our collection of comfortable yet stylish sandals and beach bags that effortlessly complement your summer attire.
Conclusion: With our mesmerizing summer collection, you can embrace the sunshine in style. From breathable fabrics to captivating colors, our selection offers a wide range of outfits that combine comfort and elegance. Whether you're lounging by the pool or attending a beachside soirée, our collection ensures that you look and feel fabulous throughout the summer season. So, step into our store and discover the perfect pieces to make this summer your most fashionable one yet.
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2023.06.02 09:59 Sephass Need help choosing daily Nike shoes

Hi everyone,
To not elaborate too much on it - I've always been an adidas / Reebok fan and wanted to give it a slight twist and see if I could also enjoy Nike shoes. I need some advice, as with current wide offer and almost zero previous exposure to their models I'm a bit lost on what would be a good match for me.
Expectation: shoes for daily stuff (work, a bit of walk around), should be comfortable and would be nice if they were on lighter side (tried on Air Force 1 and they seemed really clunky compared to my other sneakers like adidas Stan Smith) Looks: I'm 30+, not really into 'aggresive' designs, would like something which goes well with casual stuff like jeans and t-shirt, also not very bulky (this is why I like stan smith / superstar, they are just quite 'flat' if you know what I mean). I usually go for white / black shoes which are ideally one color or something not very flashy. Comfort: as mentioned, I would prefer it to be on light side, also without huge drop (considering skateboarding shoes as well). They could be from the running collection, but also not a big fan of typical running shoes to go with my regular outfit.
If you would have any recommendations or could redirect me to some good reviews / other threads, I would really appreciate it! I assume there must have been questions like this in the past, but after some research in this sub I haven't found stuff I would go for yet.
Thanks so much!
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2023.06.02 09:47 Errora403 Known Bugs

Before reporting a bug, please cross-check it against this list to avoid duplicate reports.
Resolved (Completed 2.6 Patch Update)
Resolved (Upcoming 2.6 Patch Update)
Resolved (Upcoming 2.7 Version Update)
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2023.06.02 09:46 Accomplished_Pea2962 Questions... I just don't understand myself.

Hi guys. This is a stupidly long post. If not allowed please delete. I did read the rules, and I definitely do not think I have broken any, but as a sa victim and someone who's been cyberbullied please take this down if it could trigger someone. I never make posts like this anywhere, and I know I'll immediately feel anxious, but Ive been suggested I might find answers in this community.
So, I'm here because.... I don't understand myself. And I don't understand if I'm ace, or if I'm just really very strange, like so many think I am.
Technically I identify as female. I do feel repulsed however, by the constant societal pressures, and think they're stupid. I'm a cis woman, if it matters, and I do go by she/her, despite disliking gender roles and expectations of gender beauty/qualificarions for societal feminity and masculinity.
I technically am not repulsed by sexual things...... In the bounds of my relationship. But outside the strict bounds of anything being between my partner and I.... I won't date or marry someone who watches porn, who wants to watch a lot of sexual content, or who wants to play a lot of games with skimpy clothing, because I'm against these things, and these things strongly turn me off to any potential partner and cause me to distance. I just strongly dislike all of that. I recently refused to go back to a game, because I logged in and the majority of people standing around had bra style tops on or just general very revealing attire on, and several years ago that wasn't the case for that game. Idc if my partner has female friends, he has one that has grown distant but that used to be super close. (She had another baby and we just don't hear from her much since,) I love other women, I just do not want to see their bodies as the human body is precious and super private to me, and again, dating or marriage to someone who doesn't respect or share these things is not possible because I feel repulsed by them. Not jealous, not clingy, just the ick. It can cause me to feel betrayed, as I always discuss these things with potential partners, and we deeply discuss compatibility and boundaries, as well as values before actually dating. I start enjoying their company less the more they participate in those things, so it just doesnt work if they don't share similar values and boundaries, and isn't fair to either of us not to discuss deeply beforehand.. I have a partner who largely feels the same as I do, but he previously put up with that kind of content being common and now he doesn't outside of some things he's slightly more comfortable with than I am. But we found a happy spot.
However, despite all of that, between my partner and myself, I am a sexual person. Within my home I'll gladly wear those things for my partner and for myself... It can be fun even. Again I hate seeing that stuff out and about and I hate the idea of wearing it out and about, outside my relationship it's repulsive to me. I respect everyone's right to wear what they will, I'm not out here trying to change everyone else or their minds, and I'm a grown individual capable of leaving situations, places, or looking away, etc. I'm not trying to control anyone but me myself and I, but I still feel how I feel about it, and the feeling is strong. Within the confines of my relationship I am very happy to explore things with him. But that's it. I don't know why I can't stop feeling this way, or only accepting things between my partner and I, but I can't. I don't even look at other guys and think sexual thoughts, the most that comes to mind is a compliment of their hair or their eyes or thinking they look nice. But nothing sexual. I feel just as repulsed at the naked male body as I do naked or scantily clad female body. Education purposed stuff doesn't bother me, art is dependent, I'm for better education, and I'm also not against public breast feeding.
My question is, does anyone.... Else feel like this? I don't even like playing games where there's a lot of outfits that show off most of the body. But I do enjoy video games. It's very hard to find games that are safe. I've always felt like this, but through traumatic events now there is trauma behind seeing a lot of this stuff too, so whereas I used to begrudgingly tolerate it to a degree, I just don't want to expose myself to it and the people who say they need that stuff in everything, which is something I've heard and had said to me a lot.
I guess I'm trying to find out where I fit into the world. A lot of the people who I've met who say they understand or feel the same visually make it obvious they do not. And it gets very lonely. Franky, this is super dramatic, but I feel like I'm pretty much alone in the world, and I'm not sure if I fit in. I know that's just an emotional response, but sometimes it feels real. I've had people tell me I'm.... Well some words, for not wanting to enter strip clubs, not wanting to enter other clubs, not wanting to play games with lots of bra style tops, etc.... And the comments I see others get have honestly stuck with me as well. If my bf started doing those things, wed talk, get therapy to see what we could do, but if we couldn't compromise and both be happy we'd break up so we could both find better matches... We both agree on this, it's his view as well as mine. I've been told even this idea is abusive by some.
Does anyone else feel like this? Am I normal... Somewhere? Is it possible to find friends to do things with that are like minded? Am I actually as extreme as some people say? Is my unwillingness to date someone I know I won't be happy with really truly that horrible?
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2023.06.02 08:03 tyronpiteauvl Tina Lee – Reels Rocketship Download

Tina Lee – Reels Rocketship Download
Tina Lee – Reels Rocketship Download (14.44 GB)
What You Get?


