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[GET] Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge Download

2023.06.08 23:50 AutoModerator [GET] Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge Download

[GET] Tiktok Ads $0 – $10k in 30 Days Challenge Download
Download : https://imcourse.one/get-tiktok-ads-0-10k-in-30-days-challenge-download
TikTok Ads Is Blowing Up And Right Now is The Absolute Best Time To Start Milking it For Easy Cash, Just like I’ve been doing along with a handful of students i’ve already taught this system to
I’ve literally dropped everything else to focus on this…
I stopped doing FB Ads, Snapchat Ads and Youtube Ads which I was making good money with
TikTok Ads are in whats known as ‘the Goldrush’ stage of a traffic platform.
And i’ve been using TikTok Ads combined with a specific Sequence that has to be used correctly, to promote 2 types of Affiliate offers.
1 – Paid On action Offers
2 – Clickbank Affiliate Offers
Both work amazingly well on TikTok IF you know how to do it correctly.
Paid On Action is an affiliate model that most people have no clue about, but it allows us to partner with big companies, to get paid $10 – $45 each time someone fills out a form, and no one has to buy anything for us to get paid
Then we have Clickbank, which i’m sure you’ve heard of before where we can promote a mass market type of offer and get a commision
I’ve been seeing amazing results with 2 Clickbank offers in 2 totally weird Niches that have made more than $400k since April, check this out:
You see, after I silently raked in close to $100k in my first 2 months testing this TikTok Ads Affiliate method ‘On the Side’ , and then ramped it up to a total of over $550k currently promoting the 2 types of Affiliate offers I mentioned above…

… I thought it was just plain old ‘beginner’s luck’.

But then, I started sharing this repeatable Rapid Profit Tiktok Ads Affiliate Method to a small number of Individuals after I shared my initial results in one of my FB Groups.
I Then helped a couple of people one on one, and also by holding a one day In Person event here in London to share the exact system with 5 people who were willing to pay me more than $5k each to learn directly from me:
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2023.06.08 16:13 HolidayHomeThrowAway German chocolate filling (more like German diarrhea filling)

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2023.06.08 14:41 kaptain_carbon Shreddit's Official Townhall (Meta, R&R List Discussion, Airing of Grievances)


The Respite/Retirement (R&R) List is a collection of bands that are prohibited from being posted. Retirement are bands that will NEVER be posted here again and respite are bands taking a break that have a chance for random parole. It was previously called the Blacklist but we are updating the name and giving it a fun mechanic. Discussion of these bands are always welcome in the proper channels. Every quarter, the users get a democratic say in suggesting bands for retirement. Every two quarters (March / September), two bands are randomly paroled from the Respite list.

Why We Are Doing This

We feel this community of regulars does a decent job at self regulating 118,097 123,939 128,506 133,038 145,998 189,829 217,453 303,952 407,821 483,963 528,673 599,074 687,065 780,021 882,329 1,046,592 1,209,266 1,384,361 1,393,538 1,403,579 1,415,279 1,429,345 1,438,668 1,503,767 1,628,029 1,856,391 1,961,859 *2,039,760 * potential users. metal is sizable sub and I believe it has an identity made up of its regulars. Because of that, we want give our some agency to people who visit metal frequently. Now some will say this isn't fair to lurkers and non regulars but there is not real way to please people who do not participate.

Why Do We Need This

I feel we have moved past the point of questioning the need for a prohibitive list. The lawless wasteland of the sub can be seen in other subs and the need for regulation has lead to other things including half of the regular threads and underground Friday. With that said, there is always an option of No Changes to either list each quarter.

What Will Happen

Whatever goes on here will be brought up in the Quarterly Mod dinner at The Sizzler. Over Spaghetti Tacos, us mods will discuss additions and announce them tomorrow. We will consider suggestions here but ultimately, us mods will have final say before our third trip to the salad bar.
Also please provide links to said problem rather than a popular band you dislike. Some removals will not show up on searches but we will be aware of them.

History of the R&R List

  • Spring 2023 -- Ministry and Be'lakor Return! Saxon, Gorod, and Saturnus are still banned until we reach 2 million subscribers. The 2 Million mark occurred a short time after this.
  • Winter 2023 -- Voivod on Respite. Saxon, Gorod, and Saturnus are still banned until we reach 2 million subscribers.
  • Fall 2022 -- No Changes. Mayhem and Fleshgod Apocolpse coming off of respite. Saxon, Gorod, and Saturnus are still banned until we reach 2 million subscribers.
  • Summer 2022 -- Drudkh & Archspire on Respite. Saxon, Gorod, and Saturnus banned because the Mods are idiots.
  • Spring 2022: Ulcerate / Helloween for Respite. Deathspell Omega / Archspire off Respite.
  • Winter 2022 -- No Changes
  • Fall 2021 -- No Changes. Introduction of the Retired and Respite List.
  • Summer 2021: To Ban: Napalm Death, Rotting Christ, Manilla Road, Windir, Toxic Holocaust, Demolition Hammer Banned.
  • Spring 2021 : Amorphis, Cannibal Corpse, Ensiferum Banned and others warned.
  • Winter 2021 -- More Bannings Until Morale Improves.
  • Fall 2020: The Great Banwave
  • Summer 2020 -- No Changes...who are we anymore. What week is it?
  • Spring 2020: The Great Pandemic Reorder
  • Winter 2020 : Mgla, Cattle Decapitation, Gorguts Banned.
  • Fall 2019: Testament and Katatonia Banned.
  • Summer 2019 -- The Purge 2: The Elitining
  • Spring 2019: Machine Head, Fear Factory, Neurosis Banned
  • Winter 2019 -- The Purge: Elitist Edition
  • Fall 2018: Anaal Nathrakh, Lamb of God, Dissection banned.
  • Summer 2018: At The Gates, Woods of Ypres Restricted.
  • Spring 2018: Banned: Sepultura, In Flames Restricted: Sodom, 3 Inches of Blood, Gorguts, Red Fang, Skeletonwitch
  • Winter 2018: Darkthrone, Mayhem, and In Flames Restricted
  • Fall 2017: Carcass Banned. Anthrax Restricted
  • Summer 2017: Nile, Carcass, and Blind Guardian Restricted. Turisas, Uncle Acid, and I are unbanned.
  • Spring 2017: No Changes
  • Winter 2016: Emperor, Sabaton, Motorhead are Restricted.
  • Fall 2016: Ghost is Banned. Mercyful Fate, Kreator, Candlemass are Restricted.

Complaints, Suggestions, Praise

This is a good time to file anything you would like to see more of, less of, or none at all. All of the mods will be reading this thread so now is the time to take the mic and address the board.
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2023.06.08 12:39 applefa14001 پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022؛ کسب هشت رتبه توسط اپل!

پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022؛ کسب هشت رتبه توسط اپل!

پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 آمار بسیار عالی و جذابی است که نشان می‌دهد کدام موبایل توانسته است به خوبی در دل کاربران جا باز کند. یکی از جالب‌ترین نکات درباره پرفروش‌ترین گوشی‌های هوشمند دنیا در سال 2022 این است که 8 مورد از این 10 موردی که قرار است معرفی کنیم، آیفون هستند.
این اولین بار است که یک برند توانسته است از ده گوشی پرفروش سال، هشت رتبه را از آن خود کند. همین آمار نشان‌دهنده این موضوع می‌باشد که آیفون‌ها کیفیت ساخت بالایی دارند و برای بسیاری از کاربران کاربردی هستند. تنها برند دیگری که توانسته است در میان رتبه‌بندی ده گوشی پرفروش سال قرار بگیرد، سامسونگ است. یکی از دلایلی که سامسونگ در این لیست قرار گرفته است، گوشی‌های هوشمند مقرون‌به‌صرفه‌ای است که وارد بازار کرده.

معرفی 10 گوشی پرفروش در سال 2022؛ اپل بهترین نتیجه را گرفته است!

یکی موثق‌ترین آمارهای برای اثبات این که یک محصول به اندازه کافی خوب است، میزان فروشی است که در میان کاربران داشته. برای مثال اگر به دنبال سفارش غذا هستید، در مارکت‌های آنلاین یکی از مهم‌ترین فاکتورهایی که باعث می‌شود مشتریان خرید کنند، میزان رضایت مشتریان سابق و امتیاز بالای آن غذا است.
خیلی از کاربران ادعا می‌کنند که فاکتور رضایت مشتریان سابق، حتی از فاکتورهای دیگری مثل قیمت هم مهم‌تر است. بنابراین اگر به دنبال خرید بهترین تلفن همراه برای خود هستید، یکی از بهترین آمارهایی که باید به سراغ آن بروید، پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 است. این 10 گوشی محبوب در سال گذشته عبارتند از:
  1. آیفون 13
  2. آیفون 13 پرو مکس
  3. آیفون 14 پرو مکس (در ضمن این گوشی در اواخر سال 2022 عرضه شد!)
  4. سامسونگ گلکسی A13
  5. آیفون 13 پرو
  6. آیفون 12
  7. آیفون 14
  8. آیفون 14 پرو
  9. آیفون SE 2022
  10. سامسونگ گلکسی A03
نکته: این آمار توسط سایت معتبر Forbes منتشر شده است.

