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2023.06.09 06:22 KittenKabootle23 1 day in NYC with my husband and 5 year old-tips?

My family and I are heading to New York City towards the end of July for one day. We will be staying at a resort in Pennsylvania but heading to the city for one of those days. I have a list of things I want to see and some ideas. The biggest thing is I want to keep them within the same region, I know there will be a lot of walking, and we are planning on bringing an umbrella stroller for our 5-year-old. I would like to stay in the Manhattan area, see times square, Central park, Top of the Rock, we are looking at tickets for funny girl (btw does anyone know if a kid would be entertained?) I would love to walk The Highline, and possibly glance at Cornelia Street, yes I'm a Taylor Swift fan, no, I'm not going to go stalk her up old apartment... Also, does anyone know if the Harry Potter Store is worth the long line? Plus good (cheap) pizza! I know a few of these places could take an entire day themselves, especially Central Park.
I want to keep all three of us entertained, but I want to see as much as we can. And if possible, I would like to give her an experience that she would only get in New York and not here in Ohio. Does anyone have any suggestions on traveling around the city? Are the places I listed close to each other? I planned on doing a ton more research on reddit, but with the shutdown happening on June 30th, I don't know how much I can do before then. We had a thought of parking in Jersey and taking a train into the City and using the subway and walking the whole day. But I would like to see Times Square at night, and I heard it's in advisable to ride the train after 10:00. I want to keep my child safe, and to add I am legally blind and will be walking around with a cane, I feel like my husband is going to have to babysit both of us while navigating. Are there any resources or tips or anything that anyone can suggest? A parking spot? It would be nice to drive through some neighborhoods but we won't don't want to pay $50 to park for a day or something.
I don't know if this is still happening but years ago when I was researching New York City on this subreddit there was a company by locals where a local would take you and show you around the city, I can't remember much more than that does anyone have any idea what I might be talking about? Sorry that this post seems a little rushed, I just saw that Reddit is shutting down on the 30th, these subreddits are my main researching grounds and I wanted to make my first post as quick as possible. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 06:13 Several_Tax_9891 AITA for dropping my ex boyfriends stuff off at his house?

psa - sorry this is so long but there were details i really wanted to add am i the asshole for dropping my now ex boyfriends stuff off to his house? info - i 18 female broke up with my 18 male then boyfriend due to the fact that i realized he was emotionally abusive and manipulative. i learned this through therapy and deeply talking to my mom (she and my dad got divorced for the same reason. my dad had the exact same emotionally abusive and manipulative tendencies through their marriage) we dated for almost two years. once i realized everything was not as i thought, i knew i needed out (it took me a very long time to realize i was being abused and manipulated). after that fact, i came to the knowledge that he cheated on me during our first months of dating (simply because i wasn’t ready to have sex and that’s what he wanted) so he went to his ex girlfriend for that. i didn’t feel exactly safe telling him he was abusive and i really just wanted to be done without being gaslit so i didn’t bring up the cheating either. i just told him we were going separate ways as we are freshly out of high school (TRUE). he did not accept this. i also mentioned that because we’re so young i need to learn a little more self love before loving anyone else (also VERY true). he told me he wasn’t going to let me go ever etc. and even tried to manipulate me by lying about a heart condition and that he was getting a heart transplant. i found out both were lies from his parents. anyways flash forward a few weeks i found a few odds and ends of things i still had of his. i told him i would get them back to him before i started packing for college. i mentioned dropping them off to him when i was over by his house for errands next and he got extremely mad saying that we could see eachother and hang out and that i didn’t need to “avoid” seeing him. he’s an ex for a reason and i don’t feel the need to hang out etc. especially where it’s so fresh and we both need time to heal. he told me he started dating someone (also something i found out was a lie from his best friend.) anyways im very clearly done and he will not leave me alone. i had one of my guy friends with me and had cleaned all of my exs items so i dropped the box of things off at his house. one of the items i had in there was a dirt bike helmet that we had used when going riding. i dropped the box off and texted him that i did so once i was a safe distance from his house. he immediately got really upset and called me over 10 times. he texted me telling me i was a stupid bitch and that i was an asshole. why? because apparently i wasn’t supposed to have the helmet and if his parents found out i had it they would be pissed. i apologized and told him my intent wasn’t to get him in trouble. he continued calling me a bitch. i didn’t respond because i refuse to put up with his blatant disrespect for any longer. the next morning he let me know that all of his stuff was ruined because of a storm that came through before he got home. i found it weird since it was in a box closed shut and under the awning of his front deck AND the fact that i only live ten mins away from him in the same city and i didn’t see a huge storm pass. (i then later found out that this was all a lie as well. he wanted to guilt trip me into getting back with him i guess?) anyways long story short i know im probably not the asshole? but i guess i could’ve had the decency to give it back to him in person and there is a chance his parents did get mad about the helmet. but i genuinely don’t care anymore and just want him to leave me alone. i kind of just wanted to rant but i guess i’m asking if i really am a bitch hahaha.
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2023.06.09 06:13 lalitarawat What's Your Favourite Trolley Bag Colour This Summer?

