Bonita post office passport

[WTS] Maples, Peace, generics, 90% mixed lot, US mint silver quarter sets, Bullets, Sigma tester 3 wand

2023.06.09 06:25 gc1008 [WTS] Maples, Peace, generics, 90% mixed lot, US mint silver quarter sets, Bullets, Sigma tester 3 wand

Up for sale, will ship within one day of payment. Ask if you have any questions or want to see more pictures. Will split up lots if no immediate interest.
Lot of 10 maples. Some have milk spots, maybe light scratches. $280.00
Lot of 6 generics $162.00
Lot of 30 nicer Peace dollars. Pay no attention to what is written on the flips other than the dates. People seem to love writing all sorts of thing on them $900.00
$3.45 in 90%. Mixed lot of SLQ, Mercs, Rosies and Washingtons from great condition to almost slick on the older $75.90
US Mint set of silver quarters. Priced at 22 times face $27.50 each your choice
45ACP silver bullets $35.00 each
Sigma Metalytics 3 wand tester like new in case. Not sure where the instruction sheet went $1035.00
Open to legitimate offers if you think pricing is out of line, but don't waste both of our times with unrealistic or below spot prices.
I pack extremely well with a ton of tape, that said post office is your responsibility after I drop it off at the counter. I will do my best to sort out and help. I can add insurance if you want through 3rd party and I can also ship ups or fed ex as well, would just have to check on shipping . USPS $5.00 if it will fit in a bubble mailer, $8.00 for Priority.
Prefer in order Venmo, zelle, google pay, PPFF (no Notes) and PPGS with added fee. Will not take PPGS if you have less than 10 transactions
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2023.06.09 06:12 NotYetArt My ex and my mother, Neverending nightmare

I wish they would go away.
They have spent years punishing me for anything and everything. If I'm really so horrible why do they keep trying to find me and pretend everything's cool?
Any time I point out what they have done to me, it's either ignored completely and they claim it never happened or that I deserved it.
They've stolen from me, sexually harassed me, lied/used/abused me.
They made me think i was a disgusting worthless piece of shit that nobody could love. and that I needed to do whatever I could to get their affection. I bent over backwards, jumped through hoops, rarely slept and in panic mode 24/7 the years that i was with them. At one point I had to pay them to be with me. I sent them on many flights and bought them gaming consoles multiple times. I've pulled them out of a busy street in nyc after they were throwing trash cans and other debri at cars during one of their many tantrums.
I got them an easy job at my very nice office (after they whined & complained that they weren't a gold digger they just couldn't get a job) which they promptly didn't show up for and ignored all phone calls because they "needed to shower." (this man was a neat freak and constantly ordering me to bathe more since he was so repulsed by me.) Most of our relationship was him being offended/disgusted/upset by me and me trying desperately to "fix" myself.
He would throw tantrums because I didn't take him out enough, even though I had to work long hours and he was an adult older than me with free access to my bank cards in nyc - he could go out all day and do whatever he wanted, but because I was t there to hold his hand I "kept him prisoner and slave"... though it was his idea to do any cleaning and he would just get drunk while mopping...
And after we were broken up, they both kept showing up where I lived to harass/cause drama. In front of my landlords, roommates, he'd even show up while I had dates over.
He lives with my mother, and calls her mom. He told me to stay away from "his" family though they always reach out to me saying they "miss" me.
But I remember when he would scream at me that I wasn't as good as the "mom" before me. And I was also his "mom" at one point. (I had to feed him and deal with tantrums when he didnt want the food available, dress him, help him walk, and deal with him threatening to run away in the middle of the night...) But they tell me that their relationship isn't sexual...
Not only that but I get to watch my mother do all the motherly things she never did for me. As a child I was never wanted and told that children should never be heard so my mouth was covered with duct tape. My mother purposely ignored or laughed at me whenever I was injured or sad. When I broke my leg she accused me of lying, even after a doctor visit and a cast + crutches, I had to crawl on the floor across the house to fetch her remote or other things she was only a foot away from. They ignored everything to do with my schooling (fuck events, recitals, awards, etc) and didn't let me out of the house to do anything else.. but now she does all of this for her "new" children and wouldn't dare spank them like they would with my bare little girl bottom.
That is also only the tip of the iceberg, not even going into detail about how she knowingly left me in the hands of an older man (that openly expressed his desire for my underage self and everyone laughed) while she went to play bingo in a city 5 hours away.
Or the time she stopped her car in the middle of the road and walked off. While I had no license, couldn't drive, and also had her giant ass macaw bird latched into my shoulder (because she liked driving her birds around) and when I started walking down the highway she screams at me that I'm stealing her bird (that again, will not let go of me.) And left me there.
Or just a few years ago, when I finally came to live with her after she begged me over and over saying how much she missed me and then promptly evicted me and took in my ex who they both say they love each other and are so so happy together. I can't talk to one without the other knowing everything. They keep secrets for each other but anything I say is made into public mockery.
I finally moved to another city to get away from him, but they are still trying to find me. He visits the city I live in now frequently, purposely setting up long distance dates with women that live here, and posting about it in my local subreddit.
I really wish they would go away, forever. It seems like nothing I say matters, no matter how many times I tell them they aren't wanted or how nasty I get they won't leave me alone. I know this is what they want, to isolate me and make me feel like I'm a monster. They spread lies about me to their friends & family, saying I did things that never happened, but ofc completely denying anything they've actually done to me.
Their relationship hurts me in ways I cannot describe, and I know they relish that. I want to kill myself sometimes just so I never have to see or hear from them again but I know they would just love that as a new pity token to use.
The silver lining here is now I'm in a safer place with those that truly love me, they care for me and help me in ways that nobody ever has before. They tell me I'm full of love & joy and that I deserve to be cared for, something my ex and mother would never ever say to me. I'm grateful for them but I know my issues/mental health is too far gone and too much to dump on them all the time.
I know these toxic fucks are just trying to ruin that too.
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2023.06.09 06:06 mars-on-stars mom, i’m being punished for something my mother did.

on memorial day (may 29th) my mother got into a really nasty fight with my grandparents and my grandmother kicked her out. in the ten days since, threats have been exchanged (stuff like withdrawing financial/emotional support, going no contact, moving away, etc). i wasn’t even there when it all happened. i had nothing to do with any of it.
we’re next door neighbors, but my grandparents are acting like i don’t exist. they haven’t texted me or called me or reached out. they’re mad at my mom so they don’t want my dad or i at their house either. we share a post office box and they’ve been leaving our mail on their porch table so they don’t have to see us. my dad went to check on them the other day and said my grandma isn’t doing well physically. apparently she’s taking a turn for the worse again and i can’t even check on her.
we’ve been next door neighbors to them since i was in middle school and now i’m 20. i got so used to seeing them at least every other day for about a decade. i can’t believe they don’t want me anymore, this hurts so bad. i feel like i’m dying every time i drive past their house. it’s like someone reached into my chest and ripped my heart and lungs out. i feel like i can’t breathe. if i talk to them, i betray my parents and they might kick me out. if i don’t talk to them, im sick with guilt and i’m homesick.
i don’t know if anyone will read this or if i’m just being silly, but i’m so heartbroken over this. i’ve never felt so alone.
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2023.06.09 05:59 supbro234 What’s it like working as a CCA in Seattle right now?