آیفون 13؛ پرفروش ترین گوشی هوشمند در سال 2022

پرفروش‌ترین گوشی هوشمند در سال 2022 آیفون 13 است. این سری از آیفون‌ها در سال اواخر سال 2021 منتشر شد که در همان ابتدا مورد انتقاد بسیاری از کاربران قرار گرفت. در همان اوایل کاربران به دلیل این که انتظاراتی مثل این را داشتند که اپل ناچ بالای صفحه را از بین ببرد یا بخواهد طراحی این گوشی هوشمند را به طور کلی عوض کند، از سری سیزدهم آیفون ایرادها زیادی گرفتند.
اما پس از گذشت مدتی با دیدن تغییراتی که اپل در سخت‌افزار آیفون 13 ایجاد کرده بود و پذیرفتن این که طراحی گوشی‌های آیفون به یک مدل خاصی رسیده‌اند و تغییراتی زیادی قرار نیست کنند، این سری از موبایل‌های اپل در میان مردم به شدت محبوب شد.
آیفون 13 در ماه سپتامبر سال 2021 در چهار مدل آیفون 13 مینی، آیفون 13، آیفون 13 پرو و آیفون 13 پرو مکس عرضه شود. بزرگ‌ترین تغییری که در این سری از گوشی‌های اپل ایجاد شد و طرفداران به شدت از آن راضی بودند، بیشتر شدن حجم باتری آیفون 13 بود.
ناچ بالای صفحه کوچک‌تر شده بود و تغییراتی زیادی هم در دوربین‌های نسل سیزدهم آیفون ایجاد شده بود که توانست به خوبی در میان کاربران محبوب شود. آیفون 13 در سال گذشته در میان پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 قرار گرفت.
سری سیزدهم همچنین به دلیل داشتن صفحه نمایش روشن‌تر، استفاده کردن از این گوشی را در محیط‌های باز برای کاربران راحت کرده بود.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 13 به شرح زیر هستند:
قیمت پایه: 699 دلار
حافظه‌های داخلی شامل 128، 256 و 512 گیگابایت می‌شود
صفحه نمایش 6.1 اینچ
نرخ نوسازی صفحه نمایش انطباقی: ندارد
میزان شارژدهی باتری: 10 ساعت و 33 دقیقه
پردازنده‌: A15 Bionic
ضد آب با مجوز IP68

آیفون 13 پرو مکس؛ از پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022

آیفون 13 پرو مکس دومین گزینه در لیست پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 قرار دارد. با وجود این که این سری دیگر جدیدترین گوشی اپل نیست اما همچنان فروش بالایی در دنیا دارد. در این قسمت می‌خواهیم کمی این گوشی هوشمند را در چند پاراگراف بررسی کنیم.
آیفون 13 پرو مکس به دلایل مختلفی در میان کاربران محبوب شد. اما می‌توان گفت که مهم‌ترین مواردی که باعث محبوبیت این مدل از آیفون 13 شدند، باتری بی‌نظیر این گوشی هوشمند به همراه دوربین‌های فوق‌العاده آن است. البته که آیفون 14 پرو مکس هم‌اکنون از دوربین اصلی 48 مگاپیکسل استفاده می‌کند، اما دوربین این گوشی همچنان از خیلی از گوشی‌های هوشمند بازار بهتر است.
آیفون 13 پرو مکس یک دلیل دیگر هم برای محبوب شدن داشت و آن صفحه نمایش 120 هرتزی این گوشی بود که از قابلیت ProMotion هم بهره می‌برد. پردازنده قدرتمند A15 باعث شده است تا این گوشی هوشمند هم در مصرف باتری بهینه‌تر عمل کند، هم در عکس‌برداری عملکرد خیلی بهتری داشته باشد و همچنین سرعت پردازش خیلی بالایی به این گوشی هوشمند بدهد.
مشخصات کلی آیفون 13 پرو مکس به شرح زیر است:
· قیمت پایه: 1.099 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی شامل 128، 256، 512 گیگابایت و 1 و 2 ترابایت می‌شوند
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 12 ساعت و 16 دقیقه
· صفحه نمایش 6.7 اینچی
· پردازنده: A15 Bionic
· ضد آب با مجوز IP68

آیفون 14 پرو مکس

آیفون 14 پرو مکس بهترین و جدیدترین گوشی هوشمند اپل است که در لیست پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 رتبه سوم را به خود اختصاص داده است. این در حالی می‌باشد که این گوشی هوشمند در سه ماه آخر سال 2022 عرضه شد و فرصت چندانی نداشت تا با دیگر گزینه‌های این لیست رقابت کند. بنابراین این رقابت را می‌‌توان یک رقابت ناسالم برای آیفون 14 پرو مکس در نظر گرفت اما با این حال هم این گوشی در رتبه سوم قرار گرفته است.
در میان مدل‌های آیفون 14، سری پرو مکس بود که با اختلاف زیادی نسبت به دیگر مدل‌های 14 در میان کاربران محبوب شد. صفحه نمایش 6.7 اینچی، شارژدهی بیشتر و تمامی قابلیت‌هایی که کاربران از یک آیفون می‌خواهند را می‌توان در آیفون 14 پرو مکس پیدا کرد.
آیفون 14 پرو مکس، بهترین گوشی اپل در حال حاضر است!
سال 2022 اولین بار بود که اپل یکی از مدل‌های کوچک خانواده آیفون را کنار گذاشت و آن را با یک مدل بزرگ‌تر به نام Plus جایگزین کرد. دو مدل پرو آیفون 14 از پردازنده A16 یعنی جدیدترین پردازنده اپل استفاده می‌کنند که حدود 10 درصد عملکرد بهتری نسبت به پردازنده قدرتمند A15 دارد.
یکی از مهم‌ترین تغییراتی که اپل در سری پرو آیفون 14 ایجاد کرد، اضافه کردن ویژگی به نام جزیره پویا (Dynamic Island) به جای ناچ مزاحم بالای صفحه است. اشتباه نکنید ناچ به طور کامل از بین نرفت است، اما با استفاده از این گوشی به سختی می‌‌توانید متوجه شوید بخش کوچکی از صفحه نمایش شما مشکی است.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 14 پرو مکس عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 1.099 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی: 128، 256، 512 گیگابایت و 1 ترابایت
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 13 ساعت و 39 دقیقه
· صفحه نمایش 6.7 اینچی
· پردازنده: A16 Bionic
· ضد آب با مجوز IP68

سامسونگ گلکسی A13

به چهارمین مورد از پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 رسیده‌ایم. بعد از بررسی کردن سه گزینه اول که متعلق به شرکت اپل بودند، یک برند دیگر بالاخره در این لیست خودی نشان داد.
سامسونگ گلکسی A13 علاوه بر این که قیمت خیلی مقرون‌به‌صرفه و جذابی دارد، در بسیاری از بخش‌ها به عنوان یک گوشی هوشمند مدرن، به اندازه کافی خوب است. می‌توانیم بگوییم که سامسونگ مهارت خاصی در ساخت و عرضه گوشی‌های هوشمند با قیمت پایین دارد؛ به همین دلیل هم است که چهارمین رتبه از گوشی‌های پرفروش را تصاحب کرده است.
با خرید سامسونگ گلکسی A13 189 دلاری، می‌تواند حدود 1000 دلار نسبت به خرید سامسونگ S23 Ultra پس‌انداز کنید که پول کمی هم نیست. البته که در این مسیر باید از خیلی از ویژگی‌های مثل دوربین 200 مگاپیکسلی و قابلیت 5G بگذرید.
خرید سامسونگ گلکسی A13 به شما اجازه می‌دهد با قیمت خیلی پایین در اکوسیستم سامسونگ باشید و از ساخت نسبتا با کیفیت یک گوشی هوشمند لذت ببرید.
برخی از مشخصات کلی سامسونگ گلکسی A13 عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 189 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی 32، 64 و 128 گیگابایت
· صفحه نمایش 6.7 اینچی
· وزن: 195 گرم
· رم: 3، 4 و 6 گیگابایت
· دوربین اصلی 50 مگاپیکسل
· حجم باتری: 5000 میلی‌آمپر
· پردازنده: Exynos 850 (8nm)

آیفون 13 پرو؛ از پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022

آیفون 13 پرو، پنجمین گزینه در لیست پرفروش‌ترین‌های 2022. این گوشی هوشمند از نظر سخت‌افزاری به اندازه سری پرو مکس همین نسل خوب است اما در ابعاد کوچک‌تر عرضه شده است. بنابراین اگر به دنبال یک آیفون قدرتمند هستید که در اندازه‌های نسبتا کوچک خریداری کنید، آیفون 13 پرو بهترین گزینه برای شما است. البته در همین نسل می‌‌توانید به سراغ سری مینی بروید که در ابعاد حتی کوچک‌تر عرضه شده‌اند اما قابلیت‌های سخت‌افزاری آیفون 13 پرو را ندارند.
با مرور پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 حتما باید نام آیفون 13 پرو نیز آورده شود زیرا از دیدگاه سایت‌های معتبر نقد موبایل، مثل Tom’s Guide به عنوان یکی از بهترین گوشی‌های تاریخ از آن نام برده شده است.
به غیر از طراحی، مدل آیفون 13 پرو تغییرات زیادی به نسبت نسل پیش خود داشته است. ترکیب کردن پردازنده قدرتمند A15 با 6 گیگابایت رم باعث شده است تا به راحتی بتوانید حتی سنگین‌ترین برنامه‌ها و بازی‌های اپ استور را در گوشی خود اجرا کنید. همچنین حافظه داخلی 128 گیگابایتی این گوشی برای بیشتر کاربران مناسب است اما اگر به دنبال حافظه بیشتر هستید، می‌‌توانید تا یک ترابایت حافظه داخلی خریداری کنید.
همانطور که پیش از این درباره آیفون 13 پرو مکس نیز گفته شده بود، اپل در این سری تغییری عظیم در شارژدهی باتری ایجاد کرد. از این رو اگر روشن ماندن گوشی در طول روز برای‌تان اهمیت دارد، آیفون 13 پرو به خوبی این آزمون را پاس می‌کند.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 13 پرو عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 999 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی شامل 128، 256، 512 گیگابایت و 1 ترابایت
· صفحه نمایش 6.1 اینچی با تکنولوژی Super Retina XDR OLED (2352 x 1170)
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 11 ساعت و 42 دقیقه

