Jobs hiring 16 year olds near me

Is this a red flag

2023.06.09 05:57 legallyblondeeee96 Is this a red flag

I was offered a six figure job in a job I don’t have that much experience with it offered 106,000 for me. I am only 25 so it seems high considering I don’t have a tonne of experience.
I live in a first world country for reference
Anyways two years ago the organisation was investigated by a government organisation for bullying and it said in the article 25% of the staff were off on stress leave they fired that director. So is it safe to assume it is better the person interviewing me just briefly mentioned we had some issues a few years ago but it is resolved now.
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2023.06.09 05:57 comefromawayfan2022 My therapeutic riding program I've ridden at is shutting down after 30 plus years and I'm angry and heartbroken and want to cry

I have been riding off and on since I was a child. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness when I was 16. I'm now in my early 30s. Over the past few years, my chronic illnesses have become more and more tough to deal with. I've still managed to squeeze in riding and lessons when I can but I've had to work those barn trips around appointments and hospitalizations. Because of chronic illness, I've had a harder and harder time finding barns to accommodate me. I want to be as transparent as possible(especially because one of my chronic illnesses is epilepsy but I take meds for it). But I've flat out had barns turn me away after disclosing that info claiming they cant let me ride for liability reasons(and it's frustrating but I'm understanding of that)..three years ago..I approached this therapeutic riding program about joining them and they welcomed me with open arms and worked with me...the instructors biggest concern was that I'd be too bored in her program because of my previous experience!
But I reassured her that I just wanted to be on a horse again and so she took me in an accommodated me. The program was run out of the equine center at my college. It was a non profit and the volunteers were students and community members and a PATH certified faculty member of the college ran the program...this is the letter that was posted to the therapeutic riding programs FB page yesterday:
A few updates and a long read… first let me say how sorry I am to all of our clients, volunteers and supporters. I will miss this program very much.☹️ 1. I am no longer a UNH employee. I’ve tried everything I could to save it but those above could not understand why I wouldn’t sign on to work 3x as many hours for less pay. I see now that really, the end game was for me to resign so that they weren’t to blame for what happens to our wonderful program. For those who don’t know the backstory, COLSA(college of life science and agriculture) discontinued the Equine-assisted and therapies major degree program. As that’s where the courses I taught lived that started this downward spiral. I was “re-assigned” to teach 3 times as many courses for the ANSC major. None of which related to EAAT. 2. I’m not sure what the future of the program is and I hope that it’s continued without me. $27,000 in donations were taken from our gift fund and put in general Colsa spending. These funds were donated through our auction and charity fundraising challenge and specifically designed for riding scholarships and to buy new horses for the therapeutic riding program. So, the funding for the program is largely gone. It’ll be a steep climb to continue under these circumstances. 3. This is the most important one really. The horses are FINE. There are wonderful people working at the barn who are doing everything possible to care for the horses and they’ll still be a part of riding classes for the ANSC major. 4. Current clients might be contacted in the future about riding at UNH but in the meantime here are some places you can check out.
I’m afraid I don’t have any other answers for anyone about any part of the UNH program. Our community is tight and I know people want answers and that information spreads quickly. I wanted to make a last post here so that everyone has good Intel.
My best wishes for you all! 🐴
I am so heartbroken and angry...of the three resources shes given us for places to ride at, one I've reached out to multiple times in the past and gotten no response, the second location is too far of a drive, and the third location I've been told only takes kids...I honestly don't know what I'm going to do right now..I thought I'd found my perfect riding situation and now...
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2023.06.09 05:57 One-Career-2174 Business Coming Soon

Hello all,
Hope everyone is having a great end of their week in the fun world of logistics! This is a throwaway account as I am confident that people I work with surf this forum as I have for quite some time. Just as a quick background on myself, I have worked in logistics for 15+ years and have been down many avenues in this industry. Without saying much for identity reasons, I pretty much got into it by accident. Started in warehousing before I was 18, not long after that I moved onto losing all my hair as a dispatcher, then was a freight agent for many years, and now I am fairly high up in a freight forwarding company you’ve all heard of. Long story short I have fallen in love with this industry and have seen it all over all the years! Now that you’ve read the garbage you all probably could give a shit about, I just wanted to tell you about my business I have started and am about to launch. I will not drop the name or website as it’s not fully complete, however I well tell you the model as it could potentially change your situation if you end up working with us. So here it is ladies and gents:
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2023.06.09 05:56 TamaRitz Companies that forbid work on the side

I'm interviewing for a new job and in the process they told me they don't support their employees doing freelance work on the side (it's a marketing position, so anything marketing related as a side gig is a no go for them). This is the first time I've encountered such a company policy, all my previous employees either didn't care or were supportive of side-gigs explicitely, as long as it doesn't affect your actual job of course.
Has anyone had experience with such companies? If so, do they have a way to actually find out if someone is freelancing on the side? Of course, if you have an active profile of Upwork, they can, but I have a few clients I've been working on and off on freelance projects for years and I planned to continue working that way. But now I'm a bit concerned. Any personal experiences or advice?
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2023.06.09 05:56 depressedadamsnadler Easter Critters

