310 km in mph

Overland Park, KS

2012.12.23 08:55 Overland Park, KS

Welcome to Overland Park, KS!

2015.03.28 01:15 youngmakeupaddict Skincare Addicts

SkincareAddicts is a positive newbie-friendly sub for anything and everything related to skincare. Post about your favourite products, ask for advice about your routine, discuss the various things that affect your skincare, and above all else stay positive and considerate of your fellow community members! We're here to help!

2013.08.29 22:02 WASDx Velomobiles

A velomobile, or bicycle car, is a human-powered vehicle (HPV) enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions. They are the most efficient vehicles ever invented.

2023.06.07 07:45 Intelligent-Run-2412 Looking for more power

I have a 2023 civic sport with the cvt auto in it, buy it has no low end speed, even when I use sport mode and run the gears to redline it takes over 10 seconds to get to 60 mph. Does anyone know where in Alabama I can get the car tuned or any mods to help the acceleration?
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2023.06.07 07:40 wascallywabbit666 Practicalities of buying an EV company car

I'm the director of a limited company, and considering a company car for myself for a combination of business and personal use. I'm just going through the finances if it, and would welcome some feedback from someone who's been through it.
My work requires driving to construction sites around Ireland. Total distance will be around 20,000 - 30,000 km per year. I'd also use it for personal use, around 5,000 per year.
I'm looking at an MG4 or MG5, which are EVs in the €35 - 40k range. At present the BIK exemption for EVs is €35k + €10k for a low emissions vehicle, so that means no BIK. Does that sound ok?
VAT is 23% on a new vehicle, so that's about €8,000 - 9,000. Can that be offset against the company's VAT liability?
As an EV, I'd be charging it on my driveway from my house's electricity supply. Is there a way for the company to reimburse me for the electricity used for this purpose?
Finally, my wife and I only have space for one car, so she would also use it for personal use. Is there an issue with a spouse using a company car for this purpose, and is it any more difficult to get insured on that basis?
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2023.06.07 07:31 skyersjet Some dumb questions about driving

How do you avoid crashing into the car in front if you can't see the end of your bonnet?
Why don't cars switch off their engine and roll downhill to save fuel?
Why doesn't everyone drive an automatic? This gear and clutch business seems complicated and easy to fuck up for no purpose when automatics have existed for decades.
Do steep hills cause any problems for cars? Do you avoid them?
Why do speedometers on even the most basic car go up to 150 mph?
Why do people buy £50k new cars when used cars sell for less than £5k, do the same job and look as nice?
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2023.06.07 07:28 Davidjohn3478 Economic Mahindra CNG Pickup Featuring An Instrument Panel & Cluster

Economic Mahindra CNG Pickup Featuring An Instrument Panel & Cluster
An economical and reliable pickup having an efficient engine is a great option for a commercial vehicle.
Thereby, we are coming up with an eco-friendly Pickup from Mahindra that fulfils the demands of high performance and mileage, offering high fuel economy.
Let’s get into the specifications to know more about the pickup model.

Mahindra Bolero CNG Pikup

Equipped with an instrument panel and cluster, this Mahindra Bolero Pikup CNG is manufactured with a new gas injection technology. Moreover, it has a 2990 kg GVW and 3264 MM wheelbase, making the vehicle spacious and improving ride quality.

In addition, it has an MSI 2500 Engine, which improves the torque output by increasing engine efficiency and air mass, producing a maximum of 67 HP power.
Besides, this pickup has a 140 Ltr fuel tank, preventing you from the hustles around frequent fillings. Furthermore, It offers 19 km/kg mileage, covering long hauls in a single go.
Moreover, it provides 80 KMPH of maximum speed and 178 NM of maximum torque, ensuring quick acceleration.
In addition, the Mahindra Pickup has a payload of 1190 KG containing 4 cylinders, offering powerful towing capabilities.
As concluded, this is an eco-friendly pickup offering higher mileage and extreme economic efficiency. The price of this pickup ranges between Rs. 9.03 lakhs- Rs. 9.10 lakhs.
For more information about pickups, visit Truck Junction.
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2023.06.07 07:25 fourleaftayback [WTS] TaylorMade SIM2 Ti 3 & 5 Woods, Stealth+ 3 & 4 Hybrids, Stealth UDI 18°, PING G425 LST 9° Driver

Looking to sell a few clubs in excellent-to-new condition via PayPal G&S (also open to local pickup in Midtown NYC). All clubs come in stock specs. Prices include shipping and fees. Apologies for the lagged time stamps; wanted to list all at once.
1) Mint SIM2 Titanium 3 Wood w/ Tensei Raw AV Blue 75S shaft + standard Golf Pride Z grip: $285
2) Mint SIM2 Titanium 5 Wood w/ Fujikura Evolution 7 Speeder 661 Stiff shaft + standard Lamkin Crossline 360 grip: $230
3) Excellent condition Stealth Plus 3-Rescue (19.5*) w/ Graphite Design Tour AD DI Hybrid 75S shaft + standard Lamkin Crossline Full Cord grip: $250
4) New and wrapped Stealth Plus 4-Rescue (22*) w/ Tensei Silver TM 70 Stiff shaft + standard Lamkin Crossline 360 grip: $225
5) Mint PING G425 LST 9* Driver w/ Aldila Rogue White MSI 130 70 Stiff shaft + standard Lamkin Crossline 360 Genesis Cord Grip: $310
6) New (hit for 10 minute indoor sim session) Stealth UDI 2-iron (18*) w/ Nippon Modus GOST Stiff shaft + standard Lamkin Crossline Full Cord grip: $295
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2023.06.07 07:17 __ole No signs of stopping!

