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Hurricane Sandy

2008.06.08 20:41 Hurricane Sandy

Information and discussion around Hurricane Sandy and the possible Frankenstorm/Snowicane/Noreastercane/Floodmageddon.

2023.06.09 06:13 WorldViewSuperStar Views Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area,Landing in2 Newark Lib...

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2023.06.09 06:07 thisisnotaflubbel Matching battery Voltage fails when hard wiring.

Matching battery Voltage fails when hard wiring.
Hi all, I am seeking to hardwire two LED webcam lights. Each light is normally powered by its own battery, with a 4.7v .32A rating, but with an actual output reading of 3.7v. For project reasons I am seeking to power both lamps from a single 9v 1A adapter. I am using a double voltage divider to successfully break up the voltage into two separate 4.5v outputs. However, when using one of these outputs on a light, it does not light up. I have tried using a voltage regulator and have reduced the voltage into the light to 3.7, which did not work either. I have also tried directly hooking up a single 5.1v 0.7A power block to one light, which did work. I am confused on what I am doing wrong here, since the voltage I have provided should be in a sufficient range. I am not sure if my amps are being split through this circuit or if I am supplying near 100% of the A-in, or if possibly I am running into an issue where I am only testing this on a single light instead of both, causing some type of imbalance in my double voltage divider. All of the grounds are connected. I am open to any suggestions that you can provide, thank you!
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2023.06.09 06:07 LucyAriaRose My best friend thought that shoving her breast down my daughter's throat to calm her down was completely ok.