I just received a conditional job offer in like a day. If it easy to get hired in Seattle right now? Is the post office in Seattle super short staffed?
How many hours can I expect to work a day? How long does it take to make regular? Can Anyone in Seattle give me any advice? Thank you
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2023.06.09 05:58 Write_The_Night_ I know and have interacted with one of the founders of Mom For Liberty.

Specifically Tina Descovich, my mother is close friends with her. I was forced into helping campaign for her a few years back when I was in elementary school.
If you ever see kids on the corner of a street in those dumb ass clusters for politicians to be elected for office, just know they're being fed a full load of bullshit.
Bitterness aside, I feel such guilt that I'm associated with them through loose ties, and that someone whom I'm directly related to supports such hate. I'm a highschool who's affected by these fucking ladies who are on a power trip saying they "don't co-parent with the government". All of it's bullshit and I guarantee that they don't give a damn about the students or teachers, and I'm frankly not surprised about the shortage of teaches at schools in my county. I took AP Human Geography this year, and my poor teacher had to tread some thin fucking lines and said on multiple occasions that she may get fired FOR TEACHING CONTENT IN THE FUCKING CLASS (specific instance was unit 7, redlining and blockbusting).
At first I didn't really know much about the group despite ties with the founder. After being involved in numerous campaigns and developing my own set of morals that conflict with their rhetoric, I've tried to put as big of a gap between myself and my mother's politics for the sake of my own mental health, and because I don't support it. But seeing posts in LGBTQ+ subreddits about their hate and hearing about it from my friends, it's just so depressing. I can't fathom the idea that gay/trans/queer people are soo scary that you need to ban any mention of them. Hell, a fuck ton of people that I know fit into the community, all highschoolers, and all students who are harmed by parents who "want the best for their children".
Being apart of these communities myself, and actively seeing something I ignored causing such harm is just so draining. Even though I fully know there's nothing that I can do.
(This is pretty incohesive, I just kinda started typing it out, but thanks for reading.)
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2023.06.09 05:48 ohdear2231 where US is held up, Europe takes over
I know the legends4legends video has been posted in another thread, but this is to focus on the specific point on massive advances made in EUROPE with an office in Amsterdam while US is being held up.
Watch the video especially at this time where it seems US is the only place to do crypto, that you realised crypto friendly regulation in other parts of the world means that Amp is going to go big, even if the US part is being held back for a while.
Then, when the hard unjust push by Gensler results in an equally harder push back by the crypto community resulting in clear crypto regulation, all the Europe success will springboard manifold into US with all the parents and MTLs.
Grab your amp while retail sentiment is in the dumps. Thank me in a few years time :)
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2023.06.09 05:46 Redditneddit E-Transfer Scam - worth to pursue in Small Claims Court in BC?

I posted an item for sale on Facebook marketplace for a couple hundred dollars, got a few hits for it and there was one person interested. Fast forward yesterday, we agreed to meet outside of my home for pickup of the item.
I met the buyer face to face and all seemed okay. I helped load the item into the buyer's car and they said they would e-transfer me. I gave them my email and they went through the whole process (sending the e-transfer on EQ bank app).
I was watching the buyer at every step. I have Autodeposit set up so my full name appeared and it showed on the app that "Contact has has Autodeposit. Funds will go directly to their registered account". I watched him click send and we waited together outside my place. A few minutes go by but I still have not yet received the funds. I ask the buyer instead to send me a screenshot of that payment confirmation and felt fairly safe that because I had Autodeposit set up. The buyer leaves. 30 mins, hours and then finally the next day, but still no money has appeared.
The person's FB account cannot be contacted any more, they're not picking up the phone or replying to texts. I've called both their bank and mine (TD) and they both say to contact the buyer for recourse. My bank's fraud department said they see an Interac E-Transfer initiated on the other person's account, but then it was cancelled. The money never reached my account. At this point I'm reeling...WHAT? Everywhere that I've looked or read upon, once an E-Transfer has been initiated to an Autodeposit account, it was supposed to be finalized. The only explanation they said, was that there was already a block on their account preventing them from sending, so even though on the app it shows that the money was sent, the money never actually went through. So I've been scammed.
I've filed a police report, and the officer said this was not a criminal matter, but instead a contractual/civil one and to pursue it in Small Claims. I have his phone number and the officer assisting me has told me that there was a hit on the number given.
Now, given that the amount was only a couple hundred dollars and the cost to file small claims in BC is $100, is it still worth it to pursue? I want to say it's just for the money but at this point, it's just rather knowing that this "buyer" is getting served and will be taught a lesson to. Is there any other possible recourse in this situation?
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2023.06.09 05:43 Spectral_Coen0 Twisted Metal TV series photos

Twisted Metal TV series photos
Here are the TV series photos for the upcoming live action adaption of Sony Playstations Twisted Metal coming to use to Peacock in the Fall of 2023.
A post apocalyptic narrative where a smartass milk man with Amnesia named John Doe is tasked with driving a mysterious package to a benefactor at the end of the Earth while being pursued by psychos in weaponized vehicles as he tries to reclaim his old memories that he had lost due to the past seasons
Agent Stone[Thomas Hayden Church] will be playing the human police officer villain of the show who takes the law into his own hands by any type of means. He's Judge, jury and executioner and the major threat to John Does journey throughout this.
Neve Campbell plays Raven the hearse driving goth character from the franchise.
Stephanie Beatriz plays Quiet a mysterious and a car thief who joins Doe for her own reasons while being both an ally and an antagonist to his journey
Samoa Joe portays the physical form of Needles Kane the serial killer Clown mascot of the series as Will Arnett does the dubbed voice performance to it
It's by the Deadpool team, a "bonkers" post apocalyptic comedic action packed narrative.
Calypso and the Twisted Metal Tournament are not involved with the series at all in the 10 episode run.
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2023.06.09 05:40 rhilltech Big DeStash/Repost for unSold Yarns

Big DeStash/Repost for unSold Yarns
Hey fellow crafters, here is a consolidation of previous posts, that are now closed, of anything that didn’t sell that I still need to get into more capable hands!
Stored in plastic bins or vacuum packs inside my office in a nonsmoking home.
Paypal: goods and services You pay shipping - shipping from Texas
Look for the details in the comments of the photos.
If you want more than 2 lot I’ll reduce the total, before shipping, by 20%.
If there are any questions or concerns just let me know.
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2023.06.09 05:38 TheOriginalGossipCat After 980 days, our marriage-based I-485 petition is finally approved...