No signs of stopping!
Bought this little 2runner for $2k back in December as a beater to have fun with. I could not be happier. When this thing gives out, I’m buying a 5th gen. No question
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2023.06.07 07:00 m1mye Bumped into parked car

So, got into my first little accident today. Thought I could fit into the parking spot and when I realized I wasn’t going to make it, I couldn’t stop in time. Didn’t help that the gravel along with the downhill made it more difficult to stop. I was only going 1 mph so the impact wasn’t bad and only the others persons car received a minor scratch although upon looking it, it looked old and wasn’t quite in the area I’d hit. Regardless, I admitted my fault and offered to pay for the damage which initially the lady seemed to accept but then she wanted to get insurance involved, which I was fine with. Then she started talking about how the impact was bad( she was in her car at the time) and how it looked like her rear brake lights were now uneven and whatnot. Now, I’m scared she’s going to try and squeeze me for more than just the little scratch. We both reported it to our insurance so I’m just waiting but can anyone give me any advice on the situation specifically if she tries to say I damaged her car more than just the scratch?
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2023.06.07 06:57 hydrohomie12345 Glad that after a whole 1 hour of my car sitting idle at stop lights, I have saved an entire 1/2 gallon of gas

Glad that after a whole 1 hour of my car sitting idle at stop lights, I have saved an entire 1/2 gallon of gas submitted by hydrohomie12345 to subaru [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 06:51 pokethat First time Subaru owner

First time Subaru owner
Overall feeling: This is my first car in 13 years. Got a 2023 outback onyx XT 2 weeks ago. It's amazing so far but for the usual infotainment quibbles.
I've already put on some tux mats, I installed auto-dimming side mirrors myself, and put on the rear bumper coveprotector so my dogs don't scuff it up.
This is a ridiculous upgrade from trusty kia compact sedan that was threatening to go into limp mode on the freeway on the way to the dealership.
I did get it a few grand under msrp, yay Costco auto program.
I kind of wanted the wilderness but I didn't care for the extra cost or the lower gearing and softer suspension for my mostly pavement driving. The Forester wilderness looked awesome too but the lack of a 200hp+ option made me gravitate away from it.
I figure I can do a conservative lift down the line and get some of the recommended all-terrains for most of benefit of the wilderness trim. I will say that after discovering that dual x-mode works beyond 25 mph on the wilderness and not the onyx XT makes me a bit sad because launching with it on streets makes the car seem like a rocket.
Future upgrades/accessories: -Replacing factory door speakers and tweeters -Noise deadening while speaker upgrade is happening (maybe) -Auto start stop eliminator (turbo bearing oil burning paranoia) -subaru rear seat cover - Subaru wind/rain window deflectors so I can crack the windows when I'm car camping. -mudflaps (mostly for looks) -undecided on front strut bar and stiffer rear sway bar.
General questions: I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to crossbars. I'd like to add a cargo carrier and another thing on top but a guide for dos and donts with the factory rails and bars would be appreciated. Apparently the stock twisty ones aren't super wide? If I get a kayak mount and put a modest kayak on it do I need cables in the front and back, and does that kill eyesight?
Is the official hitch worth it? I don't feel like diy cutting up my bumper with a Dremel. I'd mostly be putting bike racks or a small cargo rack on it, maybe towing a small trailer thing one day. Would you guys recommend foagainst the Curt 2" option(s)? Are there any clearance issues with these (departure angle i think it's called)? Would I have to cut into the bumper to install a Curt hitch?
Would you recommend the official Subaru mudflaps or are 3rd party nicer?
Do 2023s still have parasitic drain and battery issues? I've not run it anything and I've been car camping twice already.
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2023.06.07 06:47 askcanada10 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe XL 3.3 Litre suddenly died (Canada)

A 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.3 L with only 150,000 km's (kilometres) on it just suddenly died on the highway while driving. No oil or engine lights warned of anything - no knocking sounds or loud noises - there was still oil in the car - next oil change was due in the next 1000 km so it was being maintained regularly. Sitting at a Hyundai dealership waiting to be diagnosed but suspect its the same thing everyone is talking about online. Other than the lawsuit filed in Canada (via Montreal) does anyone know or experienced the same thing? Has Hyundai helped at all with the repairs?
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2023.06.07 06:46 MenardGKrebbz I put this with Flair of "opinion" however as I personally see it, the issue isn't open to opinion at all

The issue is in: were airliners used as weapons on 9/11/2001 I ask this because the video of the alleged "FLT175" crashing into the south WTC tower, shows an image of a plane penetrating the wall just like a B movie ghost. when in reality, if a plane did strike the wall, the nose of the plane would undergo nearly instantaneous deceleration from >500 mph to zero is single digit milliseconds, this would have to be an explosive event, causing a shock to the entire plane, indeed a destructive shock. any ideas from anyone else here?
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2023.06.07 06:45 BasedArrhenius I am happy to announce…. BOOBS.