As summer arrives, it's time to pack your bags and embark on exciting journeys. Whether you're planning a beach getaway, a city exploration, or an adventurous trip uphill, having the perfect trolley bag by your side is essential.
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2023.06.09 06:11 Fearless-Figure9597 Visiting Marathon

Hi all, this is our family’s third time visiting the keys. We’ve done Key West the first two times and now we’ve booked our stay in Marathon for the first week of August. Looking for good food reccs- youngest is 9 and picky- so anything that can somewhat accommodate her. Any reccs for a good company for a one day boat rental. Lastly, best beaches that are family friendly or good for snorkeling. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 06:01 Humbleronaldo Road cycling in Morocco, how’s the experience? Can you answer a few questions?

Hey y’all so I grew up in Morocco and left as a teenager but I recall horrendous traffic. Regardless I’m under no misconception that Morocco is the way I left it, it’s been a while and my impression is that everything has changed.
Personally cycling is my favorite thing, it has changed my life. I used to be obese, depressed, inactive and bored all the time and cycling really effectively remedied that.
My family is urging me to come back to Morocco which I can’t wait to visit. Thing is I like to travel with my bike, it allows me to see tons of things, really explore the nook and crannies of cities, venture into the countryside, small villages and town, get off the beaten path….
For those of you who ride in Morocco I have a few questions. Primarily I’d like you to share with me anything related to cycling in Morocco you wish to and can share. Additionally, I’d like to know a few specific things. In towns and cities do you ride on the road and if so is it legal and/or safe? Do cars expect cyclists whatsoever? Are drivers confrontational? And when it comes to riding outside cities how safe is it to venture into the country side and do something like a Rabat - Tanger or Rabat Marrakech or Marrakech to Essaouira on a bicycle?
Anyways please feel free to share ANYTHING you please related to road cycling and even off road cycling in Morocco.
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2023.06.09 05:58 CassiehunterTX Medusa bala de cañón— Ciudad de Panamá (Jellyfish in Panama City) [pregunta]

Medusa bala de cañón— Ciudad de Panamá (Jellyfish in Panama City) [pregunta]
I am a researcher with STRI (the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)— I am here on a brief program to try to sample some Cannonball Jellyfish. I know that this is not the time that they are most common, but if anyone has seen them on beaches or near shore at specific locations, please respond! The goal is to identify whether the Cannonball Jellyfish here and on the Atlantic side is the same. If you have any information at all it will be very useful. Thank you so much, CassieHunterTX
Advertencia: mi español es malo
Soy un investigador de STRI (el Instituto Smithsonian de Investigaciones Tropicales). Estoy aquí en un breve programa para tratar de probar algunas medusas bala de cañón. Sé que este no es el momento en que son más comunes, pero si alguien los ha visto en las playas o cerca de la costa en lugares específicos, ¡por favor responda! El objetivo es identificar si la medusa bala de cañón aquí y en el lado del Atlántico es la misma. Si tienes alguna información será muy útil. Muchas gracias, CassieHunterTX
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2023.06.09 05:31 Quick_Problem9687 "Minecraft Mastery: Test Your Knowledge with 30 Trivia Questions!"

Sure! Here are 30 questions about Minecraft:

  1. What is the primary objective of Minecraft?
  2. What are the different game modes available in Minecraft?
  3. What is the name of the main character in Minecraft?
  4. How do you gather resources in the game?
  5. What is the purpose of crafting tables in Minecraft?
  6. Name three hostile mobs in Minecraft.
  7. What is the maximum level of enchantment in Minecraft?
  8. How do you create a Nether portal?
  9. What is the purpose of Redstone in Minecraft?
  10. What is the name of the dimension where the Ender Dragon resides?
  11. Name three types of biomes in Minecraft.
  12. How do you tame a wolf in Minecraft?
  13. What is the rarest ore in the game?
  14. How do you brew a potion in Minecraft?
  15. Name three types of trees found in Minecraft.
  16. What happens when you defeat the Ender Dragon?
  17. How do you create a map in Minecraft?
  18. What are the different types of villagers you can encounter?
  19. How do you create an iron golem in Minecraft?
  20. What is the name of the boss mob found in ocean monuments?
  21. Name three decorative blocks in Minecraft.
  22. How do you create an enchanting table?
  23. What are the different modes of transportation in Minecraft?
  24. How do you make a bed in Minecraft?
  25. What is the purpose of a beacon in Minecraft?
  26. Name three types of food you can find or create in Minecraft.
  27. How do you make a cake in Minecraft?
  28. What is the maximum height limit in the game?
  29. How do you create a shield in Minecraft?
  30. Name three different types of armor available in the game.