آیفون 12؛ از محبوب‌ترین گوشی‌های سال گذشته

آیفون 12 نام تقریبا عجیبی است که در لیست پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 مشاهده کرد اما این محصول اپل نشان داد که همچنان در میان کاربران محبوبیت خاصی دارد. بهترین ویژگی‌های این مدل از
گوشی‌های اپل، قابلیت 5G و صفحه نمایش OLED خوش‌رنگ آن است.
خرید آیفون 12 به دلیل این که مدل‌های جدیدتری از این گوشی به بازار عرضه شده‌اند، گزینه‌ای عالی در رنج قیمتی 699 دلار است. البته این قیمت پایه است، اگر به دنبال حافظه داخلی بیشتری هستید، مثلا 256 گیگابایت حافظه می‌خواهید باید 849 دلار پرداخت کنید.
اپل از پردازنده A14 در مدل آیفون 12 استفاده کرده است. با این که این پردازنده به اندازه جدیدترین چیپ‌ست‌های اپل قدرتمند نیست، اما همچنان خیلی بهتر از بسیاری از پردازنده‌های بازار است و می‌تواند برنامه‌های سنگین را اجرا کند.
یکی از جالب‌ترین نکات آیفون 12 این است که به طرز عجیبی در پردازش اطلاعات، از مدل آیفون 12 پرو که باید از مدل استاندارد قوی‌تر باشد، جا نمی‌ماند. بنابراین از بین دو مدل آیفون 12 و آیفون 12 پرو، پیشنهاد می‌کنیم مدل استاندارد را با قیمت پایین‌تر خریداری کنید.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 12 عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 699 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی 64، 128 و 256 گیگابایت
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 8 ساعت و 25 دقیقه با روشن گذاشتن 5G
· صفحه نمایش 6.1 اینچی OLED (2532x1170)
· پردازنده: A14 Bionic
· رم: 4 گیگابایت
· دوربین عقب 12 + 12 مگاپیسل
· دوربین سلفی 12 مگاپیکسل

آیفون 14؛ رتبه 7 در میان پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022

در این لیستی که تقریبا پر شده از بهترین گوشی‌های هوشمند اپل، باز هم نام جدیدترین آیفون به چشم می‌خورد. آیفون 14، گوشی که با ویژگی‌هایی مثل بهتر شدن سیستم خنک‌کنندگی داخلی، طراحی مشابه و با کیفیت و کیفیت عکس‌برداری بهتر عرضه شده است، توانسته در رتبه هفتم پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند سال 2022 جا بگیرد.
با وجود این که آیفون 14 خیلی شبیه به نسل پیش خود یعنی آیفون 13 است، اما بسیار گوشی خوبی است و تغییراتی خوبی از نظر سخت‌افزاری داشته است.
دو لنز دوربین عقب آیفون 14 ارتقا پیدا کرده‌اند، استفاده کردن از سنسور‌هایی جدید در این دوربین‌ها باعث شده است تا کاربران بتوانند عکس‌های بهتری با آیفون 14 بگیرند. زیرا دوربین‌های این گوشی نور بیشتری دریافت می‌کنند.
تمامی دوربین‌های گوشی‌ آیفون 14 از موتور عکسبرداری جدید اپل به نام Photonic پشتیبانی می‌کنند. اگر به دنبال لنز اصلی 48 مگاپیکسلی هستید، باید به سراغ گزینه‌های پرو نسل 14 آیفون بروید. اما در نظر داشته باشید که عکسبرداری با آیفون 14 تجربه به اندازه کافی خوبی است.
بر خلاف تصور خیلی از کاربران که فکر می‌کنند اپل از همان پردازنده A15 در سری جدید گوشی‌های هوشمند خود استفاده کرده است، باید بگوییم که این تصور اشتباه است. اپل از نسخه ارتقا یافته این پردازنده در آیفون 14 استفاده کرده است.
پردازنده A15 آیفون 13 چهار هسته پردازش گرافیکی دارد، در حالی که پردازنده A15 به کار رفته در آیفون 14 پنج هسته پردازش گرافیکی دارد.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 14 عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 799 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی 128، 256 و 512 گیگابایت
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 9 ساعت و 28 دقیقه با روشن گذاشتن 5G
· صفحه نمایش 6.1 اینچی
· پردازنده: A15 Bionic

آیفون 14 پرو

آیفون 14 پرو نیز با وجود این که در اواخر سال 2022 عرضه شد توانسته است که به لیست 10 گوشی پرفروش در دنیا دست پیدا کند.
طراحی فوق‌العاده، دوربین باکیفیت 48 مگاپیکسلی و قابلیت جدید و تحسین‌برانگیز Dynamic Island جزو بهترین ویژگی‌های مدل آیفون 14 هستند. این گوشی هوشمند در میان پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در ایران در برخی از شهرها نیز قرار دارد.
اگر بالاتر بررسی آیفون 14 پرو مکس را مطالعه کرده باشید، باید بدانید که آیفون 14 پرو نیز دقیقا همان سخت‌افزار را دارد. با این تفاوت که باتری این گوشی حجم کم‌تری دارد و همچنین صفحه نمایش کوچک‌تری نسبت به سری پرو مکس دارد.
در سری‌های پرو آیفون، این اولین بار است که آیفون 14 پرو ناچ بالای صفحه ندارد و از ویژگی جدید اپل به اسم جزیره پویا استفاده می‌کند. این ویژگی بخش سیاه کوچکی در بالای صفحه است که کاربردهای زیادی هم دارد. برای مثال با دریافت کردن یک اعلان جدید این قسمت از گوشی باز می‌شود و اطلاعات اعلان را می‌توانید مشاهده کنید.
قابلیت‌های زیادی هستند که کاربران انتظار داشتند اپل به جدیدترین گوشی‌های خود اضافه کند، قابلیت‌هایی مثل زوم بیشتر و پورت USB-C. اما اپل همچنان تصمیم نگرفته است که این انتظارات کاربران را برآورده کند. به لطف پردازنده جدید و قدرتمند اپل یعنی A16 شما می‌‌توانید بدون هیچ‌گونه مشکلی تمامی برنامه‌ها و گیم‌های سنگین را اجرا کنید.
از نظر باتری هم آیفون 14 درست مانند برادر بزرگ‌تر خود، عملکرد راضی‌کننده‌ای دارد و می‌تواند شما را تا پایان یک روز کامل همراهی کند.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 14 پرو عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 999 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی 128، 256، 512 گیگابایت و 1 ترابایت
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 10 ساعت و 13 دقیقه
· صفحه نمایش 6.1 اینچی با نرخ نوسازی 1 تا 120 هرتز
· پردازنده: A16 Bionic
· رم: 6 گیگابایت
· دوربین‌های عقب: 48 + 12 + 12 مگاپیکسل
· دوربین سلفی: 12 مگاپیکسل

آیفون SE 2022

رتبه یکی مانده به آخر لیست پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 باز هم متعلق به یک گوشی دیگر از شرکت اپل است. این بار یک گوشی اقتصادی اپل یعنی آیفون SE 2022 به این لیست راه پیدا کرده است که با توجه به قیمت پایین خود، از پردازنده فوق‌العاده برخوردار است.
بسیار قدرتمند نسبت به قیمت، قابلیت اینترنت پرسرعت 5G و طراحی باریک و سبک بودن، از بهترین ویژگی‌های نهمین گزینه از لیست محبوب‌ترین‌ها است.
اگر به آیفون‌هایی با طراحی کلاسیک علاقه‌مند هستید و می‌خواهید با پرداخت قیمت پایین از آخرین پردازنده‌‌های اپل استفاده کنید، بهترین انتخاب برای شما آیفون SE 2022 است. با تنها 429 دلار می‌توانید از پردازنده قدرتمند A15 که در سری آیفون‌های 13 استفاده شده است، بهره‌مند شوید.
یکی از بهترین ویژگی‌های آیفون SE 2022 این است که اپل برای عرضه این گوشی، تمامی ویژگی‌هایی که در آیفون SE 2020 دوست داشتیم را نگه داشته است. برای مثال طراحی باریک و زیبای SE، صفحه نمایش LCD و Touch ID آیفون SE 2020 همچنان در این گوشی هم وجود دارند.
پردازنده فوق‌العاده A15 به کاربران این امکان را می‌دهد که جدیدترین و سنگین‌ترین بازی‌های موبایل را با تنظیمات خوب بازی کنند. این گوشی هوشمند 4.7 اینچی امکان فیلمبرداری 4K و تدوین این ویدئو‌ها را به کاربران می‌دهد.
آیفون SE 2022 در میان ایرانیان نیز محبوبیت خاصی دارد و می‌توان به جرات گفت که جزو پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در ایران می‌باشد.
شارژدهی آیفون SE 2022 حدودا 12 ساعت است که با توجه به پردازنده قوی A15 و قابلیت 5G چشم‌گیر است. به‌طور کلی می‌توان گفت که با خرید آیفون SE 2022 می‌توانید از برخی از بهترین ویژگی‌های گوشی‌های اپل با قیمت پایین بهره‌مند شوید.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون SE 2022 عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 429 دلار
· حافظه‌های داخلی 64، 128 و 256 گیگابایت
· شارژدهی باتری: میانگین 12 ساعت
· صفحه نمایش 4.7 اینچی
· پردازنده: A15 Bionic
· دوربین اصلی 12 مگاپیکسل
· دوربین سلفی 7 مگاپیکسل

