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2023.06.09 04:21 smooth_pory Vyvanse drug detection on Quest help

Hey Reddit, so I took a 40 mg vyvanse on June 3rd and will be taking a 38057N - SAP 8/2000 W/NIT test on Monday the 12th. I have read everywhere that the detection time is between 1-5 days for amphetamine AND I have taken a rite-aid 7 panel and passed it. I’m still super nervous and worried I won’t pass because… anxiety. Please give some assurance that I will be ok! Is it even possible for amphetamine to be detected at any capacity after 10 days?
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2023.06.09 04:19 smooth_pory Vyvanse detection in Quest test

Hey Reddit, so I took a 40 mg vyvanse on June 3rd and will be taking a 38057N - SAP 8/2000 W/NIT test on Monday the 12th. I have read everywhere that the detection time is between 1-5 days for amphetamine AND I have taken a rite-aid 7 panel and passed it. I’m still super nervous and worried I won’t pass because… anxiety. Please give some assurance that I will be ok! Is it even possible for amphetamine to be detected at any capacity after 10 days?
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2023.06.09 04:11 tylogotya Esco a dickhead🤦🏾‍♂️😂

Esco a dickhead🤦🏾‍♂️😂
This nigga was hopping pharmacy counters wit stun guns for drink and jammers 😂😂 this Nigga gon throw a bag with pill bottles, gloves & mask inna water and a nigga saw him throw the bag wit pills and the gloves he used to bag the stores wit and told the feds , dumbass nigga left all his DNA inna open🤦🏾‍♂️
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2023.06.09 03:12 TezetaLaventia Found this gem in a Rite Aid of all places. How did they not think this through?

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2023.06.09 02:59 Responsible-Beat827 Yikes 😬

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2023.06.08 23:09 watchyourback9 Questions about the Vyvanse Help At Hand program

So I was just prescribed Vyvanse again and man it's gotten super expensive since I the last time I was on it. I've also changed insurance and my new policy doesn't cover it at all :(
I came across the Takeda Help at Hand program which seems like a great option for me, but there's a few things that seem a bit unclear as far as eligibility goes.
  1. On the application form it says you must have recently "lost your job" and are experiencing financial hardship. I moved to freelance work last September, so technically speaking I no longer have a "job," but I wasn't laid off or fired. I quit my job lol so I'm not sure if that counts? On the form if you answer "yes" to this question, it says to attach proof of job termination or unemployment. I do have a termination letter from my old work. It doesn't say exactly why my employment was terminated so should I just attach it with my application?
  2. Do all pharmacies accept the program? I've had a really hard time finding a pharmacy that actually has it in stock, but I finally got lucky with one near me. It's just a local ma and pa pharmacy, not a Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid so I'm a bit worried they won't accept it or something.
I'm hoping that I qualify as I make well under the $70,000 cap to qualify. I'm just wondering if they'll reject me if I answer "No" to the question about losing my job.
Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice to share?
Edit: Added a few small details
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2023.06.08 18:11 ghawthorne35 The Best Sustainable Eyewear Brands