…and it’s my birthday.
Here’s another “you’ll make it” post, but it’s coming from someone who really, really went through it.
Ok, we applied in 2020 and received an interview notice in April 2022. We had to reschedule the interview due to my husband’s severe COVID infection. We called USCIS, spoke with a Tier 1 Agent, and received a confirmation code for the request to reschedule. We thought we were in the clear and eagerly looked forward to welcoming our new interview date. Haha, cute. The day after our previously scheduled interview, we received a denial notice. Why? Because, like the honey badger, USCIS don’t give a f. We filed a motion to reopen a few days later and waited.
Four months and four thousand dollars later, we received a notice that our case was reopened. And then we waited and waited and panicked. I asked our Senator and Congressman to help. Our Congressman, a lovely young man running on a pro-immigration platform, refused to help us. Our Senator, a woman running on the platform of whatever her donors think, was outstanding. She reached out to USCIS and requested a case update. Her office asked us to reach out in 90 days if our case was still pending. Spoiler Alert: it was. It took months to get back in touch with our Senator. Out of desperation, I called one more time while hysterically crying. What will happen to us? Do we have to pack and leave? My husband is a doctor who worked through the pandemic. Why him? 3 months later, we finally have an approved case.
My husband is sleeping beside me, peacefully snoring. This is the first decent sleep he has had in years.
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2023.06.09 05:32 DuttonPeabody PIMO Counselor Calls It Quits Part 4