Easter Critters
This year's Easter Event started about a month after I registered for Furry Paws. I didn't have 800+ dogs back then, as I do now. Sooo... No Evil Rooster or EEGEW for me... Yet. I want to get them next year if they are available, I don't believe that the community was even able to unlock the last tier this time. Nevertheless, I walked away with a near-complete collection of some pretty cute critters, including my favourites;

A Wittle Grey Pied Bunny

Patchy Fluffy Duckling
I've seen in certain user shops, that there are multiple Phoenix Fire related Critters, so I'll just have to wait and see how many I can get my hands on.
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2023.06.09 05:56 Objective_Campaign82 Sins of the Father Ch35 (Hellworlder pirates 2)

The Battle You Can Never Win
Years ago, aboard a poorly maintained ship, in a dimly lit cargo hold with stained mats haphazardly thrown on the ground, a young girl glared at the old man before her. Her breath came in ragged heaves, her clothes were stained with sweat, and her exposed skin was covered in welts from the older mans bamboo blade. She was on the ground while the man was standing up straight, his breathing only slightly faster than normal but otherwise gave no hint that only moments before he had been swinging his practice sword like a demented blender.
The girl tried to stand but instead fell back down. “Why, the fuck are you making me do all this.” She growled at the man. Earning her a quick smack to the side for her foul mouth and impertinence. “Fuck!” she cursed, earning another strike in the process.
She continued to glare at the old bastard, most people usually flinched under her hateful glare. Especially the weak prey-like Xenos, they always coward at her wrath. But the old bastard didn’t. He just watched her with a calm and patient gaze.
The man was silent for a while before he sighed and looked to the pipes and looses wires along the ceiling. “You ask why I make you train? Why I push you unlike all the others? The better question is why you resist my teaching?” he looked down at her again. “You are taller than most men, you are naturally stronger than a girl has any right to be, and your fire is enough to melt iron. And yet you resist my attempts to polish those advantages. By all rights you should seek every chance to better yourself. And yet you don’t.”
“What’s the fuckin point? Like you said, I’m strong, and being already human makes me faster and tougher than everything out there. So what’s the point in training with stupid swords?”
He frowned, but didn’t strike her again for her foul mouth. “You are stronger than most creatures in this galaxy. But not all. The Kaydic are as strong as a grizzly, and if they get a good charge going they can pass through brick walls like they were wet paper. The Balikstro are faster on four legs than we can ever be on two. Any Uplifted Mammaloid could easily disembowel you with a careless swipe. And that isn’t mentioning the true monsters out there like the Aunviry.”
“Okay, yeah they’re all better. So what’s the point in training if they’re always going to be better than me? I’m only human.” She whined as she felt the growing bruise on her side.
“Because you don’t train for the battle that you can win, but for the battle that you’ll always lose. Because on those days the only thing that will keep you alive is training, good reflexes, and hardened combat experience. They are how you will win the battle you can never win.”
“That doesn’t make sense old man.” The girl snarked.
The air cracked, a brown sword blurred, and the girl let out a yelp as her ass was struck by a Shinai.
The old man who decided to be her mentor continued. “And the only way you get there is by training every day until your hands bleed and your legs give out.”
The girl glared at the old man, but she saw the sense in the words. Even if she hated the old man and his stupid sword. “Fine, but can we call it here. I have a cargo shift tomorrow.”
He looked down at her hands a tilted his head. “Your hands aren’t bleeding yet.” He said blandly as if remarking on the weather.
Daisey groaned, but got up anyways.
The old bastard Mizuno really did make her work until her hands began to bleed before letting her crawl off to her hammock in the sweltering space above the engine bay. She only got a few hours of sleep before the ship docked with the pirate capital and she had to spend the next ten hours moving cargo off the Black Saint.
And after that, when she had finally gotten to sit for a few minutes Mizuno found her and dragged her back to his ‘dojo’ for another round.
She had hated it at the time. Hated him. Hated the shitty rusty ship. Hated almost everyone one onboard. And hated those stupid bamboo swords.
But in time the pain paid off, and those skills that had been beaten into her the hard way saved her life when Greyson’s crazy bitch of a lieutenant tried to kill Daisey in some back alley on Parox. And later those same skills allowed her to best the men she had eventually called Sensei instead of Bastard.
It was strange to feel nostalgic for a time where everything sucked, and you hated everyone around you. But fighting Zera again brought back those bittersweet memories. She had hated Mizuno so much back then, but the man who had decided to mentor her eventually became one of the most influential figures in her life. Aster may hate her father and everything about him, but she couldn’t ever hate the heritage he had unwittingly tied her too. Because it was the same culture Mizuno had loved with all his heart. Warts and all.