I am not the Original Poster. That is u/CandyNinja900. She posted in offmychest
Trigger Warning: delusion; threat of kidnapping
Mood Spoiler: disturbing
Original Post: May 31, 2023
Title: My best friend thought that shoving her breast down my daughter's throat to calm her down was completely ok.
Basically what the title says. I have a daughter of 10 months. Me (30f) and my best friend (31f) have always been super close, and she helped a lot during my pregnancy and after childbirth. So it always came naturally to me to ask her for help, till she became some kind of nanny for my daughter when needed. She's always been very eager and happy to help, since she has no children of her own (she had a miscarriage in the past and stopped trying afterwards).
So we were at a mutual friend wedding yesterday, and I was holding my daughter for quite some time, since she hates strollers. My best friend came to me and offered to take her for a while, so that I could take a break and go chat with some friends. I agreed and wholeheartedly thanked her.
After twenty minutes or so, I come back to where we were, and she wasn't there. So I start looking for her in the garden, and she was literally nowhere to be found. Finally after another ten minutes I manage to find her, and I see her talking to some people while holding my baby with her boob shoved down my daughter's throat.
I literally tried my best to keep my composure and not to scream, so I went to her and said that we needed to talk. After reaching a quiet place, I yelled wtf was wrong with her and why was she nursing my daughter. She looked at me in disbelief, and she replied that she understood that it was the best way to calm my daughter, and that there's nothing wrong about it, adding that she could very well be her daughter. Wtf???? I was shocked, but we couldn't keep up the conversation because we needed to get back inside for the wedding cake. I told her that we would have continued the discussion later on.
We never did, but we agreed to meet today in a couple of hours. Honestly, I'm so f--kin mad. Wtf?????? Why did she had to do it?? I don't even f--kin know what to tell her without raging at her. It's been nearly a day and this thought never left my mind not even for a second. How could she say that "there's was nothing wrong with it"??? I feel like she violated my daughter, and she gave literally zero f- about it. I'm trying to arrange my thoughts before talking to her. I hope I don't end up hitting her. I'm nearly bursting out.
Edit: 5 hours later
So we met and we talked. I let her talk first. She explained that my daughter was restless while she was talking to a couple of women, and they said that maybe she was hungry and it was fine for them to keep talking while she was breastfeeding, so she I went straight to the point: what she did was completely f--ked up. No excuses. She told me that she didn't agree and that she did nothing wrong. She said that she tried everything in the past and nothing worked except for her breasts, which were the only things that calmed her down, so she just did what she always had done. I literally couldn't believe it. I asked her what was wrong with her for doing such a thing behind my back and why the f-ck among all things she thought that she could dry nurse my daughter. She replied back saying that she was just doing what she thought was best for the baby and doing what my daughter wanted, adding that she didn't think she needed to inform me of such thing, since she's quite a second mother to her. I was losing it, but she continued. She added that she wasn't dry nursing her, since a while ago after using pumps and dry nursing her she started to lactate a little, saying that the supply was still low but that in a while I could leave breastfeeding to her and stop doing it and worrying about it.
I was LIVID, but she didn't even realize, she was completely clueless like absorbed in her own world. Like not even realizing that what she did was wrong. So I stood up from the table, and told her that she was completely insane and that she was creeping me out. I told her that she wasn't allowed near my daughter anymore and to never contact me again, or I would report everything to the police.
She started crying saying that I couldn't cut her off from our daughter's life, so I lost it and shouted at her that it's not her goddamn baby but it was ME who popped her out, it was ME who was pregnant for 9 months and she was MY daughter, and not hers, and left.
I'm just completely shocked. I don't even think shocked can completely describe what I'm feeling now. I received a couple of texts from her begging to reconsider it and asking to see my daughter. I told her to stop contacting me, and blocked her. If I receive another message or call or anything like that I will report everything to the police. I'm just disgusted. She was my best friend. Why did she do something like this? I'm completely speechless.
I'm editing this post again if something happens, but I just hope nothing is going to happen honestly. I just want to puke.
Update Post 1: June 1, 2023 (Next Day)
After trying for most of the last evening to contact me on social medias, this morning she showed up at my front door. I told her that she needed to leave, because I didn't want to call the police on her. She started crying babbling why I was treating her this way and why I was keeping her away from my daughter, since she did nothing wrong. I told her that everything she did was wrong, because she did all of this behind my back. She can't be her mother, and she can't take over as the only one breastfeeding. It was delusional even just thinking something like this.
She responded saying that my daughter needed her breasts and that her milk will be surely by far better than mine for the baby. If this wasn't enough, she said that she was worried because my breasts are too small to feed her properly and to please stop being selfish and start thinking what's really better for my daughter, concluding saying that she was fine with me breastfeeding her until she reached a sufficient supply but then I should leave the responsibility to her if I wanted my daughter to grow healthy. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wasn't even mad. I couldn't believe it was my best friend the one who was saying such bulls--t.
She was talking really loud and I guess my daughter heard that because she started crying. And she took it as a sign that my daughter was calling for HER. WTF.
She only left when I was dialing the police, saying that I shouldn't treat her like this and that she's only doing what's best for my daughter.
I'm done. I can't take this s--t anymore. I contacted a mutual friend and I told her everything, emphasizing that she needs help. She agreed to talk to her and see what's going on. In the meanwhile, I'll go to the police and try to file for a RO, and I will talk to a pediatrician as soon as possible. I can't live peacefully like this, and I'm starting to get worried for my daughter.
Many, many thanks to each one who showed support/offered advice, and I will update again if something comes up
Relevant Comments:
Can you contact her parents?
"Unfortunately I don't know her parents, and I don't know how to get in touch with her ex husband. I asked the mutual friend if she perhaps knows something more"
Is she even lactating or is that a delusion as well?
"I honestly don't know. Just the thought of her inducing lactation using my daughter makes me shiver. But my daughter gets very frustrated when she gets no milk immediately from sucking, at least with me, so I don't really know what to think. Edit: thinking about it I do think that her breasts have gotten bigger, since I saw her nearly everyday. I don't know if inducing lactation cause breasts to grow just like pregnancy, or if I just made a blunder"
The horrible smaller breasts comment:
"It was so uncalled for and just plain stupid. I couldn't believe she said something like that since she always has been very smart. Yes, she's embarrassingly busty but she never bragged about them not even once, and being busty has nothing to do with breastfeeding. I never had issues feeding my baby. I really have no idea where this thing came from. It doesn't seem like something she would say, like all the rest of it.. And for the record, I don't regard mine as small.. In fact I think they're too big.."
"I'm indeed considering staying at a hotel for the time being, I'm trying to organize everything. She has a copy of the house keys and I don't think I can change the locks swiftly"
How much about you and your codes/info/locks does she know?
"She's been my best friend for more than 20 years and she's been with me nearly everyday before and after childbirth. If she doesn't know everything, she knows a good 99% of that everything.."
Why wouldn't you know how to contact her parents/ex-husband after knowing her 20 years?
"I never wrote about not knowing her ex husband. I don't know where you read that. I do know her ex husband but since the divorce I never spoke to him nor I have means to contact him. I asked the mutual friend if she knows something more perhaps his address or telephone number since I can't find him on social medias. Regarding her parents, I don't know them so welll, when we were younger she had a live-in nanny and she's the only person related to her that I knew personally, since she was the one who took her to school or to the playground were we met to play in the past. I only met her parents once, but we never spoke. From what she told me, she always had a strained relationship with her parents because they were always busy working. But it was a delicate topic so we never talked much about it. I could try contacting the nanny but I should try to find her on social medias"
Update Post 2: June 2, 2023 (next day, so two days after OG post)
So, I came back home this morning after spending the night at a nearby hotel. I didn't feel safe staying alone in my house, since she had a copy of the keys. Even if I have a surveillance system I didn't want to take the risk. The first thing I did when I came back was calling an emergency locksmith, explained the situation, and they arrived and did the job swiftly. I felt so much safer knowing that she can't get in anymore. I checked the house but I was exactly as I left it yesterday, and after checking the surveillance tapes I was sure she didn't pay me a visit. I informed my close neighbors about what happened, and they were very understanding and helpful. I then met up with the mutual friend, and she updated me on the talk she had with her.
She told me that she visited her at home this morning, because she wanted to talk to her face to face since she thought I was a little bit overreacting. Well, she went, my best friend greeted her and they started chatting a little before she invited her in. So far so good, until they sat down and my best friend asked her if they could keep talking while she pumped because she needed to get her supply running. Our mutual friend played dumb, saying that it wasn't a problem but she asked why she needed to pump if she doesn't have childrens. She replied back saying that she indeed has a daughter and that she was surprised that I didn't tell the mutual friend about it. She then pointed out that it was my daughter and that even if she didn't gave birth to her she still consider her as her baby too, and that she needed mama's (referring to her) milk to grow healthy. She kept going saying that she had no choice but pumping because I was being sassy and inconsiderate and I wasn't letting her breastfeed our baby, but that she couldn't be inconsiderate like I was and she needed to get her supply to a sufficient level, but that she was sure that I would change my mind in no time since I'm not stupid and I know that her breasts are better for our daughter.
She told me that she couldn't believe what she was hearing, and that she couldn't believe that all of this was true. But what it shocked her the most was the fact that she was indeed lactating, she wasn't producing much but she was indeed pumping breastmilk. She tried to talk to her but it wasn't no use, she just wasn't listening, and after a while trying she just said that there was nothing wrong in what she was doing and that she was just being a good mother, and after that she asked her to leave because she needed to relax while pumping. Unfortunately she forgot about asking for the keys of my house, but fortunately I was able to change the locks this morning.
I honestly wasn't surprised hearing all of that. But still, it was very, very depressing. She was completely shocked and she couldn't understand what happened, since apart from this she seemed completely normal.
I then asked her to accompany me to the police, and unfortunately there aren't no extremes yet to file for a RO, not even a temporary one. According to what they told me where I live solid proofs of harassment, stalking, etc need to be presented, and the surveillance tapes/texts (which are the only things I have) don't show no harassment or clear evidence that she's stalking me. So the only thing I could was file a formal complaint of what happened, and did that. They told me that they will keep an eye on the situation, and they will check my neighborhood more frequently to be sure nothing happens.
And that's it for now. The mutual friend will stay at my house for a couple of days to help me recover from what happened, also to wait for my parents to arrive.
Unfortunately she doesn't know her parents, but she found a way to contact her ex husband, and I will contact him tomorrow to ask for help. It's been a while and I hope he's willing to.
I also booked an appointment with the pediatrician, and I will get my daughter checked next week.
I will stop making updates for a while. I need to get my s--t together, plan what to do next, and take care of my daughter. Fortunately enough my parents are coming to help me, and I'm really really relieved. I don't think I can keep facing this situation alone.
People of reddit, thank you very much, really. You gave me wonderful advices and support, and it really helped. I will update you after the situation settles down a bit, and I really hope it does. Thanks again, and bye for now.
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2023.06.09 05:59 1000000students SAUDIS