PIMO Counselor Calls It Quits Part 4
Well, I had to wait for Part 4 because it was still playing out as you will shortly see. Much has happened since I began posting what happened to myself last Sunday. It's both interesting yet disgusting and not the way I had hoped this would conclude. Again my humble thanks for all of the comments and responses from so many here. It has been a great support and has meant so much with what I have been going through. Your comments, well-wishes and shared experiences are truly a gift for me lately!
I had a good long talk with the Bishop earlier this afternoon and we both agreed I need a break. I shared with him some "interesting" events that had transpired since Sunday (keep reading) but, we're still very much both friends, very much care how the other is doing, and are very much appreciative of each other's service. There is NO bad blood between us, and that Philia thing is quite alive and well.
And so it came to pass that on the 4th day of the 6th month in the 23rd year of the Reign of The Judges that...OK I can't keep THAT going. But seriously, after I posted Part 1 and was utterly blown away by the responses I was getting, I began receiving private messages from many folks letting me know that someone was posting a similar story to a BYU online discussion board. You may refer to the graphic I've posted to see just a few of the messages I was receiving about this. I didn't get it at first (social media isn't my thing) but slowly I began to put 2 and 2 together and realized that another member of the bishopric was posting about my departure. Remember Part 2, where I said I wondered how long it would take the ward to find out about my departure? Well, I was half right, but it wasn't the ward that was notified first, nor a spouse of a bishopric member as I had imagined, it was the religion thread of the BYU "CougarBoard" (or whatever it's called).
As you can see from the private messages I was getting, that BYU online discussion board is members-only and only they can read what is posted there. I am NOT a BYU alumnus but 2 of our Bishopric members are. As you can see from the image, the individual posting to the Cougarboard is obviously a member of the bishopric, and like the others, was caught completely off-guard by my decision to quit my calling as First Counselor. I don't blame him. Really I don't, but while I was receiving all manner of positive vibes from the replies and comments here, the discussion on Cougarboard was quite the opposite. As you can see from the image, my motives and person were being impuned on many different fronts. Since there is quite a bit of cross-pollination between this discussion group and Cougarboard, it didn't take long for this individual to find my posts and "go down the rabbit hole" on what I wrote. The funny part is he learned what PIMO is!!
Am I surprised? Absolutely not. But thanks to those who shall remain anonymous, this Bishopric member was "delivered into my hands" to turn a phrase. He knows who I am, and while I am not certain he didn't use my real name over on that discussion thread, I'm pretty sure I'm DOXXED. But that's ok. Until he reads this post, and he will, or someone else will and messages him, he has had no idea that I learned of WHAT he did, and even better WHO it was that did it. As is now quite the norm today, the Interwebs provide one a sense of security so that you can say anything about anyone and think you're getting away with it. So I'd like to pause for station identification and welcome all those Cougarboard folks to the thread! I have no intention of mentioning his name or otherwise revealing who he is. It's against the rules here (we'd be just like the animals eh Mr. Wick?) and as Captain Hook would say it's also "BAD FORM!!". And this Homey don't play that.
I shared this tidbit with my wife and, like me, she was furious. We have both been struggling with many things including where we both individually stood regarding our faith. It's been a helluva year and she was just beginning to consider returning to church again. So while I have endeavoured to keep my posts anonymous and centered on my thoughts/feelings/experiences, I believe I would describe the posts on that other chatboard simply as malicious. I really don't think there can be any comparison to what I've posted here vs what was being posted there. Needless to say, whatever hope I had about my future involvement in the ward, I AM DONE.
So earlier today, I met up with the Bishop (he had no idea what was up) and told him that I was grateful for the opportunity to serve, appreciated him as my friend and spiritual leader, but I am sorry because I am going to lay one more burden upon his shoulders before this was done. I then handed him my building keys, told him I would NOT be attending the tri-ward social event tonight, I would not be finishing out the rest of the month as I had hoped, and then pulled out a printed copy of the graphic I posted with this thread and handed it to him.
I explained that while we were in the clerk's office, another member of the bishopric was posting to a BYU chat discussion group what had just happened in Bishopric Meeting:
Me: There were 5 of us in that meeting Bishop.
Bishop: Yes...
Me: To my knowledge, there are only 2 members of the Bishopric who are BYU alumni. [The Bishop and the Exec Sec]
Bishop: Yes...
Me: I'm pretty certain it wasn't YOU Bishop.
Bishop: Yeah, because I have no idea what this Cougarboard even is...
Me: So I want to hear who YOU think it was that was posting this to the BYU discussion group.
Bishop: Well, [long pregnant pause] I guess it would have to be [REDACTED] (the Exec Sec).
Me: We are on the same page Bishop!
Bishop: So what do you want me to do?
Me: I don't care, and it doesn't matter. My wife was this close (holding thumb and index finger close together) to returning to church but it ain't happening now. I am not returning to the ward. I do not care what you do, I do not care what happens to Exec Sec, because I am out. Besides, it's none of my business what you decide. You are under NO obligation to tell me what you decide regarding him. I am not going to inform the Stake President, but if he wants to meet after he returns stateside, I will happily answer any and all questions he may have about it. >I< know who it was that posted this. YOU now know who posted this. All that matters to me is that YOU know who it was. And it was your Executive Secretary! I really have no problem with Exec Sec, I truly do think he's a great guy, and he's the BEST dam Exec Sec I've ever seen. He's organized, his meeting notes are perfectly detailed, he gets folks in to see you- he does the job in spectacular fashion. And I know that he himself has undergone lots of challenges and that he was recently sealed to his wonderful 2nd wife in the temple, has several marvelous children and obviously spends more time with his son than I do with mine! (I began to break down at this point) But this (pointing to the printout) is EXACTLY what I have been talking about Bishop! This bullshit that is the true culture of the church! Do what you will as you see fit and as you believe the Lord directs you, I really do not care. But from this time forward, every email you receive from your Exec Sec, every text you get, every phone call, will now be a reminder to you who's knife is in my back. My wife and I won't be returning because of this. And it's already a shit-show once the ward realizes that I'm no longer around and the rumors begin to fly, then THIS (again, pointing to the printout)! Until this sort of thing changes, the church is doomed, and it's yet ANOTHER testament and witness to me that the Saviour is NOT at the head of this organization! The sign on the front of the building says VISTORS WELCOME. But are they really? No, they're not. In the D&C it talks all about enlarging our stakes to make room for all, but is there room? (SIGH)
I'm gonna stop there.
Eyes hath not seen nor have ears heard all of the things that Bro. Peabody said to the Bishop. There were tears shed. There was strong langauge used by me. And there was nothing but love and understanding on the part of Bishop. He agreed that there was no place for such in the Church and that he wished social media was banned from the face of the Earth because ultimately, nothing good really comes from it. We shared many things. We agreed on many things. He reassured me that this wouldn't change our relationship and that we're still friends. He asked if he needed to delete my Temple Recommend and I said I think I could still pass the quiz, but if HE thought it should be deleted I was fine with that. He then began to quiz me about if I "[could] sustain Russel M. Nelson as prophet seer and revelator." It took me a bit to come around to an answer but Bishop reminded me it didn't ask if I BELIEVED he was a prophet, but do I SUSTAIN him as such. "Oh, right, it does say that huh? Umm, no certainly not. I would vote opposed and was prepared to do so at our last conference because SEC/Mormom is a Victory For Satan/Let's Get Rid Of YM Presidents and Dump Youth On The Bishops/Reasons." "Well, I looked it up" he said, "and it turns out you can vote opposed with no repercussions." (Thanks NEMO!!)
He managed to calm me down and we chatted for over an hour. I really do wish I could post many of the wonderful things we discussed, but alas, those parts are quite plain and precious to me. We agreed that it was fun to watch new missionaries from the Wasatch Front arrive here and serve. Their naivete combined with their eagerness and inexperince was just fun to watch and I told him I wish I could have that eagerness again. "Maybe you will someday." He appreciated the counsel I gave and told me THAT was why he wanted me in the Bishopric, because our ward council members are just so young and inexperienced. That meant the world to me. I did explain to him what "Leadership Roulette" meant, and that I was blessed to have him as a Bishop and our Stake President as leaders over our corner of Zion.
Me: I have 2 last bits of counsel to give you Bishop.
Bishop: Sure, what is it?
Me: First, remember that YOUR top Priority as Bishop of this ward is to YOUR family.
Bishop: Thank you I really do appreciate you reminding me of that.
Me: And second, when another member comes to you doubting, with their faith in tatters, and they will come, call me. I will be more than happy to tell them they are not alone. I will not have any better answers than you will, but I will offer them support, hug them and tell them they still matter. That the hurt will lesson in time, and there is indeed life after leaving the church.
We hugged and parted on very good terms.
I'm not sure what else to say. Maybe the SCMC will contact the Stake President before this is all said and done, but that matters little to me now. I love the support that can be found here and thank all of you who've stuck around reading this diatribe of mine. I speak unto you as if ye are here, and yet ye are not!
[Cue LOTR Soundtrack, Annie Lennox, "Into The West"]
-End of Part 4-
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2023.06.09 05:31 weirdguy_14 This crazy phase that we're going through.

This post is for all the people who recently gave neet pg and inicet.
What are you guys doing now? How are you keeping your mind sane ?
We've been waiting for counseling to happen for 4 months now. I guess many people have joined as medical officers in some hospital. But isn't this phase making you crazy? I have nothing to do. I get up early and go to morning jog. That's it. All my friends live in different cities. Hardly any one to meet and talk to.
Somehow I've survived these 4 months but have to wait for 2 more. Then the counseling process will start and we'll get our colleges by God knows when.
Is anyone else going through this crazy, lonely, boring phase ? What are you guys doing to deal with it ?
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2023.06.09 05:29 WorriedConcentrate39 Does the job just ever make you depressed and angry?

You ever get sick of cleaning shit? I honestly feel lucky to have my job as a custodian at the post office because the pay is decent and the benefits are good, but the job itself is so depressing to me. Problem is I have a ton of anxiety and not much education so i'm limited in what I can do and this is one of the least stress options still. I don't know I'm just like 9 months into being a custodian with no prior experience. I honestly cant see myself leaving as I know most other jobs im eligible for are worse.
I guess I'm just self conscious above all about the idea of being a custodian. It's always seen as the butt of jokes like working at mcdonalds. Gets to me sometimes but then I remember how blessed I am anyways all things considered.
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2023.06.09 05:29 enigmacrk Full mail box to empty.