Feel free to answer as many questions as you like!
Certainly! Here are the answers to the 30 Minecraft questions:

  1. The primary objective of Minecraft is to survive and thrive in an open-world environment by gathering resources, exploring, crafting, and building.
  2. The different game modes available in Minecraft are Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore.
  3. The main character in Minecraft is simply known as "Steve" or "Alex," depending on the chosen skin.
  4. Resources in Minecraft can be gathered by mining blocks, chopping down trees, killing animals, and exploring underground caves.
  5. Crafting tables in Minecraft are used to craft more advanced items and tools by combining different resources.
  6. Three hostile mobs in Minecraft are zombies, skeletons, and creepers.
  7. The maximum level of enchantment in Minecraft is level 30.
  8. To create a Nether portal, you need obsidian blocks arranged in a rectangular shape of at least 4 blocks tall and 5 blocks wide, then light it with a flint and steel.
  9. Redstone in Minecraft is a mineral-like material that can transmit power and be used for creating complex redstone contraptions and mechanisms.
  10. The dimension where the Ender Dragon resides is called "The End."
  11. Three types of biomes in Minecraft are forest, desert, and ocean.
  12. To tame a wolf in Minecraft, you can give it bones until it becomes friendly and its collar turns red.
  13. The rarest ore in the game is the "emerald ore."
  14. To brew a potion in Minecraft, you need a brewing stand, water bottles, and various ingredients such as Nether wart, blaze powder, and different types of herbs.
  15. Three types of trees found in Minecraft are oak, spruce, and birch.
  16. When you defeat the Ender Dragon, you trigger an end cinematic and gain access to the End cities and the ability to collect dragon egg as a trophy.
  17. To create a map in Minecraft, you need a compass and paper. The compass is placed in the center of the crafting table surrounded by paper.
  18. The different types of villagers you can encounter include farmers, librarians, blacksmiths, butchers, and clerics, among others.
  19. To create an iron golem in Minecraft, you need four blocks of iron arranged in a "T" shape and place a pumpkin or jack o' lantern on top as the head.
  20. The boss mob found in ocean monuments is called the "Elder Guardian."
  21. Three decorative blocks in Minecraft are paintings, flower pots, and carpets.
  22. To create an enchanting table, you need obsidian blocks, a book, and diamonds. The setup includes placing the obsidian blocks in a U-shape and the book in the center.
  23. The different modes of transportation in Minecraft include walking, running, swimming, riding horses or boats, using minecarts, and flying with Elytra.
  24. To make a bed in Minecraft, you need three blocks of wool and three wooden planks. The wool is arranged in a horizontal line at the top, and the wooden planks are placed below each wool block.
  25. The purpose of a beacon in Minecraft is to provide a buff to nearby players, granting special abilities such as increased speed, strength, and regeneration.
  26. Three types of food you can find or create in Minecraft are steak, bread, and pumpkin pie.
  27. To make a cake in Minecraft, you need three buckets of milk, two sugar, one egg, and three wheat. The ingredients are arranged in a specific pattern on the crafting table.
  28. The maximum height limit in Minecraft is 256 blocks from bedrock to the sky limit.
  29. To create a shield in Minecraft, try this minecraft hacks
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2023.06.09 05:24 Stelljanin Suggestions for a 19-day roadtrip in North West USA?

Hi all,
I'm from Australia (23 F) and my parents and I have booked return flights to Seattle. We're not interested in LA or SF, so Seattle seemed like a great option for its proximity to nature/mountains/Canada. We'll be there for 21 days, two of those are getting to/from airport. So 19 days of actual on-the-road sight seeing. Parents have been to USA before, I haven't.
We're heading over in August, and we're planning on hiring a car and doing a road trip. While we also want to check Washington (the state) out, we are also interested in seeing Vancouvesurrounding areas and Montana or Wyoming for the national parks there.
Some things we like:
Things we don't like:
Anyway my main question is... what would you suggest for a 19-day road trip in the north west that somewhat pertains to the above? Any cute picturesque towns you would recommend, or nice nature related stuff? Do national park permits get booked out quite in advance? Should I be worried about bears?!?!
Olympic National Park looks awesome, but so do the national parks in Montana/Wyoming. We've got a fair bit of time and are used to driving long distances.
Thanks all!
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2023.06.09 05:23 GPlaysGames25 Train Ride into Noire City

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2023.06.09 05:23 Stelljanin Suggestions for a 19-day road trip in the north west?

