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Here be trains, RVs, and musical instruments. A subreddit for Elkhart, Goshen, Bristol, Nappanee, Middlebury, Millersburg, Wakarusa, Dunlap, New Paris, Simonton Lake, and all the other places in and around Elkhart County, Indiana. South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, etc. all are welcome.

2023.06.01 07:03 Smerks101 Anyone else ever drive to Mexico for cheap dental? Los Algodones in particular

Im just wondering if anyone else has done this. I found it to so far be a huge help for expensive dental work and thought it might be a help to locals who cant afford to get the work done here or want cosmetic stuff done cheaper but by reputable quality dentists. Google "Molar City" or check out videos of the place on Youtube.
For anyone interested in more detail
My wife needed 3k in work done, thats with insurance, so we started researching ways to get this done cheaper without giving up on quality work. Calling around did nothing dental here is insanely expensive. We found a border town about 5 hours drive from here and its insane how many dentists (and pharmacies) there are in this little area that seems to have made a huge industry from Americans and Canadians coming there for dental work.
I met people from all over CA and elsewhere in the US since we stayed at a little hotel overnight for $60. Theres a bunch of cute stalls and shops selling jewelry and other stuff but nothing in the way of nightlife aside from the hotel bar. There are people getting extensive work that get their hotel stays picked up by the dental office doing the work, some do that. One guy was there from Texas getting something like 25 crowns done for around 9k (might have been a bit less or more) and had been there for almost 3 weeks.
We researched and found a few dentists with a good amount of good reviews and called them getting pricing on what she needed. We landed on $860 (highest was 1200) for the work, but have to make 2 trips since they wanted to do it right. Were going back for the second trip soon but the root canals are done and they are just doing the crowns when we return, so far she feels great, the root canals were perfect with no complications.
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2023.06.01 06:58 drnazeerdentalclinic About Orthodontix Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding, or bruxism, involves the involuntary movement of the jaw muscles, causing the teeth to grind or clench together. The process can occur during sleep (sleep bruxism) or while awake (awake bruxism). Here's a general overview of the tooth grinding process:
Initiation: Tooth grinding often starts with the clenching of the jaw muscles. This can happen due to various factors, including stress, anxiety, or an abnormal bite.
Muscle activation: The muscles responsible for jaw movement, such as the masseter muscles, temporalis muscles, and lateral pterygoid muscles, become activated. These muscles contract forcefully, leading to the grinding or clenching of the teeth.
Tooth contact: As the jaw muscles contract, the upper and lower teeth come into contact. The force exerted during tooth grinding can be substantial, placing significant pressure on the teeth and jaw.
Grinding or clenching: Bruxism can manifest in two ways—grinding or clenching. Grinding refers to the back-and-forth movement of the teeth, while clenching involves holding the teeth tightly together without any movement.
Duration and intensity: The duration and intensity of tooth grinding can vary among individuals. Some people may grind their teeth for short periods and with mild force, while others may do so more persistently and with greater force.
Consequences: Tooth grinding can have various consequences, including tooth wear, tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, headaches, and other associated symptoms. Over time, the continuous grinding can cause damage to the teeth, jaw joints, and surrounding structures.
It's worth noting that the exact mechanisms and triggers for bruxism are not fully understood. It can be a multifactorial condition influenced by factors such as stress, anxiety, bite misalignment, sleep disorders, and lifestyle habits. If you suspect you have bruxism, it's recommended to consult with a dentist or healthcare professional for a proper evaluation and personalized treatment plan.
When referring to tooth grinding, or bruxism, there are two main types based on the timing of the grinding episodes:
Sleep Bruxism: Sleep bruxism occurs during sleep and is the most common type of bruxism. People with sleep bruxism often remain unaware of their grinding habits unless they are informed by a sleep partner or dentist who notices the symptoms. Sleep bruxism is considered a sleep-related movement disorder and can disrupt sleep patterns.
Awake Bruxism: Awake bruxism, as the name suggests, occurs while a person is awake. It is generally associated with conscious clenching or grinding of the teeth, often in response to various stimuli such as stress, anxiety, concentration, or as a habitual behavior. Unlike sleep bruxism, people with awake bruxism are usually aware of their grinding and may have more control over the habit during waking hours.
It's important to note that both sleep bruxism and awake bruxism can have similar consequences and complications, such as tooth wear, jaw pain, headaches, and other associated symptoms. The underlying causes and triggers for these two types of bruxism can vary, and treatment approaches may also differ depending on the specific type and associated factors.
If you suspect you have bruxism, it's advisable to consult with a dentist or healthcare professional. They can evaluate your condition, determine the type of bruxism, and recommend appropriate management strategies or treatments to help alleviate the symptoms and protect your oral health.
Click on a Dental treatment type from the main menu to know more about it. Contact us for a FREE complimentary consultation in our Dental Clinic in Deira, Dubai, UAE!
Contact today!
Address, Phone Number, Contact Email :
Orthodontix Dental Clinic,
A-301, Al Shoala Building (Green House Building), Al Naboodah Building, DNATA Intersection,
Landmark : Next to Toyota showroom, Near Deira City Center, DUBAI. (FREE CAR PARKING AVAILABLE FOR PATIENTS)
Phone: +97142502444
Mobile: +971551544040 / +971501841423
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2023.06.01 06:57 OddIntruder Fun fact: Chris Evans's dad is a dentist, he even still practices.