Lesson 1: Reels 101 (35 min)
Lesson 2: Reels Settings and Updates (34 min)
Lesson 3: Reels Cover Pages (8 min)
Lesson 4: How the Algorithm Works with Reels (62 min)
Lesson 5: Types of Reels (20 min)
Lesson 6: Coming up with Reel Ideas (47 min)
Lesson 7: Identifying Trends & Hopping on Trends (23 min)
Lesson 8: Viral Reel Formula (34 min)
Lesson 9: How to Hook Your Viewers (35 min)
Lesson 10: The Art of Storytelling (40 min)


Lesson 1: Getting Comfortable on Camera (8 min)
Lesson 2: Gear for Recording Video (28 min)
Lesson 3: The Secrets to Creating High Quality Videos (17 min)
Lesson 4: Camera Movements and Filming Techniques (5 min)
Lesson 5: Mastering Transitions (19 min)
Lesson 6: Magic of Good Music (40 min)
Lesson 7: Tips for Creating Videos Solo (7 min)


Lesson 1: Understanding Reels Insights (35 min)
Lesson 2: How to Convert Eyeballs into Follows (28 min)
Lesson 3: So You Went Viral! Now What? (18 min)
Lesson 4: How to Batch Create Reels (25 min)
Lesson 5: How to Repurpose Across Platforms


Lesson 1: Reels for Business Owners (27 min)


Lesson 1: Debunking Reels Myths (10 min)
Lesson 2: Reels Troubleshooting: Why Reels Isn’t Working for You (31 min)
Lesson 3: Breaking Down Successful Reels (56 min)
Lesson 4: Breaking Down Successful Reels Part II (39 min)
Lesson 5: Breaking Down Successful Reels Part III


I created my first ever viral Reel, the “How we met” Reel, using just my phone, and you can too! Yup, you read that right, you CAN make viral quality content on your phone- this tutorial will show you how!


  1. How to get sounds from Tiktok to use in your Reels.
  2. How to make sure your audio matches up with your videos.
  3. Tips for exporting your videos at the best quality.
  4. The best way to add text to your Reels.
  5. Creating a clean and cohesive cover photo for your Reels.


This tutorial shows you the basics of creating a simple text/image Reel, as well as what you can do to take that Reel from average to amazing using just editing apps on your phone!


  1. How to get sounds from Instagram to use while editing your videos.
  2. Aligning your images with audio beats for the most dramatic effect.
  3. Matching your uploaded audio with the built-in Instagram audio.
  4. The best text to add to your videos to ensure they get views.


If you’re looking to add a little magic to your videos, this tutorial is for you! In this video, you’ll learn how to fill a wine glass (or a water bottle, or a candy jar, or a backpack- the possibilities are endless!) with only your magical powers (and a little help from Photoshop and Premiere Pro of course).


  1. How to use stop motion to create the filling animation.
  2. Best practice tips for filming creative videos like this.
  3. Using images to create a video with Photoshop.
  4. Creating masks to make sections of your video disappear in Photoshop.
  5. Editing tips for making your videos look their best.


Ever wanted to hang out with the twin you didn’t have? With this tutorial, you can! Adding a twin can really make your videos stand out from the crowd, and this video shows you how to do it on your computer using Premiere Pro!


  1. Tips and tricks for filming your base videos.
  2. All the basics you need to get started with Premiere Pro.
  3. Techniques you can use to get your videos perfectly in sync.
  4. Masking and color correcting in both Premiere Pro and Photoshop.
  5. Correcting your audio using audio filters in Premiere Pro.


This tutorial covers everything you need to know about green screens including options for what to do if you don’t have one! If you’re creating a tutorial video or a video where you need to talk over the picture (perfect for BTS tutorials!), this video is a must-watch, and both paid and free options are demonstrated.


  1. Green screen filming 101.
  2. Masking out your physical green screen using Premiere Pro.
  3. Masking out your physical green screen using CapCut.
  4. Importing music from your computer onto your phone to use for videos.
  5. Best practices for creating voiceovers for your videos

Seamless City Transition Reel (10 mins long)

Want to know how to seamlessly transport yourself from city to city? This tutorial covers the core concepts of how to do a simple yet super viral travel Reel, which can also be applied for all other niches!
  1. How to prepare and plan for a seamless location transition
  2. How to execute each transition to perfection
  3. 4 tips to help make the transition more seamless
  4. How to edit to match the sizes of the subject

Outfit Simulation Reel (1 hr long)

Ever seen those super fun outfit simulation reels that look impossible to create? This tutorial will break down step-by-step how to create this Reel using Photoshop and Premiere Pro.


  1. How to delete the background from images in Photoshop
  2. How to create seamless transitions
  3. How to make simulation graphics
  4. How to animate the graphics and outfits
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2023.06.02 07:41 Prestigious_Stress17 The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire
Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. As a bride-to-be, you want everything to be perfect – from the dress and flowers to the venue and catering. But have you thought about your bridal makeup? Your makeup should enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident on your big day. That's why finding the best bridal makeup in Oxfordshire is crucial! In this ultimate guide, we'll show you how to choose the right makeup artist for you, ensuring that you look stunning as you walk down the aisle.

Why Hiring the Best Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life, and you want to look stunning. The bridal makeup service you hire can make or break how you feel and look on this special occasion. So why settle for less when it comes to selecting a makeup artist?
Hiring the best bridal makeup in Oxfordshire ensures that you receive professional, high-quality services that cater to your unique needs. The right makeup artist will know how to enhance your natural beauty while creating a personalized look that compliments your outfit, style, and theme.
A seasoned bridal makeup artist knows precisely what products work best with various skin types and complexions. They keep up with trends while ensuring they use techniques that flatter each bride's individual features. Hiring an expert provides peace of mind knowing they'll help create a long-lasting flawless finish for the entire day.
Hiring the best bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire guarantees everything from professionalism to quality results tailored explicitly for every bride's needs – making it worth every penny!

What to Look for in a Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire

When it comes to your wedding day, everything should be perfect. From the dress to the venue and especially your makeup! Choosing the right bridal makeup in Oxfordshire is crucial in helping you achieve the look you want on your special day. Here are some things to consider when looking for a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire.
Firstly, experience is key. You want someone who has worked with brides before and knows how to create a look that will last all day. Look for a makeup artist who specializes in bridal makeup and has positive reviews from previous clients.
Secondly, communication is important. Make sure there is clear communication between you and your chosen artist about what kind of look you're going for as well as any concerns or allergies you may have.
Thirdly, product quality matters too! It's essential that high-quality products are used so that your makeup lasts throughout the entire event without smudging or fading away.
Don't forget about pricing! While cost shouldn't be the only factor considered when choosing a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire, it's still important to make sure their prices fit within your budget.
By taking these factors into consideration when choosing a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire, you can ensure that both you and your partner will remember this special day forever!

