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2023.06.09 07:43 Alarmed-Film871 "Alligators: Nature's Stealthy Predators of the Wetlands"


The alligator is a fascinating and iconic creature that inhabits various freshwater habitats, particularly in the southeastern United States and parts of China. Here are some key points about alligators:
  1. Physical Characteristics: Alligators are large reptiles with a muscular body, a long snout, and a set of sharp teeth. They have a tough, scaly skin that provides protection and helps regulate their body temperature. Adult alligators can reach impressive sizes, with males typically growing larger than females.
  2. Habitat: Alligators are primarily found in wetland environments such as swamps, marshes, rivers, lakes, and ponds. They require both water and land areas for different aspects of their lives. Alligators are cold-blooded, so they bask in the sun to regulate their body temperature.
  3. Behavior: Alligators are known for their stealthy nature and powerful hunting abilities. They are opportunistic predators, feeding on a variety of prey including fish, turtles, birds, mammals, and sometimes even smaller alligators. They have a unique hunting technique where they lurk beneath the water's surface, using their keen senses to ambush unsuspecting prey.
  4. Reproduction: Alligators have a courtship and mating ritual that occurs during the spring season. Females build large nests made of vegetation, where they lay their eggs. After an incubation period of about 65 days, the female opens the nest, and the baby alligators (called hatchlings) make their way to the water. Mother alligators are highly protective of their offspring during this period.
  5. Conservation Status: Alligators were once endangered due to overhunting and habitat loss. However, conservation efforts and regulations have helped their populations recover. Today, alligators are classified as a species of least concern, but they are still protected by law in many areas.
  6. Significance in Ecosystems: Alligators play a crucial role in their ecosystems as top predators. They help control populations of other species, regulate food chains, and create habitat diversity through their nesting activities. Alligator habitats are also home to a variety of other plants and animals, contributing to overall biodiversity.
  7. Human Interaction: While alligators are generally shy and tend to avoid humans, they can become dangerous if provoked or when their natural habitat is encroached upon. It's important to exercise caution and respect when encountering alligators, as they are powerful creatures and should be observed from a safe distance.
Remember, if you ever encounter an alligator in the wild, it's best to keep a safe distance and appreciate them from afar. They are fascinating creatures that contribute to the rich biodiversity of our planet.
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2023.06.09 07:42 Adityabook6027 Fashion Criticism: An Anthology Book.

The book covers Fashion Criticism and is the first anthology dedicated to the often-overlooked field of fashion criticism. It aims to establish fashion writing as a respected area of critique alongside more established fields. This essential work traces the history of fashion criticism in the English language, from its origins in avant-garde modernist magazines to the groundbreaking work of Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Robin Givhan and National Book Award winner Judith Thurman. It examines the evolution of fashion coverage in newspapers, uncovering the contributions of cultural critics such as Susan Sontag, Eve Babitz, Bebe Moore Campbell, Angela Carter, and Hilton Als. Exploring the gender dynamics within the field, Fashion Criticism highlights how fashion analysis has become increasingly significant in our visual and digital world. The book argues that fashion criticism played a central role in reshaping gender roles and challenging notions of race. Drawing from two centuries of previously unpublished articles, from Oscar Wilde's editorials to the influential fashion journalism of the 1980s and the rise of fashion bloggers today, this anthology is an indispensable resource for students of fashion studies, media, and journalism.
For more information Contact us: -

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Contact us - 9810773221, 9810773223

To get more information and to purchase it click the below link: -
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2023.06.09 07:42 JustSmall [FRESH VIDEO] Spring Summer - Birds For Phil (Video by Anne-Marie Symons and Norris Houk)

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2023.06.09 07:40 Russ8827 20 years ago off 72 near Davis Junction. What is it that I saw?

I was towing 2 cars back from lake in the hills with my wife late one night. We came across a detour as the bridge was being repaired. A simple loop through farm land and as I crest the hill there is a small cemetery on the right and we cross over railroad tracks. Its the middle of winter and snow atleast a foot deep on the sides of the road. As we start coming down the hill to the stop sign we see a woman on the right side of the road in the ditch. I remember this slightly different than my ex does. I remember seeing her being very bright holding a red and blue lunch bag, one in each hand. My ex did not see the bags. We make it to the sign, I did not stop and made a left continuing on my route. I asked my ex should we call someone? She says who and thats the end of the conversation. I've passed that area hundreds of times and never have seen anything before. The final detail is there is a large farm on that corner and was talking to my then wife and mentioned stopping to see if they knew what I saw. She yelled and said I didn't have time for that. Over the course of the next several years I've passed that farm and still have never stopped.
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2023.06.09 07:40 Previous_Fan_1731 Resources and tools to improve as a beginner? Tips for becoming efficient in code?

I am at USC and just finished my first semester as a spring transfer in Computer Science/Business Administration. So far, I’ve taken an introductory C++ lower division course and that’s the only class in CS I took.
Next semester I’m taking discrete math in CS and a course more in depth with C++.
I like coding a lot, and I want to become more efficient with it, but I saw there is a lot of competition and high talent especially when it comes to internships and FAANG after graduating. I haven’t started internships yet since I’m still working on developing my CS skills.
I’ll be graduating in fall 2025. Are there any outside resources or tools you guys recommend for me to become stronger in coding? Any advice on how to land internships for next year in 2024?
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2023.06.09 07:38 Puck83821 I asked ChatGPT for a cozy game concept...