Zera fought like a deranged beast. Slashing and stabbing with wild abandon. But while she had received some training to polish out her blind aggression, she never took Mizuno’s philosophy to heart. Greyson had ordered Mizuno to share his teaching with Zera just like he did with Daisey. But where Daisey, now Astarte, had accepted his ideas of training for the battle you’ll always lose top heart.
Zera hadn’t.
Zera learned how to cut better and how to save her strength. But once she had learned that she used her strength and youth to overpower Mizuno-sensei in sparring matches. While Daisey had restrained her own strength where she could so as to better learn Mizuno’s skill and techniques.
Even when after she had fought off Zera and took her spot as Greyson’s right hand she still trained until her hands bled. Even when she left the Terran Pirates and drifted around with her mother she trained. And when she met Karega and got a ship of her own she continued to train for the battle she would never win.
It was that mindset that let her finally surpass her old mentor during their final battle on the central Temple of Temple city. The very same mindset that let her match blows with a vile abomination like Kazlum and his brood. A literal battle she had no right ever winning. And it was the same teachings that she would use to beat this cyborg blast from the past.
Zera’s metal exterior was too tough for Astarte to cut. And it was highly unlikely that Astarte would ever exhaust her. But while she failed to land any actual wounds on her opponent, Zera the Butcher couldn’t land any on Astarte.
Zera aimed her mantis like blades at the kinks in Aster’s armor, but Aster’s reflexes and agility was enough to dodge and deflect Zera’s attacks.
But time was not on her side in this fight. Human endurance was legendary and superior to anything any other biological species could replicate. But no amount of sweat or anaerobic exertion would ever match the ceaseless movements of a machine.
Zera also had plenty of tricks hidden within her robotic limbs. The extra power in her legs had nearly bowled Astarte over when she triggered it as their blades were crossed. A third use had allowed her to dart to Astarte’s and strike at her thigh. Zera had found a kink in her armor, but a single step back had spared Astarte from any real damage.
Her leg felt warm and sticky as blood trailed down. But it was only a flesh wound and nothing that would hinder her mobility.
That attack had finally allowed Astarte to see exactly how Zera kept leaping forward. Somehow she was building up energy in her leg which could be released. A joint opened around where a bulging calf should have been and allowed her to double the length of her leg and gave her explosive forward momentum when used right. In the heat of battle Astarte couldn’t make heads or tails of the mechanism, she saw wires, tubes, and what looked like a hydraulic valve thing. She didn’t need to understand it at the moment though, right now knowing there was a way past the tough metal shell and into some more vulnerable internals was all that mattered.
The assassins’ arms also had a similar ability. But instead of explosively doubling the length of her arm Zera could have curved blade on her forearm launch forward in a powerful stabbing motion. Astarte dodged one of those attacks and saw the blade punch through the concrete of a nearby building. Zera had been stuck in the wall for only a second as she used the leg extension to pull her out and launch her back into melee with Astarte.
Zera also had a wider range of motion than Astarte was used to seeing in a human shoulder joint. When Astarte had rolled under a swing and came up for a slash at her exposed back the other arm was capable of swinging a full 180° backwards and deflecting her blow.
The way the arm had rotated in the joint had unnerved Astarte. She would have shivered in horror if had been given a moment to do so.
Those tricks had surprised Astarte the first time she saw them. And only quick thinking kept her alive. But once she saw them, she was capable of accounting for them and making her plans around them. She had fought enough alien opponents to know how to compensate for strange physiologies. The Aunviry for example had been far stranger to deal with than this borged-out human woman.
Sparks rang from their clashes and Astarte began to look for any more surprises. But as the fight stretched on Astarte began to suspect that Zera had already played her hand. And if she was reserving something then it was probably something she could only do once. With the factors accounted for, Astarte began to plan her actual counterattack, no more probing.
She couldn’t do much about the powerful arm attacks besides dodge, and couldn’t hope her armor could take the hit. The legs presented a weak point, but not one easy to get at. She would have to bait Zera into a launching attack and then sidestep fast enough to stab into her leg. A risky maneuver.
She thought about the full rotational ability in the arm joint. She didn’t know much about engineering, but she remembered some of Alwen’s lectures on the shoulder joint area after the Battle for the Confederacy. Alwen had to reset several bones in that region and she had taken the time to explain everything instead of just doing it. It was a complicated joint, and already prone to coming out of its socket. Did enhancing that range of motion come with any added structural weakness?