سامسونگ گلکسی A03؛ رتبه دهم میان پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022

بالاخره رسیدیم به آخرین گزینه در لیست پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022، اما این بار دیگر نام اپل دیده نمی‌شود. سامسونگ مجدد یک نماینده در میان محبوب‌ترین گوشی‌های هوشمند سال 2022 دارد و آن هم سامسونگ گلکسی A03 است.
سامسونگ گلکسی A03 با صفحه نمایش 6.5 اینچی HD+ TFT عرضه شده است که نرخ نوسازی 60 هرتز دارد. این گوشی هوشمند از پردازنده هشت هسته‌ای استفاده می‌کند که تا سرعت 1.6 گیگاهرتز سرعت دارد. یکی از مهم‌ترین مزیت‌های سامسونگ گلکسی A03 این است که با میزان سخت‌افزارهای مختلف عرضه شده است. برای مثال می‌‌توانید این گوشی هوشمند را با رم 3 گیگابایت و حافظه داخلی 32 گیگابایت تهیه کنید. همچنین می‌‌توانید سامسونگ گلکسی A03 را با 128 گیگابایت حافظه داخلی و 4 گیگابایت رم تهیه کنید.
سامسونگ گلکسی A03 از یک باتری 5000 میلی‌آمپری استفاده می‌کند. بنابراین اگر در گوشی هوشمند خود به دنبال این هستید که ساعات زیادی بدون نیاز با شارژ از آن استفاده کنید، سامسونگ گلکسی A03 گزینه خوبی است.
این گوشی هوشمند سامسونگ را می‌‌توان جزو پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در ایران نیز دانست. زیرا با قیمت پایینی که دارد سخت‌افزار نسبتا خوبی ارائه می‌کند.
دوربین اصلی سامسونگ گلکسی A03 48 مگاپیکسل است که در کنار دو لنز 2 مگاپیکسلی دیگر برای عکس‌برداری بهتر به‌کار رفته است.
برخی از مشخصات کلی آیفون 14 پرو مکس عبارتند از:
· قیمت پایه: 159 دلار
· حجم باتری: 5000 میلی‌آمپر
· صفحه نمایش 6.5 اینچی
· پردازنده هشت هسته‌ای

تسخیر محبوب‌ترین گوشی‌های 2022 توسط اپل

همه ما برای انتخاب کردن و خرید آیتم‌های مختلف مثل گوشی، غذا و ماشین از نظر خواهی دیگران استفاده می‌کنیم. خریدهای اینترنتی یک فرصتی را فراهم کرده است تا بتوانیم نظرهای دیگران را درباره استفاده از یک محصول بدانیم. علاوه بر این نظرها، مقاله‌هایی منتشر می‌شود از سوی سایت‌های معتبری مثل Forbes (که در همین مطلب چکیده‌ای از آن را مطالعه کردید.) که نشان می‌دهد یک محصول چقدر در میان کاربران محبوبیت دارد.
پرفروش ترین گوشی های هوشمند در سال 2022 یک مقاله کامل و کاربردی است برای کسانی که می‌خواهند یک گوشی عالی خریداری کنند که پیش از این آزمایش تجربه کاربری خود را پس داده باشد. برای همین می‌توانیم با اطمینان خاطر پیشنهاد کنیم که با خرید یکی موارد این لیست، بهترین گوشی موبایل را خریداری کرده‌اید.
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2023.06.08 12:36 Cindy_Rivera Back to the top😁

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2023.06.08 02:26 Wulf_Hunter Close battles! + my placement progress

Close battles! + my placement progress
Barely topped the battle for 4th. Showing placement progress and stats for reference. I don't want to give away the build specifics because I barely scraped past my peers here. Have 6-months of progress with the no ad and two coin multiplier purchases - no shame in supporting the dev for this kind of game. Took a 10-month break from phone gaming and came back on the anniversary of when I started. Is this decent for 6mo?
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2023.06.08 01:28 kirant Covid-19 Update for July 7 (21 day total): Hospitalized: 397 (-70 since last update), ICU: 12 (-6), 36 Deaths, 6.53% tests positive (-2.94%)

Data is taken from the Covid-19 portal.
Dose Recommendation Booking Time
1st >6 months old
2nd 8 weeks after first shot
Further Doses ..
.. 18+ 6 months after last dose (recommended)
.. Immunocompromised 5 months last
  • For values where "Current" and "Total" are the same, I have left results under Total
  • Change is relative to the end of the 16nd and data is current to the end of the 5th (reporting day of the 6th)
Value Current Change Total
Tests +10,290 (~6.53% positive) 7,478,550
Hospitalizations 397 (~46% "because of" Covid)1 -70/-97 based on last update/portal data 35,707 (+215)
ICU 12 (~42% "because of" Covid)1 -6/-8 based on last update/portal data 4,807 (+17)
Deaths +36 5,769
Albertans with 1+ vaccinations +411 3,652,744 (~83.7% of eligible)
Albertans fully vaccinated +547 3,462,760 (~79.3% of eligible)
Albertans with additional vaccinations +801 1,828,362
Eligible Albertans not vaccinated -411 713,472 (~16.3% of eligible)
Albertans ineligible for vaccination +0 50,476
1 Based on the last 3 days. The official definition given by Alberta Health is "with a primary or contributing cause due to COVID-19". Contrast "with Covid", where Covid was not a contributing factor to hospitalization (incidental hospitalization).
Cases Since Last Update
  • Dates refer to the date of reporting (e.g. June 6 primarily consists of tests conducted on June 5)
Value May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23
Cases 49 30 33 28 27 32 24
Tests 511 500 425 466 443 407 404
Positive test rate ~9.59% ~6.00% ~7.76% ~6.01% ~6.09% ~7.86% ~5.94%
Hospital usage 496 483 482 460 446 457 452
ICU 18 17 17 14 14 13 11
Value May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28 May 29 May 30
Cases 41 21 38 20 33 26 23
Tests 446 444 516 454 418 327 429
Positive test rate ~9.19% ~4.73% ~7.36% ~4.41% ~7.89% ~7.95% ~5.36%
Hospital usage 462 453 449 434 427 430 440
ICU 13 15 14 12 11 12 13
Value May 31 June 1 June 2 June 3 June 4 June 5 June 6
Cases 39 30 25 30 22 21 20
Tests 619 430 442 465 395 393 440
Positive test rate ~6.30% ~6.98% ~5.66% ~6.45% ~5.57% ~5.34% ~4.55%
Hospital usage 431 428 422 423 408 403 397
ICU 13 13 13 13 11 9 12
  • A historical summary of weekly cases, hospital admissions, and ICU admissions, is given here
  • Due to the last week providing no weekly update, the results for the last three weeks have been averaged for hospital and ICU admission
Dates Cases Hospital Admissions ICU Admissions
10/05/2023 - 16/05/2023 279 96 9
17/05/2023 - 23/05/2023 223 72 6
24/05/2023 - 30/05/2023 202 72 6
31/05/2023 - 06/06/2023 187 72 6
  • Highest weekly hospitalization/ICU admissions:
    • Weekly hospitalization: 872 (Jan 26-Feb 1, 2022)
    • Weekly ICU admission: 282 (Sept 15-21, 2021)
Total Cases and Deaths
Age Bracket New Cases Total New Deaths Total Deaths
<1 +12 5,501 +0 1
1-4 +8 21,965 +0 1
5-9 +15 31,876 +0 2
10-19 +15 69,819 +0 2
20-29 +27 104,052 +0 25
30-39 +25 119,383 +1 52
40-49 +17 99,432 +1 119
50-59 +50 72,496 +0 316
60-69 +80 46,181 +5 762
70-79 +109 26,332 +10 1,347
80+ +234 36,328 +19 3,142
Unknown +0 2 +0 0
Total Hospitalizations by Age
Age Bracket New Hospitalizations Ever Hospitalized New ICU Ever in ICU
<1 +3 635 -1 95
1-4 +5 526 +3 58
5-9 +4 256 +0 34
10-19 +4 617 +2 81
20-29 +2 1,720 +0 182
30-39 +7 2,824 +2 354
40-49 +6 3,003 +2 592
50-59 +10 4,348 +0 980
60-69 +36 5,920 +6 1,257
70-79 +42 6,748 +1 891
80+ +96 9,110 +2 283
Unknown +0 0 +0 0
Summary of Vaccinations
Value Change Total
Doses delivered +13,636 10,076,326 (~2,210,576/million)
Albertans with 1+ doses +411 3,652,744 (~823,986/million)
Albertans fully vaccinated +547 3,462,760 (~780,420/million)
Albertans with additional doses +801 1,828,362 (~413,653/million)
Albertans not vaccinated (eligible) -411 713,472 (~161,418/million)
Albertans not eligible for vaccine +0 50,476 (~11,420 /million)
  • Vaccinations by age can found at this link
  • A version of this chart with the age column repeated can be found here if needed.
Current Dominant Strains
  • General notes:
    • XBB are recombinant viruses of two previous strains
    • BQ are sublineages of BA.5 (Omicron)
    • ".x" is a wildcard to designate all of the sublineages of XBB and BQ.
    • Minor sublineages consist of <5% of cases
Variant Percentage of cases identified, last 21 days (Change)
Recombinant (XBB.x) 56.8% (-11.4%)
Omicron (BQ.1.x) 0.0% (+0.0%)
Minor Sublineages 43.2% (+11.4%)
Zone New Cases Total Cases/100k (Change) New Deaths Total
Calgary +187 254,720 2.9 (-3.1) +13 1,656
Central +58 65,079 5.5 (-1.4) +5 747
Edmonton +278 204,352 5.8 (-1.5) +11 2,174
North +52 67,845 3.5 (+0.0) +3 654
South +26 41,295 1.9 (-3.6) +4 538
Unknown +1 86 -- +0 0
Spatial distribution of hospital usage:
  • Hospitalization zone are where the patient is receiving care, not zone of residence
Zone Hospitalized ICU
Calgary 110 (-40) 3 (-2)
Edmonton 210 (-10) 5 (-4)
Central 17 (-10) 4 (+1)
South 19 (-4) 0 (-1)
North 41 (-6) 0 (+0)
Outbreaks in care facilities
Location Calgary Zone (Change compared to last update) Central Edmonton North South Total
Supportive Living/Home Living Sites 2 (-5) 0 (-1) 2 (-3) 4 (+2) 0 (-3) 8 (-10)
Long Term Care Facility 6 (-7) 3 (+2) 6 (+2) 0 (+0) 0 (+0) 15 (-3)
Acute Care Facility 0 (-1) 1 (+0) 7 (+3) 0 (+0) 0 (+0) 8 (+2)
Other 1 (-1) 0 (+0) 0 (-1) 0 (+0) 0 (+0) 1 (-2)
Total 9 (-14) 4 (+1) 15 (+1) 4 (+2) 0 (-3) 32 (-13)
Hospitalization intake for Covid-19 and all influenza strains
  • Note: Many factors can influence the comparison of Covid-19 and influenza. For example:
    • Vaccination rates
    • The dominant influenza strain
  • Covid-19 hospitalization dates: May 16-June 6 (21 days)
  • Influenza hospitalizations dates: Apr 22-May 6 (14 days)
Age Bracket Hospitalizations - ICU - Deaths -
- Covid Influenza Covid Influenza Covid Influenza
<1 +3 +0 -1 +0 +0 +0
1-4 +5 +0 +3 +0 +0 +0
5-9 +4 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
10-19 +4 +0 +2 +0 +0 +0
20-29 +2 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
30-39 +7 +0 +2 +0 +1 +0
40-49 +6 +0 +2 +0 +1 +0
50-59 +10 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
60-69 +36 +0 +6 +0 +5 +0
70-79 +42 +0 +1 +0 +10 +0
80+ +96 +0 +2 +0 +19 +0
Unknown +0 +0 +0 +0 +0 +0
submitted by kirant to u/kirant [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 00:50 caulin48 2022 keystone hideout battery question