More specifically, I asked ChatGPT to created a game concept that is similar in gameplay to Stardew Valley but focusing on another profession. I've included the response it gave me below. I'm not well-versed in the cozy-game genre so it is possible that this concept already exists as a game, but, if not, would you play it if it existed?
Game Concept: "Artisan's Haven"
Overview: "Artisan's Haven" is a relaxing and immersive game that shares similarities with Stardew Valley but focuses on a different profession: artisan crafts. Players take on the role of a skilled artisan who moves to a small countryside village to pursue their passion for creating unique handcrafted items. The game combines elements of resource management, exploration, social interaction, and creativity to provide an engaging experience.
Setting: The game is set in a picturesque countryside village surrounded by lush forests, tranquil rivers, and rolling hills. The village is home to a diverse community of artisans, each specializing in different crafts such as pottery, woodworking, jewelry making, glassblowing, and more. The village also hosts regular artisan fairs, attracting visitors from neighboring towns and cities.
Crafting and Customization:
Players can choose their artisan's specialization from a range of craft options, each offering unique gameplay mechanics and opportunities for creativity.
Gather resources such as wood, metal, clay, gemstones, and other materials by exploring the village, forests, and mines.
Utilize different tools and equipment specific to your craft to shape, mold, carve, and polish materials into exquisite pieces of art.
Unlock new recipes and techniques as you progress, allowing you to create more intricate and valuable items.
Village Life and Social Interaction:
Engage with the vibrant community of artisans and villagers, forming relationships and unlocking opportunities for collaboration and trade.
Participate in local events and festivals, showcasing your creations, competing in artisan competitions, and earning recognition within the village.
Fulfill requests from villagers and other artisans, providing them with unique crafted items to enhance your reputation and unlock special rewards.
Develop friendships, pursue romantic relationships, and build a sense of belonging in the community.
Exploration and Adventure:
Explore the countryside, including forests, mines, rivers, and caves, in search of rare and valuable resources.
Encounter wildlife, uncover hidden treasures, and solve puzzles to access new areas and expand your crafting possibilities.
Embark on quests and missions that take you beyond the village, discovering new cultures and learning ancient crafting techniques.
Artisan Economy and Market:
Set up your own artisan workshop, where you can display and sell your creations to villagers and visitors.
Set prices, manage inventory, and adapt to market demands to maximize profits and grow your business.
Visit other artisans' workshops and shops to trade resources, learn new techniques, and collaborate on special projects.
Progression and Rewards:
As you progress, you'll gain experience and unlock new crafting recipes, materials, tools, and customization options for your workshop and character.
Earn achievements, trophies, and accolades for exceptional craftsmanship, successful collaborations, and contributions to the village's cultural heritage.
Conclusion: "Artisan's Haven" offers players an immersive and serene experience where they can indulge their creativity, hone their artisan skills, and forge meaningful relationships in a charming countryside village. With a diverse range of crafts to choose from, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a rich world to explore, the game provides endless possibilities for artistic expression and personal growth.

Bonus: I also generated a second concept where I asked it to set a Stardew-style game in an urban environment. Here's what it gave me:

Game Concept: "Urban Oasis"
Overview: "Urban Oasis" is an immersive simulation game inspired by Stardew Valley that transports players to a bustling urban environment. Rather than farming, the game focuses on a different profession: interior design and renovation. Players will embark on a journey to revitalize dilapidated buildings, create stunning interiors, and build relationships with the diverse residents of the city while unraveling captivating stories hidden within the urban landscape.
Setting: The game is set in the vibrant city of Lumièreville, a once-thriving metropolis now facing urban decay. Players will explore various districts, each with its own distinct charm and character. From industrial lofts to historic mansions, players will transform neglected spaces into magnificent living areas, unlocking the untold stories of the city and bringing newfound life to its streets.
Interior Renovation: Players will take on the role of an aspiring interior designer, tasked with breathing new life into rundown buildings. They will engage in a range of renovation activities, including cleaning, repairing, and redecorating interiors. Players can customize layouts, select furniture, choose color schemes, and integrate various design styles to create unique and visually stunning living spaces. As they progress, they will tackle more challenging projects, unlocking advanced renovation techniques and gaining access to exclusive materials and furniture.
Relationship Building: In "Urban Oasis," players will interact with a diverse cast of characters, from residents of the buildings they renovate to fellow designers, shopkeepers, and city officials. By engaging in meaningful conversations, completing tasks, and fulfilling their design preferences, players can build relationships and establish a network within the city. Deepening these connections not only uncovers personal stories and hidden secrets but also unlocks new design opportunities, discounts at stores, and access to valuable resources.
Resource Management: As an interior designer, players must manage their budget and resources efficiently. They can visit local suppliers, negotiate prices, and acquire materials such as furniture, paint, flooring, and decor items. Balancing the budget and making strategic purchasing decisions will be crucial to ensuring successful renovations and maximizing profits. Additionally, players can participate in design contests, attracting sponsors and earning rewards that further boost their reputation and resources.
City Development: "Urban Oasis" incorporates elements of urban planning and city development. As players renovate buildings and enhance their interiors, they contribute to the revitalization of Lumièreville. By working closely with city officials, players can propose and implement community projects, such as transforming vacant lots into parks, restoring historic landmarks, or converting old factories into creative spaces. Each project impacts the city's overall aesthetics, economy, and the well-being of its residents, offering a dynamic gameplay experience.
Design Challenges and Events: Throughout the game, players will encounter design challenges and special events. These can include time-limited renovation projects, design competitions, seasonal festivals, and themed collaborations with other designers. Participating in these events not only provides unique design opportunities but also offers a chance to showcase their talent, gain recognition, and attract high-profile clients or investors.
Progression and Customization: As players progress, they can unlock new design techniques, expand their portfolio, and gain access to exclusive projects and clients. They can invest in their own design studio, hiring staff members with different skills to assist in renovation projects. Players can customize their character's appearance, upgrade their tools and equipment, and unlock specialized design styles or themes to cater to diverse client preferences.
Conclusion: "Urban Oasis" offers a captivating simulation experience, taking the core gameplay mechanics of Stardew Valley and reimagining them in an urban setting focused on interior design and renovation. With its mix of creativity, resource management, relationship building, and urban development, the game allows players to transform neglected spaces into breathtaking environments while uncovering the stories that shape the city of Lumièreville.