It was an idea.
As the fight drew on Astarte began to feel Zera speed up as her strikes became more and more sure. Astarte realized there was another blatant weakness that Zera had carried with her from the days she was fully human. Her mind.
Zera had a mercurial temper, plenty of triggers, and was highly unstable. And Astarte knew how to use all that to her advantage.
“You wanna know the funny part.” Astarte said in between blows. “Greyson didn’t even care that you were gone.” She taunted in between breaths. There was a reason most real combat didn’t have witty banter or heart felt speeches between foes. Every breath counted and wasting it on speaking was stupid. But she judged it to be worth the effort.
“Didn’t even question me about. Just said ‘Zera’s gone, now you will guard my back’” Astarte teased. “Then not even a week later I was second in command and got to sleep in his comfy bed.” She gave Zera a sloppy self-satisfied grin.
In reality Daisey hadn’t wanted to be Greyson’s guard, nor sleep in the same bed as a forty something man with the reputation for fucking anything with a hole and a heart beat. But she had little choice in the matter if she wanted to stay alive and keep working with the Terran Pirates.
The assassin’s eyes flared “And then you killed him like the deceptive whore you are!” she roared with another predicable jab.
“Of course I did, I refused to be the latest women he ruined and dumped into the gutter.” Astarte countered as she side stepped the blow. She was really glad Mizuno-sensei drilled her foot work so often, it was paying dividends at the moment. “Face it, your days were numbered. If it wasn’t me it would have been him.”
“LIAR!” Zera roared as she overextended again.
It didn’t offer Astarte the opening she looking for, so instead she went for a different sort of weak point. No matter how much her body changed there was one place that had to stay mostly organic.
No one fucked with the brain, not the Toy man, not the Union, and not the people who rebuilt Zera. It was too delicate to touch and far too complex. Just wiring in an advanced cybernetic eyeball to the optic nerve had caused a knock-on effect in Astarte’s head. And that was just a peripheral change.
The hilt of Tenken rammed into Zera’s face, smacking the same place she had dented earlier. There was a thud, like the sound of a dropped metal can, and then the sound of shattering glass. Zera stumbled back and put a hand up to her face where Astarte’s strike had warped the metal enough to loosen up her left eye out of its artificial eye socket. The eye had fallen and shattered at Astarte’s feet, and it now leaked a white fluid.
Zera looked up and Astarte saw the strange deformed metal plate of her face all scrunched up on one side. Half her lip was pulled up in a permanent smile while the more mobile part of her face scowled. She charged right back at Astarte and her right arm splint down the middle, Astarte saw the prongs of a stun weapon race towards her just as the other arm came up for a slash at her face. Astarte stood her ground, took the prongs, and lifted arm to intercept the blade.
The electricity didn’t feel like waves of fire like she had expected, but instead like all her muscles just got pulled at once. She felt her knees go weak as they wanted to buckle. But she gritted her teeth, remained on her feet, and took the pain. This was nothing compared to when she caught in that Egh’ahd sneak attack, nor when she fought Kazlum and had been bitch slapped across a whole room. This was a pain she could handle.
And compared to the electricity coursing through he the Mantis blade in her arm was nothing.
With one arm occupied in tasing her, and the other wedged into the bone of her forearm Astarte knew she wouldn’t get another chance like this. She grabbed the bladed arm with her other hand and with a twist of her hips, threw the Cyborg over her shoulder.
The assassin hit the ground with a thud and Astarte moved foot on her back.
The blade in her arm cut back upwards, got caught in the plates of her arm guard, and snapped off by the hinge. The pain in the arm grew too much to bear so she let that arm fall limp as her other arm held onto the assassin now beneath her feet and pulled. Zera let out a scream that hit the far range of human vocal cords and dipped into a sound only possible in dogs, dolphins, and machines. It even began to stutter like a corrupted audio file.
Even her voice was fake.
Then there was a pop and rip, and the arm came clean off.
Astarte stood there holding the still clothed arm in her hands as white fluids leaked out of the cyborgs open joint. Astarte glanced to the fake arm in her hands then down to the struggling cyborg, and with little hesitation lifted the arm and proceeded to beat the womans head in with her own arm.
Or she would have if a heavily distorted voice hadn’t interrupted her bludgeoning.
Astarte turned to stare at the cloaked black figure of the Arbiter aiming a pulse rifle right at her.
Astarte then raised her hands above her head, still holding the prosthetic arm. “It was self defense” Astarte said to the unwavering gaze of the Arbiter. A flicker of her eye into the Ultraviolet showed the scowling face of a much-recovered Rachel glaring at both of them.
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2023.06.09 05:56 tmjoint Dimmer question…