'Saudi Arabia First': Trump Lets Saudis Dictate US Foreign Policy--17 Saudia Arabian nationals executed 9/11 --At least 3000 Americans died and billions upon billions of damage to New York, the Pentagon and a plane nose diving in Pennsylvania on 9/11 FIRST RUSSIA NOW SAUDI ARABIA--DID TRUMP EVER HAVE ANY PLANS OF COLLUDING WITH AMERICA??
'Saudi Arabia First': Trump Lets Saudis Dictate US Foreign Policy--17 Saudia Arabian nationals executed 9/11 --At least 3000 Americans died and billions upon billions of damage to New York, the Pentagon and a plane nose diving in Pennsylvania on 9/11
  1. Trump chose Saudi Arabia for his first foreign presidential trip In May 2017
  2. Trump praised a Saudi blockade on Qatar--preventing the movement of goods and services to that country--why is this a big deal? Our Military has its largest Middle Eastern base in Qatar--Trump sided with another country against American interest--AGAIN!!!!!!!
  3. Trump resumed sales of precision-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia--They were suspended by Obama over concerns about civilian deaths from Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen, Which has been engulfed in the world’s largest humanitarian catastrophe.
  4. Trump steered clear of condemnation of Saudi conduct in Yemen war--hundreds of innocent civilains have been killed by Saudi bombs
  5. Trump And Pompeo Enabled A Saudi Cover-Up Of The Khashoggi Killing--Following the uproar over Khashoggi's disappearance in 2018, Trump tweeted that he had "no financial interests in Saudi Arabia." But--Trump bragged about his business dealings with the Saudis during a 2015 campaign rally in Mobile, Alabama--“They buy all sorts of my stuff. All kinds of toys from Trump. They pay me millions and hundred of millions"
  6. December 2018, Trump administration threatens to veto a UN resolution drafted by Britain demanding accountability for war crimes in the Yemen conflict and for Saudi Arabi
  7. Trump Administration approved transfer of sensitive nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia in two cases after Khashoggi's death--never mind that 17 Saudi citizens carried out 9/11 which killed thousands of Americans on home soil--details have been kept secret despite Congress demanding answers---WTF
  8. Trump blocked bipartisan congressional resolution demanding end of U.S military support for the Saudi-led genocidal war in Yemen
  9. Trump and Pompeo did not include Saudi Arabia on an annual blacklist of countries recruiting child soldiers
  10. Trump blocked 3 congressional bills that would have stopped over $8 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia
  11. Kushner may have offered valuable U.S. intelligence, that helped the crown prince to round up and torture dissidents in Saudi Arabia who opposed the goverment there--Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death
  12. The FBI reportedly stopped a Saudi plot to kidnap a YouTuber on US soil after he criticized Mohammed bin Salman over Jamal Khashoggi's killing
  13. Saudi Air Force member kills 3 at U.S. Navy base--Trump says nothing
  14. Saudi royal family does seem to have a special relationship with Trump, who has repeatedly bucked bipartisan congressional majorities to block the Kingdom on topics ranging from its disastrous war in Yemen to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
  15. The manager of Trump’s hotel in New York credited a timely stay by members of the Saudi Crown Prince’s entourage (though not the prince himself) with lifting revenue there by 13 percent in one quarter of 2018--the bump came after two straight years of booking declines for the property
  16. Saudi lobbyists spent $260,000 at Trump’s hotel in DC back in December 2016 during the transition
  17. Saudi Kingdom itself spent $190,273 at Trump’s hotel in early 2017.
  18. Alwaleed bin-Talal, a member of the royal family purchased the 282-foot yacht "Princess" for $20 million in 1991 after the boat was repossessed from Trump (Trump was nearing bankruptcy at the time) And he sold it at a loss: $20 million. The Saudis also purchased Trump's financially troubled Plaza Hotel for $325 million in 1995
  19. In 2016, the New York Daily News reported that the Saudi government also purchased the entire 45th floor of the Trump World Tower, for $4.5 million, in June 2001. Given annual fee fares for the building at the time, Trump also was paid $5.7 million by the Saudis between the purchase and 2016, the paper reported.
  20. A real estate company Cadre partly owned by Trump and Kushner, has received $90 million from Saudi Arabia in 2018--how is this Fucking legal?
  21. Saudi Crown Prince--the guy who ordered the killing of American journalist Jamal Khassoggi, Boasted That Jared Kushner Was “In His Pocket”
  22. Embassy Staffers Say Jared Kushner Shut Them Out of Saudi Meetings--This is not how American foreign policy is conducted
  23. Saudi shooter in Florida air base attack had "significant ties" to al Qaeda yet somehow--he was allowed into the United States in 2017-- non-citizens are normally prohibited from buying handguns, He used a loophole to legally purchase his weapon from a dealer in Pensacola
  24. 4 of Trump's 7 Vetoes Were To Protect The Saudis
  25. Trump Bragged About Serving Up American Troops to Saudi Arabia for Nothing More Than Cash Conservative Rep. Justin Amash, who was a Republican until recently, responded to Trump’s remarks, saying, “He sells troops”
  26. Trump-Bro Julian Assange Outed Gays, HIV+ People, and Rape Victims in Places Where They Could Be Killed like Saudi Arabia-- WikiLeaks has leaked info on gay men in Saudi Arabia, which has the death penalty for homosexuality
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2023.06.09 05:56 w--o--w White belt Heel-Hooks another White belt

I'm hoping to get some advice or reactions. Today in class we learnt the straight ankle-lock, and while rolling at the end of class I was about to submit someone with it when they suddenly grabbed my ankle and heel hooked me. I had to tap nearly instantly, and I was kinda dazed after because A) that feeling in your knee is terrifying, and B) I hadn't even considered the possibility of being heel hooked because this guy had told me they were illegal the day before. I didn't say anything to him or the instructor.
Is that dirty? What's the etiquette here? The instructor might have seen it, because at the of class he asked if anyone had hit the straight ankle-lock and I mentioned that I tried, but my partner had hit me with something else. The instructor then asked my partner what it was, and he said "toe hold". The instructor smiled, looked at him, then looked at me, and then said "hmm yeah", as if he didn't buy it.
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2023.06.09 05:34 gremlin50cal Need help finding pegboard hooks for gun display wall.

Hello, I am looking for advice from other people that have put together gun displays using pegboard. I recently put together a really nice pegboard wall in my office and I plan on displaying a couple firearms on it. I am shopping around for the actual hooks to hang the guns on and I am having much more trouble than I anticipated.