2022 keystone hideout battery question
Hi I have an extra spot for another battery, the camper has a solar system. To add another battery could I just bridge it to the other one and that would work? Or would it blow a fuse?
submitted by caulin48 to Camper [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 17:49 r3crac BANGGOOD Deals (7.6.2023)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (7.6.2023)!
Check products in compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/0i52CVC.jpeg or https://i.ibb.co/1mV1Rpj/4e6710b38eee.jpg
-1- 1/14 RC Car Monster Truck
📌 https://bit.ly/3OYsytO
👌 Price: 10.07 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-2- ZOP Power 11.1V 1500mAh 30C 3S RC Battery T-Plug
👉 https://bit.ly/3qoThW9
💰 Price: 11.99 USD / Lowest: 11.99 USD
-3- JIABAILE 939A Pocket Robot
👌 https://bit.ly/3OZ8nfe
💲 Price: 11.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-4- ZOP Power 11.1V 1300mAh 20C 3S RC Battery T Plug
🔗 https://bit.ly/3MNI7Su
🥇 Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: 12.99 USD
-5- M.2 SATA NVME SSD Enclosure 10Gbps USB3.1
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✌️ Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: 13.49 USD
🔓 Coupon: BGc2de4a
-6- 12V 6A Intelligent Pulse Car Battery Charger
🌍 https://bit.ly/3dAv7lG
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-7- Xiaomi DUKA LS-P Laser Rangefinder
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-8- 6 in 1 Audio Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter
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-9- FONSON Upgrade Extended Woodworking Thin Rip Guide
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-10- QCY Crossky Link Sport Headphones
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-11- Astrolux SL01 1000lm Smart Sensing Bike Flashlight
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-12- Haylou RS4 LS12 Smart Watch
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-13- Retekes TR201 Portable Radio
🌐 https://bit.ly/3HOPbg6
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-14- PTS200 T13 100W PD3.0 Soldering Iron T12 TS101 PINE64
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💥 Price: 38.15 USD / Lowest: 40.59 USD
✌️ Coupon: BGRJT13
-15- JIANPAI 8800 Plus 10W 5800mAh Walkie Talkie
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🥇 Price: 39.99 USD / Lowest: 49.99 USD
-16- ZOP Power 15.2V 9000mAh 100C 4S RC Battery
🌀 https://bit.ly/3WTsg9y
⭕️ Price: 39.99 USD / Lowest: 39.99 USD
-17- Astrolux BL06 2000lm Bike Flashlight 10000mAh
👉 https://bit.ly/3OwfN7t
💥 Price: 43.99 USD / Lowest: 43.99 USD
-18- GEEKCREIT ATOMSTACK F1 Laser Cutting Honeycomb Working Table
✳️ https://bit.ly/3N1Aol9
⭕️ Price: 43.99 USD / Lowest: 49.99 USD
⏳ Coupon: BGe15a3d
-19- BlitzWolf BW-GC1 Gaming Chair [EU]
🥇 Price: 55.99 USD / Lowest: 85.99 USD
-20- Eachine E110 4CH 6-Axis 720P RC Helicopter RTF
🌀 https://bit.ly/45q4S7w
👉 Price: 59.99 USD / Lowest: 69.99 USD
🏆 Coupon: BG9f987a
-21- Eachine E110 4CH 6-Axis 720P RC Helicopter RTF with 2 Batteries
❇️ https://bit.ly/3eDVkAr
〽️ Price: 63.74 USD / Lowest: 73.99 USD
✂️ Coupon: BG9f987a
-22- Upgraded Aluminum Alloy Parallel Guide System [EU]
🔗 https://bit.ly/3qz9loi
💣 Price: 85.99 USD / Lowest: 85.99 USD
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-23- RC ERA C187 RC Helicopter RTF with 2 Batteries
✳️ https://bit.ly/438qdRq
⭕️ Price: 89.09 USD / Lowest: 89.09 USD
💎 Coupon: BGa32498
-24- HGLRC Drashark 75mm 1.6 Inch F4 1S Toothpick Drone BNF
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-25- Happymodel Mobula8 1-2S 85mm Drone BNF
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🥇 Price: 107.63 USD / Lowest: 103.95 USD
▪️ Coupon: BGb14d33
-26- MJX 16207 HYPER GO 1/16 Brushless RC Car with 2 Batteries
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🥇 Price: 119.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-27- ULTRA POWER UP11 AC 240W DC 600W RC Battery Charger
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-28- Blitzwolf BW-V4 1080P Projector
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-29- Happymodel Moblite7 HDZero 1S 75mm Drone BNF
👌 https://bit.ly/45TeXKk
〽️ Price: 220.99 USD / Lowest: 238.59 USD
-30- Artillery X2 Sidewinder X2 3D Printer [EU]
🛒 https://bit.ly/3F22Krx
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🎯 Coupon: BG361211
-31- HT-T4 350W 36V 7.5Ah Electric Scooter [EU]
👌 https://bit.ly/3J1uvBV
🔹 Price: 249.99 USD / Lowest: 249.99 USD
👌 Coupon: BG876534
-32- BIQU Hurakan DIY 3D Printer [EU]
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🚨 Price: 295.99 USD / Lowest: 299 USD
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-33- DOOGEE V30 5G 8/256GB Dimensity 900
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-34- FIMI X8 MINI V2 245g Drone with 2 Batteries
❗️ https://bit.ly/3BZ81gW
🥇 Price: 419.00 USD / Lowest: 429 USD
-35- Geemax S1 Professional Folding Treadmill 1-16km/h [EU]
🌀 https://bit.ly/3qnijoC
⭕️ Price: 449.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-36- DJI Goggles Integra HD 1080p FPV Goggles for Avata
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-37- Samebike MY-SM26 8Ah Electric Bike [EU]
🛒 https://bit.ly/3OJQdhN
👌 Price: 844.38 USD / Lowest: 859.99 USD
-38- ENGWE EP-2 PRO 2022 13Ah 750W Electric Bike 20inch [EU]
🌐 https://bit.ly/43onLpW
👌 Price: 899.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-39- Q13 Pro Oil Brake 60V 50Ah 7000W Dual Motor 13 Inch Electric Scooter [EU]
👉 https://bit.ly/3NiMGpa
🔹 Price: 1959.99 USD / Lowest: 1999.99 USD
Products compilation image: https://i.imgur.com/0i52CVC.jpeg or https://i.ibb.co/1mV1Rpj/4e6710b38eee.jpg
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2023.06.07 17:23 r3crac BlitzWolf BW-VP15 1080P Projector [AU] for 99.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 162.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: BlitzWolf BW-VP15 1080P Projector [AU]
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BGc9dc6f
Current price is 99.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 162.99 USD. There're already 0 records in DB. Price monitoring since !
Notes (coupon may work only in selected countries): Australia,NewZealand
Do you want e-mail PRICE ALERTS or you're here from Google and coupon doesn't work anymore? Check out current coupons for BlitzWolf BW-VP15 1080P Projector on self-updating website right there: https://couponsfromchina.com/blitzwolf-bw-vp15-1080p-projecto
Have fun.
I guess it's a good price
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2023.06.07 06:12 McPooperFace post- fellowship starting salary for Pediatric cardiology

post- fellowship starting salary for Pediatric cardiology submitted by McPooperFace to pediatrics [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 05:42 McPooperFace post- fellowship starting salary for Pediatric cardiology

post- fellowship starting salary for Pediatric cardiology submitted by McPooperFace to PGY [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 03:40 sparttann MVIS max pain, cost to borrow, short volume, FTD update