1 year old house with 1 flat disc bathroom LED in ceiling and 6 LED bulbs in fixtures above mirrors…. Tried Lutron dimmer switch with on/off and sliding level lever… lights flickered especially at low light levels. Tried Leviton rotary dimmer with same results. Both switches said “works with LEDs” on package. Only solution I can see is to put regular light bulbs in fixtures and accept flickering ceiling LED. Or disconnect the ceiling LED altogether. Amazing to me that both LED compatible switches do not function properly with LEDs. Any suggestion? Thank you!
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2023.06.09 05:56 Rein-Sama-VwV I'm not really hyped for tales of fest 2023

Listen y'all... Bandai Scamco has disappointed me 3 times in the past 2 years.
The first being a game I'm not even going to namedrop since Ill get crucified for even having any complaints or criticisms (I mean i know i will anyways with this post probably) so I won't say the name
The second being tales of luminaria.... and how much of a lackluster failure it was, instead of using you know who's momentum we get a mobile game that barely lasted 6 months.
And the third being the low effort cash grab known as tales of symphonia DeMastered.

Three times I've been let down, and I know someone will say "have faith it gets better" so let me ask.... WHEN does it get better? HOW will things get better?

even if my opinions are on the controversial side can i please as a fan of this franchise get ONE just ONE W from scamco.. thats it... look if square enix is doing something competent and right you failed, there is no ifs-ands-or buts its the truth. In the year 2023 i can proudly say that if square enix of all people are doing a great job at something when their reputation is shaky at best and dogshit at worst YOU FAILED.
Now.... I'm not hyped for this festival, after 3 disappointments from scamco why should i be hyped?
worst case scenario.... they announce merchandise and thats it, after the disappointing low-effort cash grab called tales of symphonia demastered all we get is merch... that'll probably be a japan exclusive
2nd worse case scenario..... they announce ANOTHER shitty mobile game. This is the worse of the two since scamco wouldn't have learn the lesson from luminaria

the BEST case scenario.... a combo release of eternia and of the abyss for modern platforms, copium i fucking know
second best case scenario... a remake of tales of legendia......................................................................................................................................................................... i'm reaching on this one but i've seen gameplay of lengendia.... musics great everything else...... yeah.

as a fan of this franchise i just want ONE... just ONE W from bamco... i don't like clowning on them i truly don't.
if for whatever reason they drop the ball on this festival... I'm never trusting bamco again when it comes to the tales series. Since time after time they've failed to deliver despite everything the fans have wanted.
This is the last time I'm putting trust in bamco, I'll have ONE percent of hope and that this festival offers something really good cough tales of destiny 1 and 2 on modern consoles cough but again copium.

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2023.06.09 05:56 Acasty18 Cigarettes and antidepressants for breakfast

Cigarettes and antidepressants for breakfast
I’m not sure how much longer I can take these feelings. Life has lost its luster, I can’t really find the motivation to do anything. The world has lost chromatic brilliance it once had, it just feels so grey. Even on the most beautiful days I can’t seem to find it in me to enjoy them.
It’s scary because the thought of dying becomes more appealing every day. I don’t necessarily want to die because I know there’s so many good things to experience in life and I’ll miss out on them if I die. I’m depressed, lonely, anxious, deeply insecure, and I hate myself with a passion. It’s all just too much and I don’t know how to deal with it anymore.
I’ve picked up some bad habits over the year. I smoke and I cut myself, god I’m pathetic. It’s crazy because if you asked me in my adolescence if I would ever do those things the answer would be a solid no. I’m pretty sure highschool me would be disappointed but hey at least we lost the weight lol.
The only reason I’m holding on is because my family would be devastated. I don’t want to put that pain on them. The ember of hope that things will get better also keeps me going. The scary thing is, is that it feels like that ember can be snuffed out at any moment.
I’ll never know what it means to fall in love and grow old with someone. To raise children and see them grow. To have friends and hang out. There’s so much I’ll regret when I die. The good thing is that death will free me from those regrets. It’ll release me of my pain. It’s my greatest fear and my most peaceful fantasy.
The void is calling me and it’s getting harder to ignore it. Sorry for the long post lol.
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2023.06.09 05:56 Low-Cryptographer330 Are my parents allowed to steal money I earned from work?

I am 16 years old and I don't trust my parents that much when it comes to certain things. I just want to know if they can legally take my money.
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2023.06.09 05:56 Fit_Reputation6369 Please someone offer me their thoughts

When I was 12, my 40 ish year old aunt would let me fondle her butt. This happened sparingly until I turned 15. Not once were words shared between her and I about the situation. Except after the first time it happened, I asked if we could talk, and I apologized and asked if she could keep this a secret. She just let it continue happening. Now for years I shouldered much of the shame/guilt, and still very much do. I initiated something I didn’t fully understand. I was 12. She in the following years after it stopped would make comments on my attraction for older women. Like she was proud of her affect on me. My moms adult sister was proud she had a impact on my sexual development. I don’t know how to sit with this, not sure I ever will. I still see her frequently and its made to feel like nothing ever happened.I’m hurt and I don’t know what to do
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2023.06.09 05:55 babbyyypluto I (finally) broke up with my bf