It would be an understatement to say that our world has seen better days given the blazing wildfires in California, a string of tropical storms, and some of the highest recorded temperatures in history this summer. The good news is that there are practical ways that we can contribute to its preservation, and sustainable shopping is one of them.
A nice pair of sunglasses in Sri Lanka can make all the difference in the world! You can buy a pair of sunglasses online in Sri Lanka this summer that will shield your eyes from the sun, showcase your sense of style, and benefit Mother Earth. Uncertain about where to start? Then, have a look at this list of the top eco-friendly sunglasses companies that sell shades and contact lenses online.
17.6 billion tonnes of plastic are thrown into the ocean every year. By 2050, all of the fish in the ocean will be outweighed by ocean plastic, according to Conservation International. Alarming figures like these served as the impetus for Sea2see, an Italian startup that creates "a statement of change" rather than just spectacles.
Sea2See collects waste materials like ropes and fishnets and uses them to make sustainable optical frames and sunglasses. They do this by working closely with fishermen's communities in 27 different regions of Spain and 10 coastal regions of Ghana. The company uses an upcycling approach to convert waste plastic into reusable raw materials, making waste a crucial component of its supply chain. When you wear a pair of their sunglasses, you are also doing your part to maintain the health of the oceans and the creatures who inhabit them.
Genusee, a company with its headquarters in Flint, Michigan, makes glasses out of recycled plastic water bottles from the ongoing water crisis. This programme not only saves waste but also helps the neighbourhood's economy by giving displaced workers jobs. Sunglasses from Genusee are completely UVA/UVB protected and oh-so-chic!
Dresden's sleek, plastic eyeglasses are heavily influenced by German design while having an Australian heritage. According to their website, "The paradox of German design is also the essence of Dresden's approach." "Both natural and technical, both enjoyable and useful.
"Dresden's most exciting point of difference is in the 'one shape fits all' modular design," claims Bonnie Hudson, head of communications. "The one timeless frame form is available in four different sizes and many colour combinations to complement virtually any face. To suit their mood or the situation, the wearer can switch out the interchangeable arms, front, and lenses.
Everyone may find a pair of sunglasses from Sunski, from fashionistas to outdoor enthusiasts! The varieties include aviator, clubmaster, round, and wayfarer. These comfortable sunglasses with recycled materials will keep your eyes protected.
Miami-based company MITA creates eyewear that is inspired by the city's brilliant and colourful features, such as the murals on Wynwood Walls and the nearby street art. MITA, an organisation committed to "redefining the relationship between fashion and sustainability," upcycles five water bottles to make one pair of chic eco-glasses. With the aim of addressing the low recycling rates in both the US and Europe, they have recycled 81,000 water bottles as of this writing. Their entire line of eyeglasses is created from recycled materials, even the cases and cleaning rags.
Pala is an eyewear brand that supports the community. For every pair purchased, eye treatment is provided to a person in need in Africa, which is home to 73% of the world's visually impaired people. This care is offered in the form of funding given to vision clinics, pharmacies, and screening programmes in collaboration with the worldwide non profit organisation Vision Aid Oversea. Every pair of sunglasses is cruelty-free and vegan. According to the Pala website, starting this year, all new models will be created with Italian bio-acetate, making the eyewear completely plant-based and 100% biodegradable.
The firm adds that as they continue on their path towards sustainable fashion, they will make all of their upcoming designs as eco-friendly as they can, including "both recycled acetate and bio-based designs housed in eco-friendly recyclable packaging and with carbon offset shipping."
Ballo started creating unisex sunglasses by hand in 2013 using recycled and reused materials, and since then, they have been in the sustainability industry. Every time a pair of sunglasses is sold, a tree is planted in Cape Town, South Africa, where all items are created and made. Ballo creates fashionable sunglasses from materials like cork and hemp, in addition to UV420 blue light-blocking lenses, which reduce eye strain from prolonged screen use.
For Proof, which was established in 2020 by three brothers from Idaho (who acquired "sawdust in their veins" from working in the family sawmill), their goal of leaving the world in a better state than they found it entails handcrafting eyewear using eco-friendly materials like wood, recycled aluminium, recycled skateboard decks, and cotton-based acetate. In addition to eyewear, Proof also offers a variety of other items manufactured from these natural resources, including wallets, water bottles, reusable straws, and other accessories. The business, which started off with "one laptop and a rack of sunglasses" in a garage, has since expanded to build its own flagship location in Boise.
Another eyewear company attempting to clean up dangerous plastic trash from the ocean is Waterhaul. Using mechanical recycling and a "specialised injection moulding process," high-performing eyewear built entirely from recycled fishing nets is the end product. Fishing nets are made of sturdy materials, which is how they can withstand years of exposure to the ocean, but this also means that Waterhaul frames will have an equivalently long lifespan. The company, which has its headquarters in Newquay, Cornwall, claims to be working with Iberian fishermen to offer incentive programmes so they won't need to rely on landfills to get rid of their nets (and pay expensive disposal fees).
These ethical brands all care about their consumers' and the environment's wellbeing. Finding ways to sustain our world is essential given the growing human population. The decisions we make every day are where this shift begins for us.
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2023.06.08 10:49 S-Kunst Rite Aid Chase St - Because the Rite Aid Corporation Cares (only about $)

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2023.06.08 04:49 fighterjet009 Rite Aid Share price is being manipulated exactly as described on this article!