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2023.06.07 06:36 Adityabook6027 Fashioning Indie: Popular Fashion, Music, and Gender (Dress Cultures) Book.

The book covers the renowned British supermodel Kate Moss made waves when she attended Glastonbury alongside her then-boyfriend, indie rocker Pete Doherty. Their intentionally disheveled appearance attracted widespread attention, thrusting the British indie music scene and its distinctive aesthetic—emphasizing slim figures adorned in skinny jeans—into the mainstream fashion spotlight. Drawing from this pivotal moment, Fashioning Indie recounts the evolution of indie culture, tracing its journey from an underground British music subculture in the 1980s to a global fashion phenomenon in the 21st century. This book delves into the lucrative transformation of indie style, first within the realm of high-concept menswear and later as "festival fashion," which revolutionized the perception of indie aesthetics and expanded the concept of who could embody the ideal indie subject. Catering to both academic and general readership, Fashioning Indie provides an original exploration of the repercussions when a subculture merges with the commercial fashion industry. In an era where the music and fashion of festivals are increasingly examined in discussions surrounding diversity and inclusivity, and as indie style aligns with the global rise of second-hand retail, this book also offers crucial insights into the broader landscape of contemporary popular fashion and the underlying values that shape it.

For more information Contact us: -

Visit our Site - https://www.adityabooks.in/

Contact us - 9810773221, 9810773223

To get more information and to purchase it click the below link: -

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2023.06.07 06:28 BladeofJae [Event] I am reborn of salt and brine.

Russian Navy Modernization

Efficiency and Development

Assessment and Analysis

While the Russian Navy's surface fleet encompasses a range of modern vessels equipped with advanced anti-ship, anti-aircraft, and anti-submarine capabilities, attention must be given to the modernization of older surface vessels. Upgrading or replacing aging ships is crucial to ensure they remain technologically relevant and capable of meeting the challenges of contemporary naval warfare. Emphasizing the integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced sensor systems, stealth features, and long-range precision strike capabilities, will be essential in maintaining a credible surface combatant force.
The submarine fleet of the Russian Navy, including nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) and attack submarines (SSNs), is a formidable asset. These submarines possess advanced stealth capabilities, endurance, and significant firepower, contributing to both strategic deterrence and power projection capabilities. However, continuous modernization and improvements in anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities are necessary to counter evolving threats posed by increasingly sophisticated enemy submarines. Investment in advanced ASW technologies, including sonar systems, underwater unmanned vehicles, and airborne ASW platforms, will enable the Russian Navy to effectively detect, track, and neutralize hostile submarines.
Naval aviation is a vital component of the Russian Navy, extending its operational reach and enhancing reconnaissance, anti-ship warfare, and search and rescue capabilities. Upgrading and expanding naval aviation assets, including carrier-based aircraft and unmanned aerial systems (UAS), is essential. Acquisition of advanced carrier-based aircraft with enhanced strike capabilities, aerial refueling capabilities, and increased range will strengthen the navy's power projection capabilities. Concurrently, the development and integration of UAS platforms optimized for maritime surveillance, intelligence gathering, and electronic warfare will significantly enhance situational awareness and combat effectiveness.
The command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) systems form the nerve center of the Russian Navy, enabling effective coordination, decision-making, and information sharing among naval units. Upgrading and modernizing these systems is crucial to improve situational awareness, facilitate real-time data exchange, and streamline operational planning. Emphasizing the integration of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, and secure communication networks will enhance the navy's ability to process and utilize vast amounts of information rapidly. Additionally, strengthening intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities will support proactive threat assessment, timely decision-making, and effective resource allocation.
The Russian Navy's infrastructure, including naval bases, shipyards, and repair facilities, requires continued investment and modernization. Upgrading these facilities will enhance operational readiness, streamline maintenance processes, and reduce downtime for naval assets. Investments in advanced logistical support systems, optimized supply chains, efficient fueling capabilities, and state-of-the-art repair facilities will contribute to improved operational availability and sustained naval readiness.