Hi all,
I'm from Australia (23 F) and my parents and I have booked return flights to Seattle. We're not interested in LA or SF, so Seattle seemed like a great option for its proximity to nature/mountains/Canada. We'll be there for 21 days, two of those are getting to/from airport. So 19 days of actual on-the-road sight seeing. Parents have been to USA before, I haven't.
We're heading over in August, and we're planning on hiring a car and doing a road trip. While we also want to check Washington (the state) out, we are also interested in seeing Vancouvesurrounding areas and Montana or Wyoming for the national parks there.
Some things we like:
Things we don't like:
Anyway my main question is... what would you suggest for a 19-day road trip in the north west that somewhat pertains to the above? Any cute picturesque towns you would recommend, or nice nature related stuff? Do national park permits get booked out quite in advance? Should I be worried about bears?!?!
Olympic National Park looks awesome, but so do the national parks in Montana/Wyoming. We've got a fair bit of time and are used to driving long distances.
Thanks all!
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2023.06.09 05:22 chronic-venting Supporting Survivors of Domestic Violence CrimethInc

- Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook
Helping Women and Society Escape Violent Relationships
Women exist in a "domesticated" combat zone. On any given day in the United States, an average of 480 women will be raped, 5,760 women will be assaulted, and 4 will be murdered by a [cis] male partner. Domestic violence [against women] is an assault on women's bodies and minds by those who claim to love them and love to claim them. The success of this violence depends on the complicity of community. If we intend to bring about true liberation, we must foster explicitly antiauthoritarian behavior in both personal and political life. No hierarchy is acceptable and no domination is justifiable—not even "behind closed doors." Because one in four women will be assaulted (likely including someone you love), we must wage war on domestic violence. We serve to empower our communities best by fighting the violence and hierarchy closest to home… or in the home.
Stage One: Helping Her
Educate yourself. Domestic violence (DV) is rarely a single instance of battery, but instead a pattern of power and control. It may involve sexual or physical violence, or it may be a complex web of threats, property destruction, isolation, and emotional, financial, and mental abuse. Understanding this will help you recognize abuse if it comes without physical bruises.
If you are truly ready to have your mother, friend, or daughter tell you what is happening in her private life, invite her to come to you. If you are speaking against violence and rape, she will know you are ready. Wheatpaste neighborhoods with posters about domestic violence, hold street fairs against violence in residential neighborhoods, plaster infoshops and collective homes with signs that invite women into a safe space. If she, her children, or her animals are in immediate danger, however, you may need to approach her. Never approach the abuser: most abusers are paranoid and will quickly assume their victims have exposed them, and may retaliate against them.
Follow her lead. The most important thing you will do is be there for her, even if you feel useless. Trying to be a hero can only undermine her autonomy. Let her make her own decisions, even bad ones, and never tell her what to do. Give her back control: refuse to dominate her and recreate the abuse.
Give her a phone number or a way to contact you or someone in the community. Best is a cell phone that will always be on, or a collective house's number where someone is usually awake.
Let her talk. Don't wince or gasp: tales of [rape] and strangulation are not easy to listen to, but they are harder to tell. Survivors are often terrified of either tainting someone else's world with their trauma or not being believed. Tell her you believe her. You will be changed by what you hear; thank her for that. Confirm what may seem obvious.
An abuser spends a lot of time telling her she is crazy, and that no one would believe her. Tell her that you are listening, and offer eye contact and physical closeness if she is comfortable with it. Assure her that the way she feels is okay. There is no "normal" way to respond to abnormal acts of violence. Understand that the shield of invulnerability has been shattered (41% of rape victims and 89% of domestic violence victims expect to be assaulted again). She may be hyper-vigilant; the best way to help is to make her feel safe and legitimize/recognize her fears.
Focus on practical and immediate concerns. Where can one buy mace? What organizations work with DV issues? Ask her what she needs in order to leave: shelter? transportation? a job? childcare? money? Help her find these resources. Then ask what she needs to stay out of the relationship. For most women, it takes seven to fourteen attempts to leave their abusers. If she doesn't have the resources to stay gone, she may return because he can support her. Many abusers manipulate these needs. This is what makes DV such a pernicious crime: the perpetrator is the person who knows her best.
Address her immediate safety. If she is living with the abuser, make sure she has a plan to get out during a violent episode (contact your local coalition against DV for safety plans). Offer to keep personal papers and a packed suitcase for her and some extra money. Make sure she has a phone. An old cell phone without service can still dial 911 if charged. Consider establishing code words for her to use if she needs help, or other signals—a porch light off, for example, could let the neighbors know they should contact the police. If she doesn't live with her abuser, offer to find someone to stay with her or nearby. Do a safety check: make sure phone lines can't be cut, doors have deadbolts, and windows are nailed shut. If she wants to stay in hiding, help her cover her tracks by getting all mail sent to another address or post office box; offer to put your name on utilities. If she rides a bus or bike, find a car for her to borrow. Find community members who can do errands with her, pick her up from work, watch the children, etc. 90% of stalking cases are former intimate partners, not strangers.
The anti-DV movement started as an underground railroad of homes. Consider where she stays carefully. If the abuser knows where she is staying, she can feel like a sitting duck, especially if she stays with a [cis man]—an abuser's insecurity and suspicions can easily turn to rage. The majority of extreme violence and murder occur when the woman tries to leave, because the abuser feels he is losing control of her. Taking a survivor into your home is a serious commitment; unless you are prepared to internalize her constant vigilance and your home is very secure, she may be safer with someone else.