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2023.06.08 03:00 funkid42 trans guys in spain (catalonia)

how much does T cost out of pocket at a pharmacy? (gel, shots, etc whatever you know about)
have you had success getting it over the counter? have you presented a foreign prescription or doctors notes regarding treatment and been able to buy it?
I have heard all these things can be possible so wondering if anyone can offer some information... I'm studying abroad for at least a year and I'm concerned about being able to access T, as I will have private insurance that doesn't cover it (and I know wait times for doctors could vary..) Mentally relying on the idea that mutual aid is strong in the area and I will find someone who can help me out in the worst case scenario.
moltes gràcies
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2023.06.08 02:12 Theslcguy Small Flaw with doordash to get better items.

In a surprising turn of events, a clever trick has emerged that seems to exploit a potential glitch or flaw in the popular food delivery service, DoorDash. This method, which has been verified to work even after being reported to the technical services department over a month ago.
Please note that this information is strictly for educational purposes, and I urge you to exercise caution and responsibility. I do not endorse sharing this hack or attempting to make it go viral on other platforms. Furthermore, any consequences that may arise from attempting this method are solely the responsibility of the individuals involved.
Here's how it works: Many users have adopted a daily ordering routine called "double-dashing," which offers great convenience. However, an issue has been identified with certain convenience stores, such as Walmart, Safeway, CVS, and Rite Aid.
The flaw lies in ordering items that are likely to be out of stock and selecting substitutes. For instance, let's say you order from a store called Munchies, and you come across an item priced at $2.20 that is likely to be out of stock. In this scenario, you can choose a substitute item worth $6-7, considering the upcoming hot summer season, like orange cream bars.
Since the likely out of stock item, as well as any other ice cream items, will indeed be out of stock, you have the opportunity to substitute them with a larger and more expensive item of your choice, such as a $7.50 giant ice cream of any brand available. Once you've made your selection, all that's left is to wait.
As if by magic, your substituted item arrives, and the best part? There's no additional charge for the upgrade. It appears that this method works flawlessly with any payment method that can be "locked" after the order has been placed, offering a 100% guarantee of success.
Remember, this news piece aims to inform you about an intriguing development within the food delivery world. However, it is crucial to exercise discretion and integrity in applying this hack. The responsibility lies with each individual to use this information ethically and responsibly.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of food delivery services.
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2023.06.07 22:15 ObligationMaterial97 Little bits of positive news ,it’s a start

Simple wall st wrote a article on rite Aids institutional stockholders ,articles was as I see it neutral anyone else thoughts
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2023.06.07 20:27 SirPotz No more Wegovy

Ive completed my first month but will have to stop treatment due to the manufacturer no longer making the smaller doses. Both Walgreens and Rite Aid told me it may not be until August if at all. Any other weight loss drugs similar to Wegovy that has a good inventory so I wont have to abruptly stop treatment. Feel like the manufacturer kind of screwed us here.
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2023.06.07 20:09 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 21 Jobs in Minneapolis Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Human Resources & Accounting Specialist Full-Time Minneapolis
Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Minneapolis-Saint-Paul
Premier Marine Purchasing Agent Minneapolis
Travel Nurse Across America Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - PICU RN - TravelNurse Minneapolis
Usagov Supply Technician (Motor Vehicle Operator) Minneapolis
Capsule Pharmacy Operations Associate- Packer (Part Time) Minneapolis
Genuine Parts Company Warehouse/Truck Loader Minneapolis
NuAire, Inc. Packer Minneapolis
Frito-Lay North America Sales Warehouse/Material Handler - 9AM Start Minneapolis
Sun Country Airlines MSP Ramp Manager Minneapolis
Genuine Parts Warehouse/Truck Loader Minneapolis
Border States Warehouse Associate - Seasonal Minneapolis
PrideStaff Warehouse Mail Sorter - A Saturday Minneapolis
Fujitsu Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Planning Architect Minneapolis
Pro Staff Brainerd Forklift Operator - 1st Shift Minneapolis
Impact Connects RECEIVING CLERK (Outside Purchases) Minneapolis
Best Buy General Warehouse Worker (2nd shift, starting rate $21.00) Minneapolis
Abercrombie and Fitch Co. abercrombie kids - Stock Associate, Mall of America Minneapolis
Manpower USA Medical Packaging Technician 3rd shift $23.00 - Direct Hire Minneapolis
Sun Country Airlines MSP Seasonal Ramp Agent Minneapolis
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in minneapolis. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 19:26 Character_Walk_7345 Need help finding hearing protection to wear with hearing aids

Hi, I have been wearing hearing aids since I was a kid. Recently my hearing specialist told me that I needed to wear hearing protection when working with sounds over 80db.
My manager had a pair lying around his office and gave them to me but they don't fit, they sit directly on my hearing aids. Is also dosent help that i also wear glasses :(
I went to try and find some online but they never say the size of the cups, how am I supose to know if they will fit correctly with out sitting on my hearing aids?
If anyone wants to know what hearing aids I have they are opn s3 miniRITE
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2023.06.07 18:10 Designer-Toe1955 Shame on Bodaken and Schroeder for bringing Rite Aid to a 98 million dollar market valuation under their leadership. HORRIBLE AND HORRENDOUS PERFORMANCE !