Admiral Yumashev-class
The main characteristic of the Admiral Yumashev-class will be the development of new sensors for the brand new destroyer. The Admiral Yumashev-class will utilize various components from existing, tried-and-true radar systems. Most notably, the Admiral Yumashev-class will utilize the same acquisition radars as the S-500 Prometheus, the 91N6A(M) and 96L6-TsP, to better combat airborne threats. Finally, In addition, the Admiral Yumashev-class will utilize an integrated naval version of the Nebo radar for detection of stealth aircraft. These systems will be integrated into existing naval sensor systems utilized in the Admiral Gorshkov-class destroyer. The combined sensor suite will be packaged into a pyramidal mast with low-RCS, dubbed the VM-Mast Suite.
Specifications Admiral Yumashev-class Destroyer (Project 22350M Super Gorshkov-class)
Length 160m
Beam 19m
Draft 6m
Displacement 8,000 tons
Propulsion CODOG
Speed 30 knots (55.56 km/hr)
Range 9,000 km
Armament 1 x A-192M Main gun, 64 x 3S14M VLS (Kalibr, Oniks, Zircons, or Otvet), 32 x Redut VLS (9M96, 9M96M, 9M96D/9M96DM(M2) and/or quad-packed 9M100 SAMs), 3 x Palash CIWS each with twin GSh-6-30 cannons, 4 x 330mm torpedo tubes (Paket-NK)
Sensors VM-Mast Suite (34K1 "Monolit" surface search AShM and auxiliary artillery targeting radar, 91N6A(M) and 96L6-TsP air acquisition radars, Nebo RLM-M anti-stealth air radar), 2 × MTK-201M and 2 × 5P-520 Electro Optical Systems, 5P-10 Puma Artillery FCS, Prosvet-M EW Suite, 2 × PU KT-308, 8 × PU KT-216, 2 × 5P-42 Filin countermeasures
Hangars 1 x Ka-52K


A shift of resources will be made to decommission old Soviet vessels. This will be done primarily to streamline the Russian Navy's operating expenses, specifically to remove the need to continue to maintain aging vessels no longer relevant for modern naval warfare. Of these retiring vessels, many will be put on the market to be available for export.
The following vessels will be retired:
Ship Class Decommission Date
Vice-Admiral Kulakov Udaloy-class 2026
Marshal Shaposhnikov Udaloy-class 2026
Admiral Tributs Udaloy-class 2027
Severomorsk Udaloy-class 2027
Burny Sovremenny-class 2026
Nastoychivyy Sovremenny-class 2028
Admiral Ushakov Sovremenny-class 2028
Ladny Krivak-class 2027
Pytlivyy Krivak-class 2027
Neustrashimy Neustrashimy-class 2028
Yaroslav Mudry Neustrashimy-class 2028
Accompanying the retirement will be the comissioning of newer vessels, such as the Admiral Gorshkov-class, Admiral Yumashev-class, Admiral Grigorovich-class, and Gepard-class. In addition, the Kuznetsov Naval Academy will be expanded with funding raised from the decomissioning of the aforementioned. Education will be expanded to produce more disciplined, rigorous, and proficient seamen and officers. The expansion of education within the Naval Academy will encompass comprehensive training on cutting-edge radar systems, electronic chart display and information systems (ECDIS), automatic identification systems (AIS), and other integrated bridge systems. Mastering the operation and utilization of these advanced technologies will become indispensable for Russian navy seamen, enabling them to operate with precision, communicate effectively, and monitor vessel performance meticulously.
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2023.06.07 06:23 Substantial_Air_4334 Anyone has the same issue? I can’t claim the rewards

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2023.06.07 06:21 Meezy_May Graduated the program!

Graduated the program!
Graduated the program on June 1 and feeling really great! Decided to go for the full 5 km even though my time is more than 30 mins. I cant believe in just 8 weeks I’m able to run a 5 k! What now? Move onto 10 km running plan or do 5 km consistently for a month or more?
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2023.06.07 06:20 Mariners_bot Post Game Chat 6/6 Mariners @ Padres

Please use this thread to discuss anything related to today's game. You may post anything as long as it falls within stated posting guidelines. You may also post gifs and memes, as long as it is related to the game. Please keep the discussion civil.
Discord: Seattle Sports

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
SEA 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 0 4 8 0 5
SD 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 0 6

Box Score

SS Kim, Ha 3 0 0 0 0 1 .247
CF Tatis Jr. 4 0 1 1 0 1 .257
LF Soto, J 4 0 1 0 0 0 .248
3B Machado, M 3 0 0 0 1 3 .230
C Sánchez 3 0 1 0 1 2 .267
1B Cronenworth 4 0 0 0 0 1 .198
RF Dixon 4 0 0 0 0 1 .208
2B Odor 3 1 1 0 0 1 .211
C Nola, Au 1 0 0 0 1 0 .130
PH Carpenter 1 0 0 0 0 0 .183
P Tapia, D 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Musgrove 5.0 4 1 1 1 8 102-68 4.35
Honeywell 1.0 1 1 1 0 1 22-16 3.69
Cosgrove 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 23-11 0.00
Wilson, S 1.0 3 2 2 0 1 13-9 3.00
Tapia, D 1.0 0 0 0 1 0 12-7 2.60
SS Crawford, J 3 1 1 0 1 0 .244
CF Rodríguez, Ju 4 1 2 1 0 1 .246
1B France, T 4 1 2 1 0 0 .273
LF Kelenic 4 0 0 0 0 3 .264
RF Hernández, T 4 1 2 2 0 1 .246
C Raleigh 4 0 0 0 0 2 .221
3B Suárez, E 4 0 1 0 0 2 .212
DH Ford, M 2 0 0 0 0 2 .125
DH Pollock 2 0 0 0 0 0 .161
2B Wong, Ko 2 0 0 0 0 0 .157
2B Caballero 0 0 0 0 2 0 .250
Gilbert, L 7.0 3 1 1 2 6 97-61 3.80
Muñoz, A 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 16-11 0.00
Sewald 1.0 1 0 0 1 2 22-12 2.84