I thought for sure I would be able to buy a bunch of 2" wide hooks cheaply and in bulk but I haven't been able to find anything like that. Most of the pegboard accessories I see are simply too small to work for guns or they are entirely the wrong shape. When I do see a larger hook it is either part of a huge variety pack of hooks that I can't use like 90% of or it costs like $5 for a single hook. Is there anywhere in particular I should be looking? So far I have checked most of the hardware stores near me and a couple places online like Amazon and I haven't found anything useful.

At this point I am considering trying to make some kind of jig to bend the straight hangers into a hook shape but I feel like I shouldn't have to do that just to get basic hooks that fit firearms. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.09 05:31 Suspicious_Stomach28 What type of catfish is this?

What type of catfish is this?
Caught it in a residential lake near my house. Unfortunately it swollen the hook so I had to cut the line, pretty bummed cause I’m not sure he’ll make it. Used secret 7 catfish bait.
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2023.06.09 05:15 Existing-Impact-3304 My dad murdered the neighbor

Hi everyone I’m just on here to vent about this and pretty much everything that i’ve been dealing with for two years now. I’m 17 years old almost an adult. So let’s talk about two years prior to this event, I was living with my mom at the time, after being homeless for a year and living from hotel to hotel we finally got a trailer that my mom was renting, My mom had a job this entire time she was a nurse assistant. After almost a year of living in the trailer my mom began to drink more and she was an alcoholic, always inviting people over to drink, and soon enough she was drinking everyday, from mornings to nights, this went on for weeks and my dad found out about this and called the landlord and told her about everything, She was going to evict us from the house. So my dad fought custody for me and my brother and won, my mom lost the house, her job too and went to go live with her boyfriend. I lived with my dad for about another half year and soon realized that he was manipulative, narcissistic, bipolar, and emotionally abusive. My mom was getting worse with with her drinking and we could tell her liver was failing, by her yellow skin and eyes. Her health declined and she wanted to get help, she went to live with my oldest sister at her apartment. She stopped her drinking and started going to doctors for help, we realized she went to far and was going to need a transplant. After months on the waiting list her health began to decline even more following more health problems and she was no longer strong enough for a transplant, she soon passed away in September of 2022, rest in peace mom. But while that was going on I was facing other problems with my dad, he was an alcoholic too and I also figured out he was was on drugs such as meth and pain killers, knowing this I did not want to stay with him at all. He had this ex girlfriend that offered to let me stay at her place, I was not living with my mom and sister because they lived about an hour away and i wanted to keep going to school. While staying there i dealt with my dad who would constantly call and harass me he also threatened me multiple times, And police got involved when it got bad, I remember telling the police that my dad wasn’t mentally okay and was probably going to kill someone one day, I even told them about the drugs he did but of course they never did anything about it, But they did however let me stay at my dads ex gfs. I stayed there for months, but before my mom passed away i went to go live with her and help her around the house as much as i could. One January day in 2023 at my sisters apartment I was just doing the usual, on my phone scrolling through social media. I get a call from my dad, and i thought to myself “hey i haven’t talked to my dad in awhile maybe he won’t harass me this time” So i answer the phone and my dad doesn’t even say hello or anything but instead he says “I shot him” and i say, thinking he’s just joking around or something “You shot who?” and he goes “the neighbor, I killed him… the governor is on his way” and i start get serious, my stomach drops and i’m feeling nauseous, my throat is tightening and i ask him one more time “who?” and he just tells me “I have to go bye” and i immediately go to call my sisters in a panicking voice and tell them everything, I call his ex gf who works five minutes away from my sisters apartment to tell her everything and at this point i’m crying,telling her to pick me up and to drive down to my dads house which was 40 mins away and she lived near his house probably about 10 to 15 miles away, She agrees and i’m there worrying about my brother who lives with my dad, for those wondering he wanted to live with my dad and never wanted to go with me prior when all that other stuff was happening, my dad was never as abusive to my brother as he was to me and i kinda feel like it was just cause i was his daughter. Back to what was happening soon after i got off the phone with my dads ex gf, I get a call from my brother, i answered it as quickly as i could and i asked him if he was okay, he’s screaming on the phone crying, I’ve never heard my brother this scared before and feeling more panicked i asked what’s going on and he tells me that our dad just killed the neighbor I found out who the neighbor was and it happened to be my high school history teacher who was renting out the house. I tell him that i’m going down there as he’s crying on the phone for me to go and pick him up right now because he’s scared. My dads ex gf picked me up and I’m in the car explaining everything to her, the closer we got to my dads house the more nauseous i felt. As we got there i see lots of cop cars and crime scene units, They tell me that the teacher in the house was dead and that my dad broke into his house early in the morning and shot him within close range. My dad was arrested and is still in jail awaiting his trial. I really hope that he stays in there for life. But all in all, in a span of four months i lost both my parents. I’m free to answer any questions if anyone has any or if anyone’s interested in more details. Thank you for reading this.
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2023.06.09 05:06 AbitNutz2 Bullet sizing..Lee APP connecting it to a Mr. Bullet Feeder?

So I have a Mr. Bullet Feeder that I have hanging from a 3/4" black iron pipe instead of off my Dillon case feeder. Among other things, it makes it a lot easier to move. I'm going to bolt down another black iron pipe and mount it next near my Inline Fabrications Quick Change Mount. The idea is that I can slide in my Lee APP press that I size bullets with and instead of using tubes. I can use the Mr. Bullet Feeder.
At least that's the idea. I'm wondering if anyone has hooked up a Mr. Bullet Feeder to a Lee APP here? How did you make the connection? I was looking around and I didn't see anything obvious that other folks had done. Although, I know many have done it.
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2023.06.09 04:54 Bodybuilder-Previous Is 2 weeks in Nicaragua too long? Suggestions on itinerary please!

Would love feedback on itinerary below. Staying at the same hotel in each location.
Also would love suggestions of things to do, see and eat!
Day 1 - Flying into Managua around 7pm
Day 2 - heading to Granada
Day 3 - Granada
Day 4 - Granada
Day 5 - Granada
Day 6 - Ometepe (totoco eco) ** should we stay elsewhere? suggestions?
Day 7 - Ometepe (totoco eco)
Day 8 - Ometepe (totoco eco)
Day 9 - Ometepe (totoco eco)
Day 10 - San Juan Del Sur
Day 11 - San Juan Del Sur
Day 12 - Near Popoyo
Day 13 - Near Popoyo
Day 14 - Managua to fly home next morning
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2023.06.09 04:46 JapanApril2023 Belated Trip Report of Our Honeymoon

April 9 - April 26: Tokyo - Nanyo - Hakone - Kyoto - Osaka - Koyasan
We had two main goals for this trip to Japan: eat great food and see cherry blossoms. We had the best of both in the city of Nanyo in Yamagata prefecture. It's not a place that I've ever seen mentioned on Reddit or the western internet, so I wanted to share it with you all here.