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2023.06.07 17:44 Spring_King Loot Rebalance Mod

So I'm looking for a good Loot Rebalance mod. I was using Wealthier Commonwealth but it just absolutely showered me in Loot, in about 10 hours of gameplay i had enough chems to start up a drug store/pharmacy. I'm trying to find something that gives you limited loot so it feels more post-apocalyptic. But not so little that I have no ammo or chems. Like vanilla but where guns don't spawn on radroachs. Or where Ammo doesn't spawn in a first aid kit. Does something like this exist?
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2023.06.07 12:27 devinbost Update from Key Therapeutics - For those still having trouble getting it or in other states

AmerisourceBergen announced today that they have correctly added Key Therapeutics to their system and are working on the "EDi and the CSOS implementation / testing". It's a bit mind-blowing it's taken them so long.
Key Therapeutics is also progressing on a workaround for other states. They're getting setup with 2 "secondary wholesalers" who can reportedly ship DESOXYN nationwide, but the "catch" with one that is very anxious to work with them is they reportedly can only ship into independently owned pharmacies (in other words, not Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart etc...). I don't know exactly what the criteria is for an "independently owned pharmacy" or what the reasoning is. But, if you have an independent-owned pharmacy that you want setup, please make sure that you've filled out the form I've posted here. (I can repost the link if needed.)
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2023.06.07 06:08 AlkaliDraw 26m On Dialysis Coughing up blood and feeling exhausted every Sunday despite 4 days of dialysis?

So I’ve been on hemodialysis for about a year now after having them try peritoneal dialysis (didn’t work). However over the last month or so every single Sunday I’ve been forced to stay at home and rest because I just end up coughing up blood, my whole body gets sore, and I get so physically exhausted I can’t actually do anything on Sundays. I’ve been following the renal diet pretty closely, maybe slightly over on fluid but not by an extreme amount. The weird thing is I’ll feel fine on Saturday then wake up Sunday feeling like crap.
I usually feel I have to sleep sitting up in a wingback chair in my room Saturday and Sunday nights because lying flat makes me wake up almost choking with the fluid around my lungs.
Med wise I’m on a 4 blood pressure meds, two phosphorus binders, Benadryl (evening and morning), two anti-depressants (one for sleep), vitamin b complex, 5000mcg B12, Nexium, Zofran, Lasix, Claritin D 24-hr, and probiotics. Tylenol for pain when needed
Dialysis wise I go for 3hr and 15 min MWF, and 2 hrs on Tuesdays (all appointments in the morning)(and I go to all of my appointments)
Diagnosed with CKD and High Blood Pressure. Cause is CKD is still unknown
Male, 26, Dry Weight 140 lbs. Height 6ft 3in. White
Admittedly I haven’t been sleeping all that well.
Diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks
I walk everywhere so I tend to be pretty physically active when I feel up to it
Even if I do nothing on Saturday I still feel like crap on Sunday and it leads into Monday.
I don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t do illicit drugs nor have I ever.
Follow the renal diet
Only thing I drink besides water is pink lady apple kombucha (health aid brand non alcoholic of course).
I have two nephrologists that work in the same practice, a primary care doctor, and a pharmacy who tends to be on top of my meds
I physically cannot figure out what is happening and I’m worried that it’s getting worse. All winter I was fine and doing things but all of a sudden I’ve been getting hit with this. It’s begun to really negatively affect my mental health as well and I can only imagine what it is doing to my physical health. Do you all have any idea? Doc thinks it’s just fluid overload but I don’t think how much I drink has changed all that much?
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2023.06.07 03:35 tyuis_tavi 21M

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2023.06.07 03:34 BunkyDoodle The Eye. The Watchman, and the Sun's division.

