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2023.06.09 07:41 Lockdownanniversary Good books to learn techniques in function block programming?

Hi! I'm a ChemE graduate and currently a new DCS engineer in an SI. Our project is already nearing the end. I was assigned to use the FSD of our client and encode their logics. I was however disappointed with my performance since although I finished my task, my supervisor tanked most of the logics after the review since either what I've done or understood was lacking or it was wrong.
I want to improve myself and learn more about it especially I really want to be assigned with the logics side of things. My problem is that there are very few documents regarding DCS FBD programming and usually they are on the surface level on just how to use the software. Also in our company, there are very few resources, usually the surface level ones.
I want to ask if do you know any books or manuals that contains techniques, templates, and control loop strategies for common processes? I saw a good one like this: SFEW3E_C_EM1.indd (
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 07:41 Responsible-Rock-679 ENFP-T in love with INTJ

Long post, I will summarize. I am an ENFP-T still in love with my ex who is INTJ. I believed he was THE ONE. But he hurt me.
Me F (28) and he M (38) started dating a year ago. Our differences were very obvious. I attract attention everywhere I go because of my looks and how I dress up. I’m also very chatty and easily make friends everywhere. He is on the quiet side, very observant and easy going. We both work in the same big tech. Different orgs and different locations in the same cities. I joined the company a few weeks after we started dating. He is an engineer and I work as a product manager.
When we initially started dating, it felt like he really liked me. We talked about the future pretty quickly and things moved very fast. He met my family and I met his. He wanted to do everything together and spend every minute together. Everyone thought he was heads over heels in love with me when we go out with friends. But I didn’t feel that way in the relationship. I constantly felt put down by him, he made fun of my life goals to build a multi billion dollar business. Indirectly called me one of the MBA airheads (I have an Ivy League MBA). I didn’t feel supported by him and sometimes I genuinely believed he disliked me or thought I was pretty stupid.
I once asked if he thought I was stupid and he didn’t respond. This was after he said he couldn’t believe we work for the same company and I make more money than him ‘doing nothing’ in his words. For reference he is an IC5 and I am an IC6 manager. Which was never an issue or anything I brought up or mentioned. He only used it to mock me whenever he felt the need to knock me a peg.
I don’t doubt that he is smarter than I am. I respect him for that more than anything else. He is really really smart and one of the best engineers on his team. Although we never said I love you to each other, but I assumed we both loved each other. Despite his pessimistic approach to life and constantly hating my optimism, he never said no to anything I wanted or asked. He would silently fix things for me or take my car to get serviced because I forgot or buy a ticket I forgot to buy.
I gave him space a lot because I am also very independent and like having my own space. I am only extroverted sometimes and even the test says I’m only 51% extroverted. So I do enjoy time alone.
He loves solo vacations and he had a few during the relationship. One time he traveled for 3 weeks and did not call me once during that period. Although we texted back and forth every few days. I was genuinely shocked how he could go that long without speaking to me. He got back from the trip and asked if I wanted to buy a house together? I said sure, let’s do it.
We reached out to a few realtors and started looking for a house to buy.
The tech layoffs started and we decided to put our house hunt on hold incase either or both of us lose our jobs.
I constantly cheered him up and gave him words of affirmation and gifts. He never did same to me despite knowing it was my love language. Initially he didn’t like the words of affirmation, but after a while, he genuinely started to laugh when I praised him and it was the best laughter I would see on his face. I enjoyed buying him new clothes and shoes and games.
He made ‘compliments’ about my body a few times. He said I sometimes make the ugliest dresses look beautiful because of my body. I took that as the best compliment I could ever get from him. However he hated it when people complimented me. He didn’t feel comfortable when stranger’s walked up to us and called us a cute couple a few times. But I wasn’t sure how to fix that as it wasn’t my fault. Then he said maybe if I wore better clothes, people might stop walking up to us. By better clothes, he meant ugly fitting because I never expose my skin.
A few months later, I told him I wasn’t feeling happy in the relationship and wanted us to fix it by taking a vacation. I asked him how he genuinely felt about the relationship and he said he was happy and didn’t feel like anything was wrong. At this point, I believed I was the problem. Maybe I didn’t love him enough? We went on vacation and on the trip he somehow completely ignored me and was working all through. We didn’t get to discuss our issues even once. I understand that work was important but I felt completely ignored and abandoned. And he completely dismissed my feelings. On our way back, I told him I wanted to break up as I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in the relationship. He didn’t respond to me. When our flight landed, I told him I changed my mind about breaking up and would like to work things out again. This time he responded and said he wanted to try again too. One week later, he breaks up with me out of the blue and says I’m too superficial and obsessed with myself, I have too many friends and I use social media too much for his comfort. He said I am an attention seeker and it’s the reason why I have so many followers on IG and tiktok. He hardly uses social media and he knows the reason I have so many followers on tiktok is because I talk about my journey to tech as a product manager. I am a minority woman working a high level job, I have so many younger women who love me on social media and look up to me. I don’t know how he went from ‘loving’ me to resenting me. I know I wasn’t perfect but I kept the relationship going. And I constantly asked him to tell me when things were bad.
He says we are very compatible but he can not get over my flaws. And here was I trying to work through his own flaws.
I felt judged, unappreciated and disrespected. I love him but maybe he wants someone who is more like him. I have been in therapy and working through my issues. I am superficial and that is something I’m working through in therapy. I just wish he gave a chance to fix things together than pull the rug on me. I find it hard to date anyone else. I have deleted all my social media accounts since we broke up 3 months ago. I feel like he broke something permanently in me. I am no longer my cheerful happy self, I don’t think I’m smart and I think he was right and I only got into Ivy League and got my job because I am a minority female. Maybe I do think too highly of myself.
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2023.06.09 07:40 Maximum-Ad9003 In Defense of Gen-Z, and In Defense of Their Employers:

I’ve noticed a number of posts detailing the Generation-Z experience in the workplace, with posts from either side of the spectrum relevant here: The younger Gen-Z employees, and the older non-Gen-Z employers (I use “non-Gen-Z” broadly here. I don’t want to classify them all as baby boomers, as seems to be prevalent). I have decided to offer my take on the debate:
Generation-Z is living in interesting times, to say the absolute least. While I would not go ahead and dub it as ”the most difficult time period a generation has ever had to live through“, becuase it most certainly is not, no matter how much you get the perception that it is, it certainly is quite tough. In my opinion, it seems as if we humans have bit off more than we can chew: we are more advanced than ever, but still don’t fully know what’s lurking for us when we learn of all the side-effects that come with our new knick-knacks and inventions.
Generation-Z is a quite-diverse generation. A Gen-Z born in 1996 will have a much different life experience than one born in 2012. Or 2009. Or 2005. Times are changing, and times are changing rapidly. And to older-folk, this is just another part of life. One that has evolved for them so, so much. However, for these younger-folk, this is more important than any other generation could comprehend for them: Their life is starting in this lost world struggling to find it‘s way back in a well direction, and, as such, these people’s lives are shaped similarly. And they only have themselves to help them, as no other generation, except maybe the Millenials, would like to get involved. And you really can’t blame them. I’m sure Gen-Z antics look crazy from the outside, and they are only more confusing on the inside:
Generation-Zs are lost in a world were nothing has the capacity to be normal. Sense only stays for a little while, before hitting the road again. And this is reflected, and, in a very flawful manner, compounded by their culture. A sub-society founded on memes, shared experiences, and normalized confusion and incompetence. This culture is often invisible to those not in it. When the Baby Boomers ruled the world (in a youthful manner) in the 1960’s, it was impossible to escape counter-culture. Nowadays, the Gen-Z’s, like all other generations in their youth, similarly possess a counter-culture of their own. However, as previously described, this counter-culture is invisible, and non-Gen-Z’s are only slightly aware of its existence, or are completely unaware of it. And Generation-Z’s youth culture is now only reflected in modern society by its auxiliaries, which appear in school, the Interent predominantly, and, recently, the workplace. And this is causing issues.
Generation-Z has little to look forward to. The world is being destroyed (literally), it may never recover (in their eyes), and nobody cares enough to look out for them. They are lost in a system that dosen’t care, and they are awash in a sea of affiliation, affiliation with the goal of escaping confusion. Affiliation with anarchy, with communism or socialism, or with less pressing things such as TikTok and pop-culture figures. And this is just a repeated part of history. Baby boomers were exactly like this. So were Gen-X. Millennials? You betcha! And everything before that, and everything after this.
However, now it’s time to see the reverse of this coin and see if Gen-Z is responsible for digging their own grave in this society, the one that they are now being ejected from the Generation-Z sub-society straight into upon graduation and entering the real world.
And the answer is partly yes, however that strikes you.
Generation-Z’s, for the first time in the generation’s existence, are just now having to work with members of these older generations, ones with an unprecedented misunderstanding of them.
You see, there is a very good reason that is causing issues: Generation-Z dosen’t really know what it’s doing. As I’ve previously described, many of its members feel lost, and, thus, they have a much different sense of obligation. Sense of what they should do.
Why work if the world is going to keep spiraling out of control? What good is going to come of me working so much? Respect isn’t waiting for me at my job, as I expect it to be. Suicide is always an option.
And all of these are very real, very misunderstood contemplations of a Generation-Z, employee or student.
Generation-Zs do not like to work. They live in a culture that naturally endorses this, and they live in a world of advertisements that conform to the idea of taking long vacations, listening to nobody but yourself (because you’re the boss), and treasuring self-care and treating mental health as if anything that goes against it is the bubonic plague. Now, my opinions on these takes are irrelevant, however, many non-Generation-Zs do think this way, and they are not wrong in doing so.
Generation-Zs live in a lost world and reside in a culture based on being lost, that thrives on confusion and incompetence. The real world dosen’t seem to want to take a drive down the avenue that leads them to the observation deck where they can see all this, and many are not even aware that this avenue exists, because it‘s entrance is blocked by a storefront that advertises idiocy, immaturity, and naïveté. And the fake world, the one that peers through the glass walls of this culture, of this sub-society, presents a real-world of self-care, importance, dominance, care, and order. A fake world that exists through presentation.
Generation-Z is lost and needs help, but no-one wants to reach a hand out. But both sides have played a part in sealing this doom.
Every non-Gen-Z referring to them as the ”broken generation”, seeing them as a merry band of idiots, you are responsible for creating this merry band of idiots. You had the ability to stop this, especially the Baby Boomers, but you could not and did not.
However, Generation-Z, you are a merry band of idiots, and you are responsible for letting yourselves be a merry band of idiots. Generation-Z has lived in a lost culture, expecting a fake world, but are now culture-shocked by entering the real world.
And all of this is frightening, because they will soon be what the real world is made of.

