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2018.09.17 03:41 RipVanBinkle xbiking: adventure on a bike

This is an adventure-biking sub dedicated to the vast world that exists between ultralight road racing and technical singletrack. All-road, crossover, gravel, monster-cross, road-plus, supple tires, steel frames, vintage bikes, hybrids, commuting, bike touring, bikepacking, fatbiking, single-speeds, fixies, Frankenbikes with ragbag parts and specs, etc. are all fair game here. The unifying element is the mentality! Ask a question, share a thought, post a photo, connect with other riders.

2023.05.04 22:42 NerdWalletCCNerd When would you choose alternative rewards over traditional miles, points or cash back?

Full Disclosure: I'm a writer with NerdWallet. I've been active on this forum and churning for many years, but created this account to separate personal from work.
I'm working on an article about credit-card-as-a-service platforms and alternative rewards. I wanted to create a discussion on when you'd choose an alternative rewards card like the M1 Owners card, a crypto card, the (now defunct) Aspiration Zero or Paceline cards, or even a card like the Cardless Celtics card that offers more personalized rewards beyond the traditional cash back, miles, or points.
Is there something attractive about swiping a card from a fintech or startup compared to Chase or AmEx? Is there a greater degree of personalization with the rewards or a sense of doing good? Or is it something else?
Eventually I'll be looking for someone to provide a comment. But I'm really more curious about the community's feeling on these cards types of rewards, which are primarily offered by fintech startups.
I'm a churner and a traveler, so cashback and miles make sense for me. But the Grand Reserve card (when it was available) offered people discounted wine related experiences, Cardless offers discount memorabilia and collectibles, etc. So when would people rather get arguably less absolute value (on a cpp basis) for merchandise or an experience they otherwise wouldn't pay for?
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2021.02.07 20:08 ayyyyy New Allez for 2021?

I know the new 2021 paint jobs for the rim brake Allez. However, I saw a post on the Paceline forum which said to look out for a new "alloy SL7" dropping this year.

Long shot, but do any dealers have any insight on this rumor?
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2020.12.07 19:32 jimmerg mPaceline Calculation Error?

When I synced my ride this morning with mPaceline and and compared it a 3rd party website I noticed a significant delta in my NP, TSS and Intensity values. I then downloaded the Peloton ride data (with the per second values of Output, Resistance, etc) and performed the manual calculation (spreadsheet template) for NP, Intensity and TSS my results were much closer to the other website.
mPaceline: NP = 318, IF = 1.25, TSS = 118
Other Website: NP = 260, IF = 1.02, TSS= 79
Manual Calculation (spreadsheet): NP = 256, IF = 1.01, TSS = 76
I don't normally do the manual calculation to compare as the numbers have always been very close I love my mPaceline app so given the delta I thought it might be good to ask this forum. Has anyone else seen this was a 45min Power Zone Max ride.
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