If she wants, help her use the legal system to file charges, obtain a protective order, file for custody, or get a divorce. Discuss the pros and cons of this in relation to safety, not politics. Until we develop an alternative, we cannot criticize a woman for using "the system." It is imperative, however, that she doesn't invest her safety or emotional wellbeing in the criminal justice system, as it often fails.
The community might want to deal with or "out" the abuser. Some communities have ostracized abusers, boycotted their businesses, refused to speak to them. You could make posters of his face, or spray paint his house. You can run abusers out of town, though understand this has the potential of resulting in his abusing someone somewhere else. You can threaten him with violence. No matter what is done, it must be acceptable to the survivor, because her well-being is at stake.
Stage Two: Helping Us
There are many steps we must take as communities and collectives to be welcoming and radicalizing spaces for survivors. At the same time, we must each take personal responsibility for shifting the public conscience toward abhorrence for violence. In a patriarchal state, violence toward and the rape of women prop up sexist oppression and exploitation. We cannot transform "rape culture" without committing ourselves to resisting and eradicating all patriarchy.
We must redefine sex and relationships away from terms of violence, power, domination and status. In our relationships we can try to create a new vocabulary that [prioritizes] consent and equality.
[Cis] men in particular need to organize. [Most] DV is a [cis] man's problem—women just suffer the consequences. A radical [cis] heterosexual male must give up the privileges of his gender—only then can he be approachable, only then will he be capable of offering meaningful help to a survivor. You cannot aid a survivor while allowing for other forms of sexism to prevail. [... Cis m]en can unlearn their gender construction and undermine patriarchy; imagine if every boy grew up around men who were struggling against patriarchy and violence.
Taheera called the police after Mark had threatened to take their five-month-old baby, Juan. There were bruises on her neck from a previous incident, and Mark was arrested. It had been Mark's idea to move to the city when Taheera was 3 months pregnant. Taheera started to go to a low-cost clinic for prenatal care, but stopped going when Mark accused her of sleeping with the doctor. The first time Mark hit her was after she made a list of baby names. He was jealous of the attention the baby was getting.
I am a social worker, and an agency referred her to me. When we first talked, Taheera kept looking behind her. I suggested she push her chair against the wall, and promised her that I would keep checking down the hallway for Mark (even though Mark was in jail and wasn't going to be coming).
She was scared of Mark and of what he might do to her and the baby, especially now that he had been arrested. Mark's job was their only source of income, and he might be fired if he didn't get out of jail soon. She had a lot of questions about the legal system and was curious to know if I had talked to other women who felt like she did. We talked about local groups and shelters that could help, but mostly I just listened. I gave her my number and a 24-hour crisis number. Taheera chose to bail Mark out, using all their savings, but not to speak with him. The state had Mark sign a "no contact order" telling him he couldn't contact her or move back home, so he got an apartment upstairs from Taheera and made a point of bringing lots of "bitches" home so Taheera would see. Taheera didn't show up to court and the case was dropped.
Two weeks later, Taheera called and said that Mark was upstairs, Juan was asking for him, and that she was trying to resist going up to him. She missed him. I simply listened, and told her, as best I could, that her feelings were normal. She kept asking, "What's wrong with me?" I tried to refocus on Mark's problems. Taheera finally agreed to walk downtown and sign up for a support group that had childcare. But she never did, and instead went upstairs to Mark.
Eight months later, Taheera called from a payphone. Mark had held a gun to her head because he was angry that they now lived together in the upstairs apartment but he still had to pay for the downstairs apartment. He cut the phone cord so she couldn't call out. Things had been okay for a while: Mark had let her get a job and was being a "good daddy." Taheera told me that she had left several times, but each time he had found her or threatened her family Taheera felt too tired to leave, and just wanted things to "stay sane."
Taheera decided to save up money. We met for lunch one afternoon and made a list of what to do, which I kept so Mark wouldn't see it. I also gave her an old cell phone to call 911, which she hid in a cabinet. She got a separate bank account and started funneling part of her paycheck into it. She told a neighbor what was happening and gave the neighbor a packed suitcase to keep for her. I researched Section 8 housing in her hometown, and had the papers sent to my office. Taheera asked me to look up domestic violence resources in her hometown on my computer, because Mark made a point of checking out which websites she had visited when he got home from work. Mark grew suspicious, probably because Taheera seemed to be happier. Mark started calling her work and hanging up, and kept this up until she was fired. He bought her a cell phone so he could call her repeatedly any time she was out. He started not letting her leave the house with Juan, so that she would have to come back. He took her car keys. Eight months before, Taheera might have given up, because Mark seemed to be catching on.
I don't know all the details, but one night Taheera got someone from her church to park outside the apartments and start shouting. Mark, easily annoyed, went out to shut them up, and she and Juan got their suitcases from the neighbors and left through a back door, where the church friend picked them up.
I don't know if Taheera's story is a success story, but it is a real story. Since then, Mark has found out where she lives and has gained visitation rights to Juan through a court. Mark has also assaulted her twice since she left, once running her and Juan off the road. Taheera, however, has broken her connection to Mark and broken the cycle of abuse. Sometimes I think about her friend from church and the neighbor, and wonder what would have happened without them.
Recently, she read an article about my being arrested for protesting and asked what I was doing. I told her that I fight violence and hierarchy on all levels and she muttered, "Oh." But yesterday she left a message saying she was reading a lot and did I have any favorite authors? I'm thinking Emma Goldman or a little Naomi Wolfe.
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2023.06.09 05:18 bonesaw1428 PNW Moms - What do I need?