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2023.06.09 07:40 Wildernesswildman How do you stay sober when tragedy strikes someone you love?

Monday early morning my ex bf said he needed to call me. I was still drunk from the night before. From the second I heard his voice I knew something was very wrong. He needed the password to my ex gf phone. They stayed friends after she broke up with me 2 months ago. The last month of our relationship my drinking spiraled and I acted in ways that make me sick with shame.
He found her on the floor unconscious, her apt door unlocked. My ex gf has a lot of health problems and faints a lot but he couldn't shake her awake. The hospital did a tox screen and found date rape drug in her system. They don't know how long she was unconscious but do know she had seizures. She takes a lot of heavy medication on top of the roofie. She had a cardiac thing from covid 6 months ago and its nothing short of a miracle he found her when he did. She's been drugged while out with friends and so have I. My ex bf on the other hand has been date raped. He said they can't know the extent of the damage until she wakes up.
Then he called me out. He said you've been drinking I can hear it in your voice. I felt so fucking ashamed. He started to get really agitated saying he was going to kill whoever did this to her. Like going into detail and it freaked me out. He's been battling drug addiction for a while, he has a lot of ptsd and I'm scared this situation is going to make him relapse. I told him she's safe in the hospital but he doesn't believe me he says she's so vulnerable like this anyone could hurt her. He had a really bad experience when they did his rape kit.
Then he starts laying into me his voice is shaking acting like this is my fault. We got into a screaming match. He said if she and I were still together this probably still would have happened. That I can't keep people safe. That hurt more than anything anyone has ever said to me. I self harmed a couple times as a stupid teenager fucking around but this was the first time I ever felt the urge to hurt myself for real. A big thing when he and I were together was that he didnt feel safe with me. His ptsd caused a lot of problems. She was the one who got him diagnosed. He was my first bf, taller than me and tougher than me. He grew up in foster care. He's right I probably couldn't. Honestly this was also an issue in my relationship with her too. I know he's lashing out because he's scared but that didn't stop me from opening up another bottle of wine after he hung up on me. I can't stomach the idea that someone did something to her and left her like that. I still love this woman and I know its not the time to be jealous but I am. This is the first time I have prayed since I was a kid, except I wasn't drunk then.
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2023.06.09 07:40 fakin-_it I have feelings for my friend who is 8 years younger. Would this be too challenging?