Howdy All!
So looking into the anatomy of how eyes work and the watchman, the SiS, and solar children, I noticed a few things. From my own Wikipedia scrolling a while back I learned of the cones and rods of the eyes, how perceive color, and a number link occured in my mind between the 4 cones and rods of the eye and the solar children. Tldr, we can more or less map the cones and rods of the eye to the solar children, which matches the whole sun=eye=egg thing that pervades AK's works. No real additional meaning or pivotal understandings, other than strengthening themes surrounding perception and eyes.

EYE SCIENCE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cone_cell (I take some liberties calling them red, yellow, and green cones) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_cell
First to establish some things about the biology of the eyes.
There are color cones and night vision rods that constitute vision in your eyes.
They have a bandwidth of light they react to, at certain intensities they oversaturate, and the eye becomes blinded.
Humans have 3 color cones and 1 night vision cone.
The 3 colors cones are roughly - Red, Yellow, and Green/blue And night vision is devoid of the sensation of color, but its bandwidth overlaps with the yellow and green/blue color cone zones. Night vision also requires far less light to oversaturate, and takes far longer to recover than color cones.
(other animals have reflective backs of their eyes see better in low light conditions, but they are blinded more quickly in bright conditions, humans are more evolved for daylight conditions) The fact that the red cone does not overlap is why red light is often used in dark conditions, to preserve night vision. The yellow and green/blue cone's closeness aids humans in their ability to see ripeness of fruit with accuracy that most animals don’t have. (unripe fruit is often inedible and even toxic at times). Human color cones are clustered forward, giving strong acuity of vision at what one is looking at. However our night vision rods are wider spread, giving us better peripheral vision in dark conditions. Speculation:
So when the sun is low and red, humanity can still see with their night vision rods and whatever links that presents. But when noon is high and bright, our night vision is blinded, and our color vision may even be blinded. So here we go with the watchman- who clearly has color and eye links He is amber, a triple origin. Three color cones? Theres information missing on him with that should be elaborated on in BoH, though I believe it veers more alchemic in nature. The ability to see if fruits are ripe can be linked to the Fruit of knowledge and nectar’s green toxicity. To know ‘right from wrong’, which echo's much of the garden of Eden themes of the Crucible Cross events (which is a whole other post that I'll probably not do).
More interestingly: the SiS and the Solar children
With the SiS, we also have eye and color themes. Colors were lost with his death. The intercalate rite has light emanating from one’s eyes. But interestingly. He has 4 children, which I’ll attempt to line up with the four color cones and rods.
The Mensicate is the sun’s night self, which clearly aligns her with the night vision rods. The mode the eyes act in during the night. A different hidden mode of seeing. It also matches the extreme contrasting we see in the balance ending.
The Mensicate is golden, the color of ripening, so clearly the yellow color cone seems apt.
I’m split on the red and the green/blue cones for the SiR and the WD however.
If we assign red to the SiR and green/blue to the WD, we can have SiR being the color of blood and suiting the color of sunsets, red and low. Plus the whole reubedo-red for alchemy connections. The WD can retain the broken potential that is the unripe fruit, poison, and gangrene. Flipping it, if we assign green to the SiR and red to the WD, we can have the SiR being the immature thing cast aside and poisonous as immature fruits. (Green flash at sunset?) This also pairs it with the Madrugad more closely as both being the overlapping cones. With red being the WD, for their very red motif and association with blood, compatibility with darkness, and also potentially being the reubedo-red for alchemy of the solar children . Notable is that the aspect called nectar is a vivid green but is also noted as having been called blood somewhat blurs the lines between blood, red, and green in general in CS symbology. Final notes- women are slightly more likely to have extra color cones as men are slightly more likely to be color blind, having one less color cone, which often results in Red-green color blindness.
Final notes: I'm not on Reddit much. Hit me up on the fan discord (also bunky there) if you need to reach out to me with quick response. (tho I can't imagine why.
Also apologies if this was a bit more stream of conscious and if I utilized too much abbreviation and light touches on other bodies of knowledge for support.
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2023.06.07 02:41 thelaureness ISO Alavert Mint.

I've been looking for my favorite allergy med (alavert mint) for about a year. It isn't discontinued, but I haven't found it at a store here in a long time.
Places I've checked:
Fred Meyer
Rite Aid
Grocery Outlet
If you see some of this medicine around town, please tell me where so I can buy every box they have. I wish the citrus would work, but I HATE the flavor. I'm currently taking a generic pill with the same active ingredient, but it's just not the same. Might be a placebo, but that fizzy mint tablet worked better for me than anything else.
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