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2023.06.04 16:39 ed_3023 this is my freshman nursing fall schedule for this upcoming year, and i was looking for any tips or advice on how best manage my time and study

this is my freshman nursing fall schedule for this upcoming year, and i was looking for any tips or advice on how best manage my time and study submitted by ed_3023 to ucf [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 22:13 ed_3023 nursing freshman schedule

nursing freshman schedule
human nutrition is online**
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2023.05.21 00:50 Bubbly_Bunch8462 HELP PLZ Microsoft Authenticator not working/Can't sign into webcourses

I set up my authenticator app on my home pc some weeks ago. Right now I am out of the country travelling and I tried to sign in on my laptop which I have not used in sometime. I log in with my [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and then it prompts the "approve sign in request" which gives me a number to input into the app. The issue is is that my app never receives the notification for me to input the number so I cannot login into webcourses.

I also try the "enter a security code from your app instead" and when I click that before I'm even able to input the code it says in red "Sorry, we're having trouble verifying your account please try again."

So essentially there's no way for me to log into webcourses right now until Monday when I can call UCFIT but I want to sign in now because I was just enrolled into my internship class yesterday and there are assignments due this Sunday for it but I cannot sign in to do them.

Anybody know what I can do to fix this? I'm frustrated.
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2023.05.11 01:28 Doctor_Oceanblue Are you having trouble logging into Webcourses? USE CHROME!

When trying to log into Webcourses using "[email protected]," I'd get an error message saying that my password was invalid even though I knew for a fact that it was correct. After calling IT support, I found out that the issue was that I should've been using Chrome. Once I downloaded it this issue didn't occur at all. It must be Chrome and not a Chromium based browser like Edge.
I've noticed a few people in this sub asking for help on this. This method may not immediately solve your problem but it's worth a try before calling IT support.
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2023.05.10 20:34 pleasedontmakemecry Bright futures “EST” offered but not accepted on financial aid tab?

Bright futures “EST” offered but not accepted on financial aid tab?
Is this normal? Help
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2023.05.09 00:23 Maleficent-Snow-9188 did they really change our emails to our NID?

I did the new thing for webcourses with the authenticator and my email now shows up as [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

i really liked my previous email name :/
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2023.05.08 16:54 lowkakmakakak How to enroll in the two factor authentication for UCF webcourses???? Help appreciated!

l am unable to enter to my web-courses as it prompts me to download a duo app for authentication. Sure nice, but when I try to download it, it just takes me back and forward to a lengthy step by step guide where I cannot seem to find the actual link to download the app. Please help 🥲🥲
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2023.05.03 23:12 hc_knight MFA —> COBA testing center

MFA —> COBA testing center
I noticed that they are setting a multi-factor authentication system to log onto webcourses. Just curious how business students will take their exams in the testing center if we need our phones to “authenticate.” Wonder how this will play out.
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2023.04.28 03:24 RivaiTensei God is working against me

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2023.04.24 08:34 Snggie Webcourses not working at all

Webcourses not working at all
Need webcourses to work… bad… need to study. But my web courses is blocking out everything??? Attached picture pls help!
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2023.02.21 16:48 WebcoursesUCFSupport Join our team and make a difference: Seeking Part Time Program Assistant for Course Development!

The Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) is seeking a new team member for an OPS Program Assistant: Course Development to join the Instructional Development team. As a 20-hour support position, you will be responsible for ensuring accessibility to online course content for students with accommodations.
We are looking for a tech-savvy student with excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills, as well as proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 and a familiarity with [email protected] or similar CMS or LMS system. Previous experience with captioning is a plus.
The Perks…
If you're interested in growing your digital portfolio and working with a diverse team that values innovation, collaboration, and creativity, please apply at this URL: https://app.joinhandshake.com/emp/jobs/6008056/
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2023.02.07 00:12 Master_Cucumber_7256 Webcourses not working

Webcourses not working
Am I the only one facing this issue? Webcourses isn’t loading at all for me.
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2022.12.17 03:12 tswishst Webcourses and MyUCF showing different grades?

Basically the title, in my Webcourses my final grade is defined as a 65.55 (a D+ for my Calc III syllabus). Today when I checked my grades tab it shows it as a C for my official grade.

Do I have to retake the class? Any advice? Thanks.
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2022.12.13 09:13 _JJCUBER_ Can you Always View Past Courses?