No words. No reply. No nothing. Simple as that. I’ve been putting up with his bs for waaayy too long. Took him back when he broke up with me 2x. Stayed when I found out he cheated on me. We tried to make it work, ultimately, he’s still the same POS if not worse. I’m supposed to be moving in with him next week LOL. Universe has been trying to warn me & I’ve been ignoring all the signs. Today, I had a really good day and he calls me and ruins my mood, bringing things up from the past. That’s all I needed. The relationship was coming to an end either way. One day or another. I really loved that man enough to have lasted for many lifetimes. I risked many things for him; my mental health, self worth/image/respect, my job, an apartment, etc. I’m honestly just so numb. One year of that bs. Thank you for teaching me what I don’t* want in a relationship and in a boyfriend. I’ll cry. I’ll feel my emotions in waves. One thing is for sure, I’ll get Me back. The Me I knew and was falling in love with. The Me I neglected and put aside just because of love. I’ll get him out of my system eventually. One day. For now, I will cry. I will reminisce. I will have rocky moments. I’m going on a hiatus. From love, from social media. I’m going to focus on work because they value, appreciate & respect me more than he ever did. I’m going to get my money up. I’m going to make my mental be strong again. Most importantly, I’m getting Me back.
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2023.06.09 05:55 No-Priority8278 Telling people you're bipolar

Hi there! I see pretty often on this subreddit posts about not telling people you are bipolar. I find this very interesting as I am pretty open about it to relatively anyone I converse with on a regular basis. To me it is simply something that comes up in conversation as almost everything relevant to my life has been traced back to it. After lurking on this subreddit for quite a bit a time I am beginning to doubt whether this is truly the best thing for myself.

A few things to consider in my mind are that I don't communicate this to superiors at jobs or in general, it is only to my peers; furthermore, I am pretty young and wonder if this in large part a generational difference given people my age grew up in an environment even slightly more accepting of mental illnesses than even 10 years ago. I also do test the waters of people's opinions of people with mental illnesses before I reveal anything to others.
I am just curious as to what other people's pros and cons are regarding this, I can't guarantee anything said changes my opinions or actions, but I do wonder if I am just weird and off putting or if this is totally sane behavior. I do like to think it helps to shift some stigma about bipolar in my personal life however.
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2023.06.09 05:55 Ok_Ice7596 Dance lessons for gay man?

Can anyone suggest any dance instructor in the Reno area who would be comfortable giving private lessons in jazz or hip-hop dance to a 41-year old gay man without much prior dance experience? I’m interested in learning as a personal challenge to myself.
(Full disclosure: my eventual goal is to be an amateur exotic dancestripper, but I’m much more interested in learning general dance moves and assume lessons would be fully clothed at all times. The only reason I bring this up is that when I took dance lessons in Seattle last summer, the instructor was totally flummoxed about why a 40-year old dude wanted to learn choreographed dance.
Someone at my gym previously recommended The Reno Empire to me, but they weren’t able to help me when I reached out. (No hate — I understand their reasons and don’t want to throw any shade at them).
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2023.06.09 05:55 Amezylst Do you ever doubt your diagnosis?

Title. Every so often I'll wake up feeling fine the next morning and just kind of doubt my diagnosis. Like somehow I gaslit myself, my doctor, and my family into believing that my sleep issues are no fault of my own. Everyone has sleeping problems just go to bed early and drink coffee in the morning!
But then I look at my sleep study/MSLT results, family history of the disease, ineffectiveness of anything that doesn't rhyme with "Xyrem", chronic sleep paralysis in my youth, intense levels of dreams when not on my medication, the fact I will go limp if I laugh too hard, and then it doesn't seem like a delusion anymore. Hell, the first time I saw a psychiatrist she concluded the initial consultation by saying I have blatant narcolepsy that should be dealt with and went on to see a proper pulmonologist, who says he likes seeing me the two times a year I have to renew my Xyrem prescription because I'm "One of the easiest patients. You have all the classic indications of narcolepsy and you keep responding well to treatment!" Like every renewal is at most 10 minutes of the important stuff and 20 minutes of small talk until the next patient's appointment is ready. Every time I doubt myself, I remember these facts. It's been nearly 5 years since my diagnosis; been on Xyrem for 4 and loving every second of it
Just felt like sharing this with the class. I don't know if the term 'imposter syndrome' applies here but if you ever doubt yourself, just look back at everything you've had to go through to get to where you are now
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2023.06.09 05:55 ZoyaZhivago Is this reasonable for private training?