I'm f/32 and he's 24. We are both Christians and met on a hike with friends about a year and a half ago. I was not interested at all and if you would have told me I ever would be I probably would have died laughing and not even made it this far lol. He is not my type at all, and the age was always a hard no for me. So, because of these factors I always have had good boundaries with him and never thought more of our friendship. But over the past year he has grown to be one of my best friends and I truly love him, I care for his best interests as well which is also why I'm posting this. I wouldn't want dating me/marriage to bring him extra challenges in life.
In the time that I've known him, I met another guy and dated him off and on for about 10 months. I ended it in March, but it dragged on until about a month ago, which is when my friend revealed to me that he has feelings for me. The relationship I was in I had no peace in and the Holy Spirit was constantly leading me to end it. The guy was 33, but spiritually he was not where I'm at and was unable to lead us in a Christ centered relationship. There were a lot of red flags and we technically broke up twice in those months of dating. I never broke up with him for my friend and, like I said I never saw my friend like that.
But, the past month God has really opened my eyes and heart to this friend, it's almost like wow why did I not see this before. When I did realize he had feelings for me, it was because a couple other mutual friends mentioned things like "I think he likes you" or "when are you guys just going to get married?" Those statements just caused an instant realization that I do love this guy, he is my best friend, we laugh together, I can be myself with him, he always leads me to Christ and the Bible when I'm going through something or seeking counsel, he loves and adores me...etc. He's not the type I'd find attractive, but at this point I'm realizing the guys I do find an instant attraction to aren't good for me. An attraction is there for him emotionally, and growing because I do love him for who he is, it's just weird because I've only seen him as a brother in Christ.
The weirdest part is last summer, he moved to another state, but next month he is moving back. We've been talking about things and possibly seeing where the Lord leads us. He's let me know he wants to pursue me and that through prayer he feels God is telling him it's okay to pursue me when I'm ready. I told him I'm not ready right now, due to just being in a relationship. Not to mention our church community I think would be really shocked. I would like to explore if God does have something deeper for us together, but I'm hesitant due to the age difference and being in different places career wise. Neither of us are financially stable, I'm in grad school and he will be starting trade school, but also feels called to be a pastor one day. It makes me nervous that we may not be stable for quite some time.
Would this even be realistic? I do graduate soon, but then I will have to be an associate for 2 years not making much money (I study clinical psychology). The other aspect is that I just got out of a relationship, but my friend is in love with me from what he's told me. Would this be wise to pursue this any time soon? I'm thinking maybe 6 months to a year, if we ever do.
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2023.06.09 07:40 Previous_Fan_1731 Resources and tools to improve as a beginner? Tips for becoming efficient in code?

I am at USC and just finished my first semester as a spring transfer in Computer Science/Business Administration. So far, I’ve taken an introductory C++ lower division course and that’s the only class in CS I took.
Next semester I’m taking discrete math in CS and a course more in depth with C++.
I like coding a lot, and I want to become more efficient with it, but I saw there is a lot of competition and high talent especially when it comes to internships and FAANG after graduating. I haven’t started internships yet since I’m still working on developing my CS skills.
I’ll be graduating in fall 2025. Are there any outside resources or tools you guys recommend for me to become stronger in coding? Any advice on how to land internships for next year in 2024?
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2023.06.09 07:40 Dith_q Just need to vent about NFH. Why do people like this move into multi unit buildings?