I work for some times weeks away where I cant pick up my mail I can home today and had one of those your mail box is to full letters in it. The thing is when I look up what the policy is online in regards to this situation everything says the will not deliver excess mail and you have to go to the office to pick it up etc. I cant find anything that says they will take your existing mail. It has me worried as I know I had some drugs delivered in that bunch and now I'm thinking this guy jus took it all so he could take the drugs hoping to get lucky, as I cant think of any logical reason you would take all that pile of mail all the way back to the office when you could just leave it and just not deliver any more mail to that box. However my mail carrier took all my mail.. Is that a new policy from USPS or ARE the ones I'm finding online just wrong? or did this carrier just steal my mail because if I go to pick it up unless I track every package that was sent I would not know if he took anything as there is no inventory or anything when they decided to take the mail so there is no accountability of my mail during the time the carrier takes it and what ever they decide to turn in as "my mail" not to mention if I claim I didn't receive a package and this guy took it all the post office would see is it was delivered and that's it. I just don't understand why you would take mail back which is more work then just not delivering unless there is something shady going on?
I'm just asking should I be worried or is this normal?
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2023.06.09 05:26 mimichavez_ Eu sou babaca por não querer escutar as críticas do meu namorado?

Eu sou uma garota adolescente e meu namorado é um jovem adulto, embora nosso relacionamento seja legal perante a lei, é incontestável que temos uma diferença de pensamentos enorme. Ele é um daqueles homens que pregam a conservadorismo e família tradicional, na minha opinião ele tem a mente extremamente fechada, já eu possuo a mente extremamente aberta, apoio pautas de esquerda e liberdade de expressão, e tudo isso já foi motivos de briga entre nós. Eu adoro debates, então se ele tivesse opiniões inteligentes sobre o governo que apoia, eu não teria problemas em ter conversas saudáveis com ele sobre o tema, mas o problema é que suas argumentações nunca possuem uma embasamento racional, sempre cobertas de o que chamamos de fake news, opiniões infundadas e religião, mesmo eu falando que isto não faz sentido, ele sempre está interessado apenas no que acredita e nunca disposto a enxergar o outro lado, sempre insinuando que pensamentos opostos são "burrice". Outro fator comum é nossas brigas é ele aplicar os pensamentos machistas em mim, eu contei a ele que já tinha tido meu primeiro beijo de língua com o garoto que conheci anteriormente a ele, então ele reagiu dizendo que este garoto anterior retirou minha dignidade, rapidamente argumentei que quem uma garota beija não define a dignidade dela e que o conceito de dignidade é mais complexo que isso e que a minha está intacta. Eu sempre fui uma garota confiante, então não me incomodava quando ele me comparava com a ex dele, mesmo dizendo que eu era mais bonita, mas gostosa e esse tipo de adjetivo, até por que eu penso o mesmo, também não me incomodava que ele seguisse e visse fotos de outras mulheres bonitas como modelos e influenciadoras, mas isso vem se tornando mais frequente e me incomodando cada vez mais, até por que eu sou considerada por nossos amigos a atraente do casal, por eu ter mais traços físicos que estam inclusos no padrão de beleza, do que ele, e eu sempre achei que isso agradava ele, a fantasia de ter uma garota mais bonita e jovem para exibir, e sim, ele realmente gosta disso, mas parece não ser o suficiente para ele, embora eu me ache mais que o suficiente para ele, e provavelmente a garota mais atraente da qual ele já esteve, pois ele sempre faz comentários como "você deveria colocar um silicone, eu pagaria para você" eu nunca considerei está ideia pois nunca achei meus seios feios, pelo contrário, até então tinha ouvido apenas elogios sobre eles, o mesmo sobre minha boca, ele diz que tenho uma boca grande, quando na verdade a largura da minha boca é consideravelmente pequena, tenho apenas lábios um pouco carnudos, que também são considerados atraentes, mas ele sempre tem algo a reclamar, embora diga que me acha linda. O desejo enorme dele de ter um casamento e uma família também me incomoda, não por que seja ruim, até por que eu desejo o mesmo, mas ele exagera tanto nisso que quando eu disse para ele relaxar e viver o momento como namorados sem muita responsabilidade ele disse que não ficaria num relacionamento com uma garota e que desejava uma mulher que gostaria tanto quanto ele ter filhos, casamento e toda a vida de esposa troféu, sugerindo que a ideia de tudo isso é mais importante que ter um relacionamento comigo, o que eu não entendo pois ele afirmou que não tinha esses planos com a ex namorada que ficou mais tempo do que comigo, sem nem nunca tocar neste assunto. Enfim, o que quero dizer com tudo isso e com o título deste post é que nosso relacionamento é perfeito, enquanto não compartilhamos nossas opiniões distintas sobre família, política, sociedade e até mesmo relacionamento, e eu sempre evito esses assuntos pois toda vez que discutimos sobre, eu penso: "por que diabos eu estou com este cara?".
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2023.06.09 05:24 deathbytray101 California requires employers to give workers time off to vote

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2023.06.09 05:22 chronic-venting Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence CrimethInc

- Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook
Helping Women and Society Escape Violent Relationships
Women exist in a "domesticated" combat zone. On any given day in the United States, an average of 480 women will be raped, 5,760 women will be assaulted, and 4 will be murdered by a [cis] male partner. Domestic violence [against women] is an assault on women's bodies and minds by those who claim to love them and love to claim them. The success of this violence depends on the complicity of community. If we intend to bring about true liberation, we must foster explicitly antiauthoritarian behavior in both personal and political life. No hierarchy is acceptable and no domination is justifiable—not even "behind closed doors." Because one in four women will be assaulted (likely including someone you love), we must wage war on domestic violence. We serve to empower our communities best by fighting the violence and hierarchy closest to home… or in the home.
Stage One: Helping Her
Educate yourself. Domestic violence (DV) is rarely a single instance of battery, but instead a pattern of power and control. It may involve sexual or physical violence, or it may be a complex web of threats, property destruction, isolation, and emotional, financial, and mental abuse. Understanding this will help you recognize abuse if it comes without physical bruises.
If you are truly ready to have your mother, friend, or daughter tell you what is happening in her private life, invite her to come to you. If you are speaking against violence and rape, she will know you are ready. Wheatpaste neighborhoods with posters about domestic violence, hold street fairs against violence in residential neighborhoods, plaster infoshops and collective homes with signs that invite women into a safe space. If she, her children, or her animals are in immediate danger, however, you may need to approach her. Never approach the abuser: most abusers are paranoid and will quickly assume their victims have exposed them, and may retaliate against them.
Follow her lead. The most important thing you will do is be there for her, even if you feel useless. Trying to be a hero can only undermine her autonomy. Let her make her own decisions, even bad ones, and never tell her what to do. Give her back control: refuse to dominate her and recreate the abuse.
Give her a phone number or a way to contact you or someone in the community. Best is a cell phone that will always be on, or a collective house's number where someone is usually awake.
Let her talk. Don't wince or gasp: tales of [rape] and strangulation are not easy to listen to, but they are harder to tell. Survivors are often terrified of either tainting someone else's world with their trauma or not being believed. Tell her you believe her. You will be changed by what you hear; thank her for that. Confirm what may seem obvious.
An abuser spends a lot of time telling her she is crazy, and that no one would believe her. Tell her that you are listening, and offer eye contact and physical closeness if she is comfortable with it. Assure her that the way she feels is okay. There is no "normal" way to respond to abnormal acts of violence. Understand that the shield of invulnerability has been shattered (41% of rape victims and 89% of domestic violence victims expect to be assaulted again). She may be hyper-vigilant; the best way to help is to make her feel safe and legitimize/recognize her fears.
Focus on practical and immediate concerns. Where can one buy mace? What organizations work with DV issues? Ask her what she needs in order to leave: shelter? transportation? a job? childcare? money? Help her find these resources. Then ask what she needs to stay out of the relationship. For most women, it takes seven to fourteen attempts to leave their abusers. If she doesn't have the resources to stay gone, she may return because he can support her. Many abusers manipulate these needs. This is what makes DV such a pernicious crime: the perpetrator is the person who knows her best.
Address her immediate safety. If she is living with the abuser, make sure she has a plan to get out during a violent episode (contact your local coalition against DV for safety plans). Offer to keep personal papers and a packed suitcase for her and some extra money. Make sure she has a phone. An old cell phone without service can still dial 911 if charged. Consider establishing code words for her to use if she needs help, or other signals—a porch light off, for example, could let the neighbors know they should contact the police. If she doesn't live with her abuser, offer to find someone to stay with her or nearby. Do a safety check: make sure phone lines can't be cut, doors have deadbolts, and windows are nailed shut. If she wants to stay in hiding, help her cover her tracks by getting all mail sent to another address or post office box; offer to put your name on utilities. If she rides a bus or bike, find a car for her to borrow. Find community members who can do errands with her, pick her up from work, watch the children, etc. 90% of stalking cases are former intimate partners, not strangers.
The anti-DV movement started as an underground railroad of homes. Consider where she stays carefully. If the abuser knows where she is staying, she can feel like a sitting duck, especially if she stays with a [cis man]—an abuser's insecurity and suspicions can easily turn to rage. The majority of extreme violence and murder occur when the woman tries to leave, because the abuser feels he is losing control of her. Taking a survivor into your home is a serious commitment; unless you are prepared to internalize her constant vigilance and your home is very secure, she may be safer with someone else.
If she wants, help her use the legal system to file charges, obtain a protective order, file for custody, or get a divorce. Discuss the pros and cons of this in relation to safety, not politics. Until we develop an alternative, we cannot criticize a woman for using "the system." It is imperative, however, that she doesn't invest her safety or emotional wellbeing in the criminal justice system, as it often fails.
The community might want to deal with or "out" the abuser. Some communities have ostracized abusers, boycotted their businesses, refused to speak to them. You could make posters of his face, or spray paint his house. You can run abusers out of town, though understand this has the potential of resulting in his abusing someone somewhere else. You can threaten him with violence. No matter what is done, it must be acceptable to the survivor, because her well-being is at stake.
Stage Two: Helping Us
There are many steps we must take as communities and collectives to be welcoming and radicalizing spaces for survivors. At the same time, we must each take personal responsibility for shifting the public conscience toward abhorrence for violence. In a patriarchal state, violence toward and the rape of women prop up sexist oppression and exploitation. We cannot transform "rape culture" without committing ourselves to resisting and eradicating all patriarchy.
We must redefine sex and relationships away from terms of violence, power, domination and status. In our relationships we can try to create a new vocabulary that [prioritizes] consent and equality.
[Cis] men in particular need to organize. [Most] DV is a [cis] man's problem—women just suffer the consequences. A radical [cis] heterosexual male must give up the privileges of his gender—only then can he be approachable, only then will he be capable of offering meaningful help to a survivor. You cannot aid a survivor while allowing for other forms of sexism to prevail. [... Cis m]en can unlearn their gender construction and undermine patriarchy; imagine if every boy grew up around men who were struggling against patriarchy and violence.
Taheera called the police after Mark had threatened to take their five-month-old baby, Juan. There were bruises on her neck from a previous incident, and Mark was arrested. It had been Mark's idea to move to the city when Taheera was 3 months pregnant. Taheera started to go to a low-cost clinic for prenatal care, but stopped going when Mark accused her of sleeping with the doctor. The first time Mark hit her was after she made a list of baby names. He was jealous of the attention the baby was getting.
I am a social worker, and an agency referred her to me. When we first talked, Taheera kept looking behind her. I suggested she push her chair against the wall, and promised her that I would keep checking down the hallway for Mark (even though Mark was in jail and wasn't going to be coming).
She was scared of Mark and of what he might do to her and the baby, especially now that he had been arrested. Mark's job was their only source of income, and he might be fired if he didn't get out of jail soon. She had a lot of questions about the legal system and was curious to know if I had talked to other women who felt like she did. We talked about local groups and shelters that could help, but mostly I just listened. I gave her my number and a 24-hour crisis number. Taheera chose to bail Mark out, using all their savings, but not to speak with him. The state had Mark sign a "no contact order" telling him he couldn't contact her or move back home, so he got an apartment upstairs from Taheera and made a point of bringing lots of "bitches" home so Taheera would see. Taheera didn't show up to court and the case was dropped.
Two weeks later, Taheera called and said that Mark was upstairs, Juan was asking for him, and that she was trying to resist going up to him. She missed him. I simply listened, and told her, as best I could, that her feelings were normal. She kept asking, "What's wrong with me?" I tried to refocus on Mark's problems. Taheera finally agreed to walk downtown and sign up for a support group that had childcare. But she never did, and instead went upstairs to Mark.
Eight months later, Taheera called from a payphone. Mark had held a gun to her head because he was angry that they now lived together in the upstairs apartment but he still had to pay for the downstairs apartment. He cut the phone cord so she couldn't call out. Things had been okay for a while: Mark had let her get a job and was being a "good daddy." Taheera told me that she had left several times, but each time he had found her or threatened her family Taheera felt too tired to leave, and just wanted things to "stay sane."
Taheera decided to save up money. We met for lunch one afternoon and made a list of what to do, which I kept so Mark wouldn't see it. I also gave her an old cell phone to call 911, which she hid in a cabinet. She got a separate bank account and started funneling part of her paycheck into it. She told a neighbor what was happening and gave the neighbor a packed suitcase to keep for her. I researched Section 8 housing in her hometown, and had the papers sent to my office. Taheera asked me to look up domestic violence resources in her hometown on my computer, because Mark made a point of checking out which websites she had visited when he got home from work. Mark grew suspicious, probably because Taheera seemed to be happier. Mark started calling her work and hanging up, and kept this up until she was fired. He bought her a cell phone so he could call her repeatedly any time she was out. He started not letting her leave the house with Juan, so that she would have to come back. He took her car keys. Eight months before, Taheera might have given up, because Mark seemed to be catching on.
I don't know all the details, but one night Taheera got someone from her church to park outside the apartments and start shouting. Mark, easily annoyed, went out to shut them up, and she and Juan got their suitcases from the neighbors and left through a back door, where the church friend picked them up.
I don't know if Taheera's story is a success story, but it is a real story. Since then, Mark has found out where she lives and has gained visitation rights to Juan through a court. Mark has also assaulted her twice since she left, once running her and Juan off the road. Taheera, however, has broken her connection to Mark and broken the cycle of abuse. Sometimes I think about her friend from church and the neighbor, and wonder what would have happened without them.
Recently, she read an article about my being arrested for protesting and asked what I was doing. I told her that I fight violence and hierarchy on all levels and she muttered, "Oh." But yesterday she left a message saying she was reading a lot and did I have any favorite authors? I'm thinking Emma Goldman or a little Naomi Wolfe.
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2023.06.09 05:20 AutoModerator Ukraine counteroffensive against Russia under way: think tank