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T3 Ty France singles on a ground ball to left fielder Juan Soto. J.P. Crawford scores. Julio Rodriguez to 3rd. 0-1
B3 Fernando Tatis Jr. grounds out softly to first baseman Ty France. Rougned Odor scores. Austin Nola to 3rd. 1-1
T6 Teoscar Hernandez homers (10) on a fly ball to center field. 1-2
T8 Julio Rodriguez homers (11) on a fly ball to left center field. 1-3
T8 Teoscar Hernandez singles on a ground ball to right fielder Brandon Dixon. Ty France scores. 1-4


Description Length Video
Bullpen availability for San Diego, June 6 vs Mariners 0:07 Video
Bullpen availability for Seattle, June 6 vs Padres 0:07 Video
Fielding alignment for Seattle, June 6 vs Padres 0:11 Video
Fielding alignment for San Diego, June 6 vs Mariners 0:11 Video
Starting lineups for Mariners at Padres - June 6, 2023 0:09 Video
Teoscar Hernández: Home Run Statcast Analysis 0:13 Video
Joe Musgrove's outing against the Mariners 0:26 Video
Breaking down Joe Musgrove's pitches 0:08 Video
An animated look at Teoscar Hernández's home run 0:09 Video
Breaking down Julio Rodríguez's home run 0:10 Video
An animated look at Julio Rodríguez's home run 0:09 Video
Breaking down Logan Gilbert's pitches 0:08 Video
Logan Gilbert's outing against the Padres 0:23 Video
Ty France lines a two-out RBI single in the 3rd 0:16 Video
Joe Musgrove snares a line drive right back at him 0:20 Video
Tatis Jr.'s RBI groundout 0:18 Video
Juan Soto grounds out to first baseman Ty France. 0:09 Video
Joe Musgrove strikes out eight over five innings 1:01 Video
Teoscar Hernández drills a solo home run to center 0:28 Video
Xander Schauffele tosses out ceremonial first pitch 0:27 Video
Julio Rodríguez sends a solo home run to deep left 0:29 Video
Teoscar Hernández rips an RBI single in the 8th 0:15 Video
Tom Cosgrove extends scoreless streak to 13 straight 0:10 Video
Gary Sánchez nabs Jose Caballero attempting to steal 0:19 Video


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Gilbert, L (4-3, 3.80 ERA) Honeywell (2-3, 3.69 ERA) Sewald (12 SV, 2.84 ERA)
Attendance Weather Wind
65°F, Partly Cloudy 11 mph, L To R
HP 1B 2B 3B
Alex Tosi Tony Randazzo Jeremy Riggs Brian Knight
Game ended at 9:20 PM.
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2023.06.07 06:14 Master-Savings-6184 CTV Gearbox maintenance advice needed !

My renault koleos which has a Nissan 2.5 engine mated to a Nissan CVT now @ 130,000 Km. I've had the car from new and have it serviced from Arabian Automobiles all the time. The Service adviser says that the Gearbox oil is lifetime and it doesn't need to be changed. In every service they check the quality of it and if it ok they just leave it.
I've felt some mild vibrations during idling and feels a bit jerky when accelerating from stand still
Kindly shed some light
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2023.06.07 06:12 Smokedsaunatrysts Deep grooves in left rear rotor

Deep grooves in left rear rotor
2011 Prius, 83k
What do you think caused this? (ignore the maroon in the photo- it's the light)
How serious is it?
It just started making noise, when braking at about 5 mph or less.
Will I need to disconnect the 12v to check if there's something stuck between pad and rotor?
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2023.06.07 05:58 A10110101Z Mpg range bigger than dispatches mom on my new truck

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2023.06.07 05:46 Al_Pacino_88 Toyota Prado vs VW Teramont

Dear All,
Initially I was planning to buy a new Toyota Prado, but as Toyota doesn’t give anything and trying to rip me off with overpriced additional service, I started to look on other cars. Can you please guys advise if VW Teramont is a good car in terms of reliability, service price, resale value, comfort, etc. compared to Toyota Prado?
Thank you for the help!
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2023.06.07 05:43 berdistehwerd Range Day: Competition Shooting (3/5)

[First] [Previous] [Next (coming soon)]
Mick about to do something incredible
Mick reference
Finn reference
Memory transcription subject: Finn Hathcock, S&R Volunteer, Gunsmith Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 17, 2136
With the awards ceremony out of the way, and my explanation of how the long range contest works out of the way, it was time to get to practicing our shots. My weapon of choice was a Cheytac M200 Intervention, a vintage rifle from the early 2000s. One of my personal favorites in the collection, it’s a piece with a lot of absolutely fascinating history, originally used by a Marine corps covert marksman, fighting in Ukraine. This thing has personally sent rounds through a few Russian commanders, denoted by the 7 tally marks on the side of the receiver. Sounds a little weird to be using a gun that has confirmed kills marked on the side, but that conflict happened over a century ago, so the blood has long cleared off its history in my eyes.