I recently adopted a(nother) dog; he's a 9 month-old husky, to join my approx 2 1/2 year-old husky. So far they're doing well, and he is pretty well-behaved for a husky. Also not my first rodeo, since I've raised other dogs/puppies before these two rascals. Their names are Asa and Boris, btw, and you can see them both in my posting history Anyway, he does have a few things to iron out and train (his original owners did very little). Few potty accidents here and there, doesn't listen to "stop" or "off" type commands, and is kind of pushy/bullying with my very submissive other dog when it comes to food and toys. Only a couple of minor scuffles so far, but I definitely want to nip that in the bud asap.
I had a wonderful private trainer who worked with me and Boris, after I adopted him last February. He was a stray rescue, but really didn't need much - just some work on his recall, and a weird quirk where he's nervous about stairs. Unfortunately she moved between then and now, so I had to find a new trainer. Found a woman who came recommended by many locals, and we had a phone + in-person meeting already. She and I don't see 100% eye-to-eye on everything, for example she's into crating while I am not. But overall she seems competent.
First she sold me on some $200 Google Classroom program, which I struggled to get through on my own. Then she tried selling me on another $1600 online program, which would only include a few face-to-face training sessions... I explained that (mostly due to my ADHD) I was really looking for in-person meetings, as I don't do well with self-directed things like that. She emailed me a few days later, saying she'd reconsidered and would offer weekly sessions at my house instead - cost is $800/month, with a 3-month commitment.
I can afford that, so this isn't really the issue. But does that sound reasonable? And is it common now to offer (first) the online components? Guess I'm old-fashioned, because that seemed weird to me! Should I accept this and sign the contract, since she's one of the most highly-recommended trainers in our area; or keep looking?
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2023.06.09 05:55 Murky-Lavishness298 My mental health is suffering

I've started therapy. I see her on zoom once every two weeks. I don't feel like getting into specific stuff but I'm sure old posts can be found by searching my username. I always delete my posts once I get the advice I feel like I need. He doesn't like me using Reddit at all, but until he becomes an emotion support like I need him to be, that won't be happening. It's not healthy for me to have zero outlet besides a therapist every two weeks. We don't agree with discussing our issues with friends/family (and I agree with that). I suppose most of my stuff is tame compared to others and the main issue were dozens of lies and contact with exes/inappropriate conversation with a coworker. Onlyfans as well (I see it as cheating and understand others don't).
I've had three therapy sessions and I just don't see how this is going to help bc I don't feel like my boyfriend is working with me to actually fix this. He gets very angry if I want to ever talk about it bc he's tired of hearing about it. Apologizing and pretending it never happened isn't working for me. He's aware I look at his phone on occasion - and I've still found things that are not ok with me during this time. His phone was just a vault of lies and so many things that hurt me (both phones actually bc he has a work phone as well). Him not letting me near his phone is an automatic deal breaker and I will immediately end the relationship. I one hundred percent mean that and he knows it.
My anxiety is through the roof, I'm irritable and angry all the time. I've lost weight, which I guess is the only "good thing" to come of this. But it's been unintentional and due to being stressed out 24/7. I don't know what to do. I don't think he's cheating on me but I still don't trust that he won't do things behind my back that are still not ok in the relationship and break boundaries. I can't figure out a resolution to this especially bc I feel like the only one trying to do anything about it.
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2023.06.09 05:54 DillarBill Hired halfway through the year and expected to catch up 15 or so old IEPs as well as stay current with rest of my work

I was hired on and told I may need to catch up a few IEPs since the school I was assigned to didn’t have an SLP for the first half of the year. Turned out to be SO MANY leftover IEPs and I was assigned to 3 different schools. On top of constant referrals, upcoming IEPs, billing, attendance, report writing, and therapy I managed to catch up every single old IEP and wasn’t able to get to a couple initials and a few newer IEPs that just didn’t fit into the schedule. Add in that the rest of the sped team had most slots taken for IEP appointments which left me with very few options of when I could hold my meetings. I also had a few makeup sessions I didn’t get to that added up because I was either holding IEPs, evaluating students, or ended up sick. Now I am in trouble with my company and my CF Supervisor won’t sign off on my hours since they’re saying I have done terrible for the district. Am I just a terrible SLP or does this sound like something that was just super difficult to accomplish? PLEASE CHIME IN I feel so beaten down.
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2023.06.09 05:54 catboy519 I lack sleep because my parents are noisy in the mornings

I alway have my rooms door closed when I go to bed. But that isn't enough to keep the noise away, my parents talk alot and they also talk very loud, it always wakes me up. Or they use the vacuum cleaner or anything else that makes alot of noise.
Almost every day, I wake up because of my parents. And then I'm tired the rest of the day, because I did not get enough hours of sleep.
Going to bed earlier is not a realistic option, because of multiple reasons, one of them being that I'm a night person and I simply cannot fall asleep early + the fact I need more hours of sleep than my parents do
Even though I'm 23, moving out getting my own house is not an option either, because I cannot afford that and am currently unable to get a job because I'm dealing with too many personal issues
I've already asked my parents to be less loud when talking, and not do noisy things too early in the day, and to keep doors closed. But they seem very forgetful of this because after mentioning it many times, they still wake me up nearly every day. I understand they need to get things done, but they could atleast keep doors closed and talk less loud and maybe do some things when I'm awake
This long term lack of sleep exhausts me, and I'm already doing so bad mentally. What should I do?
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2023.06.09 05:54 LovelyMamacitaa Would I be wrong to quit job over bedbugs?