Kyiv’s counteroffensive against Russian forces has started, a Washington, DC-based think tank monitoring the war in Ukraine has said, though Ukrainian officials continue to deny or decline confirmation that their long-awaited campaign to retake territory occupied by Russian forces is under way.

“The Ukrainian #counteroffensive has begun. Activity throughout #Ukraine is consistent with a variety of indicators that Ukrainian counteroffensive operations are underway across the theater,” the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said in a series of tweets late on Thursday.

Ukrainian officials have confirmed that their forces are on the offensive in the Bakhmut region – where they have reportedly gained territory – and the ISW said that it had “observed a general uptick in military activity across the entire front line, not all of it part of the Ukrainian counter-offensive effort”.

The ISW said the counteroffensive “won’t likely unfold as a single grand operation”.

“It will likely consist of many undertakings at numerous locations of varying size and intensity over many weeks.”

With Ukrainian officials signalling that the start of the counteroffensive will not be officially announced, other experts have also concluded that the campaign has begun amid reports of fighting intensifying in areas along the more-than-1,000-kilometer (620-mile) front line from Kherson on the Black Sea to Ukraine’s border with Russia.

NBC News, citing a senior officer and a soldier near the front lines, also said the offensive had started, while The Washington Post, citing “four individuals” in the armed forces, reported the same information on Thursday.

Asked about those reports, a spokesperson for the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told the Reuters news agency: “We have no such information.”

In his nightly address on Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hailed what he described as “results” in heavy fighting in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine.

“I am in constant communication with our military. The commanders of Khortytsia, Tavria, [and] all those involved in the hottest areas. Donetsk region – very tough battles,” he said.

“But there is a result, and I am grateful to everyone who ensures this result! Bakhmut – well done. Step by step. I thank each of our warriors!”

In a podcast on Wednesday, Michael Kofman of the Center for Naval Analyses, a US research group, said fighting had taken a “more qualitative turn” with Ukrainian forces appearing to mount offensive operations near the eastern town of Velyka Novosilka and other points in the southern part of the Donetsk region, as well as on its border with the Zaporizhia region.

“These attacks, I don’t believe [them] to be the main offensive effort, but they mark what I think is the beginning of the Ukrainian offensive,” he said.

Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull, reporting from Kyiv, said that Ukraine has made it clear it will not give “a running commentary on what is going on” as it appears to not “want to give up the element of surprise”.
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2023.06.09 05:18 Grandest_Optimist I tried to help, but all I could do was watch someone die.

Yesterday, while celebrating my birthday with my girlfriend, there was a head-on collision outside of my home involving a young man in an SUV and an older gentleman on a motorcycle. I heard a strange sound, looked out my window, and immediately bolted out the front door to try and help the older gentleman. At first I thought he was conscious, but his eyes were staring into space and he wouldn't or couldn't respond. He was laying his back, writhing in agony and wheezing. I tried to remember my first aid training, I looked him over, his legs and one arm were broken, his chest was deformed, he was trying to breathe but it sounded as though his lungs were collapsed. I froze, I literally couldn't remember what to do, if I should try compressions, others were there trying to help but they didn't know either. He stopped struggling and his wheezing became shallow, almost imperceptible. I felt useless, I couldn't do anything for him, so I moved away and looked around.
Some people were flagging traffic, there was a 20ish year old kid with his face bleeding standing to the side, I approached him and asked if he was alright. He told me he was uninjured, but he seemed out of it, which I attributed to shock. He asked if the man was going to die, I told him I wasn't sure, but that he was still breathing. He began saying he needed to call his boss, and that he was going to be late for work, I told him he wasn't going to work today, and to call his parents. He went back to his car, and a woman yelled to me to make sure he didn't run off. I stayed near him, while he said things like "Am I going to jail?" and "There goes my car". I chalked his lack of wherewithal up to shock or from hitting his head when he hit the tree, I noted that he didn't smell like alcohol.
The police arrived, and soon after EMS and firefighters did as well. They began compressions on the older man and attached an AED to his chest for a few minutes before loading him into the ambulance and speeding off. I spoke with some of the other people who were there, and a man who had seen the accident take place. He said the kid had veered suddenly into oncoming traffic, hitting the rider head on, and then smashed into a tree. He also pointed out that there wasn't a single tire mark along the path of the SUV, indicating that he hadn't even attempted to brake. throughout the entire event I was gripped with a sense of terror and powerlessness I have never felt before, this was underscored by anger and sadness when a police officer informed us that they couldn't revive the man.
For several hours afterward I felt on edge, even still I feel something I can only describe as a stress hangover. Emotionally I feel flat, with sudden bursts of sadness and anger at the situation. The news reported today that the 25 year old "kid" is being charged with Impaired driving resulting in death, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. I am heartbroken for the family of the victim, I am sad for the parent's of the driver; and I am angry at the waste of life due to carelessness. The guy on the bike was riding along on a beautiful day, he did nothing wrong, and he was killed by an idiot.
I apologize for the rambling nature of this post, I'm normally more concise, but I'm trying to get this all off my chest as I feel it, which is a bit of a jumbled mess. I don't want to avoid or bottle any of it up, as I know that can lead to PTSD.
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2023.06.09 05:18 giantessshay The 2nd worst management team I ever worked for