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2023.06.01 06:53 Status-Cup7967 About Orthodontist Dubai Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding, also known as bruxism, is a condition characterized by the habitual grinding or clenching of teeth. It often occurs involuntarily during sleep, known as sleep bruxism, but can also happen during wakefulness, referred to as awake bruxism. Bruxism can affect both adults and children.
Stress and anxiety: Emotional stress and anxiety are common triggers for teeth grinding. It can be a subconscious way of dealing with tension.
Sleep disorders: Sleep apnea, snoring, and other sleep-related breathing disorders can contribute to bruxism.
Malocclusion: Misaligned teeth or an improper bite can cause grinding as the jaw tries to find a more comfortable position.
Medications and substances: Certain medications like antidepressants, stimulants, and recreational drugs can increase the risk of bruxism.
Lifestyle factors: Consuming caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco products can contribute to tooth grinding.
Grinding or clenching sounds during sleep, often noticed by a partner or family member.
Worn-down, flattened, chipped, or fractured teeth.
Increased tooth sensitivity or pain.
Jaw pain or soreness, headaches, or earaches.
Tense facial muscles or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.
Treatment and Management:
Mouthguards: A dentist can create a custom-fit mouthguard, also called a splint or bite plate, to protect the teeth from grinding during sleep.
Stress management: Techniques such as relaxation exercises, counseling, or stress reduction strategies can help address underlying anxiety or stress-related causes.
Dental correction: In cases where malocclusion or bite issues contribute to bruxism, orthodontic treatment or dental restorations may be recommended.
Medication: In some instances, muscle relaxants or medications for anxiety or depression may be prescribed temporarily.
Lifestyle changes: Avoiding stimulating substances like caffeine and alcohol, practicing good sleep hygiene, and incorporating relaxation techniques before bed can help manage bruxism.
It's important to consult with a dentist or healthcare professional if you suspect you have bruxism. They can evaluate your condition, provide appropriate treatment recommendations, and help prevent further dental damage.
Tooth grinding, or bruxism, can have several negative effects on oral health and overall well-being. Here are some potential consequences and complications of tooth grinding:
Tooth damage: The constant grinding and clenching can wear down the enamel, the protective outer layer of the teeth. This can lead to tooth sensitivity, increased risk of cavities, and even tooth fractures or chips.
Jaw disorders: Bruxism can strain the jaw muscles and temporomandibular joint (TMJ), leading to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). This can cause jaw pain, difficulty in opening or closing the mouth, and clicking or popping sounds in the jaw joint.
Headaches and facial pain: The excessive pressure and tension on the jaw muscles can result in chronic headaches, facial pain, and earaches.
Sleep disturbances: For individuals with sleep bruxism, the grinding and clenching noises can disrupt their sleep as well as the sleep of their bed partner.
Gum problems: Bruxism can contribute to gum recession, where the gums pull away from the teeth, exposing the tooth roots and increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
Malocclusion: In some cases, bruxism can lead to misalignment of the teeth, causing an improper bite. This can further exacerbate the grinding problem.
Dental restorations damage: Individuals with dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns, or bridges, may experience accelerated wear and damage due to bruxism.
Facial muscle hypertrophy: The constant clenching of the jaw muscles can result in the enlargement and overdevelopment of the jaw muscles, leading to a more square or prominent jawline appearance.
It's important to address tooth grinding to prevent these complications and preserve oral health. Seeking professional advice from a dentist or healthcare provider is recommended for diagnosis, treatment, and management strategies tailored to your specific situation.
Visit to fix your free dental appointment in Dubai UAE
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2023.06.01 06:41 Prestigious-Emu6477 Dental Visit with Western Dental and Orthodontics (Was the extra cost ethical?)