How to Choose the Right Bridal Makeup in Oxfordshire for You

When looking for a bridal makeup service in Oxfordshire, it's essential to choose the right one that meets your needs. Here are some tips on how to choose the best one for you.
Firstly, research and read reviews of various bridal makeup services in Oxfordshire. This will give you an idea of their reputation and the quality of work they offer.
Secondly, consider the experience level and expertise of each artist or team. Some may specialize in natural looks while others focus on bold and dramatic styles. Choose someone who has experience with your desired style.
Thirdly, schedule a trial run before hiring anyone permanently. This will allow you to see their skills firsthand and communicate any concerns or preferences you have.
Fourthly, check if they use high-quality products that are suitable for your skin type and tone. Make sure they also sanitize their tools properly to avoid infections or breakouts.
Ensure that their availability matches up with your wedding day schedule so there won't be any last-minute changes or cancellations.
Choosing the right bridal makeup service takes time but is worth it for achieving your dream wedding look!


Finding the best bridal makeup in Oxfordshire requires some research and effort. You need to consider your preferences, budget, and the expertise of the makeup artist before making a decision.
Remember that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want to look your absolute best. By choosing the right bridal makeup artist in Oxfordshire, you can ensure that you'll feel confident and beautiful on your special day.
So take your time to evaluate different options, read reviews from past clients, and ask for referrals from friends or family members who have used similar services. With these tips in mind, we're sure that you'll find a reliable and professional bridal makeup service that will make all of your beauty dreams come true!
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2023.06.02 07:31 RioRocketMan Does anybody else just like not have a type?

Like I have preferences but nothing that will get you farther up the ladder? If that makes sense, its rlly actually based on personalitt and how much we click. Im not much of a looks or outfit type person. Idk just ranting abt stupid shit on reddit at midnight.
Like it matters to me more if your interested in what I say n match my vibe, idc how tall you are, what color your hair is, your style, aesthetic, anything. Just be you and like me for me, thats my "type".
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2023.06.02 06:52 Shweeemo Can anyone help me identify this bag? (more info in post)

Can anyone help me identify this bag? (more info in post)
My girlfriend got this bag as a gift from her parents over the winter. Today was the first day she was going to wear it out and she was so excited to match it with her nice summer outfit. We left for work in a hurry earlier this afternoon and forgot the bag on our coffee table and when we got home I saw that our dog had destroyed it. She's devastated and I wanted to know where I could maybe get her a replacement
All I know about the purse is that it is from Italy, possibly Rome or Florence and it's made of real leather. If any redditors are from Italy and recognize this type of bag please let me know!! She's been having a really hard few months and this was a small highlight that got shot down almost immediately. If anyone can help I would be so greatful. I just want to make her happy
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2023.06.02 06:24 Shweeemo Can anyone please help me identify/recognize this bag? (more details in post)

Can anyone please help me identify/recognize this bag? (more details in post)
My girlfriend got this bag as a gift from her parents over the winter. Today was the first day she was going to wear it out and she was so excited to match it with her summer outfit. We left for work in a hurry earlier this afternoon and forgot the bag on our coffee and when we got home I saw that our dog had destroyed it. She's really disappointed and I wanted to know where I could maybe get her a replacement
All I know about it is that it is from Italy, possibly Rome or Florence and it's made of leather. If any redditors are from Italy and recognize this type of bag please let me know!! She's been having a really hard few months and this was a small highlight that got crushed almost immediately. I just want to make her happy
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2023.06.02 05:47 kirennnnnn How Custom Sports Apparel for Kids Can Boost Confidence and Team Identity: A Guide to Creating Personalized Looks with Fansidea

How Custom Sports Apparel for Kids Can Boost Confidence and Team Identity: A Guide to Creating Personalized Looks with Fansidea
Customizing sports apparel for kids and teens is more than just creating a stylish look on the field or court. It's also about creating a sense of identity, belonging, and support. And for families, the importance of supporting kids in their sports endeavors cannot be overstated.
Sports can be a great way for kids to build confidence, social skills, and physical health. However, it's not always easy for kids to feel comfortable and confident on the field. That's where custom sportswear comes in. By creating personalized uniforms or outfits, kids can feel like they're part of a team, whether it's a school team, a community league, or just a group of friends playing pickup games.
Custom Cream Kelly Green-Red Authentic Baseball Jersey
Custom Kelly Green White-Gray Authentic Baseball Jersey
Custom White Brown Pinstripe Brown-Gold Baseball Jersey

Custom Navy Red-White Baseball Jersey
Custom Cream Black Pinstripe and White Purple Pinstripe Baseball Jersey

Customizing sports apparel also allows kids to express their individuality and creativity. With the help of design tools and expert designers, they can create a look that's unique and reflects their personal style. This can be especially important for kids who may feel like they don't fit in or are struggling with self-esteem.
But beyond the individual benefits of custom sportswear, there's also the importance of family support. When parents, siblings, and other family members show up to games and matches, it can make a huge difference for kids. It shows them that their efforts and achievements are valued and appreciated. It also helps them feel like they're part of a larger community, one that supports them in their passions and pursuits.
And when families create a united front by wearing matching custom sportswear, it can create a powerful sense of connection and pride. It sends a message to the world that this family is a team, that they support each other on and off the field, and that they're united in their love of sports and each other.
At Fansidea, we understand the importance of custom sportswear for kids and families. That's why we offer a wide selection of customizable sports apparel, from jerseys to shorts to jackets, that can be personalized to fit your unique style and needs. Our easy-to-use design tools and expert designers make it easy to create a look that's both stylish and functional. So why not show your support for your young athlete and create a custom look that's sure to turn heads on and off the field?
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2023.06.02 05:31 yournailsupplier How to reduce costs by using press-on nails

How to reduce costs by using press-on nails
Everyone seems to be seeking for methods to reduce their spending and stretch their dollars these days. Anyone can save money for the present or the future; you don't need to be a financial expert to put excellent money management practices into practice and watch your savings grow over time. Try to reduce or stop spending on things you can live without temporarily or for which you have more affordable alternatives. This is one of the more common money-saving advice you'll find online. This frequently entails dining out, traveling, perfect match gel polish and overspending on streaming services, designer goods, and technological advancements, but there is one thing that
Don't get us wrong, going to the nail salon to feel pampered and get a manicure can feel fantastic and even reduce stress, but given how expensive these visits can be, your money might be better spent elsewhere. Manicures may be expensive as well as time-consuming, so depending on the appointment time you schedule, you might need to schedule everything else you want to accomplish in the day around it. That adds extra work and makes your day more difficult on top of the cost.
How can you cut costs on nails if you still want to have beautiful nails? Push the nails in! Press ons enable you to maintain beautiful nails every day while saving money. Press-on nails allow you to be far more creative and come in wonderful sets for every style and situation, so you can always look your best without spending a fortune at the manicure salon. Because you can get press ons from The Nailest and have them delivered directly to your house in just a few days, they are also far more convenient than having a manicure.