Newish neighbor immediately sucked. As soon as he moved in it was loud sound system, frequent late night parties, TV blasting all day and night, slamming doors and cabinets, and then just straight up psychopath shit like using the blender and practicing guitar (badly) after midnight. I bought my place 3 years ago and absolutely loved it until NFH moved next door. I tried to talk to him multiple times but he's aggressive and not at all open to adjusting his lifestyle, he acted like I was crazy for suggesting that he should keep volume lowered during quiet hours. He really gave me no other options than to go to the fucking building manager and report him, which I've never done before in my long history multi unit living. So, neighbor got fined (IDK how much but I think $100+ lol owned) and now it's a tense nightmare living next to him because he has legit the most evil, sociopathic vibe and I know he knows I'm the one who reported him. I'm completely perplexed why people who don't like or agree with community rules sign leases to live in those communities. My building has posted rules against disruptive noise after 10PM, and straight up prohibits instrument practice if it can't be done via headphones. Everyone else in this building is chill af, respectful af, and friendly af, but it just takes one NFH to ruin it all. I can't REALLY afford it but I'm going to go check out houses next month.
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2023.06.09 07:40 Crimsoner From BadWomensAnatomy. Damn, really going down on her

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2023.06.09 07:39 HanamichiSakuragi26 Guidance/Tips for Migration

Hi everyone! Would just like to ask for your insights with regards to my next career steps. I feel stagnant dito sa Phils and I really want to venture and live in another country.
About me: -24 years old -BS EE graduate (graduated 2021, registered last April 2023) -currently working as a DevOps/Infra Senior Analyst in the "greater than" company for 2 years
Option 1: USA - Recently, there was a report than tourists with B1/B2 visas can now look for jobs during their stay. A relative of mine was informed about this and is willing to hire me once I get there as long as I commit to work in their business for 2 years. - Con: the job is related to business/sales
Option 2: Canada/Australia/NZ - Will be taking the student pathway in any of these three countries and will be taking up a program related to Electrical Engineering - Con: will be living alone, cost of living, competition
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2023.06.09 07:39 stnigels Berlin, loves buses!

Berlin, loves buses!
My rottie is absolutely obsessed with buses, has been trying to ride one for the last week. Too bad my city does not allow pets on buses.
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2023.06.09 07:39 GothBitch9000 Done with these pills

I have been on xanax everyday for 2 years and I want to get off of it. Since I was 9 years old Ive dealt with PNES seizures, generalized anxiety, and severe panic attacks. I’ve been given Ativan, and a few different SSRIs I don’t remember the names of. When I turned 18 (2019) I was given a prescription of 1mg Xanax tablets to take in .5mg doses as needed. It worked wonderfully in the beginning and I felt like a normal person for once in my life. I would really only take .5mg to .75mg once every few days and sometimes didn’t need it for a week. But i eventually developed a habit of taking them when my anxiety wasn’t even that bad, and in whole 1mg-2mg doses. I had been taking around 2mg a day for 3 weeks in october of 2020 and decided then that I was gonna stop taking them. I had the worst rebound anxiety I had ever experienced while driving 40 miles home from a friends house and had no Xanax in the car I was driving. Ever since that night, I have been fixated on not feeling that rebound anxiety again. It’s now November 2020 and I’m taking .25mg of xanax a day thinking I’d stop after a month of taking only .25mg a day. I would wake up in the middle of the night shaking with panic and the feeling of impending doom, and not long after these attacks worked my way up to taking 1.5mg a day. I’ve gone to therapy and talked with my family and girlfriend about all of this and have worked my way down to now .625mg a day and still struggle with this fear of being without these pills.
I’m sorry if my benzo story was all over the place. I know at this point it’s probably mind over matter.
Is there any advice for getting passed this fear of being without them and fear of fear itself?
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2023.06.09 07:38 CosmicStarDusts 24 [M4F] New Jersey/Online - Looking for friends/ a connection