I recently had a deep cleaning done by Western Dental and Orthodontics, it was my first cleaning after maybe five years after neglect from depression. They checked my periodontal pockets which ranged to 4-5. This was concerning but then they showed X-rays and said I had bone loss, but I feel like the pockets and X-ray didn’t match up. Anyway, they discussed a treatment plan with my guardian that included their own care package called Gum-X. Gum-X is not available anywhere else but this dentistry COMPANY, I will add. I did what the doctors told me and waited for my dental mold to arrive at the clinic, fast forward a few weeks and I come back for a small cleaning.
A week and a half later I receive my mouth molds, I’m advised to put medication along the molds and keep them in for 15 minutes every night after flossing and brushing.
It’s been almost over a week with these things and I don’t feel like it’s helping. I feel like my family was ripped off $2,000 for stuff that won’t even help me.
This dentist has 2 stars in multiple YELP reviews and I feel tired, sad and stressed that perhaps I didn’t get the care that I needed. They didn’t even give me paperwork of my charts or X-rays. I wish I had advised my mother to research good dentists before she booked me an appointment with some terrible corporate dentist office.
Will this actually help me in the long run?
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2023.06.01 06:38 nasty_scrum 3-Year-Old Child Shoots Mom And Her Friend In Indiana Apartment

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2023.06.01 06:38 nasty_scrum 3-Year-Old Child Shoots Mom And Her Friend In Indiana Apartment

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2023.06.01 06:34 Scratchy_The_Toon Can dental specialists refer out to the same specialty if they don't feel comfortable taking on a case?

I am in the process of applying to dental schools and I'm thinking about if I want to specialize (I know I'm a long way from that but just weighing my options) and I was curious if for example a periodontist can refer to another periodontist if they don't feel comfortable doing a procedure. It's comforting knowing that as a general dentist you can refer out complex cases, but can specialists do the same? I would hate having to treat someone I don't feel prepared to treat for whatever reason.
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2023.06.01 06:31 peachismile Trip Report: First trip to Japan, 8 days Mid-May (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto)