My husband, 2-year old, and I are doing a trip the end of this month down the Oregon coast. Starting in Portland, driving down to Crescent city in northern CA. We're mainly planning beach days and hiking. What do I need to bring for my toddler that I might not have? Is a rain suit necessary? We have a raincover for our hiking backpack already, but do I need one for him to use at the beach? How bad are bugs generally?
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 05:18 Jeorgeyno I didn't know Farkas is a regular poster over there.

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2023.06.09 05:03 Angiecap00 22 (F4M) USA/ Anywhere. Looking for a real connection 💞🍃💐

I usually don’t do this so bear with me. First, I’d like to state that finding love is not easy and if things don’t work out, please don’t be offended. Not all people work out together but I’m also happy to make friends.
I’m 22 years old and will be 23 this September. I’m from Indiana, the most boring place in the world 😂 I have no interest in meeting for sexual things, I want a real relationship that will hopefully be a forever one. That being said, here are some important things you should know about me!
Yes, those were the important things. I know how ridiculous I am.
Something else really important! I’m looking for a man who is gentle and kind, not afraid to show his emotions and talk openly about what may be troubling him at times. I’d also love someone who is bubbly, happy, and all round positive! Someone who is happy and takes care of their self.
 A Little bit about myself 
My hobbies -
-Gaming: I play Nintendo and Xbox one. I like basically any Mario game and I love Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed Valhalla, and Skyrim
-Tea Enthusiast: I’ve spent some time in England and they definitely got in my head and made tea a huge part of my life. I love mostly black teas and it must have milk and a bit of sugar. So be prepared for that addiction 😂
-travel: as I said before, I have traveled abroad. I went to England a couple of times, Belgium, France, and Brazil. I haven’t been able to travel lately due to some personal reasons but I’d love to travel more later on when I can.
Some other things- I’m learning guitar and it’s a very slow process but I’m determined. I also like certain bits of history. I love music/art or really anything creative because I have zero creativity and I admire other peoples genius 😆
As for my appearance- Im tall for a woman at around 6 ft tall. I have dark ash brown hair but I dye it red for fun and to fit my pale complexion. I have an average body but a bit more on the chonky side imo but Im not entirely disappointed in my shape, I’d like to lose a few pounds so maybe an exercise buddy would do me good? 🤔
Lifestyle- I grew up in the middle of nowhere outside of a farming community. I have had very little technology growing up so I’m not good with tech. Im okay with being in a city but usually I get burnt out after a few hours (too much noise and things going on all at once). I never had electric/gas heating growing up, only burned wood in a cast iron stove so please teach me how the thermostat works 😂😂
Again, I’d love to find someone that wants a real connection. Someone who is happy, bubbly, positive, kind, gentle, affectionate, generous, etc — just everything positive. Im not terribly picky on age, if you’re my age or a little bit older that’s totally fine. Let’s say 22-26 ish?
So if you’ve gotten this far and you’re possibly interested just send a message and introduce yourself. Again, if it doesn’t work don’t be discouraged! I’m happy to meet new people and make new friends. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.09 05:02 kmull2012 Book that mom and husband can listen to in the car together

I am taking a 7 hour car ride with my mom and husband. Husband has requested an audiobook that all three of us can enjoy for the duration of the trip so that he does not have to suffer through her CD collection. The only problem is that he and my mom have very different tastes.
Husband is into fiction, especially sci-fi and fantasy, can do some more realistic fiction Mom likes general fiction, especially historical fiction, beach reads, mysteries and books that span generations Little to no violence or sex
Please. Send help.
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2023.06.09 05:00 TunesAndK1ngz 25 Albums that got me through Exams.

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2023.06.09 04:56 Prestigious-Bad-5379 I hate Lost City

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2023.06.09 04:55 carlos3rcr 25[M4F]CDT scientist that likes trashy reality tv, running, and imessage games

here’s what I look like
I’m in chicago, in the middle of my phd, using the sacred few hours of sleep I got to scroll reddit while binging on the trashiest reality TV and early 00s MTV music videos… I’m known for taking wise choices :P
a few sentences about myself
I’m a very proud mexican doing his phd in theoretical biophysics in the US (somewhere in the midwest). sometimes I like to think I’m super smart… then I remember how much trashy reality tv trivia I know. tbh, since moving here I’ve been aching to meet people that aren’t related to my professional or academic sphere, and rarely got the time to do much outside the lab, so, here I am, it seems meeting people online could be good bet :O
some random trivia
here are two truths and a lie
If you're interested in talking, send me a line about yourself! definitely rather call than text
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2023.06.09 04:53 ArsonistLink If you time it perfectly, you can ride a giraffe on top of a boat while it is moving since the speeds are the same.