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2023.06.09 07:38 Hurricane_Camille Things to Do in Baton Rouge this Weekend

Last week, u/ExistentialPuggle posted an amazing list of things to do in Baton Rouge that weekend and a lot of people got excited about all the fun things going on, while others shared adfitional events happening around the city. One Redditor commented that they didn’t realize how many great things Baton Rouge has going on and this is something I’ve noticed happening a lot, so my goal is to let people know all the great things Baton Rouge has to offer and hope they share it with others.
Adam Knapp, BRAC’s new president, said his biggest concern is that compared to other cities like Lafayette and New Orleans, Baton Rouge does not have “insane community pride” and looking at this subreddit proves he’s right. I know its hard to be proud of this city. I know we’ll never be #1 on any positive list and am use to scrolling down to the bottom lists to find us but I’m a Baton Rougian for life and try to find as much pride to have in gvis city as possible.
I’m usually a lurker and not much if a poster, so it might take me a few tries to get the format right. Also, with Reddit deciding to compleywly fuck over 3rd party apps, I’m not aure how easy posting will be once Apollo no longer exists.
The places I’m currently looking for events are news sources, local magzines, the library and local wbesite. If you have any other recommendations on where to look, please share.
Please share any other events I might have missed!
(Due to this being a late night Thursday adventure, I’m probabaly only going to be able to posts this weekend’s events, but my goal is to add on events that are ongoing in the area)
Friday - June 9th
• Coppélia Ballet - Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre’s Youth Ballet summer touring show
- Carver Library - 9:30am - Free 
• LSU MOA’s Neighborhood Art Pop-Up - LSU Museum of Art brings artists, art supplies and creative projects offering kids a fun opportunity to create artwork while learning - Shiloh Baptist Church - 10am - 12pm
• Central Community Theatre: Mary Poppins Jr. - Local theatre puts on musical based on the popular Disney movie - Manship Theatre (not sure how this will work with Summer of Swing) - 6:30pm - $29
• Rhinos of the World - Learn all about rhinos from how they communicate to where they live - Baton Rouge Zoo - 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Free but pre-registration is required
• Movies in the Plaza - Movie: Turning Red (bring lawn chairs or blankets) - The Main Library at Goodwood - 7pm - Free
• Summer Swing with Ashley Orlando - The Great American Songbook & Beyond - A voyage through jazz and swing from the early 20th century through the 1960s - Manship Theatre (not sure how this will work with Mary Poppins Jr. - $25
• Highland Road Park Observatory
- Display Premiere: The Histories and Mysteries of Glass • 5:30pm - 8:30pm - Friday Night Lecture Series • 7:30pm - Both are free 
Saturday - June 10th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Farm fresh produce, goods, cooking demonstrations and more - Fifth and Main Street downtown - 8am - 12pm
• Market at the Oasis - Vendors selling farm grown produce, handmade items, baked goods and more - 13827 Coursey Blvd - 9am - 1pm
• Kids Fest - Live entertainment, speakers, health screenings and outdoor play - Scotlandville Parkway - 9am - 1pm
• Highland Road Park Observatory - Science Academy - Exploring Weather II - Cadets will investigate: frost, mist, fog, clouds, rain and snow - Ages 8 - 12 - 10am - 12pm - $5 for EBR Parish Cadet; $6 for other-Parish Cadet
• Irene W. Pennington Planetarium - Stargazing - Learn about stars and constellations and an all-ages show - Louisiana Arts & Science Museum - 10am - Ticket included in regular admission
• Greater Baton Rouge Model Railroaders - Miniature train models and running models of trains - 3406 College Street Jackson, Louisiana - 10am - 2pm - Free
• BASF’s Kid’s Lab: Float or Sink - Explore the science of chemistry during a 45-minute hands-on workshop - Ages 6 - 12 - Louisiana Arts & Science Museum - 11am; 1pm & 3pm - Tickets included with regular admisson
• Baton Rouge Seafood Festival - Taste seafood from all over Louisiana and experience Louisiana’s rich food history - 300 S. River Road - 12pm - 5pm - Kids - $10; Adults - $20