Hi everyone! Just came back from my first trip to Japan. It has always been my biggest dream to visit Japan since I was a kid and I'm so glad I finally got the chance to go! The trip was actually planned by my boyfriend who booked everything for us in May, which is my birthday month.
Make Reservations Months in Advance! We made reservations for cafes, activities, restaurants, and even trains months in advance to make sure we would be able to do everything we wanted; we were not taking any risks and we were so thankful for our reservations. Make sure to do your research about when to make reservations months in advance.
Pack and Travel Light. Japan isn't really suited for traveling with big luggage to haul around. The trains can get incredibly crowded, you’ll probably be walking around and using stairs frequently, and hotel rooms can be very small at times. I recommend bringing a small rolling luggage and a large backpack and only pack what you need. Leave some room in your luggage for souvenirs or snacks to bring back.
Get Yen immediately at the airport or at the nearest convenience store! You will definitely need yen for a good amount of places in Japan. My boyfriend and I tried to load money in our Suica but the machine we used only accepted yen. Luckily we found a nearby conbini that accepted our debit card but we couldn't use our credit cards for some reason because the atm required a pin number. I might have accepted Mastercard but we both didn't have one.
Bringing comfortable shoes is a must in Japan! I brought comfortable shoes and my feet still hurt by the third day because we were walking and standing most of the days. I also recommend buying Lion’s Foot Patch if you find it at a conbini (I think we bought them at Lawsons) as the gel patch felt so good after a long day of walking!
Plan more days to relax. Although I have no regrets doing all the fun things we planned for our trip, I do wish we had more rest days in Japan, especially when our feet were so sore and we were so sleep deprived from waking up early. I wish we would have stayed a full 2 weeks in Japan and planned relaxing things to do in between our activities like visiting an Onsen and staying in a Ryokan.
Get to popular places early! My boyfriend and I would wake up at 5am to get ready and beat the morning rush hour and to get to popular places before the crowds showed up, it definitely worked out well for us.
Use hotel luggage transport or lockers when necessary. The luggage transport was especially useful when traveling long distances and carrying luggage through the trains would just be a hassle. All we had to do was just talk to our hotel clerk and give him the information for our next hotel we would be sending it to, and the clerk did the rest of the work. The luggage would usually arrive 2 days after we sent it. For the rest of the time, we just used lockers at train stations to store our luggage as we went sightseeing.
Trip Report:
Sunday May 14: Arrival and TokyoDisney
Arrival at Narita Airport
Arrival was simple, fast, and easy. For immigration and customs, we just had to scan our QR codes and passport and also take a picture.
Yen situation
As we arrived at Disney by bus, we wanted to use the coin lockers to store our luggage. The lockers only took suica (maybe yen too) so we tried to buy a suica but the machines only took yen (it didn't look like it took foreign cards). We tried walking to 7/11but it was closed so we ended up just walking to our hotel to drop off luggage. We ended up spending more than an hour walking everywhere and only had 2 hours for Disney.)
Tokyo Disney
The only ride we had time for was the beauty and the beast ride and it was amazing! We loved our experience inside the castle and we were amazed how fluid the animatronics were. If I could recommend one ride in Disney it would be this one. We did have time to go on one more ride so we went on the Monsters Inc ride which was just a shooter game and was just okay.
Monday May 15: Tokyo- DisneySea
Before we went to disneysea, we wanted to try some convenience store food so we went to Lawsons and Family Mart. The convenience store food was delicious! The onigiri tastes better than the ones in the US, the chicken in the hot food section was so juicy and delicious! Definitely recommend eating the hot foods and drinks. We tried getting money out of the ATM with our Visa credit cards but it didnt work so we used our debit card because the atm required a pin number.
Tokyo Disneysea
We arrived at Disneysea almost an hour early and we still had to wait in line. After the gates opened, we went straight to Journey to the Center of the Earth, but it broke down before we were able to ride it. The staff did offer us a fast pass to use for the ride later when it would be fixed. When the ride was working again, we headed back, used the fast pass and immediately got on the ride. It was a fun. fast, and short ride. All the rides at disneysea are pretty short and are moderately thrilling. Afterwards, we went to the submarine ride, 20,000 leagues under the sea, which was a unique experience and a very chill ride. Next was the Indiana jones ride; it was fun and a much better ride than the one in california. Then we went to Tower of terror which wasn't too scary. We also went to Soaring which actually has really long lines and wait time but it was a cool experience. The ride with the longest line was probably toy story mania; we decided not to go on the ride because of the long lines and we've been to the one in california. Kings triton castle was the most beautiful area to look at and explore, our favorite part of the area was exploring ariel's trinket room. Lots of rides were closed the day we went so we didnt get to ride on the spirits roller coaster, autopia, and explorers. My favorite food i tried there was the Ukiwa bun.
We also got to eat at Magellan which is one of the more expensive dining options. We didn't make a reservation until that very same day but we luckily able to reserve a spot in the morning. The food was tasty and it was my first time going to a fancier kind of restaurant that offered 3 course meal that were all tiny portions. I got the cheaper option (around $40 or $60, i cant remember) and it was very delicious. My boyfriend got the most expensive option (around $100) and it tasted terrible! I wouldnt recommend getting the most expensive option there.
Tuesday May 16: Tokyo-Harajuku
We took the trains to get to Harajuku and it was a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to find our train the first few times but, after a while, it became a very easy process. We used google maps to find the trains we needed to take. Then at the train stations, we looked for signs with the name of the train line we needed and followed the arrows and asked for directions when we needed extra help. Then we used our suica card to tap into the specific station we needed to be at to find our train. Next we looked for the PLATFORM NUMBER our train would be arriving at and followed the signs for that number. Once at the platform, we confirmed if we were at the right place by making sure the ARRIVAL TIME, PLATFORM NUMBER, and TRAIN LINE on the digital signs matched the one from our google maps. Make sure to follow train etiquette by stepping to the side to let people out of the train and putting your backpack in front of you if the train is really crowded.
At Harajuku station, we put our luggage in coin lockers for the day so we could explore. We went to a conbini, grabbed some food for breakfast and went to Yoyogi park to eat since nothing was open at 7am. After eating, we went to Meiji shrine for a bit, which is also near yoyogi park, and then headed back to harajuku so we wouldn't be late for our mipig reservations.
Mipig cafe was our favorite cafe and one of our favorite experiences in japan! The pigs were so loving and friendly, they came right up to us and laid on our laps after the staff put some blankets on us. They were adorable and as many as 2-3 pigs would come up to us and sit on our laps. Some pigs would even get aggressive with other piggies if you gave one too much attention. Some pigs started chewing on my dress so I had to get another blanket to hide my dress from being eaten.
After Mipig, we wanted to get some food. We tried Marian crepes, candied strawberries, and some small cafes. We visited Anakuma cafe and it was definitely an interesting experience. A bear hand would come out of hole in the wall and give us candy and a coin to put in a gacha machine and it would also play rock paper scissor with us.
Next stop was Hedgehog cafe which i wouldnt recommend only because I learned later that hedgehogs are nocturnal and they were sleeping most of the time we were there. We ended up leaving early because there was not much to do as we felt bad disturbing the little guys.