As a warmup, I would have to calibrate my spotting scope, and re-zero the scope that I had placed on the top of my rifle. It was a ‘relic’ by today’s standards, but it’s still a great scope for the time nonetheless. Mick was watching me extract the rifle from the case, where I then assembled it like an assassin would in a cheesy action movie. Snap the barrel to the receiver, slip the bipod on for good measure, extend the stock, slip the bolt into the chamber, and we’re good to go.

“What gun is that?’ Mick questioned. “I’ve never seen it before.”

“Ah, this is just my personal long range gun, an Intervention. Used to be super popular in video games of the 2000s, but now we’ve got much better options for taking out things at range.”

“That looks a bit too big for me to shoot, you got anything for me? I saw another couple boxes in the car, one of those has to be mine, right?”

He was right, I had got him one a little more suited to his size, and something else for later.

“You’re right, I did bring something for you,” I responded. I was quite excited to see what he thought of the little gun I got for him, although this one I wouldn’t be gifting to him right away. “Go grab the smallest thing out of the car, it should be labeled for you!”

I watched as he walked over to the car, his tail wagging behind him, as it usually did when we were messing around with firearms and stuff. I'm wondering if he got paired with me on purpose, since he seems to be the only venlil I know of interested in guns and engineering, just like I am.

Mick returned with his rifle, plopped it down onto the bench we would be shooting from, and extracted his rifle. A Desert Tech SRS-A2 sniper rifle. This little thing was a compact, hard hitting bolt action bullpup from, again, the early 2000s. Did I mention that’s my favorite time period for my guns? Anyway, this would be the perfect rifle for mick, since it actually fit his slightly smaller stature perfectly. At 5 foot 6 inches, he’s a bit shorter than I am, at 6 feet even.

We got situated onto the bench, Mick handed me his rifle for calibration, so I did so, then handed it back to him. Modern boresights made it incredibly easy to zero things, as it would calculate drop for whatever settings you could input into it, meaning you just put the crosshair on where it should land and you have an accurate shot for the conditions specified. Quite incredible if you ask me, somehow it just kinda…works. I’m certainly not complaining.

I went ahead and loaded up the magazine for Mick’s rifle. Despite its small stature, the SRS was still quite powerful. I configured it with the longest barrel, and put a .338 chamber and bolt in there, the highest caliber that would fit the time frame of the competition. Modern versions of the gun could be chambered in pretty much anything you want, but I prefer to stick within proper time periods for my builds. Sure, I could slap a cutting edge auto-zeroing, thermal, solar powered, auto range finding, perfectly accurate every time guaranteed scope on top of my Lee-Enfield from 1914, but what’s the fun in that? It looks awkward, is completely historically wrong, and wouldn’t help anyone that is already a good shooter anyway.

I signed up for the vintage challenge because of that specifically, it only allows rifles and attachments from before the 2030s, the latest time period I’d be invested in. It actually had some challenges, rather than being point and shoot.

“Hey Finn you there? You zoned out a little…”

“Oh, sorry, just thinkin.”

“No worries, I just wanna shoot my gun, and you’re kinda holding it right now.”

“Ah sorry, here.”

I handed the rifle back to him, and walked on over to the spotter scope I had left nearby. This device was a standalone scope that just sat on a tripod, had a 36x zoom (a bit more than we needed but that’s fine), and an angled viewport so you just had to take a look into it without bending down quite as far.

Our target was about 200 meters away, a solid long distance shot for most, but pretty easy with the right equipment.

“OK, you ready mick? Move the throw lever to a higher magnification so you can see what you're aiming at, the red target marked 200.”

“Got it, I see it.”

“Ok, wind is… 4 MPH to the left, aim just slightly right of center, up one notch from the crosshair.”

“Ok, I'm aiming, fire?”

“When ready!” Time to see how good mick’s exact shot placement is, the goal being the exact center of the target.

Mick squeezed his trigger, I felt the blast off to my left, and I watched the .338 tracer round fly through the air. Impact a bit high and to the right. Solid characteristics of a flinched shot, compounded by the fact that I watched him flinch when he pulled the trigger.

“Bud, you flinched it a little. It’s ok if you don’t hit dead center, ya know.”

“Sorry… just feels like I've got a lot of pressure over my head for some reason.”

“Hey, don’t apologize for nothing, save it for mistakes.” I paused for a moment to let it sink in. “Can you think of why you might have flinched?”

“Probably just that I have that streak of not missing once going, and I feel like I’ll lose that.”

“Alright then, lemme help.”

I scooted over, racked another round into his gun, and told him just to slam a round into the dirt under the target. Hopefully breaking the (frankly impressive) no misses streak he had going would stop him from flinching. I then told him to try again, the wind moved a little right this time, so I told him to hold one mill to the left.

Another puff of wind, another tracer flying downrange. The projectile slammed face first into the middle of the target, only off by about a quarter of an inch. Exactly where I wanted him to hit it, not perfect but still quite good.

“Nice shot, didn’t flinch it this time I see?”

“Oh wow, I'm surprised that it worked, are you always this skilled at reading people?”

“I am when they tell me what the problem is, such as you’ve done.”

“AH. Yea that would help.”

That’s another thing I like about Mick, he’s always incredibly honest. If he’s not hiding anything he’ll just outright say what’s wrong instead of so many other people who will carry on as if nothing’s wrong despite the fact that there’s a problematic thorn stuck in their side.