Press-On Nail Benefits

Let's face it, most press-on nails in the past not only were unappealing but also plainly false. For your benefit, businesses like The Nailest have altered the landscape so that press-on nails can now compete with the appearance of even the most expensive manicure. The price difference makes this far more cost-effective, but press-on nails have other advantages as well.

nail polish set
Press on nails can be applied swiftly and easily in place of an hour-long visit to the manicure salon. Just lay the press on directly on top of the appropriate quantity of nail glue at the base of your natural nail, press down firmly for a few seconds, and you're ready to go. This allows you to experiment with different looks and discover the personality of your nails without having to commit and wait around at the manicure salon for hours. Additionally, it is more cost-effective because you can purchase multiple sets of nails from The Nailest with the money you would spend on a single manicure.

Purchase today from The Nailest

You can find styles for any occasion and every nail supply store online outfit at The Nailest thanks to our wide collection of press-on nails, allowing you to look your best without going overboard. You have every reason to say goodbye to costly trips to the manicure salon after shopping our reasonably priced nails now!
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2023.06.02 05:14 SavingsSpare8104 Holiday nail designs for all occasions

Holiday nail designs for all occasions
Holiday parties, dinners, and other get-togethers with family, friends, and coworkers present several occasions to dress up. Like us, I'm sure you've been looking forward to this time of year. The holidays also give us a perfect occasion to wear colorful and vibrant nail art that is appropriate for the season, in addition to celebrations, seasonal foods, and yes, gifts. After all, why not accessorize your nails if you're dressing up from head to toe in wholesale nail vendors a festive look? This is one of the many ways we can all show our festive spirit because we all celebrate the holidays in different ways.

1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Press-On Nail Set

We are aware that dark greens and deep reds, rather than pastel hues, are the colors most commonly associated with the holiday season. However, there is nothing wrong with experimenting, and we believe pastels are appropriate for use in winter as well. A surprising color scheme is created by the nude, pink, and purple pastels because of how effectively they contrast with one another. The little glittering stars that cover each manicure are what distinguish this collection as festive nails. The Star of Bethlehem, which is frequently connected with the Christmas season, glittering holiday lights, or even the actual stars we can see more clearly at night now that it becomes darker earlier—these are all possible representations of them.

nails supply wholesale

2. Red Press-On Nail Set in Rad

Since red is the color most closely associated with the holiday season, we had to include one of our favorite sets of festive red nails on this list. This eye-catching shade will add a spark to any ensemble, but that isn't the only way this set might make your nails stand out. A golden, glittering, and shimmering manicure is also included in this collection, which creates a stunning festive color combination and is guaranteed to draw admiring glances.

3. Press-on nail set in unicorn chrome

One of the things that makes the holiday season so magical is snow, and many people want for blankets of the white stuff to cover their cities and neighborhoods during this time of year — after all, "White Christmas" is a song about it. Even if you're not a huge fan of snow, you can't deny that this pair of holiday press on nails perfectly captures that glitter of a freshly fallen sheet of snow when the sun hits it at exactly the right angle. If you're attending a party with a white-out theme, this set is essential for adding a little sparkle to your holiday celebrations.

4. Press-on nail set with a flamingo curve

This set is a fantastic choice for the holiday season if you're searching for a basic aesthetic that isn't dull. The pink and white stripes prevent the nail from seeming too drab despite the neutral base's ability to give it a fairly subtle appearance. Our opinion is that they have a vague resemblance to the stripes on a candy cane or the flowing ribbons used to wrap presents. The pink color is also a distinctive departure from what would traditionally be a shade of red.

5. Press-on nail set, Coffin Solid

With this package, you have many nail design options for the current season. To give your nails a pop of color and match the outfits you have planned, choose from a number of additional colors in addition to traditional holiday hues like white, blood red, and burgundy. They're fantastic for when you just want a plain appearance and also work well as supplies for nail tech a base if you want to create your own unique holiday-themed nails with paint, gems, glitter, and other embellishments. They are still important to us throughout this Christmas season.
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2023.06.02 05:05 ScribblingFox98 The Survivor Becomes a Dungeon (Chapter 77)