Afterwards we visited the Kiddyland store and I enjoyed the studio ghibli section but they also had kirby, pokemon, and sanrio merchandise.
Next we took a train to team labs, we got there early but we had to wait until it was closer to our reservation time before we could line up. After getting inside we had to put our shoes and backpacks in lockers so we could go through the water exhibition first. They offer shorts if you are wearing dresses as some of the exhibitions have mirror floors. I wasnt too into the water exhibition but I did like the lights exhibition and flower exhibition the best. Overall it was a cool experience and I got some amazing photos out of it.
Shibuya sky
Lastly we went to shibuya sky. We also couldn't get inside until our reservation time started. The elevator ride up was pretty cool as they played a video on the ceiling. They have some restaurants and cafes near the top, I wish I came earlier to try them but we were so tired I didnt want to stay too long. The top of shibuya sky was outside and it was cold (i wish i brought a sweater) but it was incredibly beautiful, especially at night. It's a nice place to relax and look at views. This was probably my favorite sky building out of the three i went (shibuya sky, umeda sky, and tokyo skytree).
Wednesday May 17: Nagoya-Ghibli Park
Ghibli park
We left early morning to get on the train and avoid morning rush hour. We ended up taking the Nozomi train to Nagoya. We bought our shinkansen tickets at the JR ticket booth. We recommend reserving seats as its only a couple yen more and gives you peace of mind knowing you get to choose your seats. We also grabbed some ekibens which were delicious, my favorite was the blue one with mt. fuji on it. Next we had to take a bus to ghibli park which was actually very hard to find. We had to ask for help to find it. To pay for the bus, you can use a suica card or yen to pay as you board the bus.
We arrived super early, and put some of our bags in the lockers. We went to lawsons nearby and bought a ghibli park book which features the exhibitions inside. We walked around the park a bit before we were allowed to start lining up for our reservation times. There are also no trash cans at ghibli park so make sure you bring a trash bag with you to take all your trash back with you.
Around 12pm we went inside and went straight to the first exhibition (Becoming characters in Memorable Ghibli scenes) and there was already a line to get in. Once we got in we took pictures with Noface from spirited away, ponyo, princess mononoke scene, and many more movie scenes.
The next exhibition we went to was the food exhibition (Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals). You can't take pictures in that area but it was cool to be able to interact in the kitchen spaces from your favorite movie scenes. Also, in the end of this exhibition, you can take pictures with totoro and the cat bus!
We visited the ghibli store next because I heard the lines can get rather long at the end of the day and I bought some merchandise from there.
Afterwards, we took pictures at the central staircase, the castle in the sky scene, and the scene with Yubaba.
Next, we took the elevator down to the bottom floor and took pictures in the arietty scenes, it was cool feeling so tiny while everything was supersized!
Lastly we went to the bakery to get some sandwiches. Unfortunately, the food does sell out and there were not a lot of choices left by the time we got there. The food we got was okay but nothing special.
Osaka: Ichiran ramen
After Ghibli park we took the train to Osaka. In Osaka, we lined up to get into Ichiran ramen. We ordered our ramen through a vending machine and it gave us our ticket to give to our server. We were seated in these small cubicle areas but we were also able to close the partition in between us so my boyfriend and I could share our table space together. I thought it was a unique dining experience; it was cool not having to say a single word to our server, and the food was also delicious too.
Thursday May 18: Osaka-Universal Studios Japan
Got to USJ an hour before it opened and there were still super long lines! As the gates opened up, we ran to nintendoland to make sure we got in. We went to toadstool cafe to get ticket reservations but they didn't open until 9am so we decided to take the single rider line for the mario kart ride, it was a bad idea. For some reason the single rider line still took us 30 minutes to complete and it felt like it was going slower than the regular lines. The mario kart ride was cool, it used like a VR headset and you were able to shoot shells at others but I really didn't understand what was going on.
Toadstool cafe
We went back to toadstool but all the tickets were gone, I tried talking to one of the workers if they would offer tickets later but I don't think he understood what i was saying. He actually just let me in the line after I asked a few times if they had anymore tickets for the afternoon. After waiting in line and ordering, we grabbed our drinks and table number and sat down at our table. The drinks were delicious! Definitely recommend. We also ordered some kind of mushroom pesto soup and it was bomb! We recommend that too since they don't offer it in the California Universal. We also got peaches cake for like $30 which is supposed to be for 4 people but just the 2 of us ate it. It was light and fluffy and we recommend getting it as they also dont offer it in the California Universal. The staff also came by and offered to take pics of us which was so nice.
Next we bought the limited edition wrist bands and started playing some of the mini games. We played about 3 games before we decided to leave nintendo land and check out the other areas because we also bought a reserved time to get back into nintendoland to use our fastpass for the yoshi ride.
We had a fastpass for the Jurassic park ride so we went on that next. Make sure you are prepared to get wet cause you will get soaked at the end. Then we went to Hogwarts and watched some of the shows they offered and grabbed a meatpie. We didn't stay long here as we have already been to Hogwarts in california. Next we got in line for the mario strawberry shortcake pancake and it was delicious light and fluffy! I think we also had a fastpass ride for jaws and that ride was actually really cooler than I expected . The next fastpass ride was for despicable me ride so we did that one too and it was actually better than the california version. And lastly we went back to nintendoland to use our reservation time and our fastpass for the yoshi ride. It was a cute slow ride but it had nice views of the park. I enjoyed it even though it was a kiddy ride. Lastly, we had the yakisoba shells and melon lassi and both were delicious
By this time our feet were so sore from walking for days so we left early to go rest at our hotel. I ended up being so sore and tired I just knocked out early. My boyfriend bought Lions Foot Patches from Lawson and put them on my feet while i slept. They felt so nice and cool on my feet. I recommed getting those foot patches while you're in japan.
We woke up for a late dinner and got some nearby mcdonalds. I'm not a fan of mcdonalds in the US but i wanted to try japan's mcdonalds to see if its better. I honestly didn't like the Japan Mcdonalds either even though it does taste different, I'm not sure what the hype is about with the japanese mcdonalds. I found that japan's convenience store chicken was much juicer and tasted better than the mcdonalds chicken.
Friday May 19: Kyoto-Fushimi Inari Taisha, Nishiki market, Ninenzaka
Fushimi inari taisha shrine
We got to the shrine early, maybe around 7am,and it was not very crowded but there were still people there. It was raining a bit so luckily i brought my umbrella, unfortunately my boyfriend did not, this would haunt him later. We took a picture of a map to see which way to go to reach the top as there are different routes you can take. It was a gradual climb up but my boyfriend really struggled as his feet still hurt from the days before. The gates were beautiful and there were so many areas to look at and explore as we climbed. Unfortunately my boyfriend was tired and we were in a time crunch so we didn't explore every area but I wish I could have because this was the most beautiful place I had visited in Japan. As we neared the top it started to rain more heavily and my boyfriend ended up getting soaked. The top of the shrine was anticlimactic, but we took our picture and headed back down. On our way we stopped by the little stores and bought an umbrella for my boyfriend which we were thankful they had some. As we went down the steps in the rain, my boyfriend accidentally slipped and fell on his back pretty badly. He ended up with a deep gash on his finger as the blood gushed all over the floor. Luckily I had some tissues to wrap up his finger. We headed back down the mountain and bought some bandaids at a conbini store. We also bought some strawberry daifuku at a small little shop and it was the best daifuku I ate in Japan. The mochi was a great consistency and the strawberry was the juiciest strawberry i ever had. I wish i had bought more from there.