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2023.06.09 04:48 aamnipotent 50 Things to Do Instead of Smoking Weed

I'm on day 18 and my husband is going out of town for a week tomorrow. I'm afraid I'm going to get bored and slip up without him here to support/distract me, so I made a list of things I could do instead of reordering and smoking weed when I get tempted. Hopefully this inspires some of you to stay on track too, the temptation is so hard to resist when you're alone...
  1. Go shopping
  2. Visit Donkey Farm
  3. Work Out
  4. Stepping
  5. Stretch
  6. Drink Tea
  7. Play Piano
  8. Play Video Games
  9. Read
  10. Watch TV Shows/Movies
  11. Take a bath
  12. Play with cat
  13. Cook
  14. Go for a walk
  15. Chat with AI
  16. Phone a friend
  17. Go to the Zoo
  18. Spend the day at a park
  19. Go Hiking
  20. Meditate
  21. Tarot
  22. Catch up on Work
  23. Clean the house
  24. Reorganize things
  25. Declutter
  26. Work on my website
  27. Go swimming
  28. Make plans with friends
  29. Go to the city and explore
  30. Go see a movie in theaters
  31. Journal
  32. Draw
  33. Paint
  34. Visit Shoni's Memorial
  35. Go to the beach
  36. Volunteer somewhere
  37. Take a nap
  38. Take a shower
  39. Get Bubble Tea or Coffee
  40. Schedule a therapy session
  41. Go to the spa/sauna
  42. Go down an interwebz rabbit hole
  43. Masturbate
  44. Choreograph a Dance Routine
  45. Practice Singing
  46. Order takeout
  47. Call husband
  48. Go to the farmer's market
  49. Visit a museum
  50. Roll around on the floor
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2023.06.09 04:46 ehou333 [WTS][WTT] Various (Mostly Niche) Samples and Decants, Constantly Rotating! (Decant)

**Prices are for PayPal friends and family.** **Add $5 for shipping**.
Interested in samples of less common indie / niche houses ( I have tried a lot)
**Valentino Donna Noir Absolu** - $8 6ml official mini in box (dabbed twice)
**Miu Miu Fleur D’Argent Miu Miu** - 7/7.5ml mini $5
**BDK - Wood Jasmine** 3ml - $11
**Arquiste - No. 57** 10ml official rollerball - $12
**Room 1015 - Purple Mantral** 7.5ml scentbird spray (sprayed 2x) - $11
**Room 1015 - Hollyrose** 7.5ml scentbird spray (sprayed 2x) - $11
**Hermes - Eau Des Merveilles Bleue** 12/15ml official travel spray - $15
**Chanel - Gardenia** 3.8/4ml official mini - $17
**Commodity - Gin (discontinued version)** 5ml decant (can make multiple) - $9
**Aether - Rose Alcane** 5ml decant (can make multiple) - $9
**DS Durga - I Don't Know What** 5ml decant (can make multiple) - $12
**Memo - Irish Leather** 5ml decant (can make multiple) - $15
**Frederic Malle - Synthetic Jungle** 5ml decant (can make multiple) - $15
**Chanel - Egoiste** 5ml decant (can make multiple) -$9
**Boucheron - Iris de Syracuse** 5ml decant (can make multiple) -$9
**Nomenclature - Lumen_esce** 5ml decant (can make multiple) -$9
**Tsvga - XXX** 5ml decant (can make multiple) - $45
Scent Trunk - Moon Jasmine 4ml spray $9
Bvlgari - Eau Parfumee au the blanc 4ml/5ml Mini $5
Bvlgari - Eau Parfumee au the vert 3ml/5ml Mini $5
Carolina Herrera - Iris Empire 4.5/5ml Mini $18
Cartier - Roadster 12/12.5ml Mini $16
Scents of Wood - Sandalwood in Oak 7.5ml/8ml $9