Isaak POV
Things had just settled down around the haven, the Empress and her ladies, and almost all the drakewardens had just left towards the horizon, leaving them with two drakewardens who were apparently supposed to be tending to the eggs they had given to Vitmori. Speaking of Vitmori, it looks like he walks among them now. Isaak wasn't too sure what to make of the man; he had listened to the few stories Zasutir had shared of Vitmori's world and the things Vitmori had to survive. Yet, when he saw him, yeah, he could see what Zasutir talked about; the pressure he exuded was on par with veteran adventurers and even paladins of the church he had seen passing by while serving as a guard. Despite the kindness Vitmori displayed, Isaak felt that something was off; he felt Vitmori was far too put together for a man who had slaughtered thousands of undead and slain several dozen men and women. Isaak couldn't even imagine the burden of killing another sentient being, let alone the supposed kill count Vitmori managed to accrue.
It unnerved him, though; at the same time, he couldn't help but wonder how strong someone would have to be to achieve the feats he had heard about, especially as a human in a world without mana. Though as he set up by the old fireplace outside to start sharpening his blade, he spotted a crowd forming as Vitmori and Reonim left the longhouse. The duo made their way into a clearing and started talking, though the fact that people were beginning to cluster around had piqued his curiosity. Making his way over, he sidled up beside Cinco and spoke up. "What's going on here?" He asked in a hushed tone while crossing his arms.
Cinco flashed a grin as he looked at Isaak and was quick to explain. "It seems we're about to get a demonstration on how Vitmori fights." He said as his ears waggled with anticipation, though Cinco looked vaguely startled for a moment but immediately relaxed as the very earth shifted, a sort of sparring ring with a fence forming in mere moments, separating the people from the duo.
Isaak glanced over at Cinco curiously. "You okay?" He asked as the others started to spread out more evenly around the quickly formed ring.
Cinco flashed a bit of a smile. "Yeah, sorry, I just felt the ground shifting; I didn't realize Vitmori could shape the earth so quickly without chanting or preparing a spell. I wasn't expecting it at all." He explained before looking back to the forming spectacle.
Isaak nodded intently, deciding to step closer and watch the fight as closely as he could manage, his hands resting on the stone fence, though he quickly realized he found himself next to Miriam, who seemed to notice him at the same time and greeted him with a smile. "Hey, Isaak." She said quietly with a small hand wave.
Isaak choked on his words for longer than a moment but smiled in response. "Hey, Miri..." He said with a smile on his face.
"And where's my 'hey'?" Trisha asked with an amused look on her face as she peeked around from the other side of Miriam before settling against the stone fence.
He didn't even realize she was there and cleared his throat. "Hey Trisha, what are you all up to?" He asked as he managed to properly collect himself now that he had a topic to focus on, glancing over at Reonim and Vitmori as they seemingly discussed some more, having waved Zasutir over.
Trisha grinned as she looked out at Vitmori and Reonim. "Well, I gotta see how Vitmori fights so I can get an idea of what sort of weapons he uses. I'm the one who'll be equipping him after all." She explained before gesturing over at Sylvia, who was on the other end of the ring, standing with Zasutir. "She's likely doing the same regarding what sort of armor would suit him best." She mentioned before settling on the stone fence again.
Miriam nodded intently at Trisha before looking over to Isaak. "Vitmori asked me to outfit all those in his service; that likely means Vitmori himself, so I'm gonna get his measurements once he's done." She explained as she clapped her hands together. "Besides, it might be fun to watch. There's not much to do by way of entertainment nowadays, and watching your sparring sessions are always good to pass the time with." She enthused cheerfully.
Isaak nodded before looking away as he could feel his cheeks burn at the idea that Miriam had been watching him get his butt handed to him most days to pass the time. "I... I see." He replied slowly before focusing on Vitmori and Reonim.
"Are you sure you don't want armor? I know this is just a spar, but why take the hit if you don't need to?" Vitmori asked Reonim as he looked up at the bullkin.
Reonim offered a confident smile. "I appreciate the concern Vitmori; however, I'll be protected without armor." He stated before continuing as he noticed Vitmori's confused expression. "It's called barkskin, though I can actually go up to stoneskin thanks to you improving my manaheart." Though at Vitmori's continued confusion, he decided to explain a little more. "My mana flows through my body and forms a protective shield in my skin, it takes effort to maintain, but it can protect a warrior if they're caught out of armor or reinforce what armor they have."
At that, Vitmori nodded in understanding. "I see, so I won't worry too much about holding back." He said with amusement as he held out his hands, piles of stone falling from seemingly out of nowhere. He then plunged his hands into the stone, he first drew out what looked like a blunt dagger, tucking it into the waistband of his clothes, next drawing out what looked to be five stones in the shape of throwing knives, tucking those away in his sleeve when he then drew out a stone short sword. "You use an oversized great sword, right?" Vitmori asked as he shaped the remaining stone into a weapon similar to one that Reonim is usually seen carrying before handing it off with a little bit of a struggle. "Damn, I really don't want to be hit by that." Vitmori mentioned with a grin. Reonim responded with a chuckle as he hefted the stone blade onto his shoulder.
Zasutir spoke up once it appeared Vitmori and Reonim were readied. "Alright, we shall have a good, clean fight. The terms of victory are as follows..." He started to say, gesturing to Reonim first. "If Reonim is able to hit Vitmori three times, he wins." Zasutir then gestured over to Vitmori. "If Vitmori is able to knock Reonim off his feet, he wins." With the rules established, Zasutir snapped his fingers before calling out. "Begin!"
At the command, Reonim moved deceptively fast, swinging the massive stone sword in a wide horizontal arc; Vitmori seemed to just barely duck under the swing, having dropped to his hands and knees before rolling to his feet as Reonim brought down a follow-up vertical swing which dented the earth where Vitmori was just moments ago. Vitmori retaliated by flinging out two stone-throwing knives, their dulled edges impacting along Reonim's forearm and wrist, earning a wince from the bullkin as he retaliated with the greatsword in a downward diagonal swing towards Vitmori.
Vitmori moved to dodge, but the sheer wind pressure of the stone blade sent Vitmori tumbling to his hands and knees as he fell to the side. The man had a rather surprised expression on his face from what happened, though it was immediately replaced by an amused grin as he got to his feet. Now drawing his stone short sword, he decided to close the distance with a fierce lunge.
Reonim reacted quickly again, bringing his greatsword around and smashing Vitmori's sword with a downwards vertical slash, following it up with a hard kick to Vitmori's chest while he was vulnerable in the interrupted lunge, which sent the man flying against the stone fence.
The stone fence held against the impact as Vitmori pushed off the fence and got back to his feet, seemingly fine after the impact. "So that's how it's done." He exclaimed to nobody in particular, taking out the stone dagger he tucked away and fusing the remains of the stone blade into the dagger, making the knife a little longer but not quite the same length as the short sword it was before.
Reonim respectfully allowed Vitmori to gather himself before lunging forward, the wind starting to swirl visibly around the stone blade as he did a wide overhead swing, bringing the sword down on Vitmori.
Though instead of dodging away from the blade this time, Vitmori dramatically picked up speed, leaning into the winds of the sword before sliding between Reonim's legs while smacking the stone knife against the bullkin's calves. Though as Vitmori went to get back to his feet, he stumbled and rolled, losing his footing as the speed burst he managed to use a moment ago appeared to run out and ruined his momentum.
Reonim was quick on the backswing, pivoting on one of his hooves as he brought the stone sword down on Vitmori. However, he was anticipating Vitmori to have moved faster to avoid the swing; instead, there was a resounding crack and a sickening crunch as Reonim cleaved through Vitmori's waist.
Screams of panic were heard from the crowd as Isaak's skin went cold, wondering if he just witnessed a death. This was supposed to be a sparring match between two great warriors; how could it have gone this badly?!
Reonim looked relatively calm for someone who just killed someone, though Zasutir was quick to move, leaping over the stone fence and hurrying over to Vitmori's broken body. "Vitmori! Vitmori, are you okay?" He asked as he grabbed Vitmori's torso by the shoulder, turning him around.
Surprisingly, Vitmori responded quickly enough as he sighed audibly. "Damn, I thought I had a chance in the end..." He said, disappointment clear in his voice before he seemed to focus on the moment and looked over to Zasutir. "Whoa, hey, when did you get here?" He asked curiously before furrowing his brows. "Why can't I feel my legs?" He asked, much to Zasutir's apparent confusion as the lizardkin stammered a bit. Being somewhat propped up by Zasutir, Vitmori looked down at himself and seemed somewhat surprised. "Ah... That's why I can't feel my legs... Huh, well, I suppose that's my loss." He said as he looked over at Reonim before glancing up to Zasutir. "Do you mind... Er... Bringing my legs over? I think I should be able to reattach them myself."
Zasutir still looked rather confused but nodded as he gingerly laid Vitmori on his back when he stepped away, going over and grabbing the lower half of Vitmori's body. Though as Zasutir grabbed one of the legs, he immediately realized what was going on as he looked at the others. "He's made of wood. He'll be fine." He explained as he brought the legs over, flipping them around right side up before lining them up to Vitmori's torso.
Reonim looked over at the others who had been watching the fight and quirked a brow curiously. "Did you all not know he was made of wood?" He asked, plunging the end of the large stone sword into the dirt and leaning against it as he seemed rather relaxed despite cleaving a man in half just a few moments ago.
The others needed a moment to wind back down, the shock and subsequent reveal having been a jarring spin of emotions as they now lingered to watch Vitmori put himself back together with morbid curiosity. Vitmori, for his part, set about reconnecting his torso with his legs. Threads of solid wood started reaching out from his waist and had made contact with his legs, similar threads stretching out at that point as the legs were slowly scooted through the dirt until they fused back together. Within moments he managed to start wiggling his toes before pushing up to his feet; he wobbled for a moment, nearly losing his balance, though he caught himself quickly enough before approaching Reonim and holding his hand out. "You were excellent; thank you for showing me how much I've got to work on." He said with a cheerful smile as Reonim gladly met his hand and shook it.
Isaak simply shook his head at the sight before looking over to Miriam and Trisha, addressing Trisha in particular. "Well, what did you make of all that?"
Trisha seemed vaguely unnerved before looking over to Isaak and shrugging a bit. "Not sure. From what I could tell, Vitmori isn't particularly weak, but Reonim simply outclassed him in overall ability." She considered, gradually collecting herself as she spoke. "I think Vitmori likes to be quick on his feet, preferring small blades and throwing knives based on what he made for himself. However, I have a feeling that is what he resorted to using out of convenience. Ultimately, I'll have to ask him what he would like for himself." She explained as she pushed away from the stone fence.
Miriam seemed to have calmed down from earlier, looking rather embarrassed as she was one of the few to have screamed after seeing Vitmori get cleaved in two. "I think I would like to see less dismemberment in sparring matches. Otherwise, it was quite an impressive display from Reonim." She said with a small smile before looking over at Vitmori. "Not to dismiss Vitmori or anything, he performed valiantly against a much more powerful opponent. I'm certain it is only a matter of time until he is able to fight on par with a warrior like Reonim." She expressed encouragingly, though Isaak wasn't sure who she was trying to support since Vitmori was off talking with Reonim while cleaning up the sparring ring. The earth and stone shifted as it all started to sink into the ground; Trisha nearly fell over as she failed to notice the fence disappearing until it was almost too late.
Isaak smirked with amusement at Trisha having to catch herself, though he looked back over at Vitmori and Reonim. Some small part of him felt confident that he could probably take on Vitmori as he is right now. Though another part of him had to wonder; if Reonim was that strong, how powerful was Basti if she managed to slaughter Reonim before he could put up a proper fight?
Prev First
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2023.06.02 04:46 Gameran Dexter Flux Presents: Sound-Off! - Part Three