Adult Male looking for Adult Female
Hey there! I'm looking to chat and vibe with someone with similar interests! If you're in NJ as well or relatively close I'm okay with pursuing something further if it's mutual (Maybe within a couple states is okay, I just ideally would like to be able to regularly see each other and whatnot)
About me:
• I play video games pretty often! I have a Ps5, a switch, and now I just built a PC! Some select faves in all my years playing have been kingdom hearts, hollow knight, the batman arkham games, soulsbourne games, etc. I have a LONG catalogue of games played
• I'm into anime/mangas and some ive recently been keeping up with are Jujutsu Kaisen and BlueLock
Some artists I like to give an idea of my music taste: Tame Impala, Thundercat, Blood Orange, The Weeknd, Steve Lacy, Hotel Ugly, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Her's, Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny, Tyler The Creator, Isaiah Rashad, Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, Ski Mask, The Strokes, JID, etc.
• Additionally I like to listen to older music, (90s and under), Spanish music such as salsa and bachata as well as Japanese citypop from time to time too :)
Tell me one of your favorite foods and a little about you so I know you read this far and have a great day/night!
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2023.06.09 07:38 oof-username-taken Just got this new whip for graduating 1st grade! Who want a ride?

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2023.06.09 07:38 gunterganz420 Seedbanks promoting Autos while the community seems to prefer normal/feminized seeds?

Recently I am reading a lot about growing and I noticed that most people/books say that I should stick to normal/feminized seeds. However, seedbanks seem to promote autos for beginners. Are they just trying to sell “bad” stuff or are they promoting autos, because you can’t (maybe you can but not easily) breed/clone them and therefore you need to buy more seeds from banks ? So are Autos more marketing then a real advantage?
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2023.06.09 07:38 couldabort Parts Help

im not sure if theres a thread for this already im not very good at using reddit despite being on the site for more than 2 years. anyways, just picked up a 2006 husqvarna tc450 and for the life of me cannot find a seat. i can find plenty of seat covers, but no actual seats, and unfortunately i need a new seat altogether. im not familiar w dirtbikes but this is my first and idk any good websites that most people use as their go-to’s, but id love some help. google is trash w the results, says something fits then makes me fill out year make model on the actual website and turns out to not fit. maybe its bc of the specific bike or maybe im bad at using google who knows, would love some help tho!
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2023.06.09 07:38 throwaway_buhbye My (21F) boyfriend (24M) texts his ex-hookup / friend and hangs out with her without me knowing

My (21F) boyfriend (24M) and I have been for 1.5 ish years and we love each other a lot. He has never given me a reason to not trust him or be suspicious of him. We are going strong and I feel like his is the one for me.. Last evening he forgot his laptop in my apartment and I (completely regret this because I feel like absolute shit for invading his privacy) searched up my name in his messages to see what he was talking about me. I didn’t have an intention to find anything bad but I did look up stuff because I was just devilishly curious to see what funny / cute things he was saying about me. I saw my name pop up in some messages between him and a friend he hooked up with before he met me. I knew they were friends but I didn’t know they hooked up prior to this incident. The texts to her were regarding me. One text said ‘come up to my apartment but don’t talk cause I’m on a phone call with [my name]’ OR ‘I’m with [my name] rn so don’t come here.. meet me after.’ I was livid to say the least. I confronted him right away.. he said he doesn’t find it weird being friends with someone he hooked up with and had no feelings for. And he also defended himself by saying he just was not comfortable with me knowing about her cause they had history and that there was no reason to mingle us two together. He claims that there is nothing happening between the two of them and they stopped hooking up way before meeting me.
What do I do? :( TLDR: my bf still is friend with someone he hooked up with before me and I found texts of him asking her to keep quite when on the phone with me. Even though they’re not hooking up right now
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2023.06.09 07:38 OutsideQuantity8270 Is it common for people to feel they ended up “better off” due to it happening?