What we learned


Tokyo Highlights


As I mentioned before, Nanyo was the highlight of our trip. Despite being a small town, it had it's own distinct feeling and cuisine, and I think it deserves more love. I definitely shouldn't have been able to book a last minute ryokan reservation during peak Cherry Blossom season.


Kyoto Highlights

Osaka Highlights


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2023.06.09 04:23 ee1234 Trip report: First trip to Japan (Osaka, Shimanami Kaido, Hiroshima, Hakata, Tottori, Kyoto and Tokyo)


My wife and I spent 14 days in Japan in May 2023, our first time in Japan (or anywhere in Asia). We usually got between 8-12 miles daily, though some of that was somewhat by choice, as in places like Hiroshima the transit within the city takes nearly as long as walking, and walking is preferrable to see and experience the city.
All the tips on here and those answering questions on Discord really helped plan things.

What I learned

Pay attention to the square footage of your room. We got a room at an APA in Osaka where it was literally impossible for both of us to stand up simultaneously. Luckily all of our subsequent hotels had room for us both to get dressed at the same time.
Get hotels with onsens/spas. We booked exclusively hotels with onsens/spas. This was crucial. It’s such a great day-ender to go up there for a soak in the hot/cold pools and sauna. They give you robes/lounge clothes and slippers to wear up there. It’s just incredibly cozy. Made me wish it was winter.
Japan is super easy to travel, the easiest country I’ve been to. It seems the country as a whole and everyone in it is extremely detail oriented and considers every possible issue. I’ve never seen workers tasked with holding up a screen for pedestrian protection around a man trimming the lawn until Japan. I’ve never seen a tour bus driver feather-dusting his bus until Japan. Everyone is so calm. I think I heard one person yell in two weeks. Everybody was super patient with our lack of Japanese and general lack of knowledge of their culture.
Note: We’re not really foodies. When traveling we usually just eat whenever we get so hungry that we must, plus the Japanese cuisine doesn’t mesh with our tastes, so this will be light on food.

Day by day

Day 0: Arrived at Haneda in the afternoon, got PASMO cards and caught train to Shinagawa. Then we took the Nozomi to Osaka, purchasing tickets in advance via Smart-Ex. All went smoothly despite the jet lag.
Day 1: Osaka. Mini-pig café, Don Quijote, wandered the neighborhood to the northeast of Umeda Station checking out shops, finished the day in a small bar in Dotonbori.
Day 2: Osaka area. In the morning, we rode out to Nara to see Todai-Ji and the bowing deer. The temple was stunning. In the afternoon, we went to a Hanshin Tigers game, which was great, though we were baking in the sun. It’s crazy how many beer vendors Japanese baseball games have. I didn’t go 30 seconds without a beer girl passing by. We ended the day with dinner at Snow Lion, a Nepali restaurant that was extremely tasty.
Day 3: We activated our JR West Sanyo-San-in Area passes and headed west on the bullet train then a slow Sanyo Line train, bound for Onomichi. I rented a bike from Trek, took the ferry to Setoda and rode the Shimanami Kaido. I rode a bit south after I got off the ferry in Setoda, across the next big bridge. Then I turned around and biked back to Onomichi. It was a beautiful ride, but the parts near the Onomichi end could be skipped. Too much traffic and development. While I did this, my wife wandered around Onomichi, visiting Cat Alley and taking a ropeway ride. After that, we met up and headed for Ōkunoshima, aka Rabbit Island. This was a cool little side trip, but not sure it was worth the time expenditure. Finally, we ended the long day traveling to Hiroshima to check into our hotel. Family Mart was our main meal, because the restaurants in Tadano-Umi were all closed on Monday, and we had time to kill before the next train back to Mihara.
Day 4: We took a train and ferry trip to Miyajima and took the ropeway to the top, then walked the rest of the way to the top. It’s a beautiful island, but pretty tourist trap-ish. Later in the day we picked up Carp tickets for a future date, then checked out the Atomic Bomb Dome at night. The main meal, at Okonomiyaki Teppan-yaki Momiji-Tei, was extremely good Okonomiyaki.
Day 5: Day trip to Hakata, with a stop for the Hello Kitty exhibition at a hall near Shin-Yamaguchi Station. After Hello Kitty, we headed to Nanzoin, the reclining buddha statue and temple. It’s a wonderful place, the nice ladies at the train station will loan you some cover-up cloth if you have tattoos or your shorts are too short. After Nanzoin, we got some Hakata ramen at Ramen Stadium in the giant mall, then wandered the streets of Hakata a bit, stopping at Kushida-jinja Shrine. Back in Hiroshima that evening, we visited Sam’s Café, an American-themed bar with more memorabilia than you’d think possible. The proprietor is a wonderful older gentleman who loves America.
Day 6: We started the day at the Peace Museum. This is an extremely moving visit. A late breakfast here featured the fluffiest egg souffle I’ve ever seen. Later, we went to the Carp game.
Day 7: Shinkansen to Himeji Castle. We scheduled ourselves a four-hour layover, which was just about perfect to walk up there, see the castle and walk through it, check out the garden, and walk back without feeling rushed and with time to grab train snacks. Then we caught the Super Hakuto to Kurayoshi where we met a friend and ended the day with some onsen time at Izanro Iwasaki in Misasa Onsen.
Day 8: Tottori Sand Dunes, Sand Museum and a trip to Refresh park Yumura, which is a very nice onsen with the standard indoor, gender-separated areas, plus some cool outdoor spots for all genders, including a little cave. You wear a swimsuit for the outdoor parts.
Day 9: I wasn’t feeling great, so I did nothing while my wife and friends went to Lake Togo area near Kurayoshi for a waterfall hike. Then we boarded the Super Hakuto for Kyoto, where we stayed.
Day 10: We got an early start to see as many temples as possible in Kyoto before our 1pm train to Tokyo. We were able to get to Kiyomizu-dera, Ginkakuji and Shimogamo-jinja before time ran out. We used the city bus, which wasn’t that bad. They weren’t quite on time and we had to let a couple pass by at the very start of our day because they were too crowded. We added our PASMO card numbers into the Smart-Ex app so boarding the Shinkansen was super easy. In Tokyo, we stayed in Ueno, which was a great spot with good accessibility to the rest of the city and lots of action and places to eat and drink.
Day 11: We started with a trip to Sanrio Puroland, which took even longer than planned due to some train delays. Our train went out of service at some point on the trip. Puroland is kind of odd. But it wasn’t too expensive and my wife loved it. On the way back we stopped at Gotokuji Temple, the waving cat temple and later caught a glimpse of the waving cat train at the nearby Miyanosaka Station. For a nightcap, we checked out Asakusa Rockza.
Day 12: Shopping/sightseeing in Akihabara. Yodobashi Camera is absolutely massive. I preferred it over Bic Camera. After some other miscellaneous shopping near Tokyo Station, we later walked from our hotel over to this cat-themed bar.
Day 13: Near Nippori Station there’s a cat-centric neighborhood, Yanaka Cat Town. We stopped at a cat store or two as well as a cat art gallery. I got a great foot massage in this area, as well. This area was so cool we skipped out on our tickets to TeamLabs. For a nightcap, we went to one place in Golden Gai. That area is absolutely overrun with tourists.
Day 14: It was super rainy, and we didn’t have all that much time to kill before our flight, so we checked out the Tobu train museum. Definitely worth a visit if you like trains. Though kind of hard to figure out how to drive the trains if you don’t speak Japanese. Then we proceeded to Narita on the Skyliner. Note, there’s a slight discount for foreigners if you buy online.
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2023.06.09 04:20 bsem2 When should a teammate save you (a/k/a who's the a-hole)?