After about 30 minutes of me practicing shot calling and Mick practicing his aim on further and further targets, it was time for the competition. It consisted of a speed shot contest, hit the 300 meter target 5 times quickly, the ‘White Feather’ shot, hit a 2 inch target from 500 meters, and the ‘Sniper Elite’ shot, a half-covered man size target from 1.5 kilometers away. Thankfully for that one it doesn’t matter where you hit him, as long as you do hit him.

The familiar whistle rang out, drawing the competitors away from their firearms and towards the instructors, here to tell us how the rules worked. I had heard (and delivered) this spiel so many times I knew it by heart, so I just tuned it out until he was done rambling. Mick listened intently, according to his ears, at least. Those ears gave a good indicator of the amount of attention he was paying to any given thing, for instance, if he was focused on the shot he was about to take I noticed he would sweep them backward, like a cat about to start bouncing off the walls, or when he was focusing on someone’s conversation they would angle forward slightly.

I was pulled from that train of thought when the instructor finished his explanation of the rules, and we were allowed to return to our tables to get ready for the competition ahead. I removed the magazine, press checked the chamber, and put a flag in for good measure. Mick followed suit, and we were ready to compete. I decided we wouldn’t be waiting too long this time, since we had been here before everyone else. I was going first, mick would be my spotter (thankfully he would only have to call out the wind, since I can handle rangefinding and elevation), then we would switch out for me as the spotter and Mick as the sniper, where I would have to tell him exactly where to aim on the crosshairs.

We were called forward to our bench, where the magic would begin. I laid out a few extra magazines in front of me, I was definitely going to need them for that 1500 shot, re-calibrated the rangefinder for mick, and set up the shot timer that we would both have to use. I was now ready to go, and was just waiting for the instructor to give me the go-ahead.

The instructor noticed that we were ready to go, so he began his usual lines. “Shooter ready? Standby…”


I quickly flipped the safety off, racked a round into the chamber, and began lining up for the speed shots. “Mick, what's the wind like?” I requested, with urgency.

“About… 2 miles leftward?”

I aimed ever so slightly to the right of the center of my target, and released the breath I was holding. Exhale, pause, squeeze slowly but surely… fire. Impact a fraction of a second later, half an inch off the center. Rack the bolt again, new round in the chamber, repeat. Aim, exhale… fire. Impact. Rack bolt, aim center, exhale… fire, impact.

This sequence repeated 2 more times, both shots landing in a very tight group around the center of the target. Next up was the ‘White feather’ shot, hitting a tiny, 2x2 target from extreme distance.

I threw the zoom lever on the scope to the right, adjust the zero to 500, request the windage.

“What’s the wind now?” I asked again. It had been long enough where the wind may have changed direction.

“6 miles per hour, slightly right but mostly parallel to the range, seems like.”

That meant I had to hold one dot left, aim slightly lower than the target due to the wind carrying it further than I could easily zero for. I place the target into the spot in my scope, hold my breath for a moment, exhale, hold… fire.

“Impact low, centered.” Mick called out. I had overcompensated for the wind’s carrying effect, so I had hit a bit low of the 2 inch wide target. Adjust so it’s on the line, still one mil dot to the left, exhale, hold… fire. The bullet did its thing, and impacted the little red circle. A simple, yet deceptively hard shot, even if you have accurate holds and an even more accurate rifle. Funnily enough, the guy who originally made the shot this competition was trying to emulate happened to be my great (x9) grandfather. Carlos Hathcock was notorious during the Vietnam war, gaining a bounty of over 30000 dollars just on him alone. Nobody managed to claim that bounty, fortunately, but many counter-snipers tried.

On one of those occasions, a sniper caught sight of him from roughly 500 meters away, leaving a notable glint from the reflection on the front of the scope. He then took aim at the flash, and fired his rifle, where the bullet went straight through the scope into the enemy sniper’s eye. A frankly insane shot, even under ideal conditions such as we have here. Thankfully, we only have to hit about half a playing card rather than a tiny, 1 inch wide tube.

Next was the ‘Sniper Elite’ shot, apparently named after an old video game about sniping, set during the second world war. At first I couldn’t see the target, 1.5 kilometers is quite an insane distance even for some of the more skilled shooters, such as myself. I had to spot the little flag flying next to it, then find it again within the magnified scope. I threw the magnification all the way up, ticked up the zero until it hit its maximum, 1000 meters. Seems the maker of this scope never expected anyone to try and throw a round more than a kilometer down range, but here I was doing it anyway.

“Mick, wind?” I asked, a bit too impatiently.

“Here it looks like… 7 MPH going perpendicular toward the right.”

“Thank you.” I said, hoping to make up for my impatience.

I placed my aim onto the target, aimed with the lowest mil on the scope, shift left 1 and a half, hold breath, exhale, hold… Fire!

I watched the tracer take its sweet time waltzing it’s way over yonder to the target. I could also see it impact the ground about a foot too low. I had to try again. I quickly racked the bolt, putting another .408 round into the chamber.

I aimed, then I pulled the zoom lever on the scope back to the left, zooming back out so I could see the other mils that were hidden under the eye box of the scope. It was exactly what I needed.