MVIS max pain, cost to borrow, short volume, FTD update submitted by sparttann to MVIS [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:24 Plus_Seesaw2023 Update. Ownership in PSNY / Polestar

Update. Ownership in PSNY / Polestar submitted by Plus_Seesaw2023 to PSNY_Polestar_SPAC [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 22:25 yankees051693 Dometic

My toilet flange was leaking in my 2022 keystone outback. I have a seasonal site so I had to hire a mobile repair to come to me to fix it. The mobile repair company told me to try to submit the part repair to dometic as it is under their warranty of two years from purchase date. Sure enough I submitted it and they did cover the part and repair. They however did not cover the $165 call out for a mobile repair which is understandable. Very impressed with dometic customer service.
submitted by yankees051693 to RVLiving [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:59 SOSLoverWangNumber1 6/6/2023 - SOS Limited Announces Planned ADS Ratio Change to occur 6/16/23 - What this means for you and me

"NEW YORK, June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SOS Limited ("SOS" or the "Company") (NYSE: SOS) today announced that it plans to change the ratio of its American depositary shares ("ADSs") from one (1) ADS representing five hundred (500) Class A ordinary shares to one (1) ADS representing ten (10) Class A ordinary shares (the "ADS Ratio Change").
The ADS Ratio Change is expected to take place at the open of trading on June 16, 2023 (U.S. Eastern Time) (the "Effective Date") and is being effected simultaneously with the one-for-fifty share consolidation of the Company's Class A ordinary shares, par value US$0.005 each (the "Share Consolidation"), which was approved at the Company's annual general meeting of shareholders held on May 1, 2023. The planned simultaneous Share Consolidation and ADS Ratio Change will not affect the number of the Company's ADSs outstanding or the ADS trading price on the New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE"). ADS holders of record on the Effective Date will not need to surrender their ADSs to the depositary bank for cancellation or exchange in connection with the ADS Ratio Change. After the ADS Ratio Change, SOS's ADSs will continue to be traded on the NYSE under the symbol "SOS"."
So, what does this mean for you and me?
Current Outstanding Shares:2,991,571,853 Class A Ordinary Shares223,272,525 Class B Ordinary Shares= 3,214,844,378 total Outstanding Shares
Current ADS Ratio = 1:500That's why there are currently 6.43 Million shares shown on your broker.3,214,844,378 total Outstanding Shares / 500 = 6,429,689 ADSs (equivalent, in reality the Class B's and a handful of Class A's are ordinary shares).
After the one-for-fifty share consolidation or reverse stock split, each fifty ordinary shares of the Company will be combined into one ordinary share of the Company. Therefore, the new total number of issued and outstanding shares will be reduced to **64,296,887 ordinary shares.**MATH: 2,991,571,853 Class A Ordinary Shares divided by 50, plus 223,272,525 Class B Ordinary Shares divided by 50, which equals 59,831,438 Class A share plus the 4,465,449 class B, resulting in 64,296,887 total ordinary shares.
One ADS currently represents 500 ordinary shares currently, and the new ADS ratio will be adjusted after the consolidation so that ADS price remains the same. Therefore, the new ADS ratio will be 1:10, which means that each ADS your own will represent 10 ordinary shares of the Company. Therefore, the new total number of ADSs will be 6,429,689 ADSs (64,296,887 divided by 10), or the exact same that it is today.
Other notes: The CUSIP will change on June 16th. Note that our CUSIP already changed in July 2022 after the last 1:50 ratio change. Also, big bonus - there are NO FEES for this. I was concerned we'd have to pay fees to "exchange" the ADSs again like last July, but we do not. Woo!
TLDR: You will still hold the same amount of ADSs as you do today after the consolidation, and the price of those ADSs will not change as a result of this. 1 share today = 1 share on 6/16/23 at same price, just instead of it representing 500 ordinary shares it will represent 10.
submitted by SOSLoverWangNumber1 to SOSStock [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:57 invah [Meta] Reddit API/3rd party app shenanigans

With Reddit going public soon and the way Admins are making me nervous, I finally got around to snagging abuseinterrupted.com and I am looking into migrating the subreddit posts, etc. over there.
I'm not about to lose over a decade of my work over someone's whims. The reason I even have a subreddit in the first place is that Google cancelled my beloved Google Reader (with Google Notes) integration, and I didn't have time for writing anymore what with being a new parent.
I don't have a 'plan' other than to not lose my work and the resources I reference, maybe build out some digital downloads, and actually put together better videos as resources (versus me ad hoc during the pandemic).
This is all very provisional at this stage. But for those of you that have a favorite post that was a life saver or that you forward to friends, my goal is to have it preserved on a platform within my relatively complete control.
That said, I am not a tech person, and it looks like Reddit has revoked Pushshift's API access, so if anyone has ideas for archival, I am literally all ears.
Huh, looks like the subreddit has been archived through December of 2022 via the-eye.eu?
My ex-husband, a senior dev, is sitting down and helping me with this and we have beer. I am explaining deep Reddit functionality to him 😂
Whoops, no, now he is methodically testing and critiquing the code. He's already discovered Reddit's not-amazing sort function; I'm going to let him discover the issues with Reddit's search function on his own.
He's got a theory that part of the reason why Reddit is cracking down on API access is so that there isn't open access to Reddit's complete data set (such as deleted posts and comments) as there was with Removeddit, etc. It allows Reddit to have admin-level privileges and access to information without it being essentially open to discovery. Which is a decision that actually makes sense to me from an Admin perspective with their going public.
Oh, no, he just got out another laptop.
He's advising against migrating comments for legal reasons. Totally fair.
While he's doing the actual thing, I'm testing AI voices on a whim for the YouTube channel seeing as some people do not prefer to read long/dense articles. It is STUPID EASY, WOW. That said, I think I would prefer reading my own articles. It's still really cool, though, if a little concerning a la aboringdystopia.
Interesting. It looks like Reddit 'anonymizes' classes to make it harder for bots to scrape data. (Looks like this is new Reddit bs!)
Now he's talking about a 'headless browser' that wouldn't actually need API access, as one option. (Me nodding like I completely understand all of those words. I mean...I guess I technically do.)
Oh, wow, he's already off and coding.
OLD.REDDIT IS SO MUCH BETTER, I fucking knew it. The titles/classes/etc. are straightforward and 'human friendly'. And old.reddit uses pagination instead of infinite scroll (the way new Reddit does). He is basing the script on old.reddit.
Him: [moves mouse and clicks things] Him: So here's what I've done. Me: [stares at black screen of code] Me: Wow!
Guys, I'm helping.
Oh, no, he just said to himself "well, that makes it more complicated" and now he looks pensive. 😭
I guess he was coding script from a bookmark in the browser but it won't work because [reasons he said that I didn't understand] and so we may now be back to the headless browser option [which I also don't understand].
Cool. Cool cool cool.
Okay, it looks like instead of migrating the whole subreddit, it will just be self.abuseinterrupted posts posted by u/invah. Which is more likely to narrow in on my work/writing specifically, or content I thought was particularly important. It won't likely be a complete mirror but it should preserve the essentials since the YouTube videos are on the channel anyway.
Time for DMX.
He's back to looking pensive, noooo. Reddit, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS.
Now he's focused on finding a solution to the issue with my (old) car's sad fogged headlights. Probably to feel a sense of accomplishment. Get that dopamine, fam 😭
...aaaaaand we're consoling ourselves with tacos. Welp.
u/DrinkMoreCodeMore coming in CLUTCH. I have passed this information along. I am on TENTERHOOKS.
He's typing intensely and hasn't touched his adult beverage.
The low key awkwardness of singing "I love my baby mama, I never let her go" LMAOLOL.
Cause we have a child, LOL.
Oh, noooo, he's holding his head.
Guys, this man is trying SO HARD.
Also, this song ("Where the hood at") is both homophobic AND transphobic, noooo DMX, we are trying to vibe.
Now his computer is doing some Matrix shit! He says 'it is a first pass of a web scrape of anything that is AbuseInterrupted'. That's a fucking win, guys.
Due to https://old.reddit.com remote robots.txt rules, links beginning with this path will be forbidden.
He's intensely typing again. Legit, he has a date later, I'm not trying to make him late for that.
[observes: scrolling intensifies]
He says he 'figured out a way to ignore the robots'. Full disclosure, I am inebriated. So I did not completely understand the accomplishment that he achieved, but I know in my heart that it was worthy of Stovolkor.
Except we are getting server 429 "too many requests" errors.
submitted by invah to AbuseInterrupted [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 05:18 udishomer Most Dunking Teams this season

Turns out there are detailed dunking stats, who knew.
Did some aggregation and here are the Dunking Champions of the 2022-23 NBA season.
Source: basketball-reference