Samples Listed Below:
Around $3-4 per sample, more for larger niche ones, less for smaller ones or designers, plus $5 for shipping. Most samples > 1ml are official samples (ask for specifics).
Armani - My Way Parfum 1.2ml
Aerin - Rose De Grasse Joyful Bloom 1.5ml
Aerin - Amber Musk 1.5ml
Amouage - Meander 1ml
Amouage - Myths 2.5ml
Amouage - Opus IX 2ml
Amouage - Opux VI 2ml
Aromas de Salazar - Cafe Fiesta 0.6ml
Bravanariz - Agost 0.5ml
Bravanariz - Gener 0.5ml
Bravanariz - Maig 0.5ml
Bravanariz - Octubre 0.5ml
Bravanariz - Muga 1.2ml
Bravanariz - Bosc 1ml
Creed - Aventus 1.5ml
Creed- Spring Flowers 1.5ml
Carolina Herrera - Very Good Girl 1.5ml
Centauri - Om 0.6ml
Chloe Atelier des Fleurs - Herba Mimosa 3.9ml
Chronotope - Spite EDT 1ml
Chronotope - Playalinda EDP 2.5ml
Chronotope - Playalinda EDP 2ml
Comme Des Garcons - Stussy Laguna Beach 0.3ml
Clandestine - Vert 1.5ml
Clandestine - Astoria 1.5ml
Dixit & Zak - Emperor's Court 0.4ml
Dior - Homme Parfum 1ml
Dolce and Gabanna - Light Blue EDt 1ml
Etat Libre - She is an Anomaly 0.6ml
Elisire - E-rose 0.8ml
Francesa Bianchi - Libertine Neroli 2ml
Friendly Fur - The Green Carnation 2.5ml
Floraiku - Volcanic Flowers 0.8ml
Gucci Guilty - Pour Femme 1ml
Givenchy - Gentleman Boise 0.8ml
Gucci - Bloom Intense 1ml
Heeley - Iris de Nuit 1.2ml
Houbigant - Fougere Royale 0.7ml
Honore des Pres - Nu Green 0.3ml
Initio - Mystic Experience 2ml
Imaginary Authors - A city on fire 0.5ml
Imaginary Authors - O Unknown 2ml
Issey Miyake - L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia 0.8ml
Jo Malone - English Pear & Freesia 1.5ml
Kenzo - Flower 1ml
Lancome - La vie est belle l'eau de parfum 1.2ml
La Curie - Incendo 1ml
La Curie - Geist 0.5ml
Les Indemodables - Oriental Velours 1.5ml
Les Indemodables - Iris Perle 1.5ml
Les Indemodables - Chypre Azural 1.5ml
Les Indemodables - Cuir de Chine 2ml
Les Abstraits - Belle Ame 1.2ml
Masque Milano - L'Atessa
Maison Martin Margiela - When the Rain Stops 1.7ml
Matiere Premiere - French Flower 1.6ml
Matiere Premiere - Crystal Saffron 1.2ml
Matiere Premiere et Gantier - Garrigue 0.6ml
Matiere Premiere et Gantier - D'Habit 0.2ml
Matiere Premiere et Gantier - Ambre Mystique 0.7ml
MDCI - Cuir Cavalier 0.4ml
MDCI - Cuir Garamante 0.5ml
MDCI - Chypre Palatin 0.5ml
MDCI - L'Elegant 0.8ml
MDCI - L'Elegant 0.8ml
MDCI - Les Indes Galantes 0.5ml
MDCI - Fêtes Persanes 0.4ml
Meleg - Vietnamese Oud 0.5ml
Memo - Italian Leather 0.5ml
Meo Fusciuni - Notturno 0.7ml
Nobile 1942 - Fougere Nobile 2ml
Nobile 1942 - Patchouli Nobile 2ml
Noteology - Blood Orange Chocolat 2.5ml
Orto Parisi - Cuoium 1ml
Perris Monte Carlo - Patchoulli 0.5ml
Prada - Paradoxe 1.2ml
Parle Moi - Orris Tatoo 29 1ml
Perris Monte Carlo - Oud Imperial 0.7ml
Perris Monte Carlo - Ambre Oris 0.4ml
Penhaligon's - According to Arthur 0.6ml
Prin - Saringkarn 0.4ml
Prin - Ganja Kasturi 0.7ml
Pineward - Nocturnis 0.4ml
Pineward - Ponderosa 0.2ml
Pineward - White Fir 0.4ml
Pineward - Katabatic 0.4ml
Rasei Fort - Cielito Lindo 0.4ml
Roja Dove - Creation S (Scandal) 0.7ml
Room 1015 - Electric Wood 2ml
Room 1015 - Sweet Leaf 4ml
Room 1015 - Blomma Cult 1.5ml
Rook Perfumes - Undergrowth 1.8ml
SHL 777 - Crying of Evil 0.7ml
Thameen - The Hope 0.6ml
Thameen - Amber Room 0.6ml
Tsvga - Goochi 1ml (attaoil)
Vero Profumo - Rubj 0.7ml
Widian - Black I 0.7ml
YSL Libre - Le Parfum 1.2ml

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2023.06.09 04:44 jc_rentals New Locally Ran Beach Equipment Rental Business!

Hi fellow Ocean City goers and locals! My partner and I have started our first small business venture in Ocean City, MD. We rent out beach equipment and deliver and pick up directly to the customer! If you all are in need of extra chairs or umbrellas for yourself, family or visitors please request by call, text or email. We are in the process of creating a website to place reservations. Also appreciate spreading the word or sharing to other groups ❤️. If this is an inappropriate spot to post let us know and we'll take it down or it can be taken down by the mods, not trying to intrude! To see more check out our Facebook page:
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