• Central Community Theatre: Mary Poppins Jr. - Local theatre puts on musical based on the popular Disney movie - Manship Theatre - 2pm & 6:30pm - $29
• Baton Rouge Super Regional - LSU Baseball vs UK - Alex Box Stadium - 2pm - Tickets required
• Highland Road Park Observatory: Evening Sky Viewing - Weather permitting, view the night sky through telescopes - 7:30pm - 10pm - Free - Turn off headlights when driving in
Sunday - June 11th
• Hilton Drag Brunch - Drag performances, brunch menu and bottomless mimosas - Must be 21 or older - Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center - 10am - 2pm - $60
• BASF’s Kid’s Lab: Float or Sink - Explore the science of chemistry during a 45-minute hands-on workshop - Ages 6 - 12 - Louisiana Arts & Science Museum - 1:30 pm & 3pm - Tickets included with regular admission
• Central Community Theatre: Mary Poppins Jr. - Local theatre puts on musical based on the popular Disney movie - Manship Theatre - 2pm & 6:30pm - $29
• Baton Rouge Super Regional - LSU Baseball vs UK - Alex Box Stadium - Time to be announced - Tickets required
Monday - June 12th
• Baton Rouge Super Regional (only if needed) - LSU Baseball vs UK - Alex Box Stadium - Time to be announced - Tickets required
Tuesday - June 13th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Local fruits and vegetables, fresh breads, garden plants, prepared foods, jams, jellies and more - Main Library at Goodwood - 3pm - 6pm
Wednesday - June 14th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Local fruits and vegetables, fresh breads, garden plants, prepared foods, jams, jellies and more - ExxonMobil YMCA - 9am - 12pm
• Sunset Paddle - Youth age 12+ and adults - Milford Wampold Memorial Park - 7pm - 8:30pm - Rentals: single kayak - $10; tandem kayak - $20; canoe - $25 - Registration required at
Thursday - June 15th
• Red Stick Farmers Market - Local fruits and vegetables, fresh breads, garden plants, prepared foods, jams, jellies and more - Pennington Biomedical Research Center - 8am - 12pm
• Juneteenth Panel Discussions - Talk will unpack the post-emancipation triumphs of Black Americans - Shaw Center for the Arts - 5pm - 7pm
• Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art - Exhibits by Mary Ann Caffery, Margaret Humphris, Phyllis Lear and David Scott (until June 19) - Free
• Capitol Park Museum - Carnival in the Nation’s Capital: The Washington Mardi Gras Ball (until Sept 16) - Creole New Orleans, Honey! The Art of Andrew LaMar Hopkins (until Sept 16) - Back Roads to Back Yards: The Flora and Fauna of South Louisiana (until Oct 28) - The History of Louisiana’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Free
• Cary Saurage Community Arts Center - Why Pride: A Collaboration with the Trevor Project (until now July 2) - Free
• Louisiana Art & Science Museum - Diamonds of History: Mighty Women by Ashley Longshire (until July 2) - Pinpointing the Stars (until Aug 1) - Illustrating Health (until Aug 6) - Our Louisiana (until Jan 14) - Artistry and Accuracy l: Botanical Illustrations by Margaret Stone (until March 3) - Children & Seniors - $10; Adults - $12
• Louisiana State Archives - 70th Jubilee Invitational Exhibit (until June 29)
• LSU Museum of Art - I, Too, am Thornton Dial (until July 2) - Hank Willis Thomas/Unbranded: Reflections in Black by Corporate America (until July 30) - Art in Louisiana: Views Into the Collection - What is Printmaking - Children (under 12) - Free; 13+ - $5
• LSU Textile & Costume Museum - Til Trends Do Us Part: A Retrospect in Changing Fashion in Bridal Wear (until Aug 31) - Free
• Main Library at Goodwood - Fiber Artists of Louisiana - Guardians, Harbingers and Sentinels (until June 30) - Free
• Old State Capitol - Jazz Age Juxtaposition: The Prohibition Era of Louisiana (until Aug 19) - Political Parties and the Culture of Conventions (until Dec 15)
• West Baton Rouge Museum - Angela Gregory: Doyenne of Louisiana Sculpture (until Aug 7) - WBRP Resident- Free; Other Adults - $4; Seniors, Military, Students - $2
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2023.06.09 07:37 thetimetwizzler One can dream.

One can dream.
Sometimes the best way to cope with the state of things is to fantasize.
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2023.06.09 07:36 Federal_Caramel9449 Smokeville