We return from the commercial, a five-minute video that was just a still image of Dexter Flux.
Babaganoush: The following contest is scheduled for -
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier smiles at this response, and he’s clearly got confidence that he’s shook the rust off.
Babaganoush: ...And it is for the WiR Tag! Team! Championship!
Babaganoush: Introducing first, the challengers…
Shit, you judge me on my appearance… face value ennat…
As “Inglorious” plays, King Mustafa exits from behind the curtain with Eddie Skelter following closely. Mustafa has a suit - a blindingly light-blue Christian Dior one - on over his gear and he curses at the crowd, but Eddie, dressed in red sweats, just mean-mugs and gets up in the faces of a few front row spectators.
Mann: Look, I - I know why people hate these lads. I really do! Not blessed with great social graces and they get off on getting ill-gotten cash and hurting people. But they make for a tremendous team, both covering each other’s flaws and fighting as more than the sum of their parts.
The two of them hop up on the ring apron and remove their outer gear - horrifyingly enough, they take off their pants to reveal their short tights - and point to their chests: Mustafa has a lion symbol on his blue gear, while Eddie has a rose symbol on his red gear.
Babaganoush: …From the United Kingdom, weighing in at a total of 445 pounds, they are King Mustafa and Eddie Skelter… TWO! SMOKING! BARRELS!
Woodbridge: They’re right! They should say it! England DOES suck! That’s why guys like Brendan Byrne came here! He’s a good boy and he’s smart!
Mann: Moving on, and I’d like to apologize to our UK-based fans… as much respect as I have for 2SB, they’ve got their work cut out for them. Because here comes…
Babaganoush: And now, introducing the titleholders…
There is the completely incongruous sound of a blast on a Viking war horn before the jazz classic “Cantaloupe Island” begins to play and champions Jim Baker and Dexter Flux come from behind the curtain together, belts around their waists. Baker has on a chainmail shirt, while Dexter is in a huge fur cloak, which doesn’t even seem to be making them sweat. Their faces are painted with blue woad designs.
Flux: OC BABY!
Mann: The crowd in Dexter Flux’s home region are giving him love.
Woodbridge: They’re wearing the belts! As it should be! Too much of this damn “I’ll put it over my shoulder” nonsense in wrestling these days.
Mann: And the rejuvenated Horde seems to be taking their name very seriously, judging by those outfits!
Woodbridge: What? What’s that mean?
Mann: Because of the barbarian type clothes -
Woodbridge: I still dunno what you’re talking about.
Mann: sigh I finally am starting to empathize with Allen Paisner.
On their way to the ring, Baker and Flux hand out a bunch of fist bumps; they take a brisk walk up the stairs, get their entrance gear off and hand it to Maurice Chondon for safekeeping, and Baker steps on the middle rope to help Flux in - Dexter is apparently adamant about starting.
Babaganoush: …from Orange County, CA -
Babaganoush: …and Cincinnati, OH, weighing in at a total of 425 pounds, they are the WiR Tag Team Champions - Jim Baker and Dexter Flux, THE HORDE!
Mann: Dexter Flux clearly going to be in the match first, and it looks like out of 2SB, Eddie Skelter wants to start…
Referee Harry Undersach checks over the four competitors - everyone complies even though Mustafa calls him a “chi chi man” - and signals for the match to begin!
Skelter offers a lockup to Flux, which the champion accepts, doing his best to ignore King Mustafa pounding on the ringpost and goading him while making rude English gestures at Baker from across the ring. The two wrestlers in the ring grapple - Skelter puts a facelock on Flux, goes to lock his right arm as well, but Flux gracefully gets out and tries to get a headlock on Skelter. Skelter has none of this and pushes Flux off, but Flux gets him down with an arm drag!
Mann: Both of these men are accomplished technical wrestlers. Skelter is obviously more a traditional mat wrestler, Flux is well-known for his high flying, but they’re going to do more of feeling each other out like this, I think.
Skelter attempts to put a wrist hold on Flux while the two are both down, but Flux gets out of his grip and kips up, and Skelter gets into a crouch, rising slowly and deliberately with both his eyes fixed on Flux, who assumes a readied stance but doesn’t go to attack Skelter yet. They re-assume a lockup, seemingly out of mutual agreement - this time, Flux manages to snap off a headlock takeover, bringing Flux to the ground again! Instantly he tries for a jumping elbow drop but Skelter rolls out of the way, and Flux makes a smooth recovery, landing on both his hands and pushing back up.
Woodbridge: Both guys still actin’ wary. For now. Even Flux didn’t commit too hard to that elbow drop. Woulda been cool to see him break Skelter’s nose like that, hah.
Mann: Be that as it may, I feel like this pace will pick up soon!
Mustafa shouts a little more while Baker looks on calmly but still at the ready. The two stare each other down, and Skelter decides to take the first swing, throwing a fast but vicious jab towards Flux’s face. Flux, however, is able to dodge backwards and follow through with a forward jumping elbow! It hits Skelter square in the chest and he winces but SLAPS Flux right across the right cheek!
Woodbridge: The level of disrespect!
Mann: It’s still a legal strike, Mark. And it’s a treasured part of Eddie Skelter’s arsenal.
Mustafa is obviously pleased at the pimp smack, while Jim Baker looks irate, and is about to gesture for Flux to come back to their corner and tag him in. But Baker thinks the better of it, letting Flux avenge the insult himself instead. This he does, with a nice uppercut to Skelter’s jaw, but even as the Brit reels, before Flux can hit a follow-up attack, Skelter ducks behind him and grabs at his arm, a hold which Flux spins out of. But Skelter isn’t unprepared for this and knees Flux in the gut! He brings a chop down towards Flux’s head as Flux doubles over, but Flux is able to block it - Skelter then locks Flux’s arm and attempts to drop Flux with a Russian legsweep - Flux dodges and goes behind but Skelter turns around in time and throws a hard left-handed punch which Flux counters with an elbow, and both men’s strikes connect! They both stagger!
Woodbridge: Both of ‘em have their fire up! Kill him, Flux!
Mann: No easy task! Now it’s going to be a question of which man is forced to tag out first!
It’s Skelter who gets his head clear first and dives in for a double-leg takedown, which Flux blocks by splitting his legs - Skelter goes under and uses the leverage to attempt to lift Flux onto his shoulders - but Flux is ready for it! He clamps his legs and THROWS skelter with a modified headscissor takedown!
Woodbridge: That tijeras came straight from Guadalajara!
Mann: And now both competitors are on the mat!
Skelter sits up and winces and Flux scrambles to take advantage, but Skelter grabs his ankle and flips him to the mat with an ankle pick! Suddenly both men get about the same idea at the same time - Skelter takes further hold of Flux’s ankle but Flux tries to grapevine one of Skelter’s legs! They battle for a hold on the mat!
Crowd: LET’S GO DEXTER LET’S GO! clap clap LET’S GO DEXTER LET’S GO! clap clap
Meanwhile, dark gray clouds are gathering in the sky above the ring. The venue turns on some extra lights for better visibility.
Woodbridge: We’re onto Indian leg wrestling now!
Mann: That, and it looks like rain.
Woodbridge: You think the Tongva Indians ever used leg wrestling to do a rain dance?
Mann: …I do not think the one thing has to do with the other. Anyhow, the battle in the ring’s been VERY evenly matched so far.
Whilst Skelter goes for a modified figure-four leglock, Flux has something else in mind. He suddenly grips both of Skelter’s ankles, bridges onto his neck, and surprises Skelter by forcing him into a pin!
Woodbridge: DAMN!
Mann: Whoa, a flash pin attempt!
The pin catches Skelter off guard but it’s clearly not enough. Both men spring to their feet and Skelter tries another double leg takedown attempt which is fended off by a flurry of overhead elbows by Flux! Skelter holds his head and decides he’s had enough for now, backing into his corner and tagging in the furiously waving hand of King Mustafa.
Mann: His partner Eddie Skelter may have started off, but the big man of Two Smoking Barrels has wanted in all match so far.
Mustafa leaps in the ring and curses at the crowd once more.
Woodbridge: Dexter Flux is standing firm!
Mann: He did well against Skelter, who was his equal in terms of physical strength, but I have a feeling King Mustafa’s going to absolutely overpower him now!
Mustafa steps right up to Flux and proceeds to slap him in the left cheek!