I placed the crosshair back on the target, raised it up a few mils until I was aiming the same way I was before, then lifted my point of aim another few inches up. If the wind hadn’t changed too much, this should hit roughly the center of the target.

Hold breath, exhale, hold… fire. The tracer flew through the air again, whacking itself straight into the center of the target.

A buzzer rang from behind us signaling the end of the run. 20 seconds for the speed shots, 30 for the scope shot, and another 25 for the long range. 75 seconds is enough to get full bonus points, plus a little penalty for missing twice, means that I get a score of 13, out of 15. Not bad, not bad at all.

We had a short break, where I set Mick's rifle up, showed him how to adjust for distance, and where the bullets should roughly land when accounting for wind and drop. Mick picked up how to do it quickly, as he seemed to do with anything I showed him, I wonder if he has some sort of neurodivergence? It doesn’t matter to me if he does, I just like having a friend around.

The instructor informed us that it was time for Mick to do his run. I handed Mick the magazines, and got set up behind the spotter scope. Both of us gave the signal for the instructor to begin his timing.

“Shooter ready? Standby…”


I watched as Mick quickly zeroed the scope for 300 meters, placed his aim onto the target, and let his round loose. As expected, smack dab in the middle. I was now just watching through the spotter scope, seeing the rounds hit and calling out if they did or not. “Hit!”

Mick cycled the bolt, throwing the empty case to the floor next to the stand where we were set up. He managed to keep the rifle stable on the target, so he barely had to adjust before sending another round directly on target. “Hit!”

This repeated another three times, fire, “hit!”, cycle. Mick’s aim was still impeccable, although that wasn’t saying much due to it only being a 300 meter shot. Mick redirected his aim over to the 2x2 inch target that was for the ‘White Feather’ shot. I watched him click the dial for distance over another 4 notches, zeroing for 500 meters.

I glanced over to the windage monitor, it proclaimed that the wind was going at 3 MPH to the right of the range. I calculated in my head that it would mean he would have to adjust to the left about half of a mil dot, so I relayed this to him. “About half a mil left, exactly on the middle crosshair line.

Mick flicked his ears in an affirmative gesture, and I saw the rifle nudge ever so slightly to the left. His shot impacted the middle of the target on its first trip downrange, even better than I did.


Next up was that ‘Sniper Elite’ shot, a simple hit at 1500 meters was all you needed. Mick swung his aim over to the target, flicked the zoom all the way in, and rotated the zeroing to 1500. Fortunately for him, his scope actually went all the way out to 2000 meters, so he didn’t have to miss, then guesstimate like I had.

I once again glanced at the wind monitor, and it was practically nothing.

0.2 MPH.

The air was perfectly still (or as still as you could reasonably hope for) so there was no better opportunity than now for him to get this perfect shot off. “Dead center of the target, the wind’s stopped!”

Out of my peripheral vision, I see Mick holding his breath like I had, then slowly pulling the trigger. The rifle did it’s thing, a hammer falling into a striker, setting off a primer, deflagrating exactly 275 grains of gunpowder, propelling a single copper coated round down the barrel at 3000 feet per second, sending it off on the most textbook shot in the history of long range shooting, the bullet spiraled through the air, nearing closer to its destination every millisecond.

The wind decided to cooperate with us today, keeping itself stock still as the round sliced through the air, on a collision course with the exact center of the man sized silhouette target that sat at the end of the range.

I saw through the spotter scope, a bullet impact its target with an unparalleled level of luckiness, flattening itself against the steel of the target.

“FUCKIN HIT! NICE SHOT MICK!” I shouted, immediately standing up with my arm poised for the greatest high five any man or venlil had ever seen.

Mick had seen the bullet impact, but wasn’t quite as excited as I was. He still got up, noticing my excitement through those side facing eyes of his, then he raised his own paw, held it back, ready to slingshot it against mine.

The ultimately satisfying sound of a good high five soon followed, our hands (and paws) slapping together right at the palms, the force resonating loud enough to actually make the active hearing protection dampen it for us. The impressiveness of the shot was not to be undersold, and we were about to learn what mick’s score was.

The instructor walked over, then told us what his results were.

86 seconds, 15 points out of a total of 15, one bonus point for time, not counted due to an already perfect score. I could barely believe it, Mick was wagging his tail, the instructor even looked a little impressed. Mick had probably won it, or at least tied for first.

An hour or 2 later, all the other competitors had taken their shots. I ended up getting tied for 3rd, with one other competitor. I decided that I would give up whatever prize I would have gotten to the other guy, since I already won once today. The podium ceremony was next up, this time Mick was at the top of it. He got a voucher for a rifle again, like the guy that won the IPSC section, but he could also trade it in for about 1000 bucks of stuff from the equipment store. He got himself a plate carrier similar to mine, a nice faux leather holster (which now contained his pistol), and another pair of tactical pants, this time in tan-gray instead of the navy blue of the ones he won.

Our next and final competition was coming up soon, some sort of mix between Olympic and skeet shooting. Why they decided to combine both of those, I had no idea. Sounds fun anyway, so I’m not gonna question it.
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