═════════════════════════ SmokesVilleRP New Community Actively Growing Chill Vibes **Chilled, friendly atmosphere with admins of all timezones that run and check on the server 24/7!
No toxic players will be tolerated here 🙂** ═════════════════════════ 1.21 UP TO DATE SERVER!
Server Information: 👤 50slots 🗺️ LIVONIA MAP 🎮 PLAYSTATION ℹ️ Simple Rules 🎫 Ticket Support 🛜 No Lag Symbol 🚙 Full Vehicles 🎪 Server Events 🎭 In-game jobs 🔫 Gas-Zone KOS ⛈️ Weather Cycle 🧟‍♀️ Zombie Mayhem 📸 Crisp Gameplay 🗣️ RP-Interaction 🏪 Active Traders 🏴‍☠️ Factions Welcome 🏳️ WhiteArmband-PVE 💰 2x Boosted Loot 🌑 20 Minute Nights 🧹 Balanced Economy 🏃‍♂️ Unlimited Sprint 🛍️ Community Traders 💯 Pristine + Full Loot 🚶 Old Movement (unstiff) 🎉 Lots Of Giveaways ☢️ No Random Gas Bombs 🦌 Animal Spawns Boosted 🎭 Self Assignable Jobs 📢 Disboard bumper 🚔 In-Game Laws 💊 In-Game Narcotics 🚨 Live PVE/PVP Feed 🙏 Friendly Community 🎭 Fun roles available 🛸 Discord+Ingame perks 👨‍💼 Active/Helpful Staff 📍 Community suggestions 🗒️ Staff/Private Job Applications 🎯 Lots To Do In Game + Discord ✈️ Custom Airdrops (fixed loot) 👍 Community Events For PVP/PVE Much More + More Coming Soon! ═════════════════════════
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2023.06.09 07:35 mucho175 Has anyone seen “American Pain” on HBO?

Has anyone seen “American Pain” on HBO?
Who was around for this? My best friend always told me about Florida from ‘06-‘12 but I didn’t listen.
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2023.06.09 07:35 Caster_Concepts Get the best Aluminum Casters at caster concepts

Get the best Aluminum Casters at caster concepts
At Caster Concepts, we offer the finest selection of Aluminum Casters, designed to meet your specific needs. With our extensive range of products, you can trust us to provide you with the best solutions for your caster requirements. Whether you're looking for durability, versatility, or exceptional performance, our Aluminum Casters deliver on all fronts. Our team of experts is committed to delivering excellence, ensuring that each caster meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Visit Caster Concepts today and experience the difference our Aluminum Casters can make in your applications.
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2023.06.09 07:27 markwalker_southeast Roof Repairs Melbourne: South East Roof Repairs

Welcome to South East Roof Repairs, your trusted partner for roof repairs in Melbourne. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of roof repairs, common problems faced by homeowners in Melbourne, signs indicating the need for repairs, and various options available for both DIY enthusiasts and those seeking professional assistance. Additionally, we will discuss roof repair costs, maintenance tips, the dilemma of roof repair versus replacement, and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Let's dive in!

1. Importance of Roof Repairs in Melbourne

Maintaining a sturdy and secure roof is crucial for protecting your home from the unpredictable Melbourne weather. Let's explore why roof repairs play a vital role in safeguarding your property.

1.1 Protecting Your Home

A well-maintained roof acts as a barrier against the elements, shielding your home from rain, wind, and harsh UV rays. Timely repairs ensure that your interior remains dry, preventing water damage, mold growth, and potential structural issues.

1.2 Extending Roof Lifespan

Regular roof repairs and maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of your roof. By addressing minor issues promptly, you prevent them from escalating into major problems that may require a complete roof replacement.

1.3 Enhancing Energy Efficiency

A damaged roof can compromise the energy efficiency of your home. By repairing leaks, insulation gaps, and damaged shingles, you can improve energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.

2. Common Roof Problems in Melbourne

Melbourne's unique climate presents specific challenges for homeowners. Familiarize yourself with these common roof problems to better understand the importance of timely repairs.

2.1 Leaks and Water Damage

Melbourne's frequent rainfall can lead to roof leaks and subsequent water damage. Proper diagnosis and repair of leaks are essential to prevent further deterioration and interior damage.

2.2 Roof Shingle Damage

High winds, heavy rain, and hailstorms can cause shingle damage. Cracked, curled, or missing shingles expose your roof to further issues, such as leaks and weakened structural integrity.

2.3 Structural Issues

Over time, roofs may develop structural problems, including sagging, rotting wood, or compromised supports. Prompt repairs are crucial to ensure the stability and safety of your home.

3. Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Recognizing the signs of roof damage helps you take proactive measures to address issues before they escalate. Look out for the following indicators that your roof requires repair.

3.1 Water Stains on Ceilings

Water stains on your ceilings or walls are a telltale sign of roof leaks. Discoloration or peeling paint should be addressed promptly to prevent further water damage and mold growth.

3.2 Missing or Damaged Shingles

Inspect your roof for any missing, cracked, or damaged shingles. Shingles protect your roof from the elements, and their deterioration can lead to leaks and other issues.

3.3 Sagging Roof

A visibly sagging roof indicates structural problems and requires immediate attention. This issue can pose safety risks and may necessitate professional intervention.

4. DIY Roof Repairs

If you're a handy homeowner, you may consider tackling minor roof repairs on your own. However, it's crucial to understand the necessary precautions and techniques to ensure safety and effectiveness.

4.1 Safety Precautions for DIY Repairs

Before starting any DIY roof repair project, prioritize safety. Use proper safety equipment, work on a stable ladder, and avoid working on the roof during adverse weather conditions.

4.2 Fixing a Leaking Roof

Temporary fixes for roof leakscan prevent further damage until professional assistance is available. Use roofing cement or patches to cover the leak and protect your interior.

4.3 Repairing Damaged Shingles

Replacing damaged shingles is a DIY task that can enhance the longevity of your roof. Carefully remove the damaged shingles and replace them with new ones, ensuring a secure fit.

5. Hiring a Professional Roof Repair Service

For complex or extensive roof repairs, it's recommended to seek professional assistance. Experienced roofing contractors offer expertise, efficient solutions, and ensure long-lasting repairs.