Nishiki market
We went to Nishiki market around 11am and it was super crowded while the path was so small and narrow. We literally had to push through the crowds at times because there were so many people, it was not a fun time for me. I also ended up losing my suica card somewhere around there. I'm also not the biggest fan of seafood but my boyfriend is so he ended up eating most of the food. We ended up not staying long for all those reasons and ended up going to a nearby store that sold all kinds of different food which I liked a lot better because there weren't crowds of people there.
Next we walked to Ninenzaka which was like a 30 minute walk. It was still raining so we were just looking for a place to stop and eat for a bit. We went to Kudamono cafe and got the cloud dessert. It was pretty good and fluffy and the dessert looked so pretty. Afterwards, we had room for more dessert so we tried Meccha cafe. We ordered the matcha tiramisu and the parfait. The matcha tiramisu was probably the best dessert i had in Japan, I definitely recommend getting it! We also visited Donguri and bought more totoro merchandise. At this point, my boyfriend was so tired and soaked from the rain we decided to go back to the hotel. We took the bus this time and it was packed! We had to push people just to get out.
Saturday May 20: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka
Arashiyama bamboo forest
We got to the bamboo forest early at 7am, there were a few people there but not too many like later in the day. I recommend going super early to beat the crowds. The bamboo forest was super short but it was still a cool area to check out and plus there are many things to do around the area. We walked to a nearby park next to a big river and the views were absolutely gorgeous! Kyoto is really breathtaking. After walking a while and checking out the scenery we headed back to the bamboo forest to board the Sagano Romantic Train.
Sagano Romantic Train
We had reserved seats for the Sagano Romantic Train and the views from the train were amazing! Get there early because you might have to do some minor paperwork stuff to print out your ticket if you reserved in advance. The reserved seating we had was in a train with no glass windows so you can just feel the air rushing through your hair as the train moves. Truly it was a memorable and fun experience with a lot of breathtaking nature views. After coming back to our initial departure spot on the train, we left for Monkey Park.
Monkey Park
We rushed over to Monkey park and by this time the streets of kyoto became much crowded as we had to dodge pedestrians left and right. We paid a fee to get into the monkey park and hiked our way up to the park, there were a couple benches to take rest if needed. At the top, you can see monkeys running around and playing with one another. We went inside a little building where you can buy food for the monkeys and feed them through windows covered with a mesh net. We didnt stay long as we had a full schedule planned for the day so we left to go catch a train to Nara but we did eat some amazing street food on the way. I don't know why but the street food in Kyoto was so delicious, the best I had in Japan probably.
We arrived at Nara from the trains and went straight to Nakatanidou for some mochi and it was packed with people! It was even hard trying to get a space to watch them make the mochis. It was cool to experience the mochi making and to taste the mochi but I probably wouldn't go back there again because of the crowds.
Nara Park
After the mochis, we walked to Nara park and it was amazing! There were so many deers and they were so friendly and polite! This was my favorite part of nara for sure. For a few yen, we bought some crackers and found some deers that would bow everytime they wanted a cracker, it was too cute. The deers were literally everywhere, on the streets and even at temples.
There were lots of shrines around the area but we came pretty late so most of them were closing up but the ones we did see were pretty neat to look at. We also ate some udon at a little restaurant next to a small lake, the views of the lake were amazing from inside the restaurant.
After Nara, we came back to Osaka and the streets were so crowded at night. I tried shopping at don quixote but there were just to many people to weave through that I just decide to give up and try a 10 yen cheese bread near the store. The line was kind of long but I decided to try it out, it was actually really big, not that good, and made my stomach hurt. I would not be getting that again haha
Matsusakagyu Yakiniku Restaurant
My boyfriend had reserved this place for Thursday but we were so tired that day that we decided to cancel our reservation. We decided to try to go in person on this day to see if we could get in. We were lucky that they had a spot available and we ordered a platter of A5 wagyu beef for more than $100 US dollar. Im not really a meat person but the beef was very tender and delicious and the service was very good. They took pictures of me and my boyfriend and gave me free ice cream for my birthday.
Sunday May 21: Tokyo-Joypolis, Akihabara, skytree
The next morning we took the Nozumi back to Tokyo and headed straight to joypolis. We got tickets that allowed us to go on pretty much any ride there. Joypolis was small but had some interesting and unique rides and attractions. My favorite was the rhythm rollercoaster where you play rhythm games on a small roller coaster. We also played a VR Laser tag which was actually pretty fun even though I dont really play VR. There was an Attack on Titan walkthrough attraction that was completely in Japanese so I didnt understand any of it but it had some very cool props inside. The other interesting attraction was a scary house, where you have to get into these lockers and a girl comes and bangs on them and then the lockers flip you back horizontally. It wasnt that scary but it was pretty unique.
Next we went to Akihabara just to check out but we were actually super tired so we didnt stay long. We went to a couple stores but to be honest it was actually kind of boring as I am no longer as into anime as I was when I was a kid so we ended leaving akihabara fairly quickly.
Tokyo Skytree
Instead of going to akihabara I kind of wish I just went to the tokyo skytree shopping area because there was so much cool things to do there! They have a pokemon center, a kirby cafe, studio ghibli shop, and so many stores to shop or restaurants to eat at! We also went to the top of skytree but it honestly wasnt worth the money as the very top didnt have that much stuff and we just had to wait in these super long lines to get both up and down the skytree. After the skytree, we found a yakitori spot and ate some beef skewers which were delicious. We wished we went restaurant hopping more as there were just so many places to eat in this area.
Monday May 22: Ueno Park and Departure
Ueno park
Before we left to the airport, we visited Ueno park which was only a few blocks away from our hotel. It had a beautiful lake which was covered with some sort of lily pads. The park was pretty big and it was nice just walking around the area.
Life Mart
We decided to stop at Life Mart to get some food before we left to the airport. The Meat was so delicious and was so cheap, and it had different options from conbinis. We took train back to Narita Airport, this train I think you have to reserve in advance.
Narita airport
Going back through immigrations and customs and tsa was super easy and fast. We recommended getting lunch or snack early because there were pretty long lines as our departure time approached.
We also bought Tokyo Banana for souvenir snacks to bring back to our families, its very delicious!
In the end, visiting Japan was better than I could ever imagine and I just cant wait to go back! Please let me know what your favorite parts of Japan are and what other areas in Japan I must check out!
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2023.06.01 06:24 Doyoulikespoons69 Is there work in Chicago?