Rank Team Total Dunks Dunks/Game Top Dunker
1 Cavaliers 543 6.6 Evan Mobley (215)
2 Rockets 523 6.4 Kenyon Martin Jr (173)
3 Nuggets 518 6.3 Aaron Gordon (181)
4 Hornets 482 5.9 Mason Plumlee (90)
5 Jazz 460 5.6 Walker Kessler (130)
6 Hawks 455 5.5 Clint Capela (146)
7-8 Raptors 436 5.3 OG Anunoby (103)
7-8 Timberwolves 436 5.3 Rudy Gobert (200)
9 Lakers 429 5.2 Anthony Davis (138)
10 Knicks 425 5.2 Mitchel Robinson (130)
11 Pistons 414 5.0 Jalen Duren (1`53)
12 Pelicans 408 5.0 Trey Murphy III (85)
13 Magic 395 4.8 Wendell Carter Jr (84)
14 Clippers 391 4.8 Ivica Zubac (130)
15 Kings 390 4.8 Sabonis (81)
16 Grizzlies 387 4.7 Jaren Jackson Jr (83)
17 Wizards 377 4.6 Daniel Gafford (135)
18 Warriors 374 4.6 Jonathan Kuminga (90)
19 Nets 373 4.5 Nic Claxton (191)
20 Trail Blazers 361 4.4 Drew Eubanks (76)
21 Bucks 351 4.3 Giannis (198)
22 Celtics 337 4.1 Tatum (91)
23 Bulls 329 4.0 Andre Drummond (66)
24 Pacers 326 4.0 Isaiah Jackson (84)
25 Thunder 320 3.9 Jalen Williams (77)
26 Suns 306 3.7 Deandre Ayton (110)
27 Mavericks 304 3.7 Christian Wood (86)
28 Heat 289 3.5 Bam Adebayo (140)
29 76ers 266 3.2 Embiid (75)
30 Spurs 265 3.2 Jeremy Sochan (60)

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2023.06.06 01:17 _dqpb Reno events forecast June 5 through June 11

Skipped last week because it was a holiday weekend, we're back to the regularly scheduled forecasts. Many more venues/events sources are now being tracked, and new experimental adjustments have been made for supporting recurring events. Thanks for the continuous appreciation, and for all the suggestions of event websites/sources!

Monday, June 5

Tuesday, June 6

Wednesday, June 7

Thursday, June 8

Friday, June 9

Saturday, June 10

Sunday, June 11

More events

Other Resources

  • visitrenotahoe.com
  • thisisreno.com
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2023.06.05 21:03 stevetheclimber The /r/Mindcrack Time Capsule - 2023 Edition

Hello everybody, and welcome to the 2023 edition of the Mindcrack Time Capsule, the tenth annual version of this long-lived tradition!
As a quick description, this is an annual post where we gather up all the information on the current state of Mindcrack, seal it up, and then open it back up one year later to look back on all the changes that might’ve happened over the course of a year, and to preserve info before it gets lost to time. There’s a lot of info collected here, and so this post also serves as the best source of info on the current state of the group with information not written down anywhere else; whether you’ve been away years or actively follow the group there’s likely info here that you won’t know and it’s a good way to get caught up on the important parts of Mindcrack.
With the intro out of the way, let’s get to the actual time capsule! The current state of it follows:

Today is the 5th of June, 2023.

General Information

A current concise definition of Mindcrack is "A group of friends and content creators founded in 2010 who come together for gaming content and regular charity events, primarily based on Twitch."
Mindcrack currently has 24 official members with 18 active as content creators, and around 19 Friends/VIPs active in the group, though there is no official list on who all is considered a Friend. Mindcrackers and Friends are essentially the same and differ only in name.
The latest member to join officially was OMGChad on the 31st of October, 2014, and the latest member to leave was BTC (BlameTheController) on the 12th of November, 2015, however these stats are somewhat misleading. For the last 12.5 years there has been a steady stream of new friends that each gradually became part of the group as well as some that parted ways, for the first 5 years these had specific dates tied to when they officially joined and left, but since then the newcomers have gradually become active within the group in the same way without being tied to any single date for various reasons. Thus, the latest person to become a part of the group is difficult to pinpoint.


There have been ten full Mindcrack Marathons to date and a multitude of other charity efforts, both from individuals and the full group. In total Mindcrack has raised over $2,088,731.75 for others through their group fundraising streams since 2013, of which $1,955,259.30 has been for the charity Extra Life (totals missing $0-5K). The latest full marathon was on November 14-20 and ran for 88 hours, raising $128,386.51 for Extra Life.
A complete list of all totals raised during Mindcrack group fundraising streams can be found here, the source message is pinned in the Mindcrack Discord and regularly updated.
The most recent charity event was held two months ago for Extra Life and was Mindcrack's first time running Extra Life United, the annual gathering in Orlando where Extra Life gamers come together to connect with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and participate in a variety of tournaments. For ELU 2023 Mindcrack hosted the entire event, running the gaming tournaments, stage entertainment, and the official stream which was essentially a spring Mindcrack Marathon. ELU 2023 also featured the return of the Minecraft Building Competition, and Pakratt led team Mindcrack to another 1st place finish against 5 other teams despite an ill-timed computer failure, earning $10,000 for the team’s hospitals.
The Mindcrack Patreon has now been supporting Mindcrack's charity efforts for over 3 years, allowing the marathon to grow in size and production quality. Currently the Patreon has 267 Patrons pledging $2,370 per month, with 59 Patrons on the $25 tier, 1 on the $500 tier, and the rest split between $5 and $10.
Kurt's Far Lands or Bust journey has continued on as always, with Season 10 currently coming to a close after a 54 day FLoB-a-Thon filled with adventures and over 1.5 million blocks traveled in just over a year. He is currently at 7,396,358 blocks traveled towards the Far Lands as of May 15th, 2023, sitting at 58.9% of the way there. The latest numbered episode was #847 on May 30th, 2023. The series has raised $472,939.92 for 7 different charities since 2011, however Season 10 did not end up supporting a charity.
MCGamer and the Zeldathon Team have raised $3,203,023 for 12 different charities during their 34 charity events. The latest Zeldathon was Zeldathon Daybreak which raised $125,800.00 for Direct Relief from August 2nd-8th, 2022, and they also held Side Quest: Dampe’s Twilight Tour! for Halloween from October 28th-31st which raised $12,600 for Gamers Outreach, their first time supporting the charity. The next Zeldathon will be Zeldathon Echoes, scheduled to start on July 6th raising money for charity: water.
There's also a multitude of individual charity efforts in Mindcrack; several people in the group hold streams supporting their individual Extra Life campaigns, and there's frequently one-off streams for various charities, such as Taffy’s recent subathon for St. Jude and Extra Life’s Dungeons & Dragons stream last month which Aurey joined. A complete list wouldn't be feasible to collect, but their efforts are greatly appreciated. In total everyone in the group has raised over $6 million for charity over the years.

Regular Series

The Mindcrack Podcast is hosted by Sevadus and Guude releasing two episodes every week, consisting of a public episode every Monday and a Patron-exclusive episode every Thursday. Additionally, Patrons at the $25 tier can watch the recordings live with live chat. The latest public episode was S2E135 which released today on June 5, 2023, and the latest premium episode was episode 134 released on May 25, 2023.
Cone, Kurt, and Zeekay host the podcast Ran When Parked which normally releases new episodes every other week, the latest episode was episode 94, however there hasn’t been a new episode in 2 months.
As of tonight Coestar's StreamADay is sitting at Day 3,471, and Phedran's daily streaming streak is on Day 2,072. Coe still holds the second longest daily streaming streak on Twitch as he approaches the ten year mark.
In the last year Subathons have really picked up, with Arkas, DumbDog, Guude, Justin, Kurt, McLaffyTaffy, Millbee, and OMGchad each having at least one, as well as many one or two day marathon streams from others, and they have resulted in many collabs within the group. Another recent fad is IRL streaming, with several in the group getting dedicated mobile streaming setups to go out in the world and stream, and Guude has almost entirely replaced his gaming content with IRL streams recently.
A large number of limited collabs appeared in the last year which aren’t currently running, most notably Mario Kart Mondays returned as a one-off appearance, the Bike Dads returned for a short period starting in the very same week, and DumbDog brought back The Checkpoint League for S2 which included Chiblee, Jaaski, and Justin. TFC Tuesday is also currently on hiatus. There are also a variety of collabs which frequently make appearances without a set schedule, including games such as Mahjong Soul and Mario Party.
The following is a list of the more stable weekly collab series within Mindcrack currently:


Season 9 of the Minecraft vanilla server is currently ongoing, but Season 10 is expected to start in the very near future after the release of 1.20, and the final server tours are already taking place. The current season started on December 11th, 2021, and the server is running on 1.19.4 with some extra plug-ins to allow $25 tier Patrons on the server. This season has had approximately 789.5 hours streamed by Mindcrack so far; the latest stream was by Soccer on January 15th. Mhykol hosts a server map at https://mindcrackmap.com using BlueMap.
The most recent full modded server was Crackpack Season 4, Mindcrack's 7th modded season which was active from November 2019 until January 2020.
Dadcraft’s most recent server was Minecraft Vault Hunters; Chiblee, DumbDog, Jaaski, and Justin joined others on the server earlier this year.
Adlington, Arkas, Cone, Dire, Doc, Kurt, Phedran, and VintageBeef all have fan servers for Twitch subs and/or Patrons, but some might not be active at the moment.

