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Has anyone bought out-of-state hunting property?

2022.01.05 20:38 shaqdeezl Has anyone bought out-of-state hunting property?

I grew up hunting on a large group lease in Florida. I most recently hunted on family friendly property in Texas and now I’m back in Florida. I cannot afford to buy property here. But I’ve been browsing and have found I can afford hunting properties in Alabama and/or Mississippi.
In each of these scenarios, it’s a 12hr drive for me.
I like to think I could purchase the property, drive up for a week or so to set everything up, and then go hunting every other weekend or so throughout the season. It sounds really easy to me.
I have a 1981 Bluebird bus with 11,000 miles on it. It’d be a perfect hunting camp in my mind.
But - as life has gone - not everything always works out so easily as I’ve first thought. I have children and I’d love to take them hunting.
So, first, I have a few questions:
Has anyone else done something like this?
What were the highs and lows?
Would you ever do it again?
What was the biggest pain of being 12 hours away from camp? Or being 12 hours away from home?
Will I end up making all the investment and just invite a group of poachers to do all my hunting?
Any opinions?
Many thanks in advance.
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