Mann: The cycle of disrespect is completed by Skelter’s teammate!
Flux backs off, before returning back in for a lockup with Mustafa, who uses his size advantage to throw Flux back into his corner, where he tags Skelter back in, and the two stomp Flux down into the corner. Skelter then immediately tags back out to King Mustafa.
Woodbridge: I can’t judge. Literally can’t. Used that tag team tactic there too many times to count.
King Mustafa once again overpowers Flux, using her superior size to launch him into the hard camera turnbuckle. He attempts to charge in, but Flux skitters out of the way! Flux tries to bring down King Mustafa with a kick to the knee, but he doesn’t budge. King Mustafa blocks an attempt at a strike, and throws Flux by the arm off the ropes! As Flux careens towards the opposite end, Baker sticks out his hand, and smacks Flux on the shoulder!
Woodbridge: That’s a legal tag!
Flux baseball slides underneath King Mustafa, who is unaware the tag has been made, while Baker comes in and pearl harbors him! Baker takes control with an overhand right, a blow to the chest, and a Russian leg sweep, before attempting a body slam, which King Mustafa is too large for. Mustafa offers Baker a test of strength, but before Baker can even accept, he kicks him in the gut.
Mustafa scoops Baker up with ease, and delivers a gorilla press slam, taking a moment to flex for the unappreciative crowd before continuing his assault. Mustafa wrenches the arm of Baker, before tagging Skelter back in. Skelter climbs up to Bret’s Rope, and while Mustafa wrenches the arm, Skelter dives off, and delivers a double axe handle to the trapped arm!
Mann: Some solid teamwork here by The Barrels!
Skelter puts the larger Baker on the mat with a clubbing blow to the back, before delivering a fist drop to the skull. Skelter, relishing his small victory, backs off the ropes and prepares an elbow drop, but Baker rolls out of the way, and tags Flux back in! Flux charges in once again to meet Skelter… and is caught instantly with an arm drag. Skelter brings him down to the mat, and applies a sleeper hold…
But Baker charges back into the ring, and breaks it up! King Mustafa enters the ring to try and chase Baker off, drilling Flux with a shoulder tackle as soon as he lands on his feet with a kip-up, planting him back on the ground. Mustafa returns to his corner, while Skelter ascends a turnbuckle!
Mann: Not something we’re used to seeing! Skelter wants to beat Flux at his own game!
Skelter dives off the top, attempting a flying forearm… and falls short. As he tries to get back to his feet, Flux batters him with a closed fist, before whipping him off the far ropes, but Skelter is able to turn it around. Flux attempts a sunset flip to regain control, but Skelter simply pops down and pokes him in the eye.
While Skelter is told off by the official, King Mustafa sneaks into the ring to deliver a stomp to Flux, before skittering back to the apron. Skelter picks up Flux, to deliver a forearm, before walk-dragging Flux over to the corner by his hair, and tagging Mustafa back in. Skelter holds Flux by the hair, and Mustafa stomps his boot before delivering a knee to the stomach as Skelter heads back to the apron. Mustafa whips Flux, and as he returns, scoops him up for a powerslam, before rising to his feet, walking to the ropes, and preparing a knee drop, which Flux avoids! Flux crawls on his knees over to the corner before Mustafa can catch him, and tags Baker back in! Flux takes position on the apron, one foot on the second turnbuckle.
Finally, the sky has opened up! It begins to rain on the ring, the crowd, and even the announcers!
Mann: Didn’t I say it was going to rain?
Woodbridge: It’s not bothering anybody one bit!
Baker charges in, delivering a pair of punches to try and slow down Mustafa, but they fail to knock him off his feet. Baker tries charging in for a clothesline, Mustafa ducks, but as Baker approaches, he attempts a sunset flip!
Mann: Uncharacteristic offense from Baker!
Woodbridge: I’ll say! Baker’s a great power guy, but I didn’t think he’d even ever seen one of those!
Mustafa refuses to go down, but as he struggles, Flux suddenly leaps from the apron to the top turnbuckle, before flying in with a dropkick! Mustafa stumbles, and Baker pulls him down for the rollup!
Woodbridge: Oh shit!
Mann: Huge missile dropkick, and the mat’s slick with rain now! Mustafa had to go down!
Skelter breaks up the pin! Skelter then grabs Flux by the hair again, and darts him shoulder-first into his own ringpost. He bends the aching Flux backwards and grabs his neck for a dragon sleeper
Mann: He won’t be able to submit Flux unless Mustafa gets tagged out!
Woodbridge: I don’t think he wants to! This is gonna be Lack of…
Skelter twists Flux around and fires off a fat open-palm thrust to Flux’s throat, making Flux sputter and drop to his knees!
Woodbridge: TRUST! Nasty!
Mustafa, who has recovered from the takedown, then proceeds to deliver an elbow to Flux’s crown! The two work over their opponents in the corners- Skelter attempting to ground Flux with kicks to the knee, Mustafa using his large arms to deliver repeated clotheslines, and with Flux and Baker tied up in opposite corners, Two Smoking Barrels attempt to whip their Horde counterparts into each other! As the two partners head on a collision course, Baker suddenly drops down, in back-body drop position to Flux, who lands on his feet!
Flux continues his momentum by delivering a running knee to King Mustafa, who is in his corner, before charging back a Baker, who offers a hand, and gives Flux a launching pad to deliver a flying forearm to Skelter! Skelter flops out of the corner, and out of the ring, and with the support of Knott’s Berry Farm behind him, Flux charges, and flies through the ropes with a dive that takes out both men!
A few members of the crowd begin to open up umbrellas, including the fan who got The Milkman’s earlier
Baker approaches Mustafa in the corner, and attempts to lift him to the second rope, but gets met with a boot for his troubles. Mustafa trades places with Baker, and pops him in the jaw, before delivering another one to the ribs, and a third to the temple. Baker blocks a fourth attempt, and turns it around on Mustafa! Baker unloads with a series of right hands of his own! Mustafa powers Baker out of the corner, and throws him to the opposite. Mustafa charges in, but as he tries to charge in, Baker moves out of the way, and attempts another rollup! This time he’s able to get Skelter off balance!
Flux ascends from the grass to the apron, and Baker tags him in! Baker attempts to lift Skelter once again, but struggles to, as he breaks free, but Flux delivers a dropkick, and Mustafa stumbles into Baker’s arms, who lifts him for a scoop slam!
Mann: He did it! He slammed him!
Woodbridge: This is where Baker shines! Not only displaying his power, but being great in the clutch!
Skelter tries to get in the ring again, but Flux meets him with a superkick! Skelter tries to keep his balance, but slips on the wet Apron and drops to the grass! Flux grabs the arm, and tags Baker back in, who delivers a clothesline to the trapped Mustafa, dropping him again. Flux gets the tag back in, and ascends the ropes…
And delivers Quantum Flux! He blasts down onto the King, into a puddle of rainwater forming in the center of the ring!
Skelter tries to scramble back to the ring to make the save, Baker meets him, and holds him down! Flux scrambles into the cover!
Mann: And The Horde are victorious!
Woodbridge: And damn do they deserve it!
Babaganoush: Your winners and STILL WiR Tag Team Champions, at a time of twelve minutes and forty-three seconds, The Horde!
Flux and Baker hug it out in the ring, holding their tag belts high. Tony “The Milkman” Stevens emerges from the back, knee wrapped in medical tape and casts, limps to the ring, and raises the hands of his stablemates! Everyone is going crazy, especially because the hometown boy defended the stable’s belts by getting the pin!
Flux and Baker each get up on a turnbuckle, holding their tag belts up high, while in the ring, Stevens stands alone in the middle, one leg down, hair slicking back over his face from rain.
Mann: Fans at home, this has been Sound Off! The weather outside has turned frightful, but this show has been delightful! I have been Shay D. Mann filling in for Allen Paisner, alongside Mark Woodbridge. Take us home, Woodbridge!
Woodbridge: I finally feel confident in saying this - it has felt like a wonderful, shine-drunk dream so far - but folks, we are so fucking back. For all of the incredible fighters in WiR, for our whole staff and crew, and for my short-term broadcast partner Shay D. Mann, this has been Sound Off, and I have been Mark Woodbridge - gooooood night everybody!
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2023.06.02 03:17 ultrabolic Addition context around Melanie Pillman’s interview