I currently work out of local 86 Seattle WA.. I just was wondering if Chicago unions are even friendly like that to give me a chance to get in? I see the prices of houses in Indiana etc. it is very appealing to me .. money can go much further over there. Also the weather sucks in Seattle and in Chicago so that doesn’t bother me
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2023.06.01 06:21 Opening_Major5830 Hii :) 24 yo trans girl looking for someone to chill/hangout with. Texting or snap or irl dates

Hi :) im looking for someone i can hopefully get to know on another level and everything. Get to know me ;)! Im in indiana so if you are too thats a major plus!! Im very relaxed and chill/down to earth so if that’s something you’re interested in hmu!! I have all social medias so whatever works for you works for me ;)
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2023.06.01 06:20 TulipsinGarden PASSED INBDE 17/19 MAY

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to share my two cents on the exam. I just got my result today and so grateful! This group helped me a lot while I was preparing for it so I wanted a chance to be able to help back a little. Just as a background, I am currently enrolled in a MS Oral Biology program at UIC. I am a recent grad but a foreign trained dentist from Pakistan. I am also currently working as a Dental Assistant part time and prepared for INBDE for around 4 months. I was and still am supremely busy but I scheduled an appointment and stuck to it, had faith in my skills and my prayers.
I got 3 month subscription of boot-camp, went through mental dental videos and used booster notes along with it. I went through all videos of pharmacology, operative , ethics, medicine , endodontics and pathology. And for the rest fields of dentistry I mostly relied on booster notes. I also made a lot of notes for myself. I did use ADA ethic notes as well and I used RQ files to review a few days before my exam.
I went through as many questions as possible on bootcamp, and I always tried to understand the explanation of whatever question I attempted wrong instead of skimming through. I also got someone’s booster subscription after reading a lot of posts here for a few days (14 days) but I honestly felt the questions were hard and they made me much more anxious/nervous about the exam so I decided not to use it.
Honestly, I feel like I did a lot of silly mistakes in the exam itself as well, there were a lot of tough sections that I got confused in but at the end it was mostly how to be calm, have firm control on your nerves and think through with logic and your knowledge. I truly think if I can do it, anyone can! I wish everyone a lot of luck going forward and I hope you guys ace it. 🌸
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2023.06.01 06:15 Kyro_1645 what is this little thing?