So before I posted about the 3rd worst management team I’ve worked for so now here’s the 2nd. In this case, failure can sometimes be dangerous for the general public. This one is a tad long too, sorry 😅
I worked at the post office in my hometown before transferring to a new location for university. My old location was super busy, processing around 45 customers/200 parcels per hour. I was trained exceptionally well. When I got to my new store we generally had about 3 customers per day one of which was usually just looking for a washroom. We had a lot of time so it wasn’t surprising that this new team was very detail oriented.
When my new manager wasn’t constantly scrutinizing my work, my co-worker was (Specifically where I put stickers on packages and stuff because between myself, the manager, and my co-worker who had been here since before the manager we’d all been very specifically trained differently on the correct placement of stickers.) It was an odd thing but both the manager and my new co-worker always made the tiniest details out to be the end of the world (Not a great work environment).
Now you’d think that would mean she’d be very thorough with the really important details like… y’know… our anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, and anti-terrorist activity training. Things like ensuring that the person picking up a gun is licensed to be able to, or that the people sending and receiving money are who they say they are. Nope. This manager would always talk about how she’s been with the post office since before computers but that’s really only impressive if you actually update your policy knowledge, which she didn’t.
The protocol she followed in these situations wasn’t necessarily wrong… it just hasn’t been in place since the 80s. She’s scold me for refusing to give people their guns if they showed regular ID because in order for a person to receive a gun they have to show their gun license. She’d let people send money under any name or pick up under any name and she’d accept ID’s she wasn’t supposed to. As someone who has confiscated weapons people tried to ship to Hell’s angels and worked on police reports regarding the post office, I’m very familiar with why the paperwork is done the way it is. Stuff like that had me really on edge because I could get in real trouble for that.
After awhile I got put on shifts alone thankfully. This did however, become a different issue since she had me work 8 hour shifts without a break but she was using a loophole that made it legal and since I could just go into the back and rest in between customers (so like, 98% of the day) it didn’t bother me at all really.
Anyway, christmas time rolls around and things are relatively uneventful. There’s a staff poster to sign up for the Christmas party and I sign up. My name is on there 2 months before the actual party. One week before the party the manager comes to me and asks "did you get someone to cover your shift so you could go to the party?" Keep in mind, I’m in university so I only work weekends and the party was on a weekday. Plus I’ve literally never worked a company that had the store be open during the time they had their Christmas party so I didn’t think about it.
Now I did pick up extra shifts during the winter break because well, I’m broke. But again I didn’t realize the store was going to be open for the dinner. I just assumed we would close early since that’s what my other store did. So I didn’t get anyone to cover my shift and ended up working during the party, but the store owner had already paid for my dinner so my manager said she’d bring it to me after the party. I didn’t pack any food because of that which really was my mistake since I should’ve known she’d never actually go through with something like that.
To make things worse the whole store didn’t get a single customer that night. Not one person in any of the departments since it was snowing so bad so the store literally lost more keeping it open than if they’d have just closed early. It was pretty fun though since I liked the two other people on shift in the other departments. We just sat and talked near the store entrance (got a text at some point from my manager saying ‘don’t sit near the store entrance. It’s unprofessional. Go back to your post’ but naturally I ignored it).
It wasn’t the worst experience but it left me a fair bit more bitter towards management. I was evidently under appreciated especially considering the regional post master came to me working one day and said "I noticed how well you do your job and I’d like to hire you at the regional centre. 2 of our most senior employees are retiring so I can offer you the full benefits of a senior postal advisor. In a few months I could even put you in as Assistant Manager." I was tempted to take the offer, but full benefits comes out to a max of $60k/yr (and about 10k in benefits) When just the average starting salary for the jobs I’m going for with my degree path is $80k/yr. I politely declined but thanked her for the compliment.
Sometime shortly after I ended up realizing that my time card was weird. I had initially gone back to double check whether Valentine’s Day was a stat or not but realized my timecard had been edited to dock all the extra hours I had to work re-doing the managers botched paperwork as well as auto-inserting breaks. The amount of time I was docked ended up being worth over $3,200. I brought it up with the management team about the postal manager and they said "if you can’t perform within the allotted time you simply won’t work for us anymore."
I went through a hellish back and forth, until I got fired so I filed for a store audit to get the money I was owed. I got an e-mail from the store’s accountant saying "oops, looks like we made a little mistake in your payment. We’ve fixed that accident and you’ll be receiving the rest of your pay this Friday." I decided to take the rest of the time off to focus on my studies instead of working. Needless to say I’ll never be going back there again.
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2023.06.09 05:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - Watch Trading (Complete)

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2023.06.09 05:07 IntroductionGuilty Undervalued, ignored, pigeonholed?

Hey guys, new to this sub but it seems to be just what I'm looking for tonight!
I just finished a post-graduate program for which I had to do a short internship (I'm in Canada, in case that adds context). Now, I'm no expert in PCommunications, which was the subject of this internship, but I do have some freelance writing/other work experience. I'm also not brand new to the "real world", and have been around enough to know a few things about communications.
But my supervisor did not seem to want to see any of this. She would constantly offer vague instructions, then get upset when I didn't follow them. Then get upset I didn't ask questions... but when I did ask questions, respond with the likes of "I can try to help, but I also have deliverables, so..." - I felt like I couldn't win.
I don't mean to sound conceited, because I'm not an expert by any means. That said, I suspect that she herself was just rather middling at best at her job and was threatened that I seemed to be confident in my skills and opinions, despite being a mere intern. I was always very conscious of not stepping on too many toes in my subordinate position - however, there were times when I did offer a differing opinion, and she frankly didn't seem interested at all in the possibility that I could have something of value to contribute. To me, this just confirmed how insecure she was in her own position.
I'm wondering - based on y'all's experience of work/the office environment, does it sound realistic that my supervisor was in some way threatened by the shred of competence/experience I brought to the table? That there's a correlation between insecurity of supervisor and level of stonewalling of differing opinions from underlings? I don't have much office experience, so sometimes I feel so alienated from a struggle I know intellectually many people must have. Any insights are appreciated!
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