For more context I work in a fairly old group home, there are roaches of every stage just running free. To add to the madness I was hired to work with the residents in the group home only but I was offered to work some days outside the group home with some clients that need help with day to day things. So last month I sat in a clients home and within 30 mins of me being there I had 2 bed bugs crawling on me. That client denied there being any bed bugs but it has since been confirmed and her home is being treated. The thing that disturbs me is they still service her by taking her to the store etc in our company van that is used for the group home. It was very traumatic and I haven’t been the same since so I asked to be removed from servicing her. Well tonight I came in to work and sat down to clock in and noticed a small white bug crawling on me. Due to what happened to me before I had already done my research and I swear it looked like a bedbug nymph. I hurried and slapped it off. I was trying to look on the floor for it to confirm but because the floor is carpeted in the office I couldn’t find it. My coworker just joked and said “ I hope you’re not bringing in any bugs I haven’t seen anything all day” even though the other day the same co worker stated her ankles had been bit up by something and she sprayed alcohol and bug spray on the office floor to the point where there was a stain on the carpet. I have had worse jobs but I literally can’t take the bugs. If I brought bedbugs home I would seriously drive to Niagara Falls and jump. They just lost an employee for non related reasons so they are depending on me to cover her shift (11pm-7am) so I kind of feel obligated to stay. I took proper precautions during the initial encounter and haven’t seen any signs of bed bugs at my house but if they are still servicing her I am sure it’s possible for the bedbugs to hitch a ride back to the group home. What would you do in this situation? I am hoping I am just overreacting. Money is not an issue for me right now but I wanted a job to keep busy and I actually like being able to help our residents that are developmentally delayed so it sucks and I feel selfish for wanting to quit because I know they won’t have anyone to cover my shift and they’d all be pulling doubles as it’s only 4 employees and one supervisor
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2023.06.09 05:53 needadvice364 Left college close to graduation, and trying to figure out what's next.

Last year (2022) I suffered from a serious mental health crisis and dropped out of university with 1 class left before I could graduate with a BA in public affairs
I spent a few months putting myself back together and got a low paying-long hours government job to earn some income while I was back living with my parents.
This spring I resolved my self to get a job back in the town of my university so I could take my last class I needed to graduate and move in with my life.
But I'm really struggling. The job search in the town my university was in was very difficult, and although I found one, I've discovered the job is a miserable, grinding, data entry position. Which is both really difficult mentally and impossible to do while taking a college class that is only available during working hours.
I'm scared to quit this job I have, even though I hate it. I don't know what I could do while taking my course and still pay my bills.
And to top it all off the last few jobs I've had have made me so miserable that I don't know that I could handle anything I could do with a degree in Public Affairs, but I don't know if I could go back to school for a period of time either.
I just feel lost. I can't keep doing what I'm doing. I have no idea how to finish my college degree, and beyond that I have no idea what to do with my degree if I ever did manage to graduate.
Should I quit my current job? How? For what? What should I do if I do graduate?
Another worry I have is that most of my references and qualifications come from before my mental break, and I don't know how long those references and qualifications would remain relevant in the job market, or how long my references would go to bat for me.
I really want a low stress job that pays reasonably well and where I don't have to work long hours. That doesn't feel impossible, but at this point I don't know if I can move forward.
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2023.06.09 05:53 tawjr Conflicting opinions

I do a yearly physical for work and also recently got blood work from my PCP. My work doctor told me my T was low and wanted me to start on TRT, but my regular doctor said I was fine and within normal range. I've had three different blood tests done all through Lab Corp and here are what they say.
Testosterone Result: 311 Reference: 264-916 ng/dL
Free Testosterone Result: 13.3 Reference: 8.7-25.1 pg/mL
Testosterone Result: 253 Reference: 264-916 ng/dL
Testosterone Result: 366 Reference: 264-916 ng/dL
Free Testosterone Result: 97 Reference: 42.3-190.0 pg/mL
SHBG Result: 16.3 Reference: 16.5-55.9 nmol/L
I'm 31, 5'11", 230 pounds. In the past year and a half I've lost 35 pounds but have been stuck for the last 8 months with weight loss. All my blood work as far as cholesterol etc. is great. I have a very stressful job and have been more stressed than in years past. I don't have sleep apnea as I had two tests done a couple years ago that ruled it out. I sleep an average of 6 to 7 hours a night but almost always have to take melatonin to stay asleep. I don't drink, I don't use any drugs. I recently have had some weird episodes of A-Fib but my heart doctor isn't concerned at all and said he doesn't have any issues with me doing TRT. I feel sluggish and extra stressed lately.
My SHBG says is low but my Free Testosterone seems to be in range with my total testosterone being low. I'm being told I'm totally fine by one doctor and being told I have the testosterone levels of a 75 year old man by the other and I'm hoping you all could provide some insight.
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