Ok, I've only played DBD for short time now, so I don't know all the subtleties of the community yet. But I gotta ask:
Imagine these are the circumstances:
You and another player are remaining.
4 gens are completed.
You've collectively worked on a 5th gen nearing 50%, but the killer knows this. Obvi there are 2 other gens that could be worked on as well.
The other player gets hooked, but you save them.
You get hooked and the other player does not save you. The killer is not camping
Should I find this annoying? Or is it expected that I just kill myself on the hook so they can find the hatch. It seems if it was the latter, then they should kill themselves first given that they got hooked and I was on my first hook when I was eliminated.
I feel like I don't see enough players come for the rescue when the game is still winnable as a team, but maybe I'm being selfish.
Can someone enlighten me? When should a teammate save you and when is it expected that the teammate just let you survive? (3 gens complete? 4? Never? Always?) I'm curious.
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2023.06.09 04:14 SnooPets9021 Bridesmaid causing stress - vent

One of my bridesmaids, my cousin who I’m very close with, is driving me a little crazy. And I hate typing that because I love her to death.
She’s in an open relationship, which is great and seems to work for her. We had an engagement party with all the wedding party members a few months ago and she hit it off with a groomsman, who is also in an open relationship. Great, awesome, good for them. I’m all for good people sharing good times as long as it’s consensual. They hooked up. It didn’t go well.
Apparently his partner was upset from the beginning. Now my cousin tells me that her partner is also upset, after the fact. Apparently her partner is considering not even coming to the wedding now (which is unfortunate because I really like her) and I’m getting the sense that she (my cousin’s partner) blames me. Which I guess is fine if she needs somewhere to place blame that isn’t herself or her partner. But it’s a little frustrating because I never wanted or encouraged them to get together and it has caused some tension within my own relationship because FH is not a fan of the situation at all. Apparently his groomsmen is also claiming that he “caught feelings” for my bridesmaid. Which is also frustrating because as I understood it, they are both emotionally committed to their partners but have situations where they can sleep with others in a purely physical context. So it’s none of my business but he keeps dragging my FH into it by venting to him and then my FH is all tense but doesn’t want to talk to me about it because it involves my cousin.
Now we have a bacheloette coming up where we are renting a place in the city near us with all the bridal party members. My cousin is stressing out about everything from the cost, to what everyone will eat and when, to what appliances and dish-ware will be in the house. My partner and I are covering significant portions of the cost and planning energy - we are buying all the food and alcohol to stock the rental house for the weekend, we found and rented the location and house with approval and input from the group, FH will be cooking dinner for everyone on the first night. My sister (MOH) is putting together a weekend plan that is specific enough that we have a few options for meals, activities, and entertainment without it being so stringent that everyone will feel forced into activities they might not enjoy or be able to afford. My stance from the beginning is that if anyone can’t or doesn’t want to participate in anything for any reason, there’s no judgment from us.
One bridesmaid declined to attend completely due to other commitments, a groomsman will be leaving early due to a work thing, and a few people have opted out of certain activities that they aren’t interested in or don’t want to pay for, which is more than fine. It’s a group of 20 total so my hope is that splitting up into smaller groups won’t be weird.
Months ago my cousin told me that she wanted to take a more significant role in the planning and was prepared to take on larger costs because she’s a few years older than me and my siste MOH and can handle additional responsibilities.
She just called me and had a lot of vague concerns about “everyone’s” ability to stay fed and hydrated and well rested through the whole weekend. She doesn’t know the rest of the group. So far, everyone has told me and my MOH that they’re down for the plans that have been proposed (which include a ba club night - something I specifically requested). Most of my friends and I are all in our mid-20’s and enjoy city nightlife (maybe because we feel COVID stole our early 20’s? Idk.) My cousin wants to change all the plans around and keeps saying that she thinks we (me, my partner, and my MOH) “don’t understand how to plan for such a large group” and that we “don’t realize that everyone will get cranky if they’re too tired or hungry”.
We have built in rest time to the schedule, all meals, and as I said, FH and I are buying all the groceries/ food to have in the house for the weekend.
It feels like she basically wants to sleep and lounge around a box of pizza all weekend. Now she’s giving me one word answers and silence so I can tell she’s upset. Our plans were communicated months ago and she kept saying she was totally on board and that she wants to make sure the weekend is “everything I want it to be.” But now it feels like if we do anything other than what she wants, she’ll be upset.
My general feeling is that we are all adults, not 5 year olds, and if someone needs time or wants to opt out of an activity they can do that. A number of people already have, so I feel like I’m not being unreasonable. Everyone else has praised us on how this whole thing seems so fun and feels so inclusive and welcoming.
But who knows. Maybe I’m a bridezilla who shouldn’t ever want to have fun in my life.
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2023.06.09 04:09 NikonManiac LPT: When staying in a budget motel, ask for a room on the top floor.