The sixth Vince episode calls out the Stephanie/Undertaker storyline as one of the worst in WWE history. As terrible as that is, I’d like to offer up another contender. It features Flyin’ Brian Pillman, the wrestler who used a wheelchair when not on camera and a foot brace when he was. TW: fictional rape.
In ‘97, Pillman was in a feud with Goldust, a flamboyant wrestler whose real-life wife played his in-ring manager named Marlena. She was a featured part of his entrance and would sit at ringside during his matches in a gold dress, smoking an enormous cigar. Very boss.
Pillman challenged Goldust to end the feud with a special stipulation match at WWF’s next big event, Ground Zero on September 7th. If Goldust won, Pillman would have to leave the WWF (known as a go home match). If Pillman won, he got Marlena for 30 days as his personal assistant. He made it very clear what he meant by “personal assistant.” The match was advertised as the Indecent Proposal. In the end, Pillman won and immediately kidnapped Marlena from ringside. Everyone sold it well, with Pillman acting like a maniac, Marlena distraught, and Goldust fighting every inch of the way backstage to reach her. Pillman forces her into a car and drives off.
For the next few weeks, Monday night Raw features video packages dubbed the XXX-Files. They feature Pillman taunting Goldust from his hotel room while Marlena huddles on the bed nearby. Whenever Pillman came to the ring, he lead Marlena down the ramp in progressively skimpier outfits. He frequently implied that he’s having sex with her. Thanks to the videos and their dynamic, this can’t be interpreted as anything other than serial rape. As a reminder, she and Goldust are genuinely married and this is known to the audience. For his part, Goldust was continually in pursuit, but could never quite rescue his wife.
The storyline ended on October 5th when Pillman was found dead in his hotel room. October 6th is Vince’s on-air grilling of his widow about drug use, her children, and looming financial instability.
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2023.06.02 03:14 AgreeablePossible8 After playing the Beta fully letting my thoughts settle here's what i Want them to Add/Fix on full release

notable Bugs to Fix
General changes i want
Buffs/Nerfs <-- this one is subjective but here are my changes
Mt Lady
And that's about it........ Yeah well this beta was hella fun but these are the things i want to see changed before the official release and i know the buffs and nerfs section gonna cause some discourse.But im not to sold on the changes maby you can sudgest some nerfs and buffs...well
See you lot on full release

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