This story is about my girlfriend and I have her permission to post this here, she helped me write it, as we have talked about this and not only does she want to hear the responses but I am also curious considering all of this remained between us until now.
My girlfriend of several years was molested by her Dad and her Mom growing up. It started before she can even remember and went on until she left for college, where we met her sophomore year.
According to her, her mother and father were always very kind, sweet, affectionate, never violent, never cruel, and treated their sexual time together as basically just another aspect of being a family.
She knew that she couldn’t tell anyone because according to them “not everyone loves their children the same way we love you and people don’t understand” along with more explanation but you get the point.
So she kind of had this dual life where she would go to school and extracurricular stuff as she got older but no one knew about any of it. She never told anyone out of fear they wouldn’t understand or her parents would get into trouble.
After we met and things got serious she disclosed it to me at a point she was comfortable and has told me repeatedly that it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She said it made her closer to her parents, taught her about sex and intimacy with people who will always love her, set a high bar for all future sexual/romantic relationships, and as much as it shocked me to hear the details of how she was raised (because a LOT happened early on) the most shocking part to me is how she sees all of it as a positive, and the more I hear her out the more it makes sense.
Now I’m feeling conflicted because it goes against everything I have been taught and told about it. She even referenced a meta study done that heavily disputed the connection between CSA and trauma.
All of this to say, how normal is this for people? Is she some rare case where Al though what happened was obviously bad due to moral/ethical reasons, it was “good” for her?
I’ve met her parents and they are the nicest and most friendly people. I grew up in a very sex-negative house where I was basically told masturbation was something the devil made you do, so our childhoods are basically polar opposites.
Anyways I hope the community can provide some feedback because she has been struggling with feeling isolated with these feelings for years. She doesn’t want to see a therapist because she thinks they will just gaslight her into feeling bad about something that in her mind has only benefited her. But it has taken a toll on her feeling this way and not being able to relate to anyone or talk about it outside of her family.
I will end by saying both of us acknowledge for a lot of people it’s obviously an easily “that is horrific” case where there is violence, force, coercion, fear, blackmail, etc. She wanted me to be clear, as do I, that in no way is this implying that it’s somehow okay or that other people’s trauma isn’t valid.
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2023.06.09 07:37 Relentless_Storm [18M] Hey I’m Roland, just thought I’d come by and share some of my interests plus my photo from my graduation last year. This is some of the stuff I’ve been into for the past few weeks but I’m always open talk about other things. (17-19 preferably 16 at the lowest).

[18M] Hey I’m Roland, just thought I’d come by and share some of my interests plus my photo from my graduation last year. This is some of the stuff I’ve been into for the past few weeks but I’m always open talk about other things. (17-19 preferably 16 at the lowest). submitted by Relentless_Storm to TeensMeetTeens [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 07:37 couch_apple Devon v Denis Right Arm match Is it falling apart(delay) ,or, will they pull?