This is not a post about finding the best view. I recently stayed in a Days Inn near Sacramento and was kept up the whole night by what sounded like a live WWE match in the room above me. Some nicer bougie hotels charge more for the top floor but if you’re closer to the Average Joe like I am and staying somewhere more economic it never hurts to ask.
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2023.06.09 04:06 No_Weird_4204 Trying to enroll in Aadvantage program

Trying to enroll in Aadvantage program
For the last 2 days I've been trying to sign up for the Aadvatage program. I've tried about a dozen times and every time I get this error. I've closed browsers, tried new browsers, restarted. I'm convinced it's not my fault anymore. Anyone else have issues? At first it wasn't a huge deal. Now it's getting annoying. It doesn't seem to bode well for them if they can't even get their enrollment to work. Is it worth all the hassle?
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2023.06.09 03:47 jazzie366 SQ Question

Alright lads, I need some advice here. I have a 2010 Hyundai Elantra that I put a Soundstream VRCPAA-7DRM hooked to a NVX VADM4 and RF P300X1 powering a cheap 10” sub and Infinity Kappa 62IX in the rear doors and 60CSX in the front, the rear coaxials sound amazing but the front components just sound god awful. I’ve been using Infinity coaxials forever, my shop stereo has Infinity REF-9623IX speakers in some cheap boxes and they absolutely smash. However, this is my first time using Infinity component speakers and I’m wondering if I’ve done something wrong. They sound so bad and the tweeters are so harsh, even when the switch is set to 0db, that it’s nearly unlistenable. Even when I turn down the high frequencies in the EQ, it’s either all there or so little the music sounds dead. Do you all have any recommendations as to what I should do? This is really upsetting as these were not cheap and they do not live up to the quality at the price point. The coaxials in the rear doors sound absolutely wonderful though, as expected.
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2023.06.09 03:09 happyinheart Meet the We the Patriots USA's attorney

Norm Pattis,
Alex Jones previous attorney facing 6 month law license suspension for releasing information that shouldn't have been released. This is all in addition to the group having someone who submitted testimony calling for gun control as their president.
I urge everyone to be careful where you donate. A bad judicial precedent can be worse than having no judgement at all. The big guys in this area SAF, FPC, and GOA are all strategic in their suits and have a lot of experience. Like we're in the same federal district as New York so their assault weapons challenge will also affect Connecticut. In respect to NAGR and We the Patriots USA, I've heard some say "at least they are doing something." However what they are doing may be self serving and not in the best interest of gun owners.
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2023.06.09 02:57 locogabo2 Massage recommendations: Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Ao Nang?

Looking for a killer massage in Those places!
For reference, I'm staying near Khao san road, in bangkok, and near the green tiger hotel in chiang mai.
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2023.06.09 02:51 workmartyrwmt Theory: Based on Raquel's confession that she suggested a throuple with Tim/Ariana, do we think part of Tim encouraging the Shorts hook up WHILE they were actively having sex was to see if he could make a Tom-Raquel-Tom sandwich happen?

Im rewatching pt 3 for the peacock content, which features a little more of Katie's role in the whole thing. Tim's crusade to knock Katie out of the marriage seemed like exactly that, a crusade which he eventually won. It always seemed like Katie wasn't pushy for no reason, that the opening of the Schwartz and Sandy's project was going to be her baby as well. I'm sure Shorts sold it as such and then backed out when Sandoval was being impossibly aggressive and unreasonable to knock her not just out of the bar, but out of her marriage.
Since we know now that Rachel and Tim had sex numerous times that whole trip, do you think the possibility is there? Someone mentioned Rachel seeming exactly like a Manson girl in the situation, and i do think her additional confession was approved by Sandoval (or the stuff she was agreeable to confess too, once the producer kept pushing beyond the few moments she copped to is when she started to cry and get nervous because of Sandoval's possible reaction) but it seems like she would have done anything he asked, including clearly hooking up with his friend on camera and pursuing him in numerous scenes despite him clearly being uncomfortable and awkward about it and Rachel showing no sign that she was actually into him (she had a fucking tom-boyfriend already so no wonder). I truly do believe she'd have been down if both Toms were into it. Doesn't mean it was happening but i wonder if Sandoval was trying to have it all: a brand gf, a side piece, and never worrying about Shorts' significant other again if that SO was a women he completely controlled.
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2023.06.09 02:22 Pupseal115 Swing for the fences!

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2023.06.09 02:11 totalstatemachine Detailed trapper guide

Detailed trapper guide
Much like many others who saw the developer Q&A from yesterday, I was disappointed when they announced no significant changes coming for their poster boy killer, the trapper. The trapper is an outdated killer and I question the logic of leaving him untouched simply based on kill rate and accessibility for newer players.
However, despite popular opinion here and elsewhere, I believe the trapper is still a very viable killer provided you know how to play him. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen people claim you need to go full on basement trapper to have a decent result, you cannot win vs good survivors with the trapper, etc etc….none of which I find to be true.
Before we go any further though, you might be asking, who am I and why should you listen to me? Well, I’ve been a trapper main for many years and my win rate tracks north of 70% last I checked. I have played trapper against survivors of all skill levels, including members of competitive teams and I am ranked just outside the top fifty in the world in trap catches. I make no claims to being the ‘best’ trapper player nor would I ever do so – I simply have confidence in my ability to play this killer with a reasonable amount of success.
Without further ado, let’s get started!


Making a good perk build for the trapper is relatively simple – unless you’re going for a more ‘fun’ build, you need perks that will address his shortcomings.
That’s why my first pick is the longtime trapper standard, Corrupt Intervention. Corrupt gives us time at the start to set traps without having to worry about gens popping left and right. Even if you get a down relatively early and the perk expires, you still got value for having some time to set up traps and denying survivors from spawning in on gens.
Trapper could also use some help chase wise, as at the end of the day he is primarily an m1 killer and there will be times when your traps don’t work as well as they would like. Therefore, my second pick is Save the Best for Last. Trapper has no m2 attack to conserve stacks, but we can gain additional stacks by hitting survivors out of traps they step in and if the obsession steps in one, we can simply lift them out and lose no stacks at all. This perk gives him some much-needed lethality and provides us with something to lean on when we’re forced to play machete boy.
Trapper also needs some more active slowdown, as his best time is in the mid or late game and it’s extremely helpful to slow the game down. That’s why I finished my build with Pop Goes the Weasel and Jolt. Jolt is a very good trapper perk and pairs well with our chase perk, STBFL – if a survivor steps in a trap, we can hit them out to both get a stack of STBFL and proc Jolt, and since your traps will usually be near areas with generators (more on this later), we can more consistently get value from this than other killers. Pop Goes the Weasel is certainly not the perk it once was but having run it for some time I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the value provided. It works best on gens with fair bit of progress, but coming across such well progressed gens as trapper is rather common (unfortunately). It is also getting a solid buff to bring the regression up to 30% of current, which is nice.