5.1 Benefits of Professional Roof Repairs

Professional roof repair services provide numerous advantages, including expert assessment, high-quality materials, warranties, and efficient completion of repairs, saving you time and effort.

5.2 Choosing the Right Roof Repair Company

When selecting a roof repair company, consider factors such as reputation, experience, licensing, insurance coverage, and customer reviews. Request quotes and compare services to make an informed decision.

5.3 Understanding Roof Repair Estimates

Roof repair costs vary depending on the complexity of the project, materials used, and the extent of damage. Obtain detailed estimates from different contractors to understand the scope of work and associated expenses.

6. Roof Repair Costs in Melbourne

Understanding the costs involved in roof repairs allows you to plan your budget accordingly. Several factors influence the overall cost, and it's essential to be aware of potential expenses.

6.1 Factors Affecting Roof Repair Costs

Roof repair costs depend on various factors, including the size of the roof, type of roofing material, extent of damage, accessibility, and additional services required, such as insulation or gutter repairs.

6.2 Average Roof Repair Cost in Melbourne

On average, roof repairs in Melbourne can range from $500 to $5,000 or more, depending on the aforementioned factors. Obtaining multiple quotes and comparing services can help you find a reasonable price.

6.3 Saving Money on Roof Repairs

Explore cost-saving measures such as regular roof maintenance, timely repairs, and choosing durable materials. Additionally, consider preventive measures like proper insulation and ventilation to minimize potential issues.

7. Roof Maintenance Tips

Regular roof maintenance is key to preserving the integrity and longevity of your roof. Implement these tips to ensure optimal roof performance and minimize the need for extensive repairs.

7.1 Regular Roof Inspections

Schedule annual roof inspections by professionals to identify and address minor issues before they escalate. Professionals can spot hidden damage and provide appropriate recommendations.

7.2 Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to water buildup and roof damage. Regularly clean them to ensure proper water drainage and prevent water-related issues.

7.3 Trimming Overhanging Branches

Overhanging tree branches can scrape against your roof, causing damage to shingles and creating entry points for water. Trim back branches to protect your roof from unnecessary harm.

8. Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repair

In some cases, roof repairs may not suffice, and roof replacement becomes necessary. Consider the following factors when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof.

8.1 Determining the Need for Roof Replacement

If your roof has extensive damage, significant structural issues, or is nearing the end of its lifespan, a roof replacement may be the more cost-effective and long-term solution.

8.2 Cost Comparison: Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Comparing the costs of roof repair and replacement is essential in making an informed decision. While repairs offer a more immediate and affordable solution, a roof replacement may provide better long-term value.

8.3 Choosing a Reliable Roofing Contractor

When opting for roof replacement, it's crucial to select a reliable and experienced roofing contractor. Research their credentials, reviews, and portfolio to ensure a high-quality and satisfactory outcome.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, roof repairs are crucial for protecting your home, extending the lifespan of your roof, and enhancing energy efficiency. Recognizing common roof problems and signs of damage empowers homeowners to take timely action. Whether opting for DIY repairs or hiring professionals, prioritize safety and effectiveness. Understand the costs involved in roof repairs and explore maintenance tips to minimize potential issues. When facing significant damage or an aging roof, weigh the options of repair versus replacement. Trust South East Roof Repairs for reliable, professional, and cost-effective roof repair services in Melbourne.
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2023.06.09 07:27 Spacefox_85 Captured this shot approaching the Weather Station for the first time.

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2023.06.09 07:26 Daniel_R013 Failed 1st PPL Checkride: Need Pointers

I'm a 141 student, 17 years old. I never failed a stage check at all, and it's been quite the journey but today I just failed my 1st attempt at the checkride. Just looking for some pointers, anything, not necessarily even related to the checkride. Need motivation, failing ain't helping me stay motivated very well.
I started out almost a year ago already, early in July. I did this checkride at about 91 hours or so, in fact. I started with a relatively new instructor, I was his 7th student, I flew with him for 4 days, he went to the military for 4 weeks. I had a different instructor for those 4 weeks, then went back to the original one and it took me a month and a half pre-solo (at least I got all the maneuvers down), then he left again for a week, came back and just straight up left because his 1st ever student passed his checkride and he needed to do training of his own, so I racked up the solo hours (15) and bounced around like 4 instructors before settling with one. By this time I was at cross-country and it was December 2022. Since it was cross country and winter, I got completely stuck and had like 3 flights in 3 months in the winter, finally completed cross country in March 2022, started checkride prep and also started running out of money so I economically squeezed 2 weeks of flights into the start of May and a couple before the checkride and here I am, many 1000s of dollars later.
During the oral portion it felt like he didn't ask much, he just touched on a few things from each main category, no tricks or anything and 45 minutes later he moved right on to the flight portion. We began with the cross country, pilotage, dead reckoning stuff and moved onto maneuvers. Then, he asks me to make an emergency diversion to an uncontrolled airport I had never been to (my home airport is class D). So I grab the weather, point myself to the airport, calculate the time, distance and fuel used to get there and state intentions. Another aircraft, C172, is on a 5 mile straight-in final (those bastards). I ask how far they are, and they tell me we should be good to turn base from the downwind I established earlier, then they announce S-turns and a possible go around (?), all the while I'm making probably one of the worst approaches of my life, too fast, not enough flaps, somewhat unstable and no significant flare in the landing, which resulted in a landing that the DPE had to intervene in. I should have gone around or discontinued right there: a learning experience I will never forget.
There was another landing at my home airport, a soft field landing which wasn't soft at all, the nose wheel fell real quick, and we turned off the runway way too quickly. But he told me in the debrief that he pretty much decided we were done back there at the uncontrolled airport. He also told me in the debrief that my oral was pretty good, just a few hiccups and that the rest of my checkride before that landing was 'beautiful' and that I had really good control of the aircraft. Everything within standards. We never got to short field landings, side and forward slips or short approaches, which he plans to examine me on in addition to the soft field and normal landings on the retest.
So, all I have to do is a bunch of landings on my next flight. Money is tight, enough for another 2 lessons and a solo, which is what the DPE recommended, because of the fact that he said I had amazing control. But, in a month (Jul 3), because my schedule somewhat depended on passing first try as I go on vacation soon. I'm really passionate about aviation. I've made it my life while also balancing AP paying for some of this myself at 17 with 2 jobs. Somewhat heartbreaking to fail like this, but I knew it was a weak spot for me. Something happened to those landings of mine when I stopped flying due to weather from my cross countries all those months ago.
Pointers? Just feeling a bit de-motivated is all, a bit annoyed and, especially, worried about the next attempt at this thing and the future in general.
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2023.06.09 07:26 EtaCarinae1069 Why can't I keep him?!