Ultra Hardcore (UHC)

There have been 33+32 (Thirty-one donation UHCs and S4b) seasons of Mindcrack UHC.
Breon, Coestar, ConeDodger, and Kingster are the winners of the latest UHC season, Season 33, which was streamed on the 26th of February, 2022.
Amethyst, BigGiantCircles, and HonneyPlay are the winners of the latest donation UHC, the 31st of its kind, which was streamed on the 20th of November.
PauseUnpause is the most deadly player in regular UHCs with 36 kills, and Arkas and Coestar are tied for the most deadly player in donation UHCs with 38 kills each. Nebris and VintageBeef are tied for the most wins in regular UHCs with 9, and Kurt has the most wins in charity UHCs with 7. (Latest UHC stats by Guardax)
Seasons can be categorized as follows: 24 teams of four, 15 teams of two, 14 teams of three, 8 free-for-all, 2 PvE, 1 teams of five, 1 teams of ten.
This was the first year since 2015 without a spring charity UHC, as running Extra Life United took precedence.

Individual Members

The table below contains current subscription, follower, and member data for the Mindcrackers' various social media accounts. Each number is hyperlinked to include an image of that member's account as it appears on this day for easy comparison of account contents, videos, and Discord channels:
Mindcracker Twitch YouTube Twitter Patreon Discord Size Discord Messages**
Adlingtont 3,048 34,700 5,998 9 ($55) 42 30,090
AnderZEL 284,676 524,000* 68,569 Twitch sub to join ?
Arkas 39,117 84,900/381 24,169 441 53,430
Aureylian 146,868 261,000* 157,293
AvidyaZen 21,460 301 356 106 22,730
Coestar 62,293 108,000/1,510 28,950 21 ($69) 1,607 2,089,410
Docm77 130,700* 1,010,000 249,640 118($946) Patron only ?
Guude 46,294 362,000/178* 89,790 Twitch sub only 892,210
JSano19 5,020 48,100 13,134 0 Patron only ?(no Patrons)
Kurt 53,468 410,000 54,606 167 Patron or Twitch sub only 186,160
MCGamer 86,885 97,900 35,313
Mhykol 15,637 52,300/10* 23,855 138 17,710
Millbee 55,546 113,000 43,072 556 813,250
Nebris 20,638 132,000
OMGchad 53,412 117,000*/1,490,000 31,096 1,955 37,110
Pakratt 102,151 49,600 19,624 544 372,720
PauseUnpause 150,560 553,000* 902 141,410
Pyropuncher 29,503 351,000* 46,246
SethBling 244,378 2,000,000 360,297 305 37,440
Sevadus 410,340 44,800* 52,997 1,732 58,700
Vechs 9,647 169,000 47,499 83($666) 1,214 173,200
VintageBeef 28,807* 1,560,000/17,200/18,600* 194,795 131 Patron only ?
W92Baj 9,427* 112,000 40,808 5 Patron only ?
Zisteau 56,398 339,000/1,540 68,059 82 1,358 420,200
Mindcrack Network 69,179 150,000 46,948 267($2,370) 2,637 327,390
* indicates pages that haven't been used in the last year ** Discord messages are all messages sent in default channels since server creation.
The following table is the same info for Friends that are content creators who have been active within Mindcrack in the last couple years, though this isn't an official list so it may have extras and not be complete. McLaffyTaffy and Paint have been added to this list since the previous year.
Friend Twitch YouTube Twitter Patreon Discord size Discord messages**
Amethyst 700 828
Breon 2,584 293 1,679 163 51,410
Chiblee 29,994 6,110/1,920 34,833/5,998 3,257 689,490
ConeDodger 5,766 9,780/730 1,344 144 Patron or Twitch sub to join/use 1,583,970
Dahl 451* 21,200/21* 805 0 Patron to join 52,630
Darkosto 77,941 3,680 5,893 28($169) 8,299 474,250
DireDwarf 18,336 4,650* 2,969 6($38) 360 183,770
Drooo 363 10* 436 56 28,450
HCJustin 69,961 13,500/296(new) 19,311 22($119) Twitch sub to join 1,275,930
HonneyPlay 11,623 3,070* 1,205 8 544(shared w/ Pak) 372,720
Jaaski 11,003 455/7(new*) 2,551 619 273,350
Kingster 514 4* 28 33(new) 860
McLaffyTaffy 31,410 14,500 6,862 989 161,680
Mookake 691 2,330* 234
Paintbrushpuke 539 227
Phedran 9,686 8,740 4,710 54($403) 476 110,070
Ryuski 1,357 194 429 75 28,000
Sapphyrei 18,362 189*/127,000 11,611
Soccer 510 135* 271 Twitch sub to join 440*
There are currently about 28 people part of Mindcrack that stream on Twitch regularly(past 3 months), and about 7 that upload YouTube videos with non-streamed content.
In the last year there were approximately 32,950 hours streamed on Twitch by about 41 Members and Friends, with 2,880 combined hours streamed during last month. During that year there were 875 unique categories streamed and 3,589,000 hours watched on Twitch which is equal to 410 years.
The most streamed games in order were Minecraft, PUBG, Words on Stream, PlateUp!, and Noita. Minecraft had the most streamers with 32, most hours streamed with 4,994, and second most hours watched with 427,540; the category Just Chatting was also among the most streamed and had the most hours watched with 561,200, and Travel & Outdoors and Special Events were also among the top.
Here's a chart showing monthly hours streamed by Mindcrack members from August 2015 to May 2023; here's a similar chart with Friends added starting May 2020.
According to the Mindcrack website, the total YouTube subscribers across all official Mindcrackers is 9,042,471, the total number of videos is 71,787, and the total views is 2,418,417,594. The website hasn't been updated in years and these numbers have not changed since the last time capsule, so they are at least one year out of date.
The total member count across public Discord servers in Mindcrack is 27,789 which includes significant overlap(13,537 for just Mindcrack Members). In total there's been approximately 10,587,460 messages sent across all 36 servers including from bots, but I don't have numbers from every server. Cone’s Discord has overtaken Coe’s as by far the most active server, with over 340,000 messages in the last year alone.
SethBling is the most subscribed on YouTube with 2 million subscribers as well as the most followed on Twitter with 360,297 followers. Sevadus has the most Twitch followers with 410,340 followers. Darkosto has the largest Discord server with 8,299 members, and among the Mindcrack Members OMGchad has the largest with 1,955 members.


mindcrack has approximately 45,000 subscribers. Discord servers and Twitch chats are the primary places the active Mindcrack community's interactions are based, so the subreddit sees minimal activity.
The Moderator Team of mindcrack consists of 10 humans and 2 bots: GuudeBoulderfist, pakratt0013, stinusmeret, Zisteau, pajam, Lost-Chord, Compieuter, ArmoAram, stevetheclimber, emilythecool, MindcrackTwitchBot, and CrackBot / AutoModerator.
This is the subreddit today using old Reddit (Picture Version), and this is the same page using the redesign (Picture Version).
Here’s the current flair selection which has not been updated recently, and here are the subreddit’s traffic stats which are normally only viewable by mods.


Docm77 and VintageBeef are also members of HermitCraft, and Arkas, Chiblee, Coestar, Jaaski, Justin, and Pause are all members of Dadcraft. After making a game on the HermitCraft server, Beef recently released a physical trading card game available for purchase.
SethBling currently holds 2nd place for the Super Mario World 0 Exit speedrun with a time of 41.350 seconds. He also holds records for several speedrun categories he created. In December Chiblee got the world record for time to first WooHoo in The Sims 4 without expansions with a time of 24.410 seconds; this has since been pushed back to 2nd place.
In the lives of the Mindcrackers and Friends there’s been many changes over the last year; Sevadus and Trent’s wedding will be later this month with other Mindcrackers attending, others in the group have started dating, there’s been many new pets across Mindcrack, and there’s been lots of travel and a bit of moving, including Pakratt and Honney who are currently in the middle of moving. Because of changes in the economy, some people in the group have gotten new jobs and slowed down their content.
Throughout the year many people in the group have met up in a variety of places which has seemingly become more prominent thanks to an increase in IRL streaming. Some of these were just meeting as friends such as Mhykol driving to Breon’s place or Soccer and Shelbs visiting Arkas, while others were for Mindcrack events such as ELU where many of them stayed extra days and streamed local activities together.
There have been no public updates in the last year on Mindcrack's progress towards becoming a non-profit that's publicly been in the works for years. This long transition period is seemingly one of the main reasons that new Mindcrackers haven’t been added recently, as the definition of membership was always anticipated to be changing soon and in essence already changed years ago.

Community Contributions

u/Omegatron9 has kept his spreadsheet and graphs on YouTube subscribers up to date.
The events of Mindcrack's first 10 years are covered in my History of Mindcrack written in 2020.
Some spreadsheets I have with stats:
Thanks to Guardax and memnarch for providing Discord numbers.

Thanks for reading through the tenth time capsule!
There’s still time to add more though, if there’s any info that you want to add you can add it! Whether it’s extra info on the group, predictions about the future, comments on the members, or anything else, feel free to leave it in a comment and I’ll add it to the time capsule.
There’s a lot that goes on across the full Mindcrack group and I’ve barely been able to watch any streams this year, so if you see anything I've missed, put down incorrectly, or forgotten, be sure to let me know and I'll fix it!
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2023.06.05 18:32 camilo12287 146 menores mudaram de sexo e de nome no registo civil desde 2018

146 menores mudaram de sexo e de nome no registo civil desde 2018 submitted by camilo12287 to partilhando [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 17:07 nicoletaylor94 Help

Last year my husband and I bought a brand new 2022 Keystone Fuzion 5th wheel model 430. When it was delivered to us it was in horrible condition. The dealership (Meyers RV) would not fix it properly so we reached out to the manufacturer (Keystone Fuzion) and now they are not doing anything to get this resolved and fixed properly. We were only able to use our camper 2 times and it has now been sitting in our driveway for over a year. We have had 2 inspectors come to our house and Inspect our unit in which they said has major damage and is unusable. Trying to see if anyone has had similar issues?
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