The trapper is a very addon dependent killer. Without them, we have two traps on hand, they arm somewhat slowly and can be disarmed with no real penalty to the survivors – and, oh yeah, this is without mentioning that you must go around collecting all of them. That’s why, in my opinion, our best addon choices are ones that make our traps more dangerous or allow us to progress through the map without having to constantly rearm traps in the process.
My personal favorite trapper addon is the Iridescent Stone. Iri stone mitigates one of trapper’s biggest weaknesses and allows us to ‘set and forget’. It is also a lifesaver on maps where hiding your traps is impractical and you’re forced to use them more for pallet or loop denial.
My second choice would be the Honing Stone. While this addon does little if we herd survivors into traps (we’re already there to grab/hit them, after all) you will have many situations when someone away from your location steps into a trap. In many scenarios, you will not be able to get there fast enough – after all, they could escape on their first attempt! Not with this they can’t. Anyone that frees themselves will go into the dying state, and even if they do call out for a teammate to assist them, that’s still taking another survivor off gens to assist their teammate. While not perfect, sometimes this addon can turn around games that were otherwise looking like a surefire loss.
So, you might be asking, why not the Trapper Sack? I completely understand those that wish to take it. Having all your traps on hand from the beginning is a gamechanger and makes certain maps where our trap spawn RNG is so punishing, like Borgo, much more manageable. It is a very powerful addon. The drawback of not being able to pick up your traps, however, can be considerable with my style of playing trapper, so I don't personally prefer it.


This is where the meat of this mini guide will be. Keep in mind this is just how I play trapper – others may have their own successful styles, and that’s to be expected!
Setup phase
As you spawn into the map, the best thing to do at the start is identify the side of the map with the most generators. It may seem like an obvious statement, but we don’t want to place traps where survivors have no reason to be. Once we’ve done that, we can start trapping up strategic loops and/or strong structures in this area. One mistake I see a lot of newer trappers make is overcommitting to this phase. Having one gen pop while you set up is normal, sometimes two. If a third gens pops by the time you’ve finished, however, you’ve left yourself with little room for error – your better hope your grand plan works. For this reason, I find it best to set around three reliable traps in the beginning. The rest you can set either during chase or after hooking survivors (not within their field of vision, of course – we don’t want our traps being called out immediately).
Trapping pallet loops
Traps placed in loops will often be your bread and butter. For a common pallet loop, I suggest trapping off to the side of the loop rather than placing a trap right in the path of the pallet, ideally within some foliage, if available, or the side facing away from an object like a generator or a hook. When that survivor comes to the loop, we can then herd them around the loop and into our trap. Survivors like to hug loops tightly, and we can take advantage of this. If you’re on a map like The Game, however, you will often have little choice but to drop your trap in the path of the pallet – hardly ideal, but even if they abandon the area rather than stepping into the trap, we can sandwich them into a hit and deny use of the pallet. It is very important that we don’t place the trap in the middle of the pallet, however, as survivors can then just drop the pallet directly over the trap and vault over. You must carefully place the trap at the ‘lip’ of the pallet not only to avoid this, but also to cover the path sufficiently so survivors can’t worm their way around the trap (argh, so frustrating!) when running the loop.

Trap placed on side of pallet loop
Trapping jungle gyms
There are a few ways we can attack the jungle gym. Often the front of the jungle gym will have a small patch of grass leading from the pallet side back to the open area towards the window, and we can catch survivors here. My personal favorite, however, is to trap the corner coming from the window vault going towards the pallet. Quite often, survivors will hug this loop after vaulting and step directly into the trap.

Jungle Gym front trap

Jungle gym corner trap
Trapping shack
The shack can be a strong structure to trap. There are many ways we can trap the shack, from placing the trap at the window, just before the pallet door or on the window side of shack within foliage. However, if the shack pallet is still up, I recommend simply placing the trap at the pallet door. This may seem too obvious, but many survivors, especially at higher levels of play, are quite wise to traps being placed on the side of shack and will avoid grass or foliage like the plague with plenty of room to still make the window even if you’re in chase. Using the trap at the pallet door gives them no choice but to deal with it, and it can prove especially strong assuming we’ve taken the iri stone addon.
Faking traps
Baiting the survivor into thinking we’re going to trap an untrapped pallet, for example, can be quite useful. If you’re chasing a survivor and they come across a rather strong pallet to play, start the trap setting process and cancel it after about one second. Quite often, survivors will bail rather than take a chance at being stuck at the loop, and we can chase them to a less favorable area. Addons such as the Trapper Gloves and Fastening Tools speed up our trap setting speed and make it more difficult for survivors to tell if we’re simply faking it or committing to setting the trap, and there will be occasions when a survivor gets overly confident, and the trap will be set before they abandon the loop.
Survivors downed within a pallet
Survivors going down inside a pallet or crawling underneath an undropped pallet is quite common in DBD. This makes most killers think twice about picking up lest they get a pallet dropped on their head. As a trapper, though, we have a trick up our sleeve. By trapping the most vulnerable side of the pallet, we can deny pallet saves or in our best case scenario, even catch a would-be rescuer unawares and into the waiting jaws of our trap!
Hidden/clipped traps
These are the sneakiest and sometimes most controversial traps. There are certain areas where traps will clip into or under the environment and make them essentially invisible. Finding locations for these is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that these could be patched out or erased when maps are redesigned, so enjoy them while you can.

Under wood pile on Pale Rose ship

Under floorboards at the shrine on Sanctum of Wrath
Hidden in the rubble pile stairway on Midwich
There are many more tips, tricks and analysis I could give, but this guide is meant to be an introduction into basic gameplay for the trapper. I am working on a more extensive guide that will cover every map in DBD, perk choices, alternate builds and so on, but this will take some time. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope it inspires a few of you to pick up ol’ Evan for a couple games if nothing else. Happy trapping!
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