Why can't I keep him?!
I found and tamed this beautiful Leopard Blanket Appaloosa in RDO near Cotorra Springs. I've never seen any wild horse in RDO except for the Kentucky Saddlers, Tennessee Walkers and Morgans. Why is this not a thing in online, to tame and bond with wild horses?
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2023.06.09 07:25 wet_goatcheese I have an obsession with my trampoline and I need advice with it.

I wanna know if anyone else has something like this. I don’t know how to explain what exactly my issue is but I will try my best. Firstly, I have a trampoline, big enough for flips and tricks, a very sturdy trampoline. I have had one for as long as I can remember. Whenever i’m sad, i need a distraction, i’m bored, or just have a lot of energy, it’s my go to place. I play music from my phone and I disappear into another reality. I pretend I’m different people from different shows, youtube channels, or movies. I used to pretend I was another number like 11 in stranger things or that I was another character on Aphmau’s mystreet in 2018. I know people like to pretend they are in edits or in movies but I go way out of my way to pretend I’m in this reality. It’s cringey I know but it’s truly so peaceful for me. As time has gone by, my trampoline is breaking and the springs are coming out, and you can’t fix it. My parents are not gonna get another one because they are so expensive, which I don’t fault them for. I have issues with my mental health and this trampoline is literally, i’m not kidding, my therapist. I had to go without a trampoline for 4 weeks 6 months ago and I can truly say my anxiety was so bad. I had way more panic attacks then I thought and I felt so on edge the whole time. I can’t imagine going without it. It’s gotten to the point that when I stand on one corner, my feet touch the ground. I tried walking out there 10 minutes ago, at 10:30, and I when I almost stepped on the first step of the latter, I saw a huge Black Widow hanging from a web on the latter. I almost put my foot against it. I have a terrible VERY irrational fear of spiders, and this nearly gave me a heart attack. I’ve seen spiders on the trampoline before but I try to ignore them so I can still be on it. But after this, I don’t feel safe on it anymore. I mean… going on it with all the springs gone and touching the ground on it isn’t exactly safe but after this, I know I can’t be on it anymore. I guess my question is, what does this mean for me? I know it’s a coping mechanism but is this normal? I’m looking for advice on it because I want to identify what’s going on with my obsession with a trampoline. It seems so silly but I’ve loved “role playing” on my trampoline since I was 7. Any advice phycologists?
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2023.06.09 07:25 sparklingwine5151 It POURED RAIN on my wedding day

And I still had the BEST day!!!
For about 3 days before our wedding the forecast was calling for rain, but it kept changing so I held out hope. My (now husband) kept saying “don’t stress, you can’t change the weather” but let me tell you…I was stressing. Checking the forecast every hour and feeling so bummed out. On the morning of, it was cloudy but looked bright enough that I was still hopeful. I really really hoped the storm would blow past us. But as I was getting ready, it just got darker and windier, and eventually started lightly raining. I accepted that I was going to have a rainy wedding, but I was NOT prepared for the torrential downpour that was about to start…
My photographer reassured me that cloudy conditions make for great photos and I had no choice but to put full faith into her and roll with it.
About 10 mins before our ceremony was going to start, it started to rain and when I tell you it rained, I mean biblical, monsoon, heaviest rain I have EVER experienced. And you know what? It didn’t matter! I had the BEST time, we said our vows, we cried and kissed and laughed and danced and our photographer captured the most incredible shots. Looking back, I can’t picture it having gone any other way. It was perfect.
So for anyone who is stressing about the weather, I am here to tell you that you will have the best day, whatever the weather, and the only thing you can do is embrace it and have fun!!!
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2023.06.09 07:24 LokiElling Looking for Pagan Fica

Looking for fics that focus on or heavily features paganism. Weather that be the Wizarding world believing in/worshiping various gods, celebrating the 8 sabbats with rituals and festivals
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2023.06.09 07:23 privateduckcall House on a Cliff