This was my first semester at UCF; I notice that some of my "past" courses (in canvas/webcourses) are still viewable. Do all courses stay fully viewable after the semester in which you took it?
For example, 3 years later, can I still view the pages for the courses I took this semester in the Past Enrollments Section of canvas/webcourses, or will it become hidden/unviewable at some point?
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2022.11.15 01:43 mieuphorics MyUCF/ Webcourses Issues

so i never had this problem until this week, right when i have my exams and quizzes are due tuesday-thursday 🙃 i keep getting "this site can't be reach". is there any solutions to this? i can't even access myUCF anymore either. or will i need to email my professors for an extension??
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2022.11.14 02:00 blackmagge webcourses down

can ucf fix their webcourses page damnnnnn. it's been acting up for weeks.
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2022.10.30 21:00 Snoo_80391 Trouble accessing webcourses

Has anyone had any issues accessing webcourses and myUCF in general? Every time I try to login into the portal or try to go to webcourses, there’s an error saying there might be something wrong with the URL. I have tried on both google chrome and on safari. I can’t access either site and im not sure what to do to fix it…
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2022.10.06 19:42 Jamcal56 Meet Louis!

Meet Louis! submitted by Jamcal56 to ragdollcats [link] [comments]

2022.09.24 20:28 Marco-Lago Webcourses

Is Webcourses currently down? I can't get any UCF page to load.
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2022.09.23 20:44 WebcoursesUCFSupport We[email protected] Support is Now Hiring Part-Time Support Assistants!

Good Afternoon Knights!
[email protected] Support is doing another round of hiring and we are looking to add 2-3 part-time student OPS Support Assistant positions to our team!
The [email protected] Support Team is responsible for providing tier 1 customer, technical and course development support for the [email protected] learning management system (Instructure's Canvas) and related systems, such as Zoom and Panopto, to all UCF faculty, staff, and students.
Applicants must possess strong interpersonal and customer service skills and must be comfortable communicating with clients face-to-face and via phone, email, live chat, Zoom/Teams, and our ServiceNow ticketing system.
Applicants should also demonstrate a willingness to accept and ability to carry out responsibility, be courteous and timely in responding to the needs of others, perform job duties in the absence of direct or indirect supervision, exhibit resourcefulness and self-reliance, and be open to working in a team environment.
Applicants should have basic technical skill using recent versions of any of the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
Once Support Assistants have completed their self-paced training, shadowing with a Senior Support Assistant, and have shown a required level of self-sufficiency, the work environment will be blended, with some time working remote and some time in our Research Park office.
Flexible hours are available Monday - Friday, 7AM - 7PM. Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week, and maximum hours are not to exceed 30 hours per week. Our beginning hourly rate is $13/hr with the opportunity for wage increases every 6 months based on performance.
Other duties include:
If interested, please apply here: https://www.myworkday.com/ucf/d/inst/15$392530/9925$1900.htmld. This job posting is scheduled to close on Friday, 10/7/22.
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2022.09.19 22:48 ORLO_Researcher Paid research study ($60) near UCF - only 3 spots left!

Good evening fellow knights!
I hope your fall semester has been going great and make sure to remember to take a break!
Speaking of taking a break, why not earn $60 dollars near campus and participate in research? We are nearing the end of our data collection so we only have three spots left! The study is being conducted right next to campus so come on down and take a break from the chaos that is Webcourses. Thank you!
Research participants are needed for a study about learning an electronic warfare task. During the study, you will be trained on the task using a simulated electronic warfare environment as well as fill out a variety of surveys. The study will take approximately 3 hours over the course of two sessions. You will be paid $60 ($30 per session).
Eligibility requirements: You must NOT have a history of seizures or hearing issues. You must be a US citizen and 18 years of age or older to participate. You must also bring a photo ID to the study site to verify age.
The study will be held in-person at Research Park near the UCF main campus. If you’re interested, please sign up through the UCF IST SONA system (http://ucf-ist.sona-systems.com). Study name: Virtual Instructors for Electronic Warfare Training
The study takes place at the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division in Research Park. After you sign up, an experimenter will email you with directions and instructions for entering our facility. This email will also contain information about protocols we are following to protect your health and safety during COVID-19. Be sure to check your email (including junk mail) 1-2 days after you sign up for this information.
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2022.09.18 19:21 kokomoco01 Pegasus Path for Engineering

Please help: I don't know if this would be the best way to take my classes, my main concern is taking calc 3 over the summer. Is there anyway to reorganize this to be a little better? Also in Spring 2023 I will be taking Calc 2, Physics 1 + lab. Any advice will be appreciated!
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