what is this little thing?
I live in Indiana U.S, I’ve been finding these in the carpet of my house as well as the corners of my house. small and big.
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2023.06.01 06:08 damagedproletarian Is BioCoat something that is actually available?

Sometimes on the internet I have trouble working out what is real and what is subterfuge so I am coming here for some help.
I am looking for options to remineralize and seal fissures in my lower-left second and third molars.
I have found a product that may help me called Biocoat. The problem is I can't find a dentist that actually offers this.
Yesterday I got a quote from my dentist for "adhesive restoration" but I am more interested in regenerative options.
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2023.06.01 06:04 JimK215 What was that problem you just couldn't solve and had to work around?

This is more of an IT support story but here's the memory that made me create this post:
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2023.06.01 06:02 Joke_Neither Yellow steaks on molar surface

Yellow steaks on molar surface
I've been searching the web for so long and can't find anything similar. My dentist doesn't open until Monday. Pls help my dental anxiety :( Background: I got a cleaning done 2 months ago I just got the molar in back of this one extracted 7 days ago I brush twice a day I just noticed it today. I haven't been chewing on that side due to the extraction so I'm really confused. The rest of my teeth are normal I tried scraping it off with a toothpick without success
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2023.06.01 05:53 dentistofwoodland Implant Dentist located in Woodland Hills, CA

Implant Dentist located in Woodland Hills, CA
Dental implants can help you attain a beautiful, self-assured smile if you've lost a tooth, need to have a tooth extracted, or dentures in place. In some circumstances, Alexander Visot can complete the implant in a single day. He performs dental implant Woodland Hills, California. Call us at (818)-225-7768 or use the online booking feature to set up a consultation.

Dental Implant Woodland hills
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2023.06.01 05:51 EventuallyPlump 3-Year-Old Child Shoots Mom And Her Friend In Indiana Apartment

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2023.06.01 05:46 ok-er_than_you What organization best advocates for dentists? Are there any that advocate for young/starting out dentists?

From what I've seen the ADA is pretty crap when it comes to advocating for dentists. Instead they appear to advocate for those with money in dentistry. Are there any organizations doing a good job representing dentists? Are there any that focus on the issues important to young dentists?
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2023.06.01 05:35 Serious-Ad-9991 Where to register new car

I'm moving from Indiana to Illinois in September and will be buying my first car this summer. I'm planning on buying the car in Indiana before I move to Illinois.
I assume I'll receive an Indiana temporary registration and title when I buy the car, but I'm unsure whether I should a) permanently register the car in Indiana and then pay again to have it registered in Illinois after I move, OR b) if I should just wait to register it until after I move to Illinois. My only hesitation with option b is my fear of having to pay sales tax in both states if the Illinois DMV is under the impression I bought the car as an Illinois resident (afraid I'll end up paying sales tax in both states).
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2023.06.01 05:26 monterrico Cracked my retainer. Continue wearing like this until new ones come in, or use my last Invisalign tray (from 16 months ago)?

Cracked my retainer. Continue wearing like this until new ones come in, or use my last Invisalign tray (from 16 months ago)?
Hello. I cracked my 1 year old retainer today. I have an appt with my dentist on Tuesday for a rescan.
I’m very anxious about keeping my teeth straight after finishing Invisalign Feb 2022. Freaking out bc the tray doesn’t feel snug with the crack, so I worry my teeth with shift until I get the new ones. I still have my last Invisalign tray from 16 months ago, I kept it in case anything like this happened.
Should I wear the cracked retainer, or my last Invis tray? Invis tray feels a bit tight but wearable. Don’t know what to do, please advice. Thank you!
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2023.06.01 05:25 Illustrious_Pie_3836 Looking to get composite bonding done in Toronto by a experienced dentist

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation for a dentist with experience particularly in composite bonding. I don’t trust google reviews and many places I see don’t have photos of there work specifically in composite bonding, so I’m very hesitant. Also a ball park range of cost if you had your done TIA.
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