I was built long ago
Once full of love I now stand hollow
Beaten by the wind I have always faced proud
Rooted on ground I never knew was shallow
On my hill I have welcomed those looking for a view
The ocean grows gorgeous with every year
But as of late I’ve sat empty with no company to give
As my view of the beach grows nothing becomes clear
My boards grow weary
Paint peeling reveals an unknown surface I rather not show
I thought with age I would be adored even more
Pebbles the size of boulders start to crumble below
Why am I suddenly realizing I am on the edge?
Why can I see so much beneath me?
Is this the reason all have abandoned my walls?
All these cries are lost over the sea
I’m scared to collapse
I scream out to the sea
But the sea doesn’t care
what will happen to me
My foundation is crumbling and dropping to the beach
Few stopped to look but help never came
Hope is now gone as my walls start to moan
My boards not decayed but dead all the same
What will do it? My panicked frame tenses
With the edge that close, it could be any day
that the ground collapses or a hurricane arrives
whatever it is, painless, I pray
With a lurch, my structure tips off the ground
And I get my last look over the white tipped sound
As I fall I see sky and sea aflame with vibrant miracles
and I’m reminded of the sunsets
and the dolphins
and the rainbows
and all the things I wish I could’ve enjoyed more if
I wasn’t built as a house on a cliff
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2023.06.09 07:21 Significant-Notice- Emergent Ventures winners, 26th cohort

Winston Iskandar, 16, Manhattan Beach, CA, an app for children’s literacy and general career development. Winston also has had his piano debut at Carnegie Hall.
ComplyAI, Dheekshita Kumar and Neha Gaonkar, Chicago and NYC, to build an AI service to speed the process of permit application at local and state governments.
Avi Schiffman and InternetActivism, “leading the digital front of humanitarianism.” Avi is a repeat winner.
Jarett Cameron Dewbury, Ontario, and Cambridge MA, General career support, AI and biomedicine, including for the study of environmental enteric dysfunction. Here is his Twitter.
Ian Cheshire, Wallingford, Connecticut, high school sophomore, general career support, tech, start-ups, and also income-sharing agreements.
Beyzamur Arican Dinc, psychology Ph.D student at UCSB, regulation of emotional dyads in relationships and marriages, from Istanbul.
Ariana Pineda, Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern. To attend a biology conference in Prospera, Honduras.
Satvik Agnihotri, high school, NYC area, to visit the Bay Area for a summer, study logistics, and general career development.
Michael Loftus, Ann Arbor, for a neuro tech hacker house, connected to Myelin Group.
Keir Bradwell, Cambridge, UK, Political Thought and Intellectual History Masters student, to visit the U.S. to study Mancur Olson and Judith Shklar, and also to visit GMU.
Vaneeza Moosa, Ontario, incoming at University of Calgary, “Developing new therapies for malignant pleural mesothelioma using epigenetic regulators to enhance tumor growth and anti-tumor immunity with radiation therapy.”
Ashley Mehra, Yale Law School, background in classics, general career development and for eventual start-up plans.
An important project not yet ready to be announced, United Kingdom.
Jennifer Tsai, Waterloo, Ontario and Geneva (temporarily), molecular and computational neuroscience, to study in Gregoire Courtine’s lab.
Asher Parker Sartori, Belmont, Massachusetts, working with Nina Khera (previous EV winner), summer meet-up/conference for young bio people in Hanover, New Hampshire.
Nima Pourjafar, 17, starting this fall at Waterloo, Ontario. For general career development, interested in apps, programming, economics, solutions to social problems.
Karina Belokapov,17, sophomore in high school, neuroscience, optics, and light, Bellevue, Washington.
Sana Raisfirooz, Ontario, to study bioelectronics at Berkeley.
James Hill-Kurana (left off an earlier 2022 list by mistake), Waterloo, Ontario, “Generative models that can help you write Verilog, and get better through self-play.”
Ukraine winners
Tetiana Shafran, Kyiv, piano, try this video or here are more. I was very impressed.
Volodymyr Lapin, London, Ukraine, general career development in venture capital for Ukraine.
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2023.06.09 07:21 Stephano950 A lil bit of channel promo (Idk which flair to use)

Heya 👋
So I started a channel early last year for gaming, focusing mainly on Hill Climb Racing but I also play a bit of Fall Guys, PUBG and Minecraft. I try to upload at least once a week (Thursdays at 12pm New Zealand time) but sometimes my health is a bit average and I have to take a break. I've also recently looked into shorts and have uploaded a few.
Here's the link to the channel so you can check it out:
If it looks like something you'd enjoy watching, I'd appreciate it if you subscribed. 😄
I'm also looking into streaming on Kick at some point too if my internet can handle it.
Any suggestions into things I can do better are appreciated as well. 🙂
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2023.06.09 07:17 Icy-Kaleidoscope-376 California State Spring Transfer Questions

I was planning to transfer to a CSU in Spring of '24 with 45 completed credits at a CC and 15 planned for Fall of 23/24. I thought this was totally normal but I'm seeing some people and some sites say that you have to have all 60 credits completed by Summer '23, which is not possible for me to do. Has anyone been admitted for a Spring semester with classes planned/in progress? I would appreciate any information, very stressful time right now.
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