One of the most asked questions these days under Devon Larratt vs Denis Cyplenkov arm wrestling supermatch that Is it falling apart (delay) or, will they pull right arm? .
Great little nuggest of armwrestling history there...Here I made a little exercise of assessing of past events and plotlines for compatibility .To that points assigned with the following quotes
✅Accurate - Fully backed up by the text.
👍Justified - has strong basis
⚖️Debatable - not a strong case or contradicts other versions. Or something neutral - no basis but contradicts nothing.
❌Contradiction - Something that directly contradicts
I welcome corrections from people who think I have judged wrong, and may change my assessments with the right evidence .
HERE WE GO......
1.Devon try to get a match with Cyplenkov right arm for years and Dennis and Igor were avoiding devon . Important to note Devon was at his absolute worst when he faced Denis in 2018. Matt Mask vouch the fact before the match with Denis, he was toying with Devon on the left and had no idea why Devon was taking the match. Devon also admitted himself that he went into the match with an "Elitist" mindset. ⚖️Debatable
2. So now that Devon is taking just a litle more time to take the match. As poor Denis is preparing day by day for his meeting with Devon and Devon comes out with the answers for which Denis get quite disappointed!!! Makes sesnse becoz Dennis has his training set a certain way counting on it being in October.👍Justified
3. Devon claims he never verbally agreed to it and engin always said it was for sure set for October. Devon said many times he wouldn't want to face Denis directly, if he lost against Genadi, so it means that match wasn't 100% set. BUT on other hand Devon also uploaded youtube short "c u in October Denis".( ❌Contradiction
4,For some reason in Devon's mind the match wasn't actually set for October. But both Engin and Denis thought it was.❌Contradiction
5.Denis didn't say anything disrespectful to Devon in the live stream tho, it's just Babken "Mr Peaceful Warrior" causing drama and controversy just because he feels offended and wants to express his opinions. Not to mention Babken's translations are almost never accurate anyway because u cant predict how much was actually a translation of Denis' words👍Justified
6.Who is lying , who is exaggerating, who's word lost in translation. Who is chaotic , Who is orderly. Honestly this type of controversy are at most a hype move And Engin has become quick to jump on the drama escalation train whenever he sees a chance..👍Justified
7.Why does Denis reject any other match before October? He is healthy again and sometimes even looks healthier than ever, he is 42 and could easily do a match every three months and would have enough time to recover. Why does he wait until October and waste so much time?⚖️Debatable
8.Tbh Devon is in a tough spot now. Prior to his match with Levan, I think he probably thought he could be the number one arm wrestler in the world, but after that loss, and more importantly the loss to Genadi, there are serious questions whether he's even in the top 5. He can't beat Levan, he lost to Genadi, I highly doubt he could beat Ermes, I don't think he could beat Morozov, and with the narrative of postpone, delayedness I don't think he could be Cyplenkov. 👍Justified
At this point Decon basically has some sort of beef with everyone in arm wrestling 😂😂It looks like maybe Devon will intentionally postpon the match because even do he respect Denis and he just doing his thing armwresling all the time, he wanna get a little revenge and make him wait because of everithing what was going on with Mazurenko and Denis and how they play him out.
In my opinion Devon needs to go forward with the match with Denis in October regardless of the outcomes of his next match with Dave and the rematch with Gennadi.. It wasn’t as if Devon wasn’t close with Gennadi in the first match. If the date of the match is announced, it must take place. If one of the participants refuses to go, there must be a replacement. And a hit to the reputation for the refused participant.
Comments, criticisms, suggestions and nitpicks are all welcome.
Let’s just hope the hype and drama isn’t diminished !! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

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2023.06.09 07:37 Other_Excitement_650 Wtf

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2023.06.09 07:37 SoftSad499 Nipple piercing

I’m looking for advice for just one of my nipple piercings, I have had them for about three years and one has been great no problems. The other one has been loads of problems it was fine right after it healed but now it feels like I just got it done it hurts so bad I take care of it clean it everything. It will be good for a while then hurts again. I also can’t take it out and put it back in without mass amounts of pain. It does ooze sometimes. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to take it out, I’m at a loss but can’t keep having this pain. Anything help thank you!
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2023.06.09 07:36 CosmicStarDusts 24 [M4F] New Jersey/Online - Looking for friends/ a connection

Adult Male looking for Adult Female
Hey there! I'm looking to chat and vibe with someone with similar interests! If you're in NJ as well or relatively close I'm okay with pursuing something further if it's mutual (Maybe within a couple states is okay, I just ideally would like to be able to regularly see each other and whatnot)
About me:
• I play video games pretty often! I have a Ps5, a switch, and now I just built a PC! Some select faves in all my years playing have been kingdom hearts, hollow knight, the batman arkham games, soulsbourne games, etc. I have a LONG catalogue of games played
• I'm into anime/mangas and some ive recently been keeping up with are Jujutsu Kaisen and BlueLock
Some artists I like to give an idea of my music taste: Tame Impala, Thundercat, Blood Orange, The Weeknd, Steve Lacy, Hotel Ugly, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Her's, Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny, Tyler The Creator, Isaiah Rashad, Freddie Gibbs, Denzel Curry, Ski Mask, The Strokes, JID, etc.
• Additionally I like to listen to older music, (90s and under), Spanish music such as salsa and bachata as well as Japanese citypop from time to time too :)
Tell me one of your favorite foods and a little about you so I know you read